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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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instructions to download the complete database.

Previews of data we have available:

City: Chesapeake
Category: Machine Tools
We are a manufacturer for a variety of machine tools such as Crankshaft Milling
Machines, Ultrasonic Cutting Machines, Sheet Metal Routing Machines, Core
Routing Machines, Forging Machines, Rolling Mills as well as Custom Machine
Tools. In addition GFM provides its own Automatic Nesting System and a
proprietary control, called the CNC6000.

Built 1979 and since expanded to cover 187,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area,
the American GFM facility in Chesapeake, Virginia is one of the finest, most
modern machining facilities in the Southeast. American GFM's primary business is
the manufacture of special machinery, machine tools and machine parts. The
facilities and skilled work force which manufacture machine tool components to
critical tolerances are available for subcontract work - from the preparation
and/or production of integral parts, to the design, manufacture and assembly of
special machinery.

City: Chicago
Category: Surface Grinding Machines
Welcome to American Grinding & Machine Company, one of the largest flat grinding
shops in the country. We have twenty-two large surface grinding machines at your
service. Welding represents another one of our divisions. We manufacture a
heavy-duty steel base or table called the "Brute" Base, which is available in
six standard shapes, or it can be completely customized to your needs. We
fabricate all types of weldments from small pieces up to 30 tons. We also have a
division called Interstate Abrasives, which is a distributorship for abrasive
products. Interstate Abrasives stocks and represents over seventy different
manufacturers of grinding wheels, diamond wheels, tools, and related products.

City: Santa Clarita
Category: Soldering & Desoldering Tools
For 50 years Hakko has been producing superior quality soldering and desoldering
tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, technical
training classes, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for
the electronics, industrial and hobby industries. When people are asked why they
use Hakko equipment, the answers are nearly always the same: "reliability",
"best value", and "excellent service."

City: Macomb
Category: Deep Hole Drilling & Finishing Systems
American Heller, established in 1956, is the only United States member of the
Boring and Trepanning Association. Members of this association share in a
worldwide exchange of technical information to solve drilling problems.

Our sole purpose is the development, engineering and production of deep hole
drilling and finishing systems.

Today American Heller's experience is being used in aerospace, aircraft,
nuclear, military, power generation, off road equipment, oil field equipment,
molds and dies, valves and machine shops. Continuous research and development
work insures that our customers always receive state-of- the-art tooling for the
most demanding applications.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Hydraulic & Shaft Seals
We are an ISO 9000 compliant manufacturer & Distributor of precision hydraulic
seals, shaft seals, oil seals, rings, packings, gaskets and other high
performance rubber and plastic parts. At American High Performance Seals Inc.,
we offer the widest product range in the industry. Due to our unique "On Demand"
manufacturing process, more than 300 Million different, standard, special and
custom made seals in superior performing materials are available the Same Day,
Next Day or Just in Time without tooling charges. We can manufacture & ship your
needs the same day.

City: Elko
Category: High Voltage Power Supplies
The history of high voltage power conversion in the United States has very
interesting geographical factors which allow one to trace a company's direct
lineage. Directly after W.W. II, primarily due to the proximity of MIT Radiation
Laboratory and related RADAR work, most of the high voltage technology in
America was based on the East Coast. Here, companies like General Electric,
Grumman Aerospace, and Fairchild developed sources for high voltage military

By the 1970's, many power supply companies had begun to take advantage of the
vast market created by computer manufacturers which required low output
voltages, usually in the range of 5, +/-12V. Many of these companies sought to
expand into the area of high voltage power conversion, only to find that the
rules that govern design and production are not the same as for low voltage
products. High voltage designs invariably require attention to dielectric

City: Lynchburg
Category: Industrial Balancing Machines
Hofmann was founded in the early 1930s with the anticipation that balancing
would play a crucial role in manufacturing industries. The Hofmann brothers,
specializing in the design and manufacturing of dynamic balancing machines,
developed the first automatic balancing machine to operate with resonance. As
their successes in balancing multiplied, the company expanded their factory and
subsequently their business.

City: Zion
Category: Heat Exchangers
American Industrial Heat Transfer Inc was founded in Kenosha Wisconsin 1985. It
is a privately owned and operated corporation dedicated to the production of
heat exchangers and heat exchanger products. Currently located in Zion Illinois,
American Industrial produces over thirty full product lines of air cooled
(tube-fin) and liquid cooled (shell & tube) heat exchangers.

American Industrial has invested in excess of six million dollars in plant &
equipment over the past three years, upgrading it's plant machinery to the
latest state-of-the-art technology. All of the heat exchangers offered by
American Industrial are fabricated at the Zion Illinois site. American
Industrial does not buy, re-label, and resell as any other manufactures do so
that our products are always available.

City: Pawtucket
Category: Electrical & Electronic Wire & Cable
American Insulated Wire Corporation, a Leviton manufacturing company, is a
leading national manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic wire,
cable & cord set products, serving a variety of markets including residential,
industrial, institutional, OEM, utility and telecommunications.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Frequency Control Devices
Kinseki was established in 1897 as a natural quartz jeweler in Nihonbashi,
Tokyo. The word Kin-seki means Golden Stone. The company became Kinsekisha
Laboratories in 1941 and started developing electronic components utilizing
quartz. Our brand KSS was taken from KinSekiSha. In 1960, we developed the
technology for mass production of pure, high- quality synthetic quartz. The name
of the company was changed to Kinseki, Limited was established in 1980. The
company became public in 1986 on the Tokyo Nikkei Stock Exchange.

Since our founding, the company has gained a world-wide reputation as a leader
in diversified manufacturing with integrated processes that range from growth of
synthetic quartz to the manufacturing of quartz incorporated frequency control

City: Farmingdale
Category: Precision Miniature & Micro-sized Components
ALCprecision is a globally respected supplier of precision miniature and
micro-sized components and assemblies. With a heritage for innovation and
quality that began in 1846 in the Swiss watch industries with the latest
technology, technical assistance, and responsive logistic support. Today, our
manufacturing bases are worldwide with locations in Europe, North America, and
the Far east servicing demanding customers all around the world in industries
such as medical, computer, automotive, instrumentation, telecommunications. and
customer products.

ALCprecision was founded in 1950 with the primary objective of supporting the
growing precision turning requirements of diverse U.S. markets. Over the years,
we grew to offer complimentary high precision miniature part technologies, too.

Most of the components supplied by ALCprecision provide a critical function in
our customers' products. We provide "crash stops" for computer hard drives,
valve stems in automotive emergency shut-off valves, and equally critical
function components for medical/pharmaceutical diagnostics and research.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Plastic Bags
American L B Group Co is a group of the leading manufacturers of plastic bag,
plastic pallet and clothing. We are a leading supplier of power generator in
Asia. We export US made generator to Asia.

American L B Group was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 on the principles of price
competitiveness, highest quality and the best customer service.

We are totally committed to the customer. Providing excellence in services,
products, and logistics puts us above our competitors.

City: Columbus
Category: Electronic Displays
We manufacture Numeric & Alphanumeric LED Displays, Electronic LED Timers &
Counters, Numeric LED Displays, Incandescent & LED Andon Systems, and Tone
information systems as well as a variety of user input devices for them.

City: Holliston
Category: Metering pumps
American LEWA is a global supplier of metering pumps process diaphragm pumps and
packaged systems. We strive for a close partnership with our customers in all
activities related to our products. Your complete satisfaction begins with
consultation before an order is even placed, and afterwards with our service and
repair, spare parts supply, maintenance and training.

City: Westbury
Category: Precision Linear Motion Products
American Linear (ALM) - Domestic Precision Linear Motion Products Manufacturer.
Manufactures Standard and Application Specific Crossed Roller Linear Bearings,
Slides, Stages and Tables. Modern Fabrication Facility in Long Island, NY.
"Industrial Grade" Series, Low Cost Series and Rotary Products Available.

City: Winter Haven
Category: Tube Connectors
Lokrings join aluminum, copper, and steel tubing of equal or dissimilar
diameters. Lokring Tube Connection Technology represents a proven method of
producing hermetically sealed metal-to-metal tube connections including aluminum
to copper.

Lokring tube connectors are used in residential, commercial and automotive
air-conditioning* and in refrigeration* industries.

City: Carterville
Category: Transformers & Related Components
American Magnetics Corporation provides a balanced system of Engineering Talent,
Production Proficiency and Quality Assurance. Established in 1946, we have
proven our ability to provide a consistent quality product and deliver it on

American Magnetics can supply a large variety of transformers, inductors, coils,
and other wound magnetic devices and has demonstrated this ability over many
years of manufacturing.

Located in Southern Illinois, American Magnetics has access to all major forms
of transportation, including overnight delivery to anywhere in the continental
United States.

City: Oak Ridge
Category: Magnetics & Cryogenics
AMI manufactures many types of Superconducting Magnet Systems for a variety of
Applications. Need help planning a system? - See Helpful Information. We also
provide supporting equipment such as Current Leads, Cryostats/Dewars and a wide
range of Power Supply Systems engineered specifically for magnet applications.

City: Addison
Category: Cutting Machines & Tools
AMTI(r) (American Manufacturing & Technologies, Inc.) is a company whose
products are sold throughout 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as
the U.S. Its product line for the assembly industry is expanding to meet the
growing needs of this marketplace.

Located 20 minutes from O'Hare International Airport, AMTI(r) has an electronic
lab, mechanical design department and fully equipped prototype machine shop, in
addition to manufacturing space.

City: National City
Category: Washable Metal Air & Grease Filters
Since 1986, we have been manufacturing washable metal air and grease filters.
Our products are used in rangehoods, heating and ventilating systems, computers
and a multitude of custom applications. We use aluminum, galvanized steel and
stainless steel to manufacture our products.

We sell our products to qualified distributors and manufacturers throughout the
United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The main purpose of our website is two fold. First, it serves to inform
consumers, retail customers, contractors and dealers about our products and
related technical information. Then it leads them to a qualified distributor in
or near their area. Second, it gives distributors, manufacturers and engineers
immediate access to the most current product and technical information
available. And it provides them with an important link to their potential

City: Mars
Category: Shim Products
Since 1984, American Metals Co Shim Products Division has been manufacturing and
distributing high quality metal shims, including AMC Accu-size brand pre-cut
stainless steel shims, brass, copper, aluminum, and nickel custom shims/shim
stock for OEM and maintenance needs.

Our shims have been used to align machinery such as motors, pumps, fans,
blowers, turbines, compressors, die stampers, punch presses, gear boxes and
journal boxes in steel mills, chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, power
plants, and HVAC facilities.

City: Cleveland
Category: Induction Hardening
American Metal Treating is unique among heat treaters in that we specialize in
just one method--precision induction hardening. Our combination of highly
skilled workers and sophisticated equipment has made us a much sought after
source for this type of heat treatment.

For parts such as gears, shafts and sprockets, there's no better way to protect
those areas exposed to excessive wear.

City: Batavia
Category: Precision Machining & Assembly
Since the beginning, superior quality and craftsmanship have been the basis of
American Micro Products. Over the last forty five years, our company has evolved
from a one man "job shop" to a full service manufacturer, providing industry
with high precision machining and assembly. In 1998, a complete line of
hermetically sealed electrical connectors was added to our product offering,
giving our customers more "single source" opportunities.

We believe in strategic alliances with our customers, helping us to better
understand their needs and how our combined resources can bring comparative
advantages in meeting the goals of their customers. Successful partnerships
growing together!

City: Pocatello
Category: Semiconductor Products
AMI Semiconductor (AMIS) is a leader in the design and manufacture of silicon
solutions for the real world. As a widely recognized innovator in
state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal semiconductor products, mixed-signal
foundry services and structured digital products, AMIS is committed to providing
customers in the automotive, medical and industrial markets with optimal value,
quickest time-to-market semiconductor solutions. Offering unparalleled
manufacturing flexibility and dedication to customer service, AMI Semiconductor
operates globally with headquarters in Pocatello, Idaho, European corporate
offices in Oudenaarde, Belgium, and a network of sales and design centers
located in the key markets of the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific

City: Tomball
Category: Carbide Products

City: La Puente
Category: LED Components
American Opto Plus Led Corporation was established to address customers'
requirements and quality concerns in the optoelectronic marketplace. Focusing on
the customer's demand for higher quality and faster delivery at competitive

Our factories are certified ISO9002, ISO9000 in Malaysia, China and Taiwan,
using a 90% automated production line within a 100% clean room environment.
Insuring the highest quality standards in the industry. American Opto Plus LED
Corporation offers the US customers a wide selection of LED Lamps in most
standard packages including but not limited to Axial Leads, IR Emitters, Photo
Transistors, SMT, and designer products at very competitive pricing.

American Opto Plus offers in-house engineering and over $700,000.00 of on hand
inventory for off the shelf delivery of most items including White, Green and
Blue. We stock the new TS (transparent substrate) technology, AlInGaP material,
and ultra bright LED chips in numerous encapsulations.

City: Houston
Category: Packing & Gaskets
Welcome to APG. Your "one-stop shopping" source for Gaskets, O-rings, Hydraulic
Seals, Industrial Hose Couplings, Packing & Gasket Materials, Industrial Glass
Products, Sheet Plastic, Adhesives & Sealants, and Fabrication Services for
Custom Gaskets, Stripping, Vulcanizing, Industrial Glass and Die-cut Plastic

As a Master Distributor of 6 major product lines, APG Company has earned the
reputation of "America's Most Responsive Warehouse." From our central location
in Houston, Texas, we daily meet the needs of resellers throughout North
America. "Responsive" means large inventories with same or next day shipment of
standard stock items. It means fabrication services with a similar commitment to
quick turnaround times. And most of all, it means people. People with
experience, expertise, and a dedication to customer service.

City: Schiller Park
Category: Industrial Production Systems
Manufacturers of industrial production systems.

City: Reading
Category: Polarized Prodcuts
Established in 1960, American Polarizers' (API) history of innovation in the
field of optical technology has built the company into its present position as a
major manufacturer of optical products, both polarized and nonpolarized.
Developing new applications and addressing our customer's needs are our basic

API is known worldwide for products used in the aircraft, electronics,
photographic, animated display, consumer and general scientific industries. Our
products are recognized by the trade names Ecplise(r), Glare Bar(tm), Sun Bar(r)
and Polarmotion(tm).

At API we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service, leading
edge technical knowledge and stringent quality control. In addition to
competitive prices, we offer many value added services such as inventorying
custom products and just-in-time delivery.

City: Stillwater
Category: Cable Pulling Lubes, Cleaners, etc
In 1973, Nelson Jonnes, a Minnesota research chemist with more than a dozen
patents under his belt, threw together some slippery ingredients in his basement
and began selling it as a SCUBA diving-suit lubricant. It was well received, but
the potential income from that alone could not support his family of six.

With a quick change of marketing focus in 1974, the fledgling company began
selling the same technology to the telcom and power utility markets in the form
of a unique, water-based cable pulling lubricant. It revolutionized the
industry, which until then had used mud, wax, and grease. Polywater(r) Cable
Pulling Lubricants have been the leaders ever since.

Over the years, the Polywater(r) line expanded greatly. Today, in addition to
its sixteen different formulations of pulling lubes for every type of wire and
cable imaginable, the product line includes a broad range of cleaners and other
specialty chemicals. These include cable cleaners, contact cleaners, general
electrical cleaners, hot stick and boom truck cleaners, fiberglass wax and
buffing kits, penetrating oils, cold galvanizing spray, alcohol wipes, cable
removal aids, cable blowing lubricant, cable pulling software, training videos,
MRO aerosols, pipe joint lubricant, pump packing installation lubricants,
conduit coupling adhesives, conduit de-icers, directional drilling fluid
additives, lubricant applicators, lubricant spreaders, lubricant pumps, cable
handling gloves, duct sealants, sanding cloths, dry towelettes, winter- grade
lubricants for cold weather applications, pressurized cable leak sealants,
transformer leak sealants, sunscreen wipes, hand and tool cleaners, and a host
of other unique chemicals and accessories.

City: San Carlos
Category: Gears
American Precision Gear Company Inc has been in the business of manufacturing
gears since 1956. Our clients include manufacturers in the aerospace, military,
biomedical and commercial industrial markets.

American Precision Gear Company understands the quality control requirements
necessary in highly technical industries. Manufacturing to blueprint under our
strict quality control parameters in our San Carlos California plant we strive
to give each customer exactly what they require. We invite you to tour our
facilities and consult with our engineers about your gear needs. Our QC Manual
will be furnished upon request.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Component Parts
American Precision Spring Corporation has provided customers worldwide with
custom precision springs and metal parts since 1979. We manufacture component
parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, computing, electronic,
instrument, and medical equipment. A successful, fast-growing company, we have
recently doubled the size of our facility.

With management personnel in place who have gained extensive product knowledge
through team experience, and a stable workforce with years of reliable and
dedicated performance (our average employee has been with us for almost five
years), American Precision Spring seeks to be your production partner for
springs, wire forms, precision metal forms, four slide and punch press parts.

City: Morgan Hill
Category: Industrial Motherboards
American Predator Corporation is a complete source of long- life controllers for
embedded applications. Our product line also includes single board computers,
industrial rackmount systems, peripherals and custom engineering services.

American Predator products are designed, developed and manufactured with true
document and revision control. Each product carries a written five (5) to eight
(8) year production life cycle guarantee. This longevity will reduce your
production costs, and lower engineering, testing and certification costs.

American Predator has over 10 years of experience in developing on the Intel(r)
processor platform. We are a member of the Intel(r) Communications Alliance and
an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

City: Milpitas
Category: Probing Accessories
American Probe & Technologies specializes in providing probing solutions for the
semiconductor industry. With over twenty years of supplying products to the test
and measurement industry. American Probe & Technologies is in the business of
providing solutions to your requirements.

American Probe & Technologies is a leading manufacture of analytical probes and
accessories for the semiconductor test and measurement industry. APT can provide
support and custom products that meet or exceed your custom probing

City: Fairfield
Category: Robotics
APG corporate headquarters and Cartesian robot manufacturering plant is located
in Fairfield, NJ, U.S.A.

We are specialists in Robotic Applications for over twenty years and factory
automation for twenty-five years.

We are Samsung's largest robotic distributor. We have factory trained engineers
and service technicians.

City: San Carlos
Category: High Speed Laser Cutting
We provide manufacturing solutions, using the latest manufacturing technology

Our new facility allows us the room to expand and provide new services. Coming
in the fourth quarter of 2002 we will offer high speed laser cutting services.
In addition to cutting services we will also offer engraving and marking

Our goal is to provide our customers with the latest advancements in
manufacturing technology.

City: Pelham
Category: Heavy Duty Conveyor Pulleys
American Pulley Manufactures heavy duty conveyor pulleys in our Alabama
facilities. In addition, we are the premier manufacturer of shaft assemblies,
bearings, take-ups and many other conveyor components.

American Pulley maintains a large inventory in our Alabama, Ohio and Colorado
warehouses. We are supported by an extensive list of authorized Industrial
Distributors throughout North and South America.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Reed Relay
American Relays Inc is a privately owned, independent Reed Relay manufacturing
company, founded in 1978. At that time, management identified a portion of the
Reed Relay market whose users have been neglected. That portion is the special
requirements area; unusual pin spacing, special package dimensions, unique
contact ratings, special coil resistance and voltages!

In today's world, the trend is toward standardization because that approach
seems to be most expedient. What about the application with unique requirements?
Do you select a Relay because it looks standard, even though it may not meet All
of your requirements? American Relays Inc being an independent manufacturer,
believes in being responsive to those applications with special design
considerations and offers it's customers the best of both worlds.

American Relays Inc has combined a blend of the most modern equipment available
with "State of the Art" knowledge to produce high quality Reed Relays with
unquestionably the fastest delivery time in the industry. All of this helps us
maintain very aggressive pricing. Added to this is a continuing R & D program
and a staff of engineers geared to provide the correct relay for YOUR
application. Since we make our own tooling in-house, our special designed relays
are no more expensive than similar standard Reed Relays from other suppliers.

City: Arcadia
Category: Power Supply, Rugged Computers, Electronic Loads
AMREL / American Reliance designs and manufactures industrial grade IEEE485/488,
RS232 and Ethernet-interface programmable power supplies and electronic loads
for industrial and military ATE markets. AMREL offers one of the world's widest
selections (20 to 750 KW) and specializes in custom designs and modifications.

City: Oakdale
Category: Industrial Robot Controllers
American Robot Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial robot controllers,
industrial robots, and automation systems. It has three major product lines, the
Universal Robot Controller, the Merlin articulated six axis robot, and the
Gantry 3000 modular gantry robot. The company in headquartered in the
Pittsburgh, PA area.

American Robot Corporation was established in 1982. In 1987 the name was changed
to American Cimflex Corporation to reflect the company's diversification into
other areas of automation. In 1990 the company merged with Teknowledge Inc
becoming public as Cimflex Teknowledge Corporation. Later the same year, the
American Robot Division split from Cimflex becoming the independant, privately
held American Robot Corporation.

City: Union Grove
Category: Elastomeric, Ceramic, Hard Coat & Specialty Rollers & Coats
American Roller Company believes in the promise of a new century of innovation.
Although founded in 1938, we are a forward- looking company, committed to
excellence, listening to and growing with our customers and anticipating their
needs with fresh ideas and new approaches. We are focused on the future and
building on our strengths, as is evidenced by the recent acquisitions of
Champion Roller and Plasma Coatings.

We begin our seventh decade of operation as a leading manufacturer of the
highest quality elastomeric, ceramic, hard coat and specialty rollers and
coatings used in the graphic arts, metals, converting, pulp & paper, textile,
steel, business machines and other important industrial markets. American
Roller's corporate offices, along with our state-of-the-art Research &
Engineering Center, are strategically located between Chicago and Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. Our 11 strategically located domestic production plants and licensees
in nine countries, outside the United States, give us a worldwide presence. They
provide responsive products and services for our diverse national and
international customer base, both OEM and aftermarket.

City: Charlotte
Category: Roller Screws
American Roller Screw's mission is to make the Engineering Community of the
North American Free Trade Association (comprised of Canada, Mexico and the
U.S.A.) aware of the unique characteristics of Satellite Rollerscrews.

At this time, American Roller Screw is the exclusive representative and
distributor for Rollvis S.A. in NAFTA countries, and will in the foreseeable
future manufacture the whole range of rollerscrews in the U.S.A.

City: Hampstead
Category: Packaging Solutions
Welcome to Areinc.Com providers of Cots and Custom turnkey packaging solutions.
This site offers examples and specifications for a number of applications.

American Rugged Enclosures, Inc provides unparalleled support. Our flexibility
is to adapt commercial and military designs to meet a variety of applications
and environments. If you don't see your specific configurations, please call and
receive our prompt, courteous, professional advice.

City: Verona
Category: Quality Blades & Bladed Hand Tools
American Safety Razor offers an ever-growing line of blades with a wide spectrum
of professional and industrial use. Recognized and respected for long-lasting
precision blades, American Safety Razor assures uncompromising excellence.

A tradition of fine craftsmanship for over 120 years underwrites our role as the
world's largest producer of quality blade products. Precision production and
stringent quality controls set the industry standard or performance and customer

City: Roseland
Category: Safety Coatings
Our Anti-Slip Coatings are famous for their incredible toughness and durability.
AST coatings last over five times longer than sand-in-paint, or other broadcast
systems, even when subjected to the most punishing environment.

City: East Longmeadow
Category: Band Saw & Hand Tools
American Saw & Mfg Company began in 1915 with ten employees making hacksaw
blades under the trade name of Lenox. The company has grown tremendously since
then, now employing over 600 people and marketing band saw blades, sawing
fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories in over 70 countries around the

A Company with Pride

American Saw & Mfg Company began in 1915 with ten employees making hacksaw
blades under the trade name of Lenox. The company has grown tremendously since
then, now employing over 600 people and marketing band saw blades, sawing
fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories in over 70 countries around the

Despite considerable changes over time, Lenox has remained constantly synonymous
with quality.

The Lenox name comes from the wolves that once roamed the hills of Scotland. On
the western shore of Loch Lomond, where the lowland pastures meet the sweeping
hills of the highlands, the Earl of Lenox made his home. Also in the area, the
wolf pack found shelter and food a plenty. The wolves were known to possess
strength, power and the sharpest of teeth. It has been almost 200 years since
the last wolf was seen in Scotland, but the legend of the Wolves of Lenox lives
on. We have has adopted this image to portray those same characteristics for our

Our focus on quality began many years ago and continues to be a unifying force
throughout every process in our organization. In 1995 this quality commitment
was formally recognized when we achieved ISO 9001 certification. We are pleased
to integrate this important phase in quality processing into our greater quality
achievement strategy.

We strive to maximize quality in every step of our operation for the long-term
benefit of our end users. We will continue to actively participate in the global
marketplace, so that no matter where you are, you can depend on Lenox quality.

In January 2003, Lenox joined Newell Rubbermaid, a Fortune 500(r) company
generating over $7 billion in global sales. Today our committment to quality and
innovation is stronger than ever before, and we continue to build on our
reputation for producing premium quality products that provide exceptional value
for professionals.

City: Fountain Valley
Category: Seals
Manufacturers of mechanical seals, mechanical seal repairs, Grafoil (r) flexible
graphite, gaskets, o-rings, Viton (r), pump and valve packing, molded rubber,
extruded rubber, v-packing, non-asbestos sheet gasketing, cut gaskets, spiral
wound, textiles, tadpole tape, drop warp and more.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Sensors & Systems
American Sensors Corporation (ASC) is a Pittsburgh, PA based manufacturer that
was founded in 1993.

ASC has a complete program benefiting from years of experience, which is
continually adapting to the growing and changing needs of the metals industry.

Our sensors and systems benefit from constant technological evolution and the
most recent discoveries. We have an after-sales-service department made up of
engineers and technicians who provide the indispensable on-site backup and

City: Landing
Category: Pressure Tranducers, Sensors & Gauges
The mission of American Sensor Technologies Inc is to be "your sensor business
partner...". As such, AST responds to the needs of sensor customers with the
most advanced and superior MEMS-based sensor products available.

Some of the world's most highly respected industrial, Fortune 500 corporations
have tested and now use AST products in a wide range of critical and harsh
environments. The scope of their typical product testing included safety at high
burst pressures, overall reliability, output repeatability and minimal linearity
error over temperature.

Common applications of AST's sensor products are in industrial OEM, hydraulic
systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration, oil & gas exploration
and off-road vehicles. Now available with the combination of exotic metals and
AST's exclusive, proprietary Krystal Bond(tm) Technology, the specialized needs
of key niche markets can be supported. Many of AST's products offer UL's listing
as intrinsically safe and certified for explosion-proof required environments.

City: Loveland
Category: Flow & Rain Quality Instruments
Sigma was started in 1980 with the goal to become the leader in the design and
manufacture of innovative flow monitoring instruments. Since then, Sigma has
reached that goal, and added communication products and data acquisition
software to its list of achievements.

Sigma spent its first years in the towns of Middleport and Medina, New York,
where the small town environment helped to nurture the customer focus that is
such an important element of Sigma's company culture. Now in Loveland, Colorado,
Sigma has joined Hach Company to broaden their product lines and reinforce the
values of reliability and customer dedication in every aspect of business.

City: Somerset
Category: Electrical High-Power Devices
The first manufacturing location, located in the cellar of a house in Wattgasse
53, in the 16th district of Vienna, had become too small after only two years of
production. The company moved to Schumanngasse 35, in the 18th district of
Vienna, in the year 1909. The number of employees slowly increased and after a
few years had reached 100; large enough to be recognized as a "medium-sized

City: Los Angeles
Category: Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps
ASP manufactures all stainless steel centrifugal pumps for the commercial/OEM
marketplace. Our pumps are American made, and designed to provide years of high
efficiency service, in tough applications.

City: Miami
Category: Computer Cases, Power Supply & Monitor
Sunshine founded in 1981, has facilities in China to manufacture computer cases,
power supply, monitors & speakers. In the third quarter of 2004, Sunshine's new
plant in Dongguan with 40,000 smts will be in full force to cope with the demand
from customers.

Sunshine is a full line manufacturer, steel cutting, molding, stamping, coating,
plastic injection & assmebly line. We do it all in-house to assure customer the
best quality products.

City: Westborough
Category: Super Conductor Wires & Power Electronic Converters
American Superconductor Corporation is a world leader in developing and
manufacturing products using superconductor wires and power electronic
converters for the electric power infrastructure. American Superconductor's
products, and those sold by electrical equipment manufacturers that incorporate
its products, can dramatically increase the bandwidth and reliability of power
delivery grids, reduce manufacturing and operating costs, and conserve resources
used to produce electric power. Founded in 1987, the company is headquartered in
Westborough, Mass.

City: Pittsford
Category: Swiss Screw Machine Parts
American Swiss Products is a small, woman owned, ISO

City: Shelton
Category: Ultrasonic Metal Welding
As AmTech continues to grow, we will continue to work and maintain our position
as the World Leader in Ultrasonic Metal Welding.

American Technology Inc (AmTech) was founded in Milford, Connecticut in l978.
Our vision, and our highest priority, is to continuously listen to our
customers, understand their needs, and apply our technical strength to provide
ultrasonic metal welding equipment that exceeds their expectations.

More than 25 worldwide patents have been issued to AmTech in our pursuit of
technical excellence. Our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed
AmTech to grow into a multinational company serving the needs of the worldwide
industrial community.

City: Wixom
Category: Car Audio Systems
Cutting edge F3 technology provides unequalled precision, power and performance.
American terminal supply is dedicated to providing top-quality car audio system
installation products and accessories, including our Platinum F3 and Quiet Zone
product lines.

City: Redmond
Category: Material Movement & Registration Control Systems
Manufacturers of material movement & registration control systems.

City: Oyster Bay
Category: Communication Equipment
ATC Corp, a leader in communication equipment design, engineering and
manufacturing services, has been a New York based business for over 40 years.

Our longevity is partly due to our innovative, aggressive and ever growing
awareness of the importance of communication.

Stemming from our background in military communications, ATC continues to grow.
Our concentrated efforts to suit your current and future needs will be well met.

Proof of this is our long-term involvement with the Internet. After all, the
Internet as we know it today, is the result of early governmental projects
focused on connecting computers over a single network, throughout the world.

City: Lubbock
Category: Pump Systems & Components
The story of American Turbine begins in 1936 when a family business was founded
to install pumps in the West Texas plains. Three generations of pump experience
later, the founders of American Turbine began looking for a way to make existing
pumps more efficient. It soon became apparent, however, that the only way of
doing this effectively would be for this company to manufacture the pumps

Thus in July of 1975, American Turbine Pump Company Inc was founded in Lubbock,
Texas, combining decades of experience in the pump industry. The original
American Turbine product lines were designed for a market that demanded top
quality, dependability, and efficiency. Those standards still hold true today.
American Turbine has expanded its growing production lines to accommodate
municipal water supply, industrial, agricultural, waste water, booster systems,
hydrocarbon transfer, mine dewatering, offshore platforms, HVAC, cooling towers,
turf irrigation, pulp and paper mills, water amusement parks, snow making, fish
hatcheries, and barge unloading markets.

City: Lebanon
Category: UV Applications
Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet Company is one of the most experienced
manufacturers of UV applications in the United States. Respected worldwide for
its extensive expertise, the company manufactures ultraviolet systems for a wide
variety of industries and applications. It is headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana,
and has offices in Bernardsville, New Jersey; Beaufort, South Carolina;
Torrance, California; and Romeoville, Illinois.

City: Odenton
Category: Castable Urethanes
Castable urethanes are finding new applications in many industries because
urethane parts provide longer service life when compared to plastics and rubber
and lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. In addition, these
materials are also FDA- approved for use in clean-room environments.

American Urethane is the premiere supplier of urethane parts and components for
industries all over the world. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most
rapid response possible to quotes and inquires. Best of all, when we respond to
a quote, you are talking to an American Urethane engineer who understands your
needs and concerns.

City: Skokie
Category: Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
Since 1910 American Vacuum Company has sold over 500,000 industrial vacuum
cleaning systems. Our 90 years of building the industry's best vacuum systems is
your assurance that American Vacuum will help you select, design and install the
proper systems.

To solve any of your vacuum related problems, we offer a complete line of
continuous duty vacuum systems, ranging from single operator to entire plant
clean up. Portable and stationary, Electric and air operated.

We also offer a complete line of hose, tools & fittings to accommodate your
vacuum cleaning needs.

City: Broomfield
Category: Industrial Sealing & Bearing Systems
Busak+Shamban, founded in the early 1950's, is a worldwide leading supplier of
high-quality products and solutions for aerospace, automotive, and industrial
sealing and bearing systems.

Busak+Shamban's core activities are focused on providing the best sealing and
bearing solutions for the following areas - automotive, aerospace, mechanical
engineering, stationary hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power
engineering and electrical engineering, chemical industry, process engineering,
the food + pharmaceutical industries, semiconductor/chip manufacturing, oil &
gas equipment, sanitary and heating technology, as well as medical engineering.

City: New Burnswick
Category: Machine Vision Applications
We are an American company in sales of machine vision technology and products.
We are working world wide with partners and bring existing, already best working
machine vision standard to our American customers. It makes no sense to develop
the wheel again.

City: Aliso Viego
Category: Relays
American Zettler, headquartered in California, produces over forty different
types of relays to meet the many specific requirements of commercial and
industrial applications. Because of their high reliability, American Zettler
relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including
telecommunications systems, computer peripheral and office automation equipment,
home appliances, security systems, test and measurement devices, industrial
controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment. To meet this
demand off-the-shelf, American Zettler stocks over one million relays in all
common coil resistances and contact configurations. In addition, American
Zettler works closely with a computerized distribution network with stocking
facilities in virtually every major industrial area in the world.

American Zettler's highly respected production capability is an industry unique
blend of skilled craftsmen with state-of-the-art assembly equipment and
techniques that result in a new standard of product reliability. To provide our
customers with the best possible product, American Zettler has painstakingly
developed the most sophisticated quality assurance program in the industry. The
heart of this program is SPC-Statistical Processes Control. Through this and
other advanced techniques, each and every relay is monitored and tested prior to
shipment. In fact, this quality assurance program is so stringent that many of
the leading high-tech companies rely upon it for their most demanding

City: West Windsor
Category: Mechanical Seals
Manufacturing Mechanical Seals that applied in pump, air compressor and marine
equipment. Produce both metric and millimeter seal, size 3/8" to 4", material:
NBR,Viton, EPDM; Carbon, Impregnated Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide;
Stainless steel 304, 316. Own factories in Taiwan & Shanghai. Also handle
casting iron couplers, oil seals, O-Ring, casting iron pump body,ball valve,
isolation valve, pressure gauge and pump accessaries such as spring pin, air
nozzle, motor mounting, brass tool set (hook & pick) and floating ball.

City: Logan
Category: Power Cords & Custom Cord Assemblies
We are a manufacture of power cords and Custom Cord Assemblies. We offer stock
and also a 2 week lead time on all products.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Electronic Connectors
Manufacturers of power cords, adapters, power inlets, EMI/RFI components,
starter capacitors, AC/DC plug-in transformers, wall adapters, switching power
supplies, terminal blocks, transformers, resistors, relays, piezo electric
buzzers & speakers, solenoids, film capacitors, wire harnesses, etc.

City: North Beach
Category: Home & Building Automation
Manufacturers of components & systems for control of power, lighting, HVAC &
energy management.

City: Pleasanton
Category: Wet Processing Equipment
Amerimade Technologies vision is to be your wet processing equipment
manufacturer of choice. We will accomplish this goal ... By offering our
customer superior products and service, keeping up with the latest technology,
while offering competitive rates. By backing all of our equipment with a full
warranty and offering customers personal design, installation, start-up,
training, and service. By fostering a team spirit among our employees,
encouraging open communication, idea sharing, innovation, design, and creativity
to provide a positive work environment for a more productive workforce and
quality products.

City: Northampton
Category: Integrated Aesthetics
As the first and only fully integrated aesthetics resource center in the world,
Advanced Aesthetics Institute brings together the finest medical and non-medical
aesthetic practitioners to create and deliver optimized client appearance.
Within AAI's elegant, nurturing surroundings, our clients experience unmatched
attention to detail and individualized service; and, with the guidance of a
personal Aesthetics Concierge, are able to design a program that will reveal and
maintain their true beauty.

City: Cranbury
Category: Rack-mount & Panel-mount Cases
Founded in 1989, Ameripack is a manufacturer/distributor of carrying, shipping,
rack-mount, and panel-mount cases. Ameripack has a sales office located in New
Jersey, and stocking warehouses across the United States. Ameripack services
accounts worldwide in a diverse marketplace including the Military, Medical
Diagnostics, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil and Gas Analytical
Instrumentation, Avionics and Government Agencies.

At Ameripack we are committed to providing our customers with the best case that
fits their needs - from roto molded to injection molded to vacuum molded to blow
molded. We help our customers find the case that will work for their
application. Our Injection molded and rotational molded cases are airtight,
watertight, crushproof, dustproof and meet or exceed ATA and military

City: Covina
Category: Communication Test Equipment
Ameritec Corporation has been designing and manufacturing communications test
equipment since 1980. Ameritec test equipment is used by major communications
equipment manufacturers, telephone companies, network and wireless service
providers, and PTT's worldwide.

The company's headquarters and development and manufacturing facilities are
located in Southern California with sales/service offices throughout the world.
Ameritec is a privately held corporation, not owned by or affiliated with any
switch manufacturers or service providers.

City: Scottsville
Category: Induction Heating Products
We specialize in precision induction heating solutions. We won't send you an
oversized power supply and hope it works by brute force. No two heating
applications are exactly alike, and neither are our customers!

Our approach is first to listen to your unique needs and concerns. Then, we'll
invite you to send samples of your parts to our Applications Lab for a No Charge
evaluation and system recommendation. Benefit from the advice of experienced
applications engineers who have worked with parts of virtually any size and
shape. Let us show you the Ameritherm difference!

City: Redding
Category: Quality Lapidary Equipment
Ameritool offers Quality Lapidary Equipment, Machines to Saw, Grind, Polish and
Finish Gemstones - plus all the Tools and Supplies at an Affordable Price. As a
Family Owned and Operated Business, Excellence in Products, Service and Customer
Satisfaction is our Goal.

City: Chula Vista
Category: Vacuum Sealers
AmeriVacS is the leader in Table Top Vacuum Sealers. With several standard and
custom made vacuum sealers available to meet your production line needs, backed
up by more than 18 years of experience in the packaging field.

Our manufacturing plant is dedicated to the production of high quality, low
maintenance equipment that will give you years of dependable service.

City: Paoli
Category: Electronic Instruments & Electric Motors
Ametek Inc is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and
electric motors with annual sales of nearly $1.1 billion. The Company has
approximately 8,000 employees at plants and operations in the United States and
18 other countries.

Ametek consists of two operating groups -

Electronic Instruments - a leading manufacturer of advanced monitoring, testing,
calibrating, measurement and display instruments sold to the process, aerospace,
power and industrial markets worldwide.

Electromechanical - the world's largest manufacturer of air-moving electric
motors for the floor care industry and a leader of brushless air-moving motors
for the aerospace, mass transit, business machines, medical, and computer

City: Grand Junction
Category: Precision Instruments, Controllers & Display Systems
The Dixson Division of Ametek Incorporated is a world leader in the design and
manufacture of precision instrumentation, controllers, and display systems.
ISO9000/QS9000 quality standards, Six Sigma manufacturing methodology, a
professional sales and engineering team and a strong commitment to customer
satisfaction combine to make Ametek Dixson an industry leader in the Class 7 & 8
heavy truck instrumentation marketplace. The Dixson Division employs over 300
people at two locations who produce and sell instrumentation and control
products for vehicular displays, control panels, and food service industries

The Dixson Division began as a privately held company in 1964 designing,
manufacturing and selling automotive and heavy truck gauges. Annual sales
exceeded $20 million by 1994 and Dixson was acquired by Ametek in 1995. Ametek,
with several divisions throughout the world, manufactures a variety of precision
instruments, electric motors, and other industrial products. Net sales exceeded
$1 billion in 2000, 2001,and 2002.

Dixson's headquarters are in Grand Junction Colorado and include Sales,
Engineering, and Manufacturing. Facilities in Reynosa Mexico provide additional
manufacturing capability. An international network of distributors and
representatives provides products and services throughout North and South
America, Europe, and Asia. A stable, cooperative, experienced, and highly
successful management team provides quick, positive responses and timely
solutions in an ever-changing global economy.

City: Horsham
Category: Level Measurement Solutions
With nearly forty years of experience in level measurement, Drexelbrook is
uniquely qualified to help with your application. If non- contact radar is the
right answer, we can offer you the industry's first 2-wire FMCW technology. Then
again, perhaps one of our guided micropulse (TDR) systems is a better choice.
Or, the best answer could be an ultrasonic or RF measurement solution. Whatever
the case, our complete product line lets us match the best technology to your
application. Put the Drexelbrook advantage to work for you.

City: West Chicago
Category: Electronic Controls
In 1967, National Controls Corporation began making time delay relays in
Chicago, Illinois. Now, well into our fourth decade of manufacturing electronic
controls, NCC is proud to be a division of Ametek Corporation, a global
manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors. With over $1 billion
in sales and 57 manufacturing plants worldwide, Ametek Corporation provides the
infrastructure and support for future growth within NCC.

NCC's mission is to grow profitably by providing our customers with high
quality, engineered electronic products that consistently meet their needs with
services that exceed their expectations. As a result, we have expanded our
original product line to focus on electronic controls for the commercial
appliance market in the food service equipment industry. Looking to the future,
we see great potential, not only in terms of our growth but in opportunities to
serve our customers.

City: West Chicago
Category: Power Instruments
Experience the Power of Ametek Power Instruments -- a family of businesses that
serves the electric power generation and distribution industry with a growing
array of advanced sensors, instruments and monitoring systems.

Ametek Power Instruments is a unit of Ametek Inc a global leader in advanced
monitoring, testing, calibrating, and display instruments with annual sales of
more than $1 billion.

Ametek Power Instruments is a worldwide force in the electric power generation
and distribution industry with over 50 years of power industry experience.

Its turbine engine sensors and instruments are found on nearly every major
turbine generator in the world. Its power and process monitoring equipment,
power quality instruments, power transducer and meters, event and transient
recorders, annunciators and alarm monitors are used worldwide. Many are ISO 9001
and 9002 certified.

City: Newark
Category: Process Analyzers
Ametek Process Instruments is a worldwide force in process analyzers with over
30 years of industry experience. Ametek Process Instruments is extremely proud
of its world-class manufacturing operations and its specialized manufacturing
capabilities that enable it to design analyzers to the industry's highest
quality standards.

At our Newark, Delaware and Calgary, Alberta, Canada facilities we routinely
design and build sample systems, cabinets, and shelters for our analyzers. These
enclosures and systems meet the hazardous and environmental requirements of the
analyzer's installation location.

City: Kent
Category: Regenerative Blowers & Brushes
Ametek Technical and Industrial Products offers Brushless DC Motor, Pump,
Brushless and Regenerative Blower, and Controller-based solutions. Ametek
Technical and Industrial Products operates within the Ametek Electromechanical
Group (EMG) which is one of the largest producers of high-speed electric motor
products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). In business since 1915,
EMG uses its core competencies in motion and air movement products as engineered
solutions for application-specific needs.

The standard product lines of Ametek Technical and Industrial Products cover a
wide range of application demands. If there is a need for a product with a
unique performance, mounting, environment or agency requirements, we can supply
the solution. We work closely with every customer to assure that we custom match
each product to its specific application. Our Field Sales and Factory
Application Engineers are available to provide you with expert assistance.
Whether a customer needs a standard or special design, Ametek has the solution
for your application.

Ametek offers economies of scale that can only be accomplished by a company that
produces more than 23 million motor products per year. With multi-plant
capability and flexibility, AMETEK Technical and Industrial Products is
positioned to support our customer's global programs.

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