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StrategyBot - Fully Automated Trading Software with charting, trade execution & sophisticated Market Pane. What is & Why BotTrading(tm)? BotTrading(tm); Computer servers programmed with Trading strategies designed by StrategyLand Research execute "Buy" and "Sell" trade operations automatically using StrategyBot software program as platform for analysis and execution. This method differs from the traditional manual intervention of a trader or of an intermediate broker. StrategyLand's strategies are software written algorithms optimised as examples for swing or trend movements within the Exchanges. To constitute a good portfolio, a user selects among several available contracts (currencies, indices, Gold etc.) and selects among a wide range of strategies offered. This automated method of investment since there is no human emotions involved which could affect negatively the results of the trades. The computer servers execute thousands of analysis per minute and decide to trade based on pre-defined and fine-tuned algorithms which have been tested for several months, some for years before commercialisation. The software analyses and trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on different Exchanges worldwide. No human being could ever perform nor focus on so many analytic decisions during the same period of time.


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