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Electronics database

Electronics database - importers, distributors, manufacturers

Are you looking for business partners in the electronics industry? Then check out the previews of data we have available in our electronics database. Price is only
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Distributor of marine electronics

Distributor of electronic components and marine communication,
navigation and distress signalling devices. Customers include:
DOD/Navy, major shipbuilders, local and overseas commercial
vessels, fishing vessels and the leisure boat industry.

Distributor of yacht instruments, autopilots, antennas, digital
gauges, navigation, communication and fish detecting equipment.

Distributor of marine equipment including: Alarm and Control
Systems, Antenna Systems, Autopilots, Bilge Alarm Units, Coast
Stations, Computers (marinized), CCTV, Depth Sounders, DGPS
Receivers, Digital Selective Calling, Docking Systems, Doppler
Logs, ECDIS, EGC Receivers, Electromagnetic Logs, Electronic
Charts, EPIRBs, Facsimile Equipment, Fire Detection Systems,
Flowmeters, GMDSS Equipment, GPS Receivers, Gyro Compasses,
Magnetic Compass, Propulsion Control Systems, Pump & Valve
Control Systems, Radars, Radio Consoles, SARTS (Radar
Transponders), Satellite TV, Satcoms, Scramblers, Search & Flood
Lights, Ship's horn and whistle, Simulators, Sonar, Sonic
Cleaning Systems, Sound Powered Telephones, Speed Logs, SSB,
Survey Equipment, VDR (Voyage Data Recorder), VHF & UHF
Equipment, Watch Receivers, Weather Fax, Weather Monitoring
Systems etc.

Distributors of industrial electronics, industrial software and sensors.

Distributor of flat panel displays, electronic components,
computer products, industrial data acquisition, analog protocol
printing systems and process displays, potentiometric angular
transducers and digital rotary encoders, precision resistors,
linear motion transducers, joysticks, force and pressure
transducers, industral keyboards, laser scanner and
concentrators, barcode readers, hand terminals and monitors, high
quality precision drive couplers and application-specific

Disributor of passive components, switches, propulsion technology
and automation products and network products

Distributor and agent of industrial electronic products

Distributor of specialty fasteners and electronic component parts
primarily to the Electronics, Aerospace and Fabrication industries

Distributor and installer of electronic security systems.

Technical electrical and mechanical distributor, specialising in
the supply of automation components, machine safety equipment,
ventilation, heating and other ancillary electrical equipment to
various types of industry throughout the country.

Distributor of products for electronic assembly and rework.
Leading distributor of products for the electronics industry. One
of the largest stocking warehouse distributors of ESD products,
representing well over 100 manufacturers like 3M, ACL, Tech Wear,
Metro, Angelica, Hauser, IAC, Richmond, Simco, Luxo, Lindstrom,
Xcelite, Monroe, and Weller.

Wholesale electronics distributor for tool cases, soldering
stations, electronics kits and computer networking and fiber
optics products.

Distribution and incorporation of industry specific printers,
displays and other products synergistic to their vertical
markets. Also distributor of electronic products ranging from
Touch Screen Displays to Thermal Printers, all from top leading

Electrical distribution company. Company employs 20 full time
Irish personnel, many of whom are highly qualified in the field
of electrical engineering and operate from the company's own
premises in Dublin.

Since its foundation the company has associated itself with some
of Europe's leading manufacturers in the electrical engineering

The company operates in the 32 counties through its outlets of
wholesalers, panel manufacturers, industry, original equipment
manufacturers and state utilities.

Supply and distribution of Electrical & Electronic Components to
the Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Industrial Control &
Automation Products and the Telecommunications industries.

Distributor of electrical & control products. Over the years it
has established itself as a specialist component supplier for the
electrical, control, data and computer sectors.

Distributor of a wide range of name-brand products including CD-
ROM Drives, Recordables, Rewritables, CD-ROM Severs, CD-ROM
Titles, Camera/Print Servers, DVD-ROM/DVD-RAM Drives, SCSI
Controllers, Sound Cards, Video/Graphics Cards, Video
Conferencing Kits, Storage Solutions, Communications/Networking
products, Input Devices, Mainboards, and CPU/Memory products.

Distributors of electronics, computers and laptops

Distributor for over (50) manufacturers of parts for audio visual
and video equipment.

One of the leading high service distributors of electronic
components, test equipment, automation engineering, tools,
computer accessories and PC-peripherals

Distributor of resistors, buzzers, IC sockets, fans, diodes,
displays, quartz, capacitors.

Manufacturers representatives of electronic products, electronic
furniture and LAN and WAN Solutions.

One of Virginia's oldest and largest stocking distributors of
Electronic Components, Wire and Cable, Premise Wiring Products,
and Residential Cabling Products.

Distributor of electronic components

Privately owned Australian company that has serviced customers
with electronic and associated components since 1983. With five
offices in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide,
Perth and two in New Zealand, Christchurch and Auckland, company
has become a leader in the component distribution industry.

Their extensive range of products from reliable world wide
manufacturers includes semiconductors, LCD and LED displays,
passive components, connectors, electro mechanical products and
special components.

National distributor of electromechanical components,
specializing in switches, relays, circuit breakers, terminal
blocks, and indicator lights. Company has fourteen locations
throughout the U.S. and Canada.

International Distributor of Electronic & Electro-Mechanical
Components to the Aerospace & Manufacturing Industries. Founded
in 1983, company serves domestic and international customers in
both commercial and military markets.

Distributor of electronic components. Has 8 regional warehouses
in northeast and southeast of the US.

Company was founded in 1989 by a group of sales engineers with
over 30 years of experience in the sale and marketing of Test and
Measuring Instruments, ATE Systems, Electronics Components,
Microwave Test Instruments and Industrial Computers.

The company today has three divisions.

Sales Division, which represents a large group of well known
manufacturers, such as Keithley Instruments, Racal Instruments,
Racal - Heim Systems, Elgar Corporation, Sorensen, AV Power,
Audio Precision Inc, Tabor Electronics and many others.

Technologies, supplies complete VXI, PXI and IEEE 488 / RS 232
Based Systems, for Automatic Testing. Its staff of application
engineers provide the customers with complete application advice,
integration and software support when required.

Another sphere of activity is cellular telephone test equipment
which the company supplies to Motorola, Pelephone, Cellcom,
Orange / Partner and various cellular service centers throughout
the country.

Industrial Computers Division supplies a large number of
customers with custom made industrial computers, assembled at our
own facility, according to each customers specifications. Each
computer undergoes stict quality control, performed by special
automated test systems. This division is staffed by computer
science specialists, both in hardware and software.

The company has a very large customer base which includes
government institutions such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry
of Communications, The Israeli Standards Institution, Bezeq,
divisions of Israel Aircraft Industries, The Israeli Military
Industries, Universities, Elbit, Tadiran, Motorola, Cellcom,
Partner/Orange, Intel, and medium and small manufacturers of
electronics in Israel.

Distributor of gate and garage door openers, parts and components

Distributor of board level electronic components

Distributor of semiconductors, ICs and circuit boards world-wide

Distributor of obsolete electronic components and hard to find semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, and transistors

Distributors of electronics

Distributor of semiconductors, memory, and passive components

Distributors and exporters of electric motors, drives, controls, bearings, and industrial equipment and accessories

Distributor of electronics

Distributor of electronic components, test instruments, and off-the-shelf and custom kits to schools and industry

Distributor of UPS, TVSS, computer power centers, MG sets, static transfer switches, harmonic cancellation transformers, dc powerboards, rectifiers, inverters, battery monitoring systems, and frequency converters

Distributor of electronics components

Distributor of fasteners and electronic hardeware for aerospace and defense

Distributor of electronic components, IT products, PC spare parts, and industrial controls
United Kingdom

Distributor of specialty fasteners and electronic hardware

Distributor of diodes, MOSFETs, bridge rectifiers, transient suppressers, transistors, IGBT's, inductors and LCD displays

Distributor of electronic parts and supplies

Distributor of a wide array of industrial electronic products and product lines

Distributor of engineering products and services to the electronics industry
United Kingdom

Distributor of connectors, IC's, integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, and other semiconductors

Distributor of electronics

Distributor of semiconductors
Hong Kong

Distributors of brand name consumer electronics

Distributor of new and refurbished electronics and telecommunications equipment and supplies

Distributor of printed circuitry, subcontract assembly and electrical/electronic components

Distributor of electronic components and supplies

Distributor of specialty fasteners and electromechanical components

Importers of TVs and home theatres
New Zealand

Distributor of electronic components, microsystems
United Kingdom

Distributor of electronics

Distributor of board level components

Distributor of copper and fibre wire, connectors, racks and complete interconnect systems

Distributor of SMT and thru-hole machines

Distributor of electronic and information technology products and accessories

Distributor of indoor, outdoor, mobile, and traffic signal LED message boards and displays

Distributor of a wide range of passive and electromechanical electronic components and production equipment
New Zealand

Distributor of electrical and electronic components

Distributor of semiconductor materials, including silicon wafers, ceramic packages, and anti-static products

Distributor of capacitors, connectors, fans, filters, headers, LEDs, plugs, rectfiers, relays, resistors, semi-conductors, sockets, switches, terminal blocks, and varistors

Distributor of reconditioned printed circuit board assembly equipment

Distributor of pet fence style products including bark and remote training collars, doors, and electronic feeders

Distributor of electronic components
United Kingdom

Distributor of AC power treatment products

Distributor of enclosures and PCBs

Distributor of integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, and more

Distributor of electronic components, CCD imaging equipment, industrial
cameras and accessories, power supplies and cables

Distributor of supplies electrical and electomechanical components for aviation, military, and industrial customers
United Kingdom

Distributor of specialty fasteners, electronic components, and cable assemblies

Distributor of electronic components, cables with an emphasis on connectors

Distributor of all types of phones, headsets, and accessories

Distributor of industrial electronic components

Distributor of AC and DC motors for the automation engineering industry

Distributor of locknuts and threaded inserts for aerospace, electronics and military

Importer of cable box

Distributor of precision fasteners, electronic components, and assembly hardware for aerospace, defense, and military applications

Distributor of broadcast and telecommunication technologies

Distributor of components, wire & cable, cable management, interconnect products, batteries and packaging for electronics

Distributor of a range of semiconductors, including transistors, diodes, memory devices and other integrated circuits, as well as passive components such as capacitors, resistors, inductors and others

Distributor of new and surplus electronics parts and supplies

Distributor of military grade and high reliability semiconductors

Importer of electronic goods including cameras and other audio visual equipment

Distributor of electronic components and supplies

Distributor of electronics

Distributor of electronic products, including memory, semiconductors, and CPUs

Distributor of video consumer electronics, audio video
The Netherlands

Distributor for LEMO, REDEL and LEMO compatible (intermateable) connectors

Distributor of passive and electromechanical components, with an emphasis on power supplies and both surface mount and through hole board level components

Distributor of electronic and electrical mechanical components, such as terminal blocks, enclosures sensors, foot switches, fuses and circuit breakers

Distributor of new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits and discretes

Distributor of active and passive electronic components

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