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Name of website: Nada Exports
Country: India

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Nada Exports produces brass builder hardware, brass artware, iron artware, brass handicrafts and precision sheet metal components. With our own tool room, die making facility, forging shop, machining and plating plant, products can be delivered packed in bulk, display boxes, display cards, skin/blister packs, etc. We also have the technical expertise in creating hand formed panels, high-precision component, fabrications, enclosures, brackets, formed or machined parts (for machinery, engines or automobiles), or highly complex components, wireforms, sheet metal/wireformcombinations, value-added assemblies and chassis for your product applications. We have supplying to number of reputed electronic and security product manufacturers and now wish to start our own exports. We make highly precise parts in low to moderate volumes with minimal lead times (including just-in-time & ship-to-stock) for programming and tooling.


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