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All of our products have been plucked and chosen from among the masses. We offer only the highest quality natural products. Before we all a product to our store we run a number of tests ourselves. If a product is proven unsatisfactory we will withdraw it from our shelves.There are always good and bad qualities of ingredients that make up all products. We have and are constantly researching to find the highest quality available. We will remove a product from our store if we find it to be of inferior quality. We then replace it when we find a better quality. If the price is cheap, 99 times out of a 100 it is cheaply produced from very poor quality ingredients. In many cases the raw material is not produced with the screening and supervision of the good quality ingredient. No supervision and poor quality control means that all sorts of rubbish can be included in the raw material without any one else being any the wiser. This keeps prices down to a minimum. Who knows what illnesses they may cause.


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