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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Bronx
Category: Fluoro Polymer Products
In 1955, Balfor Industries originated as a small machine shop which serviced
local chemical processing companies. As one of the earliest processors of
fluoropolymer products, Balfor quickly became a leader in the design and
manufacture of products for the chemical processing, petrochemical, valve, pump,
appliance and related industries. Balfor became the manufacturing facility for
Johns-Manville's Chempac fluoropolymer products in the 1960's and 1970's. Today,
Balfor is a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacture
of a wide range of plastic and metal products. We service an unlimited number of
industries with national and international sales and distribution.

Our philosophy has remained the same as it was when we started: to provide
quality products at a competitive price, backed by the best customer service in
the industry. As we have increased in size over the years, we have retained a
"small business" approach to every aspect of our business. Perhaps this is one
reason why we are on a first-name basis with most of our over 500 customers.

City: Ventura
Category: Air Bearing & Flexure Positioning Stages
Design and manufacture special-purpose, ultra high precision air bearing and
flexure positioning stages featuring linear motors, piezo motors, linear scales,
and laser interferometers. Repeatability to 25 nanometers. Special purpose
positioning systems and machine tools. Contract machining, grinding, and lapping
of high precision components in ceramic, glass, kovar, invar,and conventional
materials to tolerances of 0.25 microns. Design and manufacturing engineering,
process development, and manufacturing cost models. Serving the fiber optics,
photonics, semiconductor, optics, data storage, and electronics industries.

City: Boulder
Category: Imaging & Communication Systems
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp's vision is to be a global leader providing
advanced imaging, communications, and information solutions to the government
and commercial aerospace markets.

We conduct domestic and international business in the defense, civil space, and
commercial arenas, providing best value and innovative solutions. Ball Aerospace
supports national policy-makers, the military services, NASA, and other U.S.
government agencies, as well as numerous aerospace industry allies.

City: Everett
Category: Test & Simulation Products
Ballard Technology is a leading developer and manufacturer of hardware and
software for test, simulation, maintenance, and development of avionics
databases. Providing avionics database interfaces to the aerospace industry
since 1986, Ballard was one of the first to realize the potential in using
standard computers as the host for specialized test equipment. Through a
philosophy of providing quality, easy-to-use products, stocking standard
products, and giving free customer support, Ballard Technology has won the
loyalty of users in industry, the military, and governments worldwide.

Standard and custom products are available from Ballard Technology. Standard
products consist of avionics database interfaces for many commercial computers
(PCI, Compact PCI, PCMCIA, Ethernet, USB, VME, PC/104, Handheld, Industry Pack,
etc.). These hardware and software products enable the computer to communicate
over an avionics database network. They are commonly used to test or simulate
equipment and systems, and may be used in any application where a computer is to
communicate over an avionics database. Custom hardware and software products are
developed to meet special requirements.

City: Mount Vernon
Category: Ball Bead Chain
When it comes to chain, there is nothing on the market that compares with ours.
Ball bead type chain is strong, light weight, and because it swivels, will not
tangle or kink. Our chain is flexible in its adaptability since it can be used
in countless end uses.

There is no greater variety of ball bead type chain sizes, styles and accessory
attachments in existence than right here at Ball Chain Manufacturing. Feel free
to check with us on any special part or need. We will be glad to investigate the
possibility of producing it for you. We maintain a large stock of ball/beaded
type chain and attachments as well as many other complete assemblies for
immediate delivery.

City: Allen
Category: Spherical Integrated Circuits
Ball Semiconductor Incorporated was founded to commercialize a new and
revolutionary idea for developing, manufacturing, and marketing spherical
integrated circuits. Ball Semiconductor Inc and its joint development partners
are developing the technology to build integrated circuits and sensors on a
silicon sphere rather than on a flat wafer; one-at-a-time instead of in batches;
and in small tubes and pipes rather than in large, expensive clean rooms. BALL
believes its technology will reduce the cost of chip manufacturing
significantly, helping establish this technology as a worldwide standard and
usher in a new era of innovation and competition in the semiconductor and Mems

Our process development efforts have led to the Maskless Lithography System,
which is now being offered for production of high resolution Printed Circuit
Boards, LCD/TFT/Plasma display panels, and high-density chip packaging.

City: Florence
Category: Sensors
With more than 80 years of experience in the field of sensor technology, Balluff
is now one of the most capable manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical
sensors, rotary and linear transducers, as well as identification systems.
Innovative technology, state-of-the-art electronics and application-specific
customer solutions are the hallmarks of our entire product range.

Highly qualified development engineers and experienced designers work closely
with the manufacturing departments to guarantee that everything with the Balluff
name on it will meet the highest standards of reliability - even under extreme
operating conditions.

The quality management system of Balluff Inc is registered by NSF-ISR to ISO
9001. Every activity which affects the quality of our products and services is
planned, tested, monitored and documented.

City: Hillard
Category: Vibration Analysis, Monitoring & Balancing Equipment
Balmac Inc is a world class supplier of Vibration Analysis, Monitoring and
Balancing Equipment. Since 1976, we have provided industrial and commercial
customers around the world with reliable, economical solutions to their rotating
machinery vibration and balancing needs.

City: Brighton
Category: RF Identification System
Balogh has offered the industrial market quality products on the leading edge of
technology since 1958. Today, Balogh designs and manufactures the most complete
line of radio frequency identification systems (RFID) and products available
(Balogh Industrial RFID, 125 KHz RFID, 13.56 MHz RFID, 2.45 GHz, long range RFID
technology, Infrared RFID, Vision, and Proximity Sensors).

With applications and offices around the world, the Balogh Group is the global
leader in providing identification solutions. The Balogh commitment to customer
satisfaction is only exceeded by our desire to innovate new RFID products to
provide complete identification solutions for our customers.

City: Foothill Ranch
Category: Sealing Products
Bal Seal Engineering is an industry leader and standard setter in providing
customers worldwide with innovative solutions using material science and
canted-coil spring technology. Since first opening its doors in 1958, invention,
innovation, and vision have been the keywords in describing the Bal Seal
Engineering dynamic.

Today, with over four decades of ground-breaking achievements and more than 120
active patents, Bal Seal Engineering designs, manufactures, and supplies leading
edge, customized products for sealing, current transfer and grounding; EMI
shielding; and mechanical holding, latching, and loading applications.

>From identifying and employing the most effective and enduring raw materials to
delivering the industry's most reliable finished products; from innovation to
the creation of state-of-the-art, cost effective applications, Bal Seal
Engineering is known for consistent excellence.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Precision Balls & Kinematic Components
Bal-Tec manufactures custom balls of all materials, sizes and tolerances. We
make steel balls and stainless steel balls. With over 30,000 square feet of
manufacturing facilities housing "state of the art" equipment, we have the
ability to meet all your spherical needs from prototype to millions in quantity.

At Bal-tec, quality is of the utmost concern. We use the Talyrond System to
measure sphericity of balls. The overall accuracy of this system is
one-millionth of an inch and is calibrated using standards traceable to NIST.
The size of balls is determined using a Heidenhain Certo 60 to an accuracy of
10-millionths of an inch. Most balls are produced to the Anti-Friction Bearing
Manufacturers Association, ( AFBMA ) or military specifications.

City: Canonsburg
Category: Automated Assembly Equipment
Baltec is the worldwide leader in radial riveting, forming, press machines and
automated assembly equipment.

Scores of BalTec/Bracker units are in operation worldwide, and the development
of new units to perform manufacturing tasks is constant.

Emerging from the Bracker tradition, Baltec has sales, engineering and support
facilities in Switzerland, Germany, England, France and in the USA.
Additionally, there is a complete worldwide network responsible for sales and

City: Baltimore
Category: Precision Struck Tools
At Baltimore Tool works, the dedication to quality, detail and service we began
with in 1925 is alive and well today. Still owned and operated by the same
family, our precision struck tools bear the same high quality they've been known
for since we arrived in the busy industrial port of Baltimore more than seven
decades ago.

Through wartime and peacetime, good economies and bad, three generations of
trained craftsmen have created our hand held tools - specializing in the unique
skills of forging metals. Our quality reflects old-fashioned craftsmanship, the
very finest materials, and decades of experience making millions of tools for
our own brand as well as many nationally-known companies. Industrial,
contractor, hardware, and private brand markets have all trusted Baltimore Tool
works as the leading specialist in hand crafted struck tools.

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Fastners
Founded in 1953, Bamal Corporation is a full-line distributor of production
fasteners and Class C items serving some of the World's largest OEM's. The
corporation's focus is on providing customized materials management systems that
focus on total cost savings, employing state-of-the-art electronic supply chain
systems. But there is more. Bamal eclipses the traditional distributor by
offering engineering and technical services ranging from the simplest product
testing requirements to full scale product tear down and fastener joint

Bamal Corporation's corporate offices are located in Sidney, Ohio. Bamal
Corporation and it's affiliated companies operate facilities in Michigan,
Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee and Ontario, Canada.

City: Denver
Category: Fatening, Clamping System
Band-IT manufactures a wide array of stainless steel band & buckle systems,
preformed clamps, cable ties, mounting hardware and identification products and
tools, used in virtually every market.

Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1937, Band-IT is acknowledged as the world's
leader in quality engineered band clamping systems. A unit of IDEX Corporation,
Band-IT has an international network of representatives and distributors, with
manufacturing and distribution facilities to serve users around the world.

Agriculture, transportation, communications, utilities, energy exploration,
construction, defense . . . almost every industry today uses Band-IT clamps.

City: Itasca
Category: Power Transmission Belts
At Bando USA, we believe that any product, even the 75-year old "workhorse" of
power transmission, the V-belt, can be built a better way, utilizing the
industry's most advanced, efficient equipment and processes.We've taken
advantage of the latest technology to design state-of-the-art, highly automated,
programmable manufacturing systems. We employ technicians who are trained in all
steps of the production process, and who operate under flexible work assignments
for maximum productivity.

Bando manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001:2000, TS16949:2002 and ISO-14001
certified to enhance and reinforce the foundation of Bando's quality philosophy
which focuses on the self-inspection system: zero defect quality is each
technician's personal responsibility.

City: Bedford
Category: Compound Semiconductor
Bandwidth Semiconductor LLc is a fully owned subsidiary of Spire Corporation.
Our expertise in compound semiconductor epitaxy and device processing is
extensive. Our scientists, engineers, and technicians have been in the III-V
materials and device fabrication business for over 20 years. This experience
makes us second-to-none in the custom MOCVD Epi wafer, device foundry, and thin
film hybrid circuit business.

As a foundry services supplier, our commitment and demonstrated ability to
maintain confidentiality of our customers proprietary information is essential
to the success of the relationship. We guard our customers' intellectual
property with the same rigor that we use for our own know-how and proprietary
information. We maintain strict procedural barriers within our company to ensure
the confidentiality of all technical and commercial aspects of our customers'
designs, process parameters, schedules, and results. Information is handled on a
need-to-know basis and is not disclosed between customers or external to
Bandwidth Semiconductor.

City: Garland
Category: Sheet Metal & Stainless Products
Bandy Inc has been in business since 1981. We produce high quality sheet metal
and stainless steel products for the Computer, Telecom, Semiconductor and
Pharmaceutical industry. We are a custom and job shop fabricator with very
competitive prices. In most cases we can provide a solution to our customers
within 72 hours, at a cost that matches standard market pricing. We are a
ISO-9002 registered company and have been awarded several times the "Excellence
in Quality Control" award from various customers. We provide a variety of
flexible solutions to our customers.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Sensing & Machine Safety Products
Banner offers you the most complete and integrated line of sensing and machine
safety products. Whatever industry you're in, or whatever product you
manufacture, Banner has the right sensors to automate your plants and to improve
your overall efficiency, quality and safety.

Banner was founded in 1966, starting out as a custom electronics engineering
firm building control panels. Six tough years later, Banner made a commitment to
become an innovator in photoelectric sensing. From this commitment came the
national leader in sensor technology.

Today Banner is the largest, most capable and most preferred sensor company,
with the broadest line of products and solutions in the nation. Banner is a
Global Enterprise with world-class manufacturing, and sales, distribution and
service in every major country worldwide.

City: Ingram
Category: Feeder Tools
As the premier outdoor brand, Remington has been a leader in the hunting
industry since 1816. In a continued commitment to maintain these same high
standards in the wildlife feeder industry, Remington has selected BA Products as
the exclusive licensee of Remington Wildlife Feeders.

BA Products has been providing these tools since 1986. Our research and
development team has one mission, to design and develop the highest quality and
best value feeders available on the market. As a result, every product undergoes
extensive factory and field-testing to insure they will stand up to whatever
conditions they may encounter in the great outdoors.

Remington Wildlife Feeders are a vital part of any native or exotic game
management program. While genetics and habitat are key factors in animal body
and horn growth, without proper nutrition, full individual potential will never
be realized. Our automatic and self-feeders are a proven means of providing that
extra needed nutrition. In addition to attracting a variety of other wildlife,
supplemental feeding allows game animals to establish set feeding patterns at
precise times. This can be beneficial for observation, harvesting and
photography as well.

City: Clifton
Category: Indestructible & Reliable Keypads
Baran Advanced Technologies (1986) Ltd specializes in R&D and manufacturing of
Piezo ceramic Push Buttons, Keypads, Keyboards and Pointing devices. The
products utilize a unique patented technology. Our expertise and manufacturing
proficiency are in adapting our products to customer needs as dictated by the
usage of the equipment and environmental constraints.

We ensure that you receive the HMI products that will solve your problems. All
our solutions are cost saving oriented. We offer a wide range of HMI products,
which meet CE, UL, IP68, MIL STD and FAA certifications. Reflecting our
commitment to quality, we are certified to the international quality standard
ISO 9002.

City: National City
Category: Engineered Testing Systems
Located right next to beautiful sunny San Diego, Chula Vista enjoys the same
year round sunny climate of San Diego with an average temperature of 70 degrees.
This ideal location and climate not only makes Barbee the ideal place to work,
but also a place where it's customers can do business, and relax as well.

We often find it very hard to ask our customers from the Northeast and Midwest
to come and visit us in the winter months. Often times we have helped our
clients arrange for their vacations in San Diego, while attending to business
with Barbee.

Founded in 1960 by Jack H Barbee, a retired Naval Officer with close ties with
the Navy and the Aircraft Industry, Barbee evolved over the years from being an
Industrial Distributor serving San Diego County to a world wide supplier of
quality Hydrostatic Test Systems.

City: Loves Park
Category: Industrial Control & Monitoring Products
Manufacturers of sensors, controllers, recorders, electric actuators/power
controllers, plastic control systems, automation systems.

City: Irvine
Category: Wire & Cable
Since 1970, Barcel/CDT has been a leading supplier of high performance specialty
wire and cable to the aerospace industry. Barcel/CDT also provides unique
solutions to other demanding wire and cable applications ranging from low
temperature super conducting cable to high temperature under floor radiant
heating wire, and from the newest Navy ships to rapid transit systems. We have
accomplished this at competitive prices and with a commitment to customer
service and product quality.

City: Charlotte
Category: Display Products
Barco is a world leader in professional markets, in which it offers display and
visualization solutions. Based upon in-depth market knowledge, the company
designs and develops solutions for large screen visualization, display solutions
for life-critical applications, and systems for visual inspection.

Currently Barco is active in the markets of traffic, surveillance, broadcasting,
presentation, simulation and virtual reality, edutainment, events, media,
digital cinema, air traffic control, defense & security, medical imaging,
avionics, and textiles.

Barco is headquartered in Belgium and has its own facilities for Sales &
Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and
Asia Pacific. Worldwide, Barco employs more than 4200 people and realized sales
close to euro 630 million in 2003.

City: Stevensville
Category: Motors & Controls
We started our drives business in 1992 trading as Sprint Electric Corporation in
collaboration with our partners, Sprint Electric Ltd. in the UK. Initially, we
successfully focused our attention on products for the DC drives market, which
we felt had become somewhat neglected by the establishment. AC drive development
started in 1995 and in July 1997 we launched the first of our new Profiler?
Series products. Our team of key drives industry individuals has enabled our
business to rapidly go from product development to an established market
presence with consistently good growth in both sales and profits.

Evolution brings change however, and due to complications over the Sprint
Electric trademark in the USA, the time eventually came in January 1998 for us
to honorably retire the name of our American business in favor of a new
identity, Bardac Corporation. The transatlantic partnership continues unchanged
and customers worldwide will continue to enjoy the same product support, pricing
and service. Only the name of the North American operations has changed.
Effective 1st. January 1998 we began trading as Bardac Corporation. Same team,
same products, same service. Our address and phone numbers will remain unchanged
and we will continue to maintain the two web locations and to ensure that we will always be easy for people to find.

City: Danbury
Category: Precision Ball Bearings
Barden/Fag is the pre-eminent leader in super precision ball bearing
manufacturing in the world today. Barden super precision bearings excel in
applications where bearings of lesser quality have failed. If superior accuracy,
reliability of operation, long-life, high running speeds and low noise and
vibration are requirements in your application, Barden/Fag precision bearings
are the bearings of choice.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Plastic Packages
Started in 1951 as the AG Bardes Company. . .Bardes Plastics Inc has created
quality plastic packages designed to "wrap-up" profits for you. From concept
through delivery, you can count on our full service capabilities. Satisfied
customers have tested our performance and return time and time again.

City: Goleta
Category: Hydraulic Load Handling & Positioning Systems
Bardex Corporation is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and
installation of heavy load handling, positioning, mooring, and tensioning
systems. Since 1963, Bardex has been providing the offshore oil & gas and
shipyard industries with technologically advanced systems.

Our headquarters are located in Goleta, California, U.S.A. with additional
manufacturing and support facilities in Houston, Texas and London, U.K.
Additionally there are authorized sales representatives located around the

City: Solon
Category: CNC Machine Tools
Our Company's first product line was hand operated turret lathes. These were
eventually modified and the company gained international recognition for its
bicycle hub and piston finishing lathes. Bardons & Oliver continued to grow and
evolve with the industry, developing the first large capacity cut-off lathes for
the pipe and tube industry. Contract work including special machinery of many
kinds became a significant part of the company's business in the 1950's and
continues to be an important market for Bardons & Oliver today. In the late
1960's Bardons & Oliver introduced automatic turret lathes that featured
complete fluidic control of a standard machine tool for the first time in
history. Special large capacity CNC turning machines were developed in the

City: Stillwater
Category: hydraulic & Fluid Power Systems
We Empower Engineers and Designers with world-class tools, publications,
training, software and consultation

Bar Dyne has created a treasure chest of resources for engineers, designers and
users of fluid power and motion equipment. Our mission is to provide software,
reference books & publications, Power & Motion Applications Group and exclusive
training courses to empower the fluid power and hydraulics designer.

We give you the tools to be better at what you do; the way to solve your
toughest problems; an ideal path to enhance your knowledge.

City: Northbrook
Category: Gear Cutting Tools
Barit is a one stop solution provider for all gear cutting

City: Hillsville
Category: Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for consumer, industrial and
military applications. Capacitor types produced include axial and radial-leaded,
miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, AC motor start capacitors and large
can capacitors. Our worldwide customer base includes manufacturers of consumer
electronics, computer and telecommunications equipment, power supplies and
lighting ballasts, motors and appliances, industrial equipment, military
hardware and other electrical and electronic products.

City: Cocoa
Category: HF Broadband Antennas
Barker & Williamson has been a recognized leader worldwide in the manufacture of
the highest quality HF broadband antennas, air wound coil stock, and other radio
parts for military, commercial, homeland defense and amateur use since 1932. We
specialize in HF broadband folded dipole antennas for conventional, NVIS, and
ALE use, masts and mounting kits, as well as the Miniductor? and Airdux? air
wound coil line.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Control Products
Barksdale is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial
applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. As a
subsidiary of Crane Co., Stamford, CT, we have the financial resources of a
large company, while our size allows individual customer partnerships. Founded
in 1949, we are based in Los Angeles, CA, have a manufacturing facility in
Reichelsheim, Germany and distributors around the world.

With a standard product line as the base, Barksdale prides itself in supplying
specially designed or adapted products to meet customers' specific requirements.
A wide range of optional modifications are offered on most of Barksdale's
products, allowing you to customize the products to meet your specific
application while using standard components. If, however, your requirements go
beyond the available modification options, Barksdale's engineers are ready to
assist, even if your application requires new technologies. For more than fifty
years, customers by the hundreds have turned to Barksdale's engineers for custom
designed components.

City: Barrington
Category: Process Pumps
The Barnant Company is known worldwide as an innovative leader specializing in
the engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution of an extensive line of
fluid handling arid flow control products. They include Masterflex® and
Manostat® peristaltic pumps, air/vacuum pumps, instrumentation devices including
temperature, air velocity, relative humidity and pH, Gilmont® flowmeters,
viscometers, gauges and syringes. Mixing equipment and laboratory apparatus are
also manufactured.

Proud of its reputation for quality, reliable products and competitive pricing,
the Barnant Company offers more than 4,000 products, with applications ranging
from the research settings, to the laboratory, medical field, general
industrial, process control, agricultural and water waste management field.

Barnant is a company which believes very strongly in the quality and reliability
of its products, as well as being responsive to its customers' needs worldwide.

City: Clearwater
Category: Pumps, Mixers, Process Equipment
Arroyo partners with the best in the business. From Slurry Pumps to Mixers, our
alliances with leading manufacturers like GIW Industries and Lightning Mixers
helps us to provide the best new equipment for your application.

Arroyo's fully equipped machining, welding and fabrication shop based in
Mulberry, Florida, is dedicated to provide 24-hour emergency service with
pick-up and delivery available via our fleet of trucks.

Our technicians are factory trained and undergo rigorous testing to comply with
Journeyman Certification by the State of Florida.

City: Westford
Category: Optical Filter
Welcome to Barr Associates Inc - a world leader in the design and manufacturing
of optical filters and thin film coatings. Filter types include bandpass, edge,
notch/rugate, beamsplitters/mirrors, fluorescence, color, arrays & patterns,
telecommunications and other.

Barr is well known in the marketplace for its capabilities in working with the
customer to design, develop and manufacture customized and technologically
advanced coatings while maintaining superior quality and excellent customer

City: Mountainside
Category: Precision Metal Fabrication & Assemblies
The barré Company Inc is a full service sheet metal fabricator, able to take
your needs from the conceptual stage all the way through to a timely shipping of
finished product. Punch out the sheet metal parts above for more details on our
facilities, equipment, staff and policies.

City: Worcester
Category: Industrial Centrifuges
We manufacture high-quality industrial centrifuges for the metalworking
industry. Please explore the areas that interest you.

After familiarizing yourself with our product line, feel free to fill in the
email information form. If you have a specific application that you would like
to discuss for standard or custom equipment please contact us. We look forward
to the opportunity to assist you.

City: Cambridge
Category: High Performance Manipulators
Founded in 1989, Barrett Technology Inc is the leader in high-performance
robotic arms and hands for emerging applications requiring superior
adaptability, programmability, and dexterity. Each product's innovative design
provides state-of-the-art functionality and capability, and enables integration
with existing technology for customer convenience. High-quality services, such
as pre-sale consultation, post-sale customer support, warranty, and subscription
services, ensure customer satisfaction.

City: Crystal Lake
Category: Modular Automation Components
Our Barrington Automation Components are engineered, designed, manufactured and
assembled in our Crystal Lake, Illinois facility. we've worked hard to engineer
a combination of precision and factory-tested durability into our components.

Our components are designed as a complete and coordinated automation family.
They fit together like they were made for each other -- they were! Mounting is
provided for convenient stacking, assembly and tooling to manage almost any
material handling or automation task. Our application engineers can assist you
with custom tooling solutions, pick and place applications, or difficult part
handling problems.

City: Cumming
Category: Replacement Belt
When you choose Belt Corporation of America as your supplier, a partnership is
formed. Our belts become an integral part of your final product and have a
significant bearing on its performance. We take this responsibility very

Our team of seasoned professionals uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
and the best materials available to assure you of a superior product. In
developing new products and selecting replacement belts, we are dedicated to
earning your complete satisfaction.

Our partnership is best achieved when initiated at the earliest stages of
product development. This enables us to meet your specifications with the
greatest possible cost efficiency.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself why our products are found in
many of industry's most demanding belt applications. We hope you will contact us
about your next belt challenge.

City: Marietta
Category: Industrial Equipment & Supplies
Bart and Associates has been supplying high quality industrial equipment and
supplies since 1983. We supply packaged chiller system, heat exchangers, oil
coolers, oil water separator systems, waste water evaporator systems, compressed
air & gas dryers, air compressor filters & separators & oils, synthetic
lubricants, etc.

City: Tulsa
Category: Industrial Safety Products
Bartec US Corporation was established in 1994 to serve the North American
market.The objectives of the Bartec US team are to manufacture products
certified to international standards and to offer safe certified solutions.

Bartec products are manufactured to international standards and are certified
for use in gas hazardous areas and other harsh environments.

City: Rome
Category: Tire Industry Products
Bartell Machinery Systems LLc is a dynamic fast-paced 21st century company with
an old-fashioned commitment to customer satisfaction. Our highly skilled
professionals take the time to get to know you and your business, resulting in a
comfortable working relationship with you and a clear understanding of your
needs. This enables us to offer you customized, comprehensive, low cost
solutions that meet your needs so you don't have to compromise. Whether you're
considering combining or eliminating processes, procuring equipment with
short-term paybacks, needing system integration service, repairs, or
parts...consider Bartell as your full-service solutions provider. For over 60
years, people have depended on us to respond with a wide array of products and
services quickly, professionally, and with the greatest regard for their
concerns. You can count on us now and over the long term to be there when you
need us. Our relationship with you is our primary focus.

Bartell is a recognized leader in the manufacture of equipment with over 8,000
pieces in operation worldwide. Our products and services are utilized by
hundreds of companies in diverse industries including wire and cable,
telecommunications, electric utilities, medical/dental, aerospace, automotive,
jewelry, oil and gas exploration, tire manufacturing, shop floor automation, and
musical instruments.

We'd be pleased if you would consider discussing your project requirements with
us. You can rely on the team here at Bartell to take good care of you.

City: Boulder City
Category: High-Voltage Measurement Hardware
Barth Electronics Inc has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art,
fast-pulse, high-voltage measurement hardware for over 40 years. Our ability to
produce and measure the fastest controlled pulses by complete software selection
of parameters is unequaled in the ESD testing industry. We offer both package
and wafer testing capability.

Our first high voltage pulse instrumentation hardware was designed for
underground nuclear testing, and taught us much about reliable wideband HV
attenuators. These "special" products have become "standards" and are used every
day for reliable pulse measurements in physics and pulse power laboratories
around the world. Our instrumentation advances developed as high voltage pulse
technology evolved and are consistently faster than previously generated pulses.
We stay at the leading edge of this technology by constantly creating
innovations in component design that you require now, or will need tomorrow.

Barth Electronics Inc stands behind every high quality product that goes out our
door. All testing by Barth Electronics Inc is done through our Boulder City,
Nevada facility only. When you receive a system from Barth Electronics Inc you
can be assured that the quality and workmanship that goes into producing it are
among the highest in the world. That is why Barth Electronics Inc stands alone
when we offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee on all of our systems.

City: Cary
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Manufacturers of printed circuit boards and interconnect services.

City: Lake George
Category: Abrasives
For over 125 years, Barton has produced the world's highest quality abrasives
for water jet cutting, coatings removal, surface preparation and other
specialized applications. Barton is the pacesetter in abrasive water jet
technology, offering the only comprehensive line of high performance hard rock
(HPX) and alluvial (HPA) water jet abrasives plus spare parts for water jet
systems. Our full line of Mil Spec and CARB approved blasting abrasives provide
superior safety and maximum productivity for all industrial applications.

City: Norwood
Category: Gas Detection Products
Manufacturers of gas detection products.

City: Lyons
Category: Gas Analyzers
Baseline-Mocon Inc was first established in 1969 as Baseline Industries
Incorporated, Baseline - Mocon is known as an industry leader in the development
and manufacture of gas analyzers. Acquired by Mocon in 2001, Baseline - Mocon
manufactures and markets a full line of advanced gas monitoring
instrumentation.Baseline - Mocon analyzers employ several principals of gas
analysis including gas chromatography, continuous monitors and portable
instruments. The product line also includes a variety of complimentary products
such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support
gas generators, and data acquisition systems. Designed for optimum reliability,
compactness and operational simplicity, Baseline - Mocon products meet the
growing demand for Indoor Air Quality, Outdoor Air Quality, Mud logging and
Specialty Gas.

City: Mount Olive
Category: Wide Range of Chemicals
Our portfolio ranges from basic petrochemicals and in organics primarily for
captive use to intermediates and specialties for all areas for customers. The
most important customer industries for our products are the pharmaceuticals,
construction, textile and automotive industries.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Machine Tools
Basic Incorporated Group (hereinafter B.I.G.), is a unique composite of machine
tool oriented companies, characterized by the "deepest" yet the "broadest"
possible spectrum of machine tool involvement.

Over the years, sales in the USA have steadily increased. For half a century,
Basic sold all types of machine tools. Their successes with fabrication machines
has caused them to now concentrate on brakes and shears and phase out many other
type of machines, such as lathes, grinders, mills, drills, etc.

City: Highland
Category: Electrical Products
Basler Electric is a closely held Sub ''S'' Corporation with worldwide
headquarters in Highland, Illinois. There are also facilities in Caraway,
Arkansas, Taylor, Texas, Piedras Negras and Sabinas, Mexico, Wasselonne, France,
and Jiangsu Province, China. We have 1,100 employees working in these facilities
who concentrate on the needs of our customers and then develop the products to
meet those needs.

Basler's Quality Policy applies to all Basler manufacturing facilities and
utilizes the same Quality System that is designed to comply with the requirement
necessary to obtain the ISO certifications already received.

The system stresses problem prevention, continuous process improvement, and
compliance to well-documented procedures that involve all employees, suppliers
and associates. It encompasses all phases of quality planning, audit methods,
quality records, work instructions, and test and inspection procedures. It
establishes controls throughout the entire organization to ensure conformance to
requirements in all departments of the company. It also ensures meeting quality
objectives and minimizes the possibility of compromises that could affect
product quality and reliability.

City: Baton Rouge
Category: Electronics
We design, fabricate, install, maintain and train on specialized television
systems for the heavy industrial market.

A Bass Electronics CCTV system normally includes all equipment, materials,
cabling and customized documentation to provide expeditious on-site

Our competence stems from the fact that this is our only endeavor and has been
for over thirty years. We have made and corrected the mistakes that others are
yet to make.

City: Hayward
Category: Precision Machine
With 125 years of combined experience, we can offer expert assistance with
problem solving, design modification and production scheduling.

We offer four axis total contouring CNC manufacturing and custom machining. Our
state-of-the-art, integrated manufacturing system assures consistent,
cost-effective, on-time operations.

Established in 1975, Bateman Manufacturing Co Inc currently occupies a full
service, self-contained, precision machine shop in the San Francisco Bay Area,
near the Hayward Air Terminal in Hayward, California.

City: New York
Category: Precision Stampings
Batten & Allen was established over 30 years ago, and since that time the
company has built a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of
precision stampings.

We meet the needs of a wide range of industry sectors - from electrical and
electronic to medical from automotive to telecommunication and computers.

The company has maintained a continuous programme of investment not only in
technology for manufacturing, testing and inspection, but also in the competence
of its workforce. Many of the systems and technologies we use every day are
unique to us, and help us to achieve unbeatable levels of accuracy and

We produce a comprehensive range of open tool single in-line and dual in-line
lead frames for the Hybrid and Thick Film industries. We also work together with
clients to design and develop components for their specialised requirements.

City: Saint Louis
Category: Batteries
At BHS, we know that offering our customers the broadcast possible product line
is important. But we know that offering them the best service in the industry is
critical. That's why we are committed to total customer service and support. At
the time you purchase a piece of our equipment, and throughout its long life,
every BHS product is guaranteed against defective parts and workmanship for 13
months. And every product is backed by our nationwide network of qualified
distributors, ready to provide the sales, service and installation support you
need. And the trust you deserve.

BHS builds quality and innovation into every product and component we deliver.
It begins with the structural integrity of our steel components and continues to
crucial mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering processes. Our
equipment is held to the toughest standards in the industry, including rigid
controls that guarantee consistent performance today ? and tomorrow.

Just as important, BHS understands that your needs change over time. So we offer
products that grow along with you. Whatever your battery handling needs, BHS has
a solution that's right for you. A solution that will meet any workload demand -
and any budget requirement.

City: City of Industry
Category: Laptop Batteries
We take pride in our products and our manufacturing process, striving to be the
"best in the business" of manufacturing laptop batteries and accessories. Our
motto is - "to offer products and services that meet or exceed our customers'

City: Sunrise
Category: Batteries & Accessories
Welcome to, the worldwide web's leading provider of all types of
batteries, battery chargers and accessories! We are committed to providing you
with the highest level of customer service and superior products. If you believe
that Battery-Web can improve our service in any way, please contact us at or call us toll free at 877-746-2288. Our goal is to make
your on-line shopping experience enjoyable, convenient and speedy.

We are distributors for many major battery manufacturers including B&B Battery,
CSB, Dynasty, Energy Plus laptop batteries, Hawker, Odyssey, Optima, Panasonic,
Power-Sonic, Yuasa, and Universal. is your one stop battery
cyber shop.

City: Alhambra
Category: Batteries
Battery World Center is a manufacturer specializing in the assembly and
rebuilding of rechargeable Ni-CD & Ni-MH battery packs for both industrial &
household electronics, as well as for OEM applications. We also have a complete
line of batteries such as lead-acid, lithium, coin cells, alkaline and heavy
duty. With our advance facilities, we can make any type of battery pack to
conform with customer's specifications. Batteries we use are Certified ISO 9001
and a high quality level, resulting from continuous tests, is guaranteed.
Battery World Center also make replacement battery packs for cellphones,
laptops, shavers, medical equipments, two-way radios, camcorders, 900 MHZ phones
& cordless phones and others. The solution to all your battery problems!

City: Natick
Category: Electro-Optical Instruments
Bauer designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electro-optical instruments,
from straightforward components to full systems meeting the most demanding and
unique requirements. We can build an instrument according to a customer's
detailed design or rough concept. Or, we can start with a clean slate and
combine the most suitable technologies in an innovative new approach. We also
perform various consulting, contract R&D, and contract manufacturing work.

City: La Verne
Category: Vibration Fixture & Test System
Baughn Engineering, with our unparalleled history of custom engineered vibration
fixture and test system designs, provides our customers with unique solutions to
meet their specific requirements. With over 30 years of custom engineering
experience, we offer the dynamic test industry the most extensive library of
proven vibration fixture designs available. Our in-house design and analysis
capabilities provide our customers with the assurance that we will consistently
and expediently supply a fixture or system that supports their specific test

Baughn Engineering is a direct OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier to
many major electro dynamic and hydraulic shaker manufacturers worldwide. Using
our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA)
capabilities, our fixture designs are thoroughly "tested" and proven to meet our
customer's specifications before actual manufacturing begins. Modal analysis of
our completed products is also available. Aside from our OEM customers, we
provide products and services to aerospace, automotive, electronic, and
commercial companies throughout the world. We take great pride in our record of
customer satisfaction and the volume of repeat business we receive.

City: Southington
Category: Precision Sensors
Baumer Electric manufactures and sells high quality sensors worldwide. Since the
company's founding in 1952, Baumer electric has been developing and researching
innovative, marketable sensor solutions to meet the high demands of its
customers. Baumer electric is headquarted in Frauenfeld in Switzerland and
employs about 560 people. The group has around 1250 employees worldwide. An
extensive distribution network guarantees coverage.

Our products and services meet the short and long-term requirements of
international local markets. In co-operation with our customers we work out
requirement-based sensor solutions - in many projects we help our customers to
find the optimum sensor solution right from the start.

City: Bloomfield
Category: Motion Control Systems
Baumuller Hartford was founded in 1996 in Bloomfield.Bloomfield is located on
the east cost of the United States, in the state of Connecticut - approximately
five miles north of Hartford, the state´s capitol.

Baumuller Hartford invested more than 16.5 million dollars for new facilities. A
building with a total of 6500 square feet was constructed to serve our customers
better and faster. We warehouse spare parts, motors and drives.

City: Rochester
Category: Eye Health Products
Bausch & Lomb is the eye health company, dedicated to perfecting vision and
enhancing life for consumers around the world. Its core businesses include soft
and rigid gas permeable contact lenses and lens care products, and ophthalmic
surgical and pharmaceutical products. The Bausch & Lomb name is one of the best
known and most respected healthcare brands in the world. Founded in 1853, the
Company is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Bausch & Lomb's 2004 revenues
were $2.2 billion; it employs approximately 12,400 people worldwide and its
products are available in more than 100 countries.

Bausch & Lomb has three product lines: Vision Care, Surgical, and

City: Menlo Park
Category: Automation & Controls
Bay Advanced Technologies, LLc provides innovative solutions to automation and
control applications and has done so since 1963. Bay Advanced Technologies,
formerly Bay Pneumatic, pioneered the changing course of industrial distribution
through the creation of a value-added engineering and assembly services
department. Those efforts culminated in the creation of our Engineered Systems
Division in 1972, which was established to assist customers in the design,
development and assembly of application-specific automation control systems. We
expanded the reach of our services by establishing our Austin Integrated Systems
Division in Austin, Texas, in 1993 and further strengthened our strategic
capabilities through the acquisition of a precision Fabricated Materials
Division in 2001.

City: San Jose
Category: Product Identification Components
Looking back to 1980 and the company we founded in my garage, I'm humbled by how
Bal has grown. Our team of nearly 200 professionals is much more than
that-together we make up the Bal family.

Our success is based on the philosophy, "do what you say you're going to do, and
do it right the first time." Our valued customers depend on our commitment to
delivering high-quality products on time that exceed their expectations. For
over 25 years, this proven performance set us apart from our competitors.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you what Bal can do. Find out for
yourself why we are the total one-source solutions company.

City: Menlo Park
Category: Cable, Wire & Interconnect Products
Bay Associates has been serving the cable, wire and interconnections industry
for almost 40 years. As your cable partner, Bay Associates can provide you with
the most advanced cable and interconnect designs available today.

Whatever the application, our in-house engineering team of compound, process and
electronic engineers can design creative solutions to your specifications and
needs. Bay Associates is dedicated to providing the finished look you desire and
our inside sales engineers are committed to helping you reduce your product to
market cycle time, consolidate your approved vendor lists and limit your
in-house inventory. We provide quality products and services...when you need
them. Bay Associates is truly "World-Class Cable Capable" us for all your
cable, wire and interconnect needs."

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Electronic Chemicals
HC Starck is an international group of companies with more than 3,400 employees
at 14 production sites in Europe, North America and the Far East.

HC Starck produces an assortment of refractory metal powders that is unique the
world over, including tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rhenium as well
as their compounds (borides, carbides, nitrides, oxides, silicides, sulfides). A
further production focus centers on thermal spray and advanced ceramic powders,
nonferrous metals, such as nickel and nickel salts, as well as boron and boron

In addition to metal powders, semi-finished and finished molybdenum, tungsten,
tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium and nickel products and their alloys are
manufactured. Further to the production of standard components, HC Starck is
your partner for the manufacture of components according to customers'
specifications. Our experts provide answers and solutions to your challenges and
problems in all areas ranging from construction to alloying, especially for
customized components. As a further service HC Starck offers the extrusion of
molybdenum and TZM.

City: San Francisco
Category: Optical Instrument
Established in 1983, Bay Optical Instrument is the inventor of the Ergo
Adapter(TM) a workplace-inspired device that has revolutionized the use of
stereomicroscopes in laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the United

Bay Optical designers bring more than 20 years of on-site experience with
microscopes and applied optics to product development. Actively involved in
microscope ergonomics in the industrial, medical and education sectors for more
than a decade, they have developed high quality technologies that directly
address real workplace problems. In fact, years of industrial usage by
technicians in major corporations such as Boeing Aerospace, Hewlett Packard and
IBM have significantly reduced cumulative stress disorders and set new standards
for company ergonomic programs.

City: Oakland
Category: Rubber Products
Manufacturers of an array of quality rubber products.

City: Port Washington
Category: Motion Control Products
Parker Bayside is one of the leading innovators within the motion control
industry. Through solid engineering programs, Parker Bayside manufactured
products continue to drive motion control standards. Parker Bayside product
lines include: linear positioning systems, servo motors & drives and precision
gearmotors/gearheads. Parker Bayside products are used in a wide range of
industries including fiber optics, semiconductor, bio-medical, packaging and
aerospace. Whether Engineers need a single component or a total solution, Parker
Bayside offers design flexibility and high quality in readily available

City: Bay St Louis
Category: Remote Site Management Solutions
Bay Tech offers remote site management solutions to keep system administrators
informed and in control. Our products can help you respond more quickly to
issues, cut down on "truck roll" visits to distant sites, improve your ROIs and
sustain a competitive edge.Bay Tech provides real-time solutions for critical
situations. Your advantage depends on it.

City: City of Commerce
Category: Batteries
BB Battery, a subsidiary of Haw-Di-I Foods Co Ltd, has been serving the global
marketplace since 1992. The combination of company owned facilities, a strong
distribution network and international sales offices allows BB Battery to truly
provide worldwide service. BB Battery produces highly specialized batteries
utilizing the most recent high tech equipment and manufacturing methods from the
US and Japan. BB Battery's factory in Guang Dong, China is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO
14001 certified. It is approximately 1,000,000 sq. ft in size. The factory
currently accommodates 1,500 employees. Since full-scale production began,
shipping volume has doubled more than six times and is expected to maintain a
steady growth. As a direct result, we are adding more production shifts and
resources to fulfill our highly demanded products.

BB Battery's business goals closely follow the trend of a globally integrated
economy and actualize the precise plans of developing high tech, high efficiency
and quality products. Our goals are to provide high quality products and
exceptional service at competitive prices to our customers.

City: Ottawa
Category: Industrial Ethernet Switches
B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures data
communications products for commercial and industrial applications. We sell
throughout the world with primary markets being North America, Europe, Middle
East and Africa.

Our US headquarters in Ottawa, Illinois houses engineering, manufacturing,
service and warehousing. Our European headquarters, which provides service,
support and warehousing, is located in County Galway, Ireland.

In addition to manufacturing products, B&B is a value-added distributor for
other quality vendors. This gives B&B the depth to solve most any data
communications problem and be a one-stop source for data communications

Our culture is one of absolute devotion to the customer, always acting with
integrity and honesty, having fun, producing outstanding quality products and
service, and providing our customers with the highest value.

City: Anaheim
Category: Fasteners
For nearly 30 years, B&B Specialties Inc has specialized in the manufacturing of
quality socket screws and specials available through our distributor partners.
We continue that tradition of sales and support today. We do not compete with
you, we are your vendor.

B&B manufacturers socket screws for those customers requiring a quality,
domestically produced fastener. A significant portion of our production is for
the military, aircraft and aerospace markets. We also produce fasteners to
specific customer requirements or what may be characterized as "specials".

Our manufacturing plant is located in Anaheim, California where all of our
production is performed. Our cold forming and thread rolling capability ranges
from .060 through 5/8" diameters and up to 5" in length. Fastener head styles
most commonly produced are socket head, flat head and button head though we are
not limited to those configurations. Materials used are Alloy Steel, 300 series
SS, A286, Monel, K-Monel, 316 SS, 410 SS, Silicon Bronze, Brass, 13-8 and 17-4.

City: Forest Hill
Category: Precision Machine Shop
B&B is a precision machine shop whose goal since 1994 has been to meet and
exceed our customers' expectations.

Our primary method of machining is Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and
have now added RAM EDM to our in-house operation. We have the latest
state-of-the-art equipment from Sodick Inc. Our capabilities include precision
die and mold tooling, grinding, complex 4 axis machining, prototype and
production wire electrical discharge machining. B & B Precision Wire EDM is a
government supplier currently registered with CCR (Central Contractor
Registration), ITAR (International Traffic In Arms Regulations) and ORCA (Online
Representations and Certifications Application). We are anxious to discuss your
project, no matter how complex it may be.

City: Irvine
Category: Motherboards
BCM is a worldwide provider of motherboard solutions for the OEM, embedded and
PC markets. BCM Advanced Research was founded in 1990, and later merged with GVC
International (Taiwan) in 1994 to complement their one billion dollars
organizational, focusing on supporting the OEM computer-related market. This
alliance formed a strong and successful partnership, along with a worldwide
reputation for the quality of design, development and manufacturing expertise of
PC motherboards.

In February 2000, BCM separated from GVC, in order to focus more on the vertical
market applications of its products. While the company continues to support the
PC segment with leading edge, quality Intel and AMD compatible motherboards.

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