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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Yorba Linda
Category: Test and Measurement Products
Specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality, cost-effective test
and measurement products for over 50 years. B+K Precision Corporation products
are available through a worldwide network of authorized distributors. The firm
provides support to its distributors by engaging in a comprehensive
international marketing program including advertising, trade shows and sales
lead development. A growing team of dedicated sales engineers and customer
support specialists provide each distributor with individual attention to their
marketing, sales and technical support needs.

B+K Precision employs a modern, computer-controlled, state-of-the-art warehouse
in order to provide its customers with fast turn-around. Most orders can be
shipped within 24 hours and are bar-coded and electronically tracked. The firm's
close proximity to major avenues of transportation assures its immediate
response to sales and support worldwide.

City: Paterson
Category: Drill Units & Accessories
Blackalloy? drill units, automated drilling assemblies and drilling systems have
enjoyed widespread success in small hole precision production drilling
applications in metals, woods, plastics, and other drilling mediums.

In addition, the versatility of Blackalloy? drill units makes them an excellent
choice for many applications other than drilling, such as bottle capping,
robotics, winding, etc. Blackalloy's? unique low-stress trilobe spindle is
designed to transmit torque from the pulley to the spindle.

Blackalloy? drill units offer a full range of strokes, hydro-check (or feed
control) equipment, spindle options including extended length with thru-holes,
and many special modifications.

City: Lawrence
Category: Connectivity Devices
n April 1976, Black Box was started with a gem of an idea. The company began
selling connectivity devices-the "little black boxes"-that clients need to
connect their primary data communications products. The idea was to sell a range
of products from a single source, a catalog and to provide the technical help
needed to solve clients' interface problems. The motto: "If you don't see it,
ask for it."

The company was originally called Expandor, Inc, but it soon changed to Black
Box because customers came to know the company by its catalog name. When the
first Black Box® Catalog rolled off the presses in early 1977, it was six pages,
contained nine products, and generated $170,000 in sales. Today the Black Box®
Catalog-along with the Black Box Web site-features 90,000+ products. The latest
"Big Book" catalog is an enormous 800-page book and has international versions
published in 8 languages.

Headquartered in scenic Lawrence, Pennsylvania, 20 miles south of Pittsburgh,
Black Box is now a leading worldwide provider of infrastructure services,
communications equipment, and technical support. Black Box services 132
countries and employs thousands of people worldwide. It offers the broadest
product line available anywhere and the best technical support and customer
service in the industry. Black Box's services now include not only Free hotline
technical support but also on-site structured cabling and telephony systems
design, installation, and maintenance.

City: Wauwatosa
Category: Motion Control Drives
Blackhawk Controls Corporation is a leader in the design and distribution of
Motion Control products and services.

The Key Benefit our company can offer you is to help you solve your drive and
motion control problems and make your company more profitable.

Blackhawk Controls Corporation is a distributor and integrator of high
performance variable speed drives and motion control systems. We specialize in
the performance end of the spectrum; e.g. Flux Vector and Brushless DC Drives
and Motors and are able to provide a wide range of services. Solving drive and
motion problems is our business. Customer benefits include increased production,
improved efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced down time.

City: Jamestown
Category: Industrial & Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics is the leader in the fields of industrial and
precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We design and manufacture efficient,
environmentally sound solutions for tough part washer applications. We also
supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic transducers and generators for incorporation
into existing part washer equipment.

It seems that each advance in technology demands greater and greater attention
to cleanliness for its success. As a result, the cleaning industry has been
challenged to deliver the needed cleanliness and has done so through rapid
innovation over the past several years. Many of these advances have involved the
use of ultrasonic cleaners utilizing multiple frequency ultrasonic generators
and advanced waveform ultrasonic generators. These cutting edge ultrasonic
cleaners can remove sub-micron particles from medical implants and silicon
wafers alike.

Cleaning technology is in a state of change. Vapor degreasing using chlorinated
degreasers and fluorinated solvents, long the standard for most of industry, is
being phased out in the interest of the ecology of our planet.

City: Riverside
Category: Fluid Control Products
Blacoh Fluid Control was formed in 1976 by three partners, Robert Blair, Gary
Cornell, and Floyd Haynes - hence, the name Blacoh. While working for a major
AOD®* pump manufacturer, Blacoh's principals became acutely aware of the flow
system problems inherent with the start-stop or pulsing flow found in positive
displacement pumps.

As no product was available to solve this common problem, Blacoh was formed.
Fueled by the primary goal to be the market leader in pulsation dampening and
surge control, Blacoh soon engineered the product that would become their
signature series - SENTRY® Pulsation Dampeners. Since those early days, Blacoh
customers have continued to direct our progress and innovations by their
requests for assistance with a variety of fluid system problems.

City: Green Bay
Category: Woodworking Cutting Tools
Blades LLc was founded in 1992 as an international supplier of woodworking
cutting tools. Committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, our
company offers only the highest quality industrial saw blades, cutters and
router bits available to the industry.

Al Viegut, president of Blades LLc, has vast knowledge in the manufacture of
both cutting tools and the grinding equipment used to sharpen cutting &
woodworking tools. Al is widely known and respected in the field. As founder of
Thorvie International, which he owned and operated for 24 years, Al developed
several cutting-edge sharpening machines that revolutionized tool sharpening. He
also helped to establish hundreds of individuals as successful businessmen in
the sharpening industry, both in the United States and several foreign

Inventions created by Thorvie include the Model AV-40 carbide saw blade and tool
grinder, as well as numerous grinding fixtures, devices that have improved speed
and efficiency of sharpening work. The Multi-directional saw blade, which cuts
circles, curves and sideways, is another Thorvie invention and is available
through Blades LLc.

City: Malvern
Category: Industrial Razor & Utility Blades
Our corporate mission is to provide the finest quality single edge razor blades,
hook blades, scraper blades, and assorted USA made utility knives and tools on a
worldwide basis. BladeSmith ® will continue to be an innovator both in new
product introduction and creative packaging options. All BladeSmith ® personnel
are dedicated to giving customers the finest quality products backed by a strong
commitment to reliable service.

BladeSmith ® has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of industrial
blades and ranks as the second largest blade manufacturer not only in the USA
but the world.

City: Goshen
Category: Coolants & Lubricants
In 1936 I started the company in my home town of Switzerland with one product
and one vision. Today, I am proud to be the founder of a company that serves
customers in over twenty different languages on six continents and forty-five
countries around the world.

Our customers' trust is our motivation. We develop our products in pace with
scientific technology, always keeping the safety of people and the environment
in mind.

As a Blaser customer, you will get the highest performance product in the
industry with the support and Know-How of a dedi- cated staff. I urge you to put
our products and our people to the test.

City: Canton
Category: Precision Load Cells
Vishay BLH is Your source for precision load cells, scales, "Expert" series
instrumentation, and complete process weighing systems. We also provide world
renowned Web Tension and Roll Force Measurement Systems.

City: Erie
Category: Quartz Crystals
Bliley Technologies Inc was originally founded as the Bliley Piezo-Electric
Company in 1930 by F Dawson Bliley. Initially, we manufactured quartz crystals
for the amateur radio market. In the mid-1930s, our customers and products soon
broadened to match the interests of the burgeoning military and commercial
communications fields and our name was changed to Bliley Electric Company. In
1939 we were the largest Crystal Company with 11 employees.

City: Blissfield
Category: Automotive Power Steering & Transmission Coolers
Blissfield Manufacturing Company is a 50 plus year old world class producer of
automotive power steering and transmission coolers, off-highway oil coolers,
refrigeration condensers and evaporators, as well as a full line of
refrigeration and A/C compressors. We also design, test, and produce a full
range of custom engineered refrigeration systems and contract brazing for a very
wide range of applications.

City: Fremont
Category: Electronics
Bliss Industries offers a wide variety of products for various industries
specializing in electronics manufacturing. Our carts safely store PC boards, SMT
feeders, fixtures, tooling and inventory. They will also protect them from
damage with a heavy duty welded tubular steel frame. For more than 20 years
Bliss has been the leader in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) cart based
manufacturing systems. In this "New Economy" it has become clear that customers
want a wider variety of products for less money from fewer vendors. To cut costs
in today's economy, companies need to maximize value for every dollar spent.

Bliss Industries has always listened carefully to you, our customer and then
delivered what you asked for. More products, services, and information is
offered online then ever before. We are in expansion mode like no other time in
our history. We are rapidly expanding our product line so we can offer them to
you at a better value than anyone else.

We also continue to provide expert in house process engineering support as well
as custom cart engineering. Give us a call, for free SMT process techniques. We
look forward to helping you solve your problems to make your job easier.

City: Marlborough
Category: Spectrometers
Block Engineering, a division of Spectra Optics, is a high technology U.S. based
business that has served industrial and military customers worldwide since it
was founded in 1956.

Block is a recognized leader in the Fourier infrared spectrometer systems (FTIR)
market with many significant contributions to state-of-the-art sensing

Block instruments are used primarily for remote, standoff detection of chemical
vapors to distances of 5-10km. Block's ultra-sensitive Model 550 (just
announced) may also have potential for biological particle detection at a

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Electronic Terminal Blocks
Since 1994, BlockMaster has been committed to offering terminal block and
barrier strip solutions. Our terminal blocks, manufactured internationally and
domestically, are designed to meet and surpass agency approvals from around the
world. Many products conform to and surpass the standards of UL, CUL, VDE, CE
and other international approvals. Your products will benefit from the quality
that goes into our blocks. Our worldwide manufacturing allows for the continual
introduction of new products. Our extensive inventory serves to keep your orders
shipping on time.

City: Old Bridge
Category: Broadband Communication Equipment
Founded in 1950, Blonder Tongue Laboratories is a leading U.S. designer,
manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive line of broadband systems equipment
and technical engineering services for Voice, Video and Data service providers.
With optimized technologies, simplified deployment and technical assistance, the
provider can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase

Blonder Tongue's customers include the diverse array of broadband

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Custom Engineered Burners & Combustion Systems
Bloom Engineering, founded in 1934, serves the world market through its
Pittsburgh headquarters, wholly owned subsidiaries operating in Europe, license
partners and a worldwide network of sales offices and representatives. Bloom
Engineering, a combustion oriented company, serves basic industry with
particularly strong roots in steel and aluminum.

Over forty years ago, Bloom developed the unique baffle burner concept which is
still applied to its large, and many of its smaller, direct fired burners.
Bloom's modern recuperative radiant tube burner has its origins in the early
1950s, as does Ka-Weld@, Bloom's line of refractory shapes for insulating
water-cooled furnace members.

Complementary products including controls, valves, prefabricated pipe racks,
ladle and tundish heating and drying stations and related combustion equipment
coupled with modern manufacturing facilities and an extensive research and
development complex provide diversity and support to the core business. Repair,
maintenance, burner upgrade and equipment remanufacture services offered by
Bloom's shop insures original quality and lower overall costs while increasing
craft labor availability at the customer's plant.

City: Bloomingburg
Category: Springs & Wire Forms
Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form is a manufacturer of custom compression,
extension, torsion and double torsion springs, wire forms, stampings and wire
assemblies. We provide finishes to customer specifications, specialized
packaging, custom stocking programs and a 24 hr. RUSH service for emergencies.
Engineering service is also available.

We use only the finest materials and services from approved sources. We believe
in providing top quality products at a competitive price when you need them.

City: Independence
Category: Hydraulic Cable Winches
The JS Bloom Mfg Co was founded in 1910 to manufacture farm related equipment
such as corn crushers, wooden elevators, and stock tanks. Located in
Independence, IA, it became incorporated as Bloom, Inc. in 1963. Four people
were then employed by Bloom. Transport and utility augers were added as
products, and a hydraulic winch product line was designed to meet customer
specifications. Custom designed winches of various sizes for use on cranes,
fishing boats, garbage trucks and in military applications eventually became the
principal product of the company. Within twelve years, Bloom employed twenty and
built a larger 28,000 square feet facility in 1975 located 4-1/2 miles west of
Independence, IA.

The most recent owner operated the business from 1963 until 2000. In April of
2000, he sold the business as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) trust to
his employees. Today, our company is the largest business of its kind in Iowa
specializing in hydraulic cable winches, speed reducers, and capstans. Bloom
winches are sold throughout the United States, Canada and exported to numerous
other countries. Bloom also does custom machining and fabrication of parts for
other manufacturers and continues to produce a line of utility, grain seed, and
fertilizer augers sold largely in Iowa and surrounding states. We at Bloom are
very proud of the contributions we are making to our customers, our community
and of the opportunities and benefits we provide our employee-owners.

City: Livonia
Category: Conductivity Relays
Inventron has been manufacturing ultrasonic detection devices since 1969, and
the current line of ultrasonic devices reflects that experience.

Inventron offers the largest selection of standard and special ultrasonic
transducers in the industry. Every transducer manufactured employs some means of
temperature compensation, resulting in a high level of accuracy over a wide
range of operating conditions.

The 9140 Controller is an extremely versatile, user friendly device which is
keypad programmable to meet individual customer needs. Options available include
up to 13 individually programmable relay set points, automatic pump alternation,
RS-232 serial communications, differential level and submerged flow monitoring,
and data logging of up to 64,000 individual points, and much more.

City: Naperville
Category: Precision Workholding Equipment
Supplying precision workholding equipment throughout North America for over 15
years, Bluco Corporation has established itself as a leader in the field of
modular fixturing.

City: Mankato
Category: Electronics Design & Manufacturing
Blue Earth LLc is an electronics design and manufacturing company focusing on
micro controller and embedded control products for niche markets. We are also a
contract electronic engineering company with services based on a range of
experience that extends into such areas as security, agriculture, the medical
field and transportation.

City: Irvine
Category: Vacuum Cleaners
We're the best place on the Internet to find the complete line of Atrix
International vacuum cleaners, replacement filters and accessories!

City: Watertown
Category: Thermal Products
Our mission is to be a global leader in thermal products, offering
cost-effective, engineered solutions. We will earn this leadership position by
providing our customers with innovative, high quality, cost-effective and
environmentally responsible products. We will add value to these products by
providing legendary customer service through our uncompromising commitment to
customer satisfaction.

TPS serves its customers through a responsive quality system by designing,
selling and delivering products that meet or exceed performance and
expectations. Open, active communication and training throughout all levels of
the company provide the forum for ensuring understanding, implementation and
maintenance of the quality policy.

City: State College
Category: Calibration Management Software
Blue Mountain Quality Resources is the validated leader in calibration
management software. With 15 years of experience in FDA-regulated and
ISO-compliant markets, Blue Mountain offers a complete solution from set-up and
installation to training and validation.

Today's organizations are focused on managing compliance and increasing
productivity, while lowering overall costs. Blue Mountain's Calibration Manager,
the Best in Class calibration management software, allows companies to improve
their operating efficiency, maintain requirements for compliance and maximize
their return on investment.

Blue Mountain offers a wide range of tools for any size company. Whether an
organization needs a single-user implementation or a global, multi-site turnkey
package, Blue Mountain can assist users with their calibration management needs.

City: San Jose
Category: Laser Products
Blue Sky Research is a vertically integrated manufacturer of violet, blue, red
and NIR fiber-coupled, and free space laser systems and OEM laser modules.

City: Mountain View
Category: Wireless Broadband Communications Semiconductor
Broadcom Corporation is a global leader in wired and wireless broadband
communications semiconductors. Our products enable the convergence of high-speed
data, high definition video, voice and audio at home, in the office and on the
go. Broadcom provides manufacturers of computing and networking equipment,
digital entertainment and broadband access products, and mobile devices with the
industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip and software

Our diverse product portfolio addresses every major broadband communications
market and includes solutions for digital cable, satellite and Internet Protocol
set-top boxes; high definition television (HDTV); cable and digital subscriber
line (DSL) modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and
switching for local, metropolitan, wide area and storage networking; home and
wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice
over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network
and security processors; and SystemI/O? server solutions. These solutions
support our core mission: Connecting everything.

City: Davenport
Category: Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
In 1952, ultrasonic cleaning was taken out of the laboratory and first used in
production by Bendix Corporation. Ultrasonics proved a valuable means of
cleaning delicate and intricate aircraft parts that could not be cleaned by any
other method. This pioneering work led to the introduction of Bendix ultrasonic
cleaners to manufacturers world-wide, so they too could clean parts efficiently
and safely.

During the 1980's, a group of Bendix executives purchased the ultrasonic parts
cleaner business, and formed the Swen Sonic Corporation. Swen Sonic then refined
the ultrasonic energy systems and developed electronic control systems which
greatly improved the operating efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning. These new and
improved 30kHz cleaners were given the brand name Blue Wave.

City: Westminster
Category: Flow Meters
Blue-White Industries manufactures Top Quality Variable Area Flow meters,
Electronic Meters and Chemical Metering Injectors.

Blue-White's Variable Area Flow meters are offered in more than 240
configurations including styles for in-line, panel mount or closed pipe

City: Parma
Category: Process Systems
Blu-Surf's first product, a gas burner, was developed in 1960. Since then the
company has evolved into a full line company providing an ever growing
industrial client base with ovens, washers and complete process systems covering
a wide range of applications. Blu-Surf heat transfer technology and innovative
engineering ideas provide technical solutions for our customers.

The Blu-Surf staff is a group of talented, dedicated and qualified people who
excel at developing ideas that solve challenging process problems. Our
organization and teamwork enables us to offer each and every one of our
customers the right combination of experience and advanced technology.

City: Ayer
Category: Environmental Chambers
BMA Inc manufactures a complete line of Environmental Test Chambers, Ovens,
Walk-In Rooms, Thermal Shock and Stress Screening Chambers.

BMA Inc was established in 1974 by experienced professionals to offer a high
quality, high performance, reliable product to its customers at a reasonable
cost. We manufacture a standard line of practically any size chamber.All systems
are designed and manufactured using the latest components and design techniques.
All components are UL or FM approved. All refrigeration type units are in
accordance with EPA standards for using non-ozone depleting refrigerants.
Standard instrumentation on all systems are either microprocessor programmers or
microprocessor based digital controls.

City: West Chicago
Category: Unsaturated Polyster Molding Compounds
Bulk Molding Compounds, Incorporated (BMCI) is a privately owned company that
was founded in 1978 to manufacture a series of unsaturated polyester molding

BMCI is now the largest manufacturer of BMC in the world. State-of-the-art
laboratory resources have allowed BMCI to stay technologically ahead of the
industry, making their application and analytical laboratories the most advanced
within the field. Two Bucher injection presses, thermal analysis capabilities
and physical property testing capabilities put BMCI in a position to meet the
demanding custom requirements of today's applications.

City: Mancelona
Category: Automatic Painting Machines
BNH Machines was founded in 1985 and is a full service design, engineering and
build shop for both the Automated Painting Systems industry and the Computer
Controlled Automation Machines industry. All facets of a project are handled by
trained and extensively experienced project engineers, designers and computer

BNH Machines works through OEM suppliers, System Integrators and directly with
Corporate Customers.

BNH has an impressive list of references which includes every major U.S.
Automobile manufacturer. These references are available upon request.

Charles A. LaPointe is the VP of Engineering and one of the founders of BNH
Machines and is an accredited ME. Charles and the BNH engineering team have
designed and installed over 800 Robotic and Automated Systems world wide.

City: Dunedin
Category: CAM Software
The goal of Bob CAD Cam Software is to help machinists get their parts out the
door quickly and accurately without extensive training or high costs. With
BobCAD CAM training is easy. No other software comes close with the power, ease
of use, features, and price of BobCAD CAM. Never again have software that costs
thousands of dollars sitting around because no one can figure how to use it.

If you've ever lost an employee that you spent several thousands of dollars
getting trained on software and now you must start training all over with a new
employee you'll know the value of the quick and efficient learning and ease of
use of BobCAD CAM software. This alone is worth thousands of dollars and
combined with the low purchase cost of the BobCAD CAM package you'll wonder why
you waited so long.

Don't let the low cost and efficiency of BobCADCAM deceive you into thinking
that it can't be powerful because actually it is a full featured and powerful
program used daily by tens of thousands of companies.

City: Roseland
Category: Flexible Materials Equipment
With over thirty companies around the globe, Bobst Group form the most efficient
organization serving the worldwide solid board, corrugated board and flexible
materials industries.

Bobst Group aims to help its customers with the differentiation of their
businesses and the diversification of their products and services.

We achieve this through constant improvements in quality, productivity and
innovation through our personnel, organisation, procedures and products. We are
the sole supplier worldwide to offer a choice of equipment, both independent and

City: Boyton Beach
Category: Miniature Bearings
Since 1987, one of our primary goals at the Boca Bearing Company has been to
maintain the world's largest inventory of miniature bearings in all of the most
popular metric and inch sizes. We also have an extensive inventory of special
sizes and styles, including hybrids, three piece thrust, phenolic and plastic
caged bearings. Currently, Boca Bearing Company has over 3000 different sizes
and well over 2 million items in stock.

Whether your needs call for a few bearings, a few hundred or a few hundred
thousand, you can always rely on us for unsurpassed service. The Boca Bearing
Company takes pride in having extremely competitive prices, rapid response to
quotes and on-time deliveries. We are always willing to go above and beyond the
call of duty to make our customers happy.

This site and our catalogs have been produced as a tool to help you determine
your bearing requirements. If you need additional information or you are looking
for a size and style that is not listed, please contact one of our sales
professionals. I would personally like to extend a warm welcome to our growing
family of satisfied Boca Bearing customers and we look forward to doing business
with you.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Discrete Semiconductor Products
Established in 2000, Boca Semiconductor Corp carries on the quality of the
Microsemi PPC Commercial Products Division that they acquired that same year.
Boca Semi continues the leadership profile in the supply of a wide range of
quality Discrete Semiconductor Components.

Boca Semiconductor Corporation is a "Discrete Semiconductor Supermarket," who in
joint venture with several leading offshore manufacturers, distributes a wide
variety of popular components.

Our "niche" is the supply of devices that have been discontinued by the major
manufacturers. It is our stated intention to extend the life of the most popular
types of devices for years to come.

City: Wilmington
Category: Semiconductor Components
BOC Edwards is a leading supplier to the world's most advanced industries
including semiconductor, compound semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical,
metallurgy, scientific instrumentation and research & development.

BOC Edwards is a value-added supplier of gases and equipment for the world's
most advanced manufacturing industries. In rapidly developing, technology based
industries, nothing works in isolation - products never stand alone, but work
within a larger system. Our end-to-end knowledge ensures that everything works
in synchrony. Our people are committed to looking at the whole picture and
delivering total, integrated solutions - or individual products that enhance
your entire process. With BOC Edwards, you get the perfect combination of
product and process. We walk with customers every step of the way, helping you
to improve your performance.

City: Kittanning Kittanning
Category: Work Holding Systems
Bock Work holding offers a variety of solutions for the modern manufacturer's
work holding needs. From accurate clamping and repeatability to fast-changeovers
and high production, Bock systems offer you the flexibility you need to solve
your toughest workholding problems.

City: St Louis
Category: Cast Aluminium
Bodine Aluminum Inc ... we want to be your single source supplier of complex
aluminum, sand and permanent mold castings. We offer prototype to production,
full service capabilities which can include value added machining to your
specifications. We are aQS9000 / ISO 14001 registered facility.

City: Chicago
Category: Industrial Electric Motor Products
As the leading supplier of fractional horsepower (FHP) industrial electric motor
products, Bodine Electric Company offers more than 1,000 stock electric motors,
gearmotors, and motion controls worldwide. Bodine FHP motor solutions include AC
motors, DC motors, and Brushless DC motors. All are available as motors only or
in right angle gearmotor or parallel shaft gearmotor configurations. Bodine
motors are complemented by system-matched AC drives, DC drives, and Brushless DC

Bodine products are found wherever reliability and dependability are

City: Chicago
Category: Gear Motors & Motion Controls
Bodine Electric Company has been making high-quality, fractional horsepower
motors, gearmotors and motion controls since 1905. Bodine Electric pioneered the
first concept for fractional horsepower motors with integral gear reducers in
the 1920's. Since that time we have carefully guarded our reputation for
producing the quietest. smoothest, longest lasting gear components and products
in the industry.

Bodine is now offering its Gear Manufacturing services to customers who demand
high quality gear components, delivered On-Time, at a fair price. With our
combination of Gear Manufacturing expertise, including tooling design &
fabrication capabilities, we're a value-added supplier, eager to work with you
to solve your gear component needs.

City: Feasterville
Category: Life Science & General Lab Products
Boekel Scientific was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in the mid
1800's. by the Boekel family who ran it for over 100 years. The Company made
some of the first water baths and Incubators in the US even before Edison
invented electricity and 45 years before Henry Ford invented the Model T. The
company was centered in what is referred to Old City Philadelphia since 1868.

In 1998 Boekel moved to it's present modern 75,000 sq ft facility north of
Philadelphia in Feasterville, PA. The company has been owned by a private
individual for the last 35 years. Boekel continues to manufacture many of the
products today that it made over 100 years ago. However, we have progressed into
various lab research, equipment products for many laboratory markets. Boekel is
a leader in may life science products such, as Hybridization Ovens and
Incubators, Microarray Incubators, Sample Coolers and Heaters and new Shakers
and Mixing Equipment. Boekel manufactures equipment that goes into Clinical,
Environmental, Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Biotech testing and research.
The company today has a rich history of manufacturing quality and innovative
products that advances scientific research.

Boekel has several marketing trading partners around the world, Two of our
premier partners are Grant Instruments of Cambridge England and Biosan of
Latvia. All three company have a total of over 175,000 sq ft of manufacturing
space and have joint marketing, manufacturing and development of state of the
art lab equipment.

City: Redwood City
Category: Precision CNC Machine Shop
Bofors Precision Machining Inc is a modern precision CNC machine shop located in
the San Francisco bay area. We specialize in machining high permeability nickel
alloys such as Carpenter 49®, Allegheny Ludlum, Invar, Kovar, Magnifer® 50,
Titanium and Stainless Steel, as well as other advanced alloys. Typical
applications include transformer laminations, magnetic shields and relay parts.

At BPM, machining high nickel alloys has been our specialty for the past 30
years. Our customers range from defense contractors to telecommunications. Our
experience with machining these materials allows us to provide our customers
with Nickel Alloy parts at competitive pricing.

City: Boulder Creek
Category: Trimetric & Pentametric Battery Monitor
The TriMetric battery monitor is designed to assist in battery care,
conservation and system maintenance of battery powered systems that use storage
batteries with system voltage from 12-48 volts.

Bogart Engineering, manufacturer of the TriMetric and PentaMetric battery
monitor systems.

City: Ramsey
Category: Sound Systems & Telephone Peripherals
Bogen Communications International Inc the parent company of Bogen
Communications Inc and Speech Design GmbH, is a leading provider of sound
systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial and institutional
applications the world over.

City: Ramsey
Category: Precision Products
Many of the most respected manufacturers of precision products for the
photographic, video, Cine and lighting markets are under the Bogen" logo. These
include Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods, heads and accessories; Avenger grip; Metz
electronic flash systems; Elinchrom studio lighting systems; Lastolite lighting
control and backgrounds; IFF top suspension system; Gossen light meters;
RotaTrim cutters; and a wide host of additional product lines which round out
the most complete range of exceptional accessories in the business.

Bogen's extensive catalog is filled with many solutions for any imaging
situation. For example, the Manfrotto line offers over 40 different tripods and
a choice of over 45 heads including ball, pan, and fluid types. Whether the
shoot's in the studio or on location we have a solution for the problem.

It's easy to see why Bogen products are a part of virtually every major
production and studio. The Bogen warehouse, in New Jersey, stocks thousands of
items in inventory all backed by a superior distribution and support team. In
addition to supplying many tried and true supports, meters, flash and other
lighting devices, Bogen is continually bringing new products and new features to
everyone involved in all aspects of imaging.

City: East Brunswick
Category: Analysis Instrumentation
Malvern Instruments characterizes particulate systems across a broad range of

As a world leader in laboratory particle analysis instrumentation, Malvern gives
manufacturers a competitive edge in the research and development of their
products. This is supported by real-time, on-line monitoring at every stage of
the manufacturing process, performing particle analysis in both wet and dry
production processes, to deliver immediate advantages in efficiency, quality and
cost savings. Specialist, in-depth technical and application support is provided
to enable users to maximize full system potential.

Products include particle analysis and dispersion stability instrumentation
based on laser light scattering and acoustic techniques.

City: San Francisco
Bohlken Bai has been designing lcd monitors for the home and office since 1997.
With a selection of six lcd monitors and a choice of multiple colors and
materials, we offer dozens of designs beyond the plastic LCD monitors offered by
other manufacturers. If you are looking for standard LCD monitors we recommend
this site: Lcd Monitors .com

Take a look at our lcd monitor designs. We use materials such as stainless
steel, cloth, soft and hard woods, stone, tile, brass and aluminum. Timeless
materials combine with timeless designs and quality workmanship for truly
one-of-a-kind monitors. Our lcd monitors add a point of interest to any desk.

City: Santa Ana
Category: High-Tech Sensor & Instrumentation
At Bokam Engineering, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of
high-tech sensor and instrumentation, and man-machine interface design with
award winning off-the-shelf and custom sensors and systems.

Concentrating primarily on high-tech sensors and instrumentation, our goal is to
provide products specialized to meet customers' technical requirements and
marketing goals. With a long and successful record to speak for us, we are
considered a premier house for unique high-tech sensors, instrumentation, new
sensor development and technological infusions for a growing number of dedicated

City: Scranton
Category: Electronic Products
Bokar International provides products, services and solutions that enhance the
productivity of electronics manufacturing. We have worked closely with the
leaders in the electronics industry to develop tools to meet the demands of
today's technologies.

Bokar International products offer exceptional levels of performance and control
without ignoring the importance of human factors and industrial design. Small
footprint packaging saves valuable bench space, ergonomic hand pieces reduce
fatigue, and simple controls minimize errors. All of these elements lead to
improved throughput and process control, adding up to real value.

We supply SMT Rework Equipment and Accessories and ESD Protection Products.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Stampings & Washers
Boker's takes their manufacturing practices very seriously and maintains an ISO
9001:2000 registered status. This means when you purchase your products from
Boker's, you will have the confidence your service will be efficient and your
parts will meet your specifications?every time.

While others talk about quality, Boker's dedicates every department to the task,
and the personal commitment of every Boker's employee. The goal of our Quality
Assurance process is to assure all products manufactured by Boker's comply with
all specifications and standards prescribed by our customers. Our functions
include inspecting every order, performance auditing, monitoring of customer
feedback, and verifying specifications for custom applications.

City: Lyons
Category: Polarization Control Components
Bolder Vision Optik specializes in producing polarization control components.
Liquid crystal devices, waveplates (retarders), achromatic waveplates and
polarizers are manufactured in our Boulder, Colorado facility. Bolder Vision
supplies standard, custom and OEM volume components. Choose the topic below to
learn more about each product.

City: East Peoria
Category: Precision Machinists
Boley Tool recognizes both the need for innovation and the importance of
implementing new manufacturing technologies. Constantly updating our equipment
and machining techniques has enabled us to increase quality and productivity
while decreasing production costs. Boley Tool is committed to providing the
finest equipment and latest technology to assure that our customers receive the
highest quality parts at the most competitive prices.

The wide range oftypes and sizes of parts manufactured by Boley Tool have one
thing in common - Quality. Every member of our organization is a de facto part
of our quality control team. Each step in the manufacturing process includes
formal quality control procedures, from initial statistical process capability
studies to final inspection audits. Each aspect of Boley Tool's manufacturing
processes is designed to assure maximum part reliability and conformance to
specification, from the control of materials to the packaging and shipment of
the finished product.

City: Houston
Category: Fasteners
Bolts 'n Nuts Plus was founded in Houston in 1970. The original name was just
Bolts 'n Nuts because the product lines consisted of bolts, nuts, screws,
washers and other commonplace as well as unique industrial fasteners. The Plus
was added some years later as the company started to branch out into other
product lines like fittings, tools and shop supplies rather than just the
original industrial fastener orientation.The original company location was on
Clinton Drive in the heavily industrialized Houston ship channel area. The
company relocated to the present site in the Northwest part of Houston in 1992.
The move positioned the company for future growth with a large, free standing
office/warehouse building that allowed for significant expansion of the various
bolts, nuts, screws, washers, commonplace as well as unique industrial
fasteners, fittings, tools and shop supplies product lines. As part of this
overall strategy, a state of the art computer system was installed several years
ago. This allowed for even more efficient expansion of the various bolts, nuts,
screws, washers, commonplace and unique industrial fasteners, fittings, tools,
and shop supplies product lines as the business continued to grow.

Although a significant part of our overall business is conducted in Texas, Bolts
'n Nuts Plus also services nationally and internationally. Among our customers
are numerous companies in the oil field industry, as well as the construction.
In addition, we are also major suppliers to the hospital/health care industry.
As one can tell, our reputation as a broad based, one stop, industrial supplier
of not only bolts, nuts, screws, washers, commonplace or unique industrial
fasteners, but also fittings, tools, and shop supplies product lines is valued
highly by a broad customer base.

City: Middlesex
Category: Quartz Crystals
Bomar was founded in 1963, as a manufacturer of quartz crystals to the
commercial and two-way radio industries. The nature of the business required
tight tolerance and highly stable crystals over a wide frequency range, in order
to meet stringent FCC specifications. The need to be produced quickly was
important to our growing base of customers. Many of our customers were local,
state and federal police and surveillance agencies. Bomar soon became not only
the leading supplier in this market, but was consistently recognized for quality
of product, quick turnaround times and unsurpassed customer service.

In 1988 Bomar began to build an OEM customer base. Customers from the
telecommunications, computer, medical, security, commercial and industrial
markets began to use not only crystals, but also clock oscillators, VCXOs and
TCXOs. To meet this change in product requirements we redesigned our
manufacturing processes and added new manufacturing equipment to produce
crystals and oscillators in smaller packages with higher frequencies, low phase
noise and low jitter. With these changes and the addition of state of the art
test equipment, Bomar's domestic manufacturing facility continues to provide
frequency control products with the same quick turnaround, high reliability,
tight tolerance and stability that it has since 1963.

City: Ledgewood
Category: Interconnect Products
Manufactures high quality RF connectors, BNC SMA, adapters & more.

City: Albany
Category: Static Control Products
Bystat International is the only Canadian manufacturer of static control
products in the ESD marketplace. Over the past decade Bystat has grown steadily,
earning at the tender age of two (2) the highest honor in the province of
Quebec, namely the "Mercure of the new enterprise" (Chamber of Commerce of
Quebec). In 1988, Bystat received the first prize in the "new product" category,
and in 1989, the prize for "Exportation".

To guarantee superior service, Bystat's products are marketed across the world
by an experienced and well trained representatives network. We are also
represented by Manufacturer's representatives across the USA and Canada.

They are all committed to provide affordable, dependable, high-quality products
designed to help protect components from static electricity, before, during and
after assembly.

City: Newark
Category: Laser Products & Spectrometers
B&W TEK Inc is committed to providing our customers with a total solution from
design to development and with more than 1,000 customers in 20 different
countries; we haved earned a reputation of producing high quality products for
leading R&D labs, universities,and multi-billion dollar companies. From our high
power diode lasers (HPDLs), diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs) and
diode-pumped fiber lasers (DPFLs) to our high-power broadband SLD sources, CCD,
InGaAs, and PbS array spectrometers and OEM Raman spectroscopic systems, B&W Tek
combines the reliable engineering, manufacturing, and in-depth OEM knowledge
provided by larger companies with the individual attention and customization
offered by smaller companies.

Our facilities include 20,000ft² of laboratory, manufacturing and office space
with several departments including testing and QA control, which work
side-by-side. Everything from prototyping to instrument assembly to system
integration is performed on-site. We work thoroughly with our customers in
developing new products with a four-fold process that ensures quality.

City: Akron
Category: Fluid Connectors, Motion Control & Process Equipment
When my grandfather walked away from a stable job as an engineer with an Akron
rubber company it was 1928, and the Great Depression was about to begin. He
began traveling throughout northeastern Ohio as a sales agent for machinery
manufacturers, selling power transmission and process equipment to industrial
firms. Those first years were a challenge, but with perseverance and a pledge to
provide quality products and dependable service, Bruce W. Rogers thrived, and
the B.W. Rogers Company was born.

Seventy-five years and three generations have passed. And while less than 1% of
American companies from his generation are still operating, BW Rogers continues
to proudly carry the family name and is recognized as a premier supplier of
fluid connectors, motion control and process equipment. With our affiliated
companies: HydraAir, Kentucky Pneumatics and Exonic Systems, BW Rogers serves
industry throughout the central United States.

City: Butler
Category: Electronic Specialty Controls
BWI Eagle was established in March 1988 in Butler, Pa. by several individuals
having manufacturing and marketing experience with electronic devices used
primarily on conveyors in the coal mining industry. A corporation was formed to
capitalize upon newly available technology the founders believed could be used
to develop an improved conveyor-belt speed switch that would increase safety and
productivity in coal mines. The speed switches utilized a non-contacting sensor
that "watched" conveyors like an eagle, and so the devices were brand-named
Eagle Conveyor Belt Speed Switches.

In order to get the Company up and running quickly, the founders entered into a
partnership with another Butler-based company, Butler Winding Inc a manufacturer
of transformers. In exchange for providing working capital and other resources
for the fledgling Eagle upstart, Butler Winding Inc (BWI) acquired partial
ownership in Eagle, hence the name became BWI Eagle.

Both companies prospered and grew, but after several years of sharing the same
facility it became evident that each company needed more space, which just
wasn't available on that site. In July 1992, BWI Eagle moved to US Highway 422
just outside the City of Butler. Shortly afterwards, BWI Eagle bought Butler
Winding's ownership, but decided not to change the name which, by then, had
become highly recognized and respected throughout the mining industry.

City: Monroe
Category: Computer Products
BWI opened its doors for business in the summer of 1985. Back then, a floppy
diskette was about the size of your CRT with a storage capacity less than what
you'll find in most of today's PC's RAM and Windows, well, those were things you
looked through to glimpse the great outdoors. In those early years, BWI was
primarily a consulting firm specializing in device driver development and
software applications that used a Unix based real time operating system called
OS9. Such systems typically used VMEbus hardware and were (and remain) popular
for certain industrial and military applications.

City: Rockford
Category: Machine Tool Products
At BUWW we take pride in our ability to repair, design and manufacture quality
products. This quality is built into every product with the use of leading edge
CAD/CAM design programs, integrated CNC laser cutting of components and CNC
controlled precision bending of parts for all products.

We understand that your company is not making money if your machines are not
running. We are very service oriented and can do quick-turn rebuilds of covers
sent in for repair. BUWW also offers on-site repair service in United States,
Canada and Mexico to get your machines back into operation quickly.

Our skilled, experienced team brings dedication and innovation to satisfy the
unique needs of each customer's specific requirements. It is the desire of BUWW
to partner with our customers in a joint effort to help you achieve your
business and financial objectives with quality products at a competitive price.

City: Erie
Category: High Pressure Values
BuTech Pressure Systems is a leading manufacturer of high pressure valves,
tubing, fittings and accessories. For nearly 30 years, the Company has been a
recognized leader in high pressure piping components. Our manufacturing
facilities are certified to ISO 9001. Dedicated professionals at our main office
and distributors throughout the world are ready to offer application-engineering
expertise and problem-solving experience.

City: San Diego
Category: Control and Measurement Instrumentation
Eurotherm is one of the world's best known suppliers of Control and Measurement
Instrumentation to Industrial and Process Markets. We are part of Invensys plc,
a leading global automation and controls company. Eurotherm's instruments are
sold under five product

City: Fremont
Category: Electronic Components
Elma Bustronic is the industry expert in standard and custom design backplane
applications. We focus on one thing - designing and manufacturing the best
backplanes in the world.

Our standard product portfolio includes AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI - 2.16/2.17,
H.110 CTEL, VME, VME64x, VXI, and VXS Switched Serial (See Standard Product
QuickSheet). Our application engineers also develop custom backplanes to meet
your specifications, from initial concept to finished product. Elma Bustronic's
signal integrity analysis and simulation tools ensure efficient cost-effective
design solutions that work superbly the first time, every time. These designs
serve a wide array of industries, including aerospace, military/homeland
security, industrial automation, telecommunications, medical, and
high-performance computers.

City: Middleburg Hts
Category: Data Acquistion Instrumentation
In the demanding world of Data Acquisition and Control our mission is to provide
innovative solutions which meet or exceed customer requirements at very
competitive prices. Our team of talented staff with extensive experience in the
data acquisition and test and measurement markets is a major strength at Bustec
enabling us to design and bring new innovative products to market quickly. We
believe our VXIbus-based Data Acquisition products in many cases lead the world
in accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

Bustec designs and manufactures a full line of high performance VXI and VXIbus
products and instrumentation suitable for applications in the Data Acquisition,
Control, and Test and Measurement markets. VXI data acquisition products include
analog-to-digital converters (ADC or A/D,), digital-to-analog converters (DAC or
D/A), Digital Signal Processors (DSP), Digital I/O, counters and timers.

City: St Louis
Category: Electrical, Electronic & Automotive Systems
Bussmann, a division of Cooper Industries, is one of the world's largest
producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and
automotive systems from circuit overload. Bussmann provides the industry
standard for circuit protection with over 41,000 fuse types, from large fuses
for protecting the main supply in multi-story buildings and industrial
complexes, to sophisticated fuses for printed circuit boards in electronic
products. Through product development and a number of acquisitions Bussmann has
become the market leader in fuse technology.

Bussmann is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, with operations in Black
Mountain, NC and Goldsboro, NC Chicago, IL Ellisville, MO Boca Raton, FL; Juarez
, MX and Mexico City, MX; Frome and Burton, in the UK, Copenhagen, Denmark,
Costa Rica, India and Brazil. Bussmann currently employs over 5,000 team members

City: Torrance
Category: Bus Bars & Board Stiffener
Circuit Components Inc (CCI) was established as a division of Rogers Corporation
in 1978, and became an independent company in 1992. CCI is headquartered in its
32,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Tempe, Arizona. CCI has served the
electronics industry from its inception; providing printed circuit board bus
bars and other products.

The company's CEO and Chairman is Robert A. Greenman, who held various executive
positions at Rogers and at CCI.

CCI's ongoing customer oriented engineering development program assures our
customers that we can meet their individual requirements. With a commitment to
total customer satisfaction, CCI provides customers with high-quality,
superior-performance filtering and suppressor products at economical prices.

City: Belmont
Category: Software
Forecast Pro is fast, easy and accurate forecasting software for business
professionals. The award-winning software is easy to learn and easy to use,
making Forecast Pro the logical choice if you are currently forecasting with
spreadsheets, guesstimation or other software which is not getting the job
done-and are unhappy with the inaccurate results.

With Forecast Pro, you provide the historic data for the items you are
forecasting and Forecast Pro does the rest. The built-in expert selection mode
analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique and calculates
the forecasts using proven statistical methods.

You can collaborate with colleagues to make adjustments to the statistical
forecasts and easily document and save the changes. Forecast Pro generates the
customizable reports and graphs you need to make convincing presentations to
management. Automating your forecasting and integrating your forecast results
with other planning systems are straightforward tasks with Forecast Pro.

City: Bridgeton
Category: Cable Assembly Systems
The company was founded in 1960 as a distributor of connectors, terminals, wire
and cable. Some of the first lines represented were AMP, 3M, FCI, Panduit, and

Over the years additional lines have been added to Lectronix Plus the
distributor division of Buse Industries. Its primary focus continues to be that
of a technical distributor focused on providing interconnect solutions to its
customer base.

In 1995, Buse Industries relocated into a new automated 50,000-sq. ft. facility
near the St. Louis airport. Do to rapid growth this facility was expanded in
2000 by 15,000-sq. ft. to its current total of 65,000 sq. ft.

City: Virginia Beach
Category: Vacuum Pumps & Systems
Busch designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance vacuum pumps and
systems that are used in many industries around the world. The U.S. facility,
established in 1975 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is headquarters for
engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, and warehousing, and serves as a
network for distributors, representatives, and service centers located
throughout the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Busch Inc is an ISO 9001 registered company, committed to quality vacuum
products, customer satisfaction, and prompt after-sales service. Dr Karl Busch
designed the first Busch vacuum pump in 1963 for the meat packaging industry.
From that beginning, Busch has grown to become a worldwide leader in vacuum
technology with four manufacturing plants and 30 companies worldwide. Busch
prides itself in being a problem-solving company that provides solutions to
vacuum design challenges all over the world.

City: Hauppague
Category: Metal Conductors
Busby Metals is the source for your brass, bronze, copper, beryllium copper, and
aluminum conductor requirements.

We are a specialty distributor based in the New York metropolitan area for over
fifty years. Diversity of alloys, broad size ranges and quality control has
allowed us to become a valued supplier of raw materials to companies throughout
the United States and the world. Busby Metals is a small responsive business
with the inventory, product knowledge, and support to make you competitive in
today's marketplace. We welcome the opportunity to prove this to you.

Busby Metals is certified ISO 9002 and MIL-I-45208a. We distribute domestic and
foreign material from the finest nonferrous manufacturers in the world.

City: Fort Wayne
Category: Industrial Seals & Bearing Systems
Busak+Shamban, founded in the early 1950's, is a worldwide leading supplier of
high-quality products and solutions for aerospace, automotive, and industrial
sealing and bearing systems.

Busak+Shamban's core activities are focused on providing the best sealing and
bearing solutions for the following areas: automotive, aerospace, mechanical
engineering, stationary hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power
engineering and electrical engineering, chemical industry, process engineering,
the food + pharmaceutical industries, semiconductor/chip manufacturing, oil &
gas equipment, sanitary and heating technology, as well as medical engineering.

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