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USA manufacturer database

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City: Garwood
Category: Precision Needle Roller Bearings
Smith Bearing(r) is a registered trademark of AccurateBushing Company. With over 50 years experience in designing andmanufacturing precision needle roller bearings, we can handle yourrequirements for standard aerospace and industrial bearings, as well ascustom manufactured special bearings, assemblies, and bushings.

City: Keene
Category: Super Precision Grinding Machines
Accura Technics, LLC is a manufacturer of ultra precisionmachining systems and products that can be utilized in a wide varietyof grinding and machining applications. These systems include:

City: Santa Ana
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Accurate Circuit Engineering has been creating PrintedCircuit Boards since 1965. Our specialty is Prototype Printed CircuitBoards.We have been in the business of creating printed circuit boards (PCBs)since 1965. In 1983, ACE opened for business in our current locationin the heart of Orange County, California's Silicon Beach. We earn ourexcellent reputation every day as one of the market leaders, making thebest-quality PCB prototypes--quickly.ACE is an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer of high-quality PCBprototypes and low-volume production, for companies who demand thehighest quality in the quickest time possible.ACE has developed an excellent reputation for consistent quality, on-time delivery and exceptional service. This reputation has earned ACE aloyal list of clients, including Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Sony,Rockwell, Raytheon, Allen Bradley, Hughes, Boeing, Sharp, Mitsubishi,SCI and Intel.We offer 24-hour turnaround on most PCB prototypes. We accept orders up

City: Denver
Category: Custom Cutting
Since 1965 specializing in Custom Cutting, Manufacturing &Production.

City: Yonkers
Category: Laminated Thermoset Plastics
Manufacturers of laminated thermoset plastics.

City: Fairfield
Category: Electronic Hardware Fasteners
ASM is a manufacturer of electronic hardware and fastenersspecializing in JIT delivery of the following product categories:bushings, captive screws, captive screw assemblies, handles, ferrules,locking fasteners, nuts, retainers, screws, self-locking devices,spacers, springs, standoffs, adapters, studs, security screws &washers.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Precision Slides
Accuride started as a small tool and die shop in 1962 inSouth Gate, California, producing top-quality slides for tape drivesand copy machines. Founder Fred Jordan entered a market eager for theincreasingly precise products and the company soon expanded to a 40,000square-foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.In the late 1960s, Accuride developed ball bearing slides for metaloffice furniture. The company's design engineers then took on the woodfurniture market, developing features such as breathing tabs to absorbtolerances in wood products.Accuride built its reputation on quality and ensures strict standardsare met by maintaining control over many manufacturing processes othersroutinely job-out. Progressive dies, roll forms, and plating lines arebuilt and maintained in house, as are other key tools and machinery.Today, still privately held, Accuride has more than 1 million squarefeet of manufacturing space around the world and is the largest companyin the world dedicated to the innovative design and manufacturing ofball bearing slides. Accuride slides are designed into a wide range ofapplications from fine furniture and appliances to enclosures,automotive, and industrial equipment.

City: San Marcos
Category: Precision Heat Sealing Equipment
Accu-Seal is a manufacturer of heat sealing machinery. Ourgoal is to provide you with dependable equipment for "Sealing In YourProduct Integrity".At Accu-Seal we take pride in our personal customer service. When youcall us during business hours, you will speak to a real person not avoice mail system. We strive to follow up on your inquiries and serviceneeds as quickly as possible.Our engineers and Customer service team is available to assist you inarranging for calibration of your machines or validation assistance.Accu-Seal has maintained a standard of dependability and excellence forover 30 years. We continuously raise our standards through ongoingresearch and development as well as listening to suggestions from ourcustomers. Please challenge us with your most challenging packagingneeds.All of our products are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A.Finally, if we cannot provide equipment to solve your sealing problemwe will direct you to someone who can.

City: Marietta
Category: Visual Inspection Systems
AccuSentry is a leader in the development of imageprocessing software and application specific inspection systems. TheSentry 9000, the core system for all AccuSentry on-line visualinspection applications, surpasses its competitors by capturingcleaner, true digital images allowing faster processing of the data,and thus better and more repeatable results. In addition, the Sentry9000 features a convenient, easy-to use operator interface withdetailed reporting capabilities, making the system and its informationa practical solution in today's marketplace.Sentry 9000 on-line vision systems are currently installed in thefields of electronics, automotive, textile, absorbent disposables,medical, plastics and precision metals. AccuSentry's systems helpcustomers to maintain production standards, increase productivity,decrease product waste and improve customer satisfaction.

City: Lyons
Category: Inc., located in Lyons, a suburb of Chicago, wasfounded in 1984. We manufacture and distribute the Accushim line ofpre-cut slotted stainless steel shims used for shaft alignment (sevensizes, fifteen thicknesses), as well as the complete line of REACTbrand shaft alignment equipment, the V180 LASER shaft alignment system,Belt Hog LASER pulley alignment tool, the "Side Align" Horizontal MoveTool and the SAT Shaft/Coupling alignment trainer.We carry shim stock in 6" and 12" wide rolls in stainless steel, mildsteel and brass. Accushim, Inc. has one of the largest inventories ofpre-cut shims in the Nation. Most orders are filled/shipped the sameday. In addition, we have the capabilities to work with you on customshims in stainless steel, brass and mild steel.

City: Darien
Category: Ultrasonic Horns & Fixtures
Accusonics, Inc. sets itself apart by leading allindependent acoustic tooling manufacturers in quality and delivery ataffordable prices. We combine experience, knowledge, and applicationsexpertise in order to meet the unique requirements of each of ourcustomers.Your parts and related applications are evaluated in our fully-equippedlaboratory where we conduct no-cost feasibility testing andtroubleshooting associated with assembly problems and joint designrecommendations. We evaluate your application from parts, prototypes,and CAD Files.We manufacture Vibration Welding Tooling per your part files andmachine specifications. Extremely competitive and fast turnaroundtimes.

City: E Falmouth
Category: Hydro-Acoustic Measurement Systems
Welcome to Accusonic Technologies, designers andmanufacturers of hydro-acoustic measurement systems providing superioraccuracy to customers throughout the world.Our measurement systems can be found in hydroelectric plants, thermalpower plants, water and wastewater treatments facilities, seweragecollection systems and other types of water flow conveyance pipelinesand channels.Accusonic products are renowned for their consistent, precise accuracyand durability in difficult operating environments. No matter what theapplication, we offer a full range of services for installation, systemintegration, operation and training in the field at customer sitesthroughout the world.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Vibratory Parts Feeding Systems
Designed to endure is more than a motto. Our reputation isbuilt on the idea that the design begins the process that ends with aproduct built to your specifications. You'll have a product that willlast through millions of your part cycles with hours of run time--notdown time.Locally owned and operated, ATA's highly experienced craftsmen havebeen building automation equipment for over 20 years. We know thatdesign is only one of the elements considered when you choose a vendor.So we combine delivery on time with a price that usually beats thecompetition, and a quality unsurpassed in the industry to keep yourproduction line running.

City: San Marcos
Category: Precision Laser Machines
Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. opened for business inJanuary 1977 in Beaverton, Oregon. Originally named Spec Industries,Inc., the company's original charter was to utilize carbon dioxide(CO2) laser technology to produce microcircuit substrates for thehybrid circuit industry. In the mid 1970's, laser technology was almostsolely a scientific endeavor with very limited industrial applications.However, the ability to drill, machine and scribe very hard ceramicplates was an application that we saw as a natural one for theembryonic laser technology. Our initial goal was to make quality holesin high purity alumina ceramic for $.05 per hole ("a nickel a hole" wasour initial advertising slogan) which we accomplished in early 1978.Since then, productivity improvements using multi-beam lasers coupledwith advanced laser circuitry modifications has enabled hole drillingprices to tumble up to 1/100th of our initial goal in many productionprograms.Over twenty years (20) after our formation, Accu-Tech still uses ouradvanced CO2 laser expertise in many sectors of the electronics marketas well as in segments of the medical device, architectural, defenseand consumer industries. We also now have UV laser technology at ourdisposal for use in materials such as plastics and certain metals wheresmaller geometries are required. This MICROMACHINING capabilityprovides Accu-Tech with an exciting new tool to address the developingapplications in today's increasingly "smaller and denser" world.Located in north San Diego county in a 13,000 square foot facilitysince 1979, Accu-Tech employs approximately 30 people. Many of theseemployees have been with our firm for more than a decade. As atestimony to our laser expertise, our technology has been used to startseveral direct competitors and systems integration firms.

City: San Fernando
Category: Metal Parts
For over a decade, AccuTech Photo Machining, Inc. has beenoffering photo machining design and production services to theaerospace, communications, dental, electronic, medical and stampingindustries.AccuTech's management staff is dedicated to producing superior qualityproducts delivered to the customer within a specified time frame.Simply put, if we commit to a deadline, we'll deliver, with productsmanufactured right the first time..Our top management staff averages 20 years of etching and manufacturingexperience in the aerospace and defense industries. When you work withAccuTech, you will be working directly with upper management; you'reour client, and you deserve the best we have to offer.We have structured AccuTech solely around the concept of customerservice, which begins from the moment you call and are connected withone of our management team. If you need a quote, we're set up todeliver it to you, fast. Almost always you'll have your quote the sameday you call, and often times you'll have it before you hang up thephone. If you have special or unusual quality requirements, we canhandle them. If you have a tight deadline, we'll meet it; that's ourspecialty. Once we commit to a delivery date, you can rest easy. Wewill not fail.We have an entire team in place to assist you with specialrequirements, to solve problems and give you a hand with designrequirements. With AccuTech, getting your job started could not beeasier. We can transform your blueprints into photo tools through ourcomputer department. We can accept your CAD data in any format, and weare set up to accept and utilize designs and data sent to us via e-mail. When we produce your job, we use only metal of the highestquality from approved sources.

City: Newburyport
Category: Electronic Products
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation was founded in 1986 byone of the originators of the SIM and SIP Dram Modules. Accutekspecializes in designing and manufacturing space saving microelectronicmodules for electronic PC boards, enabling our customers to fit morefunctionality into small packages. Our engineers excel at microcircuitry design challenged by the demand to condense circuitry to fitever smaller PC boards.Our manufacturing facility is based in Newburyport, MA and allmanufacturing is done in house. We use top quality name brandcomponents which meet all industry standards and purchase supplies fromUS vendors, whenever possible. Our flexible production operation allowsus to meet your volume requirements, or to manufacture smallrequirements at short notice. We at Accutek take great pride in ourquality assurance program and stand by our work with a lifetimewarranty policy.Our Customers range from Fortune 500 to fast growing nichemanufactures. In Accutek, they've found a reliable supplier offeringunsurpassed service, rapid turnaround, top-notch quality and reasonableprices. In fact, Accutek charges significantly less than most of ourcompetitors, simply because we believe in fair pricing.

City: St Paul
Category: Electronic COntract Manufacturers
Accu-Tronics - Electronic Contract Manufacturers iscommitted to providing you the highest quality and service for a smoothintegration that simulates an extension of your own manufacturingoperation.We specialize in Through-Hole and Mixed Technology utilizing our wavesoldering process that includes Water Soluble Flux with an In-LineAqueous Cleaning System. Our Flow Soldering process can solder PCB's upto 16". We also provide custom PCB rework modifications to ourcustomer's requirements. We offer a quick-turn delivery in 72 hourswith a standard lead-time of 3 weeks.Customers rely on Accu-Tronics - Electronic Contract Manufacturers tohandle material procurement. We provide full turnkey by utilizing ourpurchasing as well as manufacturing to long-term suppliers.

City: Fort Mill
Category: Processing Equipment & Controls
Accutron's products are controlled by state of the arttechnology, designed and manufactured in-house. Our vibratory feedersare unique in their ability to accurately feed and meter a broad rangeof bulk solids to as little as a 5 gram batch depending on thematerial. No moving parts mean the equipment is extremely safe, andeasy to clean. In many instances different materials can be handledsimply by changing only a feed tray. Our quality products cannot beequaled and are priced competitively within the market. Our goal is toprovide the best technology, service, and quality available in theindustry.

City: Benicia
Category: Precision Machining
AccuVac Technology carries a complete line of high qualityConflat(r) style flanges at substantial OEM discounts. With 20 years ofexperience in precision machining of vacuum products, we hold some ofthe highest standards in product quality and customer satisfaction inthe Vacuum Industry.We are well stocked in all sizes and can ship standard 304 SS Rotatableor Non-Rotatable Flanges the same day. Since our specialty is CFflanges, we can manufacture and ship most custom designed flangeswithin one week!

City: Baldwin Park
Category: Memory Products
American Computer and Digital Components (ACDC) has been aleading supplier of memory upgrades to the ever expanding computerindustry. It is our primary objective to offer an alternative sourcefor memory upgrades with optimal cost-effectiveness and maximumquality.Inside our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in southernCalifornia, our team of skilled engineers is in a constant search forthe best solutions to the growing demand for memory upgrade options.ACDC has the ability to supply all types of memory upgrades, from "off-the-shelves" to custom design. By utilizing the best design equipmentand the latest semiconductor technologies available, our memoryupgrades meet and exceed the highest standards of the OEM memoryindustry.In order to provide the best customer service and support, ACDC isstaffed with knACDC has already established an admirable position inthe forefront of memory technology through the attention to customerservice and engineering support, and it is our desire to remain aleader in the memory upgrade market. With an ever increasing productrange, state of the art engineering and manufacturing, efficient andrapid distribution, and customer oriented marketing, it is our goal tobe the BEST solution for memory upgrades worldwide. owledgeable SalesEngineers and Technical Support personnel.

City: Dracut
Category: Electronic Ballast
Finding an electronic ballast supplier is a majordecision. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little moreabout who we are and why we want to meet and even exceed your ballastneeds.At AC Electronics, electronic ballast is our business, our onlybusiness. AC Electronics is a Fort Worth, Texas company and has ISO-9002 certified manufacturing capabilities giving you Global qualityassurance in every ballast you buy.We have been designing and manufacturing electronic ballast since 1996.Our mission is to bring our customers electronic ballasts for extremetemperature applications. This includes high heat to cold startingenvironments. With our cool operating technology we also have theability to make the most durable high wattage electronic ballast.AC Electronics Electronic Ballasts have been installed in such placesas NASA Space Center, the new Cleveland Browns Football Stadium, TexasTech University, Tampa Bay Devilray Stadium and the City of Tulsa,Oklahoma School District.

City: Boise
Category: Industrial Knives
Focusing only on knives, AceCo Industrial Knives candeliver exceptional savings, quality and design to your knife needs.AceCo has been manufacturing knives for over 25 years, so we have theexperience and research to create a knife to the customers'specifications or match an existing design.Through the years AceCo has done extensive research in metallurgy andheat-treat processes. Concentrating on 400 series Stainless Steels,AceCo has set specific element parameters that have to be met to insurethat the fabrication of each knife is repeatable and will uphold thehighest quality. Stainless Steels are iron-based alloys that contain aminimum of 10.5% chromium. Chromium is the element that increasescorrosion resistance due to its oxidizing action on the surface of themetal. Other elements are added at specified parameters to createalloys with differing properties applicable for their specific utility.Carbon is added for the mechanical properties that decide hardness andstrength through heat treat.The grinding machines at AceCo are custom made, concentrating onkeeping the grinding operation cool, avoiding burning the metal causingthe blade to lose its hardness and strength characteristics. Feedrates, flood cooling and abrasive size are all controlled to insure aproper grind.Coupled with our grinding, AceCo also has CNC turning, milling and jetmachining capabilities. These machines are used for high precisionknife manufacturing and for various knife holders.

City: Farmington
Category: Velocity Control Devices
Manufacturers of velocity damping, velocity controldevices, hydraulic damper-economical, double acting. Use on rotaryactuators, rodless cylinders, slides and conveyors.

City: Metuchen
Category: Cable Products & Connectors
From our beginnings in 1976 as a small custom cableassembly shop, Ace Electronics has evolved into one of the Northeast'spremier custom cable manufacturers and premise products suppliers. Ourcustomer base has grown to include many fortune 500 companies, alongwith the small OEMs we began with. In addition to our customcapabilities, we are a full-line stocking distributor with 15,000square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. We have thesolution for all your connectivity needs, from wire and connectors toracks and complete interconnect systems.While we can supply any off-the-shelf connectivity product, ourspecialty has always been custom cabling. The engineering-based focusthat Ace was founded on has been the key to our success. Ourengineering staff has over 80 years of combined hands-on designexperience in wire and cable, with many innovations (and a major U.S.patent) to their credit.Whether you need a one-of-a-kind custom cable or large productionquantities, we'll evaluate your end-use requirements and, with the helpof computer-aided design, quickly recommend the optimum solution toyour connectivity needs.We believe quality must be built in from the beginning, which is whyall Ace-manufactured products begin with only the best components,fully inspected before entering production. Even in today's highlymechanized times, custom cable assemblies still involve a lot ofprecision handwork. Our production personnel and assemblers areaccomplished specialists, many have been with Ace for over ten years.After assembly, every single cable is fully computer tested, using avariety of rigorous test procedures designed to ensure that ourproducts will perform as well in the field as they did on our testbench. Because of uncompromising attention to quality at every stage ,all Ace products are fully warranted against manufacturing defects andare guaranteed to perform to spec.

City: Vineland
Category: Custom Apparatus
ACE innovations include the first American-made sphericaljoints and sintered glass fritted disks.ACE designed and patented internally-threaded scientific glassware,ACE0Threads and precision bore Trubore glassware, Insttherm Oil Bathsand many others. In addtion, ACE is a supplier of rotary evaporators,chillers, hydrogenation/gas apparatus, temperature controllers, vacuumpumps, stirrers, and much more.

City: Green Bay
Category: Autmation, Machine Vision & Machine ControlCompany; Automation & Control Engineering Inc
Whatever your company manufactures, we can help youminimize machine downtime, increase production rates and verify productquality. If you need to produce faster, produce more or guarantee thequality of product shipped, we have the expertise and intelligence tohelp you upgrade your manufacturing operation.

City: Taunton
Category: Arc & Welding Products
Manufacturers of arc & weding products.

City: Wixom
Category: Machne Tool Designing
Ace Designers was set up in 1979 as a machine tooldesigning Service Company. The company began its foray intomanufacturing of machine tools in 1982 when it was commissioned to makea range of special purpose import substitution machine tools needed bythe I. C. Engine valve industry.

City: San Jose
Category: Computer Products
Acer ranks among the world's top ten branded PC vendors,designing and marketing easy, dependable IT solutions that empowerpeople to reach their goals and enhance their lives. In 2000, Acerspun-off its manufacturing operation to focus on globally marketing its

City: Anaheim
Category: Metal Cutting Machines
ACER is the foremost leading manufacturer from Taiwan.With your support, ACER will be the brightest star in the future. ACERcarries a full line of machines -- milling machines, surface grinders,and engine lathes. If you are interested in our products, ACER is proudto present our comprehensive product catalogs. These catalogs were puttogether with your needs in mind. We maintain an extensive inventory ofthe premium machine tools and replacement parts. They are availablethroughout our selected distribution network.ACER will continue to provide expert technical assistance, immediateshipping availability, and superior quality machines. Combined withefficient service, our on-going efforts will supply the finest productswith the best value anywhere. We welcome any suggestions or questions.If we can be of any service to you, please write us or send an email.We will respond to you. And here, we remain.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Wireless Information Technology
In the last part of the 20th Century, analogue systemsspurred the development of the information industry through theproliferation of mobile communications. In the new millennium, theadvancement of digital technology is leading the information revolutionin our everyday life. Free exchange of information is tearing downborders between nations and peoples, overcoming cultural barriers, andbringing about a new life style.IMT-2000 and other wireless Internet standards are poised to make this"Cyber" living space a reality, and ACE Technology, as a manufacturerof antennas, RF components and RF devices, is committed to develop coretechnologies and realize high customer satisfaction.Over the last 20 years ACE Technology has been diligently expanding itscore technologies to provide a Total Solution for RF components anddevices. With this commitment, ACE is ready to fulfill our customers'every need.

City: Mckees Rocks
Category: Springs & Wire Forms
Ace Wire Spring & Form Company, Inc. manufactures a widevariety of custom springs, precision springs and specialty springs andwire forms for a wide range of applications. For over 30 years ACE hasbeen the spring solution for every size business. Our web site isdesigned to be your spring and wire form resource center.

City: Torrance
Category: Pressure Sensitive Tapes
ACHEM Technology Corporation was founded in 1960 byproducing agricultural pesticide. Starting from 1962, ACHEM started toproduce all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, plastic boardsand related products. These product lines expanded in 1986 by producingcopper-clad laminates for printing circuit board and ACHEM has adept"Coating Technology" as its core business. ACHEM has been listed on theTaiwan Stock Exchange market since 1992, and since then, ACHEM extendits business and has become one of the world's leading suppliers of awide range of pressure sensitive tapes. Starting year 2000, theprojected output for PVC tapes is ranked number two worldwide and isset to be the same league as 3M. The output for OPP tapes ranks thirdhighest, alongside 3M and Intertape in the world.ACHEM is at the forefront of PVC tape technology in Taiwan and gainedworldwide recognition by becoming the first company in the world tobegin mass production of OPP carton sealing tape. ACHEM is still theworld leader in acrylic oil tape production and coating technologies.

City: Port Huron
Category: Speciality Coatings & Lubricants
Acheson is a globally located supplier of electronicmaterials, specialty coatings, process lubricants, and lubricantapplication equipment. Our products can be found in countlessapplications throughout the electronics, automotive, aerospace,appliance, and other industries. We were founded in 1908 and haveheadquarters in Port Huron, Michigan, United States of America.Additional facilities are located in Australia, Brazil, China, France,Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain andthe United Kingdom.

City: San Jose
Category: Evaporation MaterialsCompany; ACI Alloys
We specialize in physical vapor deposition materials forthe research community. We arc-cast an enormous variety of PVDmaterials in our own melters; we can also hot-press some non-metallics.We have a full machine shop and can make most foils and wires in ourmills. Because we specialize in the R&D market, we can quote the lowestprices and fastest deliveries for smaller orders. Our staff of highly-experienced metallurgists can make many materials other companies won'tbother with!

City: Birmingham
Category: Ductile Iron Fittings
American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO), founded inBirmingham, Alabama, in 1905, is a leading manufacturer of ductile ironpipe and fittings for the waterworks and power industries. ACIPCOemploys approximately 3,000 people nationwide.ACIPCO manufactures ductile iron pipe in standard 20-foot lengthsranging from 4- through 64-inch diameters. The company's product linealso features joints of various types designed for ease of installationand dependability in a variety of conditions. These joint types are:Fastite(r), Flex-Ring(r), Field Flex-Ring(r), Lok-Ring(r), Flex-Lok(r), MT PushPipe(tm), GS Push Pipe(r), Push-Bar(tm), Mechanical Joint, MJ Coupled Joint,Flanged, Grooved and Shouldered, Fast-Grip(r) Gasket, and Toruseal(r)Flanged Gasket. ACIPCO also furnishes standard and special linings andcoatings.ACIPCO's Birmingham headquarters is on a 2,100-acre site that measuresthree miles in length, with almost 60 acres of plant under roof. TheBirmingham facility is the world's largest individual iron pipe castingplant. ACIPCO distributes its products throughout the United States aswell as in international markets.

City: Buena Park
Category: Cooling ProductsCompany; ACK Technology
ACK Technology provides quality heat sinks, heat pipes,heat pumps, and other cooling products to OEMs worldwide. With over 30years experience, ACK has established an excellent reputation in thefield of thermal management.This reputation is achieved by combining a strong R&D team, the totalquality control concept, and an integrated operation procedure.ACK Technology is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. ACK providesnot only high quality and low cost products but also the InventoryStock program, J.I.T. deliveries, engineering support, and excellentcustomer service.We are located at Orange County, Southern California, ~ 35 miles fromLAX - Los Angeles International airport.

City: San Jose
Category: Tractors & Trucks
Alternative Commercial Leasing Inc. is currently offeringpre-owned road tractors through a lease program which does not requirea large up-front deposit. In addition, a preferred purchase price isavailable at the end of the lease.If you are or want to become an independent owner-operator but areunable to purchase or finance a vehicle, then this lease program may beyour answer. All applicants will be considered.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Static Contrl & Office Cleaning Products
Our products help resolve costly problems associated withstatic and dust in the work environment. ACL static control andcomputer cleaning products will help save companies substantial dollarsby reducing static related losses, as well as costly service calls foroffice, manufacturing and electronic production equipment.We offer a convenient on-line store for our Office product line and alist of distributors that carry ACL products world-wide. I hope thatyou find our site interesting and helpful. We are eager to share withyou the reasons for our successes and to provide a more interactivepresence between yourself and ACL Staticide.We pride ourselves in quality and customer service. Please do nothesitate to contact us at anytime.

City: Fremont
Category: Computer Products
Acma Computers, Inc. is an ISO 9002 registered Value-Added-Manufacturer. We focus on the specific needs of small to mediumsize companies, Fortune 1000 organizations, education entities as wellas local, state and federal government agencies.

City: Tempe
Category: Batteries
Acme Aerospace designs and manufactures custom batteriesand battery control electronic systems.Acme is the only battery and battery control electronics systemsintegration source that manufactures all components. Systems areguaranteed to meet the specification with Acme taking fullresponsibility.Acme provides the only FNC zero maintenance battery which is superiorto vented nickel cadmium and sealed lead acid batteries.

City: East Aurora
Category: Electronic & Electric Power COnversion Products
Acme Electric Corporation stands at the forefront ofelectrical and electronic power conversion technology with advancedproducts for the most challenging of applications. Acme also offersestablished products that reflect many important accomplishments overthe eighty years of its history. Acme is organized into three operatingdivisions.

City: Cuba
Category: Telecommunications
For more than 50 years Acme has managed proprietaryprograms, from end to end, for major Fortune 500 companies in thetelecommunications, computer, medical diagnostics and industrialmarkets.We have partnered with renowned OEM customers worldwide to developproducts for some of the most sophisticated technologies in thesemarkets.Acme's unique combination of experience, capabilities and peopleprovide a strong foundation for the success of your program, today andin the future. Allow us to demonstrate how our proven fulfillmentcapabilities will work for you.

City: Cuba
Category: Tools
A full-service, one-stop repair and refurbishment resourcecan be a logical and economical tool for companies that must deal witha myriad of electronic device suppliers. Today's needs go beyondtraditional repair facilities.

City: Lumberton
Category: Power Conditioning Equipment
For over eighty five years Acme Electric has beenmanufacturing Power Conditioning Equipment for use in industrial,commercial and OEM applications. Built on a reputation for superiorservice, quality and technical expertise in the transformer market,Acme is regarded as a true industry leader.Acme Electric is a full line manufacturer of low voltage (600V andbelow) dry type distribution transformers using both copper andaluminum conductor, offering an array of products between 0.250-1000KVA. Headquartered in Lumberton, North Carolina, Acme Electric has over170,000 square ft. of manufacturing in two plants; a 130,000 square ft.facility in Lumberton and a 45,000 square ft. facility in MonterreyMexico.Acme's product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, fromcommercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions tospecific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, to lowvoltage landscape lighting applications. All Acme products aredesigned, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standardsestablished by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.

City: Englewood
Category: Custom Gears
Acme Gear Company was founded in 1929, specializing incustom gears for the aeronautical industry. Our supervisors averagemore than 20 years experience making custom gears. Over the years, Acmegears have been successfully used in the PT boat engines during WorldWar II and in the NASA moon buggy. Our expertise in regular carbonsteels to high tech materials is supplied to industrial markets forprinting machinery, industrial air conditioners, excavators (mining),farming equipment, gear boxes and pumps, marine, military and aerospaceapplications.

City: Carpentersville
Category: Precision No-Counterbore Drill Bushings & Keylocking
Acme Industrial Company has a proven track record ofproviding the highest quality products and service to manufacturersaround the world since 1914. No shoddy rocket powered roller skates,giant sling shots, or coyote crushing anvils here. We manufacturePrecision No-Counterbore Drill Bushings and Keylocking Threaded Insertsto the highest levels of workmanship. We have achieved ISO 9002: 1994compliance and have been registered by Entella, Inc. Quality SystemRegistration Division. Thank you for visiting our website. Our CustomerService Department is ready to assist you with any questions you mayhave.This Acme Industrial Company web site includes information on ourstandard Drill Bushings in inch and metric sizes. Please contact acustomer service representative for information on our other products.

City: Ridgefield
Category: Battery Holders
Since 1938, Acme Model Engineering Co. has beenmanufacturing and supplying the finest quality aluminum and plasticbattery holders, clips, contacts and other battery related accessories.We have custom capabilities and our customers always get personalattention.

City: Lafayette
Category: Probe Needle
A probe needle manufacturer, who's on the leading edge ofprobe technology in the worldA manufacturer whose exclusive products are probe needles used in probecards and other semiconductor applicationsIncomparable in technical ability and expertise. It can service any ofyour probe needle needs and requirementsCapable of adapting itself to meet the challenges of rapidtechnological changes in the wafer testing industryCurrently the sole manufacturer of Palladium needles with isolineartaper.Distinguished in the probe needle industry by its quality products,competitive prices and satisfactory service

City: Walnut
Category: Industrial Computers
Acnodes is a quality provider of industrial computers forcustomers in the industrial control, automation industries, andmilitary. Acnodes manufactures and delivers rack-mountable workstationsthat consist of flat panel displays, storage systems, CPU, servers andpower management systems that enhance and optimize user workperformance. Designed to accommodate a variety of deployed conditions,Acnodes computing products demonstrate remarkable long-term reliabilityin real world industrial applications. Acnodes is based in City ofIndustry, California.

City: Tustin
Category: Electronic & Optical Components
In today's electronic and optical component businesses,there are always many chances for a company to sink or swim. For the 16years old Advanced-Connectek Inc. (ACON), the secret to keep afloat andto leapfrog is to play a leading role in the marketplace bymasterminding technologies and churning out new products continually.This non-stop mechanism, in turn, increases ACON's competitiveness.Starting as a stamping and molding manufacturer, ACON developed andexcelled plating and assemble technologies to make a large array ofconnectors. ACON's wide selection of connectors on offer is applicableto mother boards, desktop & notebook computers, PC peripherals,telecommunication-related and hand-held devices. These offeringsconsist of ribbon type, rectangular and half-pitch connector series,such as D-sub, PCMCIA, DVI, IEEE 1394, USB, MniUSB... to name but afew.ACON management team has committed to drive its company to become atechnically-advanced, market-focused, customer-oriented and innovativecompany in the electrical/electronic and optical connector andcomponents in the world -- WATCH ACON!!

City: Belmont
Category: Measurement Microphones & mic SystemsCompany; ACO Pacific Inc
ACO Pacific, Inc. is an internationally knownmanufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and mic systems,sound (noise) level alarms, calibrators, sound intensity probes,acoustical/emi isolators, and noise generators. Our headquarters arelocated in Belmont, California - the San Francisco Bay Area.Additional manufacturing facilities and subcontractors are located inCalifornia and internationally.

City: Easton
Category: Power SuppliesCompany; Acopian Technical Company
For more than 35 years Acopian has been shipping powermodules within three days after receipt of an order. Acopianmanufactures AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies including linear andswitching regulated power supplies, unregulated power supplies,Redundant Power Packages, power systems and high voltage powersupplies, in many different physical configurations.

City: Philadelphia
Category: Gray Iron Castings
Manufacturers of gray iron castings known as weldingplatens. stock sizes on the platens range from 9-40sq.ft. the topsurface and side ledges are machined to within 0.005 inches, per linearft. sturdy steel stands and accessory tooling are also featured.

City: Boulder
Category: Axial Fan Air Movers
AcoustiFLO is an international company that designs andbuilds custom-engineered axial fan air movers for clean rooms andcommercial buildings. AcoustiFLO uses the latest techniques ofcomputational fluid dynamics and acoustical modeling to designefficient, compact, and quiet air movers.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Industrial Computer Systems
Manufacturers of industrial computer systems.

City: Macomb
Category: Gear Systems
Manufacturer of Turbine Engine Gearboxes, HelicopterTransmissions, Actuators and Detail Systems Gearing for the Commercial& Defense Sectors of the Global Aerospace Industry.Our capabilities include Program Management, Concurrent Engineering,Prototype and Production Manufacturing, Gear and Master Development,Flow-Pressure & Dynamic Load Testing Equipment Design & Fabrication,FAA Overhaul & Repair.ACR Industries offers its customers Award Winning Performance and aHigh Level of Expertise and Customer Satisfaction.

City: Concord
Category: Pinching Flexible Tubing
Since 1976, Acro Associates Inc., has specialized in asmall, but essential niche of the fluid control industry- pinch valves.While other manufacturers choose a broad approach, offering many typesof valves, connectors, tubing, and other fluid control accessories,Acro's main focus has remained on the engineering and manufacturing ofvalves designed to pinch flexible tubing. As a result, incorpated intoour pinch valves are features that our customers find valuable.Need a quick turn-a-around? Acro will conform to your timeline, withon-time delivery being as critical a design requirement as proper form,fit, and function. With our in-house model shop and network ofqualified vendors, we can provide prototypes, pre-production, andproduction quantities according to your timetable.With a well-developed product line, engineered solutions, expert staff,exacting quality, and on-time deliveries - Acro's dedication to meetingcustomers' needs is unsurpassed.We invite you to contact Acro for more information about our productsand how they may integrate into your tube pinching applications.

City: Chaska
Category: Motion Control Products
Acroloop has been aquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation.Manufacturers of motion control products.

City: Wixom
Category: Measurement & Control Systems
Acromag provides measurement and control solutions.Embedded I/O boards include VME, PCI, CompactPCI, Industry Pack, andPMC I/O modules. Process instruments include signal conditioners,transmitters, isolators, and alarms. Our fieldbus solutions supportEthernet, Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks I/O networks.

City: Boulder
Category: Robotics
Acroname was founded in 1994 with the intention of makingrobotics easier. Whether a hobbyist, student, industrial designer orresearcher, we recognize that building a complete robot from scratch isnot an easy proposition.

City: Cypress
Category: Industrial PC
ACROSSER designs and manufactures embedded system,hardware firewall, firewall network security, embedded PC, PC104 ,Single Board Computer, Industrial PC systems with support packages onWindows CE (WinCE.NET), XP Embedded (XPe), Linux and ROM-DOS. Ourproduct lines include the X86 platform from 386 to Pentium 4, utilizingCPUs such as the AMD Geode (GX1), VIA Eden, INTEL Ultra Low PowerCeleron , and Pentium M.

City: Lake City
Category: Urethane Products
Acrotech, Inc. is a leading manufacture of standard andcustom molded K-Prene(r) urethane products. We specialize in low tomedium volumes (as few as one part) with fast turn around times. Wewill work with the customer to get them what they want, when they wantit. We believe the CUSTOMER IS NUMBER ONE.Our industrial product line includes polyurethane sheets, rods, bars,tubes, bumpers, etc. in 6 different durometers, color coded for yourconvenience. These items are stock for same day delivery. See theproduct index for a complete listing and online ordering.Our custom molding services include the manufacturing of metal insertsand the ability to perform secondary machining.Acrotech has long been considered a leader in the art of using urethanefor metal forming. We offer many stocked products relating to thisindustry, such as punch strippers, springs, and non-marring press braketooling. We also have the experience to help you with your applicationsrequiring special tooling.The woodworking industry is another area where Acrotech has significantproduct and knowledge to offer. Stocked K-Prene(r) products include avariety of drive and feed wheels. Our list of replacement parts andthose we can strip and recover continues to grow. Please contact ourapplications department if you have questions or do not find what youneed!

City: Everett
Category: Diamond Roll Fines & Thickness Screens
Acrowood Produces the Solution. Some of your industry'sproblems are easily solved by Acrowood's innovative methods andmachinery. Time-tested Chippers, one-of-a-kind Crackers, patentedDiamondRoll(tm) Fines and Thickness Screens, Sand Separation Screens,Flake Screens, Veneer Chippers, and more. Acrowood has a fullcomplement of machinery, the engineers to re-create them to meet yourneeds, and the innovation to package them in a way that gets the jobdone.

City: Eugene
Category: Advanced Hydraulic Technology
Founded in 1976, ACS Hydraulics has enjoyed the reputationof being a leader in advanced hydraulic technology. Since ourinception, our repair department has set us apart from other hydraulicrepair companies. In order to maintain the accuracy of a hydraulicsystem, test procedures and overhaul procedures must be extensive,exact and done with the utmost regard as to costs and client needs. Ourprecision work is known throughout the industry. Competitors justcannot compete with ACS expertise.ACS believes in service, value, quality, answers and solutions to yourhydraulic repair needs. We guarantee you the lowest repair prices, 2-3day normal turnaround time, authentic factory parts, same or betterthan the original manufacturers warranty on parts and workmanship, andquality and reliability that meets or exceeds new manufacturersexpectations.

City: Irvine
Category: Sensors & Transducers
3S completed its merger of Advanced Custom Sensors, Inc.(ACSI) in May, 2004. ACSI was founded by an engineering managementteam with over 50 years of MEMS transducer experience. Our firstpriority has always been to provide high quality sensors andtransducers at an economical price by employing innovative designs andcreative manufacturing methods.3S is a major supplier of thin-film and micromachined force andpressure sensors to the medical, chemical, oil, and gas industries.Additionally, we offer several services, such as strain gaugeinstallation, MEMS packaging, and sensor module design andmanufacturing. Please browse through our website and see all theproducts and services we have to offer and do not hesitate to contactus if you have any questions. Our excellent technical and supportstaffs will provide solutions for all of your sensing needs.

City: Woonsocket
Category: Knitted Copper Pot Cleaners
ACS Industries was founded in 1939 as a manufacturer onknitted copper pot cleaners. The original six knitting machines,updated, modernized and still in operation today, were the begining ofthe company's diversification. Today our scrubble division manufacturesa complete line of institutional and household scouring pad products.

City: Maple Grove
Category: Advanced Multi-Axis Motion Controllers
Since 1985 ACS-Tech80 has developed and manufacturedadvanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules(driver/s included). Our main focus has been OEMs producing high-endequipment with demanding motion control requirements. Our products arefound in the semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronicassembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printingindustries.Our products are the result of close cooperation with our clients indeveloping their high-end applications, as we closely monitordeveloping market trends. We offer standard and custom-made solutionsthat directly answer your motion control requirements.ACS-Tech80's manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified. Every unit isthoroughly tested using the latest available techniques. Testingincludes connecting motors and drives, a demanding burn-in cycle, andfull functional testing.Taking into consideration ACS-Tech80's decades of experience, advancedsoftware and hardware capabilities and end-to-end user support, ourproducts clearly provide first-class cost-effective solutions thatyou're looking for.

City: Shakopee
Category: Liquid Level Float Switches & Sensors
We have been producing state-of-the-art sensors since 1980and quickly earned a reputation for innovative solutions, high qualityproducts, and dedication to fast, dependable deliveries. A.C.T.dramatically expanded our product line to include switches, sensors,liquid level controls, transducers, and solid-state controls.As a result of this growth, A.C.T. recently relocated to a new, state-of-the-art, 26,000 square-foot plant designed and equipped to provideyou with complete, one-stop, sensor and controls production. Ourdesign, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery services are allheadquartered in our new location in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesotawith close proximity to major international air and over-the-road trucktransportation.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Microelectronics, Test & Measurement Equipments
Aeroflex Incorporated is a multi-faceted high technologycompany that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverserange of microelectronic, and test and measurement products. Ourproducts are in worldwide use, supporting communication systems,networks and automatic test systems.Aeroflex's highly respected achievements in enabling broadband andwireless communications are based on a broad range of patented andproprietary technologies. We balance the quest for new and excitinginnovation against the need to offer products that can be supported byhigh-rate manufacturing and are of the highest quality and reliability.We therefore aggressively pursue those technologies that not onlyprovide superior product performance, but also have reached a level ofmaturity that ensures efficient manufacturability and good value forour customers.Much of Aeroflex's success in the semiconductor market is attributed toits space qualified and radiation hardened products used in satellitecommunications. Aeroflex's cost efficient process for producingsemiconductors capable of operating in the harsh environment of spacehas clearly demonstrated its merits and has a history of provenaccomplishments. In an industry that must use trustworthy processes andvendors, we believe that we are in the enviable position of havingbuilt an unimpeachable reputation for quality and reliability whilehaving the requisite heritage of space experience.Aeroflex Incorporated, founded in 1937, is a public company with morethan 2600 employees world-wide. Our common stock is quoted on theNasdaq National Market under the symbol "ARXX" and is included in theS&P Small Cap 600 index.

City: Garden Grove
Category: Electronic Inductors
Associated Components Technology (ACT) is a leading-edgemanufacturer of electronic inductors, EMI suppressors, transformers,coils and chokes, all available in surface mount and thru-hole packagestyles.We specialize in rapid deliveries of production-quantity components.Chances are good that we make precisely the device you are looking for- and we can supply it to your manufacturing line faster, with lesslead time, than other manufacturers can.

City: Uxbridge
Category: Motion Control Products
For over 50 years, Lenze products have been characterizedby superior quality. Today, Lenze mechanical drive systems set thestandard for low noise, minimum backlash and pinpoint accuracy. With acomprehensive network of manufacturers representatives and distributorsacross the United States and Canada, Lenze continues their tradition ofproviding global system solutions with local implementation andcustomer support. Lenze products carry UL, cUL, CE and DIN approvals tomeet the standards of today's global marketplace. Gears and gearmotorsto clutches and brakes Lenze offers a complete line of individualcomponents for a complete drive solution from start to finish. Our goalis to be your single source power transmission partner.

City: Seattle
Category: Motion Control Products
Our control products have been developed as solutions tothe real world problems that we have encountered in our hundreds ofsuccessful installations. The robustness of our controls, and theirease of use and installation, reflect our wealth of industrialexperience.We are currently producing our 4th generation of control products. Witheach generation we have become more focused on solutions to multipleaxis motion control problems. With each generation we have spread ourproduct range to include more of a "complete package".Our current range of offered products includes a variety of "off theshelf solutions" as well as the ability to custom tailor those productsto specific customer requirements.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Programmable Logic Solutions
You can feel it from the moment you walk into Actel's new157,000 square foot facility in Mountain View, CA. Not because thesurroundings are comfortable, conservative, and corporate. They are.The new building has more space, is more Country: USAble, and isprobably better located than their previous facility, but there'ssomething else happening here. It's the people. They have a slightlydifferent feeling than at your typical Silicon Valley technology firm.They seem confident, energetic, and positive. They each have their ownpersonality and style instead of some homogenized corporate mannerism.They like each other. They like working here.Actel hasn't blown the lid off the market with triple-digit growth. Ithasn't been on the front cover of every industry publication. It hasn'tengaged in epic product and marketing battles with rival firms,although it does tenaciously defend its turf and aggressively push intonew markets... But Actel also hasn't done some other things. It hasn'tlost money in 52 quarters, even through the toughest times of thesemiconductor slump. It hasn't been acquired by a bigger competitor. Ithasn't suffered massive, morale-destroying layoffs and redeployments.It hasn't been plagued by Silicon Valley's legendary high turnoverrates, short employee tenures, and the revolving door of technicalexpertise that smears the lines of distinction between technologycompanies.A positive, productive company culture like Actel's doesn't springspontaneously from the alignment of the stars or arise from someserendipitous coincidence. It originates from the top of theorganization. It takes someone with the vision to conceive such acorporate climate, the leadership to direct the team toward that goal,and the resources required to actually make it happen.

City: Germantown
Category: Communications Test & Management Solutions
Acterna's management philosophy puts improving customers'business performance at the heart of all we do. Our innovativedevelopments, strategic alliances with leading technology companies,and broad, integrated portfolio translate into network reliability andreal performance improvements.Acterna is the world's largest provider of communications testsolutions for telecommunications and cable network operators. A trustedcommunications test partner for more than eight decades, Acterna offersan unmatched portfolio of award-winning instruments, systems, softwareand services that help its customers reduce network costs whileimproving performance and reliability. Headquartered in Germantown,

City: Soquel
Category: Lasers & Optical Tools
Actinix is a privately held technology company located inSanta Cruz, CA. Our emphasis is on the design and development of newlaser methods for generating vacuum ultraviolet light (wavelengths lessthan 200 nm) and the application of these new light sources to thevisualization and fabrication of extremely small structures. The high-resolution microscopy and metrology systems that Actinix has beendeveloping for semiconductor manufacturing are synergistic with anddirectly applicable to emerging nanotechnology applications.

City: Port Washington
Category: Wire & Cable Markers
Since 1948 Actioncraft Products has stamped, printed, orengraved wire markers and nameplates for electrical applications.Large wire markers are called "pipe markers". "Tie wraps" is another"medium" that can be printed.

City: Tucker
Category: Pallets, Squeeges, Floorbars
Action Engineering is the world's most experiencedmanufacturer of replacement textile printing pallets. Based in Atlanta,Georgia, we have supplied the garment printing industry worldwide withhigh quality parts and accessories for virtually every textile printingmachine on the market.

City: Machesney Park
Category: Automation Equipments
After working in the trade with local companies in thepart feeding and automation trade, actiOn feed systems began operatingin 1998. At the time we were doing sub-contract work for overbookedshops in the local automation industry. As project after project washandled with success and the highest business ethics, opportunitiescontinued to open up for increased business activity.Today we market directly to end users of automated equipment, largersystems integrators and machine builders. We pride ourselves onoffering as much or as little as the customer asks for, from a singlefeeder bowl to a complete turnkey system.

City: San Diego
Category: Industrial Measurement & Network Instrumentation
Eurotherm is one of the world's best known suppliers ofControl and Measurement Instrumentation to Industrial and ProcessMarkets. We are part of Invensys plc, a leading global automation andcontrols company. Eurotherm's instruments are sold under five product

City: Ventura
Category: Automated Filling & Counting
Actionpac began in the hi-precision scale industry in1977. We have since evolved into the packaging industry. Ourcompetitors began in the packaging industry and added scales. Thus, theorigins of Actionpac have made it possible to transfer weighingtechnology and accuracy far more successfully than typical packagingcompanies. This careful attention to precision was the driving force indeveloping controls, programming, and techniques that offer anunusually fast and accurate scale system.As a complement to our extensive line of standard systems successfulcustom engineered projects range from high precision pharmaceuticalscales to heavy capacity bulk filling operations, as well as a fullrange of counting equipment.All equipment from Actionpac is 100% designed and manufactured in theU.S.A. by our company, including computer controls and circuit boards.All programming is done in-house.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Electronics
Founded in 1993, Actiontec Electronics is dedicated toenriching consumers' lives with great connectivity solutions. Motivatedby the all-digital-lifestyle vision, Actiontec is focused on enablingbroadband service providers deliver more value to their subscribers.Actiontec solutions empower broadband service providers to not onlyenrich their current offering, but also deliver entirely newcommunication and entertainment experiences. Actiontec's currentproducts include a complete line of broadband connectivity devices aswell as a diverse set of broadband-powered solutions, including DSLmodems, wireless networking devices, home gateways, routers, VoIPdevices, and digital entertainment set-top-boxes.

City: Cambridge
Category: Structures & Aerodynamics
Midé was founded in 1990 by Dr. Marthinus van Schoor, aPh.D. graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was committed toassembling a high-powered team of practical experts. Since then it hasgrown to a company of thirty professionals with a broad and impressivecollection of skills and expertise. The commitment remains to continuegrowing the company in the same tradition, as well as maintainingstrong ties both with MIT's School of Engineering and Sloan School ofManagement. This relationship enables Midé to remain abreast of thelatest technological and management advances and to pass that benefitdirectly on to the client.Midé is headquartered in close proximity to the nation's premier high-technology research and development areas of Cambridge and Boston,Massachusetts. Starboard Innovations, LLC, a Midé subsidiary, islocated in Trophy Club, Texas. Founded and staffed by several graduatesof MIT, Midé maintains its links with the school and region, therebyassuring our client state-of-the-art solutions to their engineeringproblems.

City: Key Largo
Category: Electronic Instruments
Designers and Manufacturers of Electronic Instrumentsfor Industrial and Military Applications

City: Chula Vista
Category: Electrical Installation Products
Active Industries is a manufacturer and distributor ofelectrical insulation products used primarily by original equipmentmanufacturers and motor repair shops. Active markets products andservices world wide to original equipment manufacturers, repair andmaintenance and other service industries. Active operates manufacturingand distribution facilities throughout North America. The company hasserved the electrical/electronic market for over fifty years, is a ULrecognized fabricator and has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.

City: Grand Haven
Category: Single Part to Total Assemblies
Active Manufacturing was established in 1986 in GrandHaven, MI by its current president and owner Fred Hohman. The companystarted with two employees in a small rented garage, a few handpresses, a mill and a wire EDM machine.Mr. Hohman realized there was a need for larger companies to have asource for their prototypes and short production runs. Active focusedto provide a fast, accurate, and cost effective alternative for thisneed.Active began in the spring industry and quickly expanded into thefurniture, auto, aero, medical, and electronics areas across thecountry. In 1995, a second Active location was establiched in Tempe,Arizona to support the west coast business.Over the years, Active has developed a talent base to tackle the mostsimple of parts to the most complicated turn-key project.

City: Austin
Category: Power Solutions
Active Power, Inc. has carefully developed its businessto become the leader of battery-free uninterrupted power solutions tomeet the global demand for critical back-up power.With 35 issued patents, Active Power delivers power quality products byintegrating unique mechanical and electrical innovations into compact,reliable and cost effective systems. Superior research, development andassembly facilities enable Active Power to meet aggressive growthtargets and assure rapid delivery to end-users. Over 127,000 squarefeet of dedicated space for assembly and test provides a predictableflow of fully tested and qualified systems that are configured to meetindividual customer requirements.

City: Peterborough
Category: Robots & Robotics Accessories
Manufacturers of robots for research, shows and classrooms

City: Irwindale
Category: Advanced LED Products
We translate advanced LED technologies into values forour customers through our professional solutions and services. Act Onetargets to be the total LED solution provider.The entire staff at Act One and our associated companies are dedicatedto providing state-of-the-art products with exceptional services. Ourproducts are rated to qualify for the ISO-9001 standards.We understand that we can enjoy a successful business only if ourcustomers are satisfied and happy. After purchase, customers willcontinue to receive reliable and dedicated services. Initially, oursupport includes the instructional training on system installation,setup, operations, and maintenance at the user's site. We are aware ofthe importance of continued support, and we are unrivaled in thecontinuing care and services that we will provide.

City: Rockville
Category: Sensors, Detectors, Control Systems
Manufacturers of sensors, detectors & control systems.

City: Middletown
Category: Sensors & Sensor Measurement Products
Techkor Instrumentation develops and produces sensors andsensor measurement products for industrial, military, and commercialapplications. Our products are designed and produced for direct sales,OEM, and brand label markets. Capabilities range from low noise analogdesign to full digital processing and software development. The companyhas been involved in industrial, military, and commercial products forover 20 years and has all of the necessary equipment for the design,manufacturing, and testing of high performance sensors and sensingsystems. We welcome your interest and look forward to helping you solveyour sensing needs.

City: Ivyland
Category: Embedded Computing Solutions
ACT/Technico is a customer oriented, market drivenbusiness specializing in computer products and software. ACT/Technicodistributes, integrates and manufactures bus oriented computerplatforms and VMEbus products. Our primary business is supplyinghardware and software solutions for Real-Time computer applications.ACT/Technico is the combination of Technico, a sales division, whichrepresents and distributes products from leading industrymanufacturers, and Advanced Control Technology, Inc. a design services,integration and manufacturing division, which is the originalcorporation.ACT was started 20 years ago as a design services firm. Technico wasacquired by the company to provide sales focus for the business. Overthe years, the two divisions were brought together as depicted by ourlogo. Today, as always, we are one corporation Advanced ControlTechnology Inc., also trading under the sales organization nameTechnico.In house manufacturing capability rounds out our ability to integratethe products and designs into a finished solution. We have on staff atrained group of Technicians and Assemblers.Our Quality department maintains our corporate commitment to shipproducts that are soundly built, with quality workmanship.At ACT/Technico we are capable of quickly turning entire projects frominitial system architecture through specification, design,manufacturing and test. ACT/Technico can be, and remains to many of ourcustomers, a strong business asset and partner.

City: Kennesaw
Category: Automation Products
Actuated Valve Specialists, a division of ValtorcInternational, has a long and distinguished history of providing topquality engineered products at a fair price. We have been servicing theOil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Paint & Specialty Coatings,Fiberglass and Food Industries with top quality valves, actuators,pumps & instrumentation for the past 25 years.We are single source for all manual and automated valve projects, aswell as ultra pure and severe service valve requirements. We have thein house capability of automating up to 24" butterfly valves and 12"high pressure ball valves. Our expert staff can install and calibratemodulating positioners in both electric and pneumatic actuatorapplications. We can also retrofit actuators to existing ball valves orbutterfly valves in the field. We have accomplished this task hundredsof time successfully. We also pride ourselves in using only highquality and durable stainless steel bracketry between the valves andactuators for strength and long life.Our personnel are ready to provide you with prompt and courteousservice from the quotation stage, through delivery.We have over 70 years combined experience and await your mostchallenging application problems.

City: Manchester
Category: Measuring Machines
Manufacturers of video based measuring equipments.

City: Portland
Category: Laser Measurement Sensors
ACUITY was founded in 1992 to develop laser distancesensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. Todayour sensors are used in applications from steel casting to paperproduction to medical imaging, from crane control to micron-level partand surface inspection. Acuity is a product line of Schmitt MeasurementSystems, Inc. Schmitt Measurement Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiaryof Schmitt Industries, Inc.

City: Tulsa
Category: Electronics
AcuLab, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactureselectronic products. These products include interfaces betweencomputers and peripheral devices, and embedded controllers forelectromechanical devices. Many of these utilize micro-processortechnology. Our about page more fully describes what AcuLab and itsemployees have done.

City: Bothell
Category: Seminconductor Lasers
Aculight was founded in 1993 and is a leading innovator ofsolutions in solid-state lasers, nonlinear optical wavelengthconverters, pulsed fiber lasers, and semiconductor laser technologies.Our team has grown to over 45 people with half of the technical staffholding advanced degrees, including thirteen who hold PhD's. We haveover 20 issued or pending patents covering novel lasers, lasermanufacturing technologies and laser applications.Our engineering and scientific team is highly experienced in thedesign, development and manufacturing of custom laser and lasersystems. Capabilities include analytical design, feasibility andconcept evaluation experiments, engineering design, prototypedevelopment, and manufacturing of laser systems. Our staff experienceincludes over 250 cumulative years in laser engineering.

City: San Jose
Category: Stenciling & Tooling
Since 1990, Acumen Technology has been a major supplier ofSMT stencils and materials to the PCB assembly industry. Acumen'sgrowth has escalated with the integration of new technologies in LaserCutting and the expansion of a global distribution system. With ourunsurpassed standard in laser stencils as well as tooling fixtures-itsno wonder we are your premier full-service vendor.

City: Westwood
Category: Advanced Power & Energy Technologies
Acumentrics was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer ofcustom power products and has become an industry leader in ruggedizedAC and DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for military andindustrial applications. The company's development efforts have alsoexpanded to include other power conversion and power protectionproducts, including flywheel-based systems for critical power needmarkets.The company is presently entering new markets with a breakthrough lineof clean, quiet distributed power generation and power quality systemsbased on Acumentrics' proprietary solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)technology. These fuel cells offer significant advantages overtraditional engine- and turbine-powered generators. There is nocompression/combustion, minimal ongoing maintenance, and negligiblelevels of pollutants. The company's patented small-tube solid oxidefuel cell design offers efficiency and operational advantages overcompeting fuel cell and power solutions for commercial, industrial,residential and communications users.Corporate administrative, research, development and engineeringheadquarters is in Westwood, Massachusetts. Acumentrics hasmanufacturing facilities in Westwood, Massachusetts and Windsor,Connecticut. The company serves its customers directly and throughdistributors and resellers.

City: Jamestown
Category: Precision Glass Scales
ACU-RITE offers a complete family of user-defined,application-specific readout systems that provide greater flexibility,increased efficiency & productivity, easy feature access, betteraccuracy and improved workpiece quality.ACU-RITE's precision glass scales offer superior accuracy, multipleresolutions, advanced technology and durability in even the harshestmachine shop environment.In addition, ACU-RITE offers MILLPWR(r), a 2- or 3-axis Control/3-axisReadout system that provides a versatile, flexible, cost-effectivesolution to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability ofmanual milling machines.

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