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Pilaros International Trading Inc. is a leading importer of Mediterranean products, primarily Greece, to the North-American market. We pride ourselves in distributing not only an excellent quality olive oil, with very low acidity (0-1% acidity), but the best tasting as well (National Post chose Irini X-Virgin Olive Oil, Weekend POST II issue, April 24, 1999). Elais, our overseas supplier in extra-virgin olive oil for 80 years, is the leader in Greece in the olive oil market. That commitment to quality earned Elais second prize for the best company in Europe by the European Foundation for Quality Management (E.F.Q.M.). Our other products include Kalamata, Green, and Black Olives, Olive Pastes, Roasted Red Peppers, Vine Leaves Stuffed With Rice, Kalas Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Peach Halves and Slices, Papadopoulos Tea Biscuits and Cookies.


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