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USA manufacturer database

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Previews of data we have available:

City: Mountain View
Category: Ultra High Vacuum Research Equipment
Huntington Mechanical Laboratories Inc (Huntington), was founded in 1969 and
soon earned recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-high
vacuum (UHV) research equipment. Huntington has been supplying quality products
to the highly discriminating semiconductor industry and national research
laboratories for over a quarter of a century.Whatever the final application,
research devices, testing equipment, or process systems, Huntington products can
be relied on to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. With a continuing
focus on improved design and superior production techniques, Huntington has
become a primary source for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum products,
including both standard and custom designed components. Huntington products can
be found in industrial and research applications throughout the world (and
sometime even outside of it).

City: Mill Creek
Category: Electronic Printed Circuit
In 1995, the company introduced the ProTrack® Series of automatic computer
controlled repair stations. Automatic probing using a robotic flying head prober
made these systems ideal for rework areas in electronic printed circuit assembly
applications. These flying head probers can also be interfaced with other types
of test equipment.In 1999, Huntron formed a strategic alliance with Goepel
electronic, of Jena, Germany, making Huntron Goepel's exclusive distributor of
their Boundary Scan Test Systems products in North America. Many leading
electronics manufacturers use Huntron and Goepel products worldwide in the
inspection, test and repair of electronic printed circuit assemblies.

City: Salem
Category: Steel
In 1919 Hunt Valve Company began as the father and son business C.B. Hunt and
Son. The reason for the partnering of father and son was a manufacturing
contract for Bethlehem Steel. As the new company's first customer, Bethlehem did
not enter into contracts with minors. Not yet 21 years of age, young N.C. Hunt
was given the contract only after his father signed as partner.

City: Tampa
Category: Elastomeric Vinyl Plastic Grips
As the first manufacturer of elastomeric Vinyl plastic grips in the United
States, (U.S. Patent 2,666,340), Hunt-Wilde is not only the world's leading
handlegrip manufacturer, but is also one of the foremost experts on injection
molding Vinyl. Since 1946, we have been supplying a large cross section of
industry with innovative solutions and designs to meet their products needs.
Large or small, custom designed or standard parts, each customer can expect
superior service, American made quality, dependable production and timely

City: St Paul
Category: Cutting Tool Storage Products
Since 1926, Huot has had a commitment to quality. All with the goal to provide
you with the best cutting tool storage products possible. To see our newest
products, check out what's New At Huot, or look for the "New" logo on the inline

City: Indianapolis
Category: Computer Controls
Hurco Companies Inc is a global industrial automation company that designs and
produces interactive computer controls, software and computerized machine
systems for the worldwide metal cutting and metal forming industries.What makes
Hurco unique? A commitment to providing better value in its product line through
quality made machines and controls that optimize the machine's ability and the
customer's profitability.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Automation Equipment
Huron Net Works has played a pioneering role in both the development of the
DeviceNet standard and in the implementation of DeviceNet systems. Our technical
leadership within the DeviceNet community, and within the ODVA itself, has
enabled us to quickly bring DeviceNet capability to numerous suppliers of
automation equipment.One of the many reasons for our success is our commitment
to help our customers take care of their customers. Our customers do not simply
purchase a product or service; they inherit our knowledge and ability. Huron
staff is commonly involved in the design, installation, and startup debug of
systems incorporating our products. Our customers know that we will help them
with issues even when our products are not being used.

City: Princeton
Category: Sub Fractional Motors
1950-marked Hurst's beginning when a small tool business opened its doors. The
growing business quickly expanded to supplying larger customers such as IBM. In
the late 1950s, a line of intermediate sized timing motors was introduced and
during the next 20 years they became established as a premier supplier of
permanent magnet synchronous and stepper motors. In 1984, Hurst became a
division of the Emerson Motor Technologies and grew into a leading producer of
sub-fractional motors.

City: Princeton
Category: Motors and Controls
Emerson Motor Technologies based in St Louis Missouri, Hurst's product
development teams have access to all technology support functions of a world
leading motor company. This synergy enables Hurst to introduce new innovative
motor and control technologies, providing rapid solutions for our
customers.Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create
solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a
world in action.

City: Waukesha
Category: Hydraulic and Electro Hydraulic Controls
Husco International Inc is a global leader in the development and manufacture of
hydraulic and electro hydraulic controls for off-highway and automotive
applications. Husco assists OEM engineers throughout the product development
process - working as an extension of the OEM engineering staff. Experienced in
concurrent engineering practices, Husco provides support from the conceptual
stage to the production stage of product development to maximize product value
and performance. With facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Husco is
strategically positioned to meet your hydraulic power control application needs.

City: St Charles
Category: Magnetic Separation Equipment
Hustler Conveyor Company designs, manufactures and provides the complete
solution for your recycling, mixed solid waste and scrap processing needs.
Hustler Conveyor offers a full line of conveyors including: Steel Belt, Roller
Chain Belt (PVC Style), Flat Belt Sliders, Troughers, Stackers, Oscillators and
Vibrating Screens. To provide the complete system, Hustler also manufactures
Magnetic Separation Equipment, Trommels, Bale Breakers and Mezzanines.

City: Pasadena
Category: Surface Preparation
Hutchins Mfg Co specializes in surface preparation. Our achievements in advanced
technology for surface preparation are recognized as standards worldwide.
International competitive sanders imitate and incorporate at least one of our
patented creations: the 5-Point Suspension System, Dust Free Sanders, the Vacuum
Assist Program... Hutchins Mfg Co is a family run and owned company in business
for over 54 years. All of our sanders are made in the factory and go through
rigorous testing before final approval, which guarantees that all tools are
"Hutchins Quality."

City: Hutchinson
Category: Suspension Assemblies
Hutchinson Technology designs and manufactures suspension assemblies for hard
disk drives. Suspension assemblies are precise metal springs that hold a disk
drive's recording head at microscopic distances above the drive's disks. They
are critical to the operation of the disk drive. We estimate that our company
manufactures the majority of the worldwide supply of suspension assemblies for
all sizes of disk drives produced by all of the major disk drive makers.Our
vision at Hutchinson is to passionately enable the Information Age. Accordingly,
we focus our talent, energy, commitment to excel and distinct expertise in
precision manufacturing on developing products that enable superior solutions to
information technology challenges.

City: Frisco
Category: Semiconductor Switching Devices
Hutson Industries, formed in 1965, specializes in the development and
utilization of advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to produce
low-cost, high-quality semiconductor switching devices for the industrial user.
Today, it is a leader in thyristor applications technology and one of the
largest manufacturers of thyristors.Hutson emphasizes quality and reliability.
In the manufacture of thyristor-type devices, Hutson has pioneered many
improvements to increase reliability and yield and reduce cost

City: Hayward
Category: Stainless Steel Vacuum Valves
HVA is the premier manufacturer of high and ultra high quality stainless steel
vacuum valves, fittings and components for the semiconductor, scientific and
high technology industries. For over 32 years, original equipment manufacturers
and research facilities have depended on the reliable integrity of HVA valves
for their systems and critical vacuum applications.

City: Cedarburg
Category: Ceramic Capacitors
HVC manufactures the largest variety of high voltage, disc style ceramic
capacitors in the industry.

City: Madison
Category: Testing Equipments
High Voltage Equipment Diagnostics Inc is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.
We specialize in predictive maintenance and diagnostic testing of high voltage
substation equipment. HVED Incorporated uses state-of-the-art non-intrusive test
methods to assess the operational health of the equipment and source locate
potential problem.

City: Trevose
Category: Tool and Die Precision Machine
For over 50 years, HV Industries has been providing tool & die manufacturing and
precision machine work for the container, special packaging, pharmaceutical,
aerospace, food processing and other consumer and industrial markets.Our 65,000
sq. ft., climate-controlled facility is equipped to manufacture with the latest
in CNC: lathe, milling, hard turning, 3D jig grinding, cylindrical and surface
grinding, E.D.M ram and wire.

City: Tonawanda
Category: Ceramic Carbon Resistors
HVR Advanced Power Components Inc is an affiliate of HVR International Ltd., the
major worldwide supplier of ceramic-carbon resistors. Based in Jarrow, northeast
England since 1963, HVR International began as Morganite Resistors, and later
became Allen-Bradley Electronics. The HVR identity began in 1991, aiming to
expand the range and variety of ceramic composite resistor applications. We
maintain world quality standards in our ISO-9002 certified factory.HVR Advanced
Power Components Inc was established in the U.S. in 1993 to provide expanded
services and broader product range to our U.S. customers. HVRAPC maintain
facilities in Tonawanda, New York for sales and applications support, inventory
and value-added assembly and integration services.

City: Manassas
Category: Diagnostics and Monitoring Equipment
HV Technologies Inc located in Manassas, Virginia is a wholly owned subsidiary
of HV Diagnostics AG, Germany and a group member among leading companies in High
Voltage Test, Diagnostics and Monitoring Equipment. We have a century of
experience and dedication in serving the testing equipment needs for the power
utility, power apparatus, and electronic equipment industries.Lemke Diagnostics
GmbH in Dresden, Germany is our group company for Partial Discharge Diagnostics
and Power Factor Measurements. They manufacture instruments for dielectric
diagnostics and monitoring on electrical power systems and apparatus. This
leading edge technology company has traditionally supported fundamental research
on dielectric behavior of insulating materials and is now the foremost expert in
this field. Our partner Highvolt Dresden Ltd is a very established, over
90-year-old former Siemens Company. They have invested heavily in R&D and
facilities, and as a result, now have the most advanced and exciting HV Impulse,
AC, and DC test equipment in the world. Dr. Strauss Ltd., our partner for
impulse measurement equipment, focuses solely on the development and
manufacturing of Transient Recorders for HV impulse and switchgear applications.

City: Vernon Hills
Category: Machinery Products
Hwacheon Machinery America Inc was established in 1993 to support the sales
efforts in the North American and South American markets. In order to address
the needs of each market and specific customers we have built a national and
local support operation so that the unique requirements and manufacturing
objectives of our customers can best be met. Chicago is now the home of Hwacheon
Machinery America.Based in Vernon Hills, IL, we provide technical support and
services directly and through our distributor organization. Effective May 1,
1997, Hwacheon relocated to a larger facility that includes a technical center,
showroom; spare parts storage, engineering and applications support. Hwacheon's
commitment to the future is strong and based on a foundation of quality products
and customer support.

City: Akron
Category: Test Equipment
H W Wallace & Co Ltd began as general engineers in 1901 working for local
Corydon companies and successfully developed a range of machines for the
confectionery and food canning industries.In the late 1930's Wallace became
involved in joint development programmes with the Rubber and Plastics Research
Association and undertook the design, manufacture and sales of test equipment to
evaluate the physical properties of rubber and other polymeric materials.

City: Fremont
Category: Material Handling Products
From initial concept to successful implementation, Hyac Corporation Specializes
in the clean movement and processing of high-technology Material within Ultra
Clean and High Technology environments.The US subsidiary of YAC Co Ltd of Japan,
Hyac Corporation has proven its ability to meet the ever-evolving process and
material handling requirements of our customers in the Hard Disk Drive Media,
Semiconductor Front and Back End, Flat Panel Display as well as the garment
cleaning industries.

City: Woburn
Category: High Voltage Power Products
Hyacinth Technology Inc was established in 1993 with the goal of providing high
voltage products for a wide variety of applications with quality, value,
expertise and support that would significantly raise the benchmark in the
industry.Today, with thousands of our products proven in the field, and with
more new products being designed into cutting-edge applications, we remain
steadfast in upholding our original goal of setting new standards for ourselves
and for the industry.

City: Escondido
Category: Thermo Sonic Ball and Wedge Wire Bounders
Hybond Inc designs, manufactures and sells Thermo sonic Ball and Wedge Wire
Bonders; Single Point TAB Bonders; Epoxy and Silver-Glass Die Bonders; Eutectic
and Laser Diode Die Bonders; DFS Universal Bonder Test Units and a variety of
adjustable height heated work stages.Established in 1980 and incorporated in
1981, Hybond equipment has reached the farthest regions of the world. We have
customers on every continent spanning across a number of industries including:
Academic (Universities, Colleges and Institutes), Aerospace, Data Storage,
Microwave, Sensors and Optical Fiber Telecommunications to name a few.

City: Ayer
Category: Back Planes Assemblies
Hybricon is a privately owned company located in Ayer, Massachusetts in a modern
manufacturing building. Hybricon manufactures backplanes, card cage/backplane
assemblies and complete subsystem interconnect packaging. These products are
shipped to customers throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our production
capabilities extend from standard packaging to complex, fully custom systems.

City: Tempe
Category: Electronic Assemblies
HDA/SMC was founded in 1980 and has been providing high quality hybrid circuits
and surface mount products to the aerospace, medical, hearing aid,
communications, agriculture, and down hole oil well logging industries. Product
areas include power supplies, sensors, microcomputers, memories, RF and high
speed test instruments and signal processing modules, to mention a few.As a
world-class contract manufacturer, HDA/SMC provides a full line of services for
electronic assemblies. Using MIL STD 883 and IPC-A-610 as baselines for quality
criteria, the end products meet the requirements of the most demanding

City: Marlborough
Category: Micro Electronic Assemblies
SatCon Electronics is a leading manufacturer of microelectronic assemblies and
thin film substrates. Operating for almost 40 years as FMI and Hycomp, we
utilize our vast experience and state of the art facility to solve the most
complex challenges in the Communications, Aerospace, Industrial and Defense
industries. We offer custom and standard products to suit the rigorous
requirements of these industries.

City: Bethlehem
Category: Hydraulic Products and Accessories
At Hydac, our people are geared to help your application design succeed with a
wide range of fluid-power products: Hydraulic Filters, Accumulators, Valves,
Clamps, Electronics, and Compact Hydraulic Systems.Hydac provides fluid power
solutions to OEM's, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy-duty
mobile and industrial equipment. These solutions increase the efficiency,
longevity and safety of fluid power systems - even under extreme conditions.

City: Dayton
Category: Ultrasonic Sensors
Sensing the object is the beginning of any high-speed machine control
function...the higher the sensing reliability, the higher the efficiency of the
control. Using the latest in ultrasonic technology, Hyde Park designs and
manufactures reliable noncontact sensors for the most difficult applications.
Depending on the application, Hyde Park offers variations of three sensing
modes: proximity, retro reflective and thru-beam.

City: Cleveland
Category: Coolant Filtration and Recycling Equipments
Welcome to the MonlanGroup, your industrial coolant filtration and fluid
management solutions provider. MonlanGroup has been solving customer coolant /
wastewater problems for over 40 years by providing standard and custom
engineered coolant filtration / recycling systems and equipment. We can help
reduce your operating expenses by increasing tool life, reducing chemical
purchases, minimizing waste hauling costs, and improving your work environment
and employee morale.

City: Northbrook
Category: Automation Equipment
Hydracast Producer USA has represented the Producer Company of Tainan, Taiwan in
North America since 1993. Producer Company was founded in 1979 and has sold over
3000 die casting machines worldwide. Our history includes over 35 years of
supplying die casting equipment to the industry. Our relationship with our
factory in Taiwan enables us to offer a combination of their skills with our
service. We carry a complete line of spare parts and have factory trained
service personnel to insure our customer base complete support in the field. We
have successfully sold and installed many machines in both captive and job shops
all over North America. We can arrange visits and allow our potential customers
to see our equipment operating in production. We also have videotape available
on request. Please feel free to study our hot chamber zinc and magnesium die
casting machines; our automation equipment; our remanufacturing capabilities and
our inventory of used machines.

City: Anaheim
Category: Drilling Control Pod and Shear Seal Solenoid
Hydracon was incorporated 1977 in Houston, Texas, and again in 1990 in Anaheim,
California. Prior to Hydracon, the founder, Alex Pullos, had a long history of
innovative engineering achievements in the oceanic, aerospace, and offshore oil
industries. His early experiences were with aerospace hydraulics firms Parker
Hannifin Aerospace, Bertea Corp, and Futurecraft Corp. During the mid-60's, with
North American / Rockwell (now Boeing), he had designed and built several
underwater research vehicles, and obtained several patents. During the
early-70's he designed and built Hydril's first subsea drilling control pod and
shear-seal solenoid valve and other related products. With HydroTech
International, he was responsible for controls for the "Deep Water Pipeline
Repair" program. Hydracon (Texas) was the sales representative for Giannini,
Brantner, Benthos, General Oceanics, and others.In 1990 Hydracon (California)
began engineering and manufacturing its own designs of submersible electric
switches, solenoid valves, solenoid actuators, and a few other oceanic products.
By the end of 2002 Hydracon's products had grown to well over fifty models,
including a couple of NAVSEA models.

City: Burbank
Category: Liquid Flow Switches and Aneroid Valves
Hydra-Electric Company's mission for over 50 years has been to provide its
global customers with advanced electro-mechanical solutions for the monitoring
and control of pressurized operating systems.Established in 1948, Hydra-Electric
designs, develops and manufactures high performance pressure, temperature,
liquid flow, air speed and altitude sensing switches for commercial, military
and aerospace applications. Hydra-Electric pressure switches can be used in
gage, differential, vacuum, altitude and airspeed applications and on hydraulic,
anti-ice, pneumatic, lube oil, fuel, potable water or cryogenic systems. Other
products include thermally operated (temperature) switches, liquid flow switches
and aneroid operated altitude valves for aircraft turbine engine gearbox and
sump pressurization.

City: Lincolnshire
Category: Electro Hydraulic Control System
Hydra Force is aggressively pursuing the hydraulic cartridge valve,
electro-hydraulic control, custom integrated circuit manifold, and electronic
vehicle control markets. Since our founding in 1985, we have grown to become a
world-leading supplier of these products.Our success is due to our commitment to
innovation and quality in this challenging marketplace. Our products
consistently achieve the optimum combination of quality, efficiency and economy.

City: Mt Clemens
Category: Precision Work Holding Device
Hydra-Lock Corporation, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, originated, developed, and
patented the concept of hydraulically expanding arbors and chucks. Although
Hydra-Lock has licensed other companies to build certain patented items, today
we are the only manufacture who produces all three classes of this
sophisticated, precision work-holding device.Mt Clemens, Michigan - Hydra-Lock
Corporation the " Originators of Hydraulic Chucking" are proud to announce the
newly patented, multi-operational, Tool Chuck. These diamond OD tool chucks
increase performance by having a hydraulic holder built in. The dampening effect
of a hydraulic holder helps eliminate vibration and chatter and allows for a
quick tool change. The pictured tool incorporates several diamond cutters on the
outside diameter of the tool holder, while precisely locating a diamond tipped
tool with the hydraulic chuck.All of our tool holders are precision balanced and
maintain a T.I.R. of only .0002". In addition, the diamond cartridges on the
outside diameter are easily repaired or replaced.

City: Manitowoc
Category: Hydraulic Swivels
Hydra-Tool®, a division of Lube Devices Inc has been designing and manufacturing
multi-passage swivels with the ability to accommodate electrical circuitry since
1963. Advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques provide close tolerances
and ensure the high quality demanded in today's world market. Let our dedicated
team of engineers and skilled machinists design and manufacture hydraulic and/or
pneumatic swivels that will meet your specific requirements.

City: Medina
Category: Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulico as was founded in Denmark in 1946. The company manufactures large
straight side hydraulic presses for deep drawing from sheet metal of stainless
and mild steel as well as aluminum.The presses are used for manufacturing
products such as wheelbarrows, suitcases, containers, sinks, bathtubs,
automotive parts, gas cylinders, pots and pans and window fittings.Hydraulico
has delivered more than 4,000 presses during the company's more than 55-year
history for customers in about as many countries.

City: Harrison Twp
Category: Vickers and Dension Components
Hydraulic Parts Source was established in 1996 with a clear vision of
exclusively serving the hydraulic sales and service industry.Located in Harrison
Township, Michigan, Hydraulic Parts Source is a premier supplier of Vickers,
Racine and Denison remanufactured components and replacement parts.Our
experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, and ongoing commitment to
improvement result in remanufactured components of the highest quality.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Air Driven Liquid Pumps
Hydraulics International is a manufacturer of air driven liquid pumps,
amplifiers, gas booster, high-pressure valves and systems.

City: Sioux Falls
Category: Hydraulic Components For Testing
Hydraulic World offers hydraulic supplies, service and repair in a clean
atmosphere. A convenient service counter allows customers to carry in hydraulic
components for testing and repair.If fast, dependable service is important to
your business, see Hydraulic World at 123 North Marion Road in Sioux Falls,
South Dakota

City: Auburn Hills
Category: Fluid Power and Pneumatic Refrigeration
Hydra-Zorb Co has been the leader in the strut mounted clamp market for over 30
years, offering a wide variety of solutions when shock, vibration and corrosion
are a problem. As the originator of the cushion clamp assembly, Hydra-Zorb is
the name to request in the fluid power, pneumatic, refrigeration and HVAC

City: Sylmar
Category: Lighting Product
In the early 1960s Hydrel set out to make the most reliable underwater lighting
the world has ever seen. This was no small task, but we accomplished it. Since
then, as we've moved up onto land, we've continued to build all Hydrel outdoor
lighting products the same way.Our passion for illuminating architecture and
surroundings goes back to the early days as well. Over the years, we've led the
industry in developing advanced optical packages, giving the designers an array
of tools to place light and color for dramatic effect.

City: Houston
Category: Drilling Systems
Hydril Company LP manufactures a wide variety of products for petroleum drilling
and production. Standard products include premium tubular connections for casing
and tubing, high torque tool joints, blowout presenters, diverters, pressure
control systems, drill stem valves and actuators, subset drilling systems, high
performance chokes and oilfield and custom rubber products. Today, Hydril's wide
range of advanced-design casing and tubing connections ensure the integrity of
some of the world's deepest wells and prevent potential economic and
environmental disaster. These connections are specifically designed to safely
contain very high pressure in the tubing and casing strings that conduct oil or
gas to the surface from deep in the earth.

City: Rome
Category: Shockwave Power Reactor
Hydro Dynamics Inc was founded in 1991 to research, develop, patent and license
an innovative new technology called "Shock Wave Power™" ("SP"). The Company is
headquartered in Rome, Georgia where it operates all research and administrative
activities. Depending on the application, Shock Wave Power™ can provide one or
more of these key benefits to major manufacturers: reductions in energy
requirements, improvements in process efficiencies, reduction or elimination of
maintenance-based process downtimes or significant environmental improvements.
Some of the primary "SP" applications include heating, concentration, and mixing
of dissimilar fluids such as gases and liquids.

City: Burbank
Category: Fluid Control
Hydrodyne Design, Development and Manufacturing of Components for Fluid Control.

City: Reading
Category: Machining and Tooling
Hydrojet Inc quality, service and value are the principles we founded our
business on in 1988 and remain dedicated to today. We specialize in employing
today's most advanced machining technology to meet the needs of our customers.
Our client list includes major Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of
industries. We are an approved aerospace and military supplier.Hydrojet Inc has
the ability to integrate totally into your existing manufacturing system. When
you approach Hydrojet as nothing more than an extension or group within your own
company that's where you'll find we really shine.

City: Austin
Category: Multi Parameter Sondes
For more than 35 years, Hydrolab has designed and manufactured multiparameter
sondes for water quality monitoring in the environment. At the heart of Hydrolab
instruments is our superior sensor technology, which ensures that the important
data you collect is solid, reliable, and dependable. In addition, our sensors
are built to last, so your total cost of ownership is ultimately the lowest in
the industry.Hydrolab multiprobes are built around a common set of reliable
sensors and electronic components. Packaged in a rugged, non-corrosive housing,
our multiprobes also include user-friendly software, printer-ready data formats,
and compatibility with third-party devices.

City: St. Louis
Category: Transfer Machines
Hydromat Inc emphasizes continued after sale support in the form of engineering,
parts inventory, comprehensive customer service, and training, thereby ensuring
that the manufacturing systems developed for our customers continue to meet the
challenges for which they are designed. Manufacturing solutions are conceived
and engineered in St. Louis -- solutions that can be easily incorporated into
the customer's environment. The basic machine elements are born in Switzerland,
where precision and quality are a tradition. Locally manufactured components are
then married to the basic machine to complete the Hydromat system.

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Pumps and Power Packs
Air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units are core products for Hydronic
Corporation. Founded in the 1953, the company manufactured a range of specialist
hydraulic components and remote controls. In 1985, under a new and aggressive
ownership, the company expanded with its first range of air driven pumps and
power packs. Reciprocating piston pumps and high-pressure systems became the
focus of their business. The company has recently expanded its design capability
and enters the 21st century with air driven fluid pumps from 500 PSI to 26,500
PSI. The range includes miniature products for manifold mounting, complete
modular power packs off-the-shelf and models covering most flow and pressures
for building into sophisticated pumping systems. Hydronic staff work closely
with distributor, user and original equipment customers in the manufacturing
industry powering clamps, fixtures, presses, lift tables, special purpose and
production machines.

City: Birmingham
Category: Hydraulic Cylinders
Incorporated in 1976, Hydro/Power, Inc. has become one of the worlds leading
custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.Manufacturing exclusively for the OEM
equipment market, we produce hydraulic cylinders for some of the world's most
prestigious original equipment manufacturers in a multitude of diverse

City: Massillon
Category: Custom Cooling System
Whether using evaporative, dry air, shell and tube or plate and frame heat
exchangers or a combination of cooling methods, Hydro Thrift can fulfill
virtually any customer's industrial cooling need with an appropriate closed loop
system. Our personnel and facilities combine to provide our capability to take a
project from concept to timely shipment. All Hydro Thrift systems are designed
as packaged components to facilitate on-site installation.Since 1973, Hydro
Thrift has steadily grown into a worldwide supplier of packaged, closed loop
cooling systems. Our experience with a wide variety of industrial equipment
cooling applications has enabled us to become specialists in the design,
engineering, and fabrication of custom cooling systems.

City: Oberlin
Category: Machining and Fabrications
Established in 1969, Hydro Tube has been providing innovative, value-added,
quality products for the last thirty-five years -- building a solid reputation
on consistency, quality and service. At Hydro Tube, excellence in bending,
machining, and fabrication is more than a rich tradition. It is a firm
foundation for the future. Over one hundred years combined experience in
off-road construction equipment hydraulics ranging from low pressure suction and
return lines, to the high pressure 6000 PSI systems of today

City: Flemingsburg
Category: Hoses and Accessories
Hypac Inc is a manufacturer of low-pressure hydraulic systems, as in power
units, cylinders, hoses and accessories.

City: Dallas
Category: Digital Signal Processing
Hyperception Inc was founded in 1984 to provide Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
development software tools that combined the power and cost-effectiveness of two
emerging technologies: the IBM PC and plug-in boards with single-chip DSP's.
Since its inception, Hyperception has been committed to supplying cost-effective
software tools that reduce or eliminate design barriers for DSP developers and
engineers. The company's software tools now support over 40 DSP boards, and
focus on the areas of traditional DSP design and analysis, virtual
instrumentation, code generation, and simulation/CASE.Hyperception's engineers
believed long ago that the flexibility and power achieved through use of Digital
Signal Processing, combined with the price/performance advantage of single chip
DSPs was something more than a passing fad. In the beginning, the founders
planned to use DSP technology to develop speech recognition tools for the
consumer market, but being a self-funded company, couldn't initially afford to
purchase the tools normally used to develop these high-tech algorithms. So,
using DSP as the core, they decided to use their own engineering expertise and
develop these tools themselves.

City: Montreal
Category: Routing Equipment
Since it's inception, Hyperchip's vision has been to build the next generation
of Internet routing equipment that brings the reliability of connection-oriented
networks (ATM, Frame Relay, TDM) together with the flexibility of
connection-less networks (IP). As Internet traffic continues to increase and
diversify with enterprise and consumer applications (IP VPNs, VoD, hosted
telephony, VoIP) and service level and price competition pressures increase,
carriers need a new approach to IP networking to ensure profitability.
Cost-effective, optimized IP networking begins with the Hyperchip PBR-1280 - a
core IP system that offers investment protection, reliability, streamlined
infrastructures, deployment flexibility, and predictable performance.

City: Gilbert
Category: Ultra Pure Cleaning Equipment
HyperFlo produces an innovative line of precision, critical & ultra pure
cleaning equipment that supports a broad range of aqueous, semi-aqueous &
solvent cleaning & surface treatment applications. Unique to our technology is
the use of vacuum technology in a single chamber cleaning, rinsing & drying
environment.The single chamber platform provides advanced cleaning; the most
effective vacuum drying available today, drastically reduced operator interface
& a small footprint (typically 4' x 4'). HyperFlo also offers the tightest
SCAQMD compliant sealed solvent cleaning systems available on the market today.
This product line utilizes vacuum technology in the capturing and recycling of
solvents and solvent vapors for immediate re-use in subsequent cleaning cycles.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Telecommunication Equipment
Founded in 1994, HyperLink Technologies is an industry leader in the
development, manufacture, and marketing of extended range wireless LAN and
Wireless Internet systems. HyperLink offers a wide line of products ranging from
bi-directional amplifiers and wireless LAN antenna systems to custom cable
assemblies and connectors.Through direct sales and strategic technological
partnerships with leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and
international distributors, HyperLink serves a diverse commercial and government
customer base worldwide and is able to offer complete, high performance wireless
LAN solutions for commercial, government, and military applications.

City: Escondido
Category: Machine Intelligent Techniques
Hyper Logic Corporation, established in 1990, develops and markets tools for
applying machine intelligence techniques, specializing in neural network and
fuzzy logic applications. With customers on every continent except Antarctica,
Hyper Logic enjoys the largest installed base for fuzzy logic tools (as reported
in AI Expert magazine).Hyper Logic's predecessor, Olmsted & Watkins, was one of
the first suppliers of neural network software for programmers. Since 1988 the
OWL Neural Network Library has seen use in laboratories and schools worldwide.

City: Fremont
Category: Optical Detection Sensitivity
Since their introduction in the late 1980's emission microscopes have been the
standard and often first tool utilized by Failure Analysts, Yield, and
Reliability and Design engineers. These systems are used by the semiconductor
community as the initial screening tool for locating both visible and
non-visible flaws from the front side and backside of semiconductors. They have
proven themselves as the most effective primary tool to locate damaged or poorly
designed semiconductors.Hypervision holds the prominent position of being the
largest worldwide supplier of emission microscopes. Hypervision's "family of
products" cover every aspect of emission microscopy including sample
preparation, advanced sensor design for optimal detection sensitivity, lab based
systems, portable test floor systems and the related advanced optic to support
the application science.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Nano Mechanical Test Instrument
Hysitron is committed to designing, producing, and servicing the world's leading
nano mechanical test instruments.Hysitron is a leading supplier of nano
mechanical instruments for advanced research and industrial applications. For
ten years Hysitron has developed and supplied the most advanced instrumentation
available for nanoscale surface analysis. Hysitron's instruments are designed to
enhance productivity and operate with a high level of accuracy and

City: Minnetonka
Category: Imaging Products
Image Systems Corporation, a Minneapolis-based company, designs, manufactures
and markets high resolution, high bright monitors, to customers who have
stringent and/or unique requirements, including the medical, military and
scientific marketplace.

City: Portsmouth
Category: Measurement and Control System
Imagic is a custom designer and manufacturer of advanced systems and subsystems
sold to major measurement, control and communications companies

City: Oakdale
Category: Removable Data Storage Products
Imation is the world's leading provider of removable data storage products
designed to help customers create, protect, and retrieve valuable digital
assets. With more than 50 years advancing the performance of removable data
storage media formats, Imation is the only developer and manufacturer in this
industry with the technology, partnerships, and vision to lead the industry into
the future. With a sole focus on removable data media, we develop, manufacture,
and sell premium optical and magnetic media technologies to businesses and
people who want to capture, create, protect and preserve their digital
information.>From large data centers to distributed networks that rely on
Imation tape cartridges for data processing, security, business continuity,
backup and archiving applications, to consumers and small businesses who depend
on Imation's cd and dvd discs to store, edit and manage business data, photos,
video, images and music on professional and home desktops. Each and every
product we deliver carries Imation's more than half century of dedication to
developing the world's most reliable removable data storage products - today and
into the future.

City: Foothill Ranch
Category: Optical Access and Media Conversion
Networking the world since 1988, IMC Networks is a leading ISO 9001:2000
registered manufacturer of optical access and media conversion solutions for
lan/man and FTTx networking applications.Our product line consists of hundreds
of solutions, including intelligent edge access devices for delivering
next-generation Optical Ethernet services to business and residential customers.
We also offer the industry's widest range of copper-to-fiber Media Converters,
fiber mode converters, distance extenders, repeaters.

City: Randolph
Category: Microwave Integrated Components
GT Microwave Inc is a designer and manufacturer of "State-of-the-art" Microwave
Integrated Components for use in ground base, shipboard, airborne and space
based applications. GT Microwave has amassed a customer base by providing the
Leading Edge in Performance of the highest quality products with on-time
delivery. Our experiences in industry are demonstrated by our involvement in
highly visible programs.Optimized narrowband or broadband technology, GT
Microwave manufactures its catalog or custom components to operate in the VHF,
UHF and Microwave bands, a frequency range from 30MHz to 26.5GHz. These devices
are offered in passive, analog, current or voltage controlled, linear zed and
digitally controlled programmable models, including temperature compensation.

City: Chicopee
Category: Air Tools
Founded on the banks of the Connecticut River in South Hadley, Massachusetts, a
half century ago, the company now known as Guardair Corporation was established
by a team of American toolmakers who recognized the need for high-quality air
guns for industrial cleaning and production applications that, while powerful
enough to handle even difficult jobs, provided maximum safety for those who use
them.Today, as 50 years ago, the Guardair vision remains the same. We
consistently apply our innovative design, engineering and manufacturing
expertise to produce the finest line of air tools available on the market today,
incorporating the latest pneumatic technology, superior noise control, ergonomic
design and safety features which meet or exceed every applicable Osha

City: Woodstock
Category: Electro Mechanical and Electro Magnetic Products
With over a 65-year history, Guardian Electric Manufacturing Company, a
privately held corporation, has served a diversified range of industrial,
commercial, and military markets. The organization's core competency has evolved
over the years and currently includes the design, manufacture and distribution
of electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic products.Guardian applies these core
capabilities to four segmented groups: Solenoids, Relays, Switches, and Control
grips. While applications for these products span a host of industries, key
markets for the solenoid and relay groups include business equipment, medical
equipment, safety and security equipment, vending/dispensing equipment, as well
as the automotive industry. Guardian control grips and specialty switches are
primarily used throughout the aerospace industry, while new product offerings
are penetrating commercial equipment and automotive markets.

City: Michigan City
Category: Shaft Couplings
Guardian Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of shaft couplings,
motion control couplings, engine flywheel couplings, pipe couplings, and PTO
shafting. We welcome engineered specials for custom applications. We demand the
highest quality of our employees so we can deliver quality to you, our customer.

City: West Warwick
Category: Extrusion Product
Guill Tool's extrusion product line includes: crossheads, spider less inline
dies, dual crossheads, inline dies, palletizing dies, multi-layer heads, dual
wall crossheads, custom designed crossheads, tips & dies, heaters, flanges,
replacement parts, breaker plates, clamps, swing gates, stands, tool cabinets &
tables.Guill Tool's services the following industries: wire & cable, medical,
rubber, fiber optic, profile, blow molding, industrial, automotive tube, hose &
tube, pipe, plastic & plastic compounding. Guill Tool offers contract
manufacturing services as well as engineering, training & consulting.

City: New Orleans
Category: Stainless Steel Welding Products
Manufacturer and supplier of aluminum and stainless steel welding products to
the welding industry. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana since 1982, we have been
supplying quality products to a broad variety of customers. Boats, ships,
planes, trains, trucks, cars, bikes, and yes even the kitchen sink get welded
together with our welding wire products.Along with our sister company Nichols
Wire Inc which has been manufacturing mechanical aluminum wire products in
Florence, Alabama since 1952, we make more mechanical aluminum wire than any
other company in North America.

City: Metuchen
Category: Thermal Print Head
Gulton is a pioneer in thermal print head development and production. We have
developed hard protective coating, which extends the abrasive life of our print
heads by more than two times that of some of our largest competitors. Gulton's
United States based office and production facility manufactures thermal print
heads for shipment worldwide to the "gaming, wagering, and lottery market," the
"tag ticket and label market," and automated data collection market. Because of
our American heritage, we have gained a unique position in the industry having
become the only U.S. manufacturer of thermal print heads.

City: Austin
Category: Touch Panel and Electro Luminescent Products
Gunze USA is a privately held company of Gunze Limited, Japan is the industry
leading touch panel and electro luminescent lamp manufacturer providing the
latest technological solutions to touch panels and EL backlighting and was
established in 1988 to meet the growing demand of Electro luminescent products
and Flat Touch Screens. Located in Austin, Texas, Gunze has a wealth of
technological and human resources to support our customers ever changing
requirements. Gunze, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, contributes
specialized knowledge with materials and processes including ITO thin film
sputtering, phosphor enhancing techniques, and new EL technology development.

City: Troy
Category: Optical Encoder
The Gurley enterprise was established in 1845, first as the partnership of
Phelps & Gurley and in 1852 as W. & L. E. Gurley. William Gurley and his younger
brother Lewis E. were both engineering alumni of Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute, in Troy, NY, and brought to the business a hunger for technical
innovation and unrivaled marketing skill. Exposure at the Centennial Exposition
in 1876 launched the company into international prominence from which it never
fell. The brothers built a factory in 1852 that operated in departments, each
department turning out different components, which were then assembled. This
revolutionized the industry, which, to that time, operated as small shops
making, essentially, individual instruments. Gurley was able to roughly halve
the price of their instruments over those of their competition, while
maintaining quality.Throughout the 19th century Gurley continued to expand its
product line and gradually moved into others. In 1885 Gurley began making
hydrologic equipment, like current meters; in 1903 they opened a department of
Weights & Measures; in 1905 they acquired Charles Wilder Thermometers and moved
it to Troy; in 1908 they opened Department P, making mechanical, electrical, and
scientific apparatus; in 1923 they launched a line of paper testing equipment;
and in the 1950s moved into applications of optical encoder technology.

City: Dry Ridge
Category: Machine Tool and Pumps
Manufacturer of Rumaco®, Pioneer®, and Gusher® pumps, represents one of the
largest selection of centrifugal pumps available from a single manufacturer.
Models include close-coupled pumps, end suction pumps, immersed pumps,
self-priming pumps, vortex pumps, sludge pumps, multi-stage pumps, and full
cantilever pumps. Many in vertical or horizontal styles. Ideally suited for
small and large flow rates, and our multi-stage pump is capable of heads in
excess of 800 ft. We also manufacture a range of diaphragm pumps, and turbine
pumps.Numerous models and sizes permit selection of the most hydraulically
suitable pump for many capacity/head ranges without having to up or down size
operating characteristics. Gusher Pumps manufactures pumps for a wide range of
applications including Din specifacations, ANSI specification, machine tool and
centralized coolant systems, automatic paint systems, industrial spray washers,
filtration systems, phosphate and bonderizing lines just to name a few.

City: Lakewood
Category: Spraying Equipment
Graco | Gusmer is the world's leading supplier of high-performance spraying
equipment for polyurethane foam, polyurea, and other plural-component
application challenges. More OEMs and contractors around the globe use Graco |
Gusmer equipment than any other brand. Graco | Gusmer spray machines and guns
are manufactured in ISO 9001-2000 registered facilities in the US and Europe and
are distributed worldwide. For the past eight decades, and in over 40 countries,
the world has chosen Graco | Gusmer for its high-performing equipment,
manufactured under the most strenuous quality-control standards.

City: St Louis
Category: Twin Tube Fluorescents
Guth's extensive indirect series features the new 320, 350 and 400-watt T15
Pulse Start MH lamps and higher output twin tube fluorescents. Available in
custom colors, sizes and shapes. Bio-Seal™ - features seam welded aluminum
housing, IP66 heavy-duty hose down and dust tight listing, Class1 Div2 and
longer ballast life. Sets a new benchmark for laboratory and animal containment.

City: Saratoga Springs
Category: Blast Machinery
In Guyson's over 60 years of designing and manufacturing blast machinery, we've
solved some of the toughest problems in cleaning, finishing and impact surface
treatment.At the heart of the Guyson method are our Free Blast and Free Wash
sample testing services, combined with our engineering laboratory - the largest
and best-equipped facility in North America dedicated to blast cleaning and
surface finishing applications.

City: Saratoga
Category: Hardware and Software Products
Gyration Inc is a leading provider of advanced hardware and software solutions
that remove the technological barrier between user input devices and digital
displays in the business communication, home entertainment and computing market
segments. Gyration's flagship products include state-of-the-art wireless RF
controllers, mice, keyboards and motion-sensing devices. The company has
developed and patented their unique method by which an inertial sensor detects
natural hand motions to move a cursor or graphic on a television screen or
monitor. Gyration offers its products through direct and OEM sales as well as
through an extensive A/V reseller channel. The Saratoga, California Company was
founded in 1989 and is privately held.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Electronic Paper
Gyricon, LLc is the only company in the world with Smart Paper™ poised to change
communication forever. Developed at the renowned Palo Alto Research Center,
Smart Paper is a reusable display material like paper, but is electronically
write able and erasable.Gyricon's growing portfolio of product offerings
provides customers in retail, hospitality, educational and other markets the
ability to manage and display dynamic content on new electronic media. These
innovative business solutions are practical, labor saving and cost effective.

City: Valencia
Category: Single and Dual Axis
We offer a complete line of linear electric motors including; single and dual
axis linear steppers, DC brush and brush less linear motors, voice coil
actuators, and AC induction motors.Our high speed and high precision linear
motor driven positioning stages are ideal for both single and multi-axis closed
loop servo applications. We also offer a complete line of ball screw, lead screw
and belt driven positioning stages. We can provide you either a standard or
custom designed positioning stage by itself or as a complete turnkey solution
with a servo amplifier, power supply and programmable motion controller.

City: Chamblee
Category: Power Transmission & Conveyor Belts
Founded in 1946 in Reinach, Switzerland, Habasit's aim was to revolutionize the
power transmission and conveyor industries by introducing the world's first
fully synthetic belt. Our success is rooted in our commitment to quality,
innovation and technology.

City: Glastonbury
Category: Build Equipment
Habco Inc founded in 1970, is a company that designs and builds equipment for
testing of components and assemblies for aerospace, power generation, and the
automotive industries. The design staff includes mechanical and electrical
engineers for equipment design, and software designers who develop software for
automated and data acquisition machine applications. The 15,000 square foot
facility, located on 40 Sequin Drive, in Glastonbury, CT, contains a fully
equipped sheet metal and welding fabrication area, a paint department, precision
machine shop, electronics lab, and several assembly cells where all equipment is
built in-house.Habco began its business as a vendor to many United Technologies
divisions located in Connecticut, including Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Hamilton
Sundstrand, and Sikorsky Aircraft. The company gradually expanded its sales
focus to include all engine OEMS, airline maintenance shops and MRO's worldwide.
The company has further diversified by designing and building test equipment for
the fuel cell, electronics and automotive industries along with the design and
build of support equipment cranes for Sikorsky and Bell Helicopter.

City: Princeton
Category: Cables
Habia Cable is part of the Beijer Alma group of companies, which is an
internationally active industrial group, focused on production of components for
customers in high-technology sectors.Habia Cable develops, manufactures and
markets custom designed cables and cable systems for demanding industrial

City: Hamilton
Category: Climate Security System
The Habitat Monitor® Climate Security System TM products are specifically
designed for the protection of valuable climate sensitive goods such as wine and
cigars. Without this protection, your wine or cigar storage system may be
robbing you: bottle-by-bottle, cigar-by-cigar. For less than the cost of a
moderately priced case of wine or box of cigars, the Habitat Monitor® watches
over the wine cellar or cigar humidor and sounds an alarm whenever temperature
or humidity levels fall outside desired ranges.

City: Loveland
Category: Analytical Instruments and Reagents
Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents
used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Our systems are
designed to simplify analysis with reliable, accurate results.

City: Houston
Category: Fabricating Machinery
Welcome to the Haco-Atlantic website! We would like to invite you to navigate
through our site to learn more about our full line of sheet metal fabricating
machinery.More than 35 years of experience, building state of the art
fabricating equipment made our company one of the leading manufacturers of
fabricating machinery worldwide.

City: Woodbridge
Category: High Voltage Test System
Haefely Test AG is a well-known and reliable single-source supplier of high
voltage test systems. With the incorporation of the Tettex product line, Haefely
Test AG has an excellent reputation based on an extensive range of high voltage
test products. Customers support is guaranteed by a vast worldwide network of
well trained and an experienced crew of service engineers!

City: Norcross
Category: Electrical and Electronic Enclosures
Worldwide supplier of standard and custom electrical and electronic enclosures,
modular cabinets, consoles, 19" racks, PC cabinets, network cabinets,
distribution cabinets, wire ways, climate control products, filter fans, heat
exchangers, air conditioners, punching tools and accessories.

City: St Louis
Category: Hinges
Charles Hager brought the first hinge manufacturing machinery to St Louis in
1873. Up to that time, hinges were made by the more time consuming method of
forging. Around 1900, machinery was designed and built at the plant to further
speed up the hinge making process to meet the high demand for hinges for both
commercial and residential purposes.Charles Hager was an expert gunsmith and a
very shrewd businessman who knew the importance of quality products and
unmatched customer service from the very beginning. The use of high quality
materials, and a lot of hard work, gave his company a foot up on the rung of
success that we still maintain today as one of the world's three largest makers
of hinges.Product development has always been a high priority at Hager
Companies. In the early 1900's, Charles Hager revolutionized the industry by
developing new compact butt type hinges. This strong hinge played a significant
part in the development of the more than 5,000 different hinge types and sizes
that Hager Companies has available today. By 1911, Hager Hinge had a market
share of the new butt hinges and by 1918; the company was experimenting with new
manufacturing techniques and equipment that would provide more speed and
efficiency in production without losing their high quality standards. In 1962,
Hager installed the latest electro-plating equipment, which automatically dips
racks of hinges into plating solutions to give beautiful finish of chrome,
nickel or brass without buffing. This system greatly sped up the plating

City: Mountainside
Category: Precision Nozzles
In 1937, Mr Harsch (a tool and die maker by trade) and Ludwig Goetz, his partner
formed the first two letters of their last names into what has become one of the
world's largest manufacturers of precision nozzles …Hago.The business was built
on the innovations made by Hermann Harsch and the many loyal employees who
assisted him in developing the unique manufacturing equipment that even today is
the basis for producing the finest nozzles in the market.The business flourished
and Hago gained a solid reputation, particularly within the oil heating business
as the nozzle of choice for the leading oil burner manufacturers who trusted
Hago to supply nozzles with consistent flow rates, well defined spray patterns
and accurate spray angles.

City: Endicott
Category: Keyboard Encoders
Our Company was established in 1994 to produce quality eyboard encoders backed
by excellent customer service. Since that time, we have greatly expanded our
product line to provide a diverse feature range for all applications involving
keyboard ports, mouse ports, USB interfaces and much more.Our company has grown
in every year since being established, and our reputation for customer care and
high quality products is well known in the industry. We look forward to
continuing to expand our product line to meet the current and future needs of
our customers. We always have new products in development, so check our website
often for new product announcements.

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Latches and Handles
At Guden, we stock a wide array of products for your industrial door or lid
project. When you contact us, one of our customer service representatives will
be assigned to your order, giving you the best advise available about everything
from hinges and gas springs to latches and handles.To meet all your industrial
hardware needs for cabinets and doors, we carry an enormous supply of continuous
hinges, butt hinges and specialty hinges, in a wide variety of materials and
finishes. For projects that require customized hinges, or modified gas springs,
latches or handles, Guden offers the expertise and solutions you need to get the
job done right...and within budget. And with our automated inventory management
and product replenishment systems, we can quickly accommodate demanding
schedules and delivery requirements.

City: Villa Park
Category: Ultra Precision Tooling and Machines
Haimer is a medium-sized family business located in Igenhausen Germany. We
develop and produce innovative ultra-precision tooling and machines, primarily
in the field of machine tools. Our range comprises tool holders, balancing
machines, 3D sensors, centering tools, and inductive shrink machines and
accessories.A staff numbering approximately 130 is employed in our production
plant with state of the art machinery, a high degree of automation and sound
production methods. As a company certified to provide professional training,
Haimer ensures its own skilled staff for the future by taking on most of the
trainees who have completed their apprenticeship. Our own product development
team works on practical innovations.

City: Rockford
Category: Gear Pumps and Power Units
The Hydraulic Systems Division, one of four divisions of Haldex AB, Stockholm,
Sweden, has been a worldwide leader in the design and development of hydraulic
gear pumps and power units for over 75 years. To meet the demands of today's
global market, Hydraulic Systems Division has product engineering support
located at all four manufacturing locations-Rockford, Illinois, Statesville,
North Carolina, Hof, Germany and Skånes Fagerhult, Sweden. A focused
multi-national research and development team continues to develop products aimed
at the specific needs of the Mobile Equipment Market.

City: Conshohocken
Category: Fire Protection
Motivated by the desire to develop a fire pump which would improve fire
protection, Alan C. Hale, E. J. Wendell, and C. H. Young, Jr. formed Hale Fire
Pump Company in 1914. The three founders were all members of the Radnor, Pa.
fire department that had, in 1906, purchased the first motorized pumper in
America. Through their involvement in the Radnor Fire Department, the three men
believed that the key to building a better pump lay in taking advantage of
improving gasoline engine designs.Hale, Wendell, and Young designed and built
their first pump in 1914. Christened the "Young Giant" and mounted on a Simplex
chassis, the new pump made its first appearance at the Wayne Opera House fire
where it operated for six consecutive hours, proving its superiority over
existing pumps.

City: Crosby
Category: Airfield Equipment Lamp
Hali-Brite also manufactures a complete line of L-801 and L-802 rotating beacons
for commercial and military airports and heliports. Our patented designs (U.S
Pat. 5,816,678) eliminate all slip ring and gear maintenance. Metal halide lamp
technology is used to provide the brightest possible illumination at a low
operating cost. The performance of Hali-Brite rotating beacons is unsurpassed in
the marketplace.We also manufacture a complete line of Beacon Towers, L-806 and
L-807 Wind Cones, Runway Closure Markers, REILs, Runway/Taxiway Lights and
Obstruction Lights. We also have an extensive inventory of airfield equipment
lamps, lenses and replacement parts.

City: Westlake Village
Category: Educational Electronic Kit
We offer a wide selection of High Quality educational electronic kits for
various skill levels.

City: Rock Hill
Category: Welding Automated Equipment
Hall Dielectric Machinery specializes in the design of Automatic systems to
increase production and lower cost. Hall Dielectric Machinery Company Inc
designs and manufactures in-line and turntable systems with pick and place
material feeders.

City: Fort Wayne
Category: Seals and Sealing Solutions
Hallite is a provider of seals and sealing solutions to the global fluid power
industry. We operate in all five continents of the world, and work with a number
of major international brands - renowned for their commitment to engineering
excellence. Our philosophy is simple. We want to build long-lasting meaningful
relationships with customers; built on an unequalled commitment to product
quality, technology leadership and service excellence.

City: San Luis Obispo
Category: Light Boxes and Light Tables
Hall Productions now offers thirty-five models of light boxes and light tables,
from high-end to economy. As you know, there is a trend toward user-friendly
work environments. Our handcrafted solid wood light boxes fill this need both
attractively and functionally.If you need a different size or you have a special
application for using a light box, let us know. We frequently do custom orders.
No other manufacturer can offer this level of service. Nothing compares to our
handcrafted light boxes and light tables. Contact your local Photographic
Equipment Dealer, Scientific Apparatus Dealer, and Artists'.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Audio and Automation Products
Since 1984 Hall Research Technologies has been manufacturing innovative
Audio/Video and Automation products with exceptional quality and reliability in
the United States.Hall Research is a major designer and supplier of
high-resolution video systems world-wide. Our equipment is used extensively in
the following.

City: Redwood City
Category: Signal Transformers
Halo Electronics Inc manufactures the highest quality communication magnetic
including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes and low power DC/DC
converters. Halo is a technology leader in many areas offering leading edge
solutions that provide real estate and cost savings.Halo offers a complete line
of Local Area Networking (LAN) products including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet,
Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM and Fiber Channel over copper. HALO also
offers a broad range of WAN products for T1/E1/PRI ISDN, T3/E3/DS3, DSL, as well
as 56 and 64Kbps for DDS, DSU and OCU applications.

City: Penfield
Category: Universal Mounting Bracket
Manufacturer of universal mounting bracket.

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