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All natural health remedies and supplements. At NATR weve helped thousands with problem foot odor, warts, skin tags, infections, burns, fungal infections, keloids, athlete's foot and much more. We have several excellent products made from the resin of Douglas Firs and Yellow Pines, which are located on the Pacific Coast. One of the products that we make is the tree resin based skin ointment called PAV. Its effective in treating practically any type of skin condition, whether it is bacterial, viral or fungal. Unlike most other topical ointments, which can cause intense irritation, PAV can be used directly on open wounds. This salve has provided comfort and healing for thousands of customers who suffer various skin conditions. Many of who could not find a solution anywhere else! Specializing in colon health, skin problems, and pain management. We also have immune system builders and natural remedies for severe stress and anxiety.


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