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dotblue1.jpg (1214 bytes) The F-4 Phantom Reference CD-ROM, produced by R van Woezik/Aviaview, is the biggest UGA CD-ROM produced so far.
- Pictures, It contains about 1200(!) pictures of the F-4 variants and F-4 operators. Many non-published pictures of F-4 camouflage types and special colourschemes have been enclosed and each photograph has its own caption giving interesting information. The enclosed pictures are covering the 1960s to the late 1990s of the USAF, USAFE, ANG, AFRes, PACAF, USN, USMC, Turkey, Australia, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Korea, Spain,  Germany and Japan.
- Action Video Clips, in addition the CD contains 13 video Phantom action video clips of several operators, including air-to-air clips of early US Navy Phantoms and F-4s in action in Vietnam. It is also great to hear the howling of the J-79 engines!
- Detailed Information, seperate information menus offer much detailed information. In the operators menu the Air Forces' Phantom delivery schedules are described while on squadron level the nicknames and introduction years of each F-4 variant is given as well as the homebases at that period. Each F-4 variant is described both historical and technical including a picture with significant pointers. - Complete McDD F-4 Production List Also enclosed is the huge complete McDD F-4 production listing in which each Phantom ever built is present with information like its status, delivery, rebuild date etc.
- Phantom Patches, the F-4 patch menu contains a 150 F-4 unit patches of several Air Forces including old and very rare patches.

- Conclusion : this CD-ROM is a must for the Phantom Phanatic!

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