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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Tustin
Category: Memory Products
Aved Memory Products was founded in 1992 based on Richard McCauley's vision to
provide products and service of the highest quality in the semiconductor

With corporate headquarters based in Tustin, California, AVED Memory Products is
recognized as a leader in memory products and upgrades for customers around the

Throughout the years, the utmost concern of AVED engineers has been to create
new products to meet the demands of customers and standard marketplaces. Solid
relationships with memory suppliers enable AVED to produce a wide range of
module types and other consistent pricing to customers in a volatile

City: Longmont
Category: Pressure & Foam Thermoplastic Parts
Avedon is exclusively dedicated to the custom designing, mold making, and
molding of high pressure and structural foam thermoplastic parts. Since 1965, we
have enjoyed a steady growth by consistently providing high quality service and
products. Avedon Engineering is a custom injection molder with over 30 years of
mold making and molding experience.

Our manufacturing facility is located 45 miles north of Denver, in Longmont,
Colorado on approximately 15 acres with over 165,000 square feet of building
space. In February 1992, we occupied our new corporate headquarters, which we
believe to be one of the finest in our industry.

City: New Milford
Category: Power Transformers & Power Converters
Avel Lindberg can meet your immediate need for a toroidal transformer from our
broad selection of stock units. Select your toroidal transformer requirement
from a range of power ratings from 15VA through 1000VA and have it shipped
immediately. A complete hardware mounting kit is included with Avel open-style
toroidal transformers.

You can depend on Avel Lindberg to provide you with a toroidal transformer that
will fulfill all advantages that toroidal transformers offer, such as low
weight, small size, low profile, low radiated field, quietness and easy
mounting. If your specifications extend beyond Avel Lindberg's standard toroidal
transformer ranges, we offer prompt service to get you going with a custom
design. With the many agency certifications available, Avel Lindberg toroidal
transformers can help ease you through agency evaluations, and all Avel Lindberg
toroidal transformers are CE marked.

We welcome you to take a look at the toroidal possibilities from Avel Lindberg
covered on our website. Please contact us by e-mail or call us at 860-355-4711
to discuss your specifications or to get pricing. We hope you will then agree
with what many of our customers are saying - "Avel Lindberg's prices are very
competitive" and "Avel Lindberg toroidal transformers have had the best
performance with noise compared to many others I have tried."

City: Westlake Village
Category: Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors
We have invested a considerable amount in our engineering and sales staff. When
you call Aveox, you will speak with a degreed engineer and an expert in the
application of brushless DC motors and controls.

By involving our engineers early on, we reduce waste time in finding the best
solution for a project.

We strive to respond to our customer's requirements as quickly and thoroughly as

Depending on the complexity of a project, we can deliver customized versions of
our products or develop completely new designs in a relatively short time.

City: Milpitas
Category: Innovative Commercial Products
Aver Media Technologies is a global player in the design and manufacture of
presentation and multimedia products. Founded in 1990, Aver Media's ideology has
remained consistent - to turn advanced technology into innovative commercial
products at affordable prices for consumers worldwide. In 1997, we were proud to
become a public listed company in Taiwan.

Due in part to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge
Research & Development technology, Aver Media is currently the leading
manufacturer of TV tuners, PC-to-TV converters, and document camera in Taiwan.
Aver Media's ISO-9001 certified factories and the advanced SMT and DIP equipment
can easily fulfill channel and OEM customers' large orders every month.
AVerVision300, our latest invention, is a portable and lightweight document
camera with a mechanical arm design. This innovative design has led Aver Media
to receive the Best Choice of Multimedia Products Award at Computex 2002 and
several top editorial ratings in the industry.

Through the years, Aver Media's document cameras, PC/MAC-to-TV converters, and
TV tuners have received high praise and numerous prestigious awards from
dominant critics in the field including PC Magazine, Presentations Magazine, and
Consumer Electronic Show (CES). In 2002, AVerTV Stereo was proud to receive the
Design & Engineering Showcase Award at CES. Today, we are expanding our product
line to include Digital Video Maker, TV Photo Viewer, and an even wider range of
unique presentation and multimedia items. Due to our sound reputation and
significant market share, AVerMedia has formed strong alliances in the United
States with national distributors, retailers, e-tailers, mail-order resellers
and value-added resellers (VARs).

City: Pasadena
Category: Consumer Products
Founded in 1935, Avery Dennison is a global leader in pressure-sensitive
technology and innovative self-adhesive solutions for consumer products and
label materials. Based in Pasadena, Calif., the Company had 2004 sales of $5.3
billion. Avery Dennison develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of
products for consumer and industrial markets, including Avery-brand office
products, Fasson-brand self-adhesive materials, peel-and-stick postage stamps,
battery labels, reflective highway safety products, automated retail tag and
labeling systems, and specialty tapes and chemicals.

City: Bensalem
Category: Portable Power Products
Manufacturers of portable power products.

City: Carol Stream
Category: Electronic Products
AVG Group of Companies, vertically integrated to design and/or manufacture state
of the art Electronic products, cost effectively, for the beat of ROI for our

City: Burbank
Category: Fasteners
We are among the world's leading manufacturers specializing in the design and
production of sophisticated fasteners and multi-component fastening systems and

We are known throughout the world for our ability to solve difficult engineering
and critical performance problems. For over a half century, we have been
involved in producing products which meet our customers' exact requirements.

What sets Avibank apart from others is total customer involvement, including
design, manufacturing, and after-sales service. No job is too small or too
complex. If our existing standard designs do not fulfill your needs, we will
custom design and manufacture to your specifications.

City: Las Vegas
Category: Microwave & RF Connectors
Aviel Electronics innovative design and manufacturing capabilities allow for a
quick reaction to your specific needs and short lead time for prototype
components, generally without non-recurring engineering or tooling costs.

With interfaces conforming to MIL-C-39012 and MIL-STD-348, Aviel Electronics
will design and fabricate connectors for various cables, including semi-rigid,
foam and tape low-loss dielectric and the more common RG series with various
characteristic impedance levels. In addition, we offer a variety of other
mounting methods such as flange mount, bulkhead, screw-in, snap-on, blind mate
and blind mate-floating designs.Aviel Electronics specializes in manufacturing
connectors that are of a standard configuration but are not easily obtainable
including discontinued series of other connector manufacturers. Aviel
Electronics can cross reference to many of the more common connectors
manufactured by other connector suppliers. Typical items include blindmates,
SMA, SMC, MCX and other miniatures, as well as BNC, TNC, N, C, and NH series.
Aviel Electronics will design and manufacture connectors to solve your specific

City: Newark
Category: Scanners & Key Components
Founded in April 1991 by a group of engineers with strong engineering expertise,
Avision designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of quality, high
performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through
innovative product development, strategic partnerships and successful business
models, Avision has become a leading supplier in the scanner industry.

To ensure the world class product quality and reliability, Avision attained
ISO-9001 certification in 1993 and ISO-14001 certification in early 2002. The
implementation of ISO-9001 significantly helps every employee build quality into
every aspect of the companyˇ¦s operation.

Avision understands that continuous innovation is the key to success. Hence we
unceasingly encourage creative ideas and invest a significant portion of our
revenue in research and development to enhance our product quality and features.
Due to these efforts, our business success is achieved.

City: Larkspur
Category: Telecom Products
AVM products connect the PC to ISDN and ADSL to permit fast Internet connections
and economical telephone service. For wireless links, the Berlin communications
specialist exploits both Bluetooth and WLAN wireless technologies. For Internet
telephony, or "Voice over IP", users connect their existing telephones to AVM

In addition to its applications for the professional sector, AVM's Fritz! family
of products is extremely popular. All Fritz! products are complete hardware and
software solutions developed by AVM. Available as internal cards, USB adapters
and PBX systems, the Fritz! products undergo continuing development, providing
true added value. Fritz! products have received many awards in the IT press,
commending both their ease of use and the high security standards they fulfill
from the word go.

City: Huntsville
Category: Switches & IP Solutions
Avocent was formed in 2000 from the merger of the world's two largest KVM
(keyboard, video and mouse) switch manufacturers: Apex and Cybex Computer
Products Corporation. Today, with more than two decades of experience, Avocent
is the leading global provider of KVM switching and network connectivity
solutions for data centers of all sizes. Avocent has grown through product
innovations, global expansion and strategic acquisitions. In 2001, Avocent
acquired Equinox Systems; 2C Computing was acquired in 2002; and Soronti, Inc.
in 2003. Crystal Link Technologies, OSA Technologies, Inc., and Sonic Mobility,
Inc. were acquired in 2004.

KVM switching systems eliminate the need for extra keyboards, monitors and mice
and allow businesses to save critical space in their data centers. KVM over IP
switching systems eliminate distance limitations and provide 24/7 access and
control to any number of servers. Avocent software management and KVM over IP
switching systems allow IT managers to sit at a single console and have secure,
local and remote access and control of multiple servers and network data center
devices including power and environmental systems.

City: Avon
Category: Large Diameter Bearings
Avon Bearings produces large diameter bearings for a broad spectrum of
applications. Founded in 1969 as Formmet Corporation, the name was changed to
Sifco Bearings in 1981, finally becoming Avon Bearings in 1988.

The bearings we manufacture range in size from 10 inches to 240 inches outside
diameter. They are used in construction machinery, logging machines, aerial
baskets, medical equipment, military vehicles, radar antennas, and a variety of
industrial equipment. In terms of both quality and delivery, we believe we've
achieved a record as the most dependable supplier in the big bearings industry.

City: Stuart
Category: Audio, Visual & Stimulation Systems
Avotec manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art audio, visual and stimulation
systems for MRI, fMRI and MEG. The Real EyeTM eye tracking system provides
capabilities far beyond simple eye tracking. The Silent VisionTM visual system
and the Silent ScanTM audio system are true inert presentation devices. Avotec
offers full OEM design and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing capabilities.

Avotec Inc a forerunner in providing accessories for MRI. Since its inception,
Avotec has been committed to the well-being of the MRI patient and has also kept
a pulse on the needs of the radiologists and technologists who utilize MRI.
Through sophisticated engineering and design, Avotec directly addresses each of
your technical and empathetic concerns for your patients.

City: Ogdensburg
Category: Nanosecond Waveform Generators
Avtech manufactures a wide range of test equipment, including general purpose
pulse generators, high-speed & high-voltage pulse generators, high-voltage
amplifiers and function generators, high-frequency amplifiers, pulsed laser
diode drivers, current pulsers, delay generators - and more.

Avtech manufactures over 500 standard models, ranging from basic general-purpose
±5V pulse generators, to exotic 500 Amp ultra-high-current laser diode drivers,
and including ultra-high-speed pulse generators with rise times as low as 40 ps!
Complete data sheets and pricing information are available.

City: Fairfax
Category: Telemetry & Data Communications
Founded in 1980, Avtec sells several lines of innovative telemetry and data
communications hardware and software products. Its customers include the
majority of top-tier national and international aerospace businesses, as well
most of the U.S. federal agencies that manage aerospace programs. The company
also provides comprehensive engineering and technical services to clients in
government and industry, participating closely in the design, development,
implementation and management of the most sophisticated and intricate aerospace
programs in the world.

Avtec specializes in quick-reaction solutions to problems in the areas of signal
collection, signal processing and communications. Our staff of scientists and
engineers is highly skilled in concept formulation, design and development of
space systems.

City: Cleveland
Category: Industrial Test, Instrumentation & Control Systems
Manufacturing Industrial Test Instrumentation and Control Systems for the World.
Providing Quality, Reliability, Service, and Value in all products and services.

Avtron is a Cleveland, Ohio based technology leader in providing automatic test
equipment, automation systems, and products to industries ranging from aviation
to paper mills. Avtron specializes in product development and long term support.
Our reputation is that of a State of the Art designer and manufacturer who goes
to nearly any length to ensure the customer receives the value expected of us.

Financially secure and growing, Avtron has been in business continuously since
1953, and currently occupies a leadership role in those customer areas it

City: Myrtle Beach
Category: Electronic Components
A Leading Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Components.

City: Bedford
Category: Broadband Communication Products
Aware is a worldwide leader in the development and marketing of intellectual
property for broadband communications. We license our technology to
semiconductor manufacturers that build integrated circuits based on our
technology. Aware's technologies include implementations of the ITU standards
for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, and G.SHDSL. Our solutions include source code,
RTL, reference designs, test chips, and bare die for MCM (multi-chip module)
solutions. We also sell DSL test and development equipment and
standard-compliant imaging and biometrics products.

City: Stoneham
Category: Industrial Fluid Sealing
AW Chesterton Company is one of the largest international manufacturers of
industrial fluid sealing, Engineered Polymer Solutions (hydraulic/pneumatic),
ARC Composite Coatings and Maintenance Products. The company works with
customers to provide the solutions that help industry run more reliably,
efficiently and economically.

Our vision is to be the primary choice of our customers for products and
services to improve reliability, productivity and performance in the process

Chesterton® leverages state-of-the-art technologies, environmentally acceptable
alternatives and strict quality processes to fulfill its customers' expectations
of increased productivity and lowered operating costs, while respecting the
environment. The company's integrated services, depth of industrial knowledge
and sophisticated product research and design, along with extensive experience
in product and program development and customized applications, help to maintain
its prominence in the industrial community and global marketplace. Chesterton
takes great pride in knowing that its products are setting the standards for
performance, innovation and reliability around the globe.

City: Franksville
Category: Industrial Flow Meters
W Company is a manufacturer of positive displacement flow meters, turbine flow
meters, flow computers and customized flow control products.

Since 1984 we have provided the most complete range of flow meters for the flow
control industry - simple, accurate, cost-effective flow meter solutions for
every day use.

Our established product lines include positive displacement gear flow meters,
turbine flow meters, flow monitors, two component ratio monitors, and
state-of-the-art closed loop controllers, fiber-optic sensors and on-line
optical sensors.

City: Colfax
Category: Dynamometers
For over 40 years, dynamometers have been our specialty - our only business.
Using our field and applications experience, we have developed over 12,000
performance proven units worldwide. Whatever your specific testing needs, we can
engineer a dynamometer to meet them using standard components for ultimate cost
effectiveness. You save time and money while obtaining optimum performance.

We make dynamometers for many different applications such as agriculture,
electric motors, diesel engines and chassis. Custom Units are also available for
other applications.

City: Salem
Category: Rubber Products
AW Huber offers competitive pricing on small to large market production runs for
all types of OEM and aftermarket manufacturing.

The AW Huber Company was formed in 1978 by rubber chemist Art Huber. The company
was set up to produce prototype and small run rubber parts for inventors and
industry. Over the next twenty years the business grew. Equipment, employees and
customers have been added. Now the AW Huber Company occupies 17,000 square feet
of manufacturing space in St Louis, Missouri.

We still serve the prototype and small run markets while continuing to offer
competitive pricing on large production runs for all types of OEM and
aftermarket manufacturers in the USA.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Test & Measurement Instruments
Manufacturers of test and mesurement instruments.

City: Carrollton
Category: RFID Systems
Axcess Inc provides RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for physical
security and supply chain efficiencies. The battery-powered (active) tags
locate, track, monitor, count and protect people, assets, inventory and
vehicles. Axcess' Active RFID solutions are supported by its integrated
network-based, streaming digital video (or IPTV) technology. Both patented
technologies enable applications

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductor & Thin Film Instruments
Axic Inc was founded in 1980 as a company to develop surface science equipment
for the semiconductor, electronics, and general scientific community. The early
stages of the company were involved with determining future equipment
requirements for the semiconductor industry which could be filled by a small
company with strategic knowledge of surface measurement requirements.

Initial developments focused on x-ray and electron beam analysis of surfaces for
compositional and film thickness analysis. These developments lead to the
introduction of a stand alone x-ray fluorescence unit which was easily operated
by fab personnel for the measurement of film composition and thickness. Axic Inc
now produces 3 XRF systems for coatings analysis in both development and
production applications for the semiconductor, magnetic, and superconductor

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Thread Gages
Contrary to what one might think the company actually has nothing to do with the
city of Sheffield, England. The origin of what is now Sheffield dates back to
1906, when Oscar Polk founded the City Machine and Tools Works in Dayton, Ohio,
as a manufacturer of thread gages. By 1933, the company had been renamed
Sheffeld Gage Corporation.

While our affiliations may have changed over time, our commitment to excellence
has never wavered. Our present specialty lies solely in Coordinate Measurement
Machines, a field where Sheffield has been a pioneer over the nearly 40 years we
have produced them. Many of the technologies and techniques that Sheffield
pioneered have become ubiquitous on nearly all CMMs.

City: Blue Bell
Category: Thermal Printers
Recognized worldwide as a leader in thermal printing solutions, Axiohm keeps on
innovating by developing and manufacturing in its facility a large range of
thermal printing mechanisms, thermal receipt and label printers, turnkey
printing solutions (kiosk printers), electronic boards with embedded firmware
and a large range of accessories sold worldwide by its international sales force
and distributors.

Axiohm proposes a broad range of products with high added value, answering
market trends and adapting perfectly to customers' specific needs.

Axiohm is a strong global leader of customized thermal printer products. To
support this leadership role, Axiohm has created a Technical Assistance team
that is fully dedicated to our customers' thermal printing integration efforts.
This team offers engineering advice, and design both modifications to existing
products, and specialized products as needed.

The implementation of a complete peripheral offering including accessories,
consumables as well as maintenance, shows once again Axiohm's intention of
offering its customers the best services.

City: Garland
Category: Single Board Computers
Axiom Manufacturing has developed a wide array of single board computers,
development tools and complete turnkey systems. These off-the-shelf products
have a wide variety of features, allowing them to be easily incorporated into a
number of applications. Typically, Axiom can make use of these off-the-shelf
items and device drivers in a custom application. Prototype time is dramatically
reduced. This semi-custom approach provides the customer with substantial cost
savings and reduces development time over a fully custom approach.

If your application will be mass-produced, then a fully custom approach makes
the most sense for production units. A fully custom design is just that, "custom
to your application". Therefore, only the required features, functions and
options will be placed on the board, reducing costs. Plug in options, functions,
features and off-the-shelf components reduce costs, installation time and
inventory. Generally, for custom designs, space requirements are reduced.
Development charges may be lowered with a pre-agreed production quantity.

City: City of Industry
Category: Industrial & Embedded Systems
Celebrating over 10 years of excellent service to our customers, Axiomtek
continues to provide diversified and market niche solutions to a wide array of
industrial and embedded applications.

Fueled by a driven staff of engineering and marketing professionals, Axiomtek
innovations have immutably beckoned acclaim from industry players all over the
world. In addition to providing various integration components and all-in-one
solutions, we welcome all OEM projects - we have the experience, capability and
R & D resources to make any OEM integration a glowing success.

To maximize product availability, Axiomtek employs an international distribution
network. Our worldwide inventory control and tracking system coordinates
inventory among our 4 offices located in Taiwan, USA, China and Germany to
ensure prompt delivery every time.

City: Chelmsford
Category: Network Cameras & Solutions
Axis Communications is the global market leader in network video products and
the leading independent provider of print servers. Axis has been developing
solutions that add value to networks since 1984. With about 400,000 professional
network video products and over 3 million networking products sold, Axis has the
experience to meet customers' networking needs.

Axis specializes in professional network video solutions for remote monitoring,
security surveillance and broadcasting. The company also provides products for
network printing and document handling. The products are based on in-house
developed chip technology, which enables devices to be securely and rapidly
connected to virtually any wired or wireless network. Axis' chips are also sold
to third parties.

City: Marlborough
Category: ERP Software Solutions
Axis specializes in helping manufacturers and distributors in the metals, wire
and cable industries increase revenues, reduce costs, and enable profitable

We do this by helping companies achieve sustainable improvements in operational
performance throughout all areas of the business - from sales and customer
service, to production, quality, and financial management.

We serve producers, processors, and service centers in every segment of the
metals industry, as well as manufacturers of both high volume and custom cable
products. Our client community ranges in size from some of the industry's
largest, most respected corporations to smaller family-owned businesses that are
themselves specialists within their respective markets.

City: Medford
Category: Industry Related Software
Axis Microsystems was founded in 1989 as one of New England's first computer
companies. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing
unmatched service and support to small and medium businesses throughout the

Over the past 16 years, Axis has formed numerous partnerships in the IT
industry. Our greatest strength is our experience. The average employee at Axis
has been with the company over 5 years and has gone through extensive training
and certification to ensure that we provide unmatched expertise. You can rest
assured that any recommendations we make has come from actual experience. We use
the technology we recommend to our clients.

A partnership with Axis allows you to remove the headache from IT management.
Whether you are a small business who needs the occasional support call or a
larger business looking for a Tier 2 support staff, Axis can provide a range of
services from IT procurement to proactive maintenance.

City: Holiday
Category: Fractional Horse Power & Brushless Motors
Indeed, the Axis Group is one of the key players in the world-wide production of
machines and turnkey solutions for large manufacture of commutator type
fractional horsepower and brushless motors, through Axis SpA (Florence), as well
as for alternator and induction motor stators, through Pavesi Srl (Turin).

The wealth of technical and practical know-how gained by the Group encompasses
all aspects of the electrical motors production and is focused on a vast variety
of processes beyond winding, making it possible to offer turnkey assembly
solutions for the most diverse applications. Such know-how is being steadily
reinforced also through acquisitions of key assets of other companies, like
Coragliotto in May 2002, as well as through the hiring of talented technicians.

Axis and Pavesi, together with their affiliates around the globe, form an
efficient organisation serving mainly the automotive, domestic appliance and
power tool industries.

From the very start of their respective histories, Axis and Pavesi have
supported the elite players within these industries to maintain their leadership
as well as to keep on leaving their trace in the development of products
required to serve man.

City: Union City
Category: Signal Amplification Instruments
Molecular Devices Corporation acquired Axon Instruments in order to expand its
product offerings in life sciences and drug discovery and to expand its
engineering and product development capabilities. Axon's historical mission to
enable discovery in biology through the provision of innovative high-technology
instrumentation and software blended well with Molecular Devices goals.

The Company was founded in 1983 to design, manufacture and market
instrumentation and software for cellular neurosciences and biophysical
research. Today the Company is recognized as the world leader in signal
amplification instruments and related data acquisition and analysis products for
cellular neuroscience. Our Axoclamp and Axopatch series microelectrode
amplifiers and Digidata® series analog-to-digital conversion systems have lower
instrumentation noise than any competing products. The MultiClamp microelectrode
amplifier represents a new generation of electrophysiological amplifier, being
entirely computer controlled. It incorporates more features than any other
amplifier available available and reached new heights of sophistication with the
release of the 700B version in late 2003.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Network Multimedia & Data Storage
Axonix Corporation® (pronounced Ax-on-ix), a private company founded in 1983, is
a recognized leader in network multimedia and data storage sharing appliance
manufacturing. Axonix has a 21-year history of introducing leading-edge,
award-winning products that are designed to increase the productivity of the
networked home and business computer user.

Axonix MediaMax?, SuperView? and SuperCD? are our current product lines. These
Home Multimedia, Video and CD/DVD-ROM servers share movies, music, video and
data over local area (LAN), wide area (WAN) and Internet networks. Thousands of
units have been installed worldwide with the highest customer satisfaction.

City: New Orleans
Category: Wireless Communication Products
Axonn LLc is the worldwide leader in wireless packet data solutions. With over
11 million units in operation, Axonn's proven technology provides secure
wireless data links for industrial, commercial, residential and remote
monitoring and tracking applications.

Since its founding in 1985, Axonn has been committed to making wireless more
performant, more accessible and providing more solutions to diverse problems.
Axonn has enabled cost-effective replacement of wire and cable in industrial,
commercial and residential applications worldwide and has brought connectivity
to previously inaccessible data such as mobile asset tracking.

Axonn specializes in the research, development and commercialization of Radio
Frequency technology devices (transmitters, receivers and transceivers) for
communicating data in low data rate, ultra-reliable systems. Axonn has over 60
patents and patents pending.

City: Rocky Hill
Category: Precision Optical Assemblies
Axsys Technologies is a fully integrated supplier of precision optical
assemblies and components used in a variety of high-performance commercial and
aerospace/defense applications.

Our customers are industry-leading companies that are in the business of
producing extremely high-precision devices and equipment. More and more, they
count on Axsys for innovative, customized solutions that meet or exceed their
exacting requirements. And we deliver, time after time, thanks to the
extraordinary people who make up the Axsys Team.

Every day, in our facilities across the country, our people are defining what
"high-performance" really means. They're rising to challenges those at few other
companies will even attempt. They're developing creative solutions to seemingly
unsolvable problems. They're achieving technological breakthroughs that set new
standards for the industry. And by providing precision to the Nth degree,
they're helping customers around the world create the technology that is shaping
the future.

City: Fremont
Category: Compound Semiconductor Substrates
We design, develop, manufacture and distribute high-performance compound
semiconductor substrates. Our substrate products are used primarily in lighting
display applications, wireless communications and fiber optic communications. We
believe our proprietary vertical gradient freeze, or VGF technology for
manufacturing compound semiconductor substrates provides significant benefits
over traditional methods and has enabled us to become a leading manufacturer of
compound semiconductor substrates. We pioneered the commercial use of VGF
technology to manufacture gallium arsenide, or GaAs, substrates and have used
VGF technology to manufacture substrates from other materials, including indium
phosphide, or InP, and germanium, or Ge.

Customers for our substrates include EMCORE, United Epitaxy, OSRAM, Kopin and
Motorola. Since 1999, we have transferred most of our substrate production
capacity to China.

The semiconductor industry is experiencing rapid technological changes. These
changes are driven primarily by increased transmission and storage of voice,
video and data over communications networks and the Internet. This growth has
generated increased demand for devices to send, receive and display information,
as well as new wireless and wireline networks used to transmit information. This
increased demand has created a growing need for power efficient,
high-performance electronic systems that operate at very high frequencies and
can be produced cost-effectively in high volumes. To address these demands,
semiconductor device manufacturers are increasingly using compound semiconductor
substrates, such as GaAs and InP, to improve the performance of semiconductor
devices and to enable new applications.

City: Hopedale
Category: Contract Machining
Axxis Machine has been doing contract machining since 1988. Working in a 5,000
sq. foot production facility with full CNC turning and Milling capability. Full
Tig welding and assembly of your machined components is done on site. Our
inspection department works to ISO 9002. We also manage just in time deliveries
on blanket orders.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Power & Process Controls
AYA was established in 1990 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is an engineering
and manufacturing company engaged in designing and marketing of precision
electronic measuring instruments and metering transformers for the electric
power industry and for process control applications. AYA offers an extensive
line of high precision clamp-on current probes with models that can measure AC
or DC currents ranging from 1 Milliampere to 15,000 Amperes. The AYA high
precision metering current transformers meet the IEC and the ANSI standards and
are designed to operate with power line ratings of 600 Volts to 35,000 Volts.

The AYA DIN-Rail Hall-Effect power line monitors and signal conditioners are
designed for use in continuous monitoring of electrical parameters such as
active power in Watts, reactive power in Vars, apparent power in VA, energy in
Watt-Hours and other related parameters. Models are available for single-phase
and three-phase applications. DIN-Rail type signal conditioners are designed for
process control applications.

City: Horsham
Category: Display Products
With over a quarter century of engineering and manufacturing experience building
Displays for Industry and the Military, Aydin Displays now offers solutions for
ALL your display needs.Engineering capabilities, high quality, competitive
pricing and customer satisfaction is our hallmark. Aydin is ISO 9001:2000
certified and supplies standard and custom products to OEM's, Resellers,
Integrators and End Users worldwide. A key factor to our success is our close
relationship with our customers and commitment to quality. Our products are
consistently enhanced based on customer input and feedback.

City: Pleasant Hill
Category: Testing Adapter Cards
AZ-Com was founded in January 1 1990 to serve needs of bus cards industry by
providing cost effective solutions for testing adapter cards.

Supported buses include: PCI, CompactPCI, AGP, ISA, EISA, VESA, MC-16, MC-32 and
NuBus. Since inception company has introduced a number of simple but effective
solutions to satisfy demands of manufacturers.

AZ-Com was first company dedicated exclusively to producing Electronic ("hot
swapping"), Passive and Mini Extenders.

City: Tucson
Category: Distributed Power Systems
Artesyn Technologies (NASDAQ:ATSN ) announced that it has acquired privately
held Azcore Technologies based in Tucson, Arizona. Azcore Technologies focuses
exclusively on fast growing markets, which require high-efficiency DC-DC
converters with a special emphasis on surface mountable board level products.
The all cash acquisition, which will be accounted for as a purchase transaction,
includes fixed payments of approximately $5.8 million and additional contingent
earn out payments through 2001 valued at approximately $8.0 million. The
transaction is expected to be accretive to Artesyn's cash earnings net income in

All Azcore products are intended for use in distributed power architectures in
communication applications including computing, mass storage, carrier and
enterprise networking, access and wireless infrastructure and fully address the
market requirements for low voltage, high efficiency and high operating
temperatures. According to Frost & Sullivan Research, the marketplace for these
products should grow from $2.8 billion in 2000 to $4.8 billion in 2005. This
high demand is fuelled by the growing need for DC-DC converters for Distributed
Power Architectures (DPA). Typical applications for Azcore's designs are mobile
base stations, xDSL cards and ATM switches.

City: Aliso Viejo
Category: Standard Character & Graphics LCD Modules
AZ Displays Inc is well-renowned for traditional craftsmanship and engineering
excellence. Headquartered in Southern California, AZ Displays offers a broad
range of standard character and graphics LCD modules designed for the industrial
OEM market. We also have the capability to provide custom LCD panels and custom
LCD modules for specialized applications.

Our sales, marketing, technical support, quality control and customer service
departments are located in our 50,000 square foot building in Aliso Viejo, CA.
Our highly knowledgeable sales force works closely with an experienced
applications engineering department to help define the needs of our customers
and to provide the best technical solutions.

AZ Displays is committed to providing the highest quality products to our
customers. Our engineers monitor our Asian factories to ensure that our product
quality meets the highest possible standards. In addition, all products undergo
quality assurance testing at our California headquarters.

Along with quality LCD products, AZ Displays provides competitive pricing,
on-time deliveries and superior customer service. We welcome the opportunity to
demonstrate our capabilities to your company.

City: Somerville
Category: Electronic Materials
AZ Electronic Materials a worldwide leader in electronic materials for the
semiconductor, flat panel display, and recording head markets.

The company's primary products are photoresists, which are light sensitive
materials used to print patterns during electronic device manufacturing. AZ
offers a total customer solution with a broad line of other materials used in
photoresist processing, including developers, strippers, antireflective
coatings, and specialty performance enhancers. In addition, AZ offers dielectric
materials, polyimides, light management films, and colloidal silica.

AZ developed the first positive photoresist in the 1950's and has been at the
forefront of this technology ever since. As electronics manufacturers
continually seek ways to design faster, smaller, and more reliable devices, AZ
applies its technical knowledge and expertise toward new generations of products
that meet the fast-paced industry's needs. From the broadband series
photoresists first sold under the AZ® trademark in 1962, to the newest 193-nm
immersion and next generation lithography photoresists, AZ has been and
continues to be a proven partner every step of the way.

City: San Clemente
Category: Sockets
Azimuth Electronics provides the automotive, commercial, medical, military, and
telecommunications industries with an organization equipped and ready to supply
state of the art concepts in socket. Founded by a father and son team, the
Johnsen's have been involved with the needs of the electronics industry for
socketing the tube, transistor, micro-module, through the integrated circuit,
leadless chip carrier, module tab, multi-chip module, array and chip scale
packages. In the early eighties, our involvement with very high-speed integrated
circuits resulted in designs for contactors and carrier systems on 0.020 in. and
0.50 mm lead centers. Today's socketing challenges include very large and very
small packages with higher I.O. counts, closer pitches along with requirements
for faster testing speeds and extended contact life span.

City: Billerica
Category: Industrial Computers
Azonix is a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, human machine
interface systems (HMI's), high-precision temperature instrumentation and
controls, and PC-based distributed control systems. In order to better serve our
markets and customers, we have chosen to divide our business into two distinct
strategic business units: HMI and Measurement & Control.

City: League City
Category: Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Bolt Tensioner
Aztec Bolting Services Inc recently expanded to a new facility in League City's
Historical District. We are a service oriented company with 35 years experience
in turnaround & plant construction. We provide experienced field technicians
and/or hydraulic tooling for the purpose of controlled bolt tightening in
critical bolting applications.

This service is typically performed with the use of hydraulic torque wrenches
and/or bolt tensioning equipment. Our services are presently utilized in by
petrochemical plants, refineries, power generating facilities, offshore drilling
contractors, in specialty manufacturing and heavy industry.

City: St Michael
Category: Circuit Boards
We provide the highest quality circuit boards in theshortest possible times at a
reasonable cost. Whether you need 3 Boards right away, or 5,000 in a few weeks,
Aztec can deliver. From 12 layer, 5 and 5 tech Ni/Au multilayers with carbon
paste, to a 1 inch square single sided board. Aztec can do it all.

City: Fremont
Category: ADSL Modem/Routers
Technology today has become strongly interwined with the very fabric of our
society. The pace of such interdependence grows almost daily with companies
constantly offering new and more innovative products and solutions to compete in
the global economy. Identifying this trend, Aztech Systems Limited has
positioned itself to ride the wave of technological progress and establish
itself firmly at the forefront of innovation and change.

Aztech offers electronics manufacturing services to our customers. With complete
manufacturing services including design, material management, logistics services
and customer program management, we provide customers with seamless, value added
service at every stage from product transfer, component procurement, electronics
PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, testing and final shipping the products. We
play an important role to our customers to reduce their time to market cycle and
in delivering product of the highest production standard. Aztech Group EMS
services has built up capabilities to serve the manufacturing needs of the
Computer and networking, Telecommunication, Consumer electronics and Health care
devices market segments.

City: El Monte
Category: Measurement Instruments
Customers around the world depend on George Fischer Signet for quality flow and
analytical products which are simple to operate, and generate reliable results
for all their process requirements. George Fisher Signet is part of the Georg
Fischer Piping Systems Group based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, providing
piping solutions for nearly 200 years.

Committed to product excellence, George Fisher Signet continues its pursuit of
quality through innovative, leading-edge technology in flow control and
measurement. Award winning design, ISO 9001 certification and comprehensive
technical and customer support are just a few reasons why Signet products are
leading the industry well into the new millennium.

George Fischer Signet not only prides itself on delivering sophisticated,
advanced flow and analytical technology, but we are also proud to offer
easy-to-use instrumentation, ensuring simple installation and minimal

City: Syracuse
Category: Precision OEM Bearings
Babbitt Bearings produces precision OEM bearings for high speed rotating
equipment such as compressors, turbines, chillers, electric motors, gear drives,
pumps and locomotives. We also provide bearing repair and rehabbitting services
to get your equipment back up and running when you need it. And, for your
precision machining needs, Babbitt Bearings offers a wide array of NC and CNC
capabilities in our Syracuse, NY facility.

Customers are the focal point at Babbitt Bearings. Personal attention and
excellent customer service are embedded in our culture. Whether you need an
emergency delivery or a fast response to an inquiry, we do our best to serve

City: Houston
Category: Level Controls & Dust Emissions Sensors
Since 1986 Babbitt International has provided level control solutions to
customers around the world. Reliable products, superior customer service and
fast delivery have proven to be a winning formula.Special products include
higher pressure or temperature ratings, special materials of construction and a
variety of process connection sizes.

City: La Mirada
Category: Relay, Power Supply, Display Panel
Since 1947 founding, rapid and continuing supplier leadership for Hi-Rel
Electronic, Electromechanical, Display products, & Hybrid Microelectronics.

Full complement of experienced personnel, latest tooling & equipment, & modern
facilities for S-level reliability production.

Integrated environmental, static and dynamic testing capability. Fully automated
in-house Metrology system in accordance with ISO 10012-1.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Measurement & Detection of Gasses & Liquid Equipments
Bacharach is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of advanced
equipment for the measurement and detection of gases and liquids. The company's
extensive product line includes instruments that detect, measure, and record
combustion and environmental gases, temperature, relative humidity, air
velocity, and other air quality and safety parameters. A full line of
refrigerant recovery equipment for residential, industrial, and automotive
applications further extends Bacharach's family of products.

In addition to the technical products and services Bacharach offers, the company
is particularly proud of its Institute of Technical Training which has educated,
trained and certified thousands of professionals in CO safety and Combustion
Testing throughout North America.

Bacharach is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to making a measurable
difference by providing high quality products and superior service to its
worldwide customer base and selling partners alike.

City: Itasca
Category: Coil Winding Products
Bachi Company is an American Manufacturer of a complete range of coil winding
machinery, including gear, hydraulic, and programmable 2 axis bench-top coil
winders, multi-spindle (4, 6, 8,10,12, & 18 spindle versions) stand-alone
machines with all new real-time multi-tasking control. These controls are fitted
with field upgradable flash memory, and use readily available standard
components. The Model 265 series is capable of supporting up to 10 axes for
winding, tape-wrapping or interleaving, changing wire sizes, or servo-controlled
vertical and horizontal wire terminating. These machines are also available
integrated into fully automated systems to meet the most demanding coil winding
and finishing requirements. Bachi has shipped thousands of machines worldwide
during the past 40 years, the majority of which are still in everyday
production. They are renowned for their ruggedness, reliability and ease of

City: Bristol
Category: Automation Products
From Bachman have come many innovations, including the concept of transparent
valve housings, giving a clear view of design and function. Complex circuits are
made simple by our valves and Integrated circuits.

City: Charlottesville
Category: Fire Protection Products
Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Badger Fire Protection offers a
comprehensive range of industrial fire extinguishers, dry chemical fire
suppression systems, and Range Guard, the nations leading commercial kitchen wet
chemical fire suppression system. Badger Fire Protection, (formerly Figgie Fire
Protection Systems) was formed in September, 1992 from the consolidation of
ASCOA Fire Systems and Badger-Powhatan. Badger-Powhatan traces its origins back
to the last century. In 1832, the Powhatan Brass and Iron Works was established
in Ranson, West Virginia. The name was taken from the great Chief Powhatan,
supreme leader of the confederation of Algonquin tribes in the early 1600's.
Badger Fire Extinguisher Inc. also was formed before the turn of the century and
was granted Underwriter Laboratories Listing No. 2 in hand-held fire
extinguishers during the 1890's. Badger and Powhatan became part of Figgie
International in 1965, and were joined into a single operating unit in 1968. The
company was acquired by Williams Holdings in 1995.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Flow Measurement & Control Products
Badger Meter Inc is a leading marketer and manufacturer of products using flow
measurement and control technology, serving industrial and utility markets
worldwide. Its products are used to measure the flow of liquids in a variety of
applications. Founded in 1905, Badger Meter has earned an international
reputation as a leader in the development of flow measurement technology.Badger
Meter Inc is publicly held. Its stock began trading on the American Stock
Exchange in 1971 and is still traded there, under the symbol "BMI".

Originally, Badger Meter produced products for only the utility market.
Gradually, some of the products were used for both the utility and industrial
flow meter markets. Today, Badger Meter Inc serves two distinct markets, utility
and industrial. The industrial markets served

City: Milwaukee
Category: Electromagnetic Products
Badger Transformer Company is a specialist in the designing and manufacturing of
electromagnetic products.

With over 40 years experience, Badger Transformer has earned its position as a
leader in the electromagnetic products market. Our products continue to provide
both practical and creative solutions for OEM, commercial and industrial

Your requirements for a specialized product are the basics of our business. We
are constantly trying to evaluate your unique needs and demands to best build a
quality product that satisfies your requirements.

City: Piscataway
Category: Computer Cable & USB Devices
Our principle concern and the key to our success for over two decades has been
total customer satisfaction. In the fast and ever changing world of advanced
technology, we have recognized the significance of forging close customer
relationships. These relationships ensure our common goals.

Therefore we are continuously challenging ourselves to be at the highest level.
While special attention has always been given to provide a reliable and high
quality product, we have always found pride in our dependable service,
competitive prices, prompt delivery and continual product development.

Our well experienced staff works as a team, effectively and efficiently
servicing our customers. It is through this continuous dedication and confidence
in the ability to provide our customers with a product and service second to
none that we have created our driving force.

City: Dallas
Category: Bulk Packaging Products
BAG Corp® is the single source solution for all your bulk packaging needs. Booth
features Super Sack® containers, Super SackerTM handling equipment, bulk liquid
containers, specialty liners for boxes, drums and bulk bags, and FIBC Recycling,
a service to clean and recondition bulk bags for reuse in a closed-loop system.

City: Tallahassee
Category: Analog & Digital Electronic Products
Bagotronix was founded in 1991 as an electronics design consulting firm
specializing in microcontroller and microprocessor based designs. Our experience
is in PIC and X86 based systems with standalone, custom, and PC/104 form
factors, analog & sensor interfacing, and control systems.

City: Throop
Category: Hand Tools
Back in 1886 Bahco Group AB began manufacturing saws under the brand "fisk och
krok" ("Fish and Hook"). In 1888 the pipe wrench was invented and in 1892 the
adjustable wrench, by one of the company's founders, JP Johansson. Today the
company produces a wide range of hand-held tools such as handsaws, adjustable
wrenches, combination spanners, socket spanners, screwdrivers, cutters, files,
bandsaws blades, holesaws, hacksaw blades, secateurs and pruning tools.
Professional craftsmen all over the world use our tools.

Bahco Group AB is presented in more than 40 countries and is a part of the
Snap-on Inc group of companies.

City: Canonsburg
Category: Civil Engineering
Bailey Engineering Inc is a full service Civil Engineering firm located in
Eagle, Idaho. We specialize in Civil Engineering design, drafting and related
services. We live and work in Idaho and are committed to providing our clients
as well as the communities in which we live and work with an unmatched level of

City: Knoxville
Category: Hydraulic Cylinders
Bailey International Corporation was created with a goal to be the world's most
extensive manufacturing and distribution network of hydraulic cylinders. Our
group of companies include: Bailey Sales Corporation(BSC), Bailey Manufacturing
Corporation(BMC), Bailey Hydropower Private Limited(BHPL) and SEA Hydropower
Private Limited(SHPL). Two of our locations are American-based; two are located
in the Pacific Rim.

Internationally Recognized Our products are marketed extensively throughout
North and South America, Asia and Europe. Sales avenues include an inside sales
staff, a mass-distributed product catalog, targeted trade shows, our e-commerce
website (, and professional representative firms. The Bailey brand
is enhanced internationally through aggressive trade advertising and other
strategic marketing communications initiatives

City: Sanford
Category: Air Containment Products
The Baker Company is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture
of biological safety cabinets, clean benches and fume hoods. For over five
decades The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and
production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment.

The Baker Company is guided by the pursuit of safety, reliability and
outstanding value through innovative design and manufacturing of containment and
clean air products for life science, pharmaceutical, industrial and
hospital/clinical applications worldwide.

City: Ft Collins
Category: Surge Testers & Electric Motor Testing Equipment
Since 1961, Baker Instrument Company has developed and manufactured high voltage
test equipment for the safe guard of electric motors. These Surge and HiPot
testers verify insulation integrity by finding weaknesses in Turn-to-Turn,
Phase-to-Phase, and Coil-to-Coil insulation systems within the motor. All
testers comply to strict IEEE, and NEMA standards.

>From two divisions, Baker offers testing solutions to keep electric motors
running efficiently. The Standard Products Division offers testing solutions for
predictive maintenance along with motor service repair shops. Systems Division
works closely with motor, coil, and winding manufacturers for quality control

Baker Instrument Company's world headquarters is located in Fort Collins,
Colorado. Other offices are located in Nurnberg, Germany and Singapore, with
worldwide representation through authorized service centers and partners to
better serve customers with long-term predictive and preventative maintenance

City: Santa Monica
Category: Automating Plating & Wet Processing Equipment/Systems
Baker Technology Associates (BTA) provides automatic plating and wet processing
equipment/systems for all industries, regardless of size, complexity, location
or budget.

Whether using flexible, programmable hoist automation for conventional rack,
barrel or basket applications, in-line return-type carousel systems, or special
mechanical handling systems for basket and cleaning systems, BTA and it's
strategic partners equipment offerings are the widest in the industry.

City: Troy
Category: Balancing Products
Welcome to ITW Balance Engineering, a recognized leader in innovative balancing
technology since 1923. We specialize in building production balancing machines
for a wide variety of components and assemblies used in the automotive, light
truck and heavy equipment industries.

City: Concord
Category: Balancing Instrumentation System
A complete dynamic balancing instrumentation system, so advanced, it fits on
just one circuit board.

Intuitive, high-end WINDOWS?-based dynamic balancing software with
point-and-click simplicity and digital precision.

Also available as upgrade package for existing balancing machines, regardless of
brand or age.

City: Chicago
Category: Balancing Machines
Balance Specialties Inc began manufacturing balancing machines and electronics
in 1974 as a result of our extensive experience with service balancing. Since
1948 our sister company, Balancing Services Inc has been balancing rotating
parts for manufacturers in every industrial field. We are a privately held
company and maintain the highest regard for customer satisfaction. Your
satisfaction is our business.

Balance Specialties Inc will continually strive to grow our business,
reputation, and influence in the field of balancing as we focus on product
quality, customer service and competitive pricing.

City: Richmond
Category: Dynamic Balancing & Machine Balancing
Balancing USA has over 125 years of experience in all aspects of dynamic
balancing and machine balancing.

We specialize in dynamic balancing machine calibration, balancing machine
instrumentation, new balancing machine sales, used balancing equipment sales,
balancing machine operator training, and vibration instrument calibration
services. We serve clients throughout the entire U.S.

City: North Lake
Category: Thread Forming Taps
Balax Inc located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufactures thread forming taps,
thread cutting taps, thread gages, and roughing end mills. Balax Inc has long
been recognized as a pioneer and world leader in the manufacture of thread
forming taps and with the addition of our high performance cutting taps and
ground thread gages, Balax now has the capability to help you with any tapping
or internal threading application you may have. Additionally, our Roughing End
Mills feature a precise, production-proven cutting edge geometry for high metal
removal and fast feed rates.

Be sure to check out our new, patented Thredlock Forming Taps, which create a
unique locking thread that grips fasteners tightly. You'll find them on our
Specialty Taps page, along with other innovative forming and cutting taps
designed and manufactured by Balax.

City: Fort Smith
Category: Motors & Speed Drives
At Baldor Electric Company, our mission is to be the best (as determined by our
customers) marketers, designers and manufacturers of industrial electric motors,
drives and generators.

>From our home office in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we support the
salesoffices/warehouses that stock Baldor products worldwide, selling to
distributors and original equipment manufacturers in more than 55 countries.
Baldor products are available from 40 sales offices/warehouses in North America
and 25 offices serving international markets. These products are produced at 15
USA plants,and one in Bristol, England.

City: Kearney
Category: Heavy Duty Filters
Baldwin Filters is a worldwide manufacturer of heavy-duty filters. With over
4,800 products for Air, Lube, Fuel, Coolant, Transmission and Hydraulic, Baldwin
provides heavy-duty protection.

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