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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Baltimore
Category: Fiber Optic Products
Brimrose is a leader in the design, packaging and manufacturing of high quality
active and passive components and modules for fiber optic networks. Brimrose
offers a broad product line for several key active and passive components
required globally by telecommunications equipment manufacturers. We are focused
on delivering high-performance and reliable optical components for applications
such as optical switches, programmable attenuators, modulators, frequency
shifters, programmable tunable filters, collimators, couplers, and test and
measurement equipment. The Brimrose products are designed for established
terrestrial and submarine long-haul markets as well as emerging short-haul
markets, such as metropolitan area networks. Brimrose offers significant
advantages to its customers.

City: Lodi
Category: Electronic & Electrical Wires & Cables
Brim Electronics Inc manufactures and markets electronic and electrical wires
and cables, including retractile cords and shielded braiding, electronic and
industrial tubings and sleevings including shrinkable tubings, fastening
devices, electronic plugsand jacks and porcelain and steatite ceramic

Brim also performs secondary manufacturing activities, such as wire and cable
dying and striping, cutting, cutting and stripping, crimping, harness/cable
assemblies, hot stamping/tubing markers, and hot tinned dipping.

Wire and cable products include miniature and sub-miniature, high voltage and
high temperature, flexible and ultra-flexible, commercial, MIL spec, UL/CUL and
CSA wires and cables.

City: San Jose
Category: Semiconductor Products
BSI, founded in 1996, is a fabless semiconductor manufacturing company and a
global supplier of ultra low power SRAM and OLED display controller & module.
BSI is headquartered in Taiwan's Silicon Valley, the Science-Based Industrial
Park in Hsinchu.

Rapidly evolving manufacturing technology and main-streamed trend for wireless
communicated portable consumer electronics has created a fast growing market for
low voltage, low power semiconductor products. Excellent product design,
competitive advanced manufacturing technology, committed quality assurance, and
an entrepreneurial flair for innovation, are foundation of BSI's corporate core

BSI provides worldwide ultra low power SRAM solution that covers low density
256K SRAM through 16M SRAM as well as an aggressive roadmap strategy to develop
product beyond this.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: PCB Contract Manufacturing
Brijen Electronics is dedicated to establishing top-notch PCB contract
manufacturing practices and the highest degree of customer satisfaction through
a relentless commitment to produce quality printed circuit boards with superior
value and reduced turn around times by use of progressive technologies and
refined manufacturing efficiencies.

City: Andover
Category: Computer Products
Bright Star Engineering's family of single board computer products significantly
reduce the time, cost and complexity required to "network enable" a product by
providing a vertically integrated "network engine" complete with the required
hardware, software, and development environment.

Bright Star Engineering (BSE) was founded in 1992 to provide custom hardware and
software engineering services to the high tech community. Projects have been
completed for small startups, Fortune 500 companies and for the U.S. Government.

After six years of helping other companies develop commercial products Bright
Star Engineering is rolling out its own line of embedded Internet products.

City: Portland
Category: Panel Meters & Testers
Brighton Electronics offers diverse services and products that meet the ever
growing and changing market. Our experienced engineering team works with our
customers and manufacturing facility to produce high quality, reliable products
that exceeds our customer requirements...

City: Norcross
Category: Fasteners
Since 1925, Brighton-Best products have been carefully manufactured to meet the
world-wide industrial and technical needs of industry. Brighton-Best Socket
Screws are manufactured to rigid quality control procedures during their
fabrication to meet ANSI, ISO, and DIN standards. These standards are your
guarantee of excellence. Our quality control systems are certified to ISO 9002
through European Quality Assurance, and our laboratory is certified to ISO Guide
25, including the Fastener Quality Act by A2LA.

City: Binhampton
Category: Electronic Components
Manufacturers of electronic components.

City: Wheeling
Category: Precision Machined Components
For over 25 years, Bridgestone has provided high-precision metal products to
many companies in a variety of markets and industries.

Our experience, engineering expertise, and state of the art CNC equipment,
combined with our dedication to quality and efficiency at all stages of
fabrication, make us the outstanding supplier of precision machined components.

Automation throughout the manufacturing process means our operators have only
one responsibility - quality.

City: Stratford
Category: Conduit & Cable Fittings
Bridgeport Fittings Inc was founded by Adelbert R. Auray and Neil G. Hayes in
1925 as The Bridgeport Switch Company.

Initially, the product line consisted of electrical switches, bells, buzzers,
wall switches and receptacles. In 1927, the company needed more space and moved
into an industrial building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

In 1930, requests came in for fittings similar to those currently manufactured
by Bridgeport. These were produced with such success that the company shifted
manufacturing direction in 1936. At that time, it was decided to emphasize
conduit and cable fittings for the electrical industry. Malleable Iron, Steel,
Aluminum and Brass fittings replaced the original residential electrical
components. Later, in 1948, the company changed its name to Bridgeport Fittings

Continued new product development, coupled with the company's desire to be the
market leader in quality conduit fittings, led to the introduction of two zinc
die-cast products in 1958. Those products included the 3/8" BX and Romex
connectors that remain popular today.

City: Bridgeport
Category: Machine Tools
Over the last 50 years Bridgeport has been at the forefront of machine tool
technological developments. These, combined with our unswerving commitment to
helping our customers improve their productivity and business performance have
contributed to our large,and loyal, customer base. We are confident that our
advanced manufacturing technology will not only improve your competitive edgeit
will also transform your business performance.

City: Blaine
Category: Signal Processing Products
Bridgenorth Signal Processing supplies hardware and software for PC-based data
acquisition and high-speed Digital Signal Processing systems.

In 2003, Bridgenorth became the regional rep for Innovative Integration's line
of DSP and Data Acquisition products. Bridgenorth will be porting some of its
current DSP applications to the Innovative Integration hardware platform. The
focus of these products is in the area of system monitoring and vibration
analysis for industrial machinery.

City: San Diego
Category: Surge Protectors
We claim that our Brick Wall Surge Protectors offer performance, reliability and
safety advantages that are unparalleled by other surge protection products. This
website explains how we do it, how they do it, and the differences between basic
philosophies and the technologies involved in the manufacturing of surge

City: Rolla
Category: Anti-Reflective Coatings
Since our founding in 1981, Brewer Science has been a privately held company
with headquarters located in Rolla, Missouri, United States. Today our global
network has expanded to include our European Headquarters located in Derby,
England and our Asian Headquarters located in Hong Kong, China. With strong
manufacturing, research and development capabilities, as well as our global
network of service and support, Brewer Science provides products and services
that are comprehensive solutions for our customers. The diversity of our
products addresses the current and future needs of the micro- electronics
industry, with equipment and chemical solutions.

City: Vernon Hills
Category: Planetary & Helical Gears
Brevini USA is located in Vernon Hills, IL, a Northwest suburb in the Chicago IL

Brevini's US headquarters includes a large warehouse and assembly area an
extensive inventory of units and service parts to support the North American

The facilities include 15,000 sq ft of offices, production and warehousing for
the Brevini product lines. Our company philosophy at Brevini USA has always been
inspired by a few, simple ideas Ruggedness, Compactness and Strength. These
terms relate strongly to the gear units produced by our company since the
1960's. Starting from 3 inventive brothers, we have grown into one of the
leading manufacturers of planetary and helical gears worldwide. We produce over
500 different epicyclic final drives used in many industries--from manufacturing
to agriculture, transport to mining.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Workspace Solutions
Manufacturers of liquid worspce, plus soft seating, etc.

City: Marion
Category: Wiring Harnesses & Assemblies
Brenneman and Associates Inc specializes in custom, state-of-the-art wiring
harnesses and assemblies. From miniature wire subassemblies to heavy industrial
electro-mechanical wire harnesses, we have the design and production expertise
to provide solutions from simple product prototypes to production quantities.

Whether your needs are for one piece or for large production runs, our
Engineering Team will assess your requirements and will design, develop and
manufacture your wiring harnesses to your exact specifications. Our OEM clients
come from various industries such as Agricultural, Heavy Equipment,
Construction, Cranes, Trailers, Heating, and Aqua Therapy to name a few.

City: Franklin
Category: Stencil Machines
The Ideal stencil machines for modern stencil cutting.Stencil, sign and decal
machines & materials.

Stencil machines, sign and decal systems and materials from Bren can produce
virtually any stencil, sign, decal or masking. Reusable or One-time stencils and
paint masking, vinyl signs and lettering, multi-color decals, labels and more.
Direct parts marking, containers/ shipping, product I.D., U.I.D., mil-spec,

City: San Marcos
Category: RF & Microwave Filters
Bree Engineering was founded in 1999. Our primary objective at Bree Engineering
is satisfying customer requirements balanced with superior design, cost
efficiency and timely delivery. Specializing in customized filters and
assemblies with over 75 years of experience for both commercial markets and
military programs.

Our special lines of surface mount lumped-element filter packages are
competitive in performance and price. Standard housings allow for quick delivery
time with customer specified requirements. All new products are developed,
built, and tested at our facility in San Marcos, California. For small
development quantities to large production runs, all are possible at Bree

Bree Engineering also offers a complete line of lumped-element and cavity
filters with connectors or feed thrus. Please call or speak to a sales
representative for additional electrical and mechanical requirements.

City: Eatontown
Category: Timing Belts, Conveyors, Pulleys
Breco flex, the pioneer and world leader in the polyurethane timing belt
industry sets new standards with its state-of-the-art products. Our belts are
scientifically designed and manufactured for undeviating precision and quality.
It is our mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and
support, exceeding their expectations. Our extensive production capabilities
allow us to service your diverse needs to guarantee quick response and delivery.

Breco flex has developed many patented processes for the production of
sophisticated high precision, polyurethane timing belts in widely diverse
varieties. Worldwide, more OEM's specify Breco flex timing belts and drive
components than any other brand.

City: Canton
Category: Industrial Scale Systems
Brechbuhler Scales Inc has been a leader in the scale industry since 1929. We
have 16 full-service branch locations strategically located throughout Ohio,
Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Brechbuhler became one of the first scale companies in the country to attain
ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation in December 2000. ISO 17025 is the new international
standard for calibration and testing laboratories. It is a recognition of the
skill of Brechbuhler technicians and the quality of Brechbuhler calibration and
testing methods.

City: Tucson
Category: Optical Software
Breault Research Organization (BRO) is an internationally acclaimed optical
engineering firm dedicated to continuously advancing the state-of-the-art in
optical software and technology. BRO meets the diverse needs of its clients by
offering the world's most sophisticated design, engineering, and analysis
software, as well as engineering services, hardware, and training. Named one of
the 50 fastest growing high-tech companies in Arizona, BRO's team is expanding
to meet industries' increasing demand for optics products.

As the standard-setting leader in the industry, Fortune 500 companies look to
BRO for cutting-edge optical technology. BRO tailors solutions to meet the
diverse goals of its clients - from providing software that empowers customers
to create and test their own systems, to taking customers' projects through the
design process to the manufacturing floor.

City: Ypsilanti
Category: Precision Wire Forms
Breasco is a manufacturer of precision wire forms. Our in-house tooling
capabilities allows flexibility in fabricating prototypes to production runs. We
specialize in providing high quality prototypes to print at competitive prices
with unusually short lead times. We can produce simple to complex forms
including welded frames and ferruled or clipped border wires.

City: Warren
Category: Enclosures
Break-A-Beam® is a linked infra-red light beam housed in an ergonomically
designed enclosure that supplies an output signal when an operator lays their
hands in the contoured nest and "breaks the beam".

Break-A-Beam® units are designed as replacements for mechanical palm buttons in
existing applications or for new machines. Models are available with 120VAC and
24VDC power options. All units are equipped with 4PDT relays to provide 3
normally open and 3 normally closed outputs.

City: Navasota
Category: Precision Wear & Components
B & R Industries, Inc is a major manufacturer and supplier of precision wear and
components for OEM's in the pump industry.

We have been manufacturing long life pump components for over 30 years for all
types of pumps: Centrifugal, Triplex, Quintuplex, Piston as well as Positive
Displacement pumps.

We set the pace for the pumping industry with our proprietary hard metal
coatings. Along with our ceramic coatings, they dramatically increase the life
expectancy of components that operate in extreme environments.

City: Hampton
Category: Assemblies, Enclosures & Chassis
Brazonics is your complete source for fabricated assemblies, enclosures and
chassis, particularly when advanced thermal management techniques are required.
Started in 1960, Brazonics is a steadily growing company with many customers in
both the commercial and military markets.

Our 41,500 square foot facility in Hampton, NH is home to our complete in-house
design, manufacturing, and test departments. A broad range of products and
services are available from fabricated components to fully integrated thermal

As part of the Thermal Solutions (TSI) Group of companies, Brazonics can provide
additional expertise and products in precision sheet metal fabrications and
turnkey electronic enclosures.

City: Adrian
Category: Extrusion & Refrigeration
Brazeway is a worldwide leader of extrusion products and refrigeration
components for customers in the heat transfer, automotive, appliances and
commercial refrigeration industries. Whether it's extruded aluminium tubing or
frost-free evaporators, we can assure consistent quality and consolidated supply
from facilities located throughout the world.

City: Houston
Category: Flow Controls
At Bray Controls, our business is in helping you with your flow control needs.
Bray Controls has the butterfly valves and actuators needed for your flow
control solution. Our modular product line of butterfly valves and actuators
offers you the best in compatibility, economy and quality performance in the
flow control industry. Our butterfly valves and actuators as well as our
Bray-line accessories combine advanced features with compactness and strength.
Through years of field application experience, research and development, we have
designed products that meet the stringent requirements of today's flow control

City: San Jose
Category: Hardware Components
Bravo Communications Inc founded in Oct 1985, is a privately held California
Corporation that was formed to address the requirements for computer, networking
and LAN accessory products.

Today, "Bravo" worldwide renowned Manufacturer for our top quality product
solutions which are easily available through Bravo Stocking Distributors in
almost every country. All Bravo products are 100% U.S. MADE in San Jose,
California in the heart of "Silicon Valley". If you don't see the product you
need---Just ask by sending to us an Email or fax from Bravo's Web site for
immediate response.

The company's first product, "The Clustered Printer Sharer" was introduced in
January, 1986 as a printer sharing device that allowed up to four parallel
computers to share a parallel printer over long cable distances.

City: Mount Prospect
Category: Hinges
Braun Manufacturing is a company that works to satisfy its customers' needs with
the highest quality products and service in our industry. On time delivery,
prompt response to inquiries, and technical assistance when requested are
business basics we adhere to. Our sixty plus years of experience and extensive
manufacturing capabilities combine to effectively fill the hinge needs of our
customers.Our bottom line is reliability, communication and partnership through
the service you the customer demand and deserve.

City: East Orange
Category: Hammer Mills & Pharmaceutical Lab Mixers
Manufacturers of Mixers, Grinders, Centrifuges and other laboratory supplies.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Electro-Optical Systems
Brashear LP combines the engineering, manufacturing and technological resources
needed for the design, development, testing, production and life cycle support
of complex electo-optical systems.

City: Danbury
Category: Plastics Joining & Precision Cleaning
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation is the industry leader in the design,
development, and manufacture of plastics joining and precision cleaning,
degreasing, and processing equipment. We are committed to providing solutions to
the needs of our customers, providing the latest in technology, both in products
and processes.

Our global organization - 1800 employees and 70 sales and service offices
worldwide - provides us with the resources to support customers on a worldwide

City: Buffalo Grove
Category: Process Equipment
SPX Process Equipment is a leading manufacturer of fluid process solutions,
metering and blending systems and industrial valves serving sanitary,
biopharmaceutical, industrial, and municipal markets worldwide. The market
leading brands include Bran+Luebbe, Lightnin, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell,
Copes-Vulcan, Daniel Valve, DeZurik, Febco, Mueller Steam Specialty, Plenty,
Premier Mill and Polyjet. Its diverse product lines include pumps, valves,
mixers, blenders, heat exchangers, fittings, and dispersion equipment. The
company has gained strong brands and market leadership positions by investing in
technology, talent, and aftermarket support services. Recognized for best
practices in manufacturing, strategic sales channels and wide product breadth,
SPX Process Equipment strives to enhance customer satisfaction on a global

City: Mountain Home
Category: Stainless And Nickel Alloy Wires
Founded in 1957, Branford Wire & Manufacturing ranks among the world's leading
producers of high-quality stainless and nickel alloy wires. It provides
manufacturers around the globe with a broad variety of wires, each
custom-engineered to the precise tolerance, finish, alloy and physical
properties desired, in diameters ranging from 0.225 inch (for such uses as cold
heading) to 0.002 inch (roughly as thin as a human hair for use in textiles and
eye surgery sutures). Branford's wire is an essential material in literally
hundreds of industries and applications including weaving, braiding, belting,
cold heading, wire forming, electrical components, medical instruments, free
machining and many others.

City: Santa Ana
Category: GPS, Precision Time & Frequency Products
Brandywine Communications is the premier supplier of GPS and time code based
precision time and frequency products. Our product list includes plug-ins for
computers, Network Time Servers, Disciplined Oscillators, Time and Frequency
Systems, Displays and Time Code equipment.

Computer hardware supported includes PCI, Compact PCI (CPCI), ISA, VXI, VME, PMC
and PC/104. These plug-in boards may be synchronized to either GPS or time codes
such as IRIG B, NASA 36 or XR3.

The Network Time Server uses GPS and the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to
precisely synchronize the clocks in an unlimited number of computers that are
installed on a TCP/IP based ethernet network.

City: Baldwin Park
Category: Die Cutting Products
Since 1981 Brandon International has been a valued converting partner to major
OEMs in medical/diagnostic, hard disk drive, automotive, electronics and
consumer industries.

We've worked closely with our customers to identify areas where improved die
cutting techniques, alternate materials and innovative product design can reduce
costs, improve quality and increase throughput on the assembly line. It is this
unique combination of creativity, imagination and commitment to quality that
exemplifies our approach to business.

From multiple manufacturing locations throughout the world, Brandon
International, in concert with its parent company, Brady Corporation, offers
immediate service, local warehousing and JIT delivery.

City: Omaha
Category: Hydraulic Valves & Pumps
Brand Hydraulics was founded in 1957 by Glen Brand and his wife Mary Lou in
Omaha, Nebraska. Having won the 1948 Olympic Gold Medal in London, England in
free-style wrestling, Glen went on to study engineering at Iowa State. Although
still active, today the Company is run by his only child, Greg Brand, who plans
to continue the business.

Brand has designed, manufactured, assembled and tested hydraulic valves for over
forty years. In 1997, Brand began to design and incorporate electronic
controllers and custom wiring harnesses into their product line. Brand is
strongly committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components
and plans to continue developing hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and
products which incorporate both (electro-hydraulics).

Many of the products Brand provides are modified to specifically fit our
customers' applications and needs. Feel free to give our engineering department
a call to learn more about special modifications to meet your needs.

City: Whitefield
Category: Digital Power Meters
Brand Electronics was founded in 1995 and is based in Whitefield Maine. The
company's flagship product is a Digital Power Meter which the company developed
and manufactures. The Digitel Power Meter was designed to be an affordable real
power monitor. We know of no other product on the market that has the
capabilities and features of this instrument for this price.

City: Attleboro
Category: Precision Stampings, Electrical Contacts
Established in 1939, Brainin is a leading manufacturer of electrical contacts,
contact assemblies, precision stampings, specialized parts and assemblies.
Through continuous development and improvement, Brainin is strongly committed to
customer satisfaction. That commitment translates into on-time deliveries,
excellent quality, competitive pricing and prompt customer service. Through
day-to-day hard work by many talented people, Brainin has developed a strong
technical capability and quality production operations. Modern facilities
provide the right setting, but it is the people that make the company. We are
proud of what our people have accomplished and we invite you to come and see for

City: Girard
Category: Cold Headed Fasteners
Brainard Rivet Company is a QS9000 certified world class manufacturer of Small
Rivets, Large Rivets, Shoulder Rivets, Drilled Products (Clevis Pins), Knurled
Pins, Grooved Pins and Special Shaved Fasteners for the General Metalworking,
Distributor, Farm, Railroad and Auto/Truck Industries.

Brainard Rivet is an Employee-Owned Company (ESOP). We purchased the facilities,
manufacturing equipment and processes from Camcar/Textron and are now a
completely new and separate company. Our company was formed on May 1, 1998 as a
wholly owned subsidiary of Fasteners Industries. Fastener Industries was formed
in 1905 and has been an ESOP since 1980 and was the First Employee-Owned Company
in the State of Ohio.

While we are a new company, we have retained the same manufacturing capabilities
that the industry has known the past 84 years. The same highly skilled employees
who previously manufactured Quality Fasteners are now the Employee/Owners of the
Brainard Rivet Company.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Identification & Safety Products
Brady Corporation is a World leader in identification, safety, and material
solutions with products ranging from high-performance labels, signs and tapes to
software, printers and data-collection systems.

City: Atlanta
Category: Industrial Automations Tools
At Nicheware Systems, our mission is to provide industrial automation tools and
services that create effective and reliable software systems solutions for our

Nicheware Systems was formed in 1998 as a manufacturing and automation
consultancy. The company has the largest base of experience with the PMIS family
of products in the world.

With offices in Birmingham and Atlanta, we provide the full range of support,
development, and services for PMIS.

City: Deerfield
Category: Input Device Connectivity
Brad Harrison® provides solutions for Input Device Connectivity on the factory

Brad Harrison® is the leading worldwide industrial brand for quick disconnect
connectors, multi-port interconnection systems and sensor actuator bus systems.
An essential part of the Woodhead Connectivity product offering.

Brad Harrison products were among the first of the "quick disconnect"
alternatives to hardwiring almost thirty years ago. Today, Brad Harrison
connector and receptacle products are known for superior performance and

City: North Olmsted
Category: Electronic Repair Facilities
We represent many of the nation's leading electronic repair facilities. Our
network allows us to select a repair facility which is the most experienced, has
the fastest turn around time and is most cost effective to do your repair.
Currently, our repair network has over 400 highly trained technicians at our
disposal and it specializes in the repair of foreign and obsolete electronic
products. Also, our network has over 20,000 remanufactured and fully warrented
boards and controls in inventory, ready for immediate shipment. So, even if your
board or control is unrepairable or obsolete, let us put our unique electonic
network to work for you.

City: Houston
Category: Accumulators & Components
Bracc Acc Inc is one of the leading suppliers of Bladder type Accumulators and
components in the U.S.

City: Frederick
Category: Solar Energy Products
BP Solar is a global company with over 2000 employees focused on harnessing the
sun's energy to produce solar electricity. This includes the design,
manufacturing, marketing and installation of quality solar electric systems for
a wide range of applications in the residential, commercial and industrial
sectors. With over 30 years of setting quality standards and with installations
in over 160 countries, BP Solar is one of the world's largest solar companies
and has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Spain, India and Australia. BP
Solar is part of BP, one of the world's leading energy companies.

City: Saginaw
Category: Process Equipments
An increasingly competitive marketplace puts a premium on your ability to do
back flips if needed to meet changing customer needs.

That means you'll need some pretty acrobatic suppliers yourself if you're going
to stay competitive.

At B&P Process Equipment, we've taken our traditional strengths in engineering
high-precision, high-reliability machines with cradle-to-grave customer support
and added a new dimension in responsiveness.

We've become more nimble, more agile and faster. Instead of trying to keep up as
your needs change, we're working to become the driving force of change itself.
That means you're getting a supplier that's smart, perceptive, hard-working and
quick on their feet.

City: Houston
Category: Device Programmers
Founded in 1985, BP Microsystems is a global supplier of engineering and
production device programmers and is the leading supplier of automated
programming systems to the semiconductor and electronics industries.

BP Micro offers a full line of device programmers, which include Universal
Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems®, and Fine-Pitch Automated
Programming Systems, designed to meet all of your programming requirements. Our
industry-leading technologies provide customers with the most flexible,
value-focused programmers designed to lower the cost of programming. From the
lowest to the highest in programming volume, BP Microsystems has a product that
will fit your need and will grow as your business grows.

We continue to lead the industry in universal device support for programmable
semiconductor devices by releasing new programming algorithms three times per
week. Our modular design means that the same algorithms used on our engineering
programmers also run on our production programmers, ensuring a smooth and rapid
transition from prototype to production.

City: Pleasanton
Category: Custom Component Parts
Boyd Corporation manufactures custom component parts for OEMs using flexible and
semi-rigid materials selected during the design phase to meet the product's
specific design and material requirements.

Boyd is a unique supplier. It participates in the manufacturing process by
helping you find the best material for your product. Participating in the design
phase early in the product's development cycle cuts significant time off the
normal manufacturing schedule.

City: Exton
Category: Injection Molding Machines
Boy Machines Inc known for its 14.2- to 100-ton injection molding machines,
provides complete coverage of the U.S. injection molders market via a national
sales and injection molding service rep network, demo center and nationwide
plastics processing parts centers.

City: Edinburgh
Category: Molded Thermoset Polymers
Bo-Witt has proudly been producing insulators for some of the worlds best known
OEMs for over 40 years. During that time, the company has developed unique
capabilities with insert molding and part finishing. Located in Edinburgh,
Indiana, Bo-Witt is located in a central location with excellent transportation

In 1998 the company attained its ISO9001 certification and was just recently
awarded its ISO9000-2000 certification. This certification is just further proof
of the commitment to quality that has been instilled since the start of

As a custom molder, Bo-Witt will work with you in order to understand the
application's requirements, design a solution to meet those needs, and deliver a
product that exceeds your expectations in regards to quality and timeliness.

City: Bowie
Category: Landscape & Erosion Control Equipment
We have been manufacturing Landscape and Erosion Control Equipment that is
'Built Strong.....Built to Last' for several decades.

Our network of dealers are most knowledgeable and helpful for erosion control
and hydro-seeding projects. They can assist you in selecting the right
hydroseeding equipment for your projects. We have a wide range of hydromulchers,
Strawblowers and crimp discs that are adaptable to any seeding conditions. If
your controlling erosion, planting grass and turf for a golf course or just a
new lawns for homes and new construction we have the equipment. Take just a
moment and check our product pages for hydro-mulchers®, strawblowers and
crimpers all 'Built Strong.....Built to Last'.

City: Portage
Category: Aluminium Products
Preeminent integrated supplier of extruded, fabricated, mechanically finished,
and anodized aluminum products in the United States.

With over 30 years of experience in offering Single Source responsibility we
specialize in precision fabricated, and highly decorative aluminum component

City: Houston
Category: Welding & Fabricating Products
Bowers Equipment Company is dedicated to producing quality products for the
welding, fabricating and manufacturing industries. We take pride in providing
quality machinery, equipment and products that are priced competitively. While
we understand that price is important, providing quality machinery, is foremost
in everything we manufacture. Our aim is to provide, to our valued customer,
equipment that helps you and your company manufacture products with improved
production rates, thereby increasing your profit structure.

City: Bettendorf
Category: Shear Blades
Bowe Machine Company is a family owned business founded in 1956 by the late
William J Bowe. Starting as a job and contract machine shop, we maintain
complete capacity in all types of C.N.C. and manual machining, with the largest
Blanchard and surface grinders in eastern Iowa.

In 1986, we began manufacturing and marketing shear blades under our product
name Bowe Knives. Also, as an OEM supplier for Texas Shredder Inc we manufacture
and repair complete rotor assemblies for waste and composting equipment, and
large scrap shredders.

With our large capacity equipment, we provide repair machining and welding to an
array of customers in the foundry, quarry, fabricating and press shop

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Industrial Sewing Machines
Bowcorp bellow boots are a practical, economical, and easy way to protect your
machinery from a wide variety of invasive elements. Equipment commonly used in
foundries, steel mills, cement plants, well-drilling sites, grinding rooms,
power stations, and chemical plants receive protection with Bowcorp bellow

City: Riverside
Category: Electronic Components
After more than 55 years in business, Bourns continues to grow because of the
company's strong market and customer focus, its commitment to quality,
reliability, service and innovation. Bourns continues to invest in new products,
whether these products are developed by the Bourns organization or are the
result of acquisitions or licensing of technologies.

I believe the electronic components of the future will be more complex through
the integration of passives to provide complete subsystem solutions. With our
global manufacturing and customer support capabilities, Bourns is uniquely
positioned to proceed in this direction.

City: Rockford
Category: Precision Machine Tools
Bourn & Koch Machine Tool Company has manufactured precision machine tool
products since 1975, which included the purchase of the Barber-Colman line of
gear manufacturing machines. Our Rockford plant offers 130,000 square feet of
working space and a staff of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

In addition to a complete line of new equipment that includes gear manufacturing
machines, specialty machine tools and manufacturing cells, Bourn & Koch has many
years of broad-based experience in remanufacturing existing machine tools, from
the most basic to highly complex computer-controlled units. Out state-of-the-art
quality control system assures the accuracy of our work with tolerances that
meet or exceed your most stringent requirements.

City: Austin
Category: Test & Web Terminal
Boundless Technologies offers the world's most comprehensive line of quality
text and web terminals. Boundless Technologies is the largest US based text
Terminal manufacturer in the world and its world-class manufacturing facility
ensures that every product is unmatched in reliability. A unique and flexible
manufacturing process provides cost-effective customization options.

Our world-class products are supported by world-class service and technical
support. We sell refurbs! Our refurbished terminals and keyboards are warranted,
and upgraded to the latest revisions, if necessary.

City: Lafayette
Category: Liquid Crystal Components
Boulder Nonlinear Systems manufactures and sells high-speed liquid crystal
components including spatial light modulators, tunable filters, and shutters to
OEM partners and researchers for a range of applications such as
telecommunications, medical imaging, adaptive optics and optical computing.

We have been building high quality liquid crystal components for over 15 years.
Combining decades of engineering experience with world-class production
facilities, we are equipped with both the technological resources and the
knowledge to guarantee success for your most complex electro-optic requirements.

City: Louisville
Category: Digital Image Acquisition, Processing & Storage
Founded in 1995, Boulder Imaging Inc is a privately held company that
specializes in real-time and high frame-rate digital image acquisition
processing and storage. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to meet
their requirements precisely. Boulder Imaging will work with your company to
develop complete imaging applications in conjuction with your proprietary

Carlos Jorquera is the companys founder and President. Carlos left NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in 1995 to focus on bridging the gap between high
performance cameras and the necessary software applications to capture and
process the resulting digital images. He has developed a set of faster, more
flexible software tools that are hardware independent and allow interfacing with
any conceivable imaging camera.

This software has produced improvements in medicine, weather forecasting, X-ray
inspection, and other fields.

City: Camarillo
Category: Shock & Vibration Instrumentation
Bouche Labs, established in 1974, is a manufacturer and calibration laboratory
for shock and vibration instrumentation servicing aerospace, industrial, nuclear
utilities and military applications in both government and private sector.

Our technical director is Dr Ray Bouche who had his first research experience at
the National Bureau of Standards (renamed NIST), Endevco and now his own
laboratory. He performed the first reciprocity calibrations and established the
calibration services for vibration instruments in all three organizations. In
addition, Dr Bouche is a designer of accelerometers, force gages, calibration
shakers, etc.

Our laboratory specialty includes calibrating all types if piezoelectric,
piezoresisitive and other strain gage accelerometers including all manufacturers
as well as those of Bouche Labs. The calibrations services also include velocity
pickups, charge amplifiers, vibration monitor instruments and dynamic force
gages. The turn around time for calibrations is five working days or less.

City: Phoenix
Category: ESD & Static Control Products
Botron is an established ESD manufacturer with many advantages over larger ESD
product companies and many advantages over mom and pop anti-static shops. Since
we have been an established static control product manufacturer for years we
understand the business, and we understand what your business needs. We cater to
the largest wholesalers, and also smaller operations, and each gets the same
personalized service and high quality static control products. Since we
manufacture our own ESD components at our own plant, we can offer savings and
custom products that even the largest static control product sources can not.
The savings are substantial, and the products are the best of the best.

City: Norwood
Category: Semiconductor Laser
BLI combines under one roof vertically integratedsemiconductor laser
manufacturing with sub-miliradian optical engineering.

City: Quincy
Category: Gears & Power Transmission Components
Boston Gear is a leading global supplier of quality power transmission products
to most major industrial markets including, but not limited to food processing,
packaging machinery, material handling and most others - including yours. Along
with unparalleled delivery programs and superior customer service, the power
transmission consumer, distributor and OEM who demand the best can count on
Boston Gear.

City: East Rochester
Category: Wool Felt
One of the world's foremost felt makers with a heritage and solid reputation
spanning over 100 years. One of our initial prime strengths was the production
of felt sheets with densities ranging from less than 12 pounds to more than 50
pounds per square yard. The amazing versatility of felt, however, led to
thousands of innovative and unusual product applications. Our felt converting
capabilities expanded our product horizon to include nonwoven, felt/synthetic
blends, needle-punched items, acrylic, cotton, nylon, polyester and a host of
other textiles and materials. We excel in specialty die cutting and custom
conversion to your specifications. This includes: stripping, skiving,
laminating, coating, impregnating, stitching, stapling, perforating, cementing,
machining, grinding, drilling, molding, shaping and extruding.

City: Brookline
Category: Electronic Components
Boston Electronics Corporation offers both a broad range of products and a large
amount of information on this website, by mail, by fax or by email.

Founded in 1977, Boston Electronics Corporation is a US-based technical
distributor and trading company. We specialize in UV, visible and IR
photodetection components and in signal processing electronics for
photodetection. We also are a unique and desirable source of high-purity optical
and electronic materials including silicon, germanium and sapphire.

In addition, we provide customized purchasing agent services for firms around
the world. We make more than 200 export shipments from the USA yearly and are
efficient and capable in all phases of international trade in small size, high
value items.

City: Middleton
Category: Polymers & Adhesives
The High Performance Polymers Division of Bostik Inc located in Middleton, MA is
a pioneer in the development and production of innovative and cost effective
adhesive systems for the automotive, textile, aircraft, industrial lamination,
footwear and product assembly markets.

With global headquarters in Leicester England, the High Performance Polymer
Division supplies specialty copolyamide and copolyester resins and hot melts,
formulated solvent-based adhesives and unique powder, film and web adhesives on
a worldwide basis.

The Industrial Adhesives Division serves the needs of the original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) or end-user. This division services the

City: St Louis
Category: Metal Fabricator
Boss Metal Fabricators Inc a job shop custom metal fabricator utilizes CNC
turret presses and CNC press brakes to manufacture custom metal components,
store display fixtures and point of purchase fixtures.

A fifteen-year-old company, Boss has earned a solid reputation as a high-tech
job shop, specializing in the fabrication of steel, stainless steel, aluminum
and plastic. Superior service and computer-integrated manufacturing assist in
providing products on a just-in-time basis. Unlike most sheet metal fabricators,
Boss has more than one specialty, and can provide stamping, punching, bending,
welding, electrostatic painting and powder coating. They provide packaging and
shipping of all types of sheet metal, tubing, wire and bar stock. Boss's CNC
turret presses allow the company to punch and notch sheet metal at a rate of 300
to 400 holes per minute within a space tolerance of +/-.005, and Boss can press
brake sheet metal up to 12' wide. Drawings are computer integrated with Autocad®
2000, and production programming is accomplished with Striker software.

City: LaPorte
Category: Rotary Screw PTO Compressor System
Established in 1988, Boss Industries set it sights on providing a highly
dependable and efficient Rotary Screw PTO Compressor System to utility and
municipality markets.

Founded by brothers Patrick and Paul Wilkins, Boss immediately began to build an
organization of highly skilled and motivated personnel with strong backgrounds
in the rotary screw compressor industry.

The engineering staff at Boss was in the enviable position of being able to
start with a clean sheet; to design systems without consideration for existing
product lines or the burden of corporate politics.

Simultaneously, the marketing group was free to develop a distribution network
already keying the specific accounts Boss wished to reach.

City: Lexington
Category: Control & Motion Products
Bosch Rexroth provides a complete range of best-in-class products, systems and
services for drive, control and motion technologies. A global supplier, we
provide a broad range of products in 80 countries.

Our solutions serve industries like machine tool, automation, packaging,
printing and converting, electronic assembly, semiconductor, material handling,
plastics, medical, heavy industry, automotive body and assembly, and wood

City: Chicago
Category: Power Tools & Accessories
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is one of the divisions within the $1 billion,
4,000 employee strong Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which is the North American
brand of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturer in the world, Robert
Bosch GmbH. Bosch provides a complete line of corded and cordless power tools
and accessories engineered to survive any jobsite and allow professionals to
take control of their work.

City: Keene
Category: Automated Bore Welding
The Bortech BoreWelder was created in 1982, after 600 hours of development and
testing by the operator of a machine shop that offered heavy equipment repair
for local construction contractors. The BoreWelder was the answer to the obvious
need for a machine to rebuild worn holes on large parts.

Bortech BoreWelders produce a weld overlay on the worn section of the workpiece.
The workpiece can then be machined back to its original size.

Automated BoreWelders are superior to hand-welding. They are faster, provide
smoother welds, and allow you to access hard-to-reach or small bores.

BoreWelders also provide a superior repair to inserting bushings or sleeves.
They do not distort nor weaken the base metal and provide a longer lasting

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Marking Systems
Since more than 50 years we work exclusively with the special scope of direct
hard-wearing and anti-forgery marking of work pieces. As medium-sized and small
enterprise we belong today to one of the biggest producers of marking systems

During the first years mainly traditional marking technology was presented, like
punching- and roll marking machines and tools for those systems. In the last 2
decades the technology changed completely to flexible, electronically controlled
marking systems.

In 1986 we were honoured with the Rudolf-Ebele-Preis from the country of
Baden-Württemberg for our patented type wheel marker, an award for the best
innovation in the country.

City: Hudson
Category: Precision Machining
When you manufacture or produce parts for the military, medical and high tech
industry, you can't entrust your machining needs to just anyone. You need an
experienced machine shop that can deliver the high quality finished parts you
require - on time and on budget.

That's Borg Design. Since 1945, we've been delivering exceptional service to
meet the machining solutions of a wide range of businesses in a wide range of

City: San Jose
Category: Messaging Security Solutions
Founded in 1994, BorderWare Technologies Inc is the benchmark provider of
messaging security solutions for enterprises and government. BorderWare has more
than 6000 customers with systems deployed at various military, intelligence,
defense, national security agencies and corporations worldwide.

City: Durham
Category: Fluoropolymer Tubing Products
Boracon extrudes, stocks and sells a wide variety of fluoropolymer tubing and
tubing products for industrial fluid handling markets including semiconductor,
pharmaceutical, fiberoptic, and chemical processing.

Boracon prides itself on fast lead times, customer focus, and superior
cleanliness in processing and packaging.

City: Reamstown
Category: Sand Castings
Boose Aluminum Foundry has been supplying quality aluminum sand castings
competitively since 1933. Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction
and to provide personal attention to details on every project we undertake
regardless of size.

It is our intent to combine experience, work ethics, and modern technology to
create castings of unsurpassed quality. Boose will always provide superior
craftsmanship when processing aluminum castings to customer specifications.

Regardless of casting size, our quality procedures are applied consistently
through-out our manufacturing process to ensure the highest possible quality
level. Boose takes pride in supplying quality castings in accordance with
military standards and customer specifications.

City: Parsippany
Category: Test Instrumentation & Sensors
Setting the highest standards in accuracy and ease-of-use, Boonton Electronics
("Boonton") is recognized as a leader in high-performance test instrumentation
and sensors. We are a manufacturer of test equipment dedicated to measuring the
power of RF and microwave systems used in both military and commercial sectors.
The company also manufactures impedance measuring instruments, RF voltmeters and
audio analyzers.

Boonton Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group Inc
(doing business as Noise Com) a global provider of electronic noise generation
equipment and a leader in the manufacture of test equipment dedicated to
measuring power of RF and microwave systems used in multiple telecommunication

Boonton's diverse and innovative products are currently used to test terrestrial
and satellite communication, radar, telemetry, electronic warfare (EW),
electronic countermeasures (ECM), and an expanding number of wireless
communications products.

City: Columbia
Category: Optical Components
Bookham Inc a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of optical solutions
designs, manufactures and markets optical components, modules and subsystems
used in a broad range of diversified markets, including telecommunications, data
communications, aerospace, industrial, consumer optics, semiconductors,
scientific and defense.

Founded in 1988, the company is based in San Jose, California and has
development and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, China, and Switzerland.

City: Nashville
Category: Electronic Instrument & Control Systems
Bonitron is an electronics and electrical systems design, engineering, and
manufacturing company located in Nashville, Tennessee. Specializing in AC Drives
Options, the 35- year company history has seen numerous designs. Bonitron has
designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of the customer ranging
from ultrasonic flowmeters to microprocessor controlled high volume battery
charging systems. The AC Drive Options Bonitron offers include dynamic braking,
regen, and power dip ride through.

The interest in AC Drive Options began in 1975. AC Inverter Specialists at Du
Pont facilities enlisted the design services of Bonitron at their synthetic
fiber plants. Bonitron designed, developed, and manufactured speed control
systems that allowed plant process computer systems to be interfaced with the
drive inverter systems. Today, many of the drive system integrators use Bonitron
power dip ride-thru modules and line regeneration modules with their pulse width
modulation inverters.

Most recently, Bonitron has been working closely with the semi-conductor
industry at their manufacturing facilities. The continuous manufacturing process
they use is quite susceptible to power dips created by storms interfering with
the incoming power. The emphasis has been to customize the Bonitron power dip
ride-thru module to reduce downtime and scrap product.

City: San Jose
Category: Electronic Adhesives
Bondline Electronic Adhesives is U.S. based manufacturer of premixed and film
adhesives. We produce custom formulations as well as repackage commercially
available materials. With a broad client base covering numerous industries,
Bondline Electronic Adhesives strives to meet the needs of current and future

Bondline Electronic Adhesives was founded in 1989. The company headquarters and
main laboratory are located in Sunnyvale, CA.

Bondline Electronic Adhesives is committed to the highest quality in adhesive
products through dedication to product reliability, conformance to
specifications and timely delivery. In the fast pace of changing technology we
are committed to distinguish ourselves as a reliable and responsive adhesive
company serving customers domestically as well as internationally.

City: Monticello
Category: Tool & Die Maker
Prior to founding Bondhus Corporation, I spent many years as a tool and die
maker. I have always taken pride in working 'in the shop', and I understand and
appreciate the value of high quality, long lasting, time saving tools. I am
personally appalled by second rate tools, and I will never compromise usability
or quality for lower manufacturing costs or gimmick design features. I am not
only a tool maker, I'm a tool user, and I will never disappoint my customers by
providing anything less than the finest tools available!

City: Southfield
Category: Metal Improvement Solutions
Bonal Technologies Inc is the world's leading provider of sub-harmonic vibratory
technology for metal improvement solutions.

Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan, we also provide a complete variety of
consulting, training, program design and metal stress relief services to several
industries including: automotive, aerospace, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding,
welding, machine tool, plastic molding, racing, engine building, armament and
die casting, to mention a few.

City: Gloucester
Category: Precision Formed Metal Components
Bomco Inc is dedicated to the use of leading-edge technologies and manufacturing
techniques to economically produce precision formed metal components for
original equipment manufacturers.

Bomco Inc manufactures a proprietary line of tubular quartz-to-metal seal
assemblies for improved performance in lasers, high-wattage lamps and
electro-optical applications. Bomco also makes ultra-high vacuum (UHV) windows
and protective shields for the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) process.

City: Warrenton
Category: Antennas & Accessories
C3i® manufactures printed circuit board modules, VHF, UHF and SHF,
high-performance Yagi antennas and related accessories for the Amateur Radio and
land mobile market.

C3i® custom modules consist of surface-mount technology (SMT) PCBs used to
improve both the quality and the performance of Amateur Radio and land mobile
radio systems. C3i® specializes in precision machining and high technology
manufacturing for Amateur Radio and the telecommunications industry.

City: Fremont
Category: Real-Time Monitoring & Control Products
C3-ilex LLc is a privately held corporation that began operations in 1982 under
the name of ILEX Systems, Inc. ILEX Systems continued to prosper and grow when
it was acquired in 1997 by L3 Communications, Inc a multi-billion dollar
company. In January 1999, C3-ilex, LLc was formed through a leveraged buy out of
the former ILEX Systems SCADA and Consulting Services Divisions. The "C3"
portion of the new company name was selected to coincide with our focused
business areas of Control Products, Consulting Services, and Custom Projects.

C3-ilex was the first manufacturer of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) systems to introduce a PC based solution to the Utility Industry. Since
1983, C3-ilex SCADA products have been delivered to Electric, Water and Waste
Water Utilities with hundreds of SCADA Systems and thousands of Remote Terminal
Units installed worldwide.

Since pioneering the PC based SCADA system, C3-ilex has been a leader in the
small to mid-sized Utility market. Each year the SCADA Systems Division invests
heavily in research and development to maintain its reputation for providing
leading edge technology and innovative products to the rapidly changing Utility

City: Oakwood
Category: Castings, Forgings, Stampings
Valve bodies, flow meter components, railway frogs & accessories, mining
equipment and construction equipment components are just the beginning of CAB
Incorporated's casting, forging and fabricated product range.

CAB Incorporated's extensive network of world class foundries provides our
customers with utmost flexibility in maintaining competitive prices and the
highest quality products whether competing in the U.S. market or in worldwide

Over twenty years of experience in the import business and building
international supplier relationships positions CAB as a leader in the supply of
a wide variety of cast, forged & fabricated products.

You can count on our expertise, including a staff foundry engineer, to assist in
providing the best solution to lower the cost of your final products. Casting
and fabricating capabilities up to 120 tons mean that even the largest casting
and fabricating requirements can be met by CAB Incorporated.

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