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Name of website: Cogen Service
Country: Switzerland

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Cogen Service was established in 2000 to give Gas Turbines operators personalized service and consulting in the field of gas turbine maintenance. In spite of the young age of the company its management has over sixteen years experience in a broad range of disciplines, including cogeneration, independent power, and utility power plants. Since the foundation the company has been committed to its customers, dedicated to improve plant efficiency and to reduce operating costs. Cogen Service started during year 2000 the manufacture of Gas Turbine Air Filters in different size and forms following client’s inquiry to search for competitive and quality products for its power plant. Our Cartridges can be offered in alternative to several makes. The products hold certifications from independent laboratories according to the following internationally recognized standards; European EN 779:2002, American ASHRAE 52.1 and 52.2. Classification is based on laboratory tests with synthetic dust to compare filters.


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