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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: McKinney
Category: Pneumatic Automations Component
It takes great courage to undertake a world trip, along with passion,
determination and creativity. With an open, loyal and competitive spirit, Luigi,
Attilio and Geromino Camozzi embarked upon a journey from Brescia which would
ultimately see them conquering the world of fluid power. Supported by today's
technology, that long journey continues with the same passion and determination.

After 35 years, it is now the era of the next generation. While paying due
respect to the continuity between the generations, the young management belong
to a culture which leaves nothing to chance and they are ready to keep the
Camozzi spirit alive as they steer it through the Third Millennium. The young
know what they want from the future. They have grown up with ordinary principles
and values but they are overflowing with energy. The next generation have
already become part of the company's management team; after all it is they who
will build the future.

City: Muskegon
Category: Grinding Machines
The Campbell Grinder Company was incorporated in 1969 to succeed a
proprietorship known as "Seaway Machinery", which was owned by Mr Hugh H
Campbell. He has a lifetime of experience in the design and construction of
special machine tools including 10 years as Chief Engineer for the Frauenthal
Grinder Division of Kaydon Bearing in Muskegon, Michigan. Principally, he was
responsible for the design and construction of all the grinding machines sold
under the name of "Frauenthal". These dependable machines are still in use in
the bearing, aircraft and aerospace fields and used models 40 years and older
are always in demand in the "used machinery" market.

Mr Campbell continued to design and build custom machinery independently as
Seaway Machinery, after the Frauenthal Division was sold to Bullard in the early
sixties. The accelerating demand for this type of equipment created the need for
a larger organization and facility, and the Campbell Grinder Company was
organized to meet that demand.

The Campbell family retained ownership until 1998 when they sold the business to
Charterhouse of New York. This new ownership has allowed the Campbell Grinder
Company, of today, to diversify into other markets and today offer (7) standard
models as well as the custom machines.

City: North Logan
Category: Data Loggers, Data Acquisition Systems
Campbell Scientific manufactures dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and
measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. Our
instrumentation is known for its flexibility, precision measurements, and
dependability-even in harsh, remote environments.

Whether you need one datalogger, an entire weather station network, a hydrologic
gauging station, or a data recorder for automotive testing, Campbell Scientific
can help meet your measurement needs. We invite you to review our datalogger
product line, look at our sensor and telecommunication options.

City: Lake Elsinore
Category: CNC Controls
CamSoft offers PC based Machine Tool Controller software for CNC and general
automation machines to the Retrofit and OEM machine tool industry for 2-8 axis

The CNC machine types supported are Mills, Lathes, Routers, Water Jets, Lasers,
Punch Presses and EDMs. We offer a full range of prices and features. We have
something for everyone and every application. In business since 1981, CamSoft's
7,000 clients include America's largest corporations, government facilities and
universities worldwide.

City: Miami
Category: Contract Electronics Manufacturer
With over 15 years of experience in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry,
CAMtronics s.a. is one of the largest contract manufacturers in Central America.

Global companies such as Polaroid and Recoton have relied on CAMtronics'
professionalism and experience to reduce their costs, save them time and
resources, and allow them to focus on other functions such as design, research
and marketing.

The manufacturing environment at CAMtronics has been designed so that we can
meet our customers ever changing needs in the global marketplace.

Our greatest asset is our people- a highly trained and educated labor force
centered on Customer-Focused Work Units. This approach fosters growth, learning,
pride and creativity among our employees, assuring our customers the on-time
delivery of their product, highest quality and flexible scheduling.

City: Clackamas
Category: Specialty Chains & Attachments
Can-Am Chains is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of welded steel,
specialty chains and attachments, sleeve bearings and sprockets, for the forest
products industry. From Pulp and Paper to Saw Mills to Oriented Strand Board and
Engineered Wood Products, Can-Am Chains has a reputation for performance and
reliability. Can-Am chains are designed and constructed to perform in such
rugged chain conveyor applications as log-decks, transfer decks, un-scramblers
and drive applications of all types. Whenever chain performance means
productivity Can-Am Chains Deliver!

Today, Can-Am Chains has over 200,000 square feet of state-of-the-art
manufacturing capacity. One manufacturing plant is located in Clackamas, Oregon.
The other two manufacturing facilities are located in Surrey, British Columbia.
These facilities plus our sales and service centers located across North America
are all stocked with the best selection of welded steel, specialty chains,
drive-roller chains, chain attachments, sleeve bearings and sprockets available.
They also house the most experienced and dedicated product sales and support
staff in the industry. Whether you need a replacement chain for a current
application or a wide diversity of chain required for a new plant, Can-Am Chains
has the answer.

City: Livonia
Category: Turbine Equipments
Can-Am offers you a powerful, precision engineered and patented, fan-cooled
turbine plus a complete assortment of patented gun designs, all of which are
manufactured out of extremely high quality materials, which is necessary for the
professional businessmen's demand for reliability and repeatability.

Can-Am's turbine equipment can be installed on a floor mount, mobile or
centrally piped wall mount unit. Centrally piped systems can be valved
throughout 300 feet of your painting area.

Can-Am's patented spray guns are especially designed to fit all types of work
being performed. Comfort and balance were our key considerations for either
large or small hand sizes of men and women. These industrial spray guns are
specially designed to deliver High Volumes of heated air at very Low Pressures,
which enhances transfer efficiency. The Atomization of Solid Color and Metallic
paints is achieved through the low-pressure deliveries (1-10 pounds per square
inch) and the high volumes of air delivered by the (patented)
Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ VII System.

City: San Fernando
Category: Cables & Connectors
Canare manufactures the best in Pro Audio and Video Cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA
Connectors, Patchbays, Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Assemblies, Crimp Tools and
Cable Strippers. In 2004, we launched a full Optical Product Line for HD
upgrades in the broadcast market. Professional broadcast engineers, sound
technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEM's
rely on Canare's product, proven reliability and top notch customer service.

City: San Jose
Category: Communication Networking Products
Canary Communications was founded in 1987 to design, develop, and produce
innovative connectivity products, specializing in the Ethernet Local Area
Network market. From the beginning, our goal has been to offer a complete line
of high quality products at competitive prices with a high level of customer

With a focus on physical level Ethernet connectivity, we developed the first
compact multi-AUI-port transceiver. Today, Canary offers a wide range of
connectivity products, including: one, two, and four port transceivers;
miniature repeaters; fan-outs; hubs; concentrators; multi-media repeaters;
converters; and boosters. Looking to the future, our on-going research and
development program will continue to keep our product line in the forefront of
Ethernet LAN technology.

City: Martinsburg
Category: Customized Software
Canary Labs specializes in the development of trending software for Windows,
Windows 95, and Windows NT. Because Canary Labs focuses specifically on trending
software, our trending products offer many features not available in other
trending packages.

City: San Jose
Category: Flat Panel Display
Candescent Technologies Corporation, "Debtor in Possession", founded in 1990,
developed a revolutionary new flat panel display called the "ThinCRT." The
ThinCRTTM is a dramatic improvement over the current displays used in notebook
computers and other electronic devices, providing better picture quality and
competitive cost.

In June 2004, Candescent filed a Voluntary Reorganization case under Chapter 11
of the Bankruptcy Code in the San Jose Bankruptcy Court. In August 2004,
Candescent sold substantially all of its assets, including its flat panel
display intellectual property to Canon, Inc.

City: Niles
Category: Motion Control Products
Generating a stream of motion control products for over 30 years, Candy Controls
continues to focus on innovative rotary motion and timing control products.
Products that increase productivity and quality by controlling and timing rotary
motion -- even while running.

Candy wants to work with you to find the best possible solution to your timing
and positioning problems. You can rely on our experience, products, engineering
support and service.

Think Candy Controls when you need a solution for your rotary motion control
application. We're just what you should expect from a company when timing is

City: Youngstown
Category: Connectors, Sensors & Timers
Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of interconnection devices, electronic
timers, sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices targeted at the fluid
power industry. Our Complete Quality Control Program (CQCP) protects our
customers by assuring them of 100% test and inspection prior to shipment of all
items produced at Canfield Connector. Most items are tested during the
manufacturing process and again during final inspection, making our products
double or triple tested for function prior to shipment. It is our goal to attain
complete customer satisfaction.

City: Cranberry Township
Category: Polyurethane Equipment
Cannon USA is a member of the Cannon Group, the world's largest supplier of
Polyurethane equipment and technology.

Incorporated in 1977 in order to meet the growing needs for both quality
Polyurethane processing equipment in North America and for local availability of
parts and service, Cannon USA is located in Cranberry Township - 40 minutes
north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In its facility, a wide range of Polyurethane
turnkey systems and equipment is produced using advanced engineering

Cannon USA can provide you with Cannon's forty years of experience and technical
support, along with the latest mixheads and processing technology.

We offer the most complete line of high-and low-pressure metering equipment in
the industry, with basic or high-level controls. We offer complete turnkey
systems with robotics, clamps, turntables or carousels.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Fiber Optic Products
Canoga Perkins offers a full range of fiber optic solutions for data
communications requirements. Product lines include fiber optic modems for a
variety of interfaces and data rates, multiplexers serving a wide range of
speeds, capacities and interfaces and LAN products that provide long distance
LAN extension up to 100km. Our video conferencing products offer video
extensions to meet requirements in a variety of environments.

City: Arlington Heights
Category: Process Instrumentation & Control Systems
Canongate Technology, until a few years ago, was a wholly owned subsidiary of
Scottish Courage the leading UK Brewing Company. In September 1996 the
management successfully completed a Management Buy-Out of the company. Canongate
was formed in 1982, having previously been responsible, as part of the Scottish
and Newcastle Breweries Engineering Division, for the total engineering of the
Brewing Group's control and automation facilities.

The company was formed to further develop and market the technology and
innovative measurement systems which had been developed in-house. Since 1982 The
Canongate Group has grown organically and by acquisition from its initial
complement of 10 and now employs more than 60 staff.

Its main office and manufacturing facility is in Edinburgh, but engineering,
service and sales personnel are also located in regional offices in Newcastle,
Manchester, Nottingham and Peterborough.

City: Lake Success
Category: Imaging Equipment & Information Systems
Canon USA Inc headquartered in Lake Success, New York, is a leader in
professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems.
Our extensive product line and digital solutions enable businesses and consumers
worldwide to capture, store, and distribute information. Canon products include
color and black-and-white copiers, printers, image filing systems, facsimile
machines, cameras and lenses, camcorders, semiconductor, broadcast, and optical
equipment, flatbed scanners, and other specialized industrial products.

The Company is listed by Fortune as one of the "Most Admired Companies in
America,"and is ranked No.35 on the Business Week list of "Top 100 Brands."

City: San Jose
Category: Video Editing Products
Canopus Corporation is regarded as an industry leader in nonlinear video editing
products because of its innovative hardware and software designs. By setting new
standards in performance, functionality and stability, Canopus has become a
favorite of video professionals and enthusiasts.

By relying on proprietary hardware and software designs, Canopus produces the
fastest, highest-quality nonlinear editing systems available for desktop PCs.
Our Scalable Technology architecture harnesses the processing power of your CPU
which allows for speed and performance increases -- including realtime
transitions, effects and output -- as the speed of your machine increases.

In an effort to broaden its line of MPEG-based products for high-quality video
distribution, Canopus recently introduced MediaEdge, an affordable video
networking solution that uses the company's proven MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compression
technology to deliver professional-level video over LAN-based networks. By
supporting video-on-demand, live broadcast, streaming media applications, and
pre-programmed playback, MediaEdge is an ideal solution for high-quality video
distribution in retail stores, schools, corporations, airports, museums,
theaters and other locations where video-based information is used.

City: Mineral Wells
Category: Molded & Fabricated Fittings
In February 1992, Cantex was acquired by the respected Sumitomo Corporation, a
multifaceted global business leader. Out of this acquisition the New Cantex
emerged, equipped with an intense philosophy of service to its customers and a
renewed emphasis on product quality that targets the challenges of a new
century. Cantex is a leading producer of PVC Products, with eight manufacturing
facilities located strategically from east to west across the country. These
facilities feature some of the most modern production equipment and advanced
process technology found anywhere in the industry. Production facilities include
extrusion, injection molding, and fabrication processes to produce the broad
lines of PVC Products which serve the power, utility, building construction and
communications markets.

City: San Diego
Category: High Energy Beam Sensitive Glass Photomasks
Canyon Materials Inc specializes in the fabrication of High Energy Beam
Sensitive (HEBS) glass photomasks for use in gray scale photolithography to
produce 3-D microstructures. HEBS Glass gray scale photomasks are True gray
scale photomasks (Not halftone masks). Customers' designed gray scale pattern
having up to more than 500 gray levels is written with an E-beam pattern
generator. The image is written within a surface glass layer, 1 micron thick,
i.e. no coating of any kind. Optical density values are pre-determined by
assigning an electron dosage to each of the many gray levels. HEBS glass is a
CMI patented glass product. HEBS-glass gray scale photomasks enable mass
fabrication of 3-D microstructures including refractive microlens arrays,
diffractive optical elements (DOEs), holographic devices, tapered structures for
microelectonic and micromechanical devices, beam shaping elements, as well as
optical interconnection in VLSI computing, and micro-optical imaging between
smart pixel arrays; arrays of smart pixels being the input/output devices to

City: Sandy
Category: Electronic & Optoelectronic Devices
CAO Group specializes in optoelectronic / electronic devices and applications.
We offer products in the areas of medical / dental, optoelectronic devices and
optoelectronic lighting. We have ISO

City: Ayer
Category: Sensors & Measuring Instruments
Capacitec is a global technology company dedicated to advancing the capacitive
principle of measurement physics to its highest level in sensor design. Our
scientific and industrial customers depend on us for precision movement
detectors, part-dimensional sizing, thin gap sensors and aircraft engine
rotational alignment. Over twenty-five years of product line history has
demonstrated Capacitec's strong support in all markets where a more
sophisticated ruler is required and in areas where traditional sensors cannot
fit or survive the environment.

A realized claim of extremely high sensitivity to minute physical/mechanical
changes and exceptional amplifier output stability support capacitive sensor
applications especially in severe environments of temperature, magnetic fields,
high radiation and non-contact, non-intrusive applications. An aggressive
research and development program continues to drive Capacitec's advances in
instrumentation, digital circuitry and demonstrated longevity in rugged
packaging design. These investments combined with updated manufacturing
techniques enable us to consistently provide products of superior performance,
stability and economy of packaging and pricing.

City: Chicago
Category: Capacitors
The Capacitor Industries Companies market a wide variety of Film and
Electrolytic capacitors for Electrical and Electronic applications.

City: Wilmington
Category: Switches
Capax is specialized in design and production of variable speed switches for
power tools. Through extensive cooperation with customers and suppliers, Capax
adds substantially to the functionality, reliability and cost effectiveness of
the tool. This is why Capax delivers the lion's share, world wide, of variable
speed switches for power tools.

City: Valencia
Category: Capacitors
Founded in 1987, Capax Technologies Inc today, is a leading designer and
manufactures of quality, high performance single, multi-layered and application
specific ceramic and porcelain chip capacitors for RF/Wireless and Microwave
frequency application. The company established its reputation as a contract
designer and manufacturer of high-quality, custom chip capacitors for its
customers. With particular attention to customer service and response, and focus
on product performance, quality and reliability, the Capax name has become
synonymous with uncompromising quality, reliability, superior performance and
unmatched service.

Capax has experienced consistent growth each year since it's founding. This
success is attributable to the cornerstones of the Capax's successful strategy.
An unrelenting pursuit of Constant-And -Never-Ending Improvements. Capax employs
State-of-the-art equipment and processes for design and manufacturing and
stringent quality control and operational procedures.

City: Anoka
Category: Abrasives
Capco has now made placing an order even easier for you, the distributor, by
putting the catalog information and order form on the web!

City: Carol Stream
Category: Diversified Electronics Manufacturing
Capital Advanced Technologies today is a product of a diversified electronics
manufacturing and process background acquired over its nearly twenty years of
existence. Founded in 1980, The company began as a producer of high quality
printed circuit boards for both the commercial and military markets. While
Capital produced boards across the spectrum of board types such as single-sided,
double-sided, and multilayer, A particular emphasis was placed on the
utilization or development of techniques and processes that could enhance the
base board performance. During this period Capital was producing boards that
incorporated features such as printed polymer thick film ground planes and
shields, Printed Resistors, Capacitors, Detectors, Transducers,
Electroluminescent Lamps, and a variety of hybridization's of mixed polymer
thick film and traditional printed circuit technology.

In the following decade Capital broadened its focus to include Design, Assembly,
and test of electronics at the hybrid, board, and system levels with a
particular emphasis on Surface Mount and Miniaturization technologies. In this
period the company continued development of its surface mount and hybrid
packaging processes with much success.

City: Gaithersburg
Category: Printed Circuit Board
Capital Electro-Circuits Inc was founded in 1985 with the intention of providing
the electronics community with a quality printed circuit board shop, which was
both reliable and service oriented. The increasing success of our company is a
direct result of delivering the highest quality at the lowest prices.

As a result of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have
enjoyed a steady and controlled growth. Our sales have increased by over 35%
each year for the past two years, and our customer base has expanded to include
over 625 accounts nationally!

City: Billerica
Category: Test & Measurement Products
Capital Equipment provides hardware and software for test and measurement
applications. We were founded in 1983 and currently provide products to over
8000 corporations worldwide. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

City: Baton Rouge
Category: Industrial Gasket, Hose, Expansion Joint
Capital Rubber & Speciality Co Inc is one of the premiere industrial gasket,
hose, expansion joint, and packing distributors in the United States.

Founded in 1957 on principles of outstanding quality and great service, Capital
Rubber is able to offer very competitive pricing to its customers.

Located on five acres in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Capital Rubber is able to
fabricate to your exact specifications and ship worldwide. Let Capital Rubber's
specially trained personnel help you select the best product for your

City: Westerville
Category: Pipe Fittings
For more than 75 years, Capitol Manufacturing Company has been the leading
supplier of top quality, high pressure, pipe fittings to the refinery,
petrochemical, plumbing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and construction
industries. Headquartered in Crowley, Louisiana, Capitol markets its products
under three separate names, Capitol Manufacturing, CAMCO® Fittings, and
CapProducts, Ltd(Canada).

City: Milwaukee
Category: OEM & OEM Supplier Components
Capitol Stampings is the designer, engineer and manufacturer of OEM and OEM
supplier components. These include custom stampings, drive pulleys, idler
pulleys, split steel pulleys, sprockets, composite idler and cable pulleys,
spindle assemblies, brake drums and pinion gear & sectors. The family-owned
company was established in 1945 and has grown from 6 employees and 6,000 square
feet to 150 plus employees and 115,000 square feet. Capitol is recognized as a
"get-it-done" resource for OEM and OEM suppliers who are looking for exceptional
performance at unusually competitive prices. Capitol Stampings Corporation
provides the lawn & garden, fitness, agricultural, bicycle, automotive,
industrial, home appliances, go-kart, conveyor and numerous other markets with
the components they need.

City: Buffalo
Category: Protection Products
Founded in 1948, Caplugs has been a leading manufacturer of premium protection
products including caps, plugs, tubing, edge liners, wraparound tapes, and
netting for more than 50 years. Our products are used in a wide range of
industrial applications around the world.

Today, we are expanding our capabilities even further with the recent joining of
Caplugs and Niagara Caps & Plugs. Both companies have long been known in the
industry for their quality of parts, breadth of offering, innovation in design
and technology, and integrity in the industry. Through this partnership, we are
able to offer more product and better service than anyone in the marketplace.

City: Chino
Category: Precision Aerospace Manufacturing
Capo Industries produces highly engineered components for aerospace, turbine
engine, industrial gas turbine, and general industrial markets. Since 1977 our
customers have described us as a top-rated producer of complex turbine engine
components. Performance is built into every component that we manufacture.

Capo Industries owns and maintains some of the most sophisticated machining,
programming, and inspection systems available today. Our formalized training
sessions at all levels of the organization assures that the most innovative and
efficient techniques are mastered, implemented, and maintained to the highest
standards of flight-critical hardware.

City: Willis
Category: Motion Control Systems
Capro is a global business-to-business developer and manufacturer of motion
control systems and cable assemblies, providing customers with integrated
systems solutions, technical excellence, a commitment to quality, and world
class capabilities.

At Capro, Global Motion means integrating products, programs, services, and
capabilities to efficiently deliver innovative solutions to customers around the

As a leading full service supplier of light duty motion control systems, Capro
meets the demands of the global marketplace with a strategy to provide
measurable value that translates into cost competitiveness for customers.

City: South San Francisco
Category: Heat Flux Sensors
Captec is a leading global manufacturer of customized heat flux sensors and
radiant flux sensors. The heat flux is the rate of heat energy passing through a
section in a given period of time. A heat flux is measured in Watt per square
meter (W/m²).

Offering a comprehensive and highly customizable product line, Captec boasts one
of the broadest selection of heat flux sensors and radiant heat sensors in the
Industry. Many organizations worldwide have a need for measuring not only the
temperature but the heat flux a surface or an object is exposed to, as the heat
flux will have a direct impact on the temperature evolution.

City: Tipp City
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Specialists in low to medium-volume manufacturing and testing of circuit boards
and cable harnesses, offering turnkey solutions and quick, dependable service.

City: Gaithersburg
Category: PCB Assembly Design
CapTron Corporation, located in Gaithersburg Maryland specializes in
conventional Through-hole and Surface mounted Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
for electronics manufacturing industry. CapTron specializes in the consignment
and turnkey manufacture of zero defects electronics assemblies from prototype to
small, medium and large volumes for surface mount (SMT), plated through hole
(PTH) and mixed technology printed circuit boards with different configuration.
Besides this we have unique capability of procuring the best quality of
bare-boards (PCBs) and components at fastest turn-around and at highly
competitive price. As a service oriented company, CapTron Corporation strives to
provide world class electronics manufacturing services to our customers.

Our success lies in the ability to supply zero defect electronics manufacturing
services with 100% on-time delivery at very competitive price.

We provide Total Turnkey facility for our customer convenience, which

City: Newbury Park
Category: Wireless Communication Equipments
Cap Wireless Inc develops and manufactures products that address the
requirements of Defense, Satellite Communications and major wireless
telecommunication, defense electronics, and industrial/scientific/medical
electronics markets worldwide. These markets include Wireless Communication
Services (WCS), Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR), paging, cellular, Personal
Communication Services (PCS), IMT-2000, Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) and
Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

City: Houston
Category: Carbide Threading & Grooving Inserts
Manufacturers of carbide threading & grooving inserts.

City: Dayton
Category: Precision Carbide & Ruby Replacement Contact Points
Earl Jacobs started making indicator points back in 1952. Known for his quality
work as a tool maker, Earl picked up customer orders on his lunch hour and
manufactured replacement points at home in the evenings. By 1963, what began as
a part time venture to help support a growing family had grown into a full time

With a desire to better serve his customers, Earl resigned from the tool shop
and Carbide Probes Inc became his major business focus. Under his leadership,
the company experienced years of growth until his retirement in 1977.

Earl Jacob's philosophy of maintaining the highest standards of quality and
precision remain today and provide a solid foundation for customer satisfaction.
Carbide Probes Inc continues to grow and meet the specific needs of customers
under the leadership of Dan Shellabarger, Earl's son-in-law and company

Located near Dayton, Ohio, Carbide Probes Inc has enjoyed consistent growth,
including expansion of their office and shop facility several times in the past
two decades. When precision meets experience, it must be Carbide Probes Inc!

City: Ardmore
Category: Activated Carbon Products
Carbochem is a privately held, U.S. Corporation based in Philadelphia. The
business was established in 1981 to market industrial chemicals around the world
with special emphasis on Activated Carbon. Carbochem produces a full line of
activated carbon with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and ISO 9002 certification. The
activated carbon products are based on bituminous coal, coconut shells and wood
and are available in granular, powder and extruded forms. Carbochem has
developed proprietary grades of activated carbon for PSA applications,
decolorizing, solvent recovery and the removal of taste & odor, Geosmin, MIB,
MTBE and hydrocarbons. Carbochem ® carbons are designed with a high surface area
and wide range of pore size distribution from micropore to macropore. Major
markets include water treatment, food & beverage, catalysts, air purification,
pigments and pollution control. Carbochem is committed to supplying high quality
products with favorable pricing, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and
providing technical support for system design.

City: Warren
Category: Metalworking Products
Carboloy, a Seco Tools company, is a leader in metalworking technology. Our
milling, turning, holemaking andthreading solutions are unequaled in the
industry for solving customers' ever-increasing demands for greater
productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our innovative history dates back to 1925 when a General Electric scientist
began experimenting with tungsten carbide. The Carboloy Department of G.E. was
formed three years later, with breakthrough advances in cemented carbide
technology and their metalworking applications. In the decades that followed,
Carboloy's groundbreaking innovation flourished. Today, that tradition continues
as our worldwide research and development team is as committed as ever to
creating dynamic advancements in tools, systems and services.

As a company our primary focus is seeing to customer needs. We do so with
offices located around the world. Our world headquarters is in Sweden and in
North America we're headquartered in Warren, Michigan.We also have eleven
regional offices in the U.S., an office in Canada and one in Mexico. In
addition, our customers are served by a network of over 400 authorized
distributors, located throughout the United States.

City: Compton
Category: Activated Carbon Products
We are able to supply all your activated carbon and related service needs. Our
personnel have over 25 years experience and technical knowledge in the
production, quality control, shipping, and sales of activated carbon
domestically and internationally. In addition, we have a thorough knowledge in
numerous activated carbon applications.

We operate our own manufacturing facilities that produce high quality activated
carbon. Carbon Activated Corp has in place a stringent production control to
ensure superior quality at all stages of production.

City: Parsippany
Category: Carbon & Graphite Products
For over a century, Carbone Lorraine has been a world specialist in carbon and
graphite products and in their applications. Over the years, the Group has added
to its wealth of knowledge in this field by developing expertise centered on the
electric motor, its protection and other electrical equipment.

City: Salem
Category: Graphite Heat Exchangers
Carbone of America, Chemical Equipment Division, is the worlds premier
manufacturer of Graphite Heat Exchangers and associated equipment for the
Chemical Processing Industries (CPI). Since its foundation in 1892, Le
Carbone-Lorraine has built up an international reputation by creating
subsidiaries on all continents. Today, with manufacturing plants in 32 countries
and sales offices and representatives in 71 countries, Le Carbone-Lorraine
offers customers everywhere reliable high technology products and the convenient
service of its experienced technicians and consultants.

City: Houston
Category: NanoTechnology Products
CNI is the preeminent producer of Buckytubes. With their multiple pilot plants
and commercial demonstration unit operating in Houston, the company can provide
many different grades of Buckytubes to accommodate customer-specific needs. The
company is working with close to 700 customers around the globe. These customers
include leading academic research centers and a wide variety of small and large
companies whose businesses depend on advanced materials. CNI has also raised
major funding from private investors since 2000 and is also working closely with
several government agencies on funded research projects.

City: Atlanta
Category: Security Management Systems
Gallagher recognises the value of a company's service offering. That is why we
place a strong emphasis on demonstrating customer focus through providing a full
range of services to support their security systems.

Our focus on meeting customer needs extends from system and product design to a
range of services to support our business partners, including Customer Services,
Marketing Services, Technical Support and Training Services - all available from
our web portal, the Cardax Support Site.

City: Buena Park
Category: E-Commerce Products
Our goal is to take on new challenges and a pioneering spirit to realize the
Cash-less-E-commerce Society by developing leading-edge technology that will
empower our customers with hardware solutions for magnetic stripe, barcode and
smart card applications.

Founded in 1993, CardCom Technology has been providing hardware solutions for
magnetic stripe and smart card applications. From electronic cash transactions,
telecommunications, public transportation, and new and emerging applications,
CardCom Technology offers hardware configuration to satisfy any set of
requirements. A high level of customer service underscores our commitment to
quality and dedication to continuous improvement.

City: Wayne
Category: Electronic Products
Cardinal Components Inc an ISO-9002 certified company, is committed to supplying
its customers with the highest quality products in the industry. It is
Cardinal's mission, in pursuit of this goal and objective, to inspect and test
every product to ensure its unmitigated technical excellence, so that we can be
certain of supplying our customers with a product of unquestioned reliability.
We interpret the word quality to include, besides technical excellence, on-time
delivery, excellent follow-up service, and fair pricing.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Pressure Forming Products
Manufacturers of Pressure/Vacuum Forming & Acrylic Fabrication.

City: Webb City
Category: Measuring Instruments
Cardinal is at home in the small community of Webb City, Missouri, a city
nestled on the edge of the Ozark mountains, with a population of just under
10,000. All around are wide, open prairies, hills and woods. Cardinal employees
like it that way and are committed to keeping it that way. Cardinal's mission
statement promises that they will adhere to sound environmental practices. They
do that and then some. Cardinal's goal is to always be a step ahead in observing
sound environmental rules.

The evolution of what is today Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company, involves
the pulling together of a century's worth of ideas, products and people.

Cardinal Scale, with home offices in the heart of America, officially began in
1950. Founder William H. Perry of Webb City, Missouri, an experienced scale
industry man, started the new company as a result of customer need for a line of
special-capacity scales.

City: St Louis
Category: Piping Components
Since 1983 Cardinal UHP has been supplying the semiconductor industry with
piping components that help increase manufacturing efficiency. We introduced
many practices that are standard operating procedure throughout the industry
today. Cardinal UHP was the first to offer top quality electropolished fittings,
piping components, and signed certification to our customers, guaranteeing
specified quality levels in our products. Much of our early efforts are still
reflected in current SEMI standards.

Today we continue to supply the finest in ultra high purity fittings and piping
components to semiconductor manufacturers and industries requiring critical
ultra high purity production systems. We also supply a wide range of tubing for
vacuum, oxygen, bio-pharmaceutical, and medical gas service. In today's market
it is not enough to provide excellent products; we must provide them at a good
value. O'Brien Corporation's recent acquisition of Cardinal UHP added 40 years
of engineering and manufacturing expertise. Cardinal UHP is setting a new
course. A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St Louis Missouri
combines the latest in automated electropolishing technology

City: Newark
Category: Cashew Nutshell Liquid Products
Cardolite develops and manufacturers products based on cashew nutshell liquid
(CNSL) for the coatings, brake lining, printing, rubber and specialty polymer

No one knows more about developing CNSL products that will enhance the
performance of your products. In fact, we pioneered the use of CNSL in the
making of important materials for the coating and friction industries. And our
experience keeps on building. Because we are the originator and leading
manufacturer of phenalkamine epoxy curing agents, we know exactly how to develop
phenalkamines that will help you meet your customer's coating requirements.

Cardolite maintains a state-of-the-art Research & Development Laboratory,
dedicated to product development, with innovations to CNSL based products our
primary goal. Cardolite also maintains an Application Laboratory with a full
staff, to assist you with your specific formulation needs.

City: Stapleton
Category: Metal Fabrication Equipment
Carell Corporation or Carell Corp is your single source provider of superior
quality bending machines and metal fabricating equipment designed for
dependability and versatility. Carell Corp provides and stocks; angle rolls,
section benders, profile bending machines, CNC angle rolls, CNC section benders,
CNC benders, ring rollers, pyramid rolls, universal roll benders, coiling
machines, plate rolls, slip rolls, initial pinch rolls, three roll plate rolls,
3 roll plate rolls, four roll plate rolls, 4 roll plate rolls, cone rolling
machines, hydraulic plate rolls, mechanical plate rolls, plate bending machines,
ornamental bending machines, scroll benders, scrolling tools, bar twisters,
picket twisting machines, ring forming machines, flange forming machines, fixed
angle notchers, notching machines, corner notchers, variable angle notchers,
rebar benders, rebar bending machines, rebar benders, rebar shears, rebar
cutters, rebar fabricating machines, tube benders, pipe benders, CNC tube
bending machines, mandrel benders, compression benders, rotary draw benders, bar
working machines, horizontal presses, bulldozer presses, and manual benders. We
manufacture and stock; tools for bending, tube rolls, pipe rolls, special
tooling and custom tooling.

City: Adrian
Category: Wire Shelving & Containers
Cargotainer originated and developed the industry's first stacking-type,
collapsible wire container. Today Cargotainer manufactures a variety of wire
mesh products widely used for material handling, storage, protection and
display. And no wonder: designed and built for rugged, long-life service,
Cargotainer products are made of high strength, welded steel wire in various
gauges and mesh sizes, fully welded at all crossover points to meet your exact
capacity and function requirements.

Cargotainer's open mesh, welded wire construction is machine tooled using the
newest technologies in state-of-the-art wire drawing and fabricating equipment
specially engineered for optimum product quality, strength, and economy.
Cargotainer's in-house powder-coating facility offers a durable, attractive, and
environmentally friendly finish in most any color desired. Cargotainer products
are tested and ready to meet your requirements from start to "Finish."

City: San Diego
Category: Healthcare Products
CardioDynamics is committed to fundamentally changing drug management with ICG.
The Company's primary product, the BioZ®, uses proprietary Impedance
Cardiography (ICG) technology to noninvasively assess a patient's hemodynamics,
data which typically has been available only through a time-consuming, costly,
and potentially dangerous invasive procedure called Pulmonary Artery
Catheterization (PAC), or the Swan Ganz Catheter.

Since the BioZ's ICG monitoring is noninvasive, it can be performed in
outpatient areas such as physician offices, which have never before had access
to hemodynamic information in treating heart failure, hypertension, pacemaker
and dialysis patients.

In hospitals, BioZ monitoring on surgical or intensive care patients can
decrease costs through the elimination of procedure risk, reduction of hospital
stay, and minimization of hospital expenditures and personnel.

BioZ monitoring can also provide valuable hemodynamic information in hospital
areas where previously it has not been available, such as emergency departments,
critical care, step-down units, and dialysis.

City: Roanoke
Category: Feedback Transducers Systems
Carlen Controls Inc is located in the mountains of Virginia near the Blue Ridge
Parkway. At this location, we design, manufacture and service feedback
transducer systems for Mill Automation.

Design features include special mounting apparatus and multiple encoder units
including mechanical overspeed protection. We offer a single shaft mounted
device as opposed to multiple belt drives and pedestals. Other products include
electronic interface modules for connection to the control system.
Precision-geared absolute encoders and resolvers are built to specific order
providing a wide range of products required in the mill.

The latest CNC equipment is utilized in manufacturing to achieve the highest
levels of precision and quality in our products. Special drive simulators are
employed for testing and evaluation.

City: Torrance
Category: Miniature & Sub Miniature Lamps
In 1943 James Carley started working as a lamp apprentice at his Uncle's
factory, Chicago Miniature Lamps. After serving in the U.S. Marines, graduating
from the University of Ilinois and again working for Chicago Miniature Lamps,
James Carley started his first company in Los Angeles, California in 1960.

Los Angeles Miniature products or lamps quickly gained a reputation for building
high quality miniature lamps exactly to customer specifications. Lamps'
reputation continued to grow as NASA chose James Carley to build special
miniature lamps for the apollo space shot, voyager probe and most recently the
space shuttle. Carley Lamps enjoyed rapid growth and success in the Aerospace
Industry in the 1970s & 80s.

To maintain its technical excellence in the miniature lamps' industry and
continue to develop the company, James Carley expanded Carley Lamps product
range and introduced high intensity miniature lamps to the flashlight industry
in early 1980. Today,in "2000", Professional Police, Firefighters and Special
Forces prefer and request Carley Lamps for their flashlighs and weapons mounted
illumination systems. Carley Lamps is the largest producer of quality flashlight
lamps in the world.

City: Plainville
Category: Switch & Circuit Breaker
Carling Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Hydraulic
Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches and Assemblies, and
Advanced Systems including Power Distribution Centers, Digital Switching
Systems, and Electronic Controls. Carling products are used worldwide in diverse
industries including Appliance, Electronics/Telecom, Medical, Transportation,
Industrial Controls & Factory Automation, and Commercial Facilities Control,
among others.

City: Bloomington
Category: Braking System
For over 30 years, Carlisle has designed and manufactured braking system
products for original equipment manufacturers around the world.

We have become the No 1 choice of every major OEM by providing superior brake
performance and durability through state of the art design and the highest
quality components.

From concept design to engineering release, all component parts are developed
and tested specifically for your original Carlisle brake system.

City: Charlottesville
Category: Motion Control Products
Over the past sixty years, Carlisle has earned a reputation for leading the
heavy duty trucking industry through brake products and responsive customer
services. During this time, we have expanded our product line to include a wide
variety of application-specific friction materials, as well as brake shoe
remanufacturing and spring brakes. In parallel with the significant growth of
our company, we continue to maintain the personal attention to quality and
customer-first focus that has been our heritage.

City: Buffalo Grove
Category: Automation Components
Manufacturer and supplier of a complete family of electronic systems packaging
solutions. Standard product offerings and custom configurations. Products range
from 19" cabinets to enclosures for VME, VXI, PC, Military and ruggedized

City: Cleveland
Category: Thermoplastic Enclosures
The Lamson & Sessions Company is a publicly traded company, listed on the New
York Stock Exchange. It is led by John Schulze, Chairman, President and CEO.

Lamson & Sessions brings its products to the U.S. and Canadian markets through
three business units, divided by channels of distribution and markets served:

Carlon, the largest business unit, provides fiber optic, copper and coaxial
cable protection for plant construction and wiring systems. Customers include
regional Bell operating companies, cable television companies, departments of
transportation and the electrical wholesale distributor market. Electrical
wholesales sell to contractors, utilities and industrial users and OEM's.

City: Redway
Category: Wireless Communication Products
Carlson Wireless Technologies Inc (CWT) was founded by James R. Carlson in 1999.
Carlson, who serves as CEO and chief technologist of CWT, previously founded
Carlson Communications Inc a successful maker of analog wireless telephone
systems since 1990 under the OptaPhone brand name.

In 1997 Carlson sold his interest in his original wireless company and started
working with his design team on a new all-digital wireless CDMA spread-spectrum
technology base. In February 1999, CWT was formed to complete the initial
development of the new technology, and to manufacture and market the resulting

City: Centerport
Category: Measurement & Control Products
Carltex is a leading North American distributor of Measurement and Control
products. Our focus is on Data Acquisition (DAQ) solutions for a wide range of
industries including Pharmaceuticals, BioTechnology, Food, Transportation, and
all other sectors that need to monitor, record, and analyze various physical
parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

City: Tukwila
Category: Custom Cable Assemblies
Carlyle is a worldwide manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and a distributor
of wire, cable, and networking products. At Carlyle our philosophy is simple;
total dedication to the customer, and to the quality of our products. Over the
course of our over 30 years in business, this commitment has resulted in a
reputation of superior customer service, and unsurpassed product quality.
Carlyle products are used by the top companies here in the Northwest, and
throughout the world. We invite you to explore the people, products, and
technology of Carlyle, here on our Web Site. We add new content regularly, so
check back often!

City: Bolton
Category: Clutch & Brake Products
Carlyle Johnson has continuously developed new clutch and brake products for
companies and industries throughout it's 100 years. There are hundreds of
thousands of applications where our products are in operation. The average
service life of Carlyle Johnson power transmission components is 15 years and we
have sold over 1,000,000 clutches and brakes since our inception. It is not
unusual for us to supply customers with repair and maintenance parts for
clutches that have been running for 50 years.

The company has prospered throughout the years by focusing on engineering, and
offering support to its customers. Customers who have difficult clutch and brake
problems have been referred to us by competitors when they were unable to solve
power transmission problems. Our focus has been and will continue to be applying
our engineering knowledge to meet the specific needs of our customers. Today our
engineering support staff runs deep throughout the company. Our management staff
is comprised mainly of engineering graduates.

Carlyle Johnson has always stayed in the forefront of technology, taking
advantage of advances in materials as well as pushing the boundaries of design
to meet the requirements of our customers. We utilize the latest techniques
including 3d modeling and custom analytical software to design clutches and
brakes. We also have access to nationally recognized universities and research
laboratories to expand the limits of our technology.

City: Thornwood
Category: Precision Mechanical & Optical Products
Founded as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in the German city of
Jena in 1846, Carl Zeiss is today a global leader in the optical and
opto-electronic industries. There are currently more then 14,000 employees in
the Group. We have offices in over 30 countries and are represented in more than
100 countries, with production centers in Europe, North America, Central America
and Asia. The company's headquarters are located in Oberkochen, Germany, in
northeastern Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Our most important task, as we see it, is to enable science and technology to
beyond what man can see. "We make it visible" - our corporate slogan, and our
promise to our customers to open doors that were previously sealed.

City: Concord
Category: Automation Products
Automation Technology provides engineered solutions utilizing leading edge
technology for the simplest to the most complex industrial applications. For
over 20 years we have distributed automation, fluid power, material handling,
motion and process control products to the mid-Atlantic and southeast. Today we
are a premier total solutions provider for our customers throughout the

City: Conover
Category: Gloves
Carolina Glove Company is a family owned Company based in Conover, North
Carolina. It has been owned and operated by the Abernethy family for three
generations. Founded in 1946 our factories have the capability of producing over
65,000 dozen gloves per week. Carolina has a large selection of over 4,000
different Glove styles of many variations. Our Product line includes Leather
Drivers, Welders, Canvas, Jerseys, Chore, Knits, Latex, Garden, Kevlar®, Coated,
Supported, Unsupported & many Safety Items. In addition to our Quality domestic
line, Carolina Glove Company imports Gloves that are specially made from many
countries around the world.

As an ISO Registered Company, Our Commitment to Quality and Service helps us to
be able to ship products and make deliveries in a timely basis. Carolina's
tradition of ingenuity, commitment and dedication has made us the quality choice
for the most discriminating glove needs. Our products are constructed from the
finest available materials and assembled by experienced craftsmen. Carolina
Gloves are designed to meet any demands for performance, comfort, and value.

City: Asheville
Category: Knives
Carolina Knife manufactures a full line of knives for the Tire & Rubber
converting industries.

City: East
Category: Electronic Filtering & Sub-assemblies
We design and manufacture electronic filtering sub-assemblies and terminal
blocks, and we provide digital filtering processing equipment,
pre-manufacturing, manufacturing and post manufacturing services to leading
electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

In 2002, we merged with AirBorn as partners to provide solutions for leading
electronic equipment OEM's. AirBorn employs more than 550 people in six
facilities including its corporate headquarters in Addison, Texas and an office
in the United Kingdom.

City: Heath Springs
Category: Motion Control Products
We firmly believe that accuracy and reliability must be designed into a product.
These qualities do not just happen in a good production environment. Carotron
starts with quality components and adds years of experience and innovative
engineering to design the best performing drives and integrated systems
available today. Communication is very important in determining your specific
motor control needs. Our entire Engineering staff is readily available to
discuss your application to assure that the products you purchase will meet all
your requirements. Whether you need a standard product, a custom proprietary
product or an engineered system, qualified Engineering support is always
available to help you.

City: Jacksonville
Category: Stainless Steel Products
Customers in a wide range of industries - from the process industry and
industrial machinery to building, construction and electrical industry,
transportation, electronics and information technology, as well as catering and
households - use our metal products, technologies and services worldwide. We are
dedicated to helping our customers gain competitive advantage. We call this
promise the Outokumpu factor.

Outokumpu operates in some 40 countries and employs 19 500 people. In 2004, the
Group's sales amounted to EUR 7.1 billion, of which 95% was generated outside
Finland. The Group's headquarters is located in Espoo, Finland. The parent
company, Outokumpu Oyj, has been listed on the Helsinki stock exchange since

City: Manlius
Category: Wire Stripping & Cutting Equipment
Carpenter Mfg Co Inc has designed and produced precision bench top Wire
Stripping and Cutting Equipment for over half a century. Our design,
manufacturing and sales are all performed from our Manlius, New York facility
ensuring fast, on time delivery of equipment and machine repair services.

City: El Cajon
Category: Stailess Steel Tubing
Carpenter Technology Corporation is a leading international manufacturer of
specialty alloys and engineered products that have been used in planes, cars and
trucks, electronic equipment, medical devices and instruments, industrial
fittings, sporting goods, and oil and gas exploration and processing. Carpenter
engineered materials have been used in hundreds of applications - from
industrial tools to jet engines to fuel injectors and medical implants. Its
engineered materials are known for their dependability, strength, toughness,
corrosion resistance, and the ability to stay intact in high temperatures.

In recent years, Carpenter has expanded its product line and geographic reach.
Much of this expansion has been customer-driven. Unlike most companies in the
field, Carpenter not only manufactures its products, but also distributes them
through its own worldwide system of service centers. This network, with its
staff of metallurgists and engineers on the front lines, enables the company to
work closely with its customers to find solutions for their product
requirements, as well as to learn first hand which materials need to be
upgraded, acquired or created. Carpenter's direct contact with its customers has
given the company a unique marketing edge.

City: Boulder
Category: Consolidated Access Technology
Carrier Access' founders chose an apt name at its founding in 1992. For more
than a decade, the company has remained committed to the consolidation of
services and technologies for the service provider needing to save space and

Founding chief executive Roger Koenig and corporate development officer Nancy
Pierce initially served as consultants, helping enterprises discover new ways to
integrate broadband access and lower communications expenses. Koenig and Pierce
turned their business into a value-added reseller operation in 1989, after
realizing consultancy alone could not deliver the full package of design,
equipment and service desired by their customers.

Carrier Access evolved from the reseller business four years later, based on its
founders' experience and frustration with piecing together third-party T1 access
equipment that lacked cost and space efficiencies, and serviceability. Koenig
and Pierce realized that serving carriers communication networks with optimized,
consolidated access technology often meant designing a smaller, more efficient
network access box unlike anything offered by the existing telecommunications
equipment companies. Many companies had attempted to bring together the old
world of analog phone lines and the emerging Internet packet world in a common
architecture, but they still thought in terms of large, cumbersome systems that
filled a wiring closet - systems too unwieldy to be aligned with corporate
budgets or small-office space constraints.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Cable Molding & Assemblies
We manufacture custom molded cable assemblies for the computer, medical,
broadcast and industrial markets.

At Carrio Cabling we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality
and professionalism to our clients. When your business needs custom cable
molding or molded cable assemblies we want you to know that we are a company you
can trust to get the job done, and get it done right.

"Simplicity itself," is our philosophy. We strive to fulfill you custom cable
molding needs with no hastles and to insure that you end up with exactly what
you need, when you need it.

From camera link cables to medical cable, we are professionals, we can get the
job done, and we can get the job done right. When your boss comes to you and
needs you to order custom molded cable assemblies, know that you can trust
Carrio Cabling. For all your custom cable molding needs.

City: St Louis
Category: Tooling Components & Toggle Clamps
Carr Lane provides you the world's largest selection of tooling components,
modular fixturing and related workholding products for all areas of
manufacturing. Based in St. Louis, Missouri USA, we make tooling items for
virtually every industry around the globe.

Save sourcing time by visiting our online catalog or requesting a print or CD
catalog, which contains over 660 pages of photos, illustrations and
specifications on our complete line. From alignment pins and clamp assemblies to
tooling blocks and power workholding, we always have your basics in stock. For
special requirements, Carr Lane will gladly customize or make tooling components
to your specifications.

Carr Lane delivers consistently high-quality products, and has recently been
certified ISO 9001. Find our wide selection of components at competitive prices
through our worldwide network of over 250 distributors. With major warehouses in
St Louis, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and Los Angeles, California; Carr Lane ships
over 90% of orders the same day they are received. Click here for your closest
Carr Lane distributor.

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