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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Hamden
Category: Fluid Handling Equipment
Founded in 1970 Burt Process Equipment is a worldwide leader in the designing,
manufacturing and distribution of high purity and corrosion resistant equipment,
systems and services. BPE products and services provide proven solutions for the
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, metal finishing, chemical
processing, and many other industries.

City: Hazelhurst
Category: Electronic Assembly
We are located in the beautiful northwoods of northern Wisconsin and upper
Michigan. From two production facilities we offer design services, prototyping,
production runs, and complete assembly for all types of electronic assemblies.
We specialize in low to medium volume production, and have recently expanded to
increase our surface mount capabilities and to accommodate higher volume
production runs.

City: Bethlehem
Category: Disposable Medical Component
B Braun OEM/Industrial offers thousands of reliable medical device components
and pharma solutions. But more importantly, we offer the expertise - from
initial design through manufacturing, packaging and sterilization - to make them
work together.

You can use the services of our design and development, manufacturing,
packaging, quality control, and licensing and registration experts - and bring
their collective knowledge to your project. The individual demands of
OEM/Industrial customers coupled with the teamwork of our vertically integrated
service areas lead to tailor-made, innovative solutions.

City: Tucson
Category: Digital Signal Processing
Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing
and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age.

TI is a leader in the real-time technologies that help people communicate. We
are moving fast to drive the Internet age forward with semiconductor solutions
for large markets such as wireless and broadband access and for new emerging
markets such as digital cameras and digital audio.

TI envisions a world where every phone call, every Internet connection, every
photograph you take, every song you listen to are touched by the power of TI's
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Analog technologies.

City: Minnetonka
Category: Temperature Measurement Products
At Burns Engineering we have the know-how technology and dedication you can
depend on - to find solutions for even your most complex temperature sensing
problems. We will work with you to satisfy your requirements with a product of
guaranteed quality, on time delivery, and within your budget.

We help our customers create quality products safely and efficiently through
accurate, reliable temperature measurement. If a Special Purpose Design is
required, we will design and produce a custom product that meets your needs. We
can also arrange to keep your custom sensor in stock for immediate shipment. If
a standard design is right for you, we can deliver it from stock.

Since 1960, Burns Engineering has been an industry leader in the design and
manufacture of temperature sensors and transmitters for the process and OEM
industries. During that time, product quality and customer service along with
innovative engineering have been top priorities in the Burns Engineering
business philosophy. We have perfected the most frequently needed designs and
have hundreds of different configurations to choose from, ready for immediate

City: Orange
Category: Metal Products
Burlington Engineering Inc has been servicing metal products and parts
manufacturers with quality corrosion resistance performance since 1979.

We are a leader in the application of quality Melonite©* Molten Salt Bath
Processing, an environmentally friendly high performance alternative to plating
for corrosion resistance industrial rust removal.

Melonite is the most widely-specified process in the world for improving the
wear and corrosion properties of metal and metal components. No process can
match it for precise, repeatable results; no competitive technology offers two
unique combinations of performance, versatility and cost-efficiency.

City: Lancaster
Category: Electron Tubes
Burle Industries Inc is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialized
electron tubes and electro-optic products. Burle is headquartered in Lancaster,
Pennsylvania USA with additional locations in Sturbridge, Massachusetts USA,
Germany, United Kingdom, and Mexico. BURLE manufactures Power Tubes and
Cavities, Photomultiplier Tubes, Imaging Tubes and Power Supplies, Channeltron®
Mass Spec Detectors, Microchannel Plates, Advanced Performance Detectors and
Flexible Fiber Optics.

Burle Industries is the successor to the RCA Corporation, New Products Division.
The Lancaster facility was opened in 1942 as a US Navy plant operated by RCA for
the manufacture of radio and microwave tubes. After WWII, the facility was
acquired by RCA and became the base for development and production of commercial
television products. In subsequent years other products were added. These
included image tubes, photomultiplier tubes, motion- sensing light control
switches, and closed circuit video systems. In 1983, the New Products Division
was formed with the existing product lines. The 1986 acquisition of RCA by
General Electric Company resulted in the divestiture of the Division.

On July 14, 1987, the management team, led by Dr. Erich Burlefinger, purchased
the Division and founded Burle Industries Inc.

City: Victor
Category: Test & Measurement Equipments
Exfo is a recognized expert in the global telecommunications industry through
the design and manufacture of advanced and innovative test and measurement
solutions. The Telecom Division, which represents our main business activity,
offers a complete range of dedicated and integrated test solutions to NSPs,
system vendors and component manufacturers in approximately 70 countries. One of
our strongest competitive advantages is our modular platform design, based on a
PC/Windows-centric architecture to offer a series of test solutions that
maximize technology reuse across multiple market segments. The Photonics and
Life Sciences Division mainly leverages core telecom technologies to offer
value-added solutions for life sciences applications and high-precision assembly
processes, such as those required for microelectronics and optoelectronics.

Exfo was founded in Quebec City, Canada, in 1985. Our original products were
focused on the needs of installers and operators of fiber-optic networks.
Customers use these field-portable testing products for the installation,
maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of optical networks. In 1996, we
supplemented our product portfolio with an extensive line of high-end products
that are mainly dedicated to research and development as well as manufacturing

City: Littleton
Category: Broadcast Facility Control Systems
Burk Technology is a leading developer of broadcast facility control systems,
offering innovative approaches to total station control and operation. Our
solutions feature the industry's most comprehensive line of transmitter remote
control systems. We are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of broadcasters
and design our products to be the most flexible and extensible in the industry.

Burk was founded in 1985, with the sole objective of building facility control
systems that appeal to stations of all sizes around the world. Today the
company's solutions are considered to be "best-in class" and continue to evolve
to anticipate economic, regulatory and technological changes. The ARC-16, found
in all the top markets and thousands of stations worldwide, set the standard.

In 2001, Burk acquired the Gentner remote facilities management business and has
committed to continued evolution of the GSC3000 and VRC2500 product family,
taking advantage of the synergies and economies of scale facilitated by bringing
the Gentner and Burk product lines together.

City: Irvine
Category: Process Measurement & Control Products
Bürkert is present in thirty countries around the world. We also work with a
large network of distributors and partners, which means we are as close as
possible to our customers. This global presence ensures full service and support
to all of our customers in every country around the world.

Research is the lifeblood of our company. At Bürkert, we are never satisfied
with the status quo and are continually seeking new technologies and solutions
for our customers. Every year, our people develop new and highly advanced
products and solutions, ranging from integrated process measurement and control
units to the most sophisticated systems used in pharmaceutical research.

To be a market leader, we are also an R&D leader. Therefore, our investment in
research & development is one of the highest in our industry. In our research
centres in Germany and France, 150 people are committed to working for a common
future for our company and our customers.

We are committed to offering our expertise wherever it is needed, anywhere in
the world. This global presence ensures that our advances in fluid control
technology are also global.

City: San Jose
Category: Electronic Devices
Burich Electronics has been developing and making ESD related equipment since
1980. The Sense -A-Volt, a simple electrostatic field indicator, was one of the
first products developed and sold. Another novel device is the Computer Virus.
This is an active circuit designed to look like a bug with eyes (2 color LEDs)
that would light when an electrostatic field was present.

Burich Electronics has developed a "Soldering Iron Monitor" which verifies the
soldering iron ground and checks for voltage every time the soldering iron tip
is cleaned on a wet sponge.

City: Geneva
Category: Piston Pins & Powder Metal Products
Burgess-Norton is driven to be "Easy To Do Business With" in the eyes of our
customers. Sales, Engineering, Quality, and Manufacturing personnel work
together to make sure every part is produced to customer specifications in the
most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

Appropriate investments in manufacturing technology and employee development,
assure our customers that their needs will be met quickly and efficiently.

Burgess-Norton's reputation for quality and value result directly from our
employees' attention to detail and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Commercial Printing
The Bureau or Bureau of Engraving Inc) has been around since 1898 and has
excelled in the field of commercial printing. The Bureau is a full service
commercial printer able to print up to 64work on our printing presses.

With our acquistion of a Xerox iGen3 Digital Press in 2003, we are setting the
bar for digital printing and full color variable data printing. The
possibilities are limitless, and we know no limits. You dream it up, we will
figure out a way to produce it.

City: Newton
Category: Magnetic Products
Bunting Magnetics Co offers a broad line of permanent magnets and magnetic
equipment for industrial use.

Since 1959, we have been solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers
of everything from paper towels and cardboard boxes to automobiles, plastic
housewares, food products, and electronic equipment. Our sales offices are
located in key cities across the country so that we can respond quickly and
efficiently to customer needs.

In 1979, we moved our manufacturing operations from Chicago, Illinois, to
Newton, Kansas. But we continue to maintain warehouse and mail order service in
Chicago to streamline order handling and speed distribution.

City: Holland
Category: Bearings
Estabilished in 1855 Bunting Bearing Corp has manufactured bronze, aluminium
bearings and solid bars to the industry with superior quality and service.

City: West Deptford
Category: Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet
Bumper Specialties Inc has been in business since 1990; however, our experience
in the industry extends back more than 30 years.

We have learned, in that time, to make the highest quality product while
offering the most competitive pricing available in the worldwide marketplace. We
are immensely proud of the bumper products that we make and we are convinced
that our bumpers add value to the thousands of products in a myriad of
industries that use our materials.

Our mission at BSI is to manufacture only self adhesive, 100% polyurethane
bumpers at the most competitive prices. We are able to do this at our new
ultra-modern manufacturing facility containing the most technologically advanced
equipment. Further, our highly trained staff is always prepared to answer any
questions pertaining to our products or applications.

City: Miami
Category: HI-FI Speakers
Bumper Industries Inc a leading manufacturer of hi-fi speakers has over 19 years
of experience in the electronic industry. Bumper speakers are designed and
manufactured in the USA with the highest quality parts under professional
supervision and quality control. To ensure their highest quality and
performance, 100% of Bumper speakers are inspected at the time of production. We
have proven our commitment to our customers by continually upgrading our quality
and cost on existing products and simultaneously developing new products to meet
their changing needs by focusing on highly efficient, technologically advanced,
centralized production and researched facilities.

City: Lancaster
Category: Electronics & Electro-mechanical Systems
Bulova is a proven contract manufacturer of electronics and electro- mechanical
systems to companies in a wide range of markets.

Our broad-based capabilities range from simple circuit boards to complex
electronic and electro-mechanical systems.

Bulova offers the complete product lifecycle solution from design and
prototyping to manufacturing and repair and warranty.

We have a solid reputation and are respected for our commitment to quality
workmanship, responsive customer service, and delivery. All of our solutions are
customized to meet your needs.

City: Eaton
Category: Ultrasonic Machining
Bullen Ultrasonics is a great company to work for that is globally recognized as
the preferred source for ultrasonic machining, silicon products for plasma etch
chambers and other applications.

Bullen Ultrasonics is committed to integrity and excellence as the hallmark of
our company culture.

City: Cross Plains
Category: Temperature Sensors
Building Automation Products Inc (BAPI) specializes in the manufacture of
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Air Quality sensors for the HVAC/R industry.
Founded in 1993 in Cross Plains, WI (approximately 12 miles West of Madison,
WI), BAPI relocated in 2003 to a new 26,000 square foot state-of-the-art
facility in Gays Mills, WI (approximately 50 miles Southeast of La Crosse, WI).

BAPI brings to the table many years of combined experience in all aspects of the
HVAC/R industry from product development and engineering to manufacturing and
sales. Our unique design process, 100% testing on all products, and dedication
to quality have earned our products a reputation for reliability and longevity.
By continuously focusing on exceeding our customers' expectations, the company
has earned its own reputation as a leader in the design and manufacturing of

Believing that technical guidance is as important as the products we
manufacture, BAPI is committed to providing customer service and problem
resolution far above the standard. As the need grows for more accurate and
reliable measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality, BAPI
will be at the forefront of the industry providing high performance solutions
for real world applications.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Chemical Processing & Die Casting
Buhler is a global specialist in the field of plant design and construction and
the related services for transforming renewable and synthetic raw materials into
high-quality functional products and valuable substances. Buhler employs some
6,000 persons around the world.

We are leaders in the basic technologies of grinding, blending & mixing, bulk
handling, thermal treatment, and shaping for processing cereal grains and foods,
producing and upgrading engineering materials, and die casting.

Our top priority is to improve our customers' performance (productivity and
competitiveness). We collaborate closely with our customers throughout the life
cycles of their production plants by developing new additional values for their

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Welding & Cutting Automation
Bug-O Systems Inc a division of Weld Tooling Corporation founded in 1948, is a
manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to
automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools. The
equipment's basic motion control concept was born during W.W.II as a means to
help mass produce Navy ships at Higgins Industries, a shipbuilder in New
Orleans. This shipyard, with the help of the original BUG-O machines, produced a
record 700 boats a month. Although the product has seen several changes and
updates, it continues to serve its original intention to this day and has
expanded to many types of steel fabrication in addition to shipbuilding.

City: Buffalo
Category: Medical Devices
Buffalo Filter® is a medical device manufacturer with a primary focus on
manufacturing and engineering products for the evacuation and filtration of
hazardous surgical smoke plume generated during electrosurgical and laser

Our market is defined into three purchasing groups - physician or office based,
hospital and veterinarians. Physician groups include plastic surgeons,
dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists and any other specialty
utilizing lasers, hyfrecators or electrocautery equipment in their practice.

City: North Tonawanda
Category: Abrasives
Buffalo Abrasives Inc was founded in 1988. The company is located in North
Tonawanda, New York and occupies the same facilities that were formerly National
Grinding Wheel. The company's owners and management team are fourth generation
descendents of John J. Russ, who founded National Grinding Wheel in 1923. We
have many, many years of experience in manufacturing grinding wheels and more
continuity than most other manufacturers.

Buffalo Abrasives Inc offers a complete line of grinding wheels, including
resin, rubber, shellac and vitrified bonds, and an extensive range of grain
types and grit sizes. We focus manufacturing and marketing efforts on high
performance, special, made to order products. Our comprehensive Quality
Assurance program guarantees consistent product performance from wheel to wheel
and order to order.

City: Cary
Category: Precision Mechanical Drives
Developing and producing kinetic energy, which automates a certain sequence in
technical appliances and their applications, is the corporate performance of
Buehler Motor.

Almost 150 years ago, our company was founded in the Black Forest of Germany,
where they produced precision mechanical drives. From this beginning, Buehler
has grown to multiple plant sites in Europe, the United States and Asia with
more than 1500 employees.

For over 40 years, Buehler has been oriented toward the single goal of producing
subfractional and fractional horsepower DC products to meet the changing needs
of the world marketplace. To this end, we have created an infrastructure of
facilities, personnel and processes, that give Buehler an unparalleled ability
to meet customer design and production needs.

City: Willoughby
Category: Electronic Enclosures & Accessories
Bud Industries manufactures electronic enclosures, standard electronic
enclosures, custom electronic enclosures, accessories, brackets, card racks,
cabinet racks, open racks, server cabinets, co-location cabinets and more.

City: Boulder
Category: Measuring Instruments
Buck Research Instruments specializes in producing High Performance Chilled
Mirror Hygrometers that offer fast and accurate measurements while maintaining
exceptional reliability inherent only to chilled mirror operating principles.

City: Columbus
Category: Enclosures
For over 100 years, Buckeye has been committed to providing quality products to
OEM companies of all sizes around the world. Founded in 1902 as the Buckeye
Stamping Company, our organization now includes - in addition to Buckeye
Enclosures - Buckeye Novelty Cans, Buckeye Knobs, Buckeye Shapeform (deep drawn
technology), and Buckeye Automation.

What sets each of these Buckeye companies apart from their competitors is the
level of technical support, customization, and value-added services that we
provide in-house. Whether you're up against an impossible deadline, or you're
simply stretched for resources, you'll find that Buckeye goes the extra mile in
ways that our competitors simply can't…or won't. We welcome the small order, and
we take pride in our production excellence and on-time delivery statistics
(which are the envy of companies everywhere).

City: Decatur
Category: Industrial Motors
Manufacturers of industrial motors.

City: Clearwater
Category: Workholding Equipment
BT Workholding, a division of F K Instrument Co Inc is family owned and operated
with over 35 years experience in the manufacturing of precision Instrument
parts. Over these years, it has become a company that has set a standard of
excellence which is unsurpassed.

BT's employees are the heart of the company, employees who know every facet of
machining and production with the latest and most advanced equipment and tools
in the industry.

City: North Billerica
Category: Thermal Equipment
BTU International is the leading supplier of thermal processing solutions to
global electronics and materials markets. We provide products and support to
diverse markets such as PCB Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging, as well as
Advanced Materials markets, which include thick film, electronic component,
ceramics and metals processing applications. In addition, we manufacture custom
systems for specific customer applications, typically requiring high
temperatures and precise atmosphere control.

At BTU, we take pride in our reputation for superior product quality and process
support expertise, which enable our customers to manufacture the highest quality
products in their respective industries. Our people are committed to fulfilling
our mission by creating innovative, cost-effective solutions that enhance our
customers' ability to compete.

BTU's worldwide headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are
located in North Billerica, Massachusetts, approximately 25 miles northwest of
Boston. We support our customers through a network of direct sales and service
offices in the United States, Asia (China, Singapore, Malaysia and the
Philippines), and Europe (England and France). Our stock is publicly traded on
the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol "BTUI".

City: Marysville
Category: Fastening & Piercing Systems
BTM's 125,000 Square foot facility is located on the beautiful St. Clair River
in Marysville, Michigan. BTM has over thirty five years of experience in
manufacturing technology. In that time, we have grown to be the leading global
supplier in clinch joining technology and other unique automation and
manufacturing devices including clamps, grippers, locators, end arm effectors,
stand-alone machines and fully automated assembly systems.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Industrial Balancing & Correction Systems
Since 1968 Balance Technology Inc has set the standard in industrial balancing &
correction systems. With thousands of industries and instruments in the field,
our team approach to customer satisfaction and technical innovations has forged
our reputation as the industry leader.

City: Morris Plains
Category: Battery Monitor & Monitoring System
Btech's roots stem from the Singer Corporation, world famous for its sewing
machines. In the 1980s the company concentrated on a number of high technology
projects, one of them focused on developing a method to predict battery failure.

In 1989, When Singer Corporation was sold to a Semi-Tech International for their
sewing machine business and famous brand name, the engineering team working on
battery failure prediction bought the license to the technology and all future
patents. In the basement of the former VP of Engineering's house, Btech was born
with the mission to commercialize the technology.

The beginning years of the company were hard, as much time and effort was spent
convincing the technical community that Impedance monitoring and data trending
could indeed predict failure. Fast forward to today - with over 3000 systems
installed and a proven track record, there is no longer any doubt that our
method works.

City: Danvers
Category: Boilers
Babcock Power Inc a privately held Delaware corporation based in Danvers, MA,
owns substantially all the North American assets of the former Babcock Borsig

We are a group of companies offering unparalleled expertise - more than 400
years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, and
aftermarket products and services - for heat exchangers, HRSGs, environmental
systems, and steam generators with associated fuel preparation (pulverizers) and
firing systems. We provide complete solutions for any OEM's equipment for the
global power generation, industrial, environmental, and waste-to-energy markets.

City: Ithaca
Category: Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturer
BSU Inc is an electronic assembly contract manufacturer located in the finger
lakes region of central New York. We specialize in automated assembly for small
to medium-sized production runs and quick-turn prototypes. Our services include:
In-Circuit and Functional Testing, Design Engineering, BGA Rework, and Material

City: Columbus
Category: ISA Board Products
Bsoft's On-Line Catalog of PC's ISA Bus Board Products. We have been offering
the Worlds Most Affordable Analog Data Acquisition Boards, Digital I/O Control
Boards, and Relay Boards Since 1986.

City: N Kingstown
Category: Pumps
BSM offers a broad selection of pumps capable of handling a wider range of
applications than any other pump in the industry. All BSM Pumps are manufactured
to strict quality standards assuring the dependability you need to keep your
equipment functioning. BSM Pumps are unsurpassed for fluid transfer,
lubrication, hydraulic and coolant applications. BSM engineers have designed and
manufactured pumps for many special purposes in widely diversified fields.

Our broad experience with a wider variety of liquids than any other manufacturer
of pumps is available for the design of completely special units and for
recommendations to individual requirements. With pump ratings up to 2000 psi and
183.2 gpm, handling liquid viscosities from water thin to 1,000,000 ssu its a
sure bet that BSM has the right pump to satisfy your specific requirements.

City: El Monte
Category: High-End PC Systems
BSI is a manufacturer of high-end PC systems in portable, and industrial
rack-mount designs for use in business, research, engineering and industrial
settings. Founded in 1986, BSI is one of the pioneers in the portable computer
industry. We started by producing a transportable PC with an integrated
monochrome CRT display.

City: Vandalia
Category: Pump Mount Technology
BSF Technology guarantees proper alignment, fits and clearances to faciliatate
quick assembly for various hydraulic and mechanical flange-to-flange

The Proper Length permits correct shaft engagements and sufficient clearance
between components -- short shafts - long shafts - metric shafts -- it doesn't
make any difference.

City: Tulsa
Category: Rupture Disk
Since designing the first rupture disk in 1931, BS&B Safety Systems Inc
continues to set the standard. Our commitment to technology, high quality
manufacturing and quality by design, has earned us the ISO 9001 Quality System

City: Safety Harbor
Category: Optical Products
Brysen Optical was established in 1971 in Safety Harbor, Florida by William
Strickland Sr., who was an innovator and pioneer in the manufacturing of
reticles used primarily for Measuring, Instrumentation and Target Acquisition
Systems for a variety of different products and applications.

Bill Strickland Jr, assumed responsibilities for the day-to-day operations of
the business in 1997 after spending over 30 years building a successful career.
Bill Jr. has worked with a variety of industry leaders such as Santa Barbara
Research Center, Hughes Aircraft, Indigo Corporation, Raytheon, and Lockheed
Martin. Bill Jr. brought with him a deep knowledge base of Infrared technology
and applications and exceptional expertise in designing custom orientated
tooling solutions for difficult and problematic applications.

Brysen is a leading supplier of high-performance optical components for the
military, scientific, and commercial marketplaces. Some of the largest companies
in Industry have relied on Brysen Optical to deliver high quality optical
components to be used in the completion of their finished products. With a
proven track record and clearance for classified military we have serviced our
customers' requirements over the years and built a strong customer base.

City: Ellington
Category: Cryosurgical Equipment
Brymill has been the world's leading manufacturer of handheld, liquid nitrogen
(LN2) cryosurgical and cryospray devices since 1966.

With patented design features, Brymill's CRY-AC® and CRY-AC®-3 handheld cryo
units offer unsurpassed safety, versatility, and control for precise and
effective medical and veterinary cryosurgery as well as industrial applications
of liquid nitrogen (such as in the testing and repair of printed circuit

Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery with a cryogun is the coldest (-196º C), most
effective, and most versatile cryosurgical technique available. LN2 applied with
a cryogun is much colder and therefore more effective than LN2 applied with a
swab (-20º C), nitrous oxide (-75º C), and disposable cold sprays (-55º C to
-70º C). Also, Brymill has a MUCH lower cost to use on an ongoing basis than
disposable cold sprays because it is not necessary to repeatedly buy $150-$200
disposable cans, each of which only can treat approximately 25-65 lesions.

City: Ixonia
Category: Conveyor Components
When an underwater weed harvesting company, Aqua Marine, needed a conveyor belt
tensioner that could withstand corrosion, a revolutionary new takeup was
designed and patented - the Telescoper Takeup, a tube-in-tube takeup design that
is still used today. The Telescoper features an adjusting rod that is contained
within a pair of Telescoping tubes - the first and only takeup with an
adjustment mechanism that is sealed from the elements and can, therefore, offer
decades of trouble free operation in any operating environment.

Bought in 1994 by Fred Thimmel, Bryant Products line has expanded to include
hydraulic, spring compression, and pneumatic actuation as well as other
application modifications such as the patented Telescoper Quick Release for food
grade wash down applications. We offer thermoplastic and steel conveyor rollers,
head and tail pulleys, and other conveyor components such as chain guards. The
diversity of our product line reflects the diversity of our customer base, which
is divided nearly evenly between material handling, food processing, and bulk
solids such as quarries, mining, and recycling. The strength of this base is in
turn largely the result of our excellent, A-Tier sales rep agencies, the
majority of which are engineers selling in the power transmission and belting
industries, and our more than 800 active domestic distributors.

City: Cleveland
Category: Beryllium Materials
In 1879, while Thomas Edison was struggling with his own incandescent globe,
Charles F Brush was flipping the switch to his first commercial set of electric
arc lights in Cleveland's Public Square which remained in service for 15 years.

"Brush lights", as they came to be known, soon were lighting up city streets
throughout the world, earning the young inventor fame first and wealth soon
thereafter as the president of Brush Electric Co.

As the holder of more than 100 patents, the founder of Brush Electric and later
Brush Laboratories still tops an inventors' hall of fame list displayed at the
University of Michigan, where he obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees.
Brush also held an honorary Ph.D from Case Western Reserve University.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Brushing Products
Brush Research Manufacturing has a long history of solving difficult finishing
problems with brushing technology. Established in 1958, our tradition of
research, innovation and manufacturing excellence has helped solve problems in
the sophisticated environments of nuclear energy, aerospace and computer
technology as well as industrial applications.

BRM has long been a leader in the art and science of abrasive surface finishing
culminating in the patented Flex-Hone Tool. BRM was one of the first companies
to advocate the critical need for finer surface finishes to optimize machine

Today BRM remains at the forefront of abrasive finishing technology. Our
commitment to the advancement of surface finishing remains as strong as ever and
we are constantly experimenting with new materials and applications.

As a full line manufacturer of power brushes, twisted in wire brushes and the
Flex-Hone Tool we stand ready to assist you in finding the best solution to your
finishing needs.

City: Sunbury
Category: Magnetic Heads
Brush Industries and Q-Card, two of the most trusted names in the card
transaction market, bring their broad range of expertise in magnetic recording
head design, magnetic stripe, contactless chip, card manufacturing and product
development to help you make your products and systems more reliable, more
durable and easier to use and maintain.

City: Waterbury
Category: Pre-Reaming Cutters & Reamers
Design and Manufacture of Brunswick Pre-Reaming Cutters & Reamers, Special
Indexable Insert Cutters, Brunswick Comprehensive Servicing Facilities, Sandvik.

City: Kansas City
Category: Industrial Measuring Instruments
We at Brunson Instrument live in a specialized world of industrial measurement.
We deal with the measurement problems faced by people who build, inspect, or
maintain fairly large machines - machines like aircraft, paper mills,
satellites, ships, machine tools, particle accelerators, and automobiles, to
name a very few. They have very unique measurement problems. For example,
aircraft makers must be able to tell if the curvature of their wing is made to
blueprint and whether it will fit on the fuselage being built elsewhere; and
paper mill operators need to know if their rolls are all parallel - all the way
down a machine which may be a thousand feet long. And they need to know these
things within thousandths of an inch. Obviously, the problem is the size of the
items combined with the tiny measurement tolerances required. There are any
number of high-precision benchtop measuring devices out there, but airplane
wings and paper mills cannot be brought into a measurement laboratory to be put
on a bench top. Welcome to the world of portable, high-precision, large-scale,
3-dimensional measurement and alignment products.

City: Mauston
Category: Cold Formed Components
Founded in 1963 and incorporated in 1966, Brunner Drilling and Manufacturing Inc
has grown to become a global supplier of special steel components and assemblies
for major OEMs. Our 3 manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest
state of the art cold forming equipment, machining equipment, and metal
finishing equipment available in the industry.

City: Madison
Category: X-Ray Systems
Bruker AXS is a worldwide leader providing advanced X-ray systems and complete
solutions for structure and elemental analysis using X-ray diffraction (XRD),
X-ray crystallography (SCD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) techniques.

Our products have particular application in material science, life science and
process analysis. They provide essential information about the three-dimensional
structure of chemical and biological molecules, material and structural
parameters of thin film and bulk material as well as elemental composition of
solids and liquids.

City: Norcross
Category: Vibration Sensors
Inspired by customer demands for vibration sensors, Brüel & Kjær has increased
its focus on accelerometer development, testing and quality in order to offer
and supply customer-dedicated solutions, as well as a high level of pre- and
after-sales support.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Plastic Injection Molding
Bruce Plastics Inc is a Pittsburgh, PA (USA) based plastic injection molding
company. Established in 1952, Bruce is supplier of both custom molded and
standard components to leading OEM companies.

City: Millersburg
Category: Cutting Tools
Those familiar with Brubaker end mills know just how important quality is to the
116-year-old cutting tool manufacturer. After all, this is a company whose
products are so well-respected that it is authorized to ship both taps and end
mills directly into McDonnell Douglas Corporation's inventory.

Brubaker has one of the industry's model quality assurance programs, one that
has been recognized by companies like Ford, Caterpillar and GE. Each has
presented the supplier with quality awards or special status.

Brubaker has implemented many internal programs to assure high quality. For
instance, the firm's Statistical Process Control Program is well under way. SPC
takes time to install company-wide, but its results are already evident. Not
only has our SPC won us recognition from customers and distributors, but it has
allowed us to improve production and on-time delivery while reducing our error
rates significantly.

City: North Kingstown
Category: Measuring Machines
Manufacturers of precision measuring machines.

City: Bridgewater
Category: Office Automation Products
Brother International Corporation is one of the premier providers of products
for the home, home office and office. With its corporate headquarters located in
Bridgewater, New Jersey, Brother was established in the US on April 21, 1954 and
markets many industrial products, home appliances, and business products
manufactured by its parent company, Brother Industries, Ltd., of Nagoya, Japan.
These products include an award-winning line of multifunction centers and
printers. Brother also provides the number one line of facsimile machines in the
U.S. and is the leader in electronic labeling, with its full line of P-Touch
electronic labeling systems. With revenues of over $1 billion in fiscal year
2000, Brother and its subsidiaries employ over 1,100 people in the Americas.

City: Bolton
Category: Coil Winding Machine
Broomfield Laboratories, was started in 1948 by John Broomfield. As a young man,
John had worked for Thomas Edison in New Jersey. After working in the Edison
Laboratories and having a similar inventor's logical mind, John started his own
company as a design and manufacturing laboratory in a small rural town in
central Massachusetts in the United States. During the initial 30+ years of its
existence, the company worked on various repair, manufacturing and machining
projects for customers in differing industries. Several coil winding machine
manufacturers sent their machinery to Broomfield Laboratories to have special
modifications and tooling made. Thomas, one of John's sons, felt that
establishing a standard product line would provide greater longevity and a more
stable income for their employees. Sensing a need for improvement in the winding
equipment at that time, Broomfield embarked on a complete design and marketing

City: Needham
Category: Signal Processing Products
Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of media processing, network
interface, call control and signal processing products that enable the
development of applications, systems and services for both the New Network™
(packet-based) and the traditional telephone (TDM) network. The company's
strategy is to partner with its customers and collaborate closely with them to
help accelerate their delivery of new applications and services, increase their
existing business, and expand into new markets.

City: Hatfield
Category: Flow Meters
For decades, Brooks products from Emerson Process Management have led the
industry in flow measurement and control for critical applications. Our devices
are unsurpassed for reliability, repeatability, accuracy and performance. These
features ensure your process will run efficiently and profitably, regardless of
your industry or application.

The comprehensive Brooks product line includes a wide range of integrated
technologies and models to solve most precision flow measurement and control
challenges. These include Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area
and positive displacement devices to measure, regulate and control gas and
liquid flow in a variety of laboratory and process applications. A range of
accessories such as gas flow calibrators, pressure controllers, valves and
secondary instrumentation is also offered.

Manufacturing of Brooks products is based in our Hatfield, PA USA facility with
additional facilities in the Netherlands, Hungary and Japan. Our goal is to meet
your needs for high quality flow measurement and control solutions with timely
delivery and strong application support all over the world. We also maintain an
integrated global sales network to support you on a local level no matter where
you are. Brooks representatives posess a wealth of application knowledge and can
assist you with all types of flow measurement and control issues, even those
specific to a particular geographic region or market.

City: Chelmsford
Category: Integrated Automation Solutions
Brooks Automation Inc (NASDAQ: BRKS) creates manufacturing efficiency for the
semiconductor and other complex manufacturing industries, helping customers
increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve return on investment.
In addition to best-in-class hardware and software products and services, Brooks
offers complete, tightly integrated solutions that optimize manufacturing
equipment, factory productivity and enterprise efficiency. Brooks' solutions
enable customers to bring products to market with greater speed and

With over 25 years experience in the development and implementation of
innovative automation solutions and an extensive global service footprint,
Brooks is uniquely positioned to help semiconductor Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM's), fabs and other companies in complex manufacturing
industries to leverage automation to solve their business problems while
controlling costs and minimizing risk. The Company's tool automation products
include vacuum and atmospheric robots, cluster tool platforms and modules, load
port modules, equipment front end modules and ultra-clean environments for
isolating processing equipment. The Brooks factory automation hardware products
include advanced material handling systems, wafer sorting systems, and reticle
handling and storage systems. The Brooks software solutions support business
strategies ranging from Enterprise Performance Management and Supply Chain
Execution to Lean Manufacturing and Closed Loop Automation. The solution
functionality includes Automated Activity Management, Multi-site Manufacturing
Execution Control, Maintenance Management, Tooling Management, Material
Management, Scheduling, Real Time Dispatching, Advanced Process Control,
Equipment Automation, Engineering Data Analysis and Simulation.

City: Middleboro
Category: Rheometers & Viscosity Measurement
Brookfield is the world's leading manufacturer of rotational viscometers for lab
and on-line process applications. Most QC, R&D and Process Engineering
Departments make Brookfield their universal choice for viscosity measurement.

City: St Augustine
Category: Corrosion Protection Products
Bronz-Glow's client list reads like a Who's Who of

City: Hartford
Category: Residential Ventillation Products
In the midst of the Great Depression, two aggressive young men emerged with two
new products that would make major contributions to the housing industry. In
1932, Henry Broan developed and manufactured a kitchen fan called the Motordor®
Fan that provided quiet and efficient kitchen ventilation. His creation launched
what is today known as Broan-NuTone LLc. Four years later, in 1936, J. Ralph
Corbett developed a melodious door chime replacing the obnoxious door buzzer of
the time. His development launched what is today known as NuTone Inc.

Both men, headquartered in the Midwest, started their companies with a simple
product and a few employees. Each expanded their companies, creating
revolutionary new products that provided unmatched conveniences for homeowners
nationwide. Both quickly became global companies and continued to provide
innovative, superior products to meet the needs of consumers.

Today, the Broan-NuTone Group is headquartered in Hartford, Wis. and employs
more than 3,200 people in six countries on three continents. It is North
America's largest producer of residential ventilation products such as range
hoods, ventilation fans and indoor air quality products and also holds major
market positions in chimes, central vacuums, intercom systems, medicine
cabinets, built-in electric heaters, whole-house fans, attic ventilators, paddle
fans, ironing centers, trash compactors and speakers.

Broan-NuTone also manufactures private-label products for Sears, Whirlpool, GE
and other appliance leaders.

City: Irvine
Category: Measurement & Control Products
Broadley-James Corp. is a source for instruments, sensors, tools, accessories
and maintenance supplies for use in microbial fermentation and cell culture
bioprocess applications. Special emphasis is given to the areas of measurement
and control of the environmental conditions inside fermentation vessels and
bioreactors. Key products and supplies are stocked for next day delivery to
provide timely backup to your round-the-clock production activities. In
addition, the catalog and its personnel strive to be an informed source of
application support for the products offered.

City: Irvine
Category: Broadband Communication Semiconductor
Broadcom Corporation is a global leader in wired and wireless broadband
communications semiconductors. Our products enable the convergence of high-speed
data, high definition video, voice and audio at home, in the office and on the
go. Broadcom provides manufacturers of computing and networking equipment,
digital entertainment and broadband access products, and mobile devices with the
industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip and software

Our diverse product portfolio addresses every major broadband communications
market and includes solutions for digital cable, satellite and Internet Protocol
set-top boxes; high definition television (HDTV); cable and digital subscriber
line (DSL) modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and
switching for local, metropolitan, wide area and storage networking; home and
wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice
over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network
and security processors; and SystemI/O™ server solutions. These solutions
support our core mission: Connecting everything®.

City: Sedro-Woolley
Category: Broadcasting Tools
Broadcast Tools Inc (BTI) specializes in the design and manufacture of
affordable and innovative problem solving tools for the broadcast industry.
Broadcast Tools was founded in 1987 in Seattle, Washington, by Sentry Systems
co-founder and thirty plus year major market broadcast engineering veteran Don

BTI offers a full line of specialty products, including audio switchers and
routers, audio level converters, intercom systems, console controllers,
satellite channel and transponder controllers, silence monitors, dial-up and
serial remote controls, and program schedulers. The fast-growing Broadcast Tools
product line is available from the top distributors across the United States and

City: Quincy
Category: Audio & Data Management
Broadcast Electronics™ (BE) is the premier provider of mission-critical
solutions for over-the-air and Internet radio. Our products encompass program
generation, audio and data management, interfacility transport, and analog and
digital transmission. For more than four decades, our pioneering developments
have set industry standards for innovation and reliability, while providing
broadcasters with new options for operational productivity and income
generation. BE is headquartered in Quincy, Illinois and is represented worldwide
by our network of local representatives.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Power Conversion Products
BTC Power is a privately owned marketing and research and development company
located in Santa Ana, California. The Company was formed in 1999 to
commercialize its proprietary Flat Matrix Transformer Technology. The Company is
in corporate partnership with BTC, a large, publicly traded Taiwan electronics
manufacturer, with high volume production capability. In combination with BTC,
the Company provides super high current density power DC/DC and AC/DC power
conversion products and components, based on its Flat Matrix Transformer
Technology, to markets including; telecommunications, networking, and Automatic
Test Equipment. BTC Power's portfolio of products and its emphasis on custom
design solutions, has led to the installation of its products into more than 150
customer accounts worldwide with a strategic positioning in a number of Fortune
100 companies.

This proven record of performance, its innovative technology, and the awards the
Company has earned for its "Best in Class Products" has resulted in highly
favorable brand name recognition for BTC Power in the marketplace. BTC Power has
an extensive intellectual property library protecting its technology. The
Company has been awarded 6 U.S. patents,2 additional patents have been approved,
and 1 patent is pending. In addition, BTC Power has license rights to 7 other
patents specific to the Flat Matrix Transformer Technology.

BTC Power's unique and advanced technology also introduces a new paradigm to the
power conversion industry. It enables the design of low cost, small form factor
power conversion products and components that can be used in many types of
industrial machines and devices requiring super high current density power. This
application of BTC Power's technology can transform the use and mobility of
these machines and devices through an order of magnitude reduction in their form
factor and resulting cost. The impact on cost and size can significantly expand
existing markets and open new markets for numerous standard industrial products
as well as enable the development of new products. BTC Power is the only company
with the technology to deliver this revolutionary capability to the worldwide

City: State College
Category: Videoconferencing & Transmission Gear
BNI has a fifteen Year history providing complete system solutions to a wide
range of users, including education, government, medical and business customers.
Our business is focused on two market segments.

First is the design, installation and on-going monitoring of high bandwidth wide
area networks. BNI provides state-of-the-art networks, that are affordable and
supported on a 24/7 basis by our Pennsylvania-based Network Operations Center.

Second, is the provision of a wide range of products for interactive video
applications, such as distance learning and video conferencing. BNI is a
recognized leader in this field with thousands of sites connected in networks
across the country.

City: Madison Heights
Category: Broaches
Manufacturers of broaches & related tools.

City: Westchester
Category: Broach Machines
Ty Miles Inc are pioneers in high speed broaching with more than 40 years
experience and over a thousand systems working in the field. Our competent,
experienced staff is ready to handleany of your manufacturing needs. Broaching
still remains the fastest machining method!

City: Novi
Category: Broaches & Tools
Incorporated in 1946 as Machinery and Equipment Exchange, Broaching Machine
Specialties (BMS) is a full service broach and machine company that has been
specializing in broaching machines since 1960.

BMS caters to multinational corporations as well as small manufacturing ventures
by offering either new machines from our line of eight (8) standard designs,
specially designed broaching systems for unique broaching applications or
remanufactured or used broaching machines from our stock of over 450 previously
owned machines. All machines are available completely tooled including broach
tools, fixturing, and automation.

City: Port Huron
Category: Powder Injection Molding
Manufacturers of the 21st century are requiring stronger, yet lighter and more
durable components that cost less.

Fortunately, parts manufacturers are no longer forced to choose between the
production limitations of metal die casting and the material limitations of
plastic injection molding.

The last decade has seen the development of a new manufacturing process for
metal and ceramic parts. This process, known as Powder Injection Molding ("MIM"
Metal Injection Molding, "CIM" Ceramic Injection Molding), is ideal for parts
requiring complex geometry, which are generally difficult to cast and costly to
machine using traditional manufacturing methods.

City: Hackettstown
Category: Laser Cutting Equipment
Peter Bristow and Associates (trading as Bristow Laser Systems) was founded by
Peter Bristow in 1985 in response to growing customer requirements. BLS has
since grown from modest beginnings to establish its reputation as a major
supplier of laser cutting systems domestically, currently capturing (as near as
can be determined) greater than thirty percent of the total Australian market.

The only Australian owned company solely dedicated to manufacturing laser
cutting systems, BLS continues to provide leading-edge systems by the
reinvestment of profits in research and development and the utilisation of the
best international technology available.

BLS has the innovation, flexibility and experience to manufacture a range of
quality laser cutting products tailored to satisfy customer needs and

City: Danbury
Category: Process Monitoring Software
Bristol's Transaction Vision® provides unparalleled visibility into customer
transactions. This insight into business processes allows for rapid exception
handling, improved service levels, increased transactional performance, and the
ability to monitor customer transactions in real-time.

Transaction Vision is a breakthrough software solution for customer transaction
tracking. It automatically and non-intrusively tracks transactions across each
touch point, self-discovering transaction flows and content. Just as you can
track the route of each overnight package from pickup to destination,
Transaction Vision tracks each customer transaction from the front-end to the
back-office, and every point in between.

Founded in 1991, Bristol achieved 26 straight quarters of profitable growth,
making the Inc 500 list and 1 on the Connecticut Fast 50. Beginning in 1998,
Bristol transformed from software development tools to enterprise software.
Having made that transition, Bristol raised its first round of institutional
investment with $9.1 million from JVP and Apax Partners in the summer of 2003.

City: Plainville
Category: Springs
The constant aim of Bristol Spring is to generate a continuous history of
quality shipments that enable our customers to reduce or eliminate the high cost
of incoming inspection. To accomplish this goal, Bristol Spring controls quality
beginning with the procurement of materials and supplies, to the manufacture of
the product, to any vendor-related processes, and ultimately to the shipment of
parts to you, that are assured to be your specifications.

Statistical Process Control, Statistical Quality Control and Statistical
Analysis are the major tools used in our endeavor, along with the more
traditional Quality Control procedures. These techniques are applied throughout
our plant, not only by the trained technicians in our Quality Control
department, but by our manufacturing supervisors and set-up personnel who have
been and are being trained in the use of these techniques as they apply to the
manufacturing process and its control.

In our modern world, only electronic devices are capable of measuring to the
degree required to ensure that our springs and stampings will meet your needs.
Bristol Spring has that equipment in our modern Quality Control department,
equipment so precise that some of it must be supported on a bed of air to
prevent building vibrations from interfering with its measuring of fractional
gram loads. Other testing equipment is of a more common size, capable of
measuring loads of up to 500 lbs. in compression or extension and to 50 inch
pounds in torque. All testers, both electronic and manual (such as hardness
testers, tensile testers, gauges, etc.) are checked, calibrated and certified
traceable to the Bureau of National Standards twice each year.

City: Watertown
Category: Process Control & Measurement Systems
For over a century, quality Bristol Babcock products have measured, monitored
and controlled industrial processes. As an industry leader, we strive for
continued development of innovative products that meet the varied needs of our
customers in the water, wastewater, oil, gas, and process industries. But we
don't stop there. Our staff also provides those customers with dedicated,
uncompromising service and support.

City: Dallas
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
BriSo International Technology Inc was established in 1997 by the managing
director of our China based factory in order to expand into the U.S. printed
circuit board market. BriSo is a Texas based corporation and has been charged
with the task of developing and maintaining relations in the PCB market of North
America. Strategically located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, BriSo is able to
respond immediately to the needs of U.S. based customers. Should the need arise,
BriSo is able to put the customer in direct contact with the factory management
and manufacturing team.

Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong while the manufacturing facilities are
located in Shenzhen, China. Entering the PCB industry in 1965, an established
customer base confirms our commitment to quality and service. Our reputation for
quality work and honest business practices has not only attracted the largest
product manufacturers or their OEM's, it has also attracted fellow PCB
manufacturers who wish to be associated with such an organization.

City: Westbury
Category: Laboratory Instruments
For over 60 years Brinkmann employees and partners have shared a unity in spirit
to be the most responsive organization serving the North American scientific
community. We enjoy a synergistic relationship with world-renown manufacturers
such as Metrohm®, Büchi®, Lauda®, Kinematica, Eco Chemie, Tuttnauer, Seward,
Radleys Discovery Technologies, and Eppendorf® AG, of which we are a wholly
owned subsidiary. Premier manufacturers from around the world choose Brinkmann
to represent their products because of the unmatched service and support that we
offer with each product. We essentially stand in for them in this marketplace,
providing the same level of support they would themselves.

These synergistic partnerships allow us to give you access to a broad selection
of products, services and comprehensive, world-class systems of the highest
quality. Our products are used in all types of laboratories for a wide range of
applications-ion analysis, chemical/petrochemical analysis, environmental
monitoring, pharmaceutical R&D, QA/QC, electrochemistry, among others.

Brinkmann products are distinguished by innovative design, durability,
reliability, and value. You can benefit even more from our excellent stand-alone
products by using them together as a system; in so doing, you can be assured of
accuracy, consistency and, most importantly, reliability in your results.

City: Bad Axe
Category: Rotary Tooling
An ISO-9001-certified manufacturer of high-quality rotary tooling, since 1980,
Briney Tooling Systems offers you the broadest range of top-quality tool holders
available anywhere.

We provide a competitive, one-stop source for rotary tool holding--including
specials and shrink-fit tool holders collet tool holders, tapping systems and
tooling accessories as well as standard and special drill bushings and carbide
and Nitralloy bushings.

We do this in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility and control
toolholder quality from incoming steel to final inspection and shipping.

City: Roswell
Category: Automation Products
The company Bernecker + Rainer is one of the largest international private
companies in the area of automation and process control.

B&R is a leader in automation technology, setting trends for the automation of
machines and systems. Over 1000 machine manufacturers throughout the world put
their trust in the first-class technological innovations from B&R.

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