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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Post Emek Beit Shean
Category: Reinforced Polyester Products
Inbar designs, manufactures and exports top quality reinforced polyester
products for the electronics, communications, defense and other industries.Inbar
has been a pioneer in the field for over 30 years, exporting its high quality
products to satisfied customers throughout the world. Inbar specializes in
reinforced polyester products for a wide range of applications - from enclosure
for underground electrical or telephone cabling to specialized housing for
military communications equipment.For the ever-changing needs of modern
industries, Inbar also manufactures costume-designed products to fit customer

City: Van Nuys
Category: Thermoelectric Products
INB Products, a thermoelectric line of LXO Industries Inc is a worldwide
supplier of thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric generators, thermoelectric
air conditioners, thermoelectric cooling systems and other thermoelectric
products. Our world-class peltier products are used in many industries, such as
military, commercial, industrial and consumer.Our extensive stock allows us to
ship products within 24 hours from the time of orders. Special or non-stock
items are usually shipped within two to four weeks from the time of order.

City: Milpitas
Category: Semi Conductor Testing
Established in the heart of Silicon Valley more than twelve years ago, Incal has
progressed from a provider of superior burn-in test products, to a worldwide
player in the expanding world of semiconductor testing. This progression
accelerated over a year ago when the company acquired a sophisticated line of
ATE products from Hewlett-Packard, opening the door to a new world of test
equipment challenges for us. Not only did we seamlessly assimilate the HP line,
but also we have greatly increased market penetration for these products and
commenced an intensive upgrade and new product development program. In the same
time frame we acquired Manipulators International, a small but competent
developer of test head positioning systems, offering a line of manipulators,
which can provide up to 7-axis rotation and accommodate weights of 100 to 2000

City: San Jose
Category: Hard Drive Rack and Hard Drive Cooling
In Close manufactures the Bay Cooler Hard Drive Cooling Kit, Mobile Dock
Removable Hard Drive Rack, and numerous other storage rated items.

City: Racine
Category: Specialized Industrial Controls
Incon Systems Limited is a manufacturer of specialized industrial controls for
die sinking, pattern shops, mold makers, tool room work, and prototype services.
Incon also provides state of the art software for high speed machining

City: Omaha
Category: Safety Equipment
Independent Technologies (ITC) is a communications technology research and
development company. We design, manufacture and market a wide range of products,
which have broad applications in the Telecommunications, Petroleum, Power
Utility, Cable TV and Information Systems markets.Our products are designed by
and for the people who rely on them and use them every day. They include copper
cable testers for voice and data installation, fiber test sets, installation and
maintenance items, plant safety equipment, remote reporting systems, and end
user caller ID displays.

City: Shelton
Category: Turning Machines
The Index Group is one of the leading turning machine manufacturers worldwide.
The products of Index and Traub cover the entire range of turning machines, from
single spindle to multi spindle to sliding headstock machines. The corporate
headquarters is located in Esslingen, Germany, with subsidiaries located around
the world. With 2270 employee's worldwide, consolidated annual sales of the
Index Group in 2004 were 370 Mio Euro. Together with its network of
distributors, Index Corporation is able to provide the best in application and
service support to its customers, from its newly established corporate
headquarter in Noblesville, Indiana.

City: Towson
Category: Power Portable Equipment
Index Designs is a small private company located in the Baltimore / Washington
DC area. The Battery Boss grew out of a need to power portable equipment and the
requirement to control and track battery charge.

City: Somerville
Category: Vibrating Monitoring Device
Indikon is a world-class instrumentation company specializing in vibration
monitoring equipment; torque metering systems, coupling alignment systems, and
web deflection measurement equipment.Committed to meeting the varied needs of
its vibration customers, Indikon provides an extensive line of proximity probes,
seismic vibration sensors, cables, drivers, transmitters, and vibration
monitoring devices; many designed and built to customer requirements.

City: Utica
Category: Alloys and Solders
Indium Corporation of America is an ISO 9001-registered developer, manufacturer,
and supplier of specialty alloys and solders (including solder paste, solder
preforms, solder spheres, solder wire, solder tubing, solder ribbon, and solder
foil), solder fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives, inorganic indium
compounds (including indium oxide, indium-tin oxide, indium hydroxide, and
indium chloride), fusible alloys, indium-containing fabrications of all types,
and pure indium (from commercial grade through high-purity grade). The company
is a three-time recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Marketing Excellence Award for
Customer Service and Product Innovation.

City: Salisbury
Category: Power Transformers
Inductive Technologies (I-Tech) was formed in 1998 by an acquisition of the
design and manufacturing operations of the Magnetic Division from C&K Components
Inc of Watertown, MA. I-Tech is a sister company of Toroid Corporation of
Maryland, established in 1982, and which pioneered the introduction of toroidal
power transformers in the U.S. I-Tech's corporate management, sales,
engineering, and customer support functions are located in Salisbury, MD.

City: Madison Heights
Category: Heat Treating Equipment
Inductoheat has thousands of installations worldwide covering virtually every
conceivable induction heating application. Customers benefit from our vast
experience with proven production processes on products similar or identical to
theirs. This section is separated into "continuous" and "component" heating.
Continuous heating relates to processes such as wire and strip manufacturing.
Continuous heating includes forging products, billet heaters, and tube

City: Stratford
Category: Inductors and Transformers
Induktor USA, LLc is the USA branch of Induktor GmbH, Munich, Germany.
Well-known for high quality toroidal power transformers and inductors produced
in Germany and Hungary, Induktor GmbH is also the controlling partner of p.t.
Induktorindo Utama in Tangerang, Indonesia. Induktor USA, LLc is the USA branch
of Induktor GmbH, Munich, Germany.Well-known for high quality toroidal power
transformers and inductors produced in Germany and Hungary, Induktor GmbH is
also the controlling partner of p.t. Induktorindo Utama in Tangerang, Indonesia.

City: Macon
Category: Aluminum and Fiber Glass
Industrial Alloy Supply is a stocking distributor of sheets, plates, bars,
shapes, tubing, pipe, expanded metal, and angle rings, available in stainless,
aluminum, galvanized, copper, and brass.We also carry bar grating, either
painted or galvanized, plain orserrated, in stainless, aluminum, carbon and

City: The Woodlands
Category: Building Automation System
Industrial Control Communications specializes in the engineering and
manufacturing of embedded communication and control solutions for factory
automation, networked controls, and building automation systems.

City: Darien
Category: Construction Management
Industrial Cost Engineering is a provider of estimating services for process,
manufacturing, construction, and related industries. For over 20 years, we have
created and preserved a reputation for professionalism, accuracy, and economics
within the Cost Estimating field. ICE provides preliminary and definitive cost
estimates to the highest degree of accuracy. Our engineering staff is skilled in
planning, design, process development, purchasing, expediting, and total
construction management.

City: Santa Ana
Category: PC Based Servers
Industrial CPU Systems Inc a privately held California corporation, is a
manufacturer of high quality PC-based servers and computers for mission
critical, embedded, and industrial applications.>From its very beginnings in
1989, upon which the company was founded, Industrial CPU Systems has been
strongly committed to allocating its resources to research and development of
high quality, robust PC products for demanding applications with harsh
environmental conditions that require high-reliability and high-availability
computer systems.

City: Petaluma
Category: Motion Control Devices
Danaher Motion acquired Industrial Devices Corporation in March of
2002.Industrial Devices Corp (IDC) Manufacturers of Motion Control Devices -
Linear Actuators, Step and servo motor actuators and Automation Controls.

City: Noblesville
Category: Engineering Products
A Successful manufacturer must be large enough to provide economic value to
their customers without losing the intimate responsiveness that allows prompt
resolution to customers' unanticipated needs.IDI has long recognized the
importance of thinking globally while acting locally. By establishing
manufacturing facilities on three continents, we have created unmatched
competitive advantages in costs and technical development. Despite the grand
scale of our operations, IDI remains a family owned business that realizes the
importance of personal relationships with our customers.Throughout IDI's history
our customers have been the driving force behind our past accomplishments. As we
continue to grow and progress boldly into the future, their satisfaction will be
the yardstick of our success. It's the only way we do business.

City: Victor
Category: Precision Motion Control System
To accommodate the steady growth we've enjoyed over the years, our facility has
been expanded several times to its present 17,000 square foot capacity. This
location houses all critical departments - sales, marketing, applications
engineering, R&D, production, warehouse, panel shop, quality control and
customer support. Having everything under one roof speeds communications and
provides better service to our customers.In 1995 IIS purchased the Toshiba/Toei
servo business from Toshiba International Corp in Houston Texas. With this
acquisition, IIS became the exclusive sales and service provider for Toshiba
servo products in North America. This relationship continues today with the
introduction of Toshiba Machine's V Series servomotors and drivers.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Precision Machining Components
Since 1985, Industrial Machining Corporation has been supplying precision
mechanical components and assemblies to OEM customers in Aerospace, Laser,
Medical, Optics, Semiconductor, and other industries.

City: Boyne City
Category: Magnetic Separation Devices
At IMI, our specialty is custom fabricating! We design, engineer and manufacture
magnetic assemblies and magnetic separation devices for our customers' specific
requirements, and take pride in the quality and performance of our products.
With worldwide distribution through a combination of a direct sales force and
manufacturers representatives, we strive to provide personalized service and
innovative solutions to meet the exact needs of your application.

City: St Charles
Category: Laser Diodes
High power laser diodes, typically over 20W, in 780nm to 1000nm wavelength
range. We offer packaged and unmounted CW and Pulsed laser diode bars, lensed
bars, and arrays, fiber coupled modules, laser diode drivers, and related

City: Morrisville
Category: Heating and Drying
IMS headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, is the
leading producer of innovative, patented microwave systems for continuous flow
manufacturing processes that require uniform heating and drying. When compared
with conventional heating and drying systems as well as historically available
microwave ovens, IMS enables its customers.

City: Sandusky
Category: Nuts and Locknuts
The Industrial Nut Corporation was founded in 1908 as the Brightman Hammered Nut
& Manufacturing Company. Industrial Nut Corp has been a manufacturer of quality
nuts, and special machined parts since 1908.The company started operation in a
red frame building near the intersection of West Water Street and McDonough
Street, but in 1914 moved to its present location at 1425 Tiffin Avenue in
Sandusky, Ohio. They acquired and set up manufacturing in what had been a
three-story wine cellar (built in 1872 called the Sandusky Wine Company).We
fabricate our product on a wide variety of automatic screw machines, chucking
machines and CNC lathes from stainless steel, carbon, alloy steel bar, as well
as forgings, castings and powder metal.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Automation And Test Equipment
Since 1996 Industrial PC Inc has been providing customers the most state-of-the
art and highest quality Industrial Computing products available. With over 300
items available and thousands of system parts from Industrial PC Inc the goal of
being a one stop-shopping source for all Industrial Computing needs is becoming
a reality!Industrial PC Inc has enjoyed being an on-line leader in the
Industrial Computing market. Taking great pride in the quality of workmanship
sets Industrial PC, Inc apart from the rest. Sourcing the customer's
requirements - integrating" house" products - to final assembly and test of a
complete system has made Industrial PC, Inc. a favorite in the
Telecommunication, Test Equipment, Automation and other markets. Industrial PC,
Inc is here for you!

City: Albany
Category: Pipe valves and Fittings
William D Kraemer at Maywood California established Industrial Pipe & Supply Co
Inc in 1934. Relocated to Albany Oregon in June 1985. Incorporated in Oregon
December 1986. Industrial Pipe & Supply Company is a family owned and operated
wholesale pipe, valve, and fitting supply house. Serving customers over a wide
geographical area. Industrial Pipe & Supply is a family owned and operated
Corporation, with third generation management involved in daily operations. This
gives Industrial Pipe & Supply a rare working knowledge of the history of the
industrial pipe, valve, and fitting industry.

City: Charlotte
Category: Test Equipment and Electrical Instruments
The Voltage Isolators offered by Industrial Power Technologies provide a
completely isolated signal conditioner for use where high voltage levels are
present. The Voltage Isolators are designed to interface with up to 750 VAC-RMS
or ±1000 VDC.Input to output and channel-to-channel isolation allows the user to
make AC and/or DC differential voltage measurements without the practice of
"floating the scope" or wasting channels on the A-B function.The Voltage
Isolators' maximizes common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) shielding and carefully
matched input circuitry. These features allow the use of non-shielded input

City: Sanford
Category: CCD Camera and Laser Based Bar Code
Industrial Scan Inc established in 1991, designs, manufactures, and distributes
CCD Camera and laser based bar code scanning equipment for the automatic
identification and data capture industries. ISI has the most complete range of
fixed mount line scanners in the industry. Each scanner can be customized in
both hardware and software for your specific application. Located in Sanford,
Florida, ISI offers a comprehensive line of fixed beam and high speed moving
beam line scanners. These products have been sold and installed around the world
and are known for their ruggedness and reliability.

City: Oakdale
Category: Detecting and Monitoring Equipment
Industrial Scientific designs, manufactures and markets portable and fixed
instruments for detecting, measuring and monitoring hazardous gases to protect
and preserve human life.The company started as the Research Division of National
Mine Service Company (NMS). In 1976, the division developed and introduced an
instrument for the detection of methane gas, which was approved by the Mine
Safety and Health Administration, and followed with the development of
instruments for the detection of other combustible hydrocarbon gases. In 1985
NMS sold the division, and Industrial Scientific Corporation began independent
operations on January 25, 1985.

City: Tecate
Category: Ergonomic Chair
Manufacture of Ergonomic Chairs, Clean Room Chairs, and conductive Fabric

City: Lancaster
Category: Specialty Lock
Manufacturer of a Complete Line of Cam & Specialty Locks for OEM or Custom
Applications in a wide variety of sizes, components & finishes for wood, metal,
plastic or glass. Special or Master Keyed. No Minimum Order Required with JIT
Delivery, 2-3 day lead-time on most orders.

City: Round Rock
Category: Pressure Transducers and Weight Indicators
Industrial Sensors & Instruments was founded in 1983, in response to a demand
for accurate, reliable and extremely rugged load cells, pressure transducers,
and weight indicator systems. Although born out of the harsh environment of the
oilfield, our sensors have been used in many industries including aerospace,
construction, and food processing, environmental and automotive. Our engineering
staff has nearly 60 years combined experience in sensor design and manufacture.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Category: Precision Springs and Stampings
Since 1969, Industrial Spring Corporation has been supplying our diverse
customer base with a wide variety of precision springs, stampings, and wire
forms.We offer a full range of services, including design assistance,
prototyping, and production runs of small to high volume. Industrial Spring
Corporation has the capabilities to satisfy all of our customer's spring and
stamping requirements.

City: Port Washington
Category: Power Supplies
The products began were Ac Power supplies. The initial Customers were Aerospace
Contractors and government agencies. While we where among the first companies to
offer Ac output Power Supplies Our early Dominance disappeared as the market
grew and Large Companies entered the industry.

City: Centerbrook
Category: Electro Mechanical Assemblies
Industrial Timer Company's more than forty years of experience in all phases of
design, manufacturing and assembly of electromechanical assemblies is at your
service. We'll take on any part of your manufacturing chore - from concept to
shipping - and do it to your specifications or to our exacting standards. All
work is done on our regular lines in our Connecticut facility.

City: St Charles
Category: Electronic Products
Industrologic Inc manufactures electronic products for industrial, scientific,
and educational use. Our products include data acquisition and control devices,
operator interfaces, and single board computers and controllers.Our products are
low in cost, rich in features, easy to understand and use, and complete with the
items needed to be quickly put into service.Our web site contains complete
product information, pricing, and technical data for each of our products, but
if you need more information or have special product requirements.

City: Torrington
Category: Motion Control Products
Inertia Dynamics is member of the specialized engineering Hay Hall Group. We
complement Matrix International, another Hay Hall Group subsidiary based in
Brechin, Scotland. Matrix International's Motion Control Division markets,
designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial brakes, clutches, torque
limiters and couplings operated by hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic or
mechanical actuation.

City: Orangeburg
Category: Acceleration Sensitive Devices
Inertia Switch Inc is a full-service design, engineering, and manufacturing firm
founded in 1950. Since our inception, we have designed, qualified, and delivered
thousands of types of products. We specialize in acceleration switches of all
kinds, but we also manufacture limit switches, prostheses, incandescent digital
displays, and many other standardized and unique products.For fifty years
customers in every demanding field (military, aviation, space, marine,
industrial, transportation, laboratory, medical, among others) have turned to us
with exacting requirements for critical applications in often-harsh
environments. Our consistent reliability and quality has helped us build a
strong reputation and loyal customer base that includes most major aerospace

City: Clearwater
Category: Automated Inspection Systems
Following the establishment of a Florida headquarters and acquisition of
complimentary technologies, Inex Vision Systems was on its way to becoming a
premiere supplier of inspection technology ahead of the curve. The introduction
of the company's Super Inspector 1055 became the first commercial machine
inspection system to integrate camera and computer technologies.Since the merger
of Insight Control Systems and Inex Vision Systems, the company has continued to
be a world leader in the development and manufacture of automated inspection
systems continuing a long-standing commitment to high-speed machine vision
inspection of container, package and packaging defects.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Heat Processing and Surface Preparation Equipment
Any company is only as good as their personnel. Our staff of skilled engineers,
draftsmen, millwrights, sheet metal and electrical workers is ready to transform
your specification into a complete processing system. In addition, we have
factory-trained personnel available for field installation, field supervision
and/or field service work.Infratrol can build a variety of equipment to handle a
multitude of processing problems. Whether the process requires curing, drying,
aging, or tempering; whether the product line is made of metal, plastic, or
wood; infratrol can build a system for precise processing of products as diverse
as wood siding and electronic circuit boards. Infratrol has the knowledge and
expertise to build your system.

City: East Syracuse
Category: Vacuum Instrumentation
Inficon is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of vacuum
instrumentation; critical sensor technologies and process control software, with
an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related
industries. These analysis, measurement and control products are vital to
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex
manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical
storage media and precision optics. Inficon also provides essential
instrumentation for gas leak detection to the air conditioning/refrigeration
industries and toxic chemical analysis for emergency response and security
markets. In addition, Inficon sells to vacuum pump manufacturers who act as
distributors to small and medium-size customers in diverse markets.

City: Boulder
Category: Internal Focusing Microscope
Infinity Photo-Optical Company is the recognized world leader in long-distance
and continuously focusable microscope technology. Founded in 1984, Infinity
continues to pioneer this field by offering innovative products and
technologies, which have received international acclaim (winner of three R&D 100
and two Photonics "Circle of Excellence" awards). Infinity's clients range from
small laboratories to Fortune 500 companies, aerospace industries, research
centers, universities and government agencies. Manufacturing long-distance
microscopes, continuously-focusable microscopes, macro systems,
internal-focusing devices and other lenses for industrial inspection,
process/product monitoring, machine vision, quality control, advanced imaging,
non-contact gauging/inspection and laser/biomedical research, Infinity has
established itself as the benchmark by which all others in this industry are
judged. We invented Continuously Focusable and Internal-Focusing Microscopy.

City: Houston
Category: Software Applications
Global shop Solutions delivers state-of-the-art shop management and e/commerce
software applications for job shops, make-to-stock, make-to-order, and
mixed-mode manufacturers.Global Shop Solutions is the largest privately held
shop management ERP Software Company in the United States. Global Shop's
ownership has not changed hands in 26 years – an unparalleled achievement in
today's confusing merger/acquisition climate. Global Shop's customers enjoy
stability that is unmatched in the software industry.

City: Wilsonville
Category: Digital Projection
In Focus Corporation the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and
solutions, enhances thinking, learning and creativity in boardrooms, meeting
rooms and classrooms and delivers superior home entertainment experiences by
vividly projecting and displaying larger-than-life images from multiple sources
including computers, dvd players, and PDA.>From the smallest and lightest mobile
projectors and feature-packed meeting room products to the finest home
entertainment solutions, In Focus has garnered industry acclaim for design,
functionality and intuitive solutions

City: N Dighton
Category: Alphanumeric Displays
Info-lite is a global supplier of industrial grade Led numeric, alphanumeric
displays and matrix pin boards.Our displays are available with characters in
sizes from 1" to 9 3/4" allowing visibility from distances of hundreds of feet
even during daylight hours. Our unique ability to configure a display to fit
your application with rapid delivery and attractive pricing is our competitive
marketing advantage. Since our founding in 1970, the focus of our engineering is
to provide displays that perform in all of the environmental conditions,
including harsh industrial environment.

City: Chillicothe
Category: Industrial-Marking Machines
Info Sight Corporation was formed in 1993 from the divestiture of the large,
custom designed side of the business from Telesis Marking Systems. Info Sight
manufactures industrial marking machines, metal tags, metal tag printers,
barcode readers and custom machinery for manual and automatic identification
applications worldwide.Info Sight Corporation employs 48 people, 12 of who were
full-time trained factory workers and engineers formerly employed by Telesis.
Info Sight is situated on 25 acres in Chillicothe, Ohio, USA. Next to the
current office/laboratory building, a new production building was constructed in
September 1994 to house the manufacturing and engineering facilities.

City: Cold Brook
Category: Data Converters
Scott D Bagetis, who has been an innovator in the fiber optic industry for over
a decade, founded Infos Inc. Scott had been a major engineering contributor at
Laser Precision Corp/ GN Nettest where he had designed equipment ranging from
Otdr's to hand held fiber optic test equipment. He has held positions at LP
ranging from Staff Engineer, Hand-held Engineering Manager, to Advance Concept
Technologist. Scott departed GN Nettest in 1995 to accept a position at Fiber
Instrument Sales, Inc., of Vice President, Engineering, where he developed their
instrument product line. Scott left Fis and founded Infos, Inc. In addition to
his vast experience in the fiber optic industry, Scott's previous experience was
also in test and measurement equipment as a staff engineer at North Atlantic
Industries, a manufacturer of various data converters, servo measurement
equipment, and AC waveform analysis equipment.

City: Anaheim
Category: Specialists in Gas Measurement
Infrared Analysis Inc is a company that specializes in the measurement of gases.
Dr Philip LHanst founded the company in 1985 in order to promote the use of
infrared absorption in gas analysis. The hardware and software sold by Infrared
Analysis, Inc. have been developed from his 50 years experience in the field of
spectroscopy.Long-path cell designs have been developed that are simple,
reliable, and fully effective, while keeping prices low. An unmatched database
of digitized reference spectra has been developed, along with computer programs
for measurement of hundreds of different compounds simultaneously.

City: Edmonds
Category: Wireless Data Communication
ITA has been a leading provider of Free Space Optical Solutions since 1997.
Working together with Value Added Resellers, System Integrators, Contractors and
Consultants we have successfully deployed our systems in almost every major
market in North America and in a wide variety of applications.Our North American
Customers include: Boeing Aerospace, Siemens Building Technologies, A.G.
Edwards, U.S. Department of Defense, New Bridge Technologies, New York Port
Authority, Sprint PCS, Urban Media and many more. ITA also provides equipment to
International customers and our systems are deployed in Europe, China, India,
Philippines, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and other countries. This illustrates
that Free Space Optical technology can be a reliable solution in a wide variety
of climates.

City: Utica
Category: Thermal Imaging Solutions
Two former General Electric entrepreneurs and a nationally known optics
scientist founded ICC in 1991. Its core business has been in the design and
manufacture of OEM infrared imaging subsystems and complete end-user systems for
commercial and military customers. The company has built a solid team of
twenty-five employees with technical and business experience. This team includes
fourteen professionals in engineering, manufacturing, quality, sales,
administration and finance. The company occupies leased 12,500 sq. ft.
engineering and manufacturing facility that includes Class 10,000/1,000/100
clean room and complete infrared sensor integration manufacturing production

City: Silver Spring
Category: Transmitting Fiber and Infrared Optics
Infrared Fiber Systems Inc (IFS) is a leading supplier of infrared transmitting
fiber optics, bulk glasses and spectrometers for sensor and laser power delivery
applications. IFS was founded in 1986 with the goal to become the foremost
supplier of infrared transmitting fibers and infrared optics. Located in a
suburb of Washington, DC IFS facility includes state-of-the-art fiber draw
towers, controlled atmosphere glove boxes, glass melting clean room stations and
optics testing and instrumentation laboratories. IFS produce the Germanium Oxide
glass fiber (HP™ fiber) for use with the Eryaj and Er Ysgg lasers. These lasers
coupled with HP™ fiber delivery systems can be used for painless dentistry and
precise ablation without thermal damage in laser surgery procedures. IFS also
offer fluoride glass fibers (SG™ fiber) for use in a variety of industrial and
scientific sensor systems such as temperature sensing and remote chemical
analysis. These fibers transmit from the ultraviolet through 5 microns in the

City: Reno
Category: Imaging Cameras and Systems
Infrared Inc has pioneered the infrared industry in developing new and unique
applications, while also leading in standard preventative maintenance
applications. We work with clients to find practical business solutions to their
problems utilizing infrared systems and equipment. We provide infrared products
for a wide variety of applications, including handheld, mobile, fixed and remote
thermal imaging cameras and systems. We have an extensive history in
surveillance applications, as well as electrical and mechanical analysis,
building audits, emergency infrared services, and infrared training and
certification. We also specialize in aerial and ground surveys and analysis for
fire and emergency services, and we conduct research and engineering studies
utilizing advanced technology in association with military, industrial, and
academic organizations.

City: Parsippany
Category: Electronic and Sensor Based Products
Infrared of New Jersey Inc was established in 1986 and is a company that
develops and manufactures electronic products and specializes in the design and
development of opto electronic and sensor based products. The legal name of our
company is Infrared of New Jersey Inc but we are also informally known by the
acronym IRNJ. Our business headquarters are located at 77 East Halsey Road,
Parsippany, NJ, 07054. Our offices and factory are conveniently located near
Routes 287, 80, 46 and 10.

City: Plymouth
Category: Infrared Imaging and Sensing Devices
Infrared Solutions is a privately held Minnesota company founded in 1994 for the
specific purpose of developing and selling infrared sensing and imaging devices.
Infrared Solutions was formed to take advantage of the breakthrough Honeywell
technology advances in the detection of infrared (IR) energy. The founders are
senior managers, scientists, and engineers, many from Honeywell Inc. The company
is owned by its officers, lead technical people and a limited group of
investors.Designed to be Sharper, Simpler, Smarter™, Infrared Solutions'
portable cameras offer an affordable solution for predictive maintenance,
quality control, roofing, insulation, and electrical contracting. Infrared
Solutions is an industry leader in high quality, cost effective infrared imaging
cameras featuring "Ease of Use" and outstanding image quality.

City: Winter Park
Category: Infrared Detector Pre Amplifiers
Infrared Systems Development Corporation (ISDC) was formed in 1997 with the
acquisition of Grase by Infrared's instrument product lines, which were acquired
from Infrared Industries (IRI), Infrared Systems (IRS), and Barnes Engineering
Company. These products include blackbody sources, spectral radiometer systems,
energy modulators and accessories. The engineering, manufacturing and technical
personnel involved with these products since their inceptions are included in
the complement of our personnel. We have modified and improved many of these
products and have developed several new products, such as our infrared detector
preamplifiers, and TE Cooled blackbody. All of our products are manufactured and
developed in our newly expanded facility in Orlando, Florida. We also develop
systems for custom applications, and offer design-consulting services for many
infrared instrument and sub-system projects. Our experienced staff can offer
assistance in almost any IR field, and offer suggestions for your system needs.
Contact us for more information.

City: Covina
Category: Infrared Heaters
After more than 50 years as a respected manufacturer of high quality,
state-of-the-art infrared heaters, heat panels, and controls, Infra tech
Corporation recently announced the sale of it's Infra tech brand name, patents
and other select assets to Seachrome Corporation. Azusa, California based
Seachrome is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of grab bars and shower
seats for the assisted-living market, as well as a variety of other precision
fabricated metal products. "It's not often that the opportunity arises to
acquire a brand that is such a leader in its market" says Sam Longo, Jr.,
President of Seachrome. "We look forward to strengthening and expanding Infra
tech's presence even further in the years to come." Improved manufacturing
efficiencies and a variety of product improvements will be the first order of
business, followed by a thorough evaluation of the marketing and distribution

City: Rockford
Category: Metal Cutting Tools
By 1970 annual sales totaled $37 million, and Ingersoll ranked 15th in size
among 250 US metal cutting tool manufacturers. The firm's acquisition of H A
Waldrich of Siegen, West Germany and later Waldrich Coburg in Germany marked
even further growth and firmly established the company as a dominant
international builder of machine tools and complete manufacturing systems.In the
1980s Ingersoll joined in partnership arrangements with Boeing, General Motors
and others to provide large manufacturing systems for major aircraft components
and power trains for the automobile industry.

City: Southern Pines
Category: Pneumatic Motors and Tools
Industrial manufacturer of pneumatic motors, tools. Supplier of standard catalog
motors as well as custom adapted OEM power units.

City: Baxter Springs
Category: Water Jet System
The strength of the company is found in the strong water jet experience
(tracking back to 1971) of the employees, the largest network of system
integrators in the world, the continual investment in research and development
and the ability to use customer feedback.The Streamline™ SL-V line of
intensifiers is the culmination of all these factors and is the best Streamline™
series ever offered. The world's largest network of system integrators and
support people are available to assist with more information at any time.For the
best water jet system, rely on the "Cutting Edge Solutions" delivered by KMT
Water jet.

City: Chicago
Category: Linear Transformers
Inglot Electronics is a recognized leader in the magnetic industry. Since 1964
our history of delivering a quality product at a competitive price has earned us
partnership status with several Fortune 500 customers. During this time we have
provided quality linear laminated transformers from 100mVA to 3.5KVA along with
the necessary services that our customers need. Through the interest and
suggestions of many of our existing customers, Inglot has accepted the
opportunity to provide products covering the "Complete Spectrum of Magnetic
Devices" for the Power Conversion industry.

City: San Jose
Category: Asics, Host Adapters
Initio specializes in developing a broad line of Asics, host adapters, and
software products. The company markets its products internationally through the
OE integrator, distribution, and retail channels. Corporate headquarters are
located in San Jose, CA.Initio's mission is to provide cost-effective solutions,
through engineering excellence, to meet high performance system requirements
while exceeding customers' quality, service and delivery goals. The Company's
strengths include a team of industry veterans with extensive experience in the
design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of high performance, high quality
I/O solutions and innovative design techniques. Initio's products have rapidly
gained a reputation for high performance and reliability.

City: Bohemia
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Injector all Electronics was established in 1955 on the principles of quality
products and services. Providing copper clad printed circuit boards to the
Electronics Industry since 1969, we are familiar with the needs of our
customers. Injector all Electronics offers the largest selection of uncoated and
pre- coated copper clad printed circuit boards anywhere. Our FR4 boards are
first-quality material. They are certified to MIL-S-13949-H. The substrates vary
from .005" to .062". Standard sizes for uncoated material are from 3" x 4.5" to
3' x 4'. Special cuts are available upon request at no extra charge. If you do
not see the printed circuit boards that you need, just ask. We are the only
manufacturer in the world who offers positively sensitized printed circuit
boards in an 18" x 18" size. Using our positively sensitized copper clad boards,
our customers are able to achieve .005" lines spaced as close together as .005".
Our customers achieve professional results themselves by using our products.
During regular office hours, our knowledgeable technical staff will gladly speak
to anyone until their problems are solved. After regular hours, we have a live
24hour answering service that will take your messages.

City: Churchville
Category: Pump Fluids and Lubricants
Inland Vacuum manufactures and distributes a complete line of vacuum pump fluids
and lubricants to the vacuum industry for over twenty -five years. We understand
the importance of using the highest quality products in many vacuum systems to
optimize performance, resist degradation and thermal decomposition. Our service
and technical staff are available to provide advice and assistance continually.
You can rest assured that every effort will be made to secure your trust in both
our products and organization.

City: Yorba Linda
Category: Ethernet Control Interfaces
Extron Electronics, headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., is a leading manufacturer
of professional A/V system products including computer-video interfaces,
switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, video scalers, scan
converters, signal processing devices, Ethernet control interfaces, and high
resolution cables. Our corporate philosophy is founded on

City: Baldwin Park
Category: Corrosion Resistant Ball Valves
Inline Industries, a California corporation, manufactures industrial valve
products for the U.S. and international marketplace. Inline specializes in the
production of high performance, corrosion resistant ball valves and automated
systems. We deliver exceptional value to our customers by providing the three
most important elements they look for in a

City: Charleston
Category: Precision Plasma Cutting Equipment
Inner Logic manufactures plasma-cutting equipment, including precision plasma
cutting systems and torch height controls.

City: Port Jefferson
Category: Integrated Circuits
ISI has expertise in all phases of system and integrated circuit design and
development including logic design, simulation, test, fabrication, and device
physics.ISI specializes in size and cost reduction of existing or new electronic
systems using a variety of ACSI and circuit board -manufacturing techniques.ISI
is an acknowledged expert in remote control technology, including the design and
manufacture of remote controls and the capture, use, and licensing of remote
control codes.

City: Houston
Category: Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Innova Electronics, LP is a leading Contract Manufacturer specializing in the
building of Extreme Environment Electronics, Hazardous Area Computers, and
Sunlight Viewable LCD Monitors. In operation since 1989, Innova has products at
work for Petrochemical, Military and Rugged Applications around the world.
Innova Electronics offers a complete range of Contract Manufacturing Services
from PCB Assembly thru System Integration.

City: Phoenix
Category: Silica Optical Fibers
Innova Quartz Incorporated, an Arizona Corporation founded in 1991, manufactures
silica and quartz based optical fibers, tubes and components for medical,
analytical (chemistry), industrial, telecommunications, research and development
and related applications. We are an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer
and are also EN46001 compliant for sales of CE marked Medical Devices in the
European Community.

City: Albuquerque
Category: Micro controller Solutions and Peripheral
Innovasic Semiconductor designs, builds, and sells complex, highly integrated
embedded micro controller solutions and peripheral ICs into the Industrial,
Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Communications and Military markets. The company
has two product groups, Micro controller Solutions Group and the Replacement IC
Product Group.

City: Marion
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Innovat Corporation's primary business is the repair of welding related printed
circuit boards at prices far below OEM listed prices. In addition to repair,
Innovat Corporation also offers a large inventory of rebuilt printed circuit
boards available for exchange or purchase, usually available for same day or
next business day shipment.In the event of an emergency, we have an emergency
rush service that has a turnaround time of 3 business days. In the event of
unforseen circumstances, it could take 5 working days, but in some cases can
take as little as 1 to 2 working days. The emergency rush fee is 25% ($25.00
minimum) of the normal repair price. We encourage you to call customer service
to check our inventory; if we have a board in stock, we can exchange the board
for your core board and it will save you the emergency rush fee.

City: Townville
Category: Kits and Motors
Innovatia supports prototype and product design efforts by supplying power
conversion, motor drive, and instrumentation circuits and subsystems as design
kits and semi-custom designs. Why reinvent the wheel? Complete design packages
are available, including board layouts and source code, for embedding into your
product design.

City: Las Vegas
Category: Screen Key Boards and Pointing Device
Since 1995, IMG has been the professional's choice for virtual On-screen
keyboards and pointing device enhancement utilities. Hundreds of OEM's and tens
of thousands of customers worldwide have integrated IMG software into their
systems because of the high level of functionality, versatility, reliability,
and compatibility our products provide! Whether we're part of an automotive,
food, pharmaceutical, or steel plant controller, or the interface to an
aircraft, rugged zed military pc, or fleet GPS system, IMG products run 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most advanced and highly critical systems
in the world.IMG Virtual On-screen keyboards and pointing device enhancement
utilities are written at the same level as the O/S and thus send true physical
input to the O/S, its applications, and any high level-programming environment.
In addition to the many programmable functions and features found in IMG
Software Utilities, IMG has had numerous requests for a way to control its
programs externally without a lot of programming expertise. IMG Developer's
Integration Kit includes those features.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Printed Wiring Boards and Flexible Circuitry
Innovative Circuits is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of
Printed Wiring Boards, Flexible and Rigid Flexible Circuitry. Our customer base
is extremely broad being represented by the computer, military, aerospace,
medical, telecommunications, instrumentation, satellite, avionics, and a wide
range of other commercial industries.Innovative Circuits has dedicated itself to
the highest standards to assure customer satisfaction in the areas of
Technology, Quality, Delivery, and Competitive Pricing. This all stems from our
philosophy and desire to be the most customer oriented and Customer responsive
circuit manufacturer in the industry.

City: Manassas
Category: Computer Networking Products
Innovative Computer Resources is a space management consultation firm dedicated
to providing a safe, healthy, and productive working environment. We organize
and design computer environments, from office and Lan to industrial and medical,
with a keen focus on the ergonomic issues of safety and comfort. We provide a
more accessible, and adaptable, user-friendly office, which ultimately maximizes
the efficiency and productivity of your work force. If you have any questions,
concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to Contact ICR.

City: Houston
Category: Fluid Power Generators
Innovative Hydraulic Designs Inc (I H D) provides engineering, design, sales and
manufacturing of heavy-duty hydraulic and mechanical components as well as
complete turnkey systems for industrial applications.We provide state-of-the-art
technology, equipment and a wide range of services to our customers worldwide
including installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, operation and
repair.We represent some of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic and
mechanical components as well as manufacture our own line of heavy-duty
low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors and vertical reservoir fluid power
generators (power units). Our product offering includes hydraulic pumps, motors,
valves, brakes, cylinders, filters, fluid power generators and control systems.

City: Simi Valley
Category: Data Acquisition Solutions
Since 1988, Innovative Integration has grown to become one of the world's
leading suppliers of DSP and data acquisition solutions. Innovative offers a
product portfolio unrivalled in its depth and its range of performance and I/O
capabilities.Whether you are seeking a simple DSP development platform or a
complex, multiprocessor, multi channel data acquisition system, Innovative
Integration has the solution. To enhance your productivity, comprehensive
software libraries and device drivers providing optimal performance and maximum
portability support our hardware products.Innovative Integration's products
employ the latest digital signal processor technology thereby providing you the
competitive edge so critical in today's global markets. Using our powerful data
acquisition and DSP products allows you to incorporate leading-edge technology
into your system without the risk normally associated with advanced product
development. Your efforts are channeled into the area you know best ... your

City: Naugatuck
Category: Material Handling
Automation solutions from Infranor allow the rapid and precise deployment of
machinery, plant and equipment used in industrial production, in particular in
the packaging industry, converting industry, material handling and process

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Equipment and Tools
Since 1975, H-Square has been providing tools and equipment of unparalleled
excellence to the wafer fabrication industry. Our products are the standard
against which all others are measured in semiconductor, computer hard disk and
FPD manufacturing facilities throughout the world.Our products range from simple
vacuum wands for wafer handling and edge grip tools for manual mask handling to
complex microprocessor controlled automatic systems. Our Custom Product
Department will design tailor-made products for your unique needs.

City: Pinellas Park
Category: Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machines
As of 2005, our Corporation was awarded a "Certificate of Registration for ISO
9001:2000" and a "Certificate of Registration for AS 9100:2004." SPC is used to
monitor process capability and part accuracy. Sophisticated gaging equipment
includes Direct Computer Controlled Coordinate Measuring Machines.Our job
management system provides each customer with a Project Manager whose in-depth
knowledge of machining, tooling, programming and quality considerations supports
the requirements for the manufacture of precision components. Each job is
assigned to a Manufacturing Engineer who develops a detailed manufacturing
process and follows the job through each production step.

City: San Jose
Category: Photo Masks Micro Electronics and Optical Components
HTA Photo Mask has been manufacturing photo masks for many years. Some of HTA's
employees have forty years of experience in photo mask manufacturing that dates
back to the 1960's. During the years of technological progress our people have
worked with e-beam, laser write, and optical manufacturing of photo masks. We
have the ability to work with the customer and determine which path of
photolithography is best and most economical for the customer. Photo masks are
our specialty. We enjoy engineering and production mask making. Whether it is a
Photo mask for microelectronics, optical components, MEMS, MOEMS, Thin Film or
Hybrid applications please call us or email us. Photo masks are an integral part
of micro manufacturing

City: Baileys Harbor
Category: Heat Treat Furnaces
HTF Inc is your competitively priced quality builder of both conventional and
unique heat treat furnace systems for various applications. For over 20 years
our innovative products are among the industries best.We build batch and
continuous furnace and oven types including: atmosphere, auto-load/unload, bell,
box, car bottom, conveyor, draw, drop bottom, elevator, forced-convection,
half-heat, kiln, muffle, pit, preheat, quench, recuperated, roller rail, roller
hearth, rotary, slot, screw hearth and shuttle.

City: Hydraulic Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts
Founded in 1986, HTI began as a distributor of torque tools and other products
used in the petrochemical and power generation industries. Shortly after its
founding, the company developed and introduced its own Hydraulic Tensioners and
Hydraulic Nuts.Through the years, HTI has developed an impressive list of
satisfied customers, located worldwide, by providing the best hydraulic
tensioning solutions for their applications, by delivering their orders on
schedule and by supporting them after delivery.

City: Seattle
Category: Hydro Acoustics Equipment
HTI engineers and biologists pioneered hydro acoustic equipment designs,
research applications, and data collection and analysis techniques. Senior
personnel each have 15-25 years of experience in hydro acoustics, and have
authored hundreds of technical reports and publications on hydro acoustics. A
motivated staff of technical and administrative personnel supports all project

City: Niagara Falls
Category: Sensing Devices
HTM electronics industries specialize in the supply of sensing devices to
industry. These sensors provide the interface that allows for the automation of
many production machines, thereby increasing the productivity of our industrial
base.HTM personnel have many years of industrial experience as well as a high
level of specific product knowledge to assist in the application of all types of
sensors. Our products are proven devices that provide our customers with
reliable operation under the pressure of production

City: Irvine
Category: Digital Semiconductors
Skyworks Solutions Inc is a global leader in analog, mixed signal and digital
semiconductors for mobile communications applications. The company's power
amplifiers, front-end modules, direct conversion transceivers and complete
system solutions are at the heart of many of today's leading-edge multimedia
handsets, cellular base stations and wireless networking platforms. Skyworks
also offers a portfolio of highly innovative linear products, supporting a
diverse set of automotive, broadband, industrial and medical
customers.Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, Skyworks is worldwide with
engineering, manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout Asia, Europe
and North America.

City: Centralia
Category: Marine Engines and Printings
Hubbell's family has a long history in the United States; the first family
member in the country, Richard Hubbell, had emigrated from England in the
1640's. The first Harvey Hubbell - father of the Company's founder - had been a
partner in two clothing manufacturing firms, the second of which was operating
in Long Hill, Connecticut, during the founder's childhood. Harvey Hubbell II
left home for his secondary education in Poughkeepsie, New York, and in New York
City. Following that formal education, he began a business career that would
make him one of the nation's true entrepreneurs. The long series of patents,
which he was awarded, are testimony to his imagination, technical expertise, and
skill in mechanics.His first work experience was with manufacturers of marine
engines and printing machinery, but his greatest interest was in a continuous
series of his own ideas for products to make-work more efficient, life more
convenient. Though he advanced, by age 31, to the position of Superintendent of
Works for the Cranston Press Works, Hubbell wanted to put those ideas to work.
He resigned and in 1888 opened his manufacturing facility in a small loft on
Middle Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

City: Poughkeepsie
Category: Fittings and Accessories
Fargo Mfg Company Inc a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated, manufactures
fittings and accessories used in distribution, transmission, substation and
telecommunications applications. Fargo was founded 1914.

City: Orange
Category: Electrical Equipment
Hubbell's venture into electrical equipment manufacturing had been engendered by
an incident some years before. While walking in New York City, Hubbell happened
upon a penny arcade, which had just closed for the day. The arcade had been
equipped with several electrically operated games, including one where two
boxers, maneuvered along slots in the floor of the miniature boxing ring, threw
right or left uppercuts at each other with the touch of the proper button. While
a favorite with customers, the boxers and other electrical games caused problems
for the arcade's staff.

City: St Louis
Category: Weatherproof and Hazardous Location Products
Hubbell Killark Stahl is a leading manufacturer of weatherproof and hazardous
location products suitable for standard, explosion proof and other hostile area
applications.These products consist of fittings, enclosures, lighting fixtures,
distribution equipment, motor controls, plugs and receptacles. Hazardous
locations are those areas where a potential for explosion and fire exists due to
the presence of flammable gasses, vapors, dust or easily ignitable fibers and
include such places as refineries, petro-chemical plants, grain elevators and
processing areas.

City: Christiansburg]
Category: Lighting Products
From its inception in 1963, Hubbell Lighting established its position in the
lighting industry by producing outdoor, industrial and environmental lighting of
the highest quality. Through an in-depth knowledge of the electrical distributor
and contractor markets, Hubbell Lighting has been consistently able to combine
innovative technology with practical lighting brand solutions and service
oriented performance. Product innovations such as Superbly highboys,
Paramilitary® wall packs, Miniliter® floodlighting and energy saving NRG®
fixtures have led the way in creating value oriented, energy saving,
environmentally friendly luminaries.

City: Wadsworth
Category: Insulators
Ohio Brass is a division of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. Today, Ohio Brass
continues to thrive on developing new technologies and state-of-the-art power
products. Manufacturer of insulators for transmission and distribution,
intermediate and station class arresters. For a detailed review of the history
of the electric utility operation of Ohio Brass, please review the Ohio Brass
Visionary brochure.

City: Leeds
Category: Electrical Connectors
Anderson Electrical Products Inc a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated was
founded in 1887. Anderson manufactures electrical connectors, clamps, fittings
and accessories for substations, transmission and distribution lines. Anderson
also offers a wide line of crimping tools. Anderson has been ISO-9002 registered
since 1994.

City: Stonington
Category: Wiring Products
Hubbell Premise wiring brings to its customers a tradition of excellence that
goes back more than a century. Ever since it's founding Hubbell Inc has
continually set the standard for innovative, quality and durable products and
systems. The Company built its reputation among specifies, engineers,
contractors and end users - professionals who demanded uncompromising
performance and reliability.Here are a few of the factors that distinguish our
products from all others, and enhance our ability to provide your voice and data

City: South Bend
Category: Electrical Boxes and Covers
Raco is the United States' leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes and
covers. Raco also offers a complete line of nonmetallic boxes and covers,
metallic and nonmetallic electrical fittings and accessories for the electrical
contracting market.

City: Milford
Category: Lightening Control System
Hubbell Building Automation, a division of Hubbell Inc is a leading developer of
lighting control technology for lighting systems. Hubbell Building Automation
leads the market in the technological innovation of HID lighting and occupancy
sensor-based controls vital to the energy conservation of modern lighting
systems.Hubbell Building Automation develops and markets an innovative suite of
lighting control solutions primarily for commercial, industrial and
institutional applications and has saved companies up to 60% on energy

City: Freeburg
Category: Electrical Enclosures
At Hubbell Wiegmann, becoming a leader in the electrical/electronic enclosures
industry didn't happen overnight. We earned this leadership position with over
77 years of extensive experience in manufacturing electrical enclosures for the
OEM, Commercial Construction, and MRO markets.Today, the Hubbell Wiegmann name
has become synonymous with traditional NEMA enclosures, JIC enclosures,
non-metallic enclosures, aluminum enclosures, and wire way system.

City: Milford
Category: Electric Illuminating Bulbs
Started in 1888 by founder Harvey Hubbell in Bridgeport, Connecticut, many of
Hubbell's first patents were for manufacturing machinery. In 1891, Hubbell had
an idea to make Edison's electric illuminating bulb more useful. Fixtures for
electric light were slowly replacing the gas lamps, prevalent at the time. The
gas lamps were usually installed in the center of the ceiling or mounted high on
a wall. In many cases, the electric lights burned continuously. With no existing
wiring in the buildings, the installation of a separate circuit or switch to
control the fixture was costly. Who knew, after all, whether this new electrical
novelty would last long enough to justify the expense?

City: Aberdeen
Category: Power Transmission Products
Hub City Inc became a wholly owned Subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation in
1992, a year that also marked Hub City's 100th anniversary. Over the years, Hub
City has provided power transmission products for use in packaging, recreation,
transportation, military, construction, arts and entertainment, communication,
material handling, medical and food processing equipment. Over 50% of Hub's
products are either modified or completely customized. One of the best benefits
of doing business with Hub City is its exceptional engineering capabilities. A
company on the leading edge of technology, Hub City takes pride in understanding
its customers' needs and in providing cost effective solutions. For example, Hub
City provided extensive engineering support and over 1800 custom gear drives to
develop Solar One, the world's first solar power plant located in the Mojave

City: San Rafael
Category: Power Transmission Components
Huco Engineering Industries Ltd was founded in 1965, employing the properties of
engineering plastics in combination with metals, to create and market a range of
innovative miniature power transmission components. Since then, our products and
manufacturing processes have been continually developed. Now Huco is recognized
as the UK market leader in this specialized field, with an enviable record of
application engineering success and a reputation for quality products and
service.In addition to the UK market, we have successfully developed worldwide
sales of Huco products and today we have distributors throughout Europe,
including Scandinavia, the USA and the Pacific Rim including Japan and Korea.

City: Hudson
Category: Custom Tubing and Flexible Tubes
For nearly 50 years, Hudson Extrusions Inc has consistently provided our
customers with one of the most extensive product inventories of any extrusion
company. We continually monitor our customers' changing needs and update our
stock inventory as needed, to help you keep pace with the latest advancements in
technology.While Hudson Extrusions carries an enormous inventory of stock tubing
and profiles, we also understand that you often need products customized to fit
your individual projects. Our advanced extruders can create your products in
almost any shape, size and color you need, including metric sizes. We can also
perform special or angle cuts you require, even if you need two different angles
on the same tube.

City: Hudson
Category: Models and Casting
Hudson Machine Shop has recently expanded it's facility and would like to
welcome anyone requiring machining service to contact us for a free estimate.
Hudson Machine Shop has been at it's present location for more than 20 years.
Our machinists have an average of over twenty years experience in prototype,
production, model, and castings. With this much experience we will deliver your
parts on time and on specification.

City: Farmington
Category: Power Supply
Huettinger Electronic is a global leader for innovative power supply technology.

City: Clover
Category: High Precision Machine Tools
Founded in 1961, Huffman Corporation provides multi-axis, computer numerical
control (CNC), contour-capable, high-precision machine tool systems.
Headquartered in Clover, SC, just outside of Charlotte, NC, Huffman sells to the
airframe, flight and industrial gas turbine, medical, cutting tool, on- and
off-road vehicles and materials processing markets worldwide.Huffman proudly
manufactures multi-axis super abrasive grinding systems, multi-axis laser
drilling, cutting and powder fusion welding systems and multi-axis precision
abrasive water jet systems.

City: San Diego
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Quick turn prototype printed circuit boards with exceptional engineering support
and service.

City: Germantown
Category: Broad Band Satellite Network
Hughes Network Systems, LLc (HNS), is the world's leading provider of broadband
satellite network solutions for businesses and consumers, with more than 800,000
systems ordered or shipped to customers in 85 countries. HNS pioneered the
development of high-speed satellite Internet access services and IP-based
networks, which it markets globally under the Direcway brand. Direcway terminals
are based on the IPoS (IP over Satellite) global standard, approved by both TIA
and ETSI standards organizations.Headquartered outside Washington, D.C. in
Germantown, Maryland, USA, HNS maintains sales and support offices worldwide and
employs approximately 1,500 people in engineering, operations, marketing, sales
and support. It operates manufacturing facilities in Gaithersburg, Maryland. HNS
is certified to the ISO-9001 standard.

City: Melbourne
Category: Data Processing Equipment
Hull Speed Data Products Incorporated is a producer of high-reliability,
state-of-the-art data communications accessory products designed to facilitate
the connectivity and enhance the performance of a broad range of computer and
data processing equipment, including mainframes, minis, and PCs. The key to the
popularity of our products is the fact that they enable users to significantly
improve their data communications performance using existing equipment, thus
eliminating or reducing the need for capital expenditures for new equipment.

City: Fountain Hills
Category: Humidity and Temperature Sensing Solutions
Humirel is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and sales of innovative
humidity and temperature sensing solutions in a wide variety of markets, with
high quality and mass production. We are also committed to provide you with a
reliable distribution network, quality technical support, and leading-edge
technological innovation. With 130 sales offices, 13 agents and distributors
located in Europe, in USA and Asia, Humirel ranks between the world's top
Humidity and Temperature solution supplier. Our reputation is based on our
ability to react to develop customized and competitively priced solutions for
your specific needs.

City: Woodside
Category: Electric Components
In the late 1950's a manufacturer of electronic components developed a series of
conformal coatings designed to improve the life span and reliability of these
products. The coatings were named HumiSeal to describe the ability to protect
electronics against environmental stress and damage caused principally by
humidity. Within a decade the high quality, ease of application and growing
selection of coatings for specific applications made the line of HumiSeal
coatings the leading conformal coatings in the industry. Products focus on
enhanced protection of printed circuit board assemblies and electronic
components subject to hostile environments and rugged conditions such as those
found in marine, aerospace and military applications.

City: Huntington
Category: Electrical and Electronic Products
Huntington Electric Inc has been in business since 1950. Our products are
designed and manufactured to the highest degree of reliability and quality in
the industry. Our practice of blending quality, price, delivery and flexibility
has given us the reputation and responsibility necessary to qualify as a quality
vendor for major electrical and electronic manufacturers throughout the world.

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