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Check out our promotional cd-rom offering:

dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)400 excellent aviation photographs taken from our cd-rom productions
dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)Aviation database covering over 200 aircraft types (photo plus info)
dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)7500 aviation links usable direct from CD
dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)Screenshots of our travel/dive/educational titles

Don't miss this unique offer, the price is so low because we want to show you the quality of our cd-rom's which are as good as our aviation websites. In other words if you like ASR, F-15 Eagle Power, F-4 Phantom, SkyFlash aviation of Airshow Action Gallery you will love our quality aviation cd-rom titles offering the best material of our aviation photographers.

How to order:

dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)Creditcard (secured US server)

dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)Contact your local dealer / agent

dot2.jpg (1231 bytes)Send US$ 5.00 in cash (no cheques because of high bank costs !)
    to: UGA Media, pobox 881, 3700 AW Zeist, The Netherlands

CD will be shipped with normal postal mail because of the extreme low price.
If you prefer shipment by priority mail please send US$ 10 to cover extra costs.