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Name of website: Zwaardstunter
Country: Netherlands

url: Visit our website

THE site for the modern warrior and collector. We offer a wide range of display and battle ready swords and other martial arts weapons.We allso have fantasy weapons and crossbows in our collection. The site is in Dutch language for the time being, but will probably with the new lay-out also be in English. For the time being we mainly focus on the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Some of brands we offer with pride are Last Legend, Cas Iberia/Hanwei/Paul Chen, Cold Steel, Steel Warrior, Swords from Toledo, United Cutlery and Master Cutlery. Soon some more brands will be added.We also have a lively forum where customers, martial arts students and collectors can swap tips, ideas and show there private collection.Or even post something for trade or sale.


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