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Name of website: Secure Shielded Password Keys Manager
Country: Canada

url: Visit our website

Guards private data during its entry, storage and use, an antikeylogger. ENTRY The application prevents would be keystroke loggers to steal passwords during online logon sessions, and thus blocks one kind of known cyber identity theft and fraud that plagues the Internet. STORAGE Contents of the saved Password file is securely locked with a user defined MASTER PASSWORD key that can be up to 254 characters long. USE One default record in the file is “selected”. With a command button click the record is fetched, decoded and URL is called up from the Internet. The Web page appears in the browser. Password and Account presented in a floating window, ready to be pasted with a mouse click to execute a keyless Web logon, again bypassing keyboard keying, and avoiding keylogger detection. If only one person has access to the PC and it’s safe, then the app can be set to call “selected” URL as the program starts up.


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