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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Morrisville
Category: Interconnect Devices
Apex Technologies is a small company with big ideas and big results. Beginning
with a concept in 1995 for making 3D circuits directly onto molded plastic
parts, and after several years of development, Apex now offers an exciting new
capability for making 3D circuits or 3D molded plated substrates (3DMPSTM) a
reality for high or low volume products.

3DMPSTM is accomplished using unique blends of sophisticated 3D CAD, electronic
printed circuit board fabrication know-how, and a generous helping of high-tech
custom devices and techniques to bring this capability literally "into the third

City: Newbury Park
Category: Fiber Optic Test Equipment
Apex Technologies began to develop instruments back in 1998 in collaboration
with a group of France Telecom scientists. APEX Technologies uniqueness lays in
their different approach, means and accuracy of testing high speed optical
components and systems not matched by any of its competitors within the same
price- performance ratio.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Wire & Metal Fabrication
Since 1940, America's trusted name in quality wire and metal fabrication. Our
skilled team of craftsmen provide complete production and assembly from
blueprint to on-time delivery. With special attention to detail Apex, takes
every step to assure products that meet you most exacting standards.

>From the finest materials to professional workmanship, we do it all with one
goal in mind, your complete satisfaction. It is what you deserve...and what we
always deliver at Apex.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Cash Drawers
APG(r) Cash Drawer is the retail industry's leading manufacturer of cash drawers
and other POS related products. For over 25 years, APG has strived to provide
world-class products to withstand the abuse of the toughest POS environments. No
other cash drawer manufacturer can achieve the level of excellence APG
guarantees. APG offers a wide range of cash drawers for applications found in
Retail, Food, Hospitality and Concession. Our heavy-duty products offer all the
features expected to maintain through the most abusive work environments.

City: Sun Valley
Category: Audio Products
Aphex is dedicated to the development of high-quality products for the
professional audio, broadcast, fixed installation, touring-sound and
home-recording markets. Through that dedication, Aphex has developed a number of
industry-standard devices, such as the Compellor(r), Dominator(r),
Expander/Gate(tm) and Expressor,(tm) plus the Model 1100 Two-Channel and Model
1788 Eight-Channel Ultra-Precision Remotely Controllable Microphone
Pre-Amplifiers, and the Model 2020 Mk III Broadcast Audio Processor.

Each product contains one or more of the over 30 proprietary inventions
(patented or patents pending). A key element of all the dynamics processing
products is the firm's state-of-the-art Voltage Controlled Attenuator, the Aphex
VCA 1001.

City: East Aurora
Category: Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Established in 1947, API Delevan is the largest and most experienced
manufacturer of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes, and coils in the
United States. Our strategy and commitment is to work closely with our
customers, invest heavily in R&D, continually introduce new reliable designs,
manufacture to the highest automation levels obtainable, and provide exceptional
customer service with speed and flexibility.

Located in East Aurora New York, API Delevan's ISO-9001 manufacturing facility
produces all Thru-Hole, Application Specific Devices, and Hybrid Surface Mount
Chip Inductors. API Delevan is committed to producing high quality and reliable
components. API Delevan offers one of the industries quickest delivery cycle
times for a manufacturer. From build to order or stock, you can be assured of
excellence in both product and service.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Eectronic Components
API Electronics Group is a one-of-a-kind manufacturer of electronic components.
API designs and manufactures power transistors, small signal transistors, tuning
diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes and other critical
elements for advanced military, industrial, commercial, automotive and medical

If the requirement is replacement parts for a critical, fixed-design system,
parts with the same form, fit, and function as the out-of- production originals,
API can provide them!

v If the need is for a component to fit an old footprint, while adding totally
new capabilities, API will build it!

If an advanced integrated circuit, mounted in an older style package, or an
older, functionally specific component, packaged for modern surface mounting is
the need of the day, API can handle it!

City: Buffalo
Category: Industrial Heat Exchangers
API Heat Transfer is one of the largest full service producers of industrial
heat exchangers and heat transfer systems in North America. Operating from three
manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, API has also earned a
strong reputation for high quality thermal solutions throughout Western Europe
and around the world.

Originally established in 1953 with the Basco brand of shell & tube heat
exchangers, today API Heat Transfer employs over 600 people who provide sales,
engineering, and manufacturing expertise to support our well known brands of
heat exchangers that include Basco, Whitlock, Schmidt and Airtech. In some
cases, these names have been providing industrial OEMs and End Users superior
quality, cost effective heat exchangers for over 100 years.

City: Amherst
Category: Motion Components
Earlier this year, the Motion Components group joined the ranks of the Linear
Motion Systems group of Danaher Motion. Danaher Motion is a select combination
of some of the world's top brands of motors, drives and related motion control
products and systems. The result - the most complete, best-in-class line up of
linear motion solutions from one source...with the kind of technical support and
service you would expect from the most respected names in the industry.

City: San Diego
Category: Enclosures Contract Manufacturers
AP Labs has grown steadily since its' inception in 1984 to become a premier
supplier of rugged enclosures, rugged and real-time systems, and contract
manufacturing services. Here's a quick overview of how AP Labs got here!

AP Labs was founded in 1984 as a real-time systems consultancy by a group of
experienced software and systems engineers coming out of a prime
defense/aerospace contractor in Southern California.

In the early days, a key AP Labs expertise was in hand-tuning the software
algorithm performance of large "Array Processor" computers for specific custom
applications. The biggest example of this was the work done for the B2 project
at Northrop, requiring the processing of down- linked telemetry data used in the
characterization of the B2's modes of vibration during its' early flight testing
("flutter testing").

City: Charlotte
Category: Hook & Loop Fastening System
Aplix is the Hook and Loop Fastening System Specialist providing engineered
products that meet customer needs in the automotive, aircraft, transportation,
hygiene, packaging and other selected industries.

For these customers, Aplix is Committed to providing the innovation, quality and
service required for their long-term success. In doing so, Aplix Inc. will
strive to continuously develop our employees and establish productive
relationships with our suppliers.

Since its founding in 1958, Aplix has dedicated its resources exclusively to the
manufacturing of Hook and Loop Fasteners.

Aplix is recognized by its customers as a High Quality, Service Oriented and
Innovative Hook and Loop Fasteners manufacturer.

Aplix is focusing its efforts on selected target markets: Automotive, Aerospace,
and seating applications in the Marine, Train and RV industries, Abrasives,
Hygiene and Packaging.

City: Westminster
Category: High Speed & Standard Probe Cards
APL Technologies is established since 1996 in Westminster, California

APL Technologies is a high tech firm providing consulting on the design and
manufacturing of high speed and standard probe cards for silicon and gallium
arsenide wafers. We also specializes in PC Board layout design.

APL Technologies provides multi layer PC board layout design as well as the
creation of circuit schematics.

City: Englewood
Category: Elastomeric Rubber Dynamic Seals
Apm Hexseal specializes in the design and manufacture of molded elastomeric
rubber dynamic seals for environmental protection of electrical controls for
industrial, marine, consumer, and military applications. Most products,
including self-sealing fasteners, are UL and CSA-recognized and/or QPL-listed.
Millions have been sold worldwide either direct or through stocking
distributors. And, our Custom Molding Department serves those requirements that
go beyond our standard product sealing solutions.

City: Irvine
Category: Optical & Laser Products
Founded in 1996, Apollo Instruments is an entrepreneurial company devoted to the
development of high performance instruments and devices by applying optical and
laser technologies. Currently, Apollo Instruments provides fiber-coupled laser
diodes and the corresponding turn-key systems, fiber lasers, as well as other
laser systems. The company also designs high-speed, high resolution imaging
systems and 3-D imaging systems. Other main activities include contract research
and custom optical design services. The research area and expertise of Apollo
Instruments include optics, optical design, opto-mechanical design, optical
metrology, laser devices and applications, optical instrument design and
testing, and imaging acquisition and processing. Our research team is highly
experienced and has a great track record.

Apollo Instruments welcomes opportunities of contract research in the interested
area, as well as opportunities of collaboration.

City: Alsip
Category: Automatic Soldering Machines
Apollo Seiko is a technology based company that specializes in automated point
soldering systems. We have dedicated our knowledge and competence during the
past 30 years in the desigining and development of automated soldering systems,
setting the industry standard in this specialized technology.

City: Ronceverte
Category: Industrial Instrumentation
Appalachian Electronics Instruments, Inc. was formed in September 1954 by Mr.
Creigh Nickell to produce industrial instrumentation - primarily a temperature
controller. Since that time, Appalachian has expanded five times into it's
current location in Fairlea, West Virginia. Appalachian's products have been
found in commercial, mining, and textile applications. Each product represents
Appalachian's commitment to high standards of workmanship and reliability and
has resulted in product lifespans which are measured in decades rather than
years. In addition to the hundred of Appalachian products, the company has
provided its customers a variety of printed circuit boards, assembled and tested
subassemblies, and complete private labeled units. Many company products have
been in production, virtually unchanged, for over fifteen years and have enjoyed
a reputation of durability, serviceability and reliability.

City: Redmond
Category: Monitor Hardware & Software
Since 1994, Appian Graphics has pioneered the development of multiple monitor
hardware and software solutions. No, we don't make multiple monitors, rather, we
specialize in multiple monitor graphics cards and software.

Using one of our graphics cards to power several monitors from one PC not only
expands your desktop, but also greatly increases your level of productivity.

Today, more and more professionals have come to recognize the benefits of an
expanded desktop. This, and the fact that we produce the fastest, most reliable
and intuitive multiple monitor solution, is why major corporations and leading
PC manufacturers like Dell, HP, Compaq and IBM have selected Appian cards. Once
you get to know us, we're sure you will too.

City: Lancaster
Category: Industrial Belting Products
Apple Belting was founded in Lancaster County - The Heart or Pennsylvania Dutch
country - in 1990. The Business was started with just two employees and a lot of

Manufacturers, Fabricators and Distributors of Industrial Belting Products.

City: New York
Category: Sealing Devices
Apple Rubber Products Inc is a leading designer and manufacturer of seals,
O-rings, rubber seals, and other sealing devices. Whether you need the simplest
rubber o rings, or a complex Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) seal prototype, Apple
Rubber has the sealing capabilities you need. Apple Rubber orings and seals are
produced in ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facilities featuring transfer,
compression and liquid injection molding. Our seal experience includes virtually
every industry, from our MicrOring o-rings for microminiature applications to
custom oversized oring seals, all available direct from the manufacturer.

City: San Rafael
Category: Connectivity & Monitoring Products
Woodhead Software & Electronics formerly known in Europe as applicom
international is today an international team dedicated to the monitoring and
servicing of its growing number of customers. On behalf of Woodhead Software &
Electronics, we thank our loyal customers and partners for their confidence in
us throughout the years. With experience and confidence, we invite our customers
to join us so that together we may face the technological challenges of the 21
st century.

The only open industrial communication concept for fieldbuses and industrial
networks. Protocols available for Profibus, Ethernet, InterBus, CAN, DeviceNet,
Serial and WorldFIP on PCI, ISA and PC/104 boards.

City: Chestnut Hill
Category: Process Analyzers
Applied Analytics Inc manufactures on-line process analyzers and sampling
systems for a variety of production and environmental application for the
Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Pharmaceutical Industries.

City: Ludlow
Category: Direct Tension Indicators
Applied Bolting Technology manufactures direct tension indicating (DTI) washers.
These washers are used to get bolts installed to the correct Tension, regardless
of the bolt's torque resistance. Sizes are made to suit bolts from 1/2" to 1
1/2" and M16 to M36 diameter in several strength grades.

City: Knoxville
Category: Instrumentation Services
Applied Computing Technology is a rapidly growing high technology company
located in Knoxviller, Tennessee. The company has carved a name for itself by
providing state-of-the-art instrumentation services and customized design
solutions in its core competency of leading edge electronics expertise. ACT's
diversified engineering staff are able to supply a complete line of design
services and products to industry, rather than the individual capabilities
supplied by many engineering companies enabling its customers to obtain the
total expertise they need to meet specific requirements, on schedule and on
budget. The company supplements the needs within a customers own design team, or
provides the expertise and efficiency needed for developing state-of-the-art
test, measurement and diagonostic systems. ACT is a company at the forefront of
the technology needed to develop electronic instruments and systems to meet the
needs of today's fast-paced business environment.

City: Tully
Category: DC to AC Inverters
Applied Concepts is a leading manufacturer of DC to AC inverters, primarily used
for flat-panel display backlighting applications. Providing compact, high
quality, highly efficient multi- lamp CCFL, hot cathode, and custom backlight
inverter solutions for LCD displays. We create inverters to backlight standard,
sunlight-readable, and touch screen LCDs.

City: Grand Island
Category: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components
Warehouse distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic components.
Full line of components available. Capabilities include integrated circuit and
system design, custom and standard power units AC & DC, delivery of quality
components in a timely fashion.

City: Columbia
Category: Embedded Systems
Applied Data Systems Inc ("ADS") designs and develops "application-ready"
embedded systems that provide core functionalities, including wireless, mobile,
networked, sophisticated graphics, and Internet-connectivity for OEM markets.
ADS delivers integrated hardware and software platforms that are seamlessly
incorporated into end products, providing its customers minimized risk,
accelerated time-to- market, reduced development costs, and enhanced design

ADS' solutions include leading ARM/RISC technologies, including Intel StrongARM
and next-generation XScale microprocessors, and RTOS/Windows CE and CE.NET/
Embedded Linux operating environments.

City: Upland
Category: Metal Stamping & Wire Forms
Specializing in fourslide, metal stamping, nilson, wire forms, tool and die,
multislide, and manufacturing high volumes.

Since 1984, Applied Design Technology has continued to provide a variety of
companies with unique tool designs. The result is cost saving techniques,
special designs for many complex problems, and quality tooling for virtually any
industry. Our excellence in customer support from the design concept to the
production of parts is what keeps us on our customers "preferred" suppliers list
project after project.

Top quality support equipment along with a computer aided drafting system enable
us to produce parts with great precision. We are confident that once you choose
us, your expectations will be exceeded by the excellent quality of our products
and service.

City: Boise
Category: Industrial Control Systems
Applied Electronics Company was founded in 1990 by William Sellers.

Applied Electronics Company provides top - notch Industrial Radio Remote
Controls and other types of Industrial Controls to meet your control needs.

With our commitment, experience, and expertise, Applied Electronics Company has
established a successful business relationship with our customers.

City: Clearwater
Category: Ignition Systems
Manufacturers of high-energy ignition systems and fuel- injection controllers.

City: San Jose
Category: Contract Manufacturing Electronics
Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Applied Engineering (AE) has been in
business meeting the needs of our customers since 1978. AE provides the most
complete set of Contract Manufacturing / Electronics Manufacturing Services
(CM/EMS), from prototypes to high volume production capacity. AE differentiates
itself by providing customers with advanced custom solutions tailored to meet
their needs.

AE's highly skilled staff works closely with customers in developing solutions
utilizing our vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
We bring to every project innovation, experience, and the passion to provide a
solution to meet the needs of our customers. Engineering, Ultra Precision CNC
machining, Grinding, and a Turnkey Assembly (including Class 100 & 1000)
capability ensures high quality solutions. AE's services enable customers to
exceed their time- to-market goals, resulting in the fastest time to money in
the industry.

City: New Haven
Category: Coaxial Connectors
Manufacturer RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies.

City: Albany
Category: Fiber Optic Products
Applied Fiber Inc is an established business that has earned a strong market
presence in the fiber optic industry. Applied Fiber began operations in May 1992
and presently employs over 150 technicians. We are headquartered in Albany, Ga.

We manufacture high quality fiber optic jumpers, CATV service cable assemblies,
and Category 5 patch cords, as well as Enhanced Category 5 patch cables. We use
top quality components in all of our products provided by leading names in our

We have recently expanded our capabilities to offer the latest in fiber optic
test equipment along with the tools you need to get the job completed. We also
offer many consumable items at competitive pricing. Applied Fiber has
successfully directed its marketing efforts through channels of distribution in
the Premise Wiring, CATV, and Central Office markets.

City: Santa Cruz
Category: Tiltmeter & Clinometer Case
Applied Geomechanics manufactures and distributes tiltmeters/inclinometers, tilt
sensors, load cells, extensometers, data acquisition systems, and other
high-quality instrumentation. We can also perform installation services,
training, data acquisition and data reporting.

City: Fremont
Category: Laser Products
The Applied Harmonics Corporation (AHC) manufactures reliable, robust, turn-key,
high-power, pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) solid-state lasers. The development
of innovative techniques has enabled the generation of high power IR/visible/UV
light efficiently and elegantly. Patent applications for our proprietary
apparatus and methods, "High Power Frequency Conversion Apparatus Using the
Multi-Pass Conjugate Sub-Cavity Design", and "Intra-Cavity Sub-Resonator
Frequency Conversion Device for Generating High Order harmonic Laser Light" have
been filed with the US Patent Office. Our products provide the UV laser user
community with the most reliable, user friendly, and cost effective means
available in today's marketplace.

City: Chicago
Category: Hydraulic Components & Accessories
We are a full line distributor of hydraulic components and accessories,
specializing in the design, manufacturing, and repair of hydraulic systems.
Proudly serving companies throughout the Midwest since 1980.

City: Rochester
Category: Photonic Imaging & Electro-Optic Components
Since 1978, the Applied Image Group(r) has been a key industrial provider of
Photonic, Imaging & Electro-Optic components and systems to the Optical, Fiber
Optic, Lighting, Digital, Medical, Communication, Scanning, Automotive, Imaging
and Photonic markets.

Photonics is defined as the creation, use, manipulation, or measurement of
light. Photonics can then be said to be the business of the Applied Image
Group(r) i.e. the designing and manufacturing of precision components, and
related systems, for use in photonic applications, under one common management
and with a single vision.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Telecommunication Instrumentation
Applied Instruments Inc is a privately-owned company that designs, manufactures,
and sells test equipment to the telecommunications industry. We began operations
in 1986 to meet the requirements of cable television operators who needed
specific equipment to ensure the integrity of their new or existing systems.

>From that beginning, our product line has evolved and expanded due to the
direct input from our customers. The emphasis on quality engineering has allowed
a responsiveness to those requests that has built a reputation for dependability
and cost effectiveness.

City: Tucson
Category: Communication Products
Applied Integration's experience in such wide-ranging technologies as Optics,
Imaging, Motion Systems, Interferometry, Wireless Communications, and Digital
Signal Processing allows a synthesis of ideas across many technological fields.

Applied Integration Corporation specializes in computers and peripherals that
provide wireless communications, digital signal processing, digital video
capture, compression, storage and transmission to remote sites, as well as video
signal routing, switching and distribution.

City: Baltimore
Category: Security & Data Destruction Equipment
We've been in business since1973. For many years our primary business was the
design of special magnetic, mechanical, and electronic devices and instruments.
We've worked on everything from driving artificial hearts to separating dirt
from potatoes, to finding unexploded ordnance underwater and on land, to
refining plutonium.

We've always done things that nobody else could do, or perhaps was willing to

An important segment of our business has Always been devoted to specialty
security equipment. Since the late 1990's, our focus has gradually shifted
entirely to the development, design and manufacture of high-security equipment.

We generally concentrate on the security of stored information. Usually this
involves making sure that our customers have a way to destroy information in
such a way that even the most determined adversary cannot possibly recover it.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductor Fabrication
Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT), the world's largest supplier of products and
services to the global semiconductor industry, is one of the leading information
infrastructure providers.

As a core information infrastructure company, Applied Materials innovates and
commercializes the processing and manufacturing technology that helps
semiconductor manufacturers produce the world's most advanced chips.

To support customers around the world, Applied Materials employs approximately
13,000 people in over 65 locations throughout China; Europe and Israel; India,
Malaysia and Singapore; Japan; Korea; Taiwan; and the United States.

City: Redmond
Category: Business Intelligence Systems
Atex is a global software and solutions provider for the media industry. For
over 30 years, we have specialized in the strategic development, deployment,and
management of advertising, editorial, circulation, and business intelligence
systems. Our value-added solutions help our customers to increase revenue, lower
costs, improve process and personnel efficiencies, and enrich the customer

Atex, which operates out of three primary regions; the Americas, Europe and Asia
Pacific, has sales, support and research and development offices in 15 locations
around the world. Formed in July 2002 as a result of a merger between Atex Media
Solutions and Media Command, AMC employs 435 employees who develop and support
our end-to-end publishing business solutions. From New York to Hong Kong, London
to Melbourne, some of the most prestigious newspapers, magazines, and online
publishers manage their advertising, editorial, production, and distribution
operations with Atex and services.

Under the leadership of John Hawkins, who was appointed Chief Executive on June
1, 2004, Atex will continue to expand its global presence in the newspaper and
magazine industries by presenting our customer commitment, publishing solutions
that create opportunities for success, and vision for the future.

City: Watsonville
Category: Drives & Controls
Applied Motion Products, founded in 1978 specializes in high-precision, cost
effective, motors and motion control products. We offer a full complement of
step and BLDC motors, motion control electronics and gearheads to serve a
diverse industrial and OEM customer base.

Applied's standard "off-the-shelf" products most often can provide the solution
to your motor, motion control and gearing requirements. However, if your
application is unusual and/or demanding we will engineer a design to optimize
your product's performance. Many times this results in increasing our customer's
productivity and product reliability while reducing costs.

We believe the key to a successful business relationship is our commitment to
fully understanding the customer's product and the operating environment in
which it must function. This is achieved by working closely with both the
customer's engineering and manufacturing groups. In many cases we participate
from initial concept to finished product providing needed motor and control
expertise. Our engineering experience allows us to offer customers a valuable
service in the design of their products and selection of a motion control

City: Sugarland
Category: Optoelectronic Products
Applied Optoelectronics Inc (AOI) develops and manufactures advanced
semiconductor diode lasers. The company's lasers are used in the wireless, cable
television (CATV), and telecommunications industries, as well as for
spectroscopy systems.

AOI's lasers strike a balance between price and performance that is attractive
to original equipment manufactures and their customers. AOI achieves this
balance by developing innovative laser technologies. With its team of leading
laser researchers, AOI has assembled a pool of talent to develop these
technologies and has made significant progress already.

City: Mountain View
Category: Magnetic Field Measuring Instrument
We specialize in the design and manufacture of magnetometers, orientation
sensors and steering tools, including custom designs.

City: Tariffville
Category: Sintered Porous Metal
Applied Porous Technologies Inc is a world leader in the design, development and
manufacturing of sintered porous metal media, sintered porous metal components
and engineered sintered porous metal assemblies.

Typical applications include; filtration, flow control, aeration, sensor
protection, chromatography frits, venting, applicator rolls, breathers, flame
arrestors, and fuel cell components.

We also offer custom-engineered porous metal products and OEM assemblies, made
possible by secondary operations and technologies such as laser cutting and
electron beam welding.

City: Issaquah
Category: Imaging, Measurement & Analysis Systems
Applied Precision, LLc is a leading provider of imaging, measurement and
analysis systems for the semiconductor industry and life science research.
Applied Precision, LLc currently employs approximately 130 engineers,
technicians, managers and sales and marketing professionals at its Seattle-area
headquarters and its sales and service centers in Europe and Asia. The company
has received several awards, both for innovative new products (Semiconductor
International Editors' Choice Best Product), and for financial growth (four-time
winner of the Deloitte & Touche Washington State Technology Fast 50 award).

City: Maysville
Category: Calibration Equipment
Applied Resources Inc manufactures and sells high-accuracy, hand-held
calibration equipment for the process control industry.

City: Glenville
Category: Tooling & Connectivity Solutions
Applied Robotics, a global supplier of end-of-arm tooling and connectivity
solutions, serves a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automotive and
aerospace to life sciences and food handling. Offering a customizable suite of
products including tool changers, collision sensors, grippers and connection
systems, Applied Robotics' wrist-down solutions increase speed, flexibility and
efficiency for material handling, assembly, cutting, dispensing, machining and
welding applications.

City: Bedford
Category: Eye Tracking Technology
ASL has been the leader in eye tracking technology for over 30 years. ASL was
the first company to develop a head mounted eye tracker, Eye/Head integration,
parallax free optics, head position assisted remote optics and many other
features that now have become industry standard. This innovative spirit
continues today with the world's broadest and most comprehensive line of video
based eye trackers.

City: Eugene
Category: Microscope Stage Automation
Applied Scientific Instrumentation Inc (ASI) is a company committed to the
advancement of science. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience
in aiding researchers with their technical needs, and our product line of
devices for microscope automation and imaging represents the best technology
available. Established in 1990, our product line has evolved out of an
interactive process between our engineers and dedicated researchers throughout
the world. These products have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in numerous
labs worldwide to insure the integrity of your research. We are constantly
striving to improve our products as well as identify and develop new ones to
meet the current and future demands of research. We value your input to this
process and would like to hear about any special requirements or technical
problems that we could help solve.

In addition to the products that we have developed and manufacture, we also
distribute a number of quality products from other manufacturers and work
closely with a number of software and microscope manufactures to meet our
customers needs. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and support and
offer complete system solutions as well as a wide variety of individual
components. Our goal is to provide the best possible hardware, systems and
support that we can, and we work with the finest companies in this field to
accomplish this.

City: Parsippany
Category: Sensor Components
AppliedSensor delivers high quality sensor components and modules together with
all know-how, services and tools that its partners and customers need to
introduce AppliedSensor's technology in their products. With its more than 200
man-years of experience, its development platforms and proprietary software
tools, its specialized lab equipment and established partner network,
AppliedSensor has an outstanding offer to its customers.

Our sensor component department develops advanced sensor technologies that are
delivered as electronic components. Gas detection is based on three main
principles with metal oxide semicon-ductor (MOS) sensors being especially suited
for gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and methane, field effect (FE)
sensors for hydrogen and ammonia and quartz microbalance (QMB) sensors for
volatile organic compounds.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Signal Processing Equipment
Applied Signal Technology designs, develops, and manufactures signal processing
equipment to collect and process a wide range of telecommunications signals for
reconnaissance, certain industrial applications, and defense communications

Since its inception in January 1984, the company has focused its efforts on
signal processing equipment, but also provides specialized collection equipment,
as well as complete signal processing systems.

City: Beltsville
Category: Coaxial Connectors & RF Components
Applied Specialties Inc (ASI) is a "value added" specialty electronic
distributor, specializing in coaxial connectors and radio frequency components.
Our value added group specializes in providing standard and custom coaxial cable
assemblies and custom assemblies of RF and coaxial components. The knowledge and
experience of our people together with the current practice of knowledge in this
group helps us to provide experienced technical liaison and application
information to our customers.

We maintain a sales office in Beltsville, MD, between Washington, D.C. and
Baltimore just south of Columbia, MD. This location is convenient to many large
customers, airports, UPS, and truck transportation terminals. Telephone "tie
lines" for Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia provide almost all our
mid-Atlantic customers with local telephone access to our office. A nationwide
toll-free number (800) 950-8555 and Email;
provides customers and sales representatives with easy telephone access.

ASI implements a philosophy that availability and appropriate pricing are a
primary requirement in generating sales. Typical initial manufacturer's stock
includes at least a "design in" quantity of all standard catalog items that can
reasonably be expected to sell. We maintain an extensive inventory that is
tailored to our customer's requirements. While annual inventory turns are an
important consideration to avoid obsolescent or obsolete items in inventory, we
use a combination of annual turns and individual item margin in sizing purchases
and inventory. Items with generic application, identified usage, and longer
factory lead times are stocked in quantities and ordered with purchase lead
times so as to maintain an uninterrupted availability to the customer.

City: Waukesha
Category: Automatic Analysis Instruments
We specialize in the design and manufacture of instruments for the automatic
analysis of liquid samples from one or more sample points in a process. We do
not make instruments for laboratory analysis applications (although our
instruments are sometimes located in a laboratory.) Why is this a strength?
Because we are never tempted to repackage a laboratory instrument or to automate
an analytical procedure that was originally designed for use in the laboratory,
by experts. We design all of our instruments and every analytical procedure
specifically for use in process applications, by personnel who are not
professional chemists and have very little time to devote to instrument
adjustment and calibration.

City: East Windsor
Category: Abrasive Tools
We manufacture engineered diamond & CBN electroplated single layered abrasive
tools form wheels and standard electroplated single layered abrasive tools. We
serve all companies with grinding needs with a good turn around time to boot.

City: Fort Worth
Category: Microwave Amplifiers & Transmitters
Applied Systems Engineering Inc is a high technology small business engaged in
the development and production of Microwave Amplifiers and Transmitters of
various types. Our amplifiers feature excellent phase stability, pulse fidelity
and low spurious signal levels.

We welcome custom designs and upgrades to satisfy particular requirements.

City: Longmont
Category: Meteorological Instruments
Our weather instruments are designed for atmospheric research. A list of
meteorological instruments and meteorological systems include; Sonic
Anemometers, Infrared Hygrometers, Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers, Flux
Measurement Systems, Relaxed Eddy Accumulators, Boundary Layer Radars, Wind
Profiling Radars, Acoustic Wind Profiling Sodars, Boundary Layer
Scintillometers, Surface Layer Scintillometers, Temperature Profiling RASS,
Optical Energy Balance Measurement Systems, and Data Packers and Cluster
Controllers for data acquisition and data collection from the weather

City: Northridge
Category: Hardware & Software Design
AppliTech was founded in 1987 to provide its clients technical capabilities of
unique depth and diversity. The owners of AppliTech are design engineers with
over 40 years of combined industry experience. We specializing in hardware and
software design for small computer and consumer product. AppliTech provides full
engineering support, including specification writing, analysis, application
software, embedded firmware, analog and digital circuit design; as well as
complete computer aided schematic capture, layout, fabrication, and testing. We
have the latest development tools for programmable-logic- array like Xilinx,
Actel, Atmel, Lattice, and QuickLogic. We specialize in SCSI and PCI buss

Applitech develops applications and device drivers for MS-DOS, Windows (95, and
NT), and UNIX, as well as VxWorks, and Nucleus for embedded custom systems. We
design and program for all major microprocessors, including the Intel i486,
Pentium, and micro controllers; Motorola 680xx, and PowerPC; MIPS and Sparc RISC
processors; and Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors. Our major
programming languages include 'C', 'C++', Java, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic,
and Assembly language. We have extensive network and Internet experience,
including ISDN, ATM, TCP/IP, and NFS. We specialize in SCSI and PCI designs. We
can design your Internet home page using HTML, JavaScript, Forms, Perl, CGI, and

City: Butler
Category: Materials Testing Equipment
Applied Test Systems, Inc (ATS) is a leading manufacturer of precise and
efficient materials testing equipment. Since 1965, ATS machines and accessories
have been and continue to be among the industry's best and are often the most

City: Birmingham
Category: Ultrasonic Technology
Applied Ultrasonics has a technical team of over 20 engineers and scientists led
by the renowned scientist in the field of Ultrasonic technologies, Dr Efim
Statnikov. Dr Statnikov has over 40 years of experience in the field of
ultrasonics and is the forefather of many ultrasonic based technologies. He is
the author of over 35 patents and has published over 200 papers in this area.

Through this technical team Applied Ultrasonics has developed solutions for
large heavy manufacturing industries including automotive, heavy truck,
shipbuilding, bridge manufacturing and repair, and aerospace. These solutions
include manual applications, semi-automated and fully automated integrated
manufacturing and machining processes.

City: Waconia
Category: Standard & Custom Vacuum Hardware
A leading manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum flanges, fittings,
weldments,and chambers for low to ultra-high vacuum applications.

City: Monsey
Category: RFID Components
AWID is a world-class RFID component and sub-system supplier to the RFID
industry. We provide leading-edge products in Access/Security markets and in
Asset/Logistic markets. AWID offers "best-in-class" access control reader, and
the world's highest performance Multi-Protocol RFID readers for asset/logistic

City: Camarillo
Category: Wireless Products
Applied Wireless manufactures 300, 400 and 900 MHz wireless modules for remote
control, data, audio and video transmissions. Applied Wireless also manufactures
turnkey products such as video transmitter links, RFID tags and keyfob
transmitters. The range of these products is typically upwards of 500 to 1000

City: Roseville
Category: Custom Brushless DC Motors
At Applimotion, we offer several value based manufacturing alternatives. From
our in house low volume motor assembly, to high volume off shore manufacturing
facilities, to class 100 clean room assembly, we have a solution for you.

Our main facility contains engineering, light assembly and model shop
capabilities. We produce low volume quantities of motors, motor assemblies, and
rotary stages.

This facility also houses our laboratory with state of the art motor test
equipment. We routinely evaluate motors for customers.

City: Haverhill
Category: Adhesive Applications
Appli-tec, founded in 1983, is the leading provider of adhesives, sealants and
encapsulants to the computer, medical, military, electronics, aerospace and
microelectronics industries worldwide.

Appli-tec both formulates and custom packages complete solutions to meet the
demands of unique applications or environments. Custom formulations meet a wide
range of criteria including electrical or thermal conductivity, strength and
rheology. Finished products may include UV curable and multicomponent epoxies,
polyurethanes, polysulfides and silicones in a variety of quantities and
packages. appli-tec also provides full-service specialty packaging and will
package adhesives from other sources designated by end users.

City: Providence
Category: Wire Processing Equipment
Applitek with its partners can design, manufacture, and provide wire processing
equipment from simple hand crimping tools to fully automated wire processing
systems, complete with the latest in crimp quality monitoring systems, to
installation and training.

City: Duluth
Category: Sensors
The core expertise of the Apprise team is optical physics and electronic
manipulation of photonic signals to identify physical, chemical and biological

Apprise product development of property specific optical sensors is extensive
and proven. The Apprise R&D group has over 25 years of sophisticated
opto-electronic sensor design experience and has authored over 50 patents and
numerous scientific papers.

We identify and integrate opto-electronic sensor solutions with enhanced
accuracy and stability at a low cost per unit for OEM finished products.

City: Poway
Category: PC Storage Products
Apricorn Inc is a leader in the design and manufacture of PC storage products,
utilities and accessories. Established in 1983 by entrepreneurs Paul Brown and
Mike Gordon, Apricorn quickly became an industry leader supplying a family of
Apple interface products. In 1989, Apricorn became the world's first provider of
third-party memory modules for portable computers. Since then, we have expanded
our product line to include a family of portable computing peripheral solutions.

Our ISO9000; 2000 compliant production process leverages a best of breed
approach to manufacturing. We manage a real time, closed loop system from our
corporate headquarters in Poway, CA. Elements of our production process are
performed abroad while the final assembly and test occurs in the U.S. This
combined approach to design, manufacturing and distribution ensures the highest
levels of production quality while maintaining a cost effective price point for

City: Rogue River
Category: Industrial Computer Peripheral
Manufacturer of board level computer products, specializing in industrial

Aprotek's mission is to design and manufacture world-class board level products
for the OEM market that guarantee continual availability and upgrades.

City: Livermore
Category: Power Supply Products
APS is a leading-edge global company that specializes in Power Supply Design and
Manufacturing. Come in and explore our Web Site. Our extensive product line
makes APS a one stop shop for your power supply needs. Most of our products can
be customized to meet specific requirements for OEMs.

City: Huntingdon Valley
Category: Lead Forming Equipment
Automated Production Systems Inc (APS) located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, was
incorporated in 1982 as a manufacturer of lead-forming equipment. The founder
was an engineer working in an electronics manufacturing environment where he saw
lead forming equipment in operation. He decided that he could make that kind of
equipment simpler, better and less expensive. Offering cost effective solutions
for lower volume assemblers and invoking practical 'hands-on' advice to every
sale became an early theme stressed in the way APS did business. Even today,
thru-hole lead-forming equipment is still a significant portion of the business.

City: Kansas City
Category: Storage Products
LaCie's products are specially designed to bring your ideas to life with
innovative and practical solutions. Our Storage, Optical, Backup, Color and
Add-on devices can be found in homes, classrooms, businesses, and multimedia
design firms - seamlessly integrated across a diverse array of operating
systems. When you require power, speed and freedom in hard drive capacity, data
archiving, and graphics aids, LaCie can equip your system to be the optimum
vehicle for your imagination.

LaCie consistently combines state-of-the-art design aesthetics and cutting-edge
technology to create solutions that are the perfect synthesis of form and
function. Featuring the unique styles of award- winning designers such as
Philippe Starck, Neil Poulton and Porsche Design GmbH, LaCie's products not only
look stunning, they perform with unprecedented strength and versatility.

With a worldwide network of distributors, authorized resellers, production
facilities, and in-house sales and technical support staff, LaCie is a global
leader in manufacturing top-of-the-line digital tools that exceed expectations
and re-establish industry standards.

City: Fremont
Category: Automated Wet chemical Processing Systems
Manufacturer of automated wet chemical processing systems used in compound
semiconductor, photomask and thin film head production markets. Systems include
Coat/Bake, Develop, Etch, Strip and Clean models and combinations of more than
one process. Also offer Film Thickness measuring tool, the Inspector, to
determine, or monitor up to four films on various substrates.

City: Herndon
Category: Biopharmaceuticals
Aptagen LLc based in York, Pennsylvania, is a growth-stage biotechnology company
specializing in the development of nucleic-acid based biopharmaceuticals called
aptabodies. Our aim is to secure grant funding for each proposed research
project. The grant funding process may be in collaboration with researchers,
investigators, and specialists from outside the company to garner external
expertise in the field of study. The grant funding and peer-review process
allows for an unbiased assessment of project feasibility and merit which, we
believe, increases the chances of a successful project outcome. Patented and
commercially viable products that may result from such projects will be
out-licensed for manufacture and distribution.

City: San Diego
Category: Advanced Packaging Solutions
APTA is a US based Advanced Electronic Packaging Company providing Quick turn
and High Volume Microminiature Electronic Packaging (MEPSM) Services to
customers worldwide. The Company serves the growing demand for circuitry having
high I/O count, high performance, small form factor, and high thermal management
requirements. In addition the company supplies a line of high performance memory
modules for the US market through its Mosaic division, and for the European
market through its UK based HMP subsidiary.

APTA's high performance MEPSM solutions are designed to support the next
generation of systems and electronic modules in communications (Wireless, Broad
band, Satellite based etc), automotive, portable electronics, medical
electronics, military and industrial applications.

APTA's Objective is to provide the fastest delivery and highest quality
solutions at competitive price points. Our highly integrated, San Diego Based,
ISO 9002 Certified 40,000 sq. ft facility contains Class 10,000 cleanrooms and
the equipment needed to quickly move our customer's designs from prototype to
high volume. We work with customer-furnished materials or on a turnkey basis.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Audio Compression Products
Audio Processing Technology, the audio compression specialist, supplies its
world renowned apt-X(tm) algorithms in a variety of formats to leading audio
manufacturers and users worldwide.

APT is regarded as an industry leader and is at the forefront of its field
having developed the highly acclaimed 16 bit Standard apt-X(tm) and the 16, 20
and 24 bit Enhanced apt-X(tm). This patented technology is recognized throughout
the industry as providing the highest quality audio and, as a result has
achieved international penetration in the worlds of broadcasting and
professional audio applications.

City: Campbell
Category: Microprocessor Cooling Devices
A-Power Electric Co Ltd established in 1993, is a major manufacturer
specializing in microprocessor cooling devices, brushless DC fans and brushless
DC motors to service the growing demand of the PC industry. It has a
manufacturing facility in Taiwan to serve leading Taiwan PC vendors with large
quantity monthly shipments. It also has a US sales office in the heart of
Silicon Valley to serve the United States' diversified market that includes
computer, consumer and industrial applications.

A-Power has an engineering group to design and produce quality products with ISO
9001 certification. We hold many product patents in Taiwan, China, and USA. We
would like to work with you to expand your business. We also accept OEM orders
or ODM customized design product specifications.

A&P Technologies has teamed up with A-Power to market its superior products in
the US market.

City: Valencia
Category: Custom Formulations
Established in 1986, Aptek Laboratories provides custom formulated adhesives,
coatings, encapsulants, and specialty fabricated films/substrates to highly
sophisticated end users such as Boeing Satellite Systems, Raytheon Company,
Northrop Grumman/Litton, Lockheed Martin, Delco, TRW and many others. To support
the requirements and technical demands of these customers, Aptek devotes a major
portion of its resources for research and development, technical service,
quality assurance and state-of-the-art production equipment. Although Aptek has
targeted high-tech applications as a major market thrust, this same philosophy
and expertise is applied to the high-end commercial markets as well.

Customer demand for faster curing products led to the development of advanced
snap-cure technology as well as state-of-the-art UV-cured systems. These
production-friendly products exceeded both the handling and physical property
requirements of the end users. UVIKOTE(tm) 7503LM-PMF (pre-mixed frozen), a
UV-cured PCB coating system, not only cures in seconds and is qualified to
MIL-I-46058-C, but also meets the NASA outgassing requirements per ASTM-E-595.
UVIKOTE 7503LM-PMF is comparable in performance to APTEK(r) 2503-A/B, a superior
conventionally cured polyurethane MIL-Spec conformal coating which is the
material of choice for many military and space programs. Snap-cure low modulus
adhesives are best represented by DIS-A-PASTE(r) 2310-PMF (electrically
insulative) and DIS-A-PASTE 2313-PMF (electrically conductive). The
extraordinary escalation of surface mount technology, with ever-increasing power
demands in smaller packages, has made thermal and stress management a "hot"
topic. Aptek accepted the challenge and developed a full line of thermally
conductive, low modulus films and adhesives designated as DAT-A-THERM(tm) and
DIS-A-PASTE. The DAT-A-THERM C- staged film or pad is utilized as a spacer
between an SMT device and the circuit board substrate and, when bonded with a
DIS-A-PASTE adhesive, the combination provides superior adhesion and thermal
dissipation to difficult-to-bond surfaces such as gold and ceramics without the
use of a primer.

City: Litchfield
Category: Instrumentation Products
APT Instruments is a young company that is a division of Advanced Product
Technology LLc. The group is focused on offering innovative instruments to a
wide range of markets.

The principals of the company have over 40 years combined experience with
instrumentation in the laboratory, process manufacturing, defense and automotive
market places. The corporate goal is to design, manufacture and distribute
flexible instruments that offer unique solutions to our customers' problems.
These will include hand held, bench top and NEMA packages.

City: San Jose
Category: Electronic Systems
Aptix provides solutions for designing and verifying complex electronic systems
and SoC designs. Aptix develops, manufactures and markets software and hardware
solutions that enable system and SoC designers to produce pre-silicon prototypes
(PSP's) of their products using multiple FPGA devices. Aptix software products
include programs for mapping SoC designs onto multi-FPGA PSP's, producing the
bitstreams necessary to program the PSP's and managing the design information
necessary for debugging the design once implemented as a PSP. All PSP target
hardware targets are supported, including reconfigurable prototyping platforms
and hardwired printed circuit boards. Aptix hardware products include the
industry-leading reconfigurable prototyping platforms System Explorer(tm) and
Software Integration Station(tm).

The Aptix product line reduces inherent design risks and prototyping costs,
results in faster time-to-market and improves overall product quality for
complex electronic systems. Systems designed using the Company's products
include digital wireless cellular phones, wireless base stations, network
routers, and graphics and multimedia devices. The Aptix strategy is to become
the leading supplier of system verification solutions and to make the Company's
products the de facto standard for verification of complex system-on-chip

City: Waukesha
Category: Electronic Products
APW is a recognized leader in supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
in the design, manufacture and integration of electronic products on a global
basis. APW is able to design and build a custom solution or a standard product
as needed, serving customers in markets such as telecommunications, networking
and data equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical, ATM,
military, and industrial.

City: North Salt Lake
Category: Aluminium Cases
Since the 1930s, Zero Halliburton has specialized in stylish aluminum cases with
a classic design using compound curves, horizontal lines and simple arcs. These
design elements, combined with the use of premium materials, make up the Zero
Halliburton "Brand DNA"- the essence that inspires the brand's unique look and

This "Brand DNA" can be easily recognized in the company's new leather and
ballistic twill series. Exquisite styling combined with the use of premium
leather and a proprietary weave of ballistic twill create unique products that
are sophisticated, functional and, above all, very Zero Halliburton.

City: Radford
Category: Brushless DC Motor
Aspen Motion Technolgies (APW Aspen Motion Group) located in Radford, VA is a
manufacturer of high volume brushless DC motor and DSP intensive motion control
products. By integrating the motor and control design with the OEM customer's
products, Aspen is enhancing the features and competitiveness of the OEM's
products in a wide variety of markets; medical, computer peripheral, appliance,
transportation, instrumentation and automation. By taking a motor and DSP based
control system approach, Aspen is bringing new and innovative features to our
OEM customer's products-features that were unimaginable just a few years ago and
which are now possible by fully integrating the DSP control with motor design.

Aspen specializes in custom designs of permanent magnet brushless DC motors.
Customers turn to Aspen when they need low cost yet very sophisticated brushless
motor and control solutions that can fully integrate with the customer's end
product to significantly enhance its features. Aspen's goal is to put a computer
(DSP-Digital Signal Processor) in every electric motor.

City: Hicksville
Category: Power Sypply Products
APX and its staff have been extensively involved in transformers and packaged
power since the inception of the external power supply concept, more than 20
years ago. We have a unique position in the marketplace as a global
manufacturing company, with local engineering support. As such, we are
recognized experts in producing specialized custom and standard products, in our
facilities overseas. Through the years, we have been an innovative design and
manufacturing company, providing recognized quality products to technology
companies; a supplier of choice to many industry leaders.

APX is headquartered in New York and represented nationally, providing you with
convenient easy access to product design, ongoing engineering support, customer
service, and shipment control. There is also a national network of franchised
distributors with quickly available standard products. Primary manufacturing is
performed at two modern locations; APX Taiwan specializes in small and medium
production runs and is capable of very rapid turn-around time. The China
facility is structured for high production rates, and is extremely cost
effective to insure you competitive benefits. Uniquely, we have in-house tool
making and plastic injection molding for complete control and timeliness of
custom product manufacturing.

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