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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: St Paul
Category: Sockets & Adapters
Ironwood Electronics began in 1986 when two engineers discussed a new product
idea during a carpool ride. That first product, a prototyping adapter for a
68-pin PLCC chip, received tremendous response and was named a "Product of the
Year" by EDN magazine. The company's product line has since expanded and evolved
into well over 5000 innovative adapters and interconnection solutions for
prototyping, test, and production applications.We believe that Ironwood
Electronics has the largest, most experienced staff of electrical and mechanical
engineers in our industry. From simple mechanical adapters to complex multi-chip
modules, our products help you expedite development projects, even those
involving the latest ICs and packaging technologies. We offer thousands of "off
the shelf" parts, but when a new IC requires a custom socket or adapter, quick
turn, custom projects are our speciality.

City: Addison
Category: Sound Products
At IRP Professional Sound Products, we have been committed to the ideal of
making sound as accessible as possible for people since 1946, when the original
Industrial Research Products, Inc., opened for business under the guidance of
Hugh Shaler Knowles. Trained as a research physicist and commissioned by the US
Government to work on military communications applications, Knowles applied his
knowledge to the development of subminiature microphones, and established
Knowles Electronics in 1953. Knowles Electronics became the world's largest
manufacturer of subminiature transducers for applications ranging from military
ultrasonics to consumer hearing aids.In the late 1960's Industrial Research
Products Inc. (IRPI) became a independent research and development division
within Knowles Electronics and developed sophisticated audio electronics to
complement the high technology microphones.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Microelectronic Products
Irvine Sensors Corporation, founded in 1980, is an advanced microelectronics
technology and products company. It is the inventor of three-dimensional (3D)
semiconductors, the Three-dimensional Artificial Neural Network (3DANN™)
technology for high speed image processing and human-level recognition, and the
Neo-Stack™ technology (computers-in-cubes) for embedded systems. Irvine Sensors
continues to develop advanced technologies for 3D stacked integrated circuits
(ICs), flexible circuits, wearable bio-monitors, miniature cameras, smart
sensors, image processing and recognition, low-power analog and mixed signal
circuits, electronic image stabilization and enhancement, software, Infrared and
general signal processing, high density interconnections, and photonics
communications. It sells products derived from these technologies, in particular
stacked memory chips and miniaturized cameras.

City: Walla Walla
Category: Mechanical Components
Since 1980, Isaacs & Associates Inc has provided Technology and Products for
efficient use and distribution of water. Products range from cost effective
mechanical components to automation products built on a spread spectrum, digital
radio platform. These products are used in a wide variety of agricultural,
municipal, wastewater and industrial applications.

City: Watertown
Category: Safety Products
ISB was founded and incorporated in 1972. The concept of developing a guard,
using a collimated beam of infrared lights & photo diodes, evolved as a result
of one engineer's commitment and dedication to prevent the operators of
hazardous equipment from circumventing the use of cumbersome and obstructive
mechanical guards, when not supervised.Since its inception, ISB's commitment to
improve the safety level of a hazardous work environment has let its team of
engineers to pioneer numerous products all associated with a common theme…Safety
and Ergonomics at an affordable cost and economically beneficial results.

City: Burlington
Category: Tracking Equipment
Since 1980, Iscan has provided the finest video based eye and target tracking
equipment available, for use in diverse applications by corporations,
universities and research laboratories worldwide. We are the world's leading
manufacturer of video based eye movement monitoring equipment, providing the
broadest range of products to meet the needs of our customers.

City: Arlington
Category: Cutting Tools
Iscar is a dynamic full line supplier of precision carbide metal working tools,
producing a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide end mills and cutting tools
covering most metal cutting applications. Iscar also provides metal working
solutions in both engineering and manufacturing to major industries throughout
the world. Many innovative products, designed specially according to customer
requirements, have made Iscar a world leader in manufacturing industries such as
automotive, aerospace and die & mold production. Unique and innovative metal
cutting tools cover applications including cut-off, face grooving and other
turning applications, milling, drilling, boring, threading and operations
requiring solid carbide inserts and tools. The manufacturing facilities are
divided by function and purpose. Separate buildings produce and press carbide
powders. There are additional factories specializing in carbide tools and metal
working tools for the automotive and aerospace industries. Milling products and
tool holders are produced in separate facilities.

City: Duarte
Category: Molded Interconnects
ISC is in business to expand the use of molded interconnects. Our job is to
bring total choice to the market. The company's unique resources improve time to
market for new products while providing cost effective results by integrating
design, tooling and assembly processes into one single solution for our

City: Cranston
Category: Molded Parts
Iselann-Moss Industries specializes in manufacturing custom-molded parts using
polyurethane and silicone elastomeric materials. Major focuses include:
Industrial Rubbers, Roll Covering, Silicone Roll Covering and Polyurethane Roll
Covering.Our manufacturing processes include: machining, grinding,and finishing
of numerous materials in connection with our overall work. A significant portion
of our work involves industrial roll covering, from small rollers less than 1"
in diameter to large rolls 36" in diameter and up to 12 ft. long. Bonding of the
elastomers to metallic roll cores is a very important aspect of the total
product, since perfect adhesion is essential for dependable performance of the
roll. Covering materials other than polyurethane and silicone are also

City: Webster
Category: Level Instrumentation
Jodie Bernier, co-founder of ISE-Magtech, has over 25 years experience in the
process industry. With her firm commitment to quality, service and innovation,
Magtech has become a world leader in magnetic level control. Magtech has grown
from its original 10,000 sq. ft. facility and in 1990 added a new 5,000 sq. ft.
extended welding and fabrication shop. In 1998 an additional 5,000 sq. ft.
expansion was added to provide code welding, testing, and an expanded Plastics

City: Anaheim
Category: Magnetic Components
Inductor Supply Inc is a world leader in the design, development and
manufacturing of all types of magnetic components for the industry. Founded in
1979 as an inductor-manufacturing specialist, today Inductor Supply is
recognized as a premier supplier of Inductors, Chips, Coils, Chokes,
Transformers and related magnetic components.We invite you to learn more about
ISI, inductor manufacturing and magnetic components. We look forward to your
challenges of the most exacting specifications, time requirements and pricing.
Discover why companies worldwide are choosing ISI as their magnetic component
manufacturer of choice.

City: Bohemia
Category: Precision Motor Components
We design and manufacture the highest- performance small electromechanical
servo-actuators and rotating components in the precision motion industry. We
provide our aerospace, defense and industrial customers with advanced design
capabilities, cost-effective solutions and superior customer service. We are a
valuable resource during the early stages of design development.

City: Waukegan
Category: Software Products
Island Logix, a privately held firm started in 1994 by an engineer from
Motorola. The companies initial product was the popular TurboSim, a 16-bit
schematic capture + simulator package. The overwhelming response to the TurboSim
product, lead to the development of VisualSpice , a fast interactive and
powerful 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal simulator which we all know today.
The company grew and started offering more advanced features for professional

City: Syosset
Category: Power Supplies Components & Assemblies
ISL Products International Ltd is an internationally recognized supplier of
precision-engineered electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies.
ISL provides fast, economical development and delivery of custom-designed parts.
We specialize in locating hard-to-find components, which normally cannot be
obtained for prompt delivery from conventional sources. As a sales engineering
company we have the specific objective of using the manufacturing, engineering
and business experience of our staff to provide appropriate sources for the
manufacture of products specific to the needs of our customers. The unusually
close relationship in which ISL enjoys with these manufacturers enables us to
functions as an extension of our OEM customers Purchasing Departments.

City: Vista
Category: Automation Products
Since 1964, Ismeca has been building a reputation of superior engineering and
innovative design in the field of automation. Our evolution started with precise
machines to handle the intricate pieces used in watch manufacturing. Demand for
our expertise soon included the Electromechanical Industry, and has expanded
into the Semiconductor Industry.Today, Ismeca is an international leader in SMD
handling, scanning and taping machines, and Custom Automated Assembly lines for
the Medical, Electronic, Electromechanical, and Telecommunication Industries.

City: La Crosse
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Isola Group leads the market in the design and production of innovative base
materials used as the foundation for printed circuit boards. For over two
decades, Isola has been the preferred laminate supplier to the top performing
PCB manufacturers, delivering high quality innovative solutions that minimize
costs and cut manufacturing time.No matter what industry you work in, Isola has
the highest quality laminates for your most demanding applications. As the
largest independent laminator in the world with 10 global manufacturing sites
and R&D facilities, we're proud to provide the resources and expertise for
integrated solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

City: Houston
Category: Air Filtration Products
Thank you for your interest in Isolate, Inc. and our line of portable and
built-in HEPA media type air filtration units for hospital and laboratory duty.
In addition to the high efficiency media type air filtration machines, you will
also see that we manufacture a similar line of portable or ducted chemical air
filtration products for odor and chemical contaminant control.Isolate, Inc units
are used for local or room air filtration for waiting rooms, emergency rooms,
treatment areas, patient isolation rooms, laboratories, or anywhere clean air is
needed. Larger sizes are available for central station applications for entire
floor or building wing conditioning and filtration.

City: Milpitas
Category: Optocouplers & Optoelectronic Components
Isolink Inc is the leading supplier of custom and standard optocouplers and
optoelectronic components. Isolink designs, develops and markets individual
devices to complex sub-assemblies for the industrial, military, space and
medical industries. We offer comprehensive products and services to assist our
customers in delivering their projects successfully and on time.

City: Springfield
Category: Acousto-Optic Devices
Isomet is the world's leading producer of acousto-optic (AO) devices that are
used in a wide variety of applications including graphic arts, semiconductor
wafer inspection, military systems, materials processing, and biophotonics. The
company headquarters is located in Springfield, VA with an operating subsidiary
in the United Kingdom. Our major product line is acousto-optics; we also offer
custom fiber-optic components and custom fabrication/A-R coating of most optical

City: Golden
Category: Specialty Chemicals
Founded in 1992, Isonics is a specialty chemical and advanced Materials Company
that develops, commercializes and markets materials, which have been
sub-atomically engineered to enhance performance. These ultra-pure materials
have commercial applications in several areas, including semiconductor devices,
medical therapy, drug development and energy production.

City: Cave Creek
Category: Over Current Detectors
Designs, manufactures, and distributes over current detectors. An OCD is simply
a Hall Effect type current sensor with a single digital output. The output is
factory programmed to go low when a given current threshold is exceeded.

City: Chicago
Category: Bearings
Isostatic Industries maintains the largest bronze-bearing inventory in the
United States. We offer the best lead times in the industry. We offer emergency
production and we back up your order with a very friendly and professional
service staff.

City: Miamisburg
Category: Isotoically- Labeled Products
Isotec is the world's largest producer of enriched stable isotopes. We offer
isotopically labeled products for agriculture, NMR, breath tests, nutrition and
metabolism, in adition to numerous others labeled isotope products. We also
perform custom synthesis for stable isotopes. Isotec routinely engages in the
multiple step synthesis of complex labeled molecules including, metabolites and

City: Swansea
Category: Precision Products
Since 1989, Isotek has been building a solid reputation for quality products and
personal service. Backed by more than 25 years of sales experience and an
expanded line, Isotek is now able to offer a wider range of solutions with
cost-effective precision products.Precision Current Sensing Resistors for power
supplies, motor drive controls, electric vehicles, automotive sensing systems
and engine management, medical instrumentation, smart battery chargers, welding
equipment, etc.

City: Charlottesville
Category: Frequency Control Products
Isotemp Research Inc ...a design and manufacturing facility for precision
frequency control products.

City: Irvine
Category: Stencils
Our Company was formed in 1991 and based in Southern California. We are a local,
national and international supplier of SMT Stencils, Carriers, Fixtures, BGA
rework tools and Inspection Templates to the electronic assembly industry. With
our high speed and accurate design and manufacturing capabilities we produce the
SMT Stencils same day. The order is received and shipped overnight for next day
delivery through out USA and abroad.

City: Dover
Category: Optical Components
Isowave is a leading U.S. based supplier of advanced optical materials and
components serving opto-electronics and R&D markets. Isowaves line of isolator's
feature high performance and small form factor at a low cost. Our
Telcordia-qualified components protect laser sources from optical feedback and
enhance the performance of optical networks.Vertically integrated as a division
of Deltronic Crystal Industries, Isowave was founded in 1986 to serve the global
communications equipment market. Isowave's Dover, NJ, headquarters, serves as a
multi-functional site for office, manufacturing and warehousing.The company's
manufacturing operation provides capabilities in advanced materials processing
and development to support the growing demand for opto-electronic materials and

City: Irvington
Category: Infrared Optics & Optical Materials
ISP Optics is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality infrared optics
and optical materials. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, ISP Optics
manufactures precision optical components, including: windows, lenses, domes,
prisms, fibers and micro-optics made from CaF2, ZnSe, Ge, BaF2, MgF2, LiF,
KRS-5, KBr, KCl, NaCl, CdTe, GaAs, ZnS, Sapphire, Crystal Quartz, Fused Silica
and more. ISP Optics manufactures catalog, custom and OEM items.

City: Clarkston
Category: Thermal Management Products
Many challenges are created in the drive toward developing and deploying higher
performance, lower-cost electronic systems. Component densities are increasing,
while simultaneously individual components draw more power, driving the need for
high performance cooling solutions that are integrated at the system level. In
addition to cooling obstacles, high performance electronics must be deployed in
different operating environments, ranging from data centers to outdoor
environments, or even on the battlefield.ISR, the innovator and manufacturer of
SprayCool products, is the leading provider of high performance electronic
system cooling and packaging solutions that address the challenges facing
military and commercial applications with a full line of cost effective reliable

City: Hohenwald
Category: Contract Assembly Products
Since starting business in 1979, Kanson Electronics has developed innovative
solutions for specific contract assembly problems. Over the years, this
dedication, combined with honesty, experience and one-on-one personalized
service has lead to our continuous growth in the electronics industry. With an
outstanding reputation for providing quality products at competitive prices, we
are now an established, reliable supplier for small businesses and Fortune 200
Companies alike.

City: Champaign
Category: Instrumentation Spectrofluorometers Oximeters
ISS facilities are located in Champaign, Illinois, at 1602 Newton Drive, in
Interstate Research Park, an infrastructure housing several high-tech companies
located at the intersection of Interstate highways 74 and 57. Champaign-Urbana,
Illinois, one of the fastest-growing technological areas in the country,
identified as the Silicon Prairie, is home to the University of Illinois. A
number of high-tech software and instrumentation companies, employing about
4,000 people, are located in this area.ISS was founded in 1984. Since the very
beginning ISS has been committed to the development of highly sensitive
fluorescence instrumentation for research, clinical and industrial applications.
This mission has been established over the years with the introduction of
advanced steady state and time-resolved fluorescence instrumentation; it
continues today with current R&D efforts pioneering scanning fluorescence
correlation spectroscopy, particle tracking of single molecules and imaging.
Over the years, the innovations introduced to research-grade fluorescence
instrumentation generated a second product line for medical applications.

City: Roselle
Category: Flow Measurement & Controls
ISTA Energy Systems Corporation was founded in 1978 to market Modern Energy
Conservation Products. This privately held corporation specializes in the area
of flow measurement and control devices. This includes the following products:
BTU Meters, Water Meters, Mag Meters, Steam Meters, Oil Meters, and many other
flow measuring products. In the control area, the following products are
marketed: Radiator Valves, FlowGuard Balancing Valves as well as other heating &
plumbing specialty products. We sell our quality products in the US, Canada,
Central America, South America, the Caribbean, as well as directly to overseas
customers. In 1987, we changed our name from ISTA Energy Systems Corporation to
Istec Corporation.

City: Horseheads
Category: Advanced Electronic & Component Systems
Imaging and Sensing Technology (IST) is a broad-based technology company that
designs and manufactures advanced electronic and component systems. Our products
provide information that will ultimately protect those who work in or are
exposed to hazardous environments. IST serves global markets in the areas of
nuclear power generation and industrial manufacturing.Incorporated in 1988 from
a division of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, IST is privately owned by
American Capital Strategies Ltd of Bethesda, Maryland, and operates as an
independent privately held company. IST employs more than 300 people world-wide.
Our headquarters and main campus is located in the Town of Big Flats, New York.

City: Wilmington
Category: Vision Products
I-Systems Inc is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated vision based,
inspection systems.

City: San Diego
Category: Embedded Development Tool
iSystem AG is a privately held, international electronics company headquartered
in the suburbs of Munich, Germany. Founded in 1986, the company develops and
markets a broad range of development tools for embedded systems design and test.
iSystem emulators and integrated development environment software help engineers
create outstanding electronics delivered to the marketplace in less time.
Currently our range of universal development tools support over 1000 different
microcontrollers. iSystem technology supports all available emulation
technologies such as InCircuit emulation with bond out or port replacement
technique and all OnChip emulation technologies such as BDM, SDI, OnCE, JTAG,
ETM and NEXUS.The company has become a leader in the embedded development tool
market. Close cooperation with well known microcontroller vendors AMCC, AMD,
Atmel, Dallas, Freescale, Hyundai, Infineon, Intel, Micronas, Microchip,
National Semiconductors, OKI, Philips, Samsung, ST Microelectronics, Temic,
Toshiba and Zilog have resulted in outstanding tools featuring cutting-edge
technologies. iSystem customers include industry leaders and innovators in all
areas of electronics, including automotive, avionics, telecommunication,
consumer electronics. Our tools are equally popular among consultants and
emerging electronic firms.

City: Sparta
Category: Machine Tools & Accessories
Italian Technology Association Inc is a group of Italian machine tool and
machine tool accessory manufacturers.

City: Garland
Category: Computer Peripherals
Manufacturers of mouse trackballs.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Chemical Milling & Metal Finishing
Italix Company Inc specializes in Chemical Machining and Metal Finishing. Metals
etched are all copper based, ferrous and high nickle alloys. Secondary
operations includes but not limited to, precision forming, heat-treating, and
plating. The parts manufactured are "electronic" in nature, but a broad range of
other products including mechanical, architectural, and decorative and the
motion picture industries are produced. Italix's orders range from one to
several hundred thousand parts.

City: Egg Harbor
Category: Automated Assembly Equipment
Manufacturer of programmable electrical coil winders and automated assembly
equipment with standard and custom designs Our products include transformers,
solenoids, bobbin winders, choke coils, stator winders, hot air bonding, wire
stripping, resistance bonding, soldering, component assembly, testing, and
vision inspection.Itasca Systems is the representative of Technology Products
Company, a quality-built line of coil winding machinery that will handle
everything from light gages to heavy end coils. Coil winders capable of handling
coils up to 880 lbs. are available. The precision-built machines are computer
controlled and Windows programmable.

City: Miamisburg
Category: Test Equipment & Tools
ITCN is committed to providing useful and cost effective test equipment and
tools for the design, integration and maintenance of complex embedded systems.
We exist to support the design, development and maintenance of embedded computer
systems with products that provide time-correlated system-wide data, which is
collected non-intrusively and in real-time.

City: Dublin
Category: Remote Visual Inspection Products
We manufacture products that feature Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) technology.
Our products include Borescopes, Fiberscopes and Videoscopes for Industrial,
Automotive, Security and Dental applications. We also provide components,
subassemblies and custom products for our OEM and value-added resellers.

City: Destin
Category: TVSS Devices
Manufacturer of Custom TVSS Devices for Government, Military and Industrial
Applications.ITD of Destin can help you stop lightning damage and protect your
sensitive electronics from the harmful transients that constantly bombard your
equipment, even on clear days.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Fabless IC
ITE Tech Inc is a professional fabless IC design house. ITE is headquartered in
Science Industrial Park, Hsinchu, and has sales office in Taipei with 4 product
lines as PC, Notebook, MultiMedia and LCD. Among the 170 employees that ITE
owns, over 140 professionals are combined in force to dedicate to the IC design,
system S/W and H/W development, integration, and sales/marketing.In PC product
line, ITE has been well recognized as the world's most competitive supplier in
offering the most complete selection of I/O chips, which fully support the
various chipsets including Intel, VIA, SiS, Uli, Ni-Vidia and ATI. Based on the
development policy of "Smart your PC", ITE I/O chips also offer the particular
functions of hardware monitor, Smart Card Reader interface S/W and H/W, and
bi-directional CIR. ITE is eager to do business with leading PC manufacturers
worldwide that is built up from the many years' experiences in PC market. In
fact, the shipment of ITE Super I/O (Input/Output) controllers around the world
has constituted over 35% of the world Super I/O market share. ITE is confident
that it will continue to dominate the leading status in the I/O market with the
technical development expertise ITE has built up in the past. Besides, ITE also
offers the total solutions for the motherboard with the related chips, including
IDE RAID Controller, Over Clock Controller, etc.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Automation Systems
IPTE is a market leader in the development of turnkey automation systems for the
production, testing and treatment of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and for final
assembly and final test. The company offers an integrated portfolio for
manufacturing completely automated and integrated production and test
equipment.It's contract manufacturing arm handles PCB assembly, off the shelf
cabling and product assembly.Operating in automotive, telecommunications,
computer and consumer electronics industry IPTE counts among its customers major
global companies such as Alcatel, Blaupunkt, Bosch, Ericsson, Flextronics, Jabil
Circuit, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Schrader, Solectron, Siemens and

City: Akron
Category: Industrial Machines Kit
Nearly three decades ago, we decided to question the universally accepted rules
that determined how industrial machines should be built.We developed an
unprecedented modular system that made it possible to build entire machines more
economically, efficiently, and dynamically. A highly engineered system designed
for serious machine builders, by serious machine builders -- the likes of which
would rewrite the ideals of "perfection" in the machine-age.We called this
revolutionary idea item, and it has become the logical choice for those with the
will to strive for a smarter way to build things better. Limitless potential for
precision linear motion.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Broadband Interconnect Products
ITeX, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, designs, develops and
manufactures ADSL CPE and CO solutions. ITeX's intellectual property,
engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with key companies around the
globe have been carefully built up since the company was founded to accelerate
the deployment and adoption of ADSL to the mass market. ITeX is a
key-contributing member of the standards bodies driving the future of ADSL, such
as ITU and T1E1. ITeX is also a member of UNH-IOL, where it has demonstrated
interoperability with all major DSLAM vendors.The United Microelectronics
Corporation ("UMC"), a world leading full-service foundry, serves as ITeX's
principal investor and foundry source. As the demand for ADSL accelerates,
ITeX's partnership with UMC guarantees semiconductor-manufacturing capacity to
meet its customer's requirements. Alcatel and ITeX have worked closely to
deliver standards-based interoperable products to the market, and Intel
Corporation has made an equity investment in the Company.

City: Dexter
Category: Specialty Balls
We can produce balls from any workable material to meet specific requirements
for weight, magnetic properties, self-lubrication, and abrasion resistance, or
for service at elevated or cryogenic temperatures or under conditions of noise
or radioactivity.The number of these special materials and their alloys ranges
into the hundreds. In addition to supplying balls of special materials, we also
offer free engineering consultation to assist you in selecting the right ball
for a specific application.

City: Oxnard
Category: Abrasive Products
ITI is an independent manufacturer of high performance abrasive products,
providing solutions for precision slicing and dicing of a variety of material,
both hard and soft. Since its inception 40 years ago, ITI has been committed to
producing the highest quality products for our customers. ITI designs, produces
and markets the world's best precision diamond blades, as well as dressing
sticks and boards, hubs, arbors, spacers and other consumables needed for all
brands of single-wheel and gang slicing/dicing machines. ITI has complete
in-house engineering and manufacturing resources for process development,
product design, fabrication and test. ITI's fully equipped R&D facilities allow
testing and optimizing solutions tailored to our customers' process

City: Birdsboro
Category: Materials Handling Systems
Itnac Corporation manufactures a variety of below the hook lifting devices and
materials handling systems. We have made lifters from 100 lbs to over 100 tons
in capacity. Our premiere products are the FLIP-RITE TM, a powered sling
turnover system, and the LEVEL-RITE TM, a powered load-leveling device.

City: Newton
Category: IC Packaging Products
We design, develop, manufacture and market crushproof, dust-tight,
snap-fastened, protective albums, samplers, inserts and shippers for safely and
conveniently organizing, handling, transporting and displaying Integrated
Circuits.We categorize our products as Albums, Trays and Pages and by modifying
and combining them with other packaging, offer unique samplers and shippers for

City: East Brunswick
Category: Industrial Computers
DFI Inc is one of the world's "top 10" manufacturers of computer motherboards.
DFI produces commercial motherboards for the home and office PC markets and
long-life, revision controlled motherboards under the Itox brand name for the
demanding applied computing market.

City: Spokane
Category: Automatic Meter Reading
With nearly 3,000 clients in 63 countries worldwide, Itron Inc is the leading
global solutions provider and source of knowledge for collecting, analyzing and
applying electric, gas and water usage data.Our idea is pretty simple: In
today's increasingly competitive marketplace, energy and water providers that
are able to leverage the value of information will enjoy a significant
competitive advantage over those that do not.Itron delivers value to its clients
by collecting data and transforming it into valuable knowledge. Our clients use
this knowledge to run their businesses more efficiently, optimize energy and
water delivery, strengthen their connection to their customers, manage
competition and customer choice, enable new business development and increase
shareholder value.

City: Spokane
Category: Rugged Computers
Itronix Corporation is a world-class developer of wireless, rugged computing
solutions for mobile workers, which distinguishes itself in the market through
its technology innovation, superior implementation capabilities and customer
support services. Itronix has a full range of wireless, rugged field computing
systems, from handhelds, to laptops to tablet PCs, in addition to providing
award-winning iCare Implementation Services that range from project planning and
management to first line help desk support. Itronix serves mobile workers in
markets, such as commercial field services, insurance, communications and
utilities, government, military, public safety, transportation, and
telecommunications.With customers that include hundreds of Global 2000 companies
with network diverse work environments and world recognized organizations, such
as Sears, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, FBI, Verizon, and
Florida Power & Light, Itronix is one of the world's leading providers of
wireless, rugged mobile computing solutions. According to recent research by
Venture Development Corporation (VDC), Itronix is currently ranked the number
one fully rugged notebook computer provider in Europe and number two in North

City: Mt Pleasant
Category: Industrial Computer Enclosures
ITS Enclosures is based in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 36 miles southeast of
Pittsburgh. You may know us as Integration Technology Systems or by one of our
product trade names icestations, netstations or icebox. If so, you know we
provide the toughest, most durable, electronic, computer and network enclosure
solutions available today. We stand behind every one of our enclosure products
with our "forever and a day" guarantee. At ITS Enclosures we continue to build
on a firm foundation of more than 15 years of significant growth. We do this by
expanding our client base, broadening our product offering, and providing the
marketplace with the finest products and services available.

City: Morton Grove
Category: HVAC Products
Manufacturers of pumps, heat transfer, valves and packaged systems for the HVAC

City: St George
Category: Motion & Flow Controls
ITT Conoflow, a unit of ITT Motion & Flow Control, designs and manufactures low
pressure and high pressure regulators, filter regulators, specialty regulators,
positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals in a wide variety of
materials and configurations to meet a broad range of applications. ITT Conoflow
serves the chemical processing, food and beverage, petroleum, medical, pulp and
paper and other industries through an extensive network of stocking distributors
and factory trained regional managers. ITT Conoflow is well qualified to provide
products and services to satisfy your control requirements.

City: Lancaster
Category: Industrial Flow Control Products
Engineered Valves is a leader in technology, innovation and design and is
capable of meeting the critical needs of its customers on a worldwide basis.
With over 50 years experience, our reputation for delivering high quality,
innovative valve solutions for the full range of industrial flow control needs
is well earned. Acquisition of companies such as Fabri-Valve®, Skotch®, Richter™
Chemie Technik, and the Pure-Flo Solutions Group (an alliance of Sherotec, A. G.
Johansons and Sinton Engineering) have enabled us to become increasingly
responsive, with cost effective solutions to unique process problems.The
innovations have meant flexibility in design and speed of construction for large
size, special fabricated valves (Fabri-Valve), standard setting performance for
burner shutoff valves (Skotch), superior technological advances in the hygienic
valve market (Pure-Flo) and economical alternatives to expensive alloy valves

City: Trumbull
Category: Submersible Pumps & Mixers
As the world leader of submersible pumps, mixers and accessories ITT Flygt has
been producing products within this field since the 1940's, when Sixten
Englesson invented the first submersible drainage pump. The company has since
grown to a worldwide corporation, operating in over 130 countries. Throughout
the last half century ITT Flygt has continued to lead the submersible industry,
with inventions such as the submersible mixer, the submersible sewage pump, and
the banana blade mixer. Even today, ITT Flygt continues to be the market
innovator, with products such as the N-pump, which promises to revolutionize
submersible pumping.

City: White Plains
Category: Waster Water Treatment Equipment
We're proud of our heritage as a world leader in engineering and manufacturing,
and especially proud of the 44,000 ITT Industries employees around the world who
bring their own diligence and expertise to meet the needs of our customers.
You'll find many examples of their successes in the pages of this website.We
provide products and services in many markets, including equipment for water and
wastewater treatment and industrial processes, defense electronics and services,
electronic components such as connectors and switches and a wide range of other
industrial products. We're constantly setting new standards for reliability,
with services, products and systems that help people and the environment in
important ways around the world.

City: Eden Prarie
Category: Connectors & Interconnects
ITT Industries, Cannon is an international supplier of connectors,
interconnects, cable assemblies, switches, dome arrays, keypads, multi-function
grips, panel switch assemblies, I/O card kits, smart card systems and LAN
components, as well as a provider of high-speed/high-bandwidth network systems
and services.

City: Midland Park
Category: Pumps
Marlow is your complete source for top-quality, NSF Certified, self-priming,
ends suction centrifugal, vertical turbine, and split-case pumps for virtually
every commercial pool or water park application. We also supply vacuum-cleaning
units and in-line trainers.

City: Chicago
Category: Boiler & Level Control Products
Since its beginning in 1924, McDonnell & Miller has been a pioneering leader in
providing the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC industry with the
best-performing boiler and control products. More than eighty years later, that
proud tradition of quality, reliability and strong customer service continues to
be the solid foundation of the company.

City: Valencia
Category: Commercial & Industrial Switches
The ITT Neo-Dyn Industrial Switch organization provides standard and custom
switches for the industrial, chemical process, and energy markets. ITT's
leadership in skilled design, testing, manufacturing, and service for high
performing reliable pressure switches has set the standard for the
industry.Neo-Dyn's commercial and industrial switches have the highest quality,
quickest delivery, and most competitive pricing available in the industry. Our
leadership is the result of total commitment to cutting edge research and
development for new products, materials and manufacturing methods to meet the
most challenging applications - present and future.

City: St Louis
Category: Automated Ink Jet Printing And Labeling Equipment
Diagraph began serving the marking and coding industry 110 years ago and became
part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) family of companies in 2001. With the
resources, synergies and successful business practices of ITW working for us,
Diagraph is positioned to serve the industrial product identification market
better than ever in the 21st Century. The Diagraph Automated Systems Group
develops and markets automated ink jet printing and labeling equipment and
provides systems integration assistance.

City: Zeeland
Category: Metal Stamping Contract Manufacturing
ITW Drawform is a leading contract manufacturer of deep draw metal stampings,
consistently taking on projects most metal-stamping companies are neither
willing nor able to consider. We've earned a global reputation for producing
tightly toleranced components in many industries, including automotive,
communication, fire protection, defense, lock hardware and plumbing.Our unique
approach to new projects includes involvement during the early stages of
engineering and design. From the onset, our attention is clearly focused on
effectively replacing expensive machining and assembly parts with innovative,
lower-cost deep draw solutions.

City: Olathe
Category: Specialty Chemicals & Marking Systems
ITW Dymon is a world leader in manufacturing diverse lines of industrial MRO
specialty chemicals and marking systems. Some of our most popular products
include; hand cleaner towels–Scrubs in a Bucket®, layout fluids–DYKEM® Steel
Blue®, and markers–Texpen® and Dalo®. We are headquartered in Olathe, KS.

City: Arlington
Category: Packaging Products
As a division of a Fortune 200 company Illinois Tool Works Inc, ITW Electronic
Component Packaging Systems (ECPS) is an industry leader in the design and
manufacture of packaging products for use in the storage, handling, and shipping
of ESD sensitive electronic components. From its 10 manufacturing facilities in
the United States, Southeast Asia, the Malta, Morocco and PR China, ITW ECPS
supplies extruded shipping tubes, pocketed carrier tape, plastic reels,flexible
ESD bags, injection molded trays and thermoformed packaging to the world's top
Electronic EOEMs.

City: Des Plaines
Category: Plastic Fastener
ITW Fastex is a premier plastic fastener manufacturer and developer, offering a
wide range of products for a variety of applications and industries. We also
offer custom designs for specialty applications.We are a division of Illinois
Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 200 company with vast resources and knowledge in
material and process technologies. Our staff represents over 40 years of
experience designing metal and plastic fasteners, components and multi-piece

City: Glenview
Category: Coolants, Lubricants & Micro-lubrication Systems
The industry-leading manufacturer of environmentally safe coolants, lubricants
and micro-lubrication systems.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Powder Coating Products
When you partner with ITW Gema, you gain access to decades of application
expertise and know-how. Unlike any company in our industry, ITW Gema spends
significant time and money in the pre- and post-installation phases, working
with our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their ITW Gema
powder coating system.Our team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive
assessment of your finishing system requirements, informing you of opportunities
to improve your efficiency and your bottom line. Using ITW Gema's proprietary
software, we will examine your process requirements and goals to determine what
system configuration will best meet your needs – and generate the highest return
on investment.

City: Alexandria
Category: Gear Inspection Products
ITW pioneered the gear inspection industry in 1936, and remains the worldwide
leader in functional gear inspection and gear burnishing. Heartland is
continually striving to stay on the leading edge of both technology and quality

City: Harwood Heights
Category: Protection System
ITW Linx has been manufacturing products for the telecommunications market for
over 20 years. In 1982, ITW Linx was spun off from ITW Fastex to focus on the
telecom business with the industry's first surge protected bridging clip for 66
blocks. Since then, ITW Linx has been the first in the industry with a number of
protection products for telecom and datacom like the CAT5e and CAT6 protection
families.We have an engineering team in the US devoted to designing and testing
to the toughest standards in the industry. We have manufacturing facilities in
the U.S. and abroad to minimize our time to market and maximize our global
presence.ITW Linx offers a full line of lightning and surge protection products
covering the breadth of the AC, telecom and datacom markets. From rack mount
solutions to pair by pair block protectors, we provide protection solutions from
the most basic system, up to the latest technology. Our current protection
families include UltraLinx (110 and 66 block protection), DataLinx
(CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 Primary, Secondary and Isolated Loop Protection), TeleLinx
(Building Entrance Protection), TowerMAX (Premier Modular Surge Protection),
RacMAX (Rack Mounted Surge Protection) and MAX (Premier AC Surge Protection).

City: Glenview
Category: Packaging Products
ITW Mima began operations in 1976. Since then, the company has become a world
leader in stretch packaging technology by offering customers cost-effective
solutions to their toughest packaging challenges.ITW Mima began manufacturing
stretch film in 1990, first blown, then cast. This makes ITW Mima unique in the
industry with a Single Source approach to stretch packaging. By manufacturing
both stretch film and stretch wrapping machinery, the company can offer a total
package by matching the performance of both the stretch film and machinery to
the requirements of the application.

City: Lynchburg
Category: Film Capacitors
ITW Paktron has been manufacturing film capacitors since the late 1950s. A
design innovator, Paktron and its parent, Illinois Tool Works Inc hold in excess
of seventy-five patents for film capacitor and machine design. Paktron makes
Ultra-Low ESR capacitors.The Paktron Division of Illinois Tool Works Inc
specializes in multilayer, polymer film electronic capacitors. Products featured
are the Surfilm® Surface Mount Chip Capacitor, Angstor® Miniature Radial
Capacitor, Capstick® Lead-Framed MLP Capacitor, and the famous Quencharc® R-C
Network and Snubber Capacitor.

City: Burr Ridge
Category: Interconnect Products
Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Inc designs and manufactures fasteners, components,
assemblies and systems for customers around the world. The company was founded
in 1912 and has more than 600 autonomous manufacturing sites worldwide with
annual sales of $9.5 billion in 2002. The businesses within ITW are small,
decentralized and focused on their customers. By actively promoting teamwork
with customers and suppliers, the men and women of ITW are creating
competitively superior products, solutions and work environments.

City: Montgomeryville
Category: Polymer Castings
Engineered epoxies improve performance by reducing vibration, stick-slip, and
chatter. Controlled thermal stability; superior wear characteristics, and no
corrosion or fretting. Custom castings for optical tables, laser carriers,
machine-tool beds, and micro-electronic assembly and inspection systems reduce
manufacturing costs by eliminating expensive machining and finishing operations.
PolyCAST is a base you can build on to improve performance of machine tools and
semiconductor fabrication and inspection systems. Excellent vibration damping
(8x better than natural granite). More precise and more repeatable positioning
accuracy. You can reduce assembly costs by casting in Super Alloy slideways,
threaded inserts, air/lube lines, etc.

City: Danvers
Category: Fastening Products
ITW Plexus® is a business unit of Illinois Tool Works, a Fortune 200 company,
and a worldwide giant in fastening, joining, sealing, and coating technologies.
The Plexus business unit makes and sells the patented new Plexus methacrylate
adhesives for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and
composite materials. A key benefit of these adhesives is their ability to
provide extremely durable bonds with little or no surface preparation. Plexus
adhesives have a proven record of outstanding performance in the most demanding
applications in the transportation, marine, and engineering construction

City: Glenview
Category: Automotive Products
ITW Produx designs and manufactures highly engineered products for vehicle
chassis and suspensions.ITW Produx supports customers with rapid development of
new products enabled through computer aided design, prototyping, testing, and
corporate resources.

City: Wood Dale
Category: Fastening Products
ITW Ramset/Red Head is a division of Illinois Tool Works, a multinational
Fortune 300 Company based in Glenview, Illinois, USA, with over 500
decentralized business units in over 40 countries.ITW Ramset/Red Head is
America's largest designer and manufacturer of fastening products used in
concrete and steel construction. Since the invention of the original
"self-drill" anchor in 1910 and the first "powder-actuated tool" in 1947
Ramset/Red Head has led the industry with time saving, high performance
products.We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality, and our position as a
motivated and progressive company dedicated to the high standards our customers
have come to know and expect.

City: Houston
Category: Cleanroom Flexible Packaging Products
ITW Richmond Technology - Flexible Packaging manufactures cleanroom flexible
packaging for semiconductors, printed circuit boards, disk drives and other
sensitive electronic parts. Flexible materials that provide an ultra-high
moisture barrier are our specialty. Our materials provide protective packaging
for the electronics, pharmaceutical, medical device, food, optics, clean room
and photovoltaic markets, offering custom barriers to light, moisture and
chemical reactions. ITW Richmond Technology - Grounding Products manufactures
and distributes ESD Control Products such as personnel grounding products, mats,
monitors and meters.

City: Glenview
Category: Gearing Products
Higher torque capacities. Smaller package sizes. Fewer components. Three key
reasons why ITW Spiroid has been the place to go for gearing design challenges
for more than forty years. Today, Spiroid designs are found in thousands of
applications and dozens of industries, from aerospace to medical, factory
automation to the military.

City: Harwood Heights
Category: Electronic And Electromechanical Switches
ITW Switches has manufactured electronic and electromechanical switches, sensors
and assemblies for over 40 years. Founded as the Licon division of ITW in 1954,
we also offer the strengths of Chicago Switch, UID, and RCL switches. Providing
customized solutions to demanding customer requirements is our forte.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Air-Powered Products
ITW Air Management offers superior air-powered product solutions to industrial
problems. We manufacture Paxton high performance centrifugal blowers and drying
systems, as well as a diverse line of Vortec innovative compressed air
products.In 1961, Vortec became the first company to develop technology for
converting the vortex tube phenomenon into practical, effective industrial
cooling solutions. Since then, Vortec has continued to refine and expand vortex
tube applications, as well as develop air amplification products for more
efficient use of compressed air in cleaning and conveying applications. Highly
reliable Vortec products are backed by an unprecedented, 10-Year Warranty on all
of the core, compressed air items we manufacture.

City: Ferndale
Category: Workholding Products
Illinois Tool Works business units, which are small and close to their markets
just as we are at ITW Workholding, often attract customers with design
challenges. By working closely with customers' engineering teams and providing
an open forum for the exchange of ideas, entirely new solutions for prevailing
industry problems are often discovered.The ITW Workholding Group looks forward
to the opportunity to work on a solution for you. With an emphasis on machining
process efficiencies and creative workholding solutions, the ITW Workholding
Group is determined to grow by helping our customers become more productive and

City: North Springfield
Category: Fluid Metering & Dispensing Systems
Ivek Corporation manufactures precision small volume Fluid Metering and
Dispensing Systems. Exceptional fluid control over small volumes is the
specialty of our Liquid Dispensers and Metering Pumps. Ivek products are custom
specified and free application testing helps us accurately assess requirements
and define customer expectations.

City: Bloomington
Category: Sensor Systems
SICK IVP Integrated Vision Products supplies sensor systems for high-speed 3D
machine vision. Since its conception in 1985 SICK IVP's extraordinary systems of
automated visual inspection have been awarded patents throughout the world.

City: Carlstadt
Category: Telecommunications Systems
Just ask the millions of users in over 50 countries that rely on Iwatsu business
telecommunications systems. Iwatsu has established a long-standing reputation
for legendary reliability and flexible applications that adapt to and grow with
your unique business requirements. Iwatsu's impressive industry MTBF rate and
.0007% out of box failure rate tells you that we provide some of the most
reliable communications products today.Iwatsu America is the subsidiary company
of Japan-based Iwatsu Electric, a 70-year industry leader and pioneer of many
firsts in the telecommunications industry. A manufacturer, developer and
provider of business telecom systems specifically for North America, Iwatsu
America products and services are available through a nationwide network of 250
authorized distributors.

City: Irvine
Category: Electronic Peripheral Devices
IWill Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of appliances,
motherboards and consumer electronic peripheral devices. Over the last decade,
Iwill's foundation has remained constant - provide reliable and innovative
solutions for corporate, enterprise, education, scientific, manufacturing and
government organizations. Iwill products are sold worldwide and have won
numerous awards by international web based and print media including PC
Magazine, Maximum PC, PC Professional, Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, PC World, CHIP
and many more.The IWill brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. Iwill
1st is include: World's First Intel and AMD motherboards supporting DDR and
World's First Dual Intel Pentium III XEON Workstation motherboard. Since then,
we have facilitated the pioneering of IDE RAID, Hardware based 6 Channel Audio,
and Serial ATA implementation for faster data transfer.

City: Elmsford
Category: Precision Components
Imetra Inc was incorporated in the State of New York as a corporation in 1948
and has continuously been in the business of supplying precision components for
the instrument industry.Our annual sales are +$5,000,000 with a +600 customer
base, mainly in the United States. Our customers are a makeup of Fortune 500
companies as well as smaller companies. The majority of our customers are repeat
business after we provide solutions for their design needs.

City: San Jose
Category: Digital Device
Immersion is revolutionizing the way you interact with digital devices.
Typically, you use two senses when interacting with technology - sight and
hearing. Immersion's TouchSense® technology engages a third sense - touch - to
give you a more complete, intuitive experience. Instantly, cell phones become
more useful, games more electrifying, automobile controls more intuitive, and
medical simulators more valuable training tools. These are just a few of the
possibilities using Immersion TouchSense technology.Since our beginning in 1993,
our patent portfolio in the U.S. and other countries has grown to more than 500
issued or pending patents. Many of these are in tactile feedback technology -
also known as haptics, the science of touch. At first, this technology was very
expensive and was used mainly in specialized applications. Immersion's
leadership in tactile feedback development is bringing haptics out of the
research lab and into the mainstream market, enhancing peoples' lives and
lifestyles. If you'd like to learn more about the markets that we serve, please
visit our solutions section.

City: Sacramento
Category: Auto Antibodies
Immuno Concepts was founded in 1979 with a commitment to advance the quality of
diagnostic assays for systemic rheumatic diseases. Over twenty years later we
still honor that commitment. Our company motto, "Quality People Setting the
Quality Standard," further reflects this commitment. We are proud to display
that we have a quality system that is certified to ISO 9001 and we are actively
pursuing CE mark certification for our products.In 1979 Immuno Concepts
pioneered the conversion from rodent tissue to HEp-2 cells for detection of
anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs). Using genetic engineering we developed HEp-2000,
an ANA substrate with increased sensitivity for detection of autoantibodies to
SS-A/Ro. The advantages of the HEp-2000 substrate over conventional HEp-2 have
been documented in several published papers from well-known institutions and are
discussed later in this catalog. Immuno Concepts was the first company to offer
a non-fluorescent ana. Our Colorzyme methodology uses a patented stabilized
color reagent system that allows slide-based assays to be read using common
bright field microscopy. The Colorzyme format is available for ana, ndna and ebv

City: Monroe
Category: Screw Pumps and Gear Pumps
During what he later described as a "boring night at a factory test room", Carl
Montelius sketched out an idea for a pump with three intermeshing screws,
rotating in a manner that would make them mutually sealing. A respected Swedish
engineer with 60 patents already to his credit (including the first pay
telephone), Montelius regarded the interesting rotors as an amusing intellectual
puzzle, working almost every evening during 1923 to develop the mathematical
algorithms of the threads. In 1931, Montelius linked with financier Bengt
Inge-strom and formed Aktiebolaget IMO-Industri, taking the name IMO from their
own names Ingestrom and Montelius. His painstaking work produced the elegant
design that was the worlds first multiple screw pump. The precisely calculated
profile of the rotor threads prevents vibration and makes the Imo screw pump
smooth and silent even when running at high speeds and high pressure. The
simplicity of the design is one of the reasons why literally millions of these
pumps are now in service around the world, in thousands of different

City: Lake Forest
Category: Crystals and Oscillator Device
Impact LLc is a global manufacturer of quality crystal and oscillator devices.
Significant investment has been made to insure the most aggressive lead times
and competitive pricing. Our comprehensive product line consists of Through Hole
and smd Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators,
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO), and Oven Controlled Crystal
Oscillators (OCXO). If you have any questions while reviewing our site please
contact your sales representative.

City: Largo
Category: Recorders and Accelerometers
Impact Register Inc is the largest manufacturer of diversified impact recorders
and accelerometers in the world. It pioneered the development of the impact
recorders for use in rail shipments, receiving a patent for the first Savage
Impact Recorder in 1914. Today, with over 90 years of experience serving
thousand of customers worldwide, Impact Register Inc is heralded not only as the
pioneer, but also the international leader in the manufacturing of impact
recorders. Impact Register Inc history clearly shows its dedication to service
and high quality impact recorders.

City: Nashua
Category: Microelectric Technologies
Impellimax designs and manufactures special assemblies using many
microelectronic technologies.

City: Suwanee
Category: Air Purification Equipment
Impell, an OK International brand, is a leading manufacturer of air purification
equipment and systems for the electronics assembly industry. Based in Suwanee,
Georgia, Impell has developed a strong leadership in fume filtration for
workbench applications and production line applications, such as reflow and wave
solder machines.Impell technology does not just move fumes around or vent them
into the atmosphere. Powerful fume extraction systems capture and filter fumes
to truly protect employees from potentially dangerous gases and particulates.

City: El Segundo
Category: Storage Peripherals
Imperial Technology Inc designs and manufactures high performance storage
peripherals known as solid-state disk (SSD, SSDs) and intelligent cache device
(ICD, ICDs) systems. Hundreds of times faster than rotating hard disk devices,
these products eliminate I/O bottlenecks and dramatically improve system

City: Boca Raton
Category: Imaging Products
Imperx Inc designs, develops and manufactures advanced, state-of-the-art imaging
products. Our executive and R&D teams are recognized as world leaders in the
field of digital imaging and communications. Our products are used in the
machine vision, medical, defense, surveillance and astronomy markets. Imperx'
products are used wherever there is a need to capture high-resolution digital
color or black/white images for both still and full-rate motion processing. We
have quickly gained a reputation among our customers as a company that prides
itself on providing technologically superior, high-quality products with a focus
on customer service and technical support. We have shipped our products to
hundreds of customers worldwide including Fortune 100 companies, Federal and
State government agencies, domestic and foreign defense agencies, academic
institutions, etc. Our manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9002

City: San Jose
Category: Analog Integrated Circuits
IMP Microelectronics Ltd designs, manufactures and markets standard-setting
analog integrated circuits and specialty analog wafer foundry processes for data
communications interface and power management applications in computer,
communications and control systems. IMP products are sold through a worldwide
network of sales representatives and distributors.

City: Wakefield
Category: Medical Devices
Welcome to Implant Sciences Corporation, the world leader in developing products
and surface treatment/coating technologies for medical devices and semiconductor
applications.Here at Implant Sciences we work closely with biomedical engineers,
scientist, clinicians, and medical device manufacturers in the practical
application of radioactive treatments, ion implantation, and ion-based
deposition processes for enhancing the performance of medical devices. We also
employ ion implantation technology to service the semiconductor industry.

City: Safford
Category: Tag and Label
Doug Riley purchased Impressive Labels in 1990. At that time, he was already
well known in the label industry as an innovator. Doug gained his experience in
the label business at Lancer Label, which he co-founded as a division of Riley
Co. As President and CEO of Lancer Label, from 1979 to 1989, Doug developed
production and marketing processes that are considered industry standards today.
He built the company to $15 million in sales with 230 employees and 12,500
active dealers in 50 states, processing 80,000 label orders annually. During
this building process, Lancer was recognized for its leadership by the Tag and
Label Manufacturers Institute, earning the Best Managed Company Award for three
years in a row (1987, 1988 and 1989.)

City: Beverly
Category: Jazz DSP Processor
Veterans and executives of the semiconductor and EDA industries, to empower the
new generation of SoC designs, founded Improv Systems Inc in 1997. The key to
these designs is the effective merger of advanced IP, tools and domain expertise
into an integrated methodology and solution.The central component of the Improv
methodology is a highly configurable, multiprocessor architecture called the
Jazz PSA platform including the Jazz DSP processor. Rather than a fixed
processor and instruction set, the Jazz DSP is used to create designer-defined
DSP cores - Jazz DSPs that are customized by the designer for their specific
product or application domain. The Jazz DSP is a very long instruction word
(VLIW) architecture that provides high performance through parallel execution of

City: Lewisville
Category: Connectors and Assemblies
IMS Connector Systems is a manufacturer of standard RF connectors and RF cable
assemblies for antenna, combiner, filter, splitter and switching manufacturers.
IMS also produces a wide range of components for the mobile phone industry, such
as antenna switches, system connectors, battery contacts, volume controls,
microphone connectors, speaker connectors, side keys, cradles and coil cord
assemblies for after market applications.

City: Pinellas Park
Category: Meters
Located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, IMS is family owned and operated since
1989. Our manufacturing facility is operated under the watchful eye of Charlie
Wilde our Engineer/CEO. Charlie regularly holds training sessions to ensure that
all of our employees are up to date with the latest technology and procedures.
Every meter shipped by IMS is tested, burned in (operated as in the field), and
tested a second time to guaranty accuracy. In addition to a five year warranty,
IMS technicians are available for unlimited telephone technical support 9:00 am
- 5:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

City: Marlborough
Category: Drives and Controls
Intelligent Motion Systems Inc is a company specializing in the design and
manufacture of high-performance motors, drives and controls that are small,
powerful and inexpensive.Since our establishment in 1986, we have been setting
our sights a step ahead. Our strong work ethic and team philosophy encourages
creativity, fosters camaraderie, and opens doors to vast opportunities. At IMS,
we take great pride in the products we sell, the services we offer, and our
commitment to excellence in motion.

City: Denville
Category: Data and Video Display
For over twenty years Imtech Corporation has been at the forefront of large
scale data and video display, with nearly 1,000 systems installed worldwide to
date.Five years ago, Imtech introduced Activu® - a network software approach to
large scale and desktop display for control rooms, network operations centers
and trading floors. As the first of its kind, Activu has set the standard for
enterprise wide visual connectivity.

City: Bellows Falls
Category: Labels
Labels for bar coding, label dispensers, printers, and print & apply and robotic

City: Alpharetta
Category: Odor Control Products
Imtek odor control products are simply unique. They adsorb, neutralize, and
eliminate odors without masking them with fragrances. They are safe, non-toxic,
odorless, natural, recyclable, and do not contain chemical additives. Our
products are ideal for eliminating odors without adding pollutants to the air
and are especially beneficial for those suffering from chemical sensitivity.All
our products are precision manufactured in state of the art facilities under the
most stringent quality standards. This means that our customers can be assured
of reliable, consistent, high quality, cost effective products that perform
every time.

City: Hayward
Category: Sheet Metals
Our Machining and Sheet Metal facilities are consisted of sophisticated, high
tech, and advanced equipment. These machines are always in operation, and are
capable of processing many different types of material. We offer both CNC and
manual machining of prototypes and production parts.Our engineering, design,
production, and programming departments are implemented using software, and
computers networked with a main server which is fully accessible to the rest of
the company. Our CNC programming is enhanced with g-o cad cam with dxf converter
and direct numerical control downloading capability.

City: Fort Mill
Category: Automobile Products
The companies belonging to Schaeffler Group stand for a pronounced customer
focus, innovative power and the highest possible quality. In 2004, approximately
58,000 employees at over 180 locations worldwide achieved sales totaling 7.2
billion euros. The group belongs to the leading suppliers of the rolling
bearings industry worldwide and is a recognized partner of nearly all automobile

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