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USA company database

USA manufacturer database

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City: San Jose
Category: Electronic Design Automation
Technology leader in electronicdesign automation (EDA), providing software and hardware designsolutions that enable companies to develop better electronic productsfaster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovativeproducts and solutions that help engineers overcome the designchallenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board andchip design. Mentor Graphics has the broadest industry portfolio ofbest-in-class products and is the only EDA company with an embeddedsoftware solution.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Microscopes
Our high quality high power biological/metallurgical andlow power stereo microscopes are ideal for dissecting, viewingcollections/inspection of coins, meteorites, tektites, minerals, stampsand jewelry, antique artifacts, fossils, electronic circuitry, insects,plant and animal specimens, miniatures, botanical and anatomicalstudies, hair transplant and dental clinics, forensic studies, moldidentification, tissue, blood, and cellular observation ...and host ofother applications only limited by the imagination.We can also customize your microscope to suit your applications.

City: Cardiff
Category: Compound & Stereo Microscopes
Distributes the National Optical brand of microscopes. We are anaffiliated sales rep for Microscope World and specialize in retailsales to individuals, hobbyists, schools, and light industry.The technical specialists at 1 Source are highly trained in the area ofmicroscopes, video imaging and optics and we welcome your microscopequestions. If we don't have what you need, please visit MicroscopeWorld or contact us for more information regarding your specialized requirements.

City: Waltham
Category: Connectors
Connectors are in service in automobiles, trucks, shipsand trains. They are to be found in computers and telecom switching,as well as in industrial controllers and plant and manufacturingnetworks. In the transportation engineering and in medical technology,2E connectors also assure reliable electrical connections.The knowledge and experience gained from the design and manufacture ofstandard connector families, such as DIN 41612, is the basis for the successful development of the custom designed connectors in which 2Ehas been engaged since 1988.Through innovative product development, combined with high regard forquality and reliability, 2E has distinguished itself above all as asafety conscious producer of connectors for the automobile industry.The quality of an electrical connection is dependent on the most minute

City: Westlake Village
Category: Audio & Video Solutions
Manufactures and markets innovativeaudio and video solutions from its headquarters in Westlake Village,California. In 2004, 360 Systems celebrated its 33rd year serving thebroadcast industry.

City: Tempe
Category: Test Equipment
The former 3A office in Arizona is now the advanced research and development center for the Communications Products groupof Absolute Analysis and will continue developing IEEE 1394 testequipment. The transition from Yokogawa to Absolute Analysis willenhance 3A's & Yokogawa's history of quality product development andcommitment to customer service.

City: Skokie
Category: Analog Modems
We've built our reputation for excellence by developingfast, dependable, easy-to-use analog modems that helped connect ageneration. Now we're helping you connect more-more quickly, moreconveniently, and more reliably. Check out our new products- Routers,wireless networking equipment, ethernet switches and cards -for more ofthe speed, convenience, and reliability you've come to expect from U.S.Robotics.

City: Huntington Beach
Category: Direct Drive Pressure Gauge
Manufactures the original direct drivepressure gauge in test gauge and process gauge accuracies. See ourdigital pressure gauge products including the new digital test gauge,our versatile Star digital pressure calibrator, low pressure gauge,precision test pressure gauge, hand held pressure generator, portablepressure calibration test kit, pressure volume controller and filledsystem temperature gauge along with other products and accessories.Sierra Precision has specialized in manufacturing OEM & SPECIALTYPRESSURE GAUGES in high volumes, to customer specification, and for avariety of applications since 1970.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Graphic Solutions
3Dlabs is a leading innovator in professional visualprocessing. We supply a broad range of graphics accelerators toComputer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visualsimulation professionals.Our award-winning Wildcat graphics solutions are available in industry-leading OEM workstations, in the channel through an internationaldistributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs'online store.For more information on our products, visit 3Dlabs is awholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.3Dlabs' Embedded Graphics and IP Cores Division supplies high-performance graphics chips and flexible IP cores to bring advancedvisual processing to a wide range of platforms - from jet fighters tocell phones. 2D and 3D driver support for real-time environments andsupport for IP integration into SOC designs makes 3Dlabs the leadingembedded graphics supplier.

City: Carnegie
Category: Telecom Products
The name "innovative ideas, inc." or "3i" was created toprovide an ongoing reminder to the management, employees and customersof 3i of the basis in which the company was founded, and our continuinggoal to innovate new ideas to bring simple and cost-effectivetelecommunications solutions to market.Our Mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovativetelecommunications products that provide simple and cost-effectivesolutions to otherwise complex problems.

City: St Paul
Category: Diversified Technology
3M is a diversified technology company with a worldwidepresence in the following markets: consumer and office; display andgraphics; electro and communications; health care; industrial; safety,security and protection services; and transportation. 3M is a globalenterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation inresearch, manufacturing and marketing of products.

City: Austin
Category: Component Handling Solutions
3M Component Handling Solutions, a part of 3M ElectronicSolutions Division, provides products and solutions to meet theelectronics industry's challenges of protecting sensitive passive,semiconductor and electro-mechanical components from adverseenvironmental conditions during handling and transportation.

City: Austin
Category: Interconnect Solutions
From copper interconnect solutions that enable a range ofsignal frequencies, to fiber optic solutions, 3M can design,manufacture and market interconnect solutions for many electronicapplications.

City: Methuen
Category: Touch Screen & Monitor
3M Touch Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of touchscreen and touch monitor products. As a premier solutions provider tothe world's best known device manufacturers and systems integrators, 3Mproducts are supported by a world-class engineering organization andover 20 years of R&D and manufacturing expertise. When you combine ourproduction capabilities, quality standards, and global support, you'vefound a company you can count on almost anywhere in the world,today...and in the future.

City: Sylmar
Category: Transformers & Inductors
In Today's competitive market, your purchasing source iscritical for the quality, service and price you offer to your customer.3S Industries is a leading manufacturer for transformers & inductors inCalifornia. Our advanced manufacturing technology for the magneticcomponents has enabled us to supply the supreme quality product to ourvalued customers,3S Industries takes pride in its skilled and experienced engineeringstaff who have been acknowledged as the "Top Engineers" in theindustry. We stay up-to-date in all the latest innovations andregulations for the product development.

City: Chandler
Category: Semiconductor Equipment
Manufacturers of semiconductor equipments.

City: Irvine
Category: Power Supplies
3Y Power Technology designs and manufactures powersupplies for commercial and industrial use. Our main product line iscomprised of a variety of DC power supplies and redundant power systemsfor the PC, server, and mass-storage markets. We also provide a widerange of power products for various industries such astelecommunications, industrial controls, video, and avionics.

City: East Peoria
Category: Material Handling Equipment
Founded in the U.S. in 1984, 4B Components, Ltd. has beenan industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, anddependable material handling components for the agricultural andindustrial sectors. From elevator buckets to forged conveyor chain andlevel monitors to hazard monitors, 4B is a company you can rely on forthe equipment you need.4B offers a free design service for new bucket elevators and upgradesof existing elevators, and additionally provides a 24 hour a dayhotline for emergency service. 4B not only offers components whichrank among the best in the world, but we strive to provide ourcustomers value added services which will support the quality of theproduct. We feel that our additional services are just as important asour products themselves.4B Components, Ltd. is a US subsidiary of Braime Elevator ComponentsLtd., which operates from a four acre site in Leeds, England where theyemploy 150 people. Braime was founded by two brothers in 1888 tomanufacture oilcans of its own brand. The company diversified intosubcontract deep drawn presswork and is a major supplier to a widerange of industries. Braime has specialized in the manufacture of deepdrawn pressings for over 100 years.

City: Belmont
Category: Plasma System
4th State can advise you on specific plasma issues,develop plasma processes to address your specific problem and developand install a full-scale plasma system tailored to your requirements.One of the many benefits of plasma is its reproducibility. At 4th Statewe can develop a process for your material which can be transferred toyour Plasma Science equipment.If your company is not ready to purchase or rent equipment, but hasdiscovered the benefits of plasma, we would be happy to modify yourmaterials at 4th State on a contract basis.

City: Fraser
Category: Precision 3-D CNC Machining
5-K INDUSTRIES INC. began in 1986 as a machine shop andhas been growing ever since. We specialize in precision 3-D CNCMachining, Gundrilling and Boring Mill Work. We also have our own CadCam department that does the most complex programming.Some of our services, such as fabricating, heat-treat, blanchardgrinding, and large turning are done by specialized service vendors.These vendors maintain the high quality workmanship and precision whichis a requisite with 5-K INDUSTRIES.We also manufacture the patented 5-K Index table and GundrillingAttachment for VMCs.We would like to extend an invitation for you to visit our facilitiesat your convenience. 5-K stands ready to assist you in your nextproject.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Precision Components
7-SIGMA manufactures precision components for the printerand copier industry, as well as other parts for the office productsmarkets. The company has undertaken a transition in the past year inorder to establish a leadership position in the office productsindustry as the premier manufacturer for fuser and pressure rollersused in printers and copiers Through the engineering of high-valueapplied polymer solutions, 7-SIGMA is able to offer a menu of releaseproperties on coated rollers and sleeved rollers. Our technologicaldepth enables us to solve almost any application requirement, and wecan reverse engineer parts when no documentation exists.In addition to fuser and pressure rollers, 7-SIGMA manufactures avariety of other paper path products and electro-mechanical/electro-magnetic components as well. 7-SIGMA is staffed by chemical,mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers, class A mold makers,precision machinists, and a highly trained world class manufacturinggroup.

City: Columbia City
Category: Aluminium Framing System
80/20 is the manufacturer of the Industrial Erector Setr,a T-Slotted aluminum framing system that can be used for anything andis the perfect choice over welded steel. With over 4000 parts and thebest customer service in the industry, 80/20 can help you solve anyframing problem.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Telecomunication Products
8x8, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and markettelecommunications products and technology for internet protocol (IP)telephony and video applications.

City: Rockford
Category: High Nickel & Stainless Steel Alloys
A-1 Wire Tech, Inc. provides quality high nickel andstainless steel specialty products to customers all over the world. Ourwell trained staff have many years of experiences in the high nickeland specialty steel working industry.Our first commitment is to our customers. We promise on-time delivery,superior quality, and excellent customer service. These are thestrengths that make us the industry leader in quality and service.We have worked long and hard to establish a reputation for quality andsatisfaction in the wire industry. We are proud to have achieved ISO

City: Superior
Category: Moisture Measurement Sensor
A2D2 and Interstates Control Systems have teamed up tocreate a real time, inline moisture sensor for most flowable materials.The sensor uses a unique capacitance circuit to sense the moisturecontent. The data can be displayed or integrated into your plant-widecontrol system.

City: Dallas
Category: Fluid Power Valves
AAA Products International is a full line manufacturer ofdirectional control valves (1/4" NPTF through 2" NPTF ports). Wespecialize in unique applications be it one or a thoCountry: USAnd valves. Wehave a reputation for offering valves for the toughest applications.Our product delivery is the best in the industry.We also specialize in the manufacturing of hydraulic or electric drivedrilling, tapping and rod threading units for high production. Theseunits are compact, versatile and offer the widest range of power fortheir size in the industry.We at AAA Products International, are committed to provide ourcustomers with superior products of premium quality. Along with a fullline of standard products, we offer over 200 special customer specificproducts to fit their unique applications. We promise unsurpassedcustomer service, exceptional delivery and competitive prices.

City: Aurora
Category: Enzymes
American Allied Biochemical, Inc. was established in 1985and specializes in the purification and distribution of restrictionendonucleases. In addition to high quality standards, AABlabs offersthe lowest price available of any enzyme supplier. The staff at AABlabsknow each customer's individual history and preferences and this is thereason why year after year, the lab's PI continues to order fromAABlabs.

City: Valencia
Category: Quick Die Change & Mold Change Equipments
American Aerostar Corporation is a leading manufacturer ofequipment for Quick Die Change and Quick Mold Change.

City: Antioch
Category: Transmitters
AACOM Systems has provided data links for more than twentydifferent unmanned air vehicles, making us the world's most experiencedsupplier of such equipment. Our capabilities include analysis ofconceptual requirements, implementation recommendations, proposalsupport, hardware production, system integration and test. We workclosely with our customers to arrive at optimal system configurations,balancing performance and cost trade-offs against specifications andbudgets.AACOM Systems is also heavily involved in flight test telemetry, rangeinstrumentation and other applications requiring expertise in data linkimplementation. Range Time broadcast systems have been produced forseveral testing ranges in the US and abroad. These systems includeredundant, automatic switching transmitters at the master stations andreceivers that have been configured for reception of IRIG timingwaveforms.Components manufactured by AACOM Systems are available in ruggedpackages designed for airborne or other applications where size andenvironmental integrity are prime attributes. Electrically identicalequipment is produced for applications where rackmount packaging ismore appropriate. Transmitters and receivers are synthesizer based, andunits offering hundreds of channels are regularly produced. The productline also includes modular PCM equipment that offers a vast number ofpossible configurations both telemetry and command link terminalequipment. In addition, special modem equipment permits directprocessor-to-link interfaces. AACOM Systems is your number one sourcefor special systems and components.Our systems engineering department will be pleased to assist you inachieving a cost effective implementation of your special requirement.Fax or e-mail us an outline of what you would like to accomplish and wewill respond with a summary of our concept. If you like what you see,we will follow up with a more detailed proposal.

City: Hazlet
Category: Embedded Computing Solutions
AAEON was established in 1992. AAEON developed and focusedon Single Board Computers. In 1994, AAEON set up Research & DesignDepartment. Also, the production lines were completely converted toCompact Boards, Half-Size CPU cards and Full-Size CPU cards. At thesame year, AAEON obtained ISO-9001 and aimed to be an OEM/ODMmanufacturer specialist.The number of AAEON employees exceeded 100 in 1996, and Country: USA branchoffice was founded in New Jersey. Two years later, China branch andEurope sales offices were also established. AAEON's global network wasthus set up to service customers around the world.The year of 1999 was a landmark for AAEON. High-speed SMT linesreplaced old SMT machines to increase the productivity. Also, AAEON,the first in Taiwan's IPC industry, went public and was listed on theOTC (Over The Counter). In the same year, AAEON Foundation wasestablished to support the efforts in technology education.In 2000, AAEON acquired Astech Inc., a leading Panel PC manufacturer.With this merger, AAEON extended its product offering to IndustrialWorkstations, Panel PCs, Display Monitors and LCD PCs. In the sameyear, AAEON received the Innovation Research Award, which distinguishedAAEON as a strong engineering company with solid R & D capacities.

City: Louisville
Category: Air Filtration Products
Welcome to AAF International, one of the world's largestmanufacturers of air filtration products and systems. Founded in 1921as the American Air Filter Company, AAF offers a wide range of airfilters, dust collectors, and other air pollution control equipment toimprove air quality. The need for clean air is universal and unlimited.Virtually all human activities require clean air to survive. For over80 years, AAF has been improving the quality of air for your home, yourcompany, the White House and even for the Apollo landings on the moon.With sales offices worldwide and operations on three continents, AAFpioneered many of the original air filtration technologies. Today,AmericanAirFilterr and AAFr brands are recognized as the most trustedbrands in clean air.AAF International is a division of AAF-McQuay Inc., a globalmanufacturer of commercial air filtration and air conditioningequipment. Please click on AAF-McQuay to learn more about ourcorporate structure. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.Product quality cannot and will not be compromised.

City: Ferndale
Category: Precision Rotary Index Tables & Gages
Since its beginning as a maker of flush pin gages nearly50 years ago, A. G. Davis Gage / has become a world-class producer of acomplete line of gage components and custom gaging equipment as well asfully automatic gaging systems.Design and build capabilities include PC-based programmable SPC andcontrol programs with A. G. Davis / AA Gage customized software.A. G. Davis / AA Gage is compliant to ISO 9001 quality standard.Teamed for the challenges of the 21st Century, we will continue toserve the precision rotary index table needs and the dimensional gagingneeds of automotive, bearing, consumer product, defense, earth movingand other industries where integrity in measurement is essential.

City: Plaistow
Category: Power Supply
AAK, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of AC/DC andDC/DC power sources, has produced precision, high performance modulesfor over 23 years. Our products are widely used for industry andmilitary. AAk has been a long term supplier to many of the top 500corporations, US and NATO military services, laboratories, energy,chemical and electronic industries.

City: Orangeburg
Category: Flow Instrumentation
Founded in 1972, Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc. iswell known throughout the world as a primary manufacturer of precisioninstrumentation for flow measurement and control. We operate twodivisions. The Variable Area Division manufactures a diversified lineof flowmeters and needle valves. Constructed of aluminum, brass,stainless steel or PTFE, variable area flowmeters range from microflowto industrial size flowmeters. The Electronics Division produces stateof the art thermal mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers for gasesand electromagnetic flow controllers for liquids and gases.

City: Spartanburg
Category: Flow Measurement Solutions
The Aaliant and Niagara product families are bothmanufactured by Venture Measurement in Spartanburg, South Carolina.Venture Measurement is committed to providing our customers with theflow measurement solutions that are reliable and proven. Our flowmeasurement products are used throughout the agriculture, food,beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemicalprocessing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generationindustries.The Aaliant branded strain gage target meter was originally known asthe "Ramapo" meter. It was developed and sold by the Ramapo InstrumentCompany and later by the Hersey Measurement Company. There have beenmore than 20,000 "Ramapo" meters successfully applied in difficultapplications since 1954.Venture Measurement has an extensive network of field salesrepresentatives and a staff of application engineers ready to provideequipment recommendations, application assistance, and trouble-shooting. Our ISO 9001 certified facility assures consistent quality-driven manufacturing and testing with a commitment to excellence.

City: Woodstock
Category: Magnetic Separator Assemblies
A and A MAGNETICS has a long-standing reputation in themagnetic industry. In business for over 20 years, our highly trainedstaff manufactures a complete line of permanent magnetic assemblies,including head pulleys, magnetic sweepers, overhead and suspendedcross-belt separators, plate magnets, humps and drum in housings.Our sales staff stands ready to assist you in determining your needs ata reasonable price. Our engineering staff can provide the technicalassistance in designing custom units to fit your specifications. Ourcustomer service and shipping staff ensure a smooth and timelydelivery. Our products supply both quality and custom touches to fityour needs.

City: New Berlin
Category: Custom Engineered Flexible Protective Covers
Welcome to the Gortite Division of A&A Manufacturing Co.,Inc. We are the nation's largest manufacturer of custom engineeredflexible protective covers.Our bellows covers are manufactured from a variety of elastomer andelastomer-coated fabrics for any type of application or environmentalcondition. Methods of construction include stitched, molded, vulcanizedand heat sealed.We also offer a mix of metal and fabric roll-up covers, as well asmetal telescopic covers for machine tool applications.

City: Jersey City
Category: Speciality Light Bulbs
In 1982 AAMSCO was the first company to receive a ULlisting for an "Architectural" incandescent tube fixture, the ALINEAr!We fabricate our own contemporary and Art Deco lighting fixtures forcommercial and residential applications.Offering a complete line of light bulbs for all world-wide voltagesincluding Ferrowattr Brand museum-quality antique reproduction lightbulbs.Energy efficient fluorescent tubes with Kelvin temperatures rangingfrom 2700K through 6500K degrees Kelvin. Color Rendition Index (CRI) ashigh as 98. These bulbs are excellent for Graphics applications, colormatching, food presentation enhancement and total UV Free for ComputerChip and other "Clean Room" applications.Large inventory of hard to find bulbs in our stock.Our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities range from allowing usto duplicate other manufacturers discontinued light bulbs to the customdesign and fabrication of one of a kind lighting fixtures.

City: Shelbyville
Category: Alcohol Products
Since entering the market in 1979, AAPER has consistentlyprovided equal attention to both single case orders and largegovernment contracts. We provide synthetic and natural fermented 190and 200 Proof Alcohol. Over the years, AAPER has carved a niche in thealcohol marketplace providing tax free and tax paid ethyl alcohol,specially denatured alcohol and laboratory solvents.AAPER supplies institutions, research facilities and industrialaccounts. Our customer needs range from regulatory information tocomplex requirements for special formulations. Thus our customers haveincreasingly depended on us for product quality, industry know how andpersonal service.AAPER's corporate offices and manufacturing plant are located inShelbyville, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville.

City: Bensenville
Category: Process Equipment
Over fifty years ago Aaron Process recognized the demandfor competitively priced new process equipment. Our new line ofprocessing equipment is designed and engineered for the most demandingapplications with unsurpassed quality and dependability.Today, Aaron Process Equipment Company is recognized for designing andmanufacturing the most advanced line of quality mixing and blendingmachinery in the industry. Aaron Process Also maintains a largeinventory of spare parts providing our customers with immediatedelivery on needed replacement parts. Our in house shop capabilitiescan also rebuild or remanufacture your mixer or blender. Trade ins arealso welcome on your next purchase of a new mixer or blender.Aaron Process offers a complete line of Sigma Blade Mixers, MixerExtruders, Plow Mixers, FDA approved Sanitary Ribbon Blenders,Planetary Mixers and a Laboratory style mixers. All our mixers areavailable in many sizes and available with standard design features andupgradeable options.Aaron Process Equipment Company is backed by their commitment toservice and one of the longest warranties in the industry.

City: Saddle Brook
Category: Rubber Products
At Aarubco Rubber Company , we thoroughly analyze yourequipment design, process and operating conditions. Then we offer ourdesign and materials recommendations for creating high performancerubber parts. Years of rubber production expertise enable us to bring aqualified perspective and valuable input to your design or maintenanceteam. The result is the creation of properly fitting rubber coveringsand rubber parts that last longer and run smoother.

City: Austin
Category: Cleaning Equipment
Austin American Technology is a market leader deliveringnovel innovation thru products that address performance and cost ofownership. AAT products are used in high reliability OEM companies andEMS providers. Since 1986 AAT has consistently produced top-quality,state-of-the-art, innovative cleaners and SMT rework stations.

City: Concord
Category: Thermal Management Systems
Aavid Thermalloy LLC, is the world's leading supplier ofthermal management productss, applications engineering and customersupport for problems associated with dissipation of potentiallydamaging heat in electronic and electrical components & systems.

City: Torrance
Category: LAN Cables
Wonderful has a complete series of products, and hundredsof them have been certified by international security regulations. Weserve you with the highest sincerity, by improving the quality of ourproducts, developing new products, so as to prosper and grow with you.Wonderful has a thriving business, because of your confidence andcontinuous kind support. From now on, we will serve you moreenthusiastically, expecting that, with your encouragement andconfidence we could forge forward hand in hand towards the nextmillennium.

City: Bronx
Category: Sheet Metal Fabrication
We are manufacturers of tools & dies, stampings,assemblies, radio & television chassis, electronic parts,electronicwelding, spot welding, gas welding.

City: Manchester
Category: Plastic Gearing & Automatic Injection Molding
ABA-PGT comprises two divisions that work together tomeet your precision injection molding and mold making needs.Our ABA division, established in 1944 and named for our founders,Anderson, Bertsche, and Anderson, designs and builds injection moldingdies for any production need, whether for use at our PGT division or atyour own injection molding operation.We formed our injection molding division, Plastics Gearing Technology,in 1969 to add molding expertise to our portfolio. Adding "Gearing" toour name doesn't mean we have given up the mold-making talents forsmall precision parts that we had long before we saw our first gear.

City: Irvine
Category: Chip Inductors
A leading global manufacturer of quality chip inductors,SMD power inductors, beads, ferrites, etc.

City: Ontario
Category: Precision Rubber Rollers
Founded in 1959, ABBA Rubber International has evolvedinto a multi-million dollar organization poised to take on thetechnical challenges of the 21st century as well as the customerservice demands which a global economy presents.ABBA Rubber International enjoys a reputation as the world leader inprecision rubber roller fabricating, re-covering, grinding, and themanufacture of precision molded parts.

City: Wichita Falls
Category: Low Voltage Products & Systems
ABB offers a wide variety of OEM and industrial controls,automation controls, electrical products and systems to meet yourelectrical and equipment requirements. Our mission is to be a leader insupplying high quality products and services that consistently meet theneeds and requirements of our customers.With manufacturing and corporate offices in Wichita Falls, Texas, ABBLVP&S's primary product groups include: Automation Controls Cable Management Systems Circuit Protective Devices Connection Products - Entrelec Brand Electronic Controls Industrial Controls Low Voltage Network Quality Capacitors Motor Protection Relays and Controls Safety Relays Timers, Flashers and Control Relays - SSAC Brand Voltage & Current Monitoring Relays

City: Santa Barbara
Category: Plastic Working Tools
We here at Abbeon Cal, still feel that way and have beenpracticing it since 1946. (Incidentally, for those who are a littleweak on geography, Black Springs was about a day's ride by buckboardfrom Mt. Ida, the Montgomery County capitol seat. At least that is howlong Mother said it took the doctor to get to their house in time forher birth).There are always some people you just can't satisfy - no way, no how,no time. However, we here at the Abbeon company, take pride in ourbatting average. We make a positive effort to sell only the bestmerchandise at a fair price and with our 100% GUARANTEE OF ABSOLUTESATISFACTION. The folks who deal with us are protected in every way wecan think of. After all, it is only good business to have happycustomers.

City: Ashland
Category: Custom Instruments Components & Systems
Abbess Instruments is an innovative company which designsand manufacturers custom instrument components and systems for researchand development. We can provide fully integrated, turnkey systemsand/or individual components.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Mass Spectrometers & Residual Gas Analyzers
Extrel CMS Industruial Systems are designed to survivethe harshest environments while providing excellent sensitivity andlong-term stability. The data provided can be utilized for real-timeprocess control and environmental monitoring.The Research product line includes full, application specificQuadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems, Bolt-on Quadrupole MassSpectrometers and a unique range Mass Spectrometry Components.

City: Philadelphia
Category: Industrial Maintenance & Repair Materials
Abbey Products in Philadelphia, PA, is the preeminentmanufacturer of high performance bonding, repair and industrialmaintenance materials. Abbey engineers these materials for the militaryand large corporations, worldwide.Our materials include thermosetting epoxies and urethanes used forindustrial repair and maintenance. Our leak detection fluids arepreferred for finding compressed gas leaks in tough field conditions.Sealants are used by the military to seal electronic devices. Repairsystems are used by the military and the public utilities to resurfaceor seal a wide range of damage in safety or performance criticalenvironments -- such as ship-board or underground. Most of theseproducts are engineered, manufactured and certified according todetailed Military or Public Utility specifications.Abbey also works behind the scenes to provide confidential andcustomized material solutions for special demanding customerrequirements. Chances are excellent that you personally benefit everyday from one of Abbey's materials.Abbey tailors an arsenal of technology in thermosetting epoxy polymers,urethane polymers and special filler materials to meet a customer'sspecific application. Our customers receive their system withappropriate packaging and instructions that provide effectiveness andease of use in their particular application.

City: West Hartford
Category: Ball Bearings
Abbott Ball was founded in 1909 by George Edward Abbott tomanufacture steel balls. In the early years, a popular brand ofbicycles made in Hartford used most of the output. As our reputationfor quality products spread, the company grew quickly. In 1911, a newmanufacturing facility was built on the site of a pre-Revolutionary Warcommercial pottery. That site, after numerous expansions, is still ourcorporate home. Today, Abbott supplies stainless steel balls of alltypes, along with carbon steel and specialty balls, to OriginalEquipment Manufacturers around the world.George Abbott was not only ambitious, but also innovative. Herecognized that steel balls, besides their many uses in bearings andother products, could also be used to clean and finish the surfaces ofmetal objects. The burnishingmedia that Abbott makes today are derivedfrom the initial idea.Ownership of the company, which remained in the Abbott family fordecades, was eventually assumed by a management team committed tocontinuing the traditions and expanding the technical horizons ofAbbott Ball. We believe that our history of reliability and valuegives you the reasons to use Abbott Ball as your source for thefuture.

City: St Marys
Category: Custom Industrial Furnaces
ABBOTT Furnace Company is a custom industrial furnacemanufacturer specializing in continuous belt industrial furnaces.ABBOTT industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of applicationsincluding Powdered Metal, Heat Treating, Brazing, Annealing, Sintering,Thick Film Processing and Fuel Cells.ABBOTT Furnace Company is located in St. Marys, PA, "The Powdered MetalCapital of the World." We employ a highly skilled workforce to producequality furnace and accessory parts. In support of our OE manufacturingactivities, Abbott Furnace Company also offers custom fabrication ofreplacement parts, a full line of spare parts, repair service for mostpower and temperature controllers and calibration services.ABBOTT was initially established as a service company and it remains anintegral part of our culture. Our dedication to service has manifesteditself in the development of long-term business relationships with ourcustomers. Abbott Service is available not only for our furnaces butfor our competitors as well.

City: Wheeling
Category: Fasteners
We're a US company located in Wheeling, Illinois, a suburbof Chicago. We have customers throughout the Americas and around theworld, but primarily service North American manufacturers.Our 55-year history of providing American industry low cost, qualityproducts and service is a record of which we are extremely proud.Whether it's contract or subassemblies manufactured in our wheelingfacility, plastic knobs produced in Chicago, or automatic screw machineproducts produced in our two in-house factories, each member of ourstaff is proud of the products we provide.We supply cold headed specials and locknuts produced in our in-housefactories, along with bagged and specially packaged products. Wemaintain a complete line of standard fasteners located in our 5 acre,100,000 sq. ft. facility stocking billions of standard parts forimmediate shipment.We offer the greatest value to American companies using our customizedinventory programs, whether J.I.T., Kanban, or a unique systemdeveloped to meet your company's requirements.Serving companies from the "Fortune 500" down to one person operations,we treat each customer as unique, with different requirements, whilestriving to provide, and over 99+% of the time, total customersatisfaction.Many companies promise the best quality, service and low cost, but wehave delivered on those promises for 55 years.As you review our website, each paragraph is our promise to keep you asatisfied customer. We prove it every order we ship.To continue growing in a highly competitive market means you have toconsistently keep your word and save customers serious purchasingdollars. We have for 55 years and will continue to do so for at leastanother 55.

City: Abbott Park
Category: HealthCare Products
For more than a century, Abbott Laboratories has beenworking to advance health care for people around the world. Founded bya young Chicago physician, Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott, in 1888, AbbottLaboratories has evolved into a diversified health care company thatdiscovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products andservices that span the continuum of care - from prevention anddiagnosis to treatment and cure. Headquartered in north suburbanChicago, Abbott helps people around the world in the more than 130countries.Building leadership and combining strengths in the areas ofpharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and diagnostics has enabled Abbott toprovide total, integrated solutions across the health care spectrum forsome of the world's most prevalent medical conditions, including AIDS,cancer and diabetes. We focus on advancing medical science and thepractice of health care with expertise in the therapeutic areas ofdiabetes, pain management, respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, men andwomen's health, pediatrics and animal health.

City: Manhattan
Category: Chuck Jaws
Abbott Workholding Products is a leading manufacturer ofchuck jaws, aluminum tooling columns and various workholding fixtures.Abbott maintains the largest inventory of chuck jaws in North America,providing same day shipment of in-stock items in steel, aluminum andcast iron. Our inventory also includes aluminum tooling columns(tombstones) in a variety of configurations, aluminum angle plates, jawboring rings, and various specialty workholding products. Our web sitefeatures our standard items, but special sizes and configurations areavailable. Please call us or e-mail us with your special requirementsand we'll gladly quote it.

City: Norwalk
Category: Automation Products
ABB is a technology-based provider of power and automationproducts, systems, solutions, and services. Building on our corestrengths of technology leadership, pioneering spirit and a sustainableapproach to business, ABB helps our customers to become more profitablewhile lowering environmental impact.In the United States, ABB employs nearly 8,500 in 32 states. Our U.S.headquarters is based in Norwalk, Connecticut.Worldwide, the ABB Group reported revenues in the order of 18,795 MUSDfor 2003. ABB Group is headquartered in Zurich, and employs about103,000 people in approximately 100 countries.

City: Gastonia
Category: Textile Mill Supplies & Lab Equipment
A. B. Carter is universally recognized as a qualitysupplier of spinning accessories and other products utilized throughoutthe Textile Industry. In addition, the company also serves otherindustries through the sale of precision machine parts, stampings, andlow carbon wire.A. B. Carter began manufacturing and marketing its first product, theBoyce Weavers Knotter, shortly after the company was founded by ArthurBynum Carter in 1922. Mr. Carter's interest and expertise in theapplication of rings and travelers for producing quality spun yarns ledthe way for establishing the steel traveler business in 1937.The Company has continued to grow over the years through acquisitions,and additional product-lines but most importantly through servicingcustomers' needs.A.B. Carter markets a diverse line of products through severaldivisions with specialized industry knowledge. Each division maintainsthe necessary technical expertise in order to assist customers withapplication, operation and servicing issues. A. B. Carter's primarytextile products include travelers and rings, tapes and belts, bobbins,splicing systems, knotters, stroboscopes, end detectors and textilelaboratory equipment.A. B. Carter products are sold worldwide through a network of salesagents with representatives in 44 countries. In addition, A. B. Carteroperates three sales and service subsidiaries located in Brazil, HongKong and Mexico.

City: Chicago
Category: Sheet Metal
ABC Manufacturing Limited is a manufacturing firmspecializing in sheet metal, welding, machining, and our new winebottle corker.

City: Smithfield
Category: Interconnection Technology
AB Connectors are recognised market leaders in the designand manufacture of connectors and interconnection systems for harshenvironments where high performance and reliability are mandatory. Fromthe principal site at Abercynon in Wales UK, dedicated assemblyfacilities in the Country: USA and China, together with a co-ordinatedglobal sales and distribution network, it is able to offer customers anunrivalled service.With over 50 years as a pioneer of harsh environment connectors, ABConnectors a company within the TT Electronics plc, has throughcontinuous research, product development, extensive test facilities,manufacturing investment and industrial competence been able to exceedthe exacting requirements of the Transportation, Military, Industrialand Commercial markets.The Company holds Quality Assurance approval to BS EN ISO 9001 andoffers a comprehensive standard product range, many of which arequalified to BS9000, CECC and IECQ. From its commitment to the Tractionindustry, qualifications to TDE77/R/42, RSE/STD/024 are held, alongwith the use of low toxicity materials that are fully type tested toBS6853 and NF F 16-101.Working with state-of-art CAD/CAM facilities, rapid prototypetechniques and modern CNC equipment, coupled with our strong technicalexpertise we are able to use the main products as platforms to providecustom engineered solutions, thereby significantly reducing customerdevelopment time, costs and risks.AB Connectors total commitment to providing customers with high levelsof service, cost effectiveness, quality and innovative solutions ininterconnection products make it the ideal first choice supply partner.

City: Mission Viejo
Category: Noise Control & Acoustic Materials
ABD Technology provides quality, innovative noise controlmaterials and engineering solution directly to industrial, commercialand governmental institutions worldwide. We offer quality noise controlmaterials that are highly competitive in both cost and quality. OurEngineering staff is highly knowledgeable with over 40 years ofexperience in providing effective noise and vibration control solutionto a wide range of industrial and commercial products. Our sale staffis extremely professional and courteous. Abd Technology is committed todelivering quality, cost effective products and services to ourcustomers.

City: New Hope
Category: Interconnect Products
AbelConn, LLC is a major supplier of Backplanes and Custominterconnects to the Avionics and Military markets. Products are soldunder the AbelConn (r) and Fabri-Tek (r) trademarks.Your specific Backplane and Interconnect needs will be designed andmanufactured with the same attention to quality, performance, andfunctional integrity as the most demanding Avionics products. Unlikesome of our competitors, we do not reduce our efforts or disciplinesbecause the market is different.As we are all painfully aware, with some connector companies, what youget is what they have. Your satisfaction is the uppermost in our minds,and our compliance to your performance is mandatory.

City: Kingsport
Category: Industrial Process Specialities
Welcome to Abernathy-Thomas Engineering Co. We are amulti-faceted organization with a long history of customersatisfaction. We are a manufacturer's representative of engineeredindustrial process specialties with an emphasis toward the Chemical,Pulp & Paper, Electric Power Generation and Pharmaceutical industries.We are a stocking distributor for many of the companies that werepresent. We are also a manufacturer of high quality pneumaticdiaphragm valve actuators through our Unaka Controls division and havecomplete valve actuation capablities in-house.We have an experienced inside and outside sales and applicationengineering staff that services our primary area of the southeasternstates of TN, NC, SC, KY and VA. We firmly believe in working closelywith engineering firms, contractors, resellers and end users to helpprovide the most efficient and cost effective solution for theirrequirements.

City: Roslyn
Category: CNC Motion Control
Ability Systems software provides smooth, reliable andsupported solutions for PC Based CNC Control. As a low cost CNCController, it is an ideally applied to CNC milling machines, CNCegravers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC water jet, CNC grinders, CNCquilting, CNC foam cutting, Wire EDM, CNC laser marking and specializedequipment. As a general purpose motion controller, it is used inrobotics, glue dispensing, winders, motorized cylinders, pick andplace, parts handling, automatic test equipment, mechanical sequencers,optical positioners, camera focus and positioning, multimedia stagelighting, automated QC, laboratory testing devices and otherapplications where motion control must be smooth, accurate and easy toapply.

City: Fremont
Category: Computer Products
For nearly 15 years, ABIT has been the brand of choice forhardware enthusiasts worldwide. ABIT Engineers work year end and yearout to deliver products that are powerful, flexible, and stable -fulfilling the needs of users that demand nothing less than the verybest. In the past, PC enthusiasts have chosen ABIT products because ofthe level of flexibility they offer. A good example of this is ourSoftMenu(tm) technology which allows an unrivaled selection of BIOSoptions, including operating frequencies and voltages. With SoftMenu,users finally had a way to optimize their systems the way they saw fit,empowering them to squeeze every drop of performance available.Over the last 24 months, we've made significant changes to the way ABITproducts are developed, designed, and manufactured. The result on thesechanges is something we like to call BulletProof Technology.BulletProof Technology ensures a superior product by focusing on four

City: Acton
Category: Laser Products
Rofin-Baasel Inc. Laser Marking, formerly A-B Lasers, Inc.and Rofin-Sinar, Inc. Changing the face of laser marking worldwide.When Rofin-Sinar acquired Baasel Lasertech, the laser industry gained anew worldwide leader ... the Rofin Group of Companies. Rofin-Sinar andRofin-Baasel Lasertech, with a combined 50 years as laser and lasersystem suppliers, together become the giant of the industry.The North American laser marking division, Rofin-Baasel Inc., bringsyet another dimension ... an acknowledged excellence in the custom-engineered laser marking systems needed by North Americanmanufacturers.Rofin-Baasel is now able to offer the marketplace an industrialsolution with a choice of the absolute ideal laser source for yourapplication - Systems for simple text marking to 3D inside-the-glassmarking, plastics to exotic metals - Systems for integration in acustomer's own production line, or full, turnkey systems incorporatingany level of customization necessary to get your job done.

City: Mountain View
Category: SMT Assembly
Able Electronics Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000certified, privately-held electronic manufacturing services (EMS)company serving OEMs in the test and measurement, medical instruments,telecommunications, computer peripherals, industrial controls andgenetic research industries.In less than two years, the company has more than doubled productioncapacity and added several levels of core competencies into itsvertical integration strategy including in-house sheet metal and cableassembly. Able's services include mechanical, electronic and softwaredesign, printed circuit board development, prototyping services, newproduct introduction, material procurement and management, printercircuit board and higher level assembly, in-circuit and functionaltesting, final system box build, fulfillment and sustaining servicesand custom enclosures. This range of capability provides for theseamless transition of products from one service offering to another,reducing time-to-market and total cost.Able provides a complete range of EMS solutions from engineeringdevelopment and prototyping to systems integration and test. Ableoffers medium-to-high volume, full turnkey manufacturing , test andlogistical services.

City: San Rafael
Category: Power Protection Equipment
When APC began selling power protection equipment,networking was in its infancy. Most computer users were stilltransferring data on the 'sneaker net' using 512k floppy disks. Asnetworking began to evolve, users began to use linked PCs to sharefiles and print documents, which gradually increased the importance ofthe computers and equipment upon which these tasks were transacted.Still, the number of people protecting the hardware and data with UPSswas small.Initially, the motivation for using APC's products was to protect thehardware itself. As more and more data was passed across networks, ourcustomers began recognizing the importance and value of the data ontheir servers and PCs; they quickly began protecting this data as well.As the value of data grew exponentially, the importance of protectingthe availability of the network reached critical mass. A growing numberof customers cannot tolerate any downtime in their networks.In the last few years, the value of the data being created, transferredand stored has continued to multiply. Not only is the quantity of dataincreasing, but E-commerce applications are literally transferring,processing and storing money on the servers we protect. As a result,highly reliable solutions like our Power Array technology are beingadopted by industry-leading global enterprises to ensure E-commercedelivers on its promise.In 1984, when we built our first UPS, I don't think anyone at APC couldhave imagined a better scenario for the Company than what we are seeingtoday. Data has become money, and it is flying around the globe,without bounds, at an incredible rate of speed. As a company we couldnot have hoped for a better business opportunity than one in whichnetwork downtime correlates to a loss of revenue.

City: Peeksill
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Able is an international manufacturer and distributor ofprice discounted wire and cable products, specializing in cable designand fabrication for small or large quantities with a quick delivery.Don't compromise on quality and service. Use a source that isdependable, valuable, reliable, and capable.

City: Silicon Valley
Category: Frame Grabbers & Video Capture CardsCompanyL Able- PixelSmart
Manufactures of Video Frame Grabbers and Image processingboards. Both off the shelf and custom work. From low cost to highperformance. Free software SDK, free tech support. 15yrs in business.

City: Rancho Dominguez
Category: Die Attach Adhesives
Ablestik Laboratories, based in Rancho Dominguez,California, is the worldwide industry leader in die attach adhesives.Ablestik manufactures electrically and thermally conductive paste, filmand tape adhesives, and underfill encapsulants used in semiconductorand microelectronics assembly. Applications include semiconductorpackaging and optoelectronics assembly. Ablestik has sales and servicelocations in Cambridge, UK; Singapore; Yokohama, Japan; Seoul, Korea;Manila, Philippines; Taiwan; Shanghai, China; Bangkok, Thailand; andMalaysia.

City: Easton
Category: Flat & Profile Grinding
Specialists in non-magnetic materials, ground plates andblanks supplied in low carbon, free-machining and alloy steels, as wellas stainless, aluminum, titanium and plastics.Pre-machining equipment includes saw-cutting, duplex milling, plannermilling and press flattening.Complete fixturing design and manufacturing in addition to machiningservices.

City: Aliso Viejo
Category: Frequency Control & Magnetic Components
ABRACON Corporation was established August 5, 1992 withthe vision of becoming a top tier global manufacturer of frequencycontrol and magnetic components. In pursuit of this vision, ABRACONobtained both ISO9001 & QS9000 quality certifications, made severalselect equity investments in Asian manufacturing facilities andinstalled manufacturing lines at it's California facility for frequencycontrol and magnetic products.ABRACON has formed strategic, long term partnerships with key Asianmanufacturing operations in order to share manufacturing expertise,advanced technology, capital investments and overall cost benefitsobtained by contracted production.ABRACON is growing rapidly by providing its customers with a completeand flexible electronic component manufacturer that can acceleratecustomers' time-to-market and time-to-volume production needs. ABRACONprovides all of its customers with high quality products, competitivepricing, timely delivery, reliable engineering support and flexibilityto change production requirements on short notice.ABRACON would like to be your preferred supplier for frequency controland magnetic components.

City: Sturgis
Category: Gloves & Abrasives
Manufacturers of safety equipment, sanding equipment andsupplies, abrasives.

City: Paterson
Category: Plastic Bags
Top Quality shopping bags: Our program is designed topresent you with a "stock" printed retail bag. Our plant manager andsales manager have worked together to find the most common plasticshopping bag sizes as well as the most economical sizes to manufacture.By offering this select line of retail bags, the customer will get aGREAT bag at a GREAT price delivered in as little as three weeks fromapprovals.

City: Vernon Hills
Category: Signal Conditioners, Transmitters
Manufacturers of quality signal conditioners, signaltransmitters & isolators.

City: San Jose
Category: Precision Time & Frequency Applications
Absolute Time produces a family of products that areoptimized for time and frequency applications using the GlobalPositioning System (GPS) signals. The products use advanced algorithmsto achieve extremely low jitter and stability.

City: Meriden
Category: Pumps, Mixers, Aerators
ABS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps,mixers and aerators. Our extensive worldwide sales and servicecompanies operate in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia andAustralia.

City: Hawthorne
Category: Electronic Components
Since 1983 we have been active in the Electro-Electronicmarket by manufacturing tooling and stamping items for othermanufacturers that wanted to outsource.The initial production activities was for the Brazilian lightingindustry (insertion pins) and until today we are active in thissegment.ABS/VABSCO has been awarded with many quality awards and is highlyregarded in its industry. To maintain this position, ABS/VABSCO offersa large product line and to become more competitive has recentlyacquired a PCB mounting facility and plating facility.>From our Fort Lauderdale, Florida centralized location we take greatpride in providing service to our American customers. Since the springof 1993, when we opened our stocking facility here, our number ofAmerican customers has grown steadily as well as in Canada, Mexico andCentral America.When you choose an ABS/VABSCO switch or connector, you can be assuredthat quality products, service and innovation stand behind you as theyhave since 1983. As we build upon this unsurpassed commitment toquality products, customer service, and support operations, ABS/VABSCOeagerly anticipates a major share of the growing, vibrant NorthAmerican electronics market.ABS Vabsco Components is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilityand many of our components are UL approved.

City: Swanzey
Category: Precision Motion Systems
ABTech specializes in the design and manufacturing ofprecision motion systems, air bearing, mechanical bearing, and oilhydrostatic bearing rotary tables, linear slides, spindles, custommachines and special gaging.

City: Lincoln
Category: Rotary Cutting Tools
Manufacturers of High Performance Rotary Cutting Toolssince 1977.

City: Akron
Category: Automation Machinery
Since 1962, ACC Automation has been supplying custom mademachinery and engineering solutions to quality minded clientsworldwide. Our unique philosophy of design customization is one of themany reasons ACC Automation is regarded as a global technologicalleader for the equipment and services shown.

City: Normal
Category: Electronic Equipment
ACC Electronix, Inc., an EMS (Electronic ManufacturingServices) provider has been manufacturing professional electronicequipment (for the broadcast industry) for over twenty-five years.Over the last nine years, ACC Electronix, Inc. has expanded itsmanufacturing and has increased its value-added services to focusspecifically on electronic contract manufacturing.

City: Mohall
Category: Thermoforming Custom Plastic Parts
Accel Dakota, Inc. located in Mohall North Dakotaspecializes in thermoforming custom plastic parts. We pride ourselvesin the production of quality products delivered on time, that meetrigid quality standards required by manufacturers today.Our custom designed thermoforming equipment is ideal for both small andlarge production runs. Its processing flexibility and versatilityallows us to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and materials.

City: East Granby
Category: Electron Beam & Laser Technology
Acceleron specializes in electron beam and lasertechnology services, including welding, drilling, cutting, slotting,marking and engraving. We also offer one-stop shopping to includemachining, assembly, full fabrication, testing and any otherrequirements specific to your program. Acceleron's quality system isNadcap accredited to AC7004, the equivalent of AS9100.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Heatsink
Accel Thermal is a wholesale heatsink manufactureroffering heatsink design, aluminum heatsinks, custom heatsinks, clipheat sinks, aluminum extrusion profiles, CPU cooling fans, heatsinkfans, thermal management, electronic cooling, thermal interface andphase change materials. Accel Thermal is a leading wholesalemanufacturing heat sink company with the ability to customize anddesign your heat sink orders to meet your specifications. If youalready have a design solution, all we require are drawings to getstarted. We can accept all common engineering formats, includingAutoCad and Solidworks. We have the resources and flexibility toproduce prototypes, small orders and high volume productionrequirements.

City: San Diego
Category: Process Monitoring & Control Products
If you are involved in process monitoring and control,test and measurement, or data acquisition, you know it is important tohave reliable equipment designed to provide accurate data, precisemeasurement, and exacting parameters. However, your equipment is onlyas good as the quality and reliability of its components. ACCES I/OProducts has been dedicated to Data Acquisition for fifteen years. Weoffer an extensive range of high quality and competitively pricedstandard and custom I/O cards. Our products are designed for use inPCI, PC/104, and ISA PC buses, as well as Distributed I/O. EncompassingAnalog I/O, Digital I/O, Serial Communications, Bus Expansion Kits, andWatchdog Timers, our cards are loaded with features that make them moreuseful under "real-world" conditions. In addition to our selection ofsolution-oriented products ACCES I/O is proud to offer fast deliverytime, outstanding customer service, and superb free technical support.

City: Covington
Category: Raised Floor Specialists
Access Floor, Inc. is a privately held womanowned and operated company that has designed, installed, and maintainedraised floor systems since 1982.For over 20 years, our goal has been the same: to make a differencethrough service. We have same day shipping on raised floors, componentsand accessories. Our goal is to deliver floors free of defects,competitively priced, and on time.Our expertise in the field of raised flooring has led us to severalmilestones in the raised floor industry. Access Floor, the pioneer and world's leading manufacturer of products and systemsfor access floor maintenance. We developed industry standards tomaintain existing raised floor environments.Our products reflect innovative solutions to our customers needs,keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. And that's why customers worldwidelook to

City: Menlo Park
Category: Digital Video Equipment
Accom is a world leader in digital video technology fortelevision broadcasting, computer video, production, and post-production. We are the manufacturer of products designed for use todayand into the next century.Accom's products have changed the way professional video is produced,and are in use all over the world.Our products have received numerous awards and citations from industryassociations, publications, and customers, including two Emmys andthree ITS Monitor awards for Engineering Excellence.Accom's founders and its employees are comprised of the most tenuredand respected people in the television industry, many of theminstrumental in developing products that have set benchmarks forexcellence.Accom is renowned for excellence in sales support and service, with alarge technical support staff and over 150 distributors in every cornerof the globe.Accom, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, was established in1988, and has demonstrated considerable growth since that time. Accomis committed not only to excellence in manufacturing, but also to acreative work environment, competitive compensation, and a wide arrayof benefits. Accom is the manufacturer of a full line of products thattarget various areas of the professional video marketplace.

City: Charlotte
Category: Process Control Systems
Since 1960, AC Controls has been providing SystemsIntegration Services, Combustion & Process Control Systems, anddistribution of Industrial Instrumentation, Controls, and Valves ofover 20 major manufacturers to the Process Industries in the Southeast.In addition, AC Controls owns and operates one of the largest ValveAutomation Centers in the region.Our home office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. AllAdministrative functions, including order processing and expediting,purchasing, and inventory control are computer-controlled from ourCharlotte office. Fully staffed sales offices and warehouses arelocated in Greenville, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, andRichmond, Virginia. Each office is linked via dedicated communicationlines that provide real time computer operations and seamless telephonecommunication. An EDI system is also in place to facilitate quick andeasy order entry for your orders.

City: Vicksburg
Category: Seals
Accroseal(r) is committed to manufacturing high qualityseals at competitive prices. We blend Teflon(r) into many of ourproprietary Accrolon(r) compounds, compression mold and precision machineusing CNC turning centers. With (47) standard Accrolon(r) compounds andthe ability to custom blend materials, Accroseal(r) can accommodate yournonmetallic seal requirement. Our expertise in the plastics industryalong with information regarding your application will providesolutions to your technical needs.

City: Irvine
Category: Electronic Components
Once upon a time, there was a child frolicking under thetree. The tree told him, "My little boy, come and try my succulentfruits!" The kid did so, and ate to his heart's content.With the passing of years, the child grew up and became a youngman. Hecame to the tree again. He was heading to a distant place foraccomplishing his ideals. He went saying farewell to the tree! The treetold him, " You can take my fruits away, and hew down my branches formaking yourself a canoe-- then you can go pursuing your ideals."The young man did as what the tree told him, and gently rowed away.Just as he had expected: he found his beloved wife and began to sethimself up with a cozy family.As time went on and on, the young man eventually turned into a senileman. Once again, he came before the tree. This time, the tree tenderlywhispered to him, " Feel fatigued? Come to me, you can lie down andtake a rest here."

City: Canton
Category: Thermoplastic Hose
Manufacturers of quality thermoplastic hose & tubing tothe industry.

City: Missouri City
Category: Soonar Liquid-Liquid Interface Measurement
Unlike any other transmitter, Liquid-Liquid interfacelevels are measured by the Accu-Gage(r) Sonar Level transmitter withoutrequiring measurable electrical property or density differences. Usingpatented sensor technology, sonar pulses are reflected off the physicalinterface boundary and surface level, allowing simultaneous interface,level - even the accumulation of solids on the bottom! - measurement.Accu-Gage(r) is suitable for all types of process vessels and storagetanks - including floating roof, cone roof, bullets or spheres. Grademounting avoids roof access for maintenance or gauging on storagetanks.Accu-Gage(r) can be installed in the top, bottom or sidewall withouthaving to take the vessel or tank out of service, thereby avoidingcostly down time.Reliability is high and maintenance is minimal because there are nomoving parts.Developed by CTI Manufacturing, Inc. over a twelve year period, theAccu-Gage(r) has proven successful in materials as diverse as asphalt,liquid sulfur, water, cooking oil, sulfuric acid, crude oil and butaneusing our Liquid Radar(tm) technology.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Scalable Voltage/Current DPV & DPL Meters
Manufacturer of the Accumeters Product Line of DigitalPanel Meters, LCD & LED Displays, Counters, Timers, Hourmeters,Ratemeters, Process Meters and LCD Modules and Graphic Displays.

City: Chanhassen
Category: Tools & Circuit Board Test Solutions
Acculogic designs, manufactures, and markets a broad rangeof systems and instruments for testing electronic devices, circuitboards and systems. We offer short turn-around time, high fault-coverage, and fast cycle-time solutions. Our services and products areused to validate designs, ensure integrity of prototypes, improveproduction processes and yields, and deliver defect-free finalproducts. We are in the business of "Test Engineering" and we help ourcustomers to reduce risks and increase profits.Acculogic strives to provide innovative technologies that are requirednow and anticipated in the future. To ensure our customers maintain acompetitive advantage in their marketplace, Acculogic continues to makesignificant investment in new product development and value-addedservices.The purchase of intellectual and marketing rights for VICTORY softwarefrom Teradyne Inc. and the purchase of intellectual property rights forthe Sprint 4510 Flying Probe from Shindenshi of Tokyo, Japan, in 2004has created new engines for the growth of our company. Presently ourproducts are enabling many of the most reputable OEM and contractelectronic manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia, to testtheir low-volume, high mix products without confronting the accessproblems faced in using more traditional test techniques such as ICT.In addition, our products allow our customers to develop test programseasily and quickly and they can also benefit fully from cost reductionsoffered by fixtureless test techniques and methods.

City: Collins
Category: Software Products
AccuMeasure products helps you develop electronic test andmeasurement routines in a fraction of the time it would take you towrite them manually.Functional Test Manager (FTM) and the EZ-Transfer for RMB, give youunsurpassed features across a variety of platforms.

City: Hudson
Category: Ultra Precision Equipments
Since 1970, Accumet Engineering has provided a completeultra-precision service for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamondsawing, laser machining, sizing a wide variety of metals (ferrousand non-ferrous), carbide, ceramic, sapphire and other materialsfor industrial and scientific applications, includingtelecommunications, semiconductors, communications, test & measurement,micro-electronics, defense and security industries.Accumet Engineering is dedicated to providing extremely tighttolerances and super fine finishes. We have developed several uniquecutting, lapping, and polishing techniques to achieve extremely tighttolerances with repeatability and consistency from piece to piece. Withour exact specifications and prompt delivery, we can meet or exceedyour requirements.

City: Elizabethtown
Category: Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants & Related Products
Accumetric, LLC manufactures, packages and marketsadhesives, sealants, lubricants and related products. The ISO 9002-certified company manufactures or purchases product in bulk from majordomestic and foreign suppliers and packages these various products intocartridges, tubes, saCountry: USAges, bottles, cans and other smallercontainers. The packaged products are private-labeled or soldnationally and internationally under the BOSS(r) label in-house to OEMsand through numerous wholesale distributors.The company operates in five business segments: Accumetric-brandedproduct, marketed under the "BOSS(r)" brand name; the Dynatex(r) brandname; private labeling / custom packaging; contract packaging, themanufacturing of high performance silicone sealants, lubricants andlatex products specially formulated to meet the unique requirements ofthe markets served and Meter-Mix dispensing equipment.Accumetric currently markets and distributes products in more than 70countries, with the major markets being the Middle East, Southeast Asiaand Central and South America. The company's modern packaging andmanufacturing plants are located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Salesoffices are maintained in Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Phoenix, AZ;Columbus, OH; and Thailand. The facilities in Elizabethtown also serveas corporate headquarters, housing Accumetric's administrative,marketing and sales offices.With the momentum Accumetric has built in the international markets,and with more than 3000 U.S. stocking distributors covering the marketsserved, Accumetric is well positioned for double-digit growth into the21st century.

City: Schenectady
Category: Rotor Telemetry Technology
Accumetrics is an innovative global provider of solutionsto obtaining sensor data from rotating components. We provide highaccuracy/high integrity/ high speed digital telemetry solutions rangingfrom the measurement of individual signal inputs to more than 600sensor input applications. We work closely with customers to providetelemetry solutions for rotating equipment, improving their ability toaccurately retrieve and reproduce torque, temperature, vibration,voltage, current, and many other measurement parameters. Accumetricsproducts are used to retrieve data from race cars, steam turbines,windmills, motors, pumps, engine dynamometers, generators, aircraft,process industries, and more.Accumetrics Associates was founded in 1991 with one objective: tomanufacture the world's best systems for getting data off rotatingequipment. Any time sensors are placed on rotating components, a

City: Houston
Category: Hydro-Pneumatic Accumalators & Components
Accumulators, Inc.(r), the foremost designer andmanufacturer of Bladder Accumulators, AccuMight(r) DiaphragmAccumulators, Float Accumulators, Non-separator Accumulators, Transfer-Barrier Accumulators, Gas Bottles, Bladders, Components, Accessoriesand Installation Tools. 6 cu. In. to 40 gallon capacity. 3000 psi to6000 psi working pressure ratings. Oil Service, Water Service, ChemicalService, High and Low Temperature ServiceQuality Products designed, manufactured and certified by the Major

City: Danbury
Category: Custom Device Manufacture
We are a custom device manufacturer, and all noiseproducts are available to you on a custom basis. Engineering andprototype charges are seldom applied, and delivery times are notautomatically extended for custom units.

City: Salem
Category: Probe Components
Accuprobe Inc., founded in 1976, develops, manufactures,and markets high performance probing and interface products for use inthe testing of integrated and hybrid circuits. This company'sproprietary products are used by manufacturers of semiconductors andhybrid circuits to electronically screen their products for defectsbefore they are incorporated into electronics systems. Such screeningis accomplished in conjunction with automated test equipment (ATE)which transmits electrical signals through interface circuitry to probecards which make the electrical/mechanical contact with each circuitunder test. The company's products are designed to provide moreefficient screening of the circuits thereby increasing yields tomanufacturers.The company's products address both the semiconductor wafer sort or ICtest segment as well as the thick and thin film hybrid circuit, opticaland laser trim segments of the semiconductor device market. The companyoffers a wide selection of probe technologies including Probe Ring(Epoxy Ring), Metal and Ceramic Blades, Z adjustable and Blade Springprobes.The company offers the service of probe card assembly and repairutilizing any of the above probe technologies. In addition, the companyalso designs and produces probe card assembly and maintenance equipmentwhich will allow customers to assemble their own card assemblies. Thecompany also offers the consumable materials for use with the assemblyand repair equipment.

City: Westminster
Category: Surveillance & Investigative Technology Systems
The AccuQuest Corporation (AQC) has provided thoCountry:USAnds of covert surveillance systems and training programs forrenowned law enforcement, military and industrial clients over almosttwo decades. We have earned the reputation of producing results for themost challenging surveillance, investigative and infrastructureprotection requirements encompassing a multitude of technologies. AQC'sbroad range of proprietary and cost effective solutions augmented byrelentless technical support are second to none. Our staff's knowledgeand extensive real world experience assures that every system producesthe desired results while being versatile, interoperative and easy todeploy. AQC manufactures, integrates, imports and searches the world toprovide unique options for our clients.Our exceptional, results-oriented designs are comprehensive and notavailable from any other source. AQC is committed to excellence becauseyour success is an obligation we take seriously!AccuQuest Continues to make a difference by expanding its proven covertsurveillance technologies and developing exceptional total managementinfrastructure protection and physical security solutions.Accomplishing your objectives begins with a thorough consultationduring which we identify appropriate technologies and training options.We look forward to analyzing your challenges and to the opportunity ofapplying our knowledge and technology for producing..."Results ThroughInnovation(c)." This web site is intended to provide you with an overviewof our capabilities. Each technology solution is designed specificallyfor that customer. We integrate many technologies into our programs,therefore specific components may be available but not included withinthis web site. Please contact our office or regional staff for furtherinformation.

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