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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Setauket
Category: Power Supplies & Related Products
BC Systems designs and manufactures military and commercial power supplies.
Among Its major customers are Aydin, BAE, Boeing, IBM, Lockheed/Martin, MBDA,
Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Smith Aerospace, Telephonics, the US Government and
several international customers.

City: Overland Park
Category: Solenoid Valves
B/C Valve Company manufactures a wide range of 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves
in brass, stainless steel, polymer and polymer alloys with sealing options from
Nitrile to Teflon. This ensures that we will either have a standard valve to
meet your application or we can modify a standard valve to meet your specific
requirements. However, if your application demands a custom solenoid valve, we
have the engineering and manufacturing experience to design, build, test and
deliver the right solution every time.

City: Huntley
Category: Plastic Gear Pump
B&D Pumps was incorporated in 1993 on the strong foundation of over fifteen (15)
years of gear pump specialization. Our UGP Gear Pump Line was developed in
response to a strong customer demand for a small positive displacement pump with
quality, size and energy efficiency as top priorities.

B&D Pumps has been the industry and technological leader in gear pump
innovation. Our products are trusted in applications in over six (6) countries
worldwide, in precision applications such as Cooling Systems, Beverage
Dispensing Equipment, as well as providing educational assistance to our
astronauts during missions aboard NASA's Space Shuttles aboard the MIR Space

City: Brooklyn
Category: Rotary Piston & Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pumps
Beach-Russ Company has been manufacturing rotary piston and rotary vane high
vacuum pumps and complete hybrid vacuum systems since 1898 primarily for
industrial market and rugged application. Over nine decades the company has been
family owned and operated, providing excellent quality products with most
applications engineers in the vacuum industry today.

Beach-Russ vacuum pumps can solve the toughest chemical processing application
by using Teflon-glass internals and choice of three way lubrication. Due to our
unique design, durable material and ultimate workmanship Beach-Russ pumps runs
for years with little or no maintenance. Our in house facility, right from
machining to testing ensures the highest quality pumps in the market.

Beach-Russ Company leading by Mr C.A. Beach (President) having more than 20
years of experience in vacuum pumps supported by Mr. Arthur T. Beach working for
more than 50 years in the company.

Beach-Russ has gain repeat orders due to extra ordinary longer life of the pump
and performance. Beach-Russ has been winning customer's trust and confidence by
proving it's capability, product quality and after sales service through out
these years and will be for up coming years...

City: Dover
Category: Dynamic Measurements
Beacon Dynamics provides sensors, signal conditioning and PC based data
acquisition systems for mechanical and process testing. Vibration, stress,
strain, pressure, linear and angular position, temperature and other sensors can
be amplified, filtered and conditioned (previously known as the Syminex SX500
and M1000 products). High speed, real-time PC based data acquisition and
analysis systems are available for lab or field measurements. Customer focused
environmental lab vibration measurement systems, PC based, lead the industry in

City: Hillside
Category: Meat Processing Equipment
Since 1947 Beacon Inc has been supplying high quality stainless steel equipment
for the further processing of meat and poultry. Our extensive product line
allows the processor to fill their equipment needs all in one place.

Our managers of engineering, production and operations offer the processor over
77 cumulative years of experience designing and manufacturing customized

City: Bridgeport
Category: Contact Pins
Innovation, Quality, Responsiveness. Customers have used these words to describe
Bead Industries for nearly 100 years. Whether you call on Bead Electronics for
components or our famous Bead Chainģ, you know you'll get products that meet the
highest standards - yours. Bead Industries also owns Sturge Industries in the
United Kingdom, one of the largest and most advanced chain production facilities
in the world, and McGuire Manufacturing, a CT-based producer of high-quality
commercial plumbing supplies for over 50 years.

Bead Electronics is a leading manufacturer of swaged, custom-designed contact
pins for the automotive, telecom, PC board and connector industries. Through its
partnership with United Machine Group, the company also sells automatic
insertion equipment, offering customers both pins and machines.

City: San Carlos
Category: Laser Cutting
Beam Dynamics Inc is a privately held company established in 1996 and located in
San Carlos, California. Beam designs, manufactures and markets a variety of
flexible laser cutting centers for the graphics, sign, industrial and specialty
uses. The company pioneered the area of Digital Cutting Centers with its Lumen
line of products for the printed graphics market.

City: Winter Park
Category: Advanced Measurements
Beam Engineering for Advanced Measurement Corporation (BeamCo) was founded by
leading scientists recognized the world over as pioneers in nonlinear optics of
liquid crystals. More than 20 years of fundamental research, generously funded
by governmental and advanced technology agencies in many countries, revealed the
potential of nonlinear optics of liquid crystals for triggering unique
applications and opportunities in laser and photonics technologies.

The basis of BeamCo's liquid crystal technologies is the phenomenon, predicted
and discovered by the officers of the company, that liquid crystals can be
reoriented by the electric field of light beams. The discovery of this
phenomenon opened up a wealth of new opportunities. Like the phenomenon of
reorientation of liquid crystals by electric fields led to a revolution in
display technology, BeamCo has provided solid evidence that the phenomenon of
reorientation of liquid crystals by light fields will lead to revolutionary
advances in photonics (including all-optical communication).

BeamCo was jump-started by the Small Business Innovative Research program (SBIR)
of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization in 1996 for the development of
technology aimed at replacing the "medieval" techniques (based on knife edges,
rotating drums, etc.) presently used for laser beam measurement and
characterization. BeamCo's Beam-meters use transparent, thin layers of liquid
crystals for direct measurement of absolute power density (W/cm2) and beam
quality of focused laser beams. In addition to unique operational features, the
price range for complete characterization of the laser beam profile in the focus
(where it matters!) will be reduced by an order of magnitude. Inexpensive CCD
cameras, readily available for visible radiation, are being transformed by
BeamCo into broad band (visible to far infrared) laser beam imaging devices with
the aid of the optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals.

City: Marietta
Category: Calibration Equipment
Beamex is a manufactures & markets high precision and high quality calibration
equipment and systems.

City: Portland
Category: Laser Products
Beam Of Light Technologies markets the world's finest precision crafted laser
pointers. We offer unbeatable pricing on our green beam laser pointers.

City: Westlake Village
Category: Automated Multi Process Assembly System
Beam Works Ltd was established in 1998, was the first company in the world to
develop an Automated Multi Process Assembly System that incorporates Dispensing,
Pick & Place, Laser Soldering and Inspection capability for surface mount

Beam Works Ltd designs, manufactures and sells assembly, soldering and
inspection solutions for the Electronics industry.

Beam Works' products express the company philosophy to provide the PCB Assembly
Industry with flexible solutions to meet customer needs in different sectors and
applications. Our systems are designed to increase productivity, improve the
quality of products and shorten production and delivery time.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Bearings, Oil/grease Seals
BRC supplies bearings, oil/grease seals and related components to Original
Equipment Manufacturers. We purchase and stock for OEMs who wish to take
advantage of our 15 years of experience in global sourcing to maintain quality
at competitive prices. Our company has developed distributor relationships with
ISO certified factories around the world.

City: Palm Desert
Category: Ball Bearing
Manufacturers of ball bearing, ceramic hybrid bearings, roller wheel bearings,

City: Portland
Category: Tools
As a US manufacturer, our fundamental mission is to provide quality tools and
services for those of you engaged in the repair, rework, R & D, testing, and
assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards. In collaboration
with you and our distributors we hope to design, manufacture, and deliver the
correct tools you require, as we seek to balance the cost of a quality tool with
the budgetary requirement of modern manufacturing. We strive to keep pace with
the latest developments in component and assembly technologies; to meet your
most demanding needs for tools; to do business your way.

City: Croghan
Category: Die Cut Products
Beaverite Corporation is a leading provider of advanced die cut solutions. Since
1927, we have built a reputation for quality products, quick turnaround time and
exceptional customer service.

Beaverite is QS-9000/ISO-9001 registered and a 100% Employee Owned Company
through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We have been a Tier 1 Supplier
to the automotive market since 1957.

City: Rockford
Category: Industrial Furnaces & Equipment
We produce a complete line of heat treating equipment, including internal quench
furnace, batch furnace, temper furnace, tip up, nitriding, atmosphere furnace,
box furnace, car bottom, vacuum, roller hearth, belt, pit furnace, and companion

City: LaMarque
Category: Industrial Grade Products
Bebco Industries, Incorporated operates three Divisions that manufacture high
quality industrial grade products for the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical,
aero-space, utility, off-shore and waste-water treatment industries.

In tandem, Bebco's three Divisions provide the ultimate solution for the
protection of equipment and personnel in harsh industrial environments. Look to
Bebco as your ultimate source for professional quality and service.

City: Brundidge
Category: Electronics Contract Manufacturer
BEC is an experienced Electronics Contract Manufacturer located in Brundidge,
Alabama providing a single source for complete product assembly, packaging, and
testing. Whether your assembly is prototype to production quantities, we have
the resources necessary to guarantee a quality product, at a fair price,
delivered on time. BEC has recently become a manufacturer's representative for
evaporative cooling systems and wildlife game cameras.

City: Upper Marlboro
Category: Precision Machining
The Bechdon Company Inc located in the Baltimore/Washington area has been
serving the Commercial, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial manufacturing
community since 1966. Our large modern facility in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was
built in 1990. Encompassing 53,000 square feet, it houses over 100 pieces of
equipment. We offer a broad range of large and small precision machining,
utilizing both manual and CNC technology. Large welded fabrications, including
precision frames, custom vacuum chambers, and related components are
manufactured at our facility. Helium leak testing is offered as part of our
vacuum technology services. Painting and chemical film processes to both
Mil-Spec and industrial requirements are available. Quality Control equipment
and procedures carefully monitor all inspection functions and meet ISO-9002

City: Cuyahoga Falls
Category: Vacuum Pumps
With air. It surrounds us. At first it appears to us as an empty space
impossible to perceive: not to be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted. That is
why we say: Creating something out of the void.

But nevertheless, we can vividly experience the elemental force of the air. When
the wind is blowing. When a bird, an aeroplane or a famous ski flier is flying.
Or when we are savouring fresh air...

The invisible - the visible. Progress was and is stimulated by scientific and
production considerations of air and vacuum. Today no modern hospital, or
printing shop would be able to work without air technology. Food packaging and
semiconductor fabrication would come to a standstill. Many modern industrial
processes are only possible under vacuum. Suction and blast air guarantee
precise and quick handling in production. To cut a long story short: Air is a
medium that is in motion, that sets something into motion.

Of course there are also castles in the air that do not move anything. Thinking
brings the decision - and that is all true with the Gebr. Becker engineering
factory founded in 1885. Today, a convincing business idea points towards the
future: Becker turns air into power.

City: Burnsville
Category: Automation Products
Beckhoff Automation provides advanced, open automation products based upon
proven technologies so that customers can implement high performance control
systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLc and Motion
Control systems.

The parent company Electro Beckhoff GmbH was founded in 1953, and in 1980
created a new division called Beckhoff Industrie Elektronik to develop
innovative automation systems, since 1986 based upon real-time PC based control
technology. Since then, through an aggressive and continuing commitment to new
product development, Beckhoff has grown rapidly into a global automation
solutions company.

City: Fullerton
Category: Biomedical Testing Instruments
Beckman Coulter Inc is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument
systems, tests and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes.
Spanning the biomedical testing continuum-from pioneering medical research and
clinical trials to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing-Beckman
Coulter's 200,000 installed systems provide essential biomedical information to
enhance health care around the world. The company, based in Fullerton, Calif.,
reported 2004 annual sales of $2.4 billion with 64 percent of this amount
generated by recurring revenue from supplies, test kits and services.

City: Waynesboro
Category: Pipe Fittings
Under the Beck name, we manufacture and sell Plumbing and Industrial Products to
authorized Wholesalers and PVF Distributors. Our Steel and PVC Electrical
Conduit Fittings are sold to authorized Electrical Distributors under the trade
name Picoma.

Plumbing, Industrial and Electrical Conduit Pipe Fittings are warehoused and
shipped from our Greencastle, Pennsylvania Distribution Center and from major
cities across the United States.

Plumbing and Industrial Pipe Nipples and Couplings are also warehoused and
shipped from our Santa Fe Springs, California facility.

City: Bridgeport
Category: Thermoplastic Convenience Products
Beckson Manufacturing will provide customers with dependable thermoplastic
products and services that are superior to our competitors. Skilled, motivated
employees will work everyday to meet or exceed our customers' and shareholders'
expectations. For more than 40 years, our customer have know that they can rely
on us and use our brands with confidence.

City: Fenton
Category: Hydraulic Presses
Beckwood utilizes proven and standard designs that are tailored to our
customers' specific applications. We offer a variety of low cost, high-quality
hydraulic presses from 2-2000+ tons that provide value, durability, and
reliability. These presses can be made for virtually any industry, with an
unlimited amount of capabilities and options.

Beckwood has been in the manufacturing business for almost 30 years and has
built a trusted name in the fabricating community. We will provide a free
analysis and evaluation of all applications for a simple and affordable solution
in any industry.

Our philosophy of keeping things simple has allowed us to better serve our
customers, saving time and money by providing a value engineered approach.

City: St Louis
Category: Glass Forming
A highly qualified team of glass experts at BD Diagnostics - Accu-Glass, help
OEM manufacturers around the world solve problems with innovative, cost
effective solutions. Accu-Glass products and proprietary glass forming processes
allow the fastest response in the industry.

City: Eaglewood
Category: X-Ray Metrology
Bede has been at the forefront of applied X-ray metrology technology for over
twenty years. The company is widely acknowledged as a world leader in the X-ray
analysis of advanced materials such as semiconductors and thin films, and have
established a reputation for producing the best in high precision
instrumentation and software. More recently, the Bede Group has begun to develop
products for life sciences applications and collaborations have been formed with
leading life sciences companies. The Bede Microsourceģ X-ray generator is now
integrated into equipment being sold for applications including protein
crystallography and powder diffraction including the analysis of

City: Penacook
Category: Electrical Instruments
Beede Electrical Instrument Company designs and manufactures analog engine
instruments, instrument clusters, instrument panels, meter sending units and
meter movements for Marine, Automotive and Industrial applications and analog
panel meters, meter relays and meter relay controllers for Industrial

Beede provides custom movements in many styles of Air Core, Pivot & Jewel, and
Taut Band movements. The people of Beede believe the products they produce
represent the greatest value because they have proven to be the most durable,
most dependable, most precise instruments you can buy.

City: Ft Pierce
Category: Carry Cases
Bee has been manufacturing quality carry cases since 1984. Bee has won the
Supplier of the Year Award from Motorola and has received many accolades from
numerous large OEM's.

City: Fort Washington
Category: Precision Bearings
Beemer Precision Inc is devoted to our customers' sleeve bearing needs in powder
metal, cast bronze and non-metallic materials.

In our new powder metal manufacturing plant in West Chester, PA, we produce both
standard and special P/M parts using the latest technology in the industry. The
broadest array of standard sintered bronze bushings are warehoused and available
for immediate deliveries from our Fort Washington finish machining plant, with
shipments arranged in accordance with any production schedule or
inventory-reduction program you require.

Total corporate quality dedication, 60 years of experience, and state of the art
equipment produce bearings that are worthy of the products you have dedicated
your time and efforts to produce. We strive continuously to adhere to
traditional values, yet remain flexible to the demands necessary to achieve your
corporate goals.

City: Elyria
Category: Fluid Connectors & Couplings
Manufacturers of cam couplers and adaptors, ball valves, fittings and strainers
for fluid handling.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Power Products
Behlman is Internationally known for it's power products which can be found in a
wide range of applications from a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency converter / inverter
for product testing on a dusty factory floor to a multiple output DC supply for
the airborne environment of a speeding missile. For over 40 years Behlman has
delivered rugged, efficient, reliable power systems ranging from a few watts to
over 100,000 VA.

Behlman introduced the first AC power supply using vacuum tubes in the early
1950's. This was followed with the introduction of the first solid state AC
source in 1968. In the 1980's, advancements in digital technology enabled the
introduction of the first GPIB IEEE-488 interface for measurement and control of
AC power amplifiers. This was followed by a series of very efficient high power
switching amplifiers utilized primarily as frequency converters to replace motor

City: Morgantown
Category: Industrial Saws
Behringer Saws is the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, high
performance horizontal bandsawing machines, plate saws and power hack saws.
Behringer offers cost-effective, easy-to-use, superior saws designed to cut
ferrous and non-ferrous plates, tubes, profiles, and solids.

Behringer horizontal band saws employ a unique, parallel down-feed design that
is far superior to the industry's conventional swing-frame and vertical systems.
This design insures that the saw blade is kept parallel to the material being

Further benefits of the horizontal down-feed system are shorter cutting paths,
longer blade life, short remnant lengths, constant removal rate and equal weight
force throughout the entire cutting cycle.

City: Tustin
Category: Sensors
Solving unique applications for position sensing is the core strength of BEI
Duncan Electronics. Built on nearly 40 years of experience and growth through
the development of precision potentiometric devices, BEI Duncan has earned the
confidence of our customers. We've applied this same concept of response, design
and packaging expertise to today's emerging applications.

BEI Duncan produces industry's most cost-effective and reliable "contact" and
"non-contacting" sensors (precision potentiometric devices; position,
indicating, resistive or voltage reading devices, including encoders) for a
broad range of applications. From automotive to avionics, consumer to robotics,
instrumentation to heavy equipment, BEI Duncan products fill an important niche
wherever accuracy, reliablility, space-conscious devices are needed.

City: Goleta
Category: Motion Control Systems
BEI Industrial Encoder Division is part of BEI Technologies Inc which supplies
absolute encoders, incremental encoders, electromechanical motion control
systems and components for factory automation, speed and position control,
automotive and medical equipment.

The Industrial Encoder Division specializes in optical rotary shaft angle
encoders specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.

City: Shrewsbury
Category: Machining Service
BGMT is in the lead of machining technology in the magnetic material field. We
supply machining service to the manufacturers of rare earth permanent magnetic
material, and mainly provide the micro motor manufacturers with the ring magnet
of rare earth permanent material. We can cut the NdFeB and SmCo magnet block,
grind the square magnet to the circle magnet, drill the hole in the magnet, and
plate the NdFeB magnet with plating Nickel or electroless plating Nickel.
Especially we have great skill in drilling small hole and thin wall hole in the
NdFeB and SmCo magnet. We developed a new technology that was called ultrasonic
machining technology. Using this technology we can drill the small hole and thin
wall hole in the NdFeB and SmCo magnet at a high speed, and the rate of
qualification is higher than the general machining. So we can machine the NdFeB
and SmCo magnet in low price and high quality.

City: Sylmar
Category: Motion Control Systems
BEI encoders are among the highest quality absolute and incremental rotary
encoders and motion control components available today. We manufacture rugged,
reliable, rotary position sensors and signal conditioning electronics used for
demanding industrial

City: San Marcos
Category: Motion Control Solutions
Here at BEI KMD, we specialize in rotary and linear motion control products.

Our precision control products include high-speed performance Servo and
Brushless DC motors, Cylindrical and Flat Voice Coil Actuators, Linear Motors,
Drives and Control Electronics.

The BEI Kimco product offerings include tooled designs, which can be used as

We also bring you BEI Kimco Products & Motion Control Solutions and voice coil
actuators to suit specific applications.

City: Portland
Category: Voice & Data Products
For over 30 years, Bejed Inc has developed and manufactured superior
telecommunications products. What began as a small garage operation in 1972 has
grown into a global telecommunication products authority. Based in the
Northwest, with products manufactured in the USA, Bejed's products can now be
found all over the world.

Our specialty is optical fiber and copper distribution equipment. We directly
supply telephone companies and telecom distributors, as well as provide custom
products as an OEM to many other companies. Bejed offers an extensive, high
quality product line to meet the fiber distribution and special application
requirements of telecommunication users.

Bejed is determined to exceed customer expectations with the highest level of
integrity in product performance and customer service.

City: Williamston
Category: Blow Molding Machines
Bekum is a privately held company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and
manufacturing facilities in Bodenteich (Germany), Traismauer (Austria), S„o
Paulo (Brazil), and Williamston, Michigan (USA), with direct sales offices and
sales representatives in every major country across the world.

For more than 40 years Bekum has concentrated on providing innovative solutions
for the blow molding industry. Because blow molding is Bekum's only business,
Bekum offers the broadest range of high quality blow molding machinery, built to
the highest engineering standards.

Bekum is committed to customer satisfaction by providing practical solutions to
complex manufacturing challenges. Bekum blow molding systems offer unmatched
performance, durability and value.

City: Devon
Category: Modulation Monitors
Belar Electronics Laboratory Inc is the world's leading manufacturer of
modulation monitors, which are used by radio and television stations to monitor
important technical aspects of their broadcast signal. Belar also makes
frequency monitors, specialized AM receiving antennas, and other related
equipment for the broadcast industry.

Belar was founded in 1964 by the late Isobel ("BEL") and Arno ("AR") Meyer. Arno
Meyer is still the President and owner. They started Belar in the basement of
their house in Drexel Hill, PA, doing consulting and product design. The company
moved to larger facilities in Upper Darby, PA in the late 60's, and then to its
current location in Devon, PA in 1972.

The company was started to supply radio stations with the newly required FM
stereo monitoring equipment, and later expanded to supply equipment needed by
AM, shortwave, and TV broadcasters. Belar has always tried to offer products
with the highest performance possible at a reasonable price. The Federal
Communications Commission first used Belar monitors to verify their measurement
of commercial FM broadcast stereo performance standards in the mid-1960's. Since
then, Belar monitors have become industry standards, used as test instruments by
many broadcast industry manufacturers (such as transmitter companies, etc.) to
ensure that the products they make meet their specifications.

City: Pequannock
Category: Laboratory Products
Bel-Art Products is a leading manufacturer of products for use in the
laboratory. We also serve the industrial, safety, educational science and
packaging markets.

Successful family businesses are an endangered species in today's business
climate of corporate unrest and the loss of American jobs to organizations
overseas. Bel-Art Products is a thriving family owned business, not a corporate
giant. My parents founded the company over 57 years ago and today we continue to
strive to keep the core beliefs of our company alive.

We are committed to remaining independent, bringing out the best and most
innovative products we can, and to preserving manufacturing right here in

We appreciate your business and do not take it for granted. We understand that
we will have to work harder and smarter in the future to keep you as our
customer. If you need to reach out and talk to someone at Bel-Art, you will
reach an actual person and even the President if you need me!

City: Belding
Category: Industrial Sheet Metal
From its start in 1959, an industrial sheet metal company, Belco soon began
devoting its expertise to solutions for the aluminum extrusion industry,
supplying ovens and handling systems to extruders.

The company also focused on the paint finishing market, designing and
manufacturing washers, paint spray booths and air make-up units for use by
manufacturers of metal furniture, automotive components, and other metal parts.

Next, by applying our paint expertise to the aluminum extrusion industry, we
added extrusion painting equipment to our line, thus expanding our services to
that important market.

Most recently, metal fabricators have benefited from our development of high
pressure, fluid deburring equipment that provides an exceptionally effective,
environmentally friendly method of deburring, dechipping, or deflashing even the
most intricately tooled metal parts.

City: Monrovia
Category: Shrink Wrap & Heat Sealers
Founded in 1959 as a precision machine shop, Belco Packaging Systems Inc has
grown to become the largest manufacturer of shrink packaging and blister sealing
systems on the West Coast of the U.S.A.

Custom designed to the highest standards of machine performance, all Belco
machines are backed by a service and repair network -- part of our "problem
solver" philosophy.

In addition to manufacturing and servicing our own line of equipment, Belco
stands apart because we are also authorized distributors for a full line of
compatible materials and equipment. By selling and servicing compatible
equipment and supplies, Belco engineers can develop complete packaging systems
where required. This product line includes shrink materials and equipment,
blister sealers, skin packaging and die cutting equipment, automatic baggers and
wrappers, stretch wrappers and materials, carton sealers and tape, strapping
machines and conveyors. Belco can also rent equipment to customers with
short-term equipment needs.

As part of the continuing commitment to customer service, Belco can design and
install packaging systems that involve modified machinery and added options.
Belco delivers, installs, services, and sells parts for all equipment it
represents. The strong technical support staff provides fast, efficient service.

City: St Louis
Category: Electronic Cables
Manufacturers of high speed electronic cables and products for specialty
electronics, data networking & connectivity.

City: Broadview
Category: Universal Joints & Couplings
Founded in 1968, Belden's origins actually extend as far back as 1939. At that
time, three brothers established the Precision Machine Shop, which was to later
become Belden Incorporated.

Focusing on extensive product line development, the company rapidly expanded.
Belden prospered when it successfully began manufacturing high quality universal
joints for different applications, creating a primary focus for the company.

As the Belden line of universal joints continued to grow, the company determined
that it was time to create, manufacture and distribute the joints only under the
Belden logo. Since then, the Belden universal joint has become heralded as the
most precise and reliable universal joint on the market today. Belden's team of
professional design engineers is able to create and manufacture universal joints
to fill almost any and every application need.

City: Broadview
Category: Multiple Spindle Drilling & Tapping Machines
Belden Machine Corporation is a leading Manufacturer of multiple spindle
drilling and tapping machines, precision bore finishing machines, automated
machining systems and industrial gauging/inspection equipment. Belden machine
Corporation's position within the industry is secured by the philosophy of
precision and excellence prevalent throughout the company from customer
relations and service to the design and building of Belden's machining systems.

The employees at Belden are committed to ensuring that all company operations
contribute to customer satisfaction and to the manufacturing of superior quality

City: Jersey City
Category: Electronic Components
Bel helps make global connectivity a reality by manufacturing electronic
components for the computer, networking and telecommunication industries.
Partnered with the leaders in these markets, we develop new products for
emerging technologies that enable high speed communication. Our expanding
portfolio includes a range of complementary products from circuit protection
devices to power conversion modules, transformers and connector modules to
integrated line interface products. For over fifty years, we've used our
superior high volume manufacturing techniques to deliver quality products to the
global marketplace.

City: Danbury
Category: Actuators for HVAC Systems
Belimo has been designing, manufacturing and marketing electric actuators for
motorized control devices in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems
since 1975. The company's innovative, high-class technology ensures trouble free
operation for all kinds of HVAC control devices. This not only means greater
comfort and convenience, of course, but also greater safety for property and the
occupants of buildings.

Belimo products are helping to improve the economic performance of all kinds of
HVAC plant and equipment. The simple, well-thought-out designs of the company's
long-life actuators, made of top-quality materials, greatly reduce the cost of
installation and upkeep. Their excellent functionality and precision allow HVAC
systems to achieve optimum performance and so reduce power consumption.

City: Compton
Category: Interconnect Products
Belkin Corporation is the preeminent technology leader in connectivity solutions
for the computer and consumer electronics user. Since the inception of the
company in 1983, Belkin has enjoyed 19 consecutive years of dramatic growth with
gross sales exceeding $460 million worldwide FYE/2002. A remarkable result
compared to the $100,000 in sales of that initial year.

Our diverse product offering ranges from our award-winning USB BusStation?
modular hub system to our OmniView? KVM switches. We have a completely new line
of networking and broadband sharing products featuring state-of- the-art
networking switches, routers and NIC cards. Being the market share leader with
the SurgeMaster line of surge suppressors, Belkin offers the most comprehensive
warranties and features. Our new Regulator UPSes with their distinguished
aesthetic design deliver battery back-up power protecting your investment.
Rounding out the product offering are our wireless accessories, IEEE 1394
Firewire solutions, computer accessories, Audio/Video/Phone cabling and
accessories, and LAN Premise cabling and accessories. Let's not forget about the
widest selection of computer cables in the world. If you lined up all of the
cables Belkin has sold, it would encircle the earth four times over.

City: Goleta
Category: Precision Motion Devices
Bell-Everman Inc was formed by Michael S Bell in 1981 under the name Bell
Machine & Design. The company grew into a manufacturing role that included
Design for Manufacturability primarily in the aerospace and biomedical robotics
industries. A 1991 agreement and subsequent merger with Everman Mechanism Co
brought to the company several patents for innovative linear and rotary motion
devices, along with the inventor, Michael Everman. Our 5,000 sq. ft. facility
consists of prototype and NC machine shops and assembly areas, with engineering
and administrative offices.

City: Cedar Grove
Category: Wire Cloth, Wire MEsh & Woven Wire
Belleville Wire Cloth maintains one of the largest inventories of wire cloth,
wire mesh and woven wire made of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant
alloys in the United States. If required, many specifications can be shipped
within 24 hours.

Backed by over 80 years of experience we are approved suppliers to America's
largest corporations including GE, Raytheon, Rolls Royce, Delphi as well as the
U.S. Government. Our quality control conforms to military specification
MIL-I-45208 and Quality Management System certified to AS9100 / ISO9001:2000.
Certificate available on this site for printing. Manufacturing facilities
include automatic wire weaving looms, calendering, slitting, sintering,
soldering, brazing, welding, stamping, testing and assembly equipment.

City: Durham
Category: Scanners
B÷WE Bell + Howell offers a range of solutions for the document finishing and
conversion industry, including state-of-the-art hardware, leading-edge software
and unparalleled customer service. In addition, B÷WE Bell + Howell can provide
you with strategically designed financing packages that enable you to acquire
the solutions you need.

The new B÷WE Bell + Howell combines the Mail and Messaging Technologies (MMT),
Scanners and Financial Services businesses under one brand. This integration
provides B÷WE Bell + Howell's customers and potential customers with access to
the leading document finishing and conversion solutions developed and
manufactured by the pioneers of their respective industries.B÷WE Bell + Howell
has also licensed the Bell + Howell trademark for use on a host of electronic
and optics products.

City: Lawrenceville
Category: Refractometers & Polarimeters
For over eighty years Bellingham+Stanley has been one of the world's leading
manufacturers of Refractometers and Polarimeters.

Our expertise in optical engineering, electronics and software design has
enabled us to create instruments that are used extensively throughout the
world's food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries.

City: Brooklyn
Category: Non Ferrous Metals & Alloys
Belmont Metals was founded by George Henning in 1896 as a non ferrous scrap
dealership on Brooklyn's Belmont Avenue. Today, Belmont Metals Inc is an
exceptionally diversified and recognized source for a large variety of non
ferrous metal compositions and forms.

Belmont Metals offers over three thousand metal formulations and shapes, and
this number continues to grow. Belmont Metals will customize shapes, alloys,
sizes and quantities to meet your particular needs.

Belmont Metals operates an approximately 80,000 square foot facility which
includes state-of-the-art production and laboratory facilities. We are able to
meet your metals needs and deliver them to you in a timely fashion.

City: Riverside
Category: Vacuum Thermoformers
At Bel-O-Vac Industries, we design and manufacture all types of vacuum
thermoformers to meet any size and technical application at an economical
investment. Designed simplistically for speed endurance and ease of operation.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Lubrication
For a half century, Bel-Ray has been recognized as a leader in lubrication,
setting the highest standards of quality and performance in the aerospace,
automotive, aviation, energy, food, marine, military, mining, motorcycle, OEM,
steel and textile industries. Today's modern industries continue to benefit from
Bel-Rays innovative research and development. Bel Ray's answer to lubrication
problems allows industry to avoid the pitfalls and difficulties created by
today's mechanized systems.

In the laboratories at Bel-Ray Company's Corporate Headquarters in Farmingdale,
New Jersey, Bel-Ray responds to the challenge of maintaining its position of
world leadership. Perfected formulas are manufactured by Bel-Ray's ISO 9001
certified plant in Farmingdale, New Jersey and at Bel-Ray facilities around the
world, then distributed throughout the Bel-Ray Distribution Network to more than
100 countries.

The ability to respond to customer needs is critical to us. Bel-Ray
representatives travel the world to both monitor the performance of Bel-Ray
products in real-world applications and to observe new situations where Bel-Ray
expertise can help increase lubrication effectiveness. Whether at a food,
pharmaceutical or beverage production facility, a manufacturer of processing
equipment, Bel-Ray will be there responding to your needs with proper lubricant
recommendations, product availability, performance monitoring and technical

City: Cumming
Category: Industrial Belts
When you choose Belt Corporation of America as your supplier, a partnership is
formed. Our belts become an integral part of your final product and have a
significant bearing on its performance. We take this responsibility very

Our team of seasoned professionals uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
and the best materials available to assure you of a superior product. In
developing new products and selecting replacement belts, we are dedicated to
earning your complete satisfaction.

Our partnership is best achieved when initiated at the earliest stages of
product development. This enables us to meet your specifications with the
greatest possible cost efficiency.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself why our products are found in
many of industry's most demanding belt applications. We hope you will contact us
about your next belt challenge.

City: Kenilworth
Category: Belts
Belting Industries manufactures woven endless belts, seamless belts, endless
belts, flat belts, rubber covered belts, round braided belts, textile belts,
neoprene belts, urethane belts, drive belts, power transmission belts, spindle
belts, perforated belts, Mylar belts, film belts, EPDM belts, Hypalon and
transport belts for banking, printing ATM, woodworking, textile, business
machines, packaging, computer, medical, postal sorting, paper handling and mail
sorting equipment.

City: Agawam
Category: Metal Belts & Pulleys
Belt Technologies has been manufacturing metal belts and pulleys for over thirty
years! Since the first project, we've been helping engineers design belt systems
for wide-ranging applications in aerospace, medical equipment, electronics, food
processing, tobacco, automation and material handling.

There may be excellent applications for metal belts, perhaps even yours, that is
not considered in this format.

Belt Technologies Inc designs each product to unique specifications. It is
important to keep in mind that this disk cannot include every possible

City: Fullerton
Category: Custom Work Stations
Manufacturers of custom designed fully welded work sations.

City: Wood Dale
Category: Radio & Photographic Equipment
Manufacturers of Ham radio & photographic equipment.

City: Lynnfield
Category: Test Reticles & Related Services
Benchmark Technologies has built a solid reputation as the semiconductor
industry's leading supplier of masks, reticles and related services for
virtually all phases of lithographic and process evaluation.

We also specialize in providing custom products and services to the MEMS and
micro-photonics industries, and handle many challenging facets of design,
modeling, evaluation, data procurement and simulation, as well as mask and
reticle production.

Benchmark's expertise and solution-minded creativity can assist with every step
necessary for transforming your ideas into unique, leading-edge products.

City: Grass Valley
Category: Electrical Heating Elements & Controls
Benchmark Thermal has been a full line manufacturer of industrial heating
elements since 1984. Serving a wide variety of industries from food processing,
semiconductors, petrochemical, to medical devices, Benchmark has offered
innovative solutions for complex and technical applications.

Benchmark Thermal is your complete heater manufacturing facility, including a
machine shop for the fabrication of flexible, tubular and cartridge elements.
Our engineering department is fully equipped to meet any heater design
requirement. We provide product support with thorough testing and evaluation,
and are committed to the ongoing research and development of new and improved
products for evolving applications.

Since 1984 Benchmark Thermal has been delivering quality heating elements at
competitive prices. Our attention to detail and customer service is a benchmark
in the industry. From small flexible circuits to large circulation vessels with
control panels, Benchmark supplies a full range of heating elements essential to

City: Providence
Category: Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast, consistent, and economic means of removing
stubborn contaminants from all kinds of surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaners are
especially useful for precision cleaning of small parts that contain
contamination in small hard-to-reach crevices. The Bransonic table top
ultrasonic cleaners available here, now include the same high power and rugged
ultrasonic transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive,
electronics, and metalworking industries. These Langevin-type metal/ceramic
devices use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power.
Coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, you get the best possible
ultrasonic cleaning every time, all the time.

City: Exton
Category: Electrical Fault Monitoring & Protection Equipment
In business for over 60 years in the electrical safety industry. Thirteen
company offices and ninety-four sales offices worldwide. Thirty R&D engineers
working on the latest in ground fault protection products resulting in twelve

Over 150 UL-listed products including our state-of-the-art industrial GFCIs, One
of the first companies to be certified ISO9001.

UL508A panel shop for manufacturing custom ground fault protection power
distribution panels. Active membership in eight international electrical safety

City: Montvale
Category: Paints
Benjamin Moore & Co a Berkshire Hathaway company, has produced quality paint
since 1883, when the young Benjamin Moore, a recent Irish immigrant, began his
paint business venture with his brother, William, in a small building in
Brooklyn, NY.

The brothers began manufacturing a product called Calsom Finish, a calsomine
coating for walls and ceilings. The company made a profit the very first year.
William left the organization and Robert Moore, another of Benjamin's brothers,
contributed $2,000 and joined the venture. Shortly afterward, the present New
Jersey Corporation was organized and the firm moved to Newark, NJ.

Throughout the 20th century, new products developed rapidly, including washable
flat finishes, lead- free paints, and latex-based products. While steady growth
marked the first half of the century, the post WWII period experienced dramatic
results. Currently, Benjamin Moore & Co., now headquartered in Montvale, NJ,
produces paint in manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States
and Canada.

City: Sheffield Village
Category: Diverse Industrial Products
Founded in 1983, Benko Products is a major manufacturer of diverse industrial
products including: Sahara Drum Hot Boxes, Sahara Industrial Ovens, Mezzanine
Safety Gates, Hazardous Material Storage Buildings, and various material
handling equipment.

Recent expansion into a new manufacturing facility has increased Benko Products'
production capabilities and strengthened its reputation as a leader in the
marketing and manufacturing of industrial products.

City: Glenshaw
Category: Advanced Controls & Drives
Benshaw has been manufacturing the finest solid state motor controls since 1983.
Our dedication to making the best solid state starters and our commitment to
customer service has allowed Benshaw to become one of North America's leading
solid state starter manufacturers with various modern manufacturing facilities
across North America. The international headquarters is just outside Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania with an office located in the Pacific Southwest. The Canadian
manufacturing headquarters is located just west of Toronto, Ontario.

Our prime focus is the manufacturing of solid state reduced voltage motor
starters. Quality along with prompt service are the highest priorities at
Benshaw. Our goals are to develop relationships with our distributors and
customers that will help assure reliability by maintaining a policy of
understanding each and every application. Many times a system is designed,
engineered, built, tested and shipped all in one day.

City: North Falmouth
Category: Integrated Systems
Benthos Inc is a leading provider of high technology products and integrated
systems that are used for measurement, inspection, data collection and
communication in remote and challenging environments.

The Undersea Systems Division of Benthos, which includes the products of the
former Datasonics Inc provides geophysical survey systems, side scan sonar
systems, glass flotation spheres, acoustic releases, hydrophones, underwater
modems, pingers and other oceanographic products for both deep and shallow water

The TapTone Package Inspection Division of Benthos provides package inspection
systems to food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and personal care
processors. These systems are used to verify seal integrity, fill level, dud
detection, and find other defects in consumer packages.

City: Minden
Category: Machinery Protection Systems
Bently Nevada is the world's leading supplier of products and services for
delivering information on the mechanical and thermodynamic health of industrial
machinery and other assets. We have the largest installed base of machinery
protection and continuous condition monitoring systems in the world, and our
solutions are an essential part of an effective plant asset management strategy.

For over 40 years, we've helped our customers - today numbering over 25,000 -
protect and manage their machinery. More than just an instrumentation company,
we are world-renowned as machinery experts. With over twenty years of research
and development, we possess a deep knowledge of rotor dynamics, along with the
practical skill to troubleshoot and correct problems, gained through thousands
of field machinery diagnostic jobs over the last quarter century. Today we've
moved beyond just rotating and reciprocating machinery - our solutions can be
applied to virtually any plant equipment asset.

City: City of Industry
Category: Multimedia Speakers
Manufacturers of multimedia speakers systems including flat panel speaker line.

City: Providence
Category: Testing Instruments
Benz Materials Testing Instruments designs and manufactures instruments, systems
and software for testing paper, textiles, plastics, rubber, adhesives, ceramics,
metals and composites.

We custom design instruments for specific tests of gases, fluids and solids.

Our orientation is engineering. Our president, Ted Benz, has been designing
testing instrumentation for more than 20 years.

We were founded in 1967. We respond rapidly to customer needs and are known for
state-of-the-art, accurate equipment delivered quickly at competitive prices.

City: San Bruno
Category: Fingerprint Identification Systems
Bergdata Biometricsī main business is the development and sale of
fingerprint-based devices and of its very fast and reliable fingerprint
identification engine (bdfis - Bergdata Fingerprint Identification System).

Bergdata Biometrics GmbH was founded by C.D.V.I. Groupe, France in the year
2002. The company Bergdata Biometrics GmbH is originated from BERGDATA AG
(founded in 1996), where C.D.V.I. Groupe has taken over the assets (asset deal).

The biometrics engine (bdfis), that is now more than 6 years under constant
development is also available for DSPs (digital signalling processors) and
supports several fingerprint sensors of different vendors.

City: Las Vegas
Category: Electrical Safety Products
Setting the standard in the Temporary Lighting & Fluorescent Tube Guard Industry
for over 30 years. Bergen Industries has over 15 cable style units for every
application from construction sights to Christmas tree lots to sidewalk cafe's &

Serving the smallest to the largest Distributors across the country, Bergen has
guaranteed faster order processing and order shipping for almost three decades.

Our extensive line of Fluorescent lamp protectors (Tube Guards) range from
Matrix & all colors of the spectrum to standard T-8 & T-12 Clear Poly carbonate.

Now with Warehouses from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine it's easy to see
why Bergen is the clear leader in Electrical Safety Products.

City: Plymouth
Category: Motion Controls
Berger Lahr offers products, systems and complete solutions for positioning and
automation. We support you with comprehensive consulting and engineering
services - from the development stage through production and commissioning.

Berger Lahr is a company belonging to Schneider Electric Motion of the Schneider
Electric group and consists of the following companies.

City: Norman
Category: Small Wind Turbines
Bergey Windpower is the world's leading supplier of small wind turbines. With
installations in all 50 U.S. States and more than 90 countries, and an
international network of ~800 dealers, we have the products and experience to
put the wind to work for you.

At Bergey Windpower, we take pride in offering advanced-technology products that
let homeowners and businesses generate their own clean power and even spin their
utility meter backwards. Our turbines are also used for off-grid homes, for
rural electrification, and to boost the performance of solar electric systems.

City: San Rafael
Category: Precision Electronic Instrumentation
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision
electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has
its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional
manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States.

City: Richmond
Category: Motion & Machine Controls
Berkeley Process Control Inc (Berkeley), of Richmond, CA, a privately held
company founded in 1981, is the global leader in integrated motion and machine
control technologies. In its 20+ year history, this technology rich company has
helped revolutionize production in such diverse high-growth industries as
telecommunications/optical fiber, semiconductor equipment, and industrial
automation. Berkeley's unique and comprehensive controls architecture enables
state-of-the-art machine designs for today's automated factories. This high
level of integration facilitates faster time to market and greater machine
productivity and reliability for original equipment manufacturers.

A significant amount of the world's optical fiber is produced on machines
manufactured by Berkeley. The company produces leading edge equipment for many
of the optical fiber manufacturing steps, including controls for perform
production, draw tower controls and associated hardware and the manufacture of
machines for fiber proof testing, rewinding, and coloring. Currently, Berkeley
is the largest supplier of optical fiber and cable production equipment to one
of the world's largest fiber optics manufacturing operations, and the world's
largest combined fiber and fiber cable plant.

The company's ability to master the complex challenges of semiconductor wafer
handling has earned the respect-and the business-of some of the world's largest
semiconductor equipment manufacturing companies. Berkeley controls are in all
major semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the world today.

City: New Holland
Category: Copper & Fiber Optic Cable
Berk-Tek is the leading manufacturer of high-performance copper and fiber optic
cable in North America. For more than 40 years, the company has supplied cable
for high-performance premises networking, factory automation, computer
electronics, and telecommunications applications across the continent.

As a subsidiary of Nexans, Berk-Tek is part of the world's largest producer of
cable. As such, Berk-Tek is supported by a global network of companies that
include expertise in every aspect of the cable business: metallurgy, optical
fiber production, the manufacturing of all types of cable, applications
expertise, and customer services.

City: Livingston
Category: Industrial & Automotive Roller Bearings
Manufacturers of industrial & automotive roller bearings, and industrial sealing

City: Worcester
Category: Rugged Extrusion Equipment
Since 1962, the Berlyn name has symbolized solid, dependable and rugged
extrusion equipment. Berlyn Extruders Inc produces a wide range of extrusion
machinery including; complete systems, stand alone extruders, feeders, filters,
pelletizing and reclaim equipment, refurbished equipment, and after market spare
parts for most manufacturers.

City: Anaheim
Category: Control Valves
Founded in 1965, Bermad knows the value of a single drop of water and how best
to reap its full advantage. Today Bermad serves global customers in a wide range
of fields. Bringing together its expertise and know-how, leading-edge technology
and precision engineering, Bermad provides comprehensive customized solutions
for the control and management of water supply anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive fluid management systems are only as effective as their smallest
component, each part making a critical contribution to the whole. That's why
Bermad systems are based on control components that are designed, developed and
manufactured in-house.

Dedication to precision engineering is expressed in Bermad's ability to adapt
solutions to any customer need; to constantly integrate the latest, most
reliable manufacturing techniques; and to provide every customer with the most
comprehensive commercial and technical support in the world.

City: Houston
Category: Industrial Electric Valve Actuators
Bernard Controls Inc is based in Houston, TX. They are the direct subsidiary of
L. Bernard , a privately owned French company. L. Bernard, headquartered just
outside Paris in Gonesse, was founded in 1936. At that time the company was
engaged in the design and manufacture of electric motors. In 1950, the company
launched their electric actuator operations. Today, L Bernards S.A. ranks in the
top 5 among electric actuator manufacturers in the world.

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