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USA company database

USA manufacturer database

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City: New Bedford
Category: Sports Goods
Titleist's mission is to serve the needs of the seriousand recreational golfer with value added products and services thathave a competitive advantage worldwide. Titleist shall be aProduct/Market Driven Company, local market responsive, but organizedaround centralized product development and supply systems. Be globalbut think local.Titleist is committed to satisfy golfers with golf products of superiorperformance and quality. The Titleist culture will be one ofchallenging up and supporting down. Recognizing that the ultimatecompetitive advantage is an environment that utilizes and develops thecreative energies of all associates, our objective will be to developgoal directed work teams empowered to anticipate and respond tochanging consumer/market conditions.

City: Attleboro
Category: Power Conversion
Founded by a group of Power conversion industry veteransin 1998, the company's directive is to design, develop, and manufactureState of the art Surface-mountable, pick & placeable, DC-DC powerconverters.API offers over 500 various Surface-mount & through hole products andis located in Attleboro, Massachusetts (just north of Providence, RI).API holds the rights to one "Electrical" Patent and is continuallydeveloping new technology. API has developed unique solder andsoldering process that allows the ability to solder reflow API'sproduct to 240C without any special processing.Our interchangeable lead frame allows our customers the ability tomigrate into surface mount technology without having to re-qualify theelectrical design.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Motion Simulation Products
ACUTRONIC is the leading supplier of motion test andsimulation systems for the Aeronautic, Space, Defense and Automotivemarkets. We support our customers through comprehensive maintenancecenters and subsidiaries located in Europe, the United States and Asia.Our dedicated technical staff satisfies customer requirements byproviding reliable hardware and software along with unrivaled customersupport and service.ACUTRONIC supports the industries with an attractive selection ofproducts ranging from single-axis rate and positioning tables to five-axis HWIL simulation systems. ACUTRONIC has more than 30 yearsexperience designing and maintaining motion simulators of all types andorigins.

City: Blue Bell
Category: Integrated Hydraulic Systems
Manufacturers of proprietary products for integratedhydraulic systems.

City: Cleveland
Category: Hazardous & Non-hazardous Enclosures
Adalet offers an extensive line of explosion-proof andflameproof enclosures and fittings for hazardous and non-hazardousenvironment markets. Our engineered enclosure systems include explosionproof junction boxes, motor control enclosures, meter housings,instrument housings and increased safety enclosures. The Adalet productline also includes pilot devices, conduit and cable accessories, highvoltage cable couplers and other related electrical products forindustry.These products made from cast and sheet aluminum, stainless steel andfiberglass are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13applications. These NEMA rated electrical enclosures carry extensivecertifications and approvals both domestic and international. UL, CSA,FM, CENELEC and ATEX approvals are among some that Adalet can offer.

City: New Milford
Category: Scales & Balances
Adam Equipment is a global supplier with more than thirtyyears experience in the production and sale of electronic weighingequipment. Our scales and balances are supplied and serviced from oneof our 3 international locations in the UK, Country: USA and SouthAfrica and distributed through our worldwide dealer network. AdamEquipment's products are predominantly designed for the laboratory,medical, educational and light industrial markets.It is the policy of Adam Equipment to offer as wide a choice aspossible, enabling the user to select the most suitable balance interms of specifications and price. In most cases we are able to offertwo or even three alternatives in order to meet a customer'sprice/performance expectations.

City: Cleveland
Category: Appliance & Equipments
GAMA, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, is anational trade association of manufacturers of residential, commercialand industrial appliances and equipment, components and relatedproducts. GAMA's scope includes oil-fired and electric equipment aswell as gas-fired equipment. GAMA's members account for over 90% ofU.S. sales of gas and oil-fired space heating equipment and gas, oiland electric water heaters. GAMA also represents manufacturers ofequipment used in the production, transmission and distribution of fuelgases, and manufacturers of power generation equipment such as fuelcells and microturbines used to provide building services. GAMA'smembership reaches beyond the United States with members in Canada,Japan, Europe, Australia and South America.GAMA headquarters is located in Arlington, Virginia, with easy accessto Congress and the federal agencies. GAMA Certification Services islocated in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. GAMA now also has an office inBeijing, China.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Winding Equipments
For over 40 years, Adams-Maxwell Winding systems has builtan industry reputation for quality products and a "customer orientedattitude" that is dedicated to serving all the needs of our customers.Our reputation for quality products is the result of many years ofexperience, a professional engineering staff, and highly skilledtechnicians and manufacturing personnel all working together to producethe most reliable products on the market.The Adams-Maxwell Winding Systems winding equipment has come from yearsof development and fine tuning to bring you the best in technology andreliability at affordable pricing.

City: Houston
Category: Sealing Systems
For over 40 years ADAMS has stood in the forefront ofadvanced HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY valve technology, the ADAMS name issynonymous with superior performance, quality and reliability.The company was formed in 1960 to market valves incorporating itspatented triple-eccentric inclined conical seat metal sealing system.This revolutionary improvement in valve technology has set newstandards for seal life, tightness and temperature range.The advanced features of this sealing system allowed for rapiddevelopment of special designs to meet critical requirements inapplications as diverse as high temperature, cryogenics, watertransmission, hazardous gases, emergency shut-down and nuclear plantsafety systems. Today ADAMS covers the complete spectrum of rotary,isolation, control and check valve applications from the simplest tothe most advanced.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Automation Equipments
ADAPT Automation Inc. is a full service facility withengineering, fabrication, welding, assembly, electrical andinstallation capabilities. We have been designing and buildingautomation equipment for all industries for over 29 years. Follow thelinks shown below for more information about the company and ourcapabilities.

City: Milpitas
Category: Storage Components
Adaptec provides a complete suite of solutions thatsimplify storage deployments and allow organizations to easily upgradeto higher levels of capacity, data protection and performance to meettheir growing storage needs. Adaptec's broad range of interoperablechips, add-in cards and network storage arrays gives businesses aseamless migration path from internal to external storage. All theproducts use a common management tool to simplify storageadministration and reduce related costs.Adaptec's storage leadership is rooted in its 20 years of bringingcomplex storage technology to mainstream businesses by making it easyand cost effective to use. The company pioneered SCSI (Small ComputerSystem Interface), a technology that enabled end users to easily andaffordably connect their PCs, Macs, servers and workstations to storagedevices and peripherals. Adaptec also reduced the cost and complexityof RAID to help drive the widespread deployment of the data protectiontechnology, simplify data management and reduce total storage ownershipcosts.Today, Adaptec continues to simplify storage with a family ofinteroperable solutions that enables organizations to easily and cost-effectively scale storage across direct-attached and networkedenvironments and a broad range of technologies - including SCSI, SerialATA, Serial Attached SCSI, iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Adapters
We specialize in providing custom solutions to yourinterconnect challenges.

City: Tracy
Category: Interconnect Products
Adapters-Plus specializes in IC sockets and interconnectsolutions for the electronic industry. Our main specialty is footprintcompatible, surface mountable BGA sockets.We also specialize in providing custom solution adapters for replacingobsolete or hard to obtain packages. We design a module that willconvert your new IC package to your old footprint. We also offer customIC sockets, for PGA, IPGA, Dip, Shrink Dip, SOP, QFP. We can assist inpackage development, prototype and test applications. We guaranteequality products, fast delivery, and superior services at competitiveprices.Adapters-Plus promises to work diligently to exceed all customerexpectations. Our goal each and every day is to respond to all customerinquiries by providing accurate solutions for their electronicinterconnect applications. Our primary focus is on the Ball Grid Arrayarena. We will work harder than anyone else to provide each and everycustomer with the highest level of service and satisfaction.

City: Raleigh
Category: New Product Development, Wire & Cable Abatement

City: North Billerica
Category: Microwave Products
Manufacturers of analog & digital microwave transmitters,recievers & antennas.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Alpha LED Display Signs
For over two decades, Adaptive Micro Systems LLC hasdesigned, developed and manufactured exceptional, visually superior,business communications solutions worldwide.We provide overall communication systems from the lobby to the loadingdock, from the foyer to the meeting room. No matter what your businessis, our background with standard and custom applications decreasesdowntime, increases efficiency and keeps your business in motion. Ourproduct offerings are wide-ranging and have been incorporated intoIndustrial Automation, Material Handling, Transportation, Theatre,Gaming/Lottery, Safety, General Employee Communications, Call Centersand Hotel/Hospitality to name a few.Our displays are available in indoor and outdoor, standard and custommodels, dependent upon our customer need and applications. Single andmulti-line electronic signs in standard and custom configurations/sizes- ALPHA, BETAbrite, ALPHAEclipse and ALPHAVISION.We've designed and developed our own ADAPTIVE Software Product Lineproviding the option of single display, to networked marqueecommunication - with the freedom of total control our customers expect.

City: Newton
Category: Silicon Embedded Networking Systems
Adaptive Networks is engaged in the research, developmentand sales of silicon embedded networking technology for use in anywiring environment that exhibits adverse or electrically hostileconditions. Our technology is applicable to communications over anymedia where noise or signal integrity is an issue, in particular,powerline, existing twisted copper pair, cable, and wireless. Workingat the physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers, thedeveloped technologies optimally take into account the requirementsthat noisy and distorted media impose on these layers.Our technology alleviates the expensive, complex and time consumingproblem of running wire by allowing data networks to operate in thesame reliable fashion, at the same or higher bandwidths, over existingwiring infrastructure such as national electric grids, on-premisespowerlines and other copper media, at maximum distances. This makes itfeasible for users to leverage existing wiring to establish primary,supplementary, complimentary and redundant network communications.

City: Cambridge
Category: Electro-Optic & Opto-Mechanical Products
Adaptive Optics Associates (AOA) designs, develops andmanufactures a wide variety of standard and custom electro-optic andopto-mechanical products. Since its inception, AOA has steadilyexpanded its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide itscustomers with the highest quality products, systems and services.AOA has an extensive history of selling to government, scientific andindustrial customers including: NASA, DoD, FedEx(r), PPG, Lockheed Martinand the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.We have provided solutions to our customers' most challengingrequirements. With over twenty years of experience as a systemsintegrator, AOA has the expertise and manufacturing capability to meetthe most demanding production schedules.

City: Longmont
Category: Modular Embedded Computers
Adaptive Systems, Inc. modular embedded computers offerthe design engineer maximum flexibility for hand-held, portable andembedded X86 computer based products. These modules are off-the-shelfcomponents that support the customers' fast time-to-market goals.

City: Hayward
Category: Global Embedded Computer
Kontron is one of the world's largest suppliers ofembedded computer technology to a diversified customer base in thecommunications, automation, mobile, medical, military, aerospace, testand measurement, and encryption security markets. Our vision is to helpleading OEMs, Systems Integrators and Application Providerssignificantly reduce their time-to-market to gain a competitive edge.Our ability to service global customers in markets that move at lightspeed is strengthened through our business groups and facilities acrossAsia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, and the United States, as well as ouraffiliates and strategic investments in select companies.Our portfolio of products includes industry-standard PCI, CompactPCI(r),and VME board-level solutions, open platform communications servers,industrial-grade rackmount solutions, human-machine interface (HMI)systems, portable computers, embedded hardware, application-specifictechnology and custom-engineered solutions.

City: Berkeley
Category: Communication Equipments
Adax was founded in Berkeley, California in 1982, to meetthe communication needs of the emerging open systems marketplace. Overthe past 20 years Adax has provided superior signaling solutions topremier telecoms companies across the globe. Adax Europe wasestablished in 1990 to meet the specific needs of the EMEAmarketplaces.The Adax products are designed to meet the demanding signalingrequirements of today's complex telecommunications environment. Theproducts and solutions from Adax are entirely future-proof due to thecommonality of API between Adax software products and customerapplications. Adax customers benefit from unparalleled flexibility viathe diverse and extensive product set and options available. Thecompletely scalable product set allows Adax to accommodate the smallestto largest requirement.The Adax products can be used in many combinations to build Signaling ,VoIP and Media Gateways; SGSN, GGSN, RNC and MSC signaling solutionsfor GPRS and 3G networks; Billing and monitoring systems.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Network Infrastructure
We help the world communicate, supplying networkequipment, software solutions, and integration services for broadband,multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voicecommunications over telephone, cable television, Internet, broadcast,wireless, and enterprise networks. Our mission is to enablecommunications service providers worldwide to serve their residentialand business customers more efficiently. We achieve this with talentedand dedicated employees who are complemented with a diverse resource ofsuppliers.

City: Fall River
Category: Commercial Laundry Dryers
We devote our business totally to provide you with dryersthat perform better than any other. The result os this single-mindedpursuit is well recognized. The ADC symbol is the hallmark trusted bylaundries worldwide for total quality-the kind of quality that hashelped estabilished American Dryer Corporation as the world's solemanufacturers of commercial laundry dryers.

City: Gardena
Category: Tools & Sub-assembly
ADC has provided thousands of tooling solutionsto its customers since 1979. Our services support the complete spectrumof manufacturing planning and tooling needs, from prototype throughfull production projects. We accept design-build, design-only, andbuild-to-print orders for individual tools or complete subassembly.Since our beginnings, we have led the way in the application of CAD/CAMtechnology to tooling solutions. Today, our tool engineers operate alarge number of CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer and Autocad CAD/CAMsystems. We design tools from engineered designs defined by solidmodels to legacy specifications.Our 220,000 sq. ft. facility features NC machining, metal forming,controlled environment welding and tool assembly capabilities. We alsooperate a soft tooling department. Experienced machinists, welders andtool builders use these resources to provide high quality tooling atcompetitive rates.

City: Portland
Category: Network Access Equipment
Kentrox is known as a leading provider of high quality andhighly reliable network access equipment. It has a rich history ofproduct innovation and leadership, as well as exceptional customerservice.The reputation of Kentrox was built on its Data Service Unit/ChannelService Unit (DSU/CSU) product line. Kentrox DSU/CSUs are tailored tomeet the needs of most applications from enterprise networks at centraland remote sites, to smaller business networks, wireless applications,and Internet access.The company pioneered multi-service access concentrator technology in(1993), resulting in the highly successful line of AAC(tm) (ATM AccessConcentrator) products. These concentrators connect voice, video anddata traffic with public ATM services and private wide-area networks(WANs). The AAC products support multiple protocols and a wide range ofline speeds, allowing organizations to consolidate hybrid networks andgain control over access costs and management.

City: Raleigh
Category: Specialty Chemicals
ADCO Global, Inc. is a focused specialty chemical companythat has been formed to assemble specialized skills, applicationtechnologies, and talents that can better answer the growing need forhigh performance adhesives, sealants and tapes. The acquisition andorchestration of several segment leaders, focused principally inconstruction, transportation and industrial market applications, iscreating a globally networked company serving Fortune 500 as well asspecialized industrial customers.

City: Marlboro
Category: High-end Audio & Home Theatre Products
We are an award-winning manufacturer of innovative high-end audio and home theater products for both "stand-alone" and multi-zone custom installation applications including amplifiers,preamplifiers, tuner-preamplifiers, digital processors, CD players andAC surge suppressor/line conditioners.Every Adcom component is designed not only to reproduce the highestquality sound, but also to deliver the greatest possible value. It isour engineers' passion for affordable perfection that has enabled ourcomponents to be judged the equivalent of others costing two, three,even five times as much.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Wireless Solution
Adcon Telemetry is one of the leading suppliers of radiotelemetry solutions. Adcon - its name is derived from Advanced ControlSystems - is synonymous with universal and flexible wireless solutions.Adcon's turnkey solutions are primarily used in water management (real-time availability of important data for early leak detection, systemmonitoring as well as monitoring of water quality and remote meterreading), agriculture (the system monitors important micro-climaticalparameters), irrigation management and golf course management as wellas environmental monitoring.Many renowned companies all over the world are successfully workingwith Adcon's proven wireless monitoring technology since many years.

City: Houston
Category: Precision Ring & Plug Gages
ADCO TECHNOLOGY, located in Houston, Texas, was founded in1973 as a service organization providing quality manufacturing andrepair services for all types of industrial equipment. Ourcomprehensive manufacturing facility is staffed by skilled personneland technical management, bound together by the cohesive force ofdedication, to provide our customers with products and services ofoutstanding quality.Quality inspections and a comprehensive control system that includesstandardized, written quality assurance procedures ensure that everyproject is completed according to strict standards of excellence.However, quality is much more than procedure, testing, anddocumentation. True quality is a philosophy, shared by dedicatedemployees and involved management as a team, to provide the bestworkmanship and services to meet our customer's total requirements.ADCO is a valuable supplier to a diverse group of industries thatinclude aerospace, refining, petrochemical, petroleum production,utilities, marine, mechanical contracting, pulp/paper, and others.

City: Anaheim
Category: Electronic Thermal Management
Adda is a leader in the electronic thermal managementfield. For more than eight years Adda has developed a broad range ofproducts designed to extend the life of electronic components primarilyused for the information technology industry. Now, we develop andmanufacture on two continents and intend to expand our manufacturingfurther. We are diligently servicing our markets worldwide. Ourcommitment to product, people and technological innovation will advanceour quest for superior products and services to deliver the quality ourcustomers require. We are about to enter a new century and establishnew markets with advanced products. We are well prepared to meet yourneeds.

City: Lincoln
Category: Advanced Composite Materials
Addax was incorporated in 1985 by a collaboration ofDefense and Aerospace professionals who recognized that advancedcomposite materials could economically replace metals in manyindustrial applications. Advanced composite materials were originallydeveloped for the aircraft and aerospace industries where weightreduction and high strength was paramount...regardless of the cost.Since our inception Addax has applied this technology to commercialindustry, and has successfully led the effort to provide advancedcomposite products at economical prices. Our primary mission is to makemetal products obsolete where weight, fatigue, vibration and corrosionlimit performance. Today, Addax has successfully designed, manufacturedand supplied a long list of products using ingenious adaptations ofproven composite technology that extend the boundaries of mechanicalproperties which have historically been limited by metals. Ultimately,Addax has made the impossible...possible.In 1986 Addax pioneered the introduction of the first advancedcomposite spacer coupling system used for cooling towers, pumps,compressors and fans. These coupling systems essentially put theindustry on its ear, and put Addax on the map. To date, Addax hassupplied over 25,000 coupling units to customers around the world. Ourcustomer list reads like the "Who's Who" of Refineries, Power Plants,and Public Utilities.

City: St Paul
Category: Industrial Products
John A. Nicholson formed the Nicholson Company in 1953.Nicholson Company became the first air-cooled Deutz diesel enginedistributor in the United States.In the '70s, the Nicholson Company began designing and building variouslevers, controls and cables, giving birth to ADDCO's IndustrialProducts Group.The '80s found ADDCO looking for new applications for the Deutz engine.This led to using the Deutz engine to power the DOT-SIGN(r), the firstflip disk, portable, changeable message sign. This prompted entry intothe traffic control industry. The Traffic Control Group was born.In the '90s, ADDCO developed innovations such as the Energy Managersoftware for control of diesel engines, the Solar Tilt And Rotate(STAR), the Eclipse System for enhanced sign legibility, and The BRICK(r)modular message sign system. ADDCO also developed the first radio-linked portable traffic signal, the PTS-2000. The Smart Zone(r) wasintroduced; and the ERC (Electric Remote Control) was developed.

City: Newburyport
Category: Connectivity Products
Adder Technology designs and manufactures a comprehensiverange of innovative market-leading connectivity products and is theleading European developer of KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches forcontrolling multiple computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse.Established in 1984 by Adrian Dickens, an Engineering graduate fromnearby Churchill College at Cambridge University, the company has animpressive track record for bringing successful and profitable productsto market and has a reputation for engineering design excellence. Adderproducts are renowned for their technical excellence and performance aswell as their robust manufacture and reliability.Today Adder Technology is Europe's leading developer of KVM switchingand extending technology. KVM - Keyboard,Video,Mouse - switches aredesigned to allow users to access and control multiple computers fromone or more keyboard, monitor and mouse. KVM extenders allow thekeyboard, monitor and mouse (or often touchscreens) to be locatedremotely from the computer and connected with a single CAT5 cable.Adder's range has a huge user base ranging from the home or smallbusiness user wanting to control a laptop and desktop PC from onekeyboard, monitor and mouse up to the network manager wanting tocontrol hundreds of servers in a server farm. The use of a KVM switchor cascade of switches saves thoCountry: USAnds of dollars being spenton unnecessary hardware and energy costs, not to mention time andspace.

City: Westwood
Category: Automated Metrology & Inspection Systems
ADE Corporation, headquartered in Westwood, MA, is aworldwide leader in automated metrology and inspection systems for thewafer manufacturing and computer disk drive industries. Founded in 1967by Robert C. Abbe, the company became public in October of 1995. Thecompany employs over 400 employees and has sales and services officesworldwide.

City: Hudson
Category: Industrial Computers
ADEK manufacturers industrial computers and servers tocustomer specifications. Products include rack mount, panel mount, mid-& full towers. Also included are industrial computers with built-in LCDpanels with or without touch screen capability.We also offer a line of rack and panel mount monitors.

City: Gig Harbor
Category: Electronic Parts & Components
A/D Electronics is a service-oriented company. We seek toprovide, a wide range of technical and mechanical electronic componentsof the highest quality.A/D Electronics' goal is to make the customer's decision processsmoother, quicker and more affordable. With the highly competitivepricing of finished goods, A/D recognizes the need for its customers tobe price conscious in every aspect of a project. A/D can play a vitalrole in delivering reliable, cost effective components that will fitthe customers needs and budget.Various situations can arise before, during and after delivery of apurchase order and A/D is structured to meet the customer's needs orconcerns at any time. Our company has excellent relationships with manyfactories worldwide and owns many of its own tooling capabilitiesthrough these factories. Sales and distribution is just one aspect ofA/D Electronics. We are also staffed with technicians in QualityControl and CAD drawing for fast turn around of customer's ideas andneeds.A/D's financial processes are performed by a highly trained staff tohelp the customer structure the appropriate terms and delivery times.All possible options for shipping product can be easily met by A/D'sstate of the art shipping department.

City: Syosset
Category: Electronic Security Systems
Security & Custom Electronics includes ADEMCO security andfire controls, AlarmNet communication services, IntelliSense sensors,and FutureSmart structured wiring and home networking products

City: Milpitas
Category: Industrial Scales, Weighing Indicators & Controllers
A&D Weighing is a technology driven, market oriented,global manufacturer of measurement equipment.Since our inception in 1977, A&D has grown into a multinationalcorporation with operations in the United States, Germany Japan,Australia, Korea and Great Britain with worldwide sales in excess of$200 million. We offer a full line of: Electronic Balances Digital Scales Weighing Indicators and Controllers Load Cells Non Destructive Measurement Equipment

City: Tucson
Category: Surface Metrology Instrumentation
ADE Phase Shift was founded in Tucson as Phase ShiftTechnology, Inc. in 1987, by Chris Koliopoulos, Ph.D. and David Basila.The company soon offered a variety of interferometry-based products,including fringe analysis software, laser-based Fizeau interferometers,and microscope-based white light interferometers.Interferometers use the natural wave properties of light, reflectedfrom a surface to be tested, to map the tiniest surface heightvariations. Using interferometry, telescope mirror manufacturers gaugethe quality and focus of their mirrors, and disk drive manufacturersmake sure the platters used in computer disk drives are flat enough towithstand the high speeds and close quarters of the interior of acomputer drive. It was Phase Shift interferometers that were used bythe company that made the lenses that fixed the orbital Hubbletelescope's blurred vision.In 1998, Phase Shift Technology merged with Massachusetts-based ADECorporation, a manufacturer of metrology equipment for thesemiconductor and data storage industries. Since that time, the companyhas been called ADE Phase Shift.ADE Phase Shift now makes products with applications for the measuringof the surface topology of polished silicon wafers, as well as systemsfor measuring critical surfaces in the hard disk industry, and manyneeds of optics manufacturers.

City: Livermore
Category: Industrial Robots & Controllers
Since 1983, Adept Technology has continued to lead majorperformance and ease-of-integration advances in SCARA industrialrobots.Together with a world-class customer service and support organization,Adept Technology delivers maximum performance, reliability and value tomanufacturers around the globe. With over 20,000 robots installedworldwide, find out why manufacturers choose Adept Technology.

City: Newton
Category: Non-Contact Gaging
ADE Technologies, a subsidiary of ADE Corporation, is aglobal leader in non-contact gaging. Our non-contact measurement gagingsystems use a patented capacitance gaging technique to provide ultra-precise, sub-nanometer resolution in applications (such as spindleanalysis, motor runout, thickness and displacement measurement) for thedata storage, automotive, and other industries demanding precisionengineering.

City: Irvine
Category: Bus Extenders, Risers
Manufacturer of Quality Bus Extenders, Risersfor functional test and 1U/2U rackmount systems.

City: Seattle
Category: Custom Labels & Graphic Overlays
Adhesa Plate Manufacturing produces custom labels, graphicoverlays and other uniquely fabricated adhesive backed and thin filmproducts. We are also offering offshore procurement of membraneswitches.Most of our products are tested by both UL and CSA for durability andperformance. Many of our clients require our UL/CSA approval, AdhesaPlate IS a UL/CSA approved manufacturer of labels and graphic overlays.Those that do not need the certification of a UL/CSA label will stillbenefit - due to our built in standards required to meet the testing.More details about our capabilities are found in the "SOLUTIONS"segment.Our clients are mostly manufactures in the electronic or industrialindustries. Our varieties of products are used on airplanes, medicaland testing instruments to winches. No Zebras or Zeppelins as far as weknow.We do support other marking applications, such as asset and tamperproof labels. We also make some promotional labels like window decalsor bumper stickers. More details about our products can be found in the"SOLUTIONS" segment.To monitor all this activity we utilize an ERP System that quotes jobs,processes and schedules orders.This level of control helps us achieve one of the best and mostconsistent lead times in the industry, generally 2 - 4 weeks for newjobs and 2 - 3 weeks for repeat jobs. For membrane switches, we offerdelivery of 1st articles in three weeks. For production runs, there isalso a three weeks delivery.Our new "digital manufacturing" which is designed for short run orprototypes jobs has lead-time of 1 - 2 weeks. Again, more details aboutour products and capabilities can be found in the "SOLUTIONS" segment.

City: Pine Brook
Category: Heated Activated Adhesives & Seam Tapes
Since there is no single adhesive to accommodate so manydifferent bonding requirements, we offer numerous heat-activatedadhesives and seam tapes based on polyamide, polyester, polyolefin, andpolyurethane chemistries. All of these adhesives and seam tapes areeconomical and clean alternatives to solvent-based products or adhesivemixing systems commonly regulated under federal, state and local laws.Our extensive, continuously expanding variety of standard adhesives,seam sealing tapes and custom formulated experimental products enablesus to provide the optimal product and process recommendation for yourindividual application.

City: Peabody
Category: Epoxy & Silicone Adhesive & Sealant Packaging
Adhesive Packaging Specialties (APS) Incorporated begancustom packaging single component and multi-component resin materialsin 1977.For more than two decades, APS has remained dedicated to the highestquality and customer satisfaction in packaging.APS customers include both formulators and end users in a wide varietyof industries, such as aerospace, automotive, computers, construction,electronics and telecommunications.Applications using APS products vary from minor repair kits tosophisticated manufacturing processes such as conductive materials usedon semiconductors.APS products are sold throughout the world.

City: Glen Rock
Category: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesives Research, Inc. offers our customers a broad baseof experience and expertise in adhesive technology. We serve not justas a product developer and manufacturer, but as the partner ourcustomers require to help them solve their pressure-sensitive adhesive(PSA) challenges. For over 40 years, our technology has set us apartand established our leadership in the pressure-sensitive adhesiveindustry.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Metering & Dispensing Systems
AST Corp., with 20 plus years of metering and dispensingexperience, is committed to supplying our customers a reliable, costeffective, highly efficient, mixing and dosing system. AST Corp. hasemerged as an industry leader in solving the dispensing and automationneeds of our customers through innovation and new product development.AST Corp.'s commitment to quality and performance extends to ourcustomer service, engineering, manufacturing and support personnel.Adhesive Systems Technology Corporation's commitment to technicalexcellence is reflected in our manufacturing facility. We have expandedour manufacturing and developmental capabilities to benefit ourcustomers.

City: Redmond
Category: Data Storage Systems
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (NASDAQ: ADIC) isa recognized leader in data storage for the open systems market withtechnical, product development, and support expertise in the areas ofpolicy-based data management, systems automation, connectivity, andstorage management software. By integrating these technologies, wedeliver Intelligent Storage(tm) solutions that operate efficiently,reliably, and flexibly within today's complex and evolving storageenvironments.ADIC is the world's largest supplier of automated tape systems usingthe drive technologies most often employed for backing up open system,client-server networks*. The Company's data management software,storage networking appliances, and disk-to-tape data protectionsolutions provide IT managers innovative tools for storing, managingand protecting their most valuable digital assets in a variety of diskand tape environments. To meet ongoing technical and business needs,the ADIC Global Services team delivers support, professional servicesand educational expertise quickly and cost-effectively.ADIC storage products are available through a worldwide sales force anda global network of resellers and OEMs, including Cray, Dell, EMC,Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, IBM and Sun.

City: Dallas
Category: D-Subminiature
ADI Electronics is an industry leader with over 14 yearsof success as a D-Subminiature manufacturer and engineering developmentpartner, holding significant expertise in the Aerospace and DefenseIndustry. We've become the supplier of choice among numerous aerospace,avionics, defense and industrial customers by offering the highestquality, cost competitive D-sub connector solutions with a full rangeof customized design, manufacturing, and testing services.We deliver quality, in products and services that address the uniquerequirements of modern electronic systems. If its quality connectormanufacturing and design services you need, then ADI Electronics isyour solution.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Data Acquisition Systems, Chart Recorder & Oscilloscope Software
PowerLab is a data acquisition and analysis system forlife science research and teaching. It is an integrated system ofhardware and software, comprising the PowerLab recording unit withChart and Scope software. PowerLab (formerly MacLab) systems aredeveloped and produced by ADInstruments, and have been for over 15years.

City: San Jose
Category: Color CRT Monitors
ADI Corporation is recognized as one of the topmanufacturers of color CRT monitors and LCD displays in the world. ADIproducts include the award winning microscan series color monitors andflat panel LCD displays for excellent graphics presentations, as wellas projectors and windows based terminal for businesses and multimediaapplications.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Resonators, Crystall Oscillators & Inductors
Adiva Technology Inc is a manufacturer of high qualityresonators, crystal oscillators and inductors for a wide range ofindustries and applications. Our mission is to provide you with first-rate customer service, high quality products and superior support atcompetitive prices.

City: Sacramento
Category: Storage Devices
Adjile Systems is a leading manufacture, integrator, andreseller of mass storage and tape back up solutions for Unix, Linux,and Windows environments. Adjile offers SAN, NAS and direct attachedstorage products utilizing Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA, and IPconnectivity. Solutions are designed to order and offered with acomprehensive line of service and support options tailored to customerneeds.Founded in 1993 and located here in Sacramento, the staff of AdjileSystems has a combined total of 40+ years in the IT industryspecializing in mass storage and backup technology. This experienceprovides a thorough understanding of our customers' needs and theproducts that will serve them correctly. This is the kind of experiencethat you do not get from an on-line auction or catalogue. When youcontact us, either by telephone or email, you are interacting with alive person. During this interaction you will immediately recognizethat we are committed to focus on what is right for you...our customer.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Machine Tool Lighting
Adjustable Fixture Co's medical and industrial tasklighting lines are truly "fixtures" today in America's businesslandscape. Few competitors can lay claim to AFC's unique mix ofinnovation and value. Fewer still can boast anything like its heritage.Adjustable Fixture Co.'s vision of the future focuses on continuing toexplore new and better lighting solutions for institutional users andto design products that meet the needs of specialty users. The companyhas a special focus on reducing life cycle costs and developing moreefficient ergonomics, energy savings and safety features- designfactors like the placement of switches, tip-resistance, energy-efficient bulb systems, and more. In short, very special products tomeet very special needs, at prices that are more than competitive. Andnow, with the increasing elderly population in America, anotherimportant focus for AFC is its emphasis on the needs of residents inextended care facilities- ergonomics, ease of use, safety and economy.Adjustable Fixture Co.'s long-term goal is one of never-endingimprovement, ever-better solutions & ever-greater value. In terms ofsophisticated research, design and marketing, Adjustable Fixture Co.has come a long way in almost a century. "Responding to specialtylighting for four generations," has yet to be improved upon.

City: Irvine
Category: Automation & Motion Control Computer Cards
Manufacturer of data acquisition, automation & motioncotrol computer cards, remote data acquisition & comtrol modules, longlife cycle industrial single board computers & rack mount chassis.

City: Norwood
Category: Testing Machines
Our mission is to set the standard for the materialstesting market by providing high-quality, cost-efficient testingsystems supported by the most responsive, creative and flexibleengineering team.ADMET offers materials testing equipment and analytical instruments fortension and compression testing to ASTM requirements; testing machineupgrades and retrofits; and customized solutions for our clients.

City: Clinton Township
Category: Broaching Tool
Admiral Broach has had many milestones in its history.In 1976 Pat Considine started Admiral Broach Company as a soleproprietorship.By 1979 there were three (3) full-time employees and we were locatedin a 3,000 square foot building.Admiral Broach was incorporated under the laws of the State of Michiganin 1983.In 1985, Admiral broach moved to a brand new 7,200 square footfacility.

City: Irvine
Category: Business Application Software
Admor Solutions is one of the fastest growing privatelyheld business application software providers in New England.Admor Solutions is focused on providing comprehensive turnkey solutionsto our small to mid-sized corporate customers. This includes integratedsolutions that automate your operation from the sales through the backoffice accounting and every step of your business process in between.Our certified Business Solution team works with the customer to build astrong foundation and grow upon it. We identify customer needs andallocate valuable resources in strategic areas that will result in arapid return on investment. We will perform a needs assessment andcreate a blueprint for building a successful implementation.

City: Lebanon
Category: Precision Magnetic Encoders
ADMOTEC develops and produces precision magnetic encodersand solid rotor resolvers that provide high performance for thedemanding conditions of aerospace, automotive, nuclear, heavy mill dutyand general industrial applications. Admotec is dedicated to applyingleading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques to theproduction of cost-effective, high performance solutions for measuringlinear and rotary position, speed and angle. With offices in Lebanon,New Hampshire, Country: USA, and Zürich, Switzerland, Admotec is well-positioned to meet the motion and position sensing needs of originalequipment manufacturers around the world.

City: Troy
Category: Data Logging & Storage Solutions
Analog and Digital Peripherals, Inc. (ADPI(r)) wasestablished in 1978 to provide OEM manufacturers and end users withpractical solutions in data logging, storage, and retrieval as well asprogram loading and back-up. Today's solutions also include embeddedsingle board computers, quick solutions peripherals, and customhardware and software design.For the last 25 years, ADPI(r) has provided manufacturers, plantoperators, engineers, field technicians, and others with reliable andcost-effective data acquisition and transfer products, as well ascontrollers. Our goal is to properly fit dependable, high-qualityproducts to our client's specifications.ADPI(r) designs and manufacturers its own products and can tailor ourdesigns to meet your application requirements. Another benefit of ADPI(r)is that technical support is just a phone call away.If you require moreassistance or information on our company and its policies, pleasecontact us. Our business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Mondaythrough Friday. We look forward to assisting you.

City: Cerritos
Category: Universal Serial Bus
ADS Technologies ( ) is a world leader inUniversal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions for the personalcomputer. Since the company's inception in 1992, the cornerstone of thecompany's success has been to introduce niche or high-end technologiesto the consumer marketplace with quality devices sold at a reasonablecost.Over the years, ADS Technologies, Inc. has brought a wide range ofproducts to market including VGA-to-TV scan converters, video captureand TV Tuner cards, which enabled ADS Technologies to sustain steadygrowth and sales during the mid-1990's. This company experienceddramatic growth in the later part of the 1990's with the expansion intothe external bus industry, namely USB and IEEE-1394/FireWire.Since the introducing of the USB Port for Desktops in 1998, ADSTechnologies has contributed to the successful adoption of the USBstandard among the 150 million legacy personal computer owners.Currently boasting seven complementary peripherals in its award-winningUSB product line, the USB Port for Desktops has become the world's bestselling USB PCI host card.

City: Victor
Category: I/O Instrumentation & Measurement Solutions
Adtech is a Rochester, New York based manufacturer of highquality, reasonably priced signal conditioning modules. These includetemperature transmitters (both RTD and T/C), millivolt, AC (volts oramps), isolators, analog computing modules, integrators, indicators,alarms and loop power supplies. The transmitter line comes in two,three or four-wire models.This extensive product line covers a multitude of applicationrequirements. If you don't see exactly what you need, please contactus. The application experts at Adtech will help you choose a model orprovide minor modifications to standard products to adapt to yourparticular needs.Mounting capabilities include surface, snap track and DIN raildepending on the particular model involved. There are also varioushousing configurations to cover general purpose, NEMA 4 and NEMA 7. Inaddition, the two-wire RTD, T/C and the 100 series potentiometertransmitters are approved by CSA for intrinsically safe installation.

City: Honolulu
Category: Communication Systems
At Spirent we work behind the scenes to help the worldcommunicate faster, better and more often. For decades, the world'sleading communications companies have used Spirent solutions to conductperformance analysis tests in labs on the latest technologies. As newcommunications services are introduced in the market, Spirent providesthe tools to offer service assurance and field test for improvingtroubleshooting and quality. We also help large companies andgovernments better secure and manage their networks.>From wireline to wireless to satellite, Spirent offers a completeportfolio of solutions.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Electronics
Manufacturers of electronic components.

City: Huntsville
Category: Telecom Solutions
ADTRAN has provided high-speed telecommunication solutionssince 1985. From digital transmission equipment to network routing andinternet security products, ADTRAN has consistently gained dominantleadership positions with world-class engineering, manufacturing,reliability and support. ADTRAN solutions maximize network performance,lower costs, and help companies achieve the best return on investment.ADTRAN is committed to achieving success for customers by offering"best-in-class" products with outstanding value. Let ADTRAN work foryou.

City: Phoenix
Category: Storage Solutions
Founded in March 1985, Adtron is a leading data storagecompany that provides application-specific solutions to a variety ofstorage requirements. Adtron products are focused on several key areas: solid state flash disks in-chassis storage blades removable media drivesOur products cover the spectrum of reliability and durability,including replacing single disk legacy drives with new technology,onboard RAID implementations for non-stop operations, and non-failsolid state data storage for the most rigorous applications.Adtron leads the industry in delivering "smart" data storage solutionsbased on a powerful, proven technology framework. Adtron isunchallenged in delivering tailored, modular storage solutions withunparalleled customer support. To a customer, Adtron strives tounderstand and deliver solutions that meet and exceed their marketrequirements, technical challenges and budgetary needs.

City: Fremont
Category: Panel Displays & Controller Boards
ADVAN Int'l Corp is a leader in the development andmarketing of high-end TFT/LCD Flat Panel displays and controller boardsfor medical imaging and health care monitoring devices. Also providingmedical solutions with it's new Smart Station. The Smart Station, amedical grade thin client used through out hospitals for clientterminals.ADVAN Int'l Corp was established in 1982 as a distributor of integratedcircuits (IC) for VME boards and communication equipment, servicing theJapanese and US market. In 1997, ADVAN Int'l Corp expanded it's productline providing LCD displays into the vertical channel, concentrating inthe medical imaging and health care industries. In 1999, ADVAN Int'lCorp secures it's first OEM contract with Agilent Technologies, openingthe doors to secure other OEM customers across the globe.2002, ADVAN Int'l Corp celebrates 20 years and reaches anothermilestone with the opening of it's liaison office in Seoul, Korea., aswell as three major service depots located in the Country: USA, Korea,and Germany to serve our medical equipment customers.Today ADVAN Int'l Corp provides high-end TFT/LCD Flat Panel display,distinct service, semiconductor, packaging and other quality products.Our dedicated team strives to provide individual personalized serviceto meet our customers' unique requirements.

City: Hayward
Category: Carbon & Graphite Products
Advance Carbon Products, Inc. has been providing qualitycustomer service and carbon products since 1956. At Advance CarbonProducts, Inc., we strive to construct our processes to meet the needsof our customers. It is our policy to not only fulfill our customersneeds, but to exceed them.We have complete machining facilities to supply you with the size andshape of anodes, bushings and seals, contacts, brush holders and carbonbrushes that you require.Carbon Brush quantities are manufactured from one to 100,000 per order,on a made-to-order basis. We stock more than 50,000 brushes for thepopular brands of U.S. and some foreign equipment. Please take the timeto view some of our brush styles. In stock brushes can be shipped thesame day the order is received.We can machine graphite heaters, anodes, boats, molds and crucibles,using computer programs that are done in house. Items of a simplerdesign are usually machined using conventional equipment.

City: Rochester
Category: Contract Electronic Assembly
Advance Circuit Technology is a contract electronicmanufacturing company located in Rochester, New York. Advance CircuitTechnology offers electronic PCB assembly, thickfilm hybrid circuitdesign and manufacturing, final electronic assembly, and testing. Fromprototype to productuion, we offer turnkey solutions.

City: Bradenton
Category: Motion Control Products
ADVANCE CONTROLS, Inc. is located in Bradenton, Florida,

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Electronic Systems
As electronic system designers strive to create the nextgeneration of portable products, they face the ongoing challenge ofextending battery life, improving reliability, and reducing the sizeand weight of new designs.AnalogicTech solves these challenges with total power managementsolutions based on innovative analog and mixed-signal integratedcircuits and a new generation of discrete-power MOSFETs. Playing acritical role in system design, these devices manage battery life,voltage regulation, power-saving load switching, and electronicprotection of computer input/output (I/O).The company's engineering team possesses a unique combination ofexpertise in analog IC and device design, process technology,packaging, and power management applications. AnalogicTech deliversleading-edge products by using world-class outsourcing partnerships formanufacturing in place of conventional wafer foundries.

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Torque Measuring Systems
The company pioneered torque measuring systems to monitorproduction lines and control the installation of threaded fasteners inautomotive assembly applications. Today we provide complete assemblyand test solutions to the world's automotive and non-automotiveindustrial markets.

City: Greenville
Category: Automation Systems
Advanced Automation designs, manufactures and integratescustom automation systems and highly specialized machinery for process& product development and manufacturing applications. AdvancedAutomation has the ability to pull from a diverse and extensive libraryof automated technologies for assembly, packaging, metal processing andother one-of-a-kind applications.

City: Loves Park
Category: Vibratory Parts Handling Equipment
With over 40 years experience in engineering, designing,research & development, and building vibratory parts handling equipmentwe're ready to meet your automation needs.At Advanced Automation Systems we know how important it is for you, ourvalued customer, to have a well designed, efficient, and trouble free,quality system that you can depend on for years to come.Our engineers will work with you to create your project. The plans willbe designed to meet your particular needs and specifications. Fromdesign to planning and management, we are committed to accurate,prompt, courteous and professional service.We Repair all other manufacturers equipment, call or e-mail us, you'llbe pleased with our quality, prices and of course our prompt service.In the age of faster production it makes sense to have your equipmentoperating at it's peak.

City: Holbrook
Category: Batteries & Chargers
Advanced Battery Systems specializes in providing portablepower solutions. Custom battery pack assembly is our primary function,but we also distribute batteries for many battery manufacturers. Wewelcome inquiries from any size company and pride ourselves inproviding quality manufacturing with superior customer service.We stock batteries from many manufacturers including Sanyo, Eveready,GoldPeak, Ultralife, BB Battery, Nexcell, and LG Chem. The batterychemistries we can build packs with are Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), NickelMetal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium (primary, lithium ion, and lithiumpolymer), Sealed Lead Acid, and Alkaline.Some of the typical applications of our custom built batteries include:Aerospace, Robotics, GPS, Computers, Medical, Environmental, and DataAcquisition. For our standard product line, we have batteries andbattery packs available for digital cameras, camcorders, laptopcomputers, cordless telephones, cellular telephones, two-way radios,cordless power tools, and many other applications. For chargingsolutions, we stock a variety of personal chargers and can supplyindustrial gang chargers for commercial applications.We've been providing our customers with batteries and battery chargingsolutions for over 22 years.

City: Denver
Category: Conveyor Belts
Advanced Belt is a highly competitive, growing beltingsupply and fabrication business located in the Western United States:the Denver, Colorado greater metropolitan area. While we take pride inour service to local customers, we are equipped for and currently dobusiness both nationally and internationally. Our customers are locatedfrom Wisconsin and Minnesota to Arizona and New Mexico, Massachusetts,California, Montana, Georgia, New York and Tennessee. Internationally,currently, we do business with industries in Alberta, Canada, theUnited Kingdom and Mexico.

City: Warminster
Category: Carbide Tool
Advanced Carbide Tool Company specializes in themanufacture and repair of carbide burs. By specializing, we have beenable to tailor our manufacturing and repair methods to best suit theneeds of our customers.In addition to the standard line of carbide burs, Advanced Carbide ToolCompany manufacture's special carbide burs used in power generation andthe manufacture of power generation equipment and aircraft engines. Wehave developed special cuts for our burs that allows for bettermaterial removal on the harder super alloys.Advanced Carbide works under a continuous improvement program thatallows us to use the most sophisticated and up to date machinery. Ourknowledge of the bur industry along with the state of the art equipmentallows us to manufacture the highest quality carbide burs available onthe market.

City: Cleveland
Category: Advanced Ceramic Powders
Advanced Ceramics Corporation is the world's leadingmanufacturer of hexagonal boron nitride (BN)powders and shapes,pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN), (thermal) pyrolytic graphite (PG), andspecialty coatings for graphite.Our materials are found throughout the semiconductor industry startingwith our PBN crucibles which are used to grow compound semicondutorwafers and in MBE processes. Thermal PG is used in a macrocompositeheat spreader, TC1050, which has thermal conductivies in excess of 1600W/mK.Hexagonal BN is used as an additive to enhance thermal conductivity andelectrical resistivity in all polymeric materials.

City: Orange
Category: Ceramic Parts
Since 1983, Advanced Ceramic Technology has been dedicatedto the precision manufacture of ceramic parts. Over the years, A.C.T.has seen the number of applications and demand for high-realiabilityceramics (aluminum oxide, zirconia, glass, ferrites, silicon carbide,silicon nitride, sapphire, cordierite, mullite, etc...) increasecontinually within the aerospace, computer and the industrial markets.A.C.T. has continued to develop its ability for the most efficientmethods to meet the market demands of machining these materialsincluding CNC capability.Quality control is maintained and certified in compliance to Mil-1-45208A procedures to insure quality performance.

City: Norcross
Category: Battery Chargers
Founded in May 1996, Advanced Charger Technology, Inc.(ACT), is a Florida-based company that develops charging solutions thatimprove the performance of any battery-powered device. ACT was co-founded by Yury Podrazhansky, a Russian immigrant who came to the 1978, who developed this technology after becoming frustrated withbuying batteries for his son's toys. Initially he thought that thebatteries were the problem, but soon realized that it was actually thebattery chargers that caused them to fail prematurely. Armed with aunique knowledge of electrochemistry and a desire to solve a problem,Yury developed a breakthrough in battery charging technology. From hisinitial work and first patent filing in 1988, Yury has expanded andperfected this battery charging technology to effectively work withNickel Cadmium (NiCD), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lead Acid chemistries. ACT currently holds five U.S. andnumerous worldwide patents to protect the proprietary enrev chargingtechnology.Prior to ACT, Yury's technology was utilized by EPTI, a leader in theelectric vehicle charging market. In 1994, EPTI set the world recordfor the longest distance traveled by an electric vehicle with theworld's fastest charge - and the record still stands today! Two yearslater, Yury teamed up with Karen Robinson to found ACT Corporation theworld leader in the development of battery operating systems andchargers for battery-operated devices.

City: Nashua
Category: Flexible Printed Circuits
Advanced Circuit Technology, Inc., an ISO 9001 company,manufactures a family of proprietary and conventional flexible printedcircuits. ACT offers its customers a complete flexible printed circuitinterconnection solution, from initial design through circuitfabrication, high-level assembly, and functional testing. ACT'sproducts replace wire, tape cable, and connectors. These products aremanufactured to MIL-P-50884C types 1,2,5, act-FC-250, or customerspecifications. Assemblies meet act-A-610 and the ANSI "J" standard.ACT's products are both UL recognized and CSA certified. ACT is an ISO9001 registered facility.

City: Torrance
Category: Power Transformers
We specialize in miniature, space-limiting and height-limiting transformers. And they're all encapsulated to provideenchanced electrical insulation. So, for about the same cost of anopen-frame transformer, you get a device that better resists moisture,shock and vibration while offering improved heat transfer. We offerthree lines of transformers, the Miniature Series, the Space LimitingSPK Series and the Height Limiting SPF Series. All three linesincorporate the split bobbin design and are c-UL and VDE approved.

City: Camarillo
Category: Electronics
A leading supplier of rubber keypads, membrane switches,keyboard assemblies, front panel assemblies, injection molded plasticparts, LCD elastomeric connectors and bezels, cellular, GPS andtransceiver antennas. Standard and custom products are available.

City: Eatontown
Category: RF & Microwave Components
Advanced Control Components, Inc. Eatontown, New Jersey,manufactures RF and Microwave components and subsystems. The focus ofour company is to manufacture microwave receiving components andmicrowave control components for military, commercial and industrialapplications. The founders as well as the staff have extensiveengineering backgrounds in semiconductor device development andmanufacturing process control.Component operating frequencies had been up to 20 GHz, but capabilitiesnow extend beyond 40 GHz. Package configurations of products includeconnectorized versions and modules for both microstrip and surfacemount designs.

City: Pembroke
Category: Motor Control Systems
We design and manufacture stepper motor controls, machinecontrols, motion control systems, industrial communication remotecontrols and data acquisition systems.Our controls are designed to be affordable as well as reliable. Theyemploy state-of-the-art electronics and technology to accomplish highperformance at low cost.We offer a line of standard control systems and we build custom systemsto specification. We draw upon a depth of experience in control systemtechnology and participate in research and development projects in thefields that we serve.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Control Products
Advanced Control Technologies, Inc is a leading designer

City: Middletown
Category: Power Supplies & Related ProductsCompany; Advanced Conversion Technology
Advanced Conversion Technology, also known as ACT, aPennsylvania corporation, was founded based on the expressed desire ofits seven founders to provide high quality "state-of-the-art" powersupplies to the military aerospace industry. Since 1981, six of theseindividuals have pursued this objective with a tenacity that hasresulted in ACT being recognized as a quality power supply house by alarge number of the major aerospace companies.Much of ACT's success stems from two basic traits that its customershave come to recognize. 1. A willingness to take on very challengingprojects, and to develop the technology necessary to accomplish them.2. An acute sense of responsiveness to the needs of its customers.While this company also embodies a number of other positive principles,these two traits alone serve to portray ACT's primary attitude.The majority of ACT's output has focused on defense electronics, andits product mix is distributed over the entire spectrum of militaryvehicles - aircraft, ships, subs, tanks, and missiles. ACT's productsserve to convert a vehicle's primary electrical energy source into thespecific DC voltages required by a number of systems such as radar,sonar, displays, navigational equipment, and communication devices.Additionally, we are continuously exploring new market segments for ourproducts such as helmet displays, ionizations systems, and VICOR moduleassemblies, which lead into non-military applications. We also haveexpanded our product line by acquisition. In 2000, we acquired TechkorInstrumentation to add scientific and industrial products to ouroffering.ACT management sincerely believes that the lessons we have learned andthe measures we have instituted to survive and grow, will beinstrumental to our continued success.

City: Concord
Category: Bar Code System
Advanced Data Capture Corporation (ADC), is aninternational solutions provider, OEM Representative and multi-facetedengineering company dedicated to servicing three core businesssegments.Auto-ID Products and Services: ADC provides hardware, software andservice solutions from the top manufacturers in the automaticidentification and data collection industries. We have an experiencedengineering staff available to help those who require customapplications or software integration services.

City: Bloomington
Category: Doppler Weather & Radar Weather Data DisplaysCompany; Advanced Designs Corporation
Advanced Designs Corporation, the only authorized domesticCollins radar system provider, now over twenty years in the weatherradar and weather data display industry, continually adds features andoptions to enhance the capabilities of our products.ADC is committed to having the finest radar and display productsavailable for Collins radars. We were first to develop a broadcastdisplay unit for Collins ground-based radars. ADC delivered the firstfully coherent Doppler radar for broadcast back in 1983.ADC's in-house hardware/software development team keeps us on thecutting edge of new radar and display technologies. Whether you areconcerned with lightning, mean radial velocity, storm tracking,reflectivity and Doppler turbulence, and/or distributing data in real-time to any number of subscribers, ADC has a product that meets yourneeds. Our single computer PC-based systems are proven reliable anduser-friendly.Collins and ADC work together to create systems that increase thecapabilities of the end-user, many of which are proprietary in natureand will be available only to our customer.ADC can provide Doppler radar solutions for the offshore oil industry,the military, utility companies, governments, aerostats, the broadcastindustry, or any other application where monitoring severe weather isnecessary. Mobile configurations can also be provided.

City: Camarillo
Category: Motion Control Products
Designer and manufacturer of sophisticated DSP-based servodrives and amplifiers.Our drives are designed to be truly simple to wire, set up and run.

City: San Diego
Category: Embedded Industrial Computer Solutions
Founded in 1994, Advanced Digital logic Inc. is theexclusive Distributor and Technical Support Center in North America forDigital Logic AG, who is a technology leader and manufacturer of highperforming, low power Single Board computers for embedded and standalone applications. ADL is headquartered in San Diego, California withmanufacturer representatives throughout the United States. We tailorour standard products to specific needs of individual customers and weare well known for our outstanding technical support.Our mission is to support our customers in significantly decreasingtheir development to market time, effectively reduce their productioncosts and noticeably improve the quality of their products.We accomplish this by delivering high quality standard and customproducts, and helping our customers in achieving their goals, thusbuilding partnerships, based on the satisfaction. We are committed toaccuracy, dependability, and honesty in our relationships with ourcustomers.

City: Millington
Category: Self Feeding Drill Units
Manufacturers of self feeding drill units, drill heads,multiple spindle drilling heads, etc.

City: Akron
Category: Thermoplastic Elastomers
We provide our customers around the world with expertdesign and technical solutions to their elastomeric needs. As theworld's leading supplier of engineered thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs),we offer more than the high-quality materials we deliver.Our customers know they have a supplier with whom they can work intandem from concept to final parts. Initially, we work to understandthe parameters of each project. Then, as the project unfolds, we callupon experts from every discipline to offer product development anddesign support, technical assistance and manufacturing advice. Inaddition, we can draw upon our experience to help solve customers' new-product marketing challenges. We have worked to build a network ofglobal alliances to even further expand the array of our products andservices to various industries.

City: West Chicago
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Advanced Electronics, Inc. offers the finest in printedcircuit boards for telecommunications, military, commercial, automotiveand computer industries. We are an experienced Team of people in aspectof the Printed Circuit Board Industry, we have a proven track record inthe electronics industry.At our new state-of-the-art facility in West Chicago, Illinois theunwavering commitment to providing our customers with superior qualityis being secured by highly experienced professionals designing andmanufacturing circuit boards from basic single and double-sided tomicrowave fine-line multilayer.To achieve today's increasingly sophisticated quality demands, eachcircuit board manufactured at Advanced Electronics is subjected to aunique combination of the process analysis and compliance with IPC,Military, UL, Canadian, and ETL Standards.The proof of our expertise and craftsmanship is in our outstandingproducts. When your product depends on your supplier, you need asupplier you can depend on. Our quality circuit boards help make yourproducts reliable, efficient, and economical.With Advanced Electronics, you know you can count on the excellence andsuperiority of our products every time.

City: Fort Collins
Category: Data Control & Process
Advanced Energy (AE) offers a comprehensive suite offocused technologies critical to high-technology manufacturing processes worldwide. AE's suite of products is critical to the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, compact discs, digital video discs, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications. Leveraging its diverse product portfolio, AE offers solutions that maximize process impact, improve productivity, and lower cost of ownership for its customers. This portfolio includes solutions in power, flow and thermal management, plasma and ion beam sources, and integrated process monitoring and control for original equipment manufacturers and end-users around the world.

AE operates in regional centers in North America, Asia, and Europe andoffers global sales and support through direct offices, representatives, and distributors. Founded in 1981, AE is publicly held and traded on NASDAQ as AEIS. AE continues to enter new markets through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, as well as to internally develop proprietary, process-focused technologies-all key elements that further strengthen the company's position in process-critical, scalable, highly-patented technologies.

City: Leroy
Category: Fibre Glass Composite Parts
A family owned and operated Michigan corporation that offers production runs of fiberglass composite parts.

City: Lakeland
Category: Flow Measurement Instrumentation
Advanced Flow Technology Company is a manufacturer anddistributor of flow measurement products. AFTCO also provides supportservices, such as calibration and consulting, to users of flowmeasurement instrumentation. AFTCO is privately owned and employs a team of experts in the design, manufacturing, and application of flowmeters. AFTCO is a fast growing company located in Lakeland, Florida. AFTCO has initiated the certification process for the design and manufacturing of process control equipment under International Quality Standard 9001.

City: Rochester
Category: Machine Vision & LED Illumination
Advanced illumination is a lighting solutions company,primarily serving the Machine Vision Industry. We manufacture a widearray of solid state, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting products aswell as supporting drive and control electronics. In the early 1990s welegitimized the use of LEDs in the machine vision industry by developing the first truly capable and efficient, commercially available LED illuminators.

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