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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Belmont
Category: Electronic and RF Data Communications Products
GRE America and General Research of Electronics Inc (Japan) - Invites your
participation in order to provide assistance with the design / development and
manufacturing of your electronic and RF data communications products. GRE
America is a leading privately held developer of RF data communications
technology and products. GRE America was established in 1979. The extensive
resources of General Research of Electronics, Inc (Japan) also support GRE
America. As a world leader in communications R & D, GRE America also
manufactures private label, OEM / ODM, industrial and consumer electronics for
many of the worlds leading electronics companies.

City: Wilmington
Category: Laboratory Glassware
Manufacturer of laboratory glassware since 1974, Prototype to Production
Quantities. Specialists in Precision tolerances, and difficult configurations
for OEM. University and laboratory research welcome. Engineering assistance
provided. Graded seals, and quartz fabrications.

City: Paw
Category: Conveyor Systems
We offer a full line of custom in-house fabrication on stock and special order
materials. Absolutely any belt fabrication you require (process, conveyor, or
power transmission) is available from GLB. We also offer complete on-site
installation at your facility, as well as after hour's emergency services. We
also offer free-of-charge plant surveys and conveyor system engineering services
to our customers. Our experience and well-trained service technicians and sales
engineers are available to assist you in your facility at your convenience. For
our OEM customers, we offer custom belting design services to help you build and
market the most competitive system possible.

City: Edinboro
Category: Electronic Equipment
Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co Inc is a woman-owned ISO Certified business,
headquartered in Edinboro, Pennsylvania that has been meeting the market demand
for high quality cabinet enclosures, racks, and open-frame workstations for
electronic equipment and networking environments since 1985.>From inception, the
Company's Mission is defining customer satisfaction by providing them with value
through the fabrication of high quality products, immediate turn-around on
standard Product orders, and an exceptional and extraordinary level of support
and service.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Material Handling Products
GLC's corporate office is located in the outskirts of Grand Rapids, in Wayland,
Michigan. Our 30,000 square foot facility stocks over 1.5 million dollars of
casters and wheels for same day shipments. With over a million different caster
combinations in stock we have the caster for your specific application. With
over 200 years of combined caster experience, our sales departments are
qualified to solve your non-powered material handling problems.

City: Jackson
Category: Mechanical Power TransmissionProducts
Great Lakes Industry sets the standard for roller chain sprockets, torque
limiters, roller chain couplings, elastomeric couplers, synchronous sprockets,
pintle chain sprockets, idler sprockets, steel sheaves, spur gears, cnc turning,
cnc milling, laser cutting, broaching and welding. The uncommon is common at
Great Lakes when it comes to making mechanical power transmission products; such
as: roller chain sprockets, roller chain couplings, spur gears, torque limiters,
synchronous sprockets and general machining.For 30 years our specialty has been
the design and manufacture of non-standard component parts for construction,
industrial and agricultural equipment.

City: Tigard
Category: Safety Products
Reduce the risk of personnel injuries, equipment damage and loss of production
from fires and explosions. In any type of production facility, fire control
encompasses a wide range of equipment or systems from building sprinklers to
plant site fire departments. A spark detection & extinguishing system must be
thought of as part of a plant's overall security and safety network. Just as a
residential alarm system provides protection to a homeowner, a spark detection
system provides preventive protection against potential loss of human life,
production facilities, equipment and costly downtime.

City: El Cajon
Category: Software Products
Greco Systems is an internationally recognized provider of NC/CNC part program
management systems for integrated manufacturing solutions.In 1978, Greco Systems
introduced the CNC Minifile, often referred to as the "Greco Box", to replace
paper tape devices with floppy disks on machine tools. Over 3000 applications
were developed over the years, allowing Greco to interface with virtually any
NC/CNC machine tool. The "Greco Box" still remains popular in many machine shop
applications. In 1984, Greco Systems introduced the first commercially available
PC based DNC software package. Through continued development, Greco Systems
remains the leading provider of DNC software and hardware to the machine tool
industry. Technological advancements continue as customer needs continue to

City: Kulpsville
Category: Fiber Optic Connectors
We at Greene, Tweed work with our customers to provide customized, engineered
components that optimize their total system. As a world-class leader in sealing
solutions we continue to add products to our portfolio that anticipate our
customers' growing needs. From composites to fiber optic connectors, from seals
to vision systems - we leverage our expertise in a variety of markets to give
our customers the competitive advantage in their marketplace while decreasing
their total system cost. Our global reach combined with local responsiveness
ensures that Greene, Tweed's customers remain a step ahead of their competition.
Look closer at what Greene, Tweed's inside advantage can do for you.

City: Greenfield
Category: Vibratory Feeders & Automation Equipment
We are a manufacturer of vibratory feeders and automation equipment. Stop by or
send your request to see what a proven leader in the automation industry can do
for your project.

City: Fontanet
Category: Injection Molded Products
Green Leaf, Incorporated is an ISO 9001 and Q9001 certified company with a scope
of designing and manufacturing injection-molded products. Green Leaf,
Incorporated began manufacturing products for the agricultural industry in 1979.
Since then, Green Leaf®, Incorporated has grown and specializes in injection
molding of nylon and polypropylene. Our corporation is proud of its complete
line of liquid handling products, which includes valves, cam lever couplings and
fittingsIn keeping pace with technology throughout the years, we have added
fully automated robotics in manufacturing and the latest equipment in product
stamping and special packaging to our secondary operations.

City: Rockford
Category: Cable & Wire Installation Tools
For more than 140 years, Greenlee has been a provider of quality tools to the
woodworking industry and, for over 70 years, to the electrical industry as
well.Over 20 years ago, Greenlee made a commitment to the high technology
necessary to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers. Proof of that
commitment is in the modern facilities, state-of-the-art production equipment,
and enhanced quality assurance programs which comprise the Greenlee way of doing
business today. Our expanded EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities
assure convenient, fast, and accurate exchange of information between Greenlee
and its suppliers and customers.

City: Bowling Green
Category: Hydraulic Cylinders
Over 50 years experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, safety access
equipment, and agricultural equipment. 80,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility
with room to expand without disruption. Enterprise Resource Planning system
(Vantage by Epicor) provides company wide integrated software solution.State of
the art, CNC equipment.

City: Danville
Category: Thermoformers
Our mission at GPI is to not only meet, but to actually exceed our customer's
level of satisfaction by using ingenious engineering and manufacturing
technologies. Our main goal is to expedite our customer's project from
conception to the marketplace. Our experience in the plastic industry since the
early 1970's has helped us to understand the kind of capabilities that companies
look for in a heavy gauge custom thermoformer. In addition to GPI's
manufacturing capabilities, we are very proud of the "Human Side" of our
business. Our skilled employees are frequently complimented on their dedication
to exceptional levels of customer services. This commitment forms the basis of
our successful customer partnership.

City: Prospect
Category: CNC Precision Machining
Greer Manufacturing Inc a family owned and operated precision machine shop has
been serving the medical, industrial and aerospace industries since 1989.Greer,
a one-source production facility manufacturing your product from conception to
completion, is recognized for our Experience, Capabilities and Reliability. With
our vast knowledge of CNC Precision Machines and the use of the highest standard
of inspection equipment, including SPC, we can assure our customers a finished
product of superior quality.

City: Massena
Category: Level Instruments
Greyline Level instruments include ultrasonic level transmitters; pump station
controllers, tank farm monitoring systems, software and data loggers. Greyline's
ultrasonic Flow products include portable meters for troubleshooting, Doppler
flow meters with strap-on sensors, flow switches, open channel flow monitors and
data loggers.

City: Cape Coral
Category: Pumps
Welcome to the Greylor Company. We manufacture and distribute pumps for small
volume applications, peristaltic squeeze tube pumps, Diaphragm & gear pumps. For
over forty years, Greylor has been active in the pump industry and has world
wide sales. We pride ourselves in special design of gear, peristaltic and
reciprocating pumps.

City: East Providence
Category: Insulation Metal
Gripnail Corporation offers a wide variety of solutions for fastening insulation
to sheet metal, from manual systems to the latest technologically advanced
automatic fastening systems.

City: Dublin
Category: Component Handling Equipment
Grip Technologies manufactures all forms of component handling equipment.
Digital counters and scales for use with Axial, Radial and Surface mount devices
(SMD). Grip Technologies also makes all types of lead trimming, bending and
forming systems for all types of components. These feature quick setups and
changeovers for different part types. Grip Technologies makes palletized
fixtures and work board holders for assembly, soldering, cleaning and screening.

City: Ridgefield
Category: Precision Turned Components & Fasteners
Groov Pin Corporation manufactures high quality, engineered fasteners and
precision turned components used in commercial, military, and aerospace
applications. Product lines include a full range of solid pins and threaded
inserts. Our fasteners reinforce assemblies made from soft metal and plastic
moldings and provide unique performance advantages when high strength, wear
resistance, or vibration resistance are required. We also work to your design.
Through our Precision Turned Components subsidiary we produce families of parts
that meet the critical tolerance and finish requirements of the microwave
connector and pneumatic fitting industries. And we can solve a broader range of
engineered fastener problems through distribution solutions with selected

City: Sioux Center
Category: Electric Motors and Gear Motors
Groschopp has, for more than seventy years, served as a standard of excellence
for small motor drives. Our precision designs, engineering support,
state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and production techniques keep Groschopp
a leader in design and manufacturing. Groschopp is built on a firm foundation,
with the history of the Sioux Center, IA division dating back to 1930. Groschopp
takes great pride in producing high-quality motors designed to meet the demands
of our most exacting customers. Quality, integrity, employee involvement, and a
continuing commitment to improvement keep Groschopp a leader in the fractional
horsepower motor industry.

City: Bradenton
Category: ESD Systems & Products
Manufacturing & distributing ESD systems & products (grounding, shielding,
neutralization & awareness). A full service source for ESD control products,
including installation and certification.

City: Marengo
Category: Permanent Magnetic Materials
Manufacturer of soft and permanent magnetic materials including ferrite
(ceramic), rare earth, and alnico magnets, MPP and tape wound soft magnetic core
products, precision rolled alloy strip and foil products, shaped-field
electromagnets (solenoids), and magnetic assemblies.

City: Union Grove
Category: Gear Product
Grove Gear, founded in 1947, manufactures standard and custom gear drives for
industrial and specialty applications. Sold through Industrial Distributors and
Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.), Grove Gear's product line is the most
extensive line of Speed Reducers in North America.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Metallic Piston Rings and Polyurethane Products
Our focus on innovation served as the foundation of our company. Richard Grover
invented the first Permaseal interlocking joint in 1929. Even as we celebrate
our history, we're looking for ways to serve you better.1929-1965 With its
superior sealing characteristics, Permaseal™ becomes the new industry standard
by lowering costs for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. Today we've established
a reputation as a global leader. And we continue to set new benchmarks for
quality, efficiency and service.

City: City of Industry
Category: Rechargeable Batteries
GS Battery is the American subsidiary of Japan Storage Battery, the oldest
Japanese manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. Genzo Shimadzu founded Japan
Storage Battery in 1895 in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan, and it is his
initials, "GS", that stand as the worldwide corporate logo. Today, Japan Storage
Battery is a billion-dollar company with a worldwide network of factories,
subsidiaries and sales outlets. The company is a leader in a wide range of
rechargeable battery and battery-related technologies.

City: Novi
Category: Weight Indicators and Scales
GSE Scale Systems is the global leader in programmable weight indicators and
scales. GSE products are ideal for simple weighing or counting of anything from
gold dust to freight trains. GSE indicators can control bagging and batching
processes, check weighing, inventory control and interface with PLC systems or
data managements systems. GSE indicators may be programmed with a powerful macro
language or User C and can connect with scoreboards, printers, scanners,
feeders, photo sensors, switches and relays.

City: Houston
Category: Plastic Products
GSF Plastics Corporation is an organization with a distinct and straightforward
specialty: state-of-the-art expertise and technology in molding and precision
machining of stock and custom molded plastic products for industry worldwide.
This group of dedicated professionals has decades of hands-on problem-solving
experience in providing plastic components as they are used in petroleum
exploration, drilling production and refining. We're also totally "at home" in
producing custom precision parts for the industrial, electronics, and, heavy
machinery industries.

City: Bloomfield
Category: Hydraulic Piping Systems
Designs and manufactures non-welded hydraulic piping systems. Other services
include installation, pressure testing and flushing.

City: Timonium
Category: Wire and Cable Products
GSI Corporation is familiar with most MIL-Spec requirements, industrial
requirements and electronic black box cable assembly specifications, and has
built cable assemblies to hundreds of different customer requirements. Our staff
can draw on this knowledge to improve your design and incorporate our unique
woven cable into your assembly as applicable. Woven cables are sold as separate
end products, but are often valuable improvements to straight cable assemblies
or branched wiring harnesses. They add versatility and flexibility in the
branches and conductor selection. Finished assemblies are more flexible, compact
and organized. Wire harnesses can be "form fitted" to install in tight

City: Pinckneyville
Category: Metal Products
GS Metals Corp manufactures, markets and delivers a continually expanding line
of metal products and systems used in commercial and industrial construction
worldwide. Products include Grip Strut®, a slip resistant metal walkway used in
industry and transportation; Grate-Lock Mezzanine Grating, an interlocking steel
flooring panel; Globe Strut®, metal framing for mechanical and electrical
applications; and Globetray®, a support system for electrical cables. GS Metals
added Flextray, a versatile telecommunication / data communications cable
management system, to its product line in 1995.GS Metals Corp began as the Globe
Company of Chicago shortly after World War II, becoming the Metal Products
Division of United States Gypsum in 1963. GS Metals Corp was formed in 1987 as a
management leveraged buyout of the Metal Products Division. We became an ISO
registered company in 1999. Our products are sold worldwide.

City: Rochester
Category: Lenses
GS Plastic Optics, a Germanow-Simon Company, has been manufacturing precision
plastic optics for sensing, scanning, imaging, and detecting applications for
over two decades. Beginning with a foundation in plastic molding and fabrication
that dates back to the early 1920's, G-S has developed a state-of-the-art
facility to produce consistently superior plastic optics to meet your exact
specifications. GS Plastic Optics is committed to investing in the most
sophisticated design, production, and metrology equipment, as well as continuing
employee education and training programs. Our Quality Assurance Program
routinely supplies.

City: Palmer
Category: Plastic Cases
Whether you need a small compact carrying case to protect delicate electronics
or a large shipping case for transport and storage, GTB Cases has it. Our goal
for over 20 years has been to provide our customers with innovative, high
quality, cost effective solutions for safely transporting valuable and delicate

City: Columbia
Category: Computer Input Peripherals
Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2005, GTCO CalComp is a world leader in
computer input peripherals having pioneered the use of pen-based electromagnetic
sensing technology currently utilized in our interactive whiteboard and
digitizer product lines.Our digitizing and measurement products are used for a
wide range of design, engineering, construction, graphics and GIS/mapping
applications. Our InterWrite products provide interactive hardware and software
solutions for education, corporate and government training professionals. GTCO
CalComp, headquartered in Columbia, MD, is a global company with offices in
Scottsdale, Arizona and Munich, Germany.Founded in 1975, the Company was awarded
a patent for the invention of the world's first absolute-position
electromagnetic digitizing technology. Since then, GTCO CalComp has produced and
now supports over 1 million input systems in fifty countries around the world,
sold under some of the most recognized brand names in the peripherals industry.
The Company continues to focus on developing input peripherals that dramatically
improve individual and group productivity. Each GTCO CalComp peripheral is
engineered for a specific use and user in mind.

City: New Fairfield
Category: Work Holding And Lathes
Since 1958, Dunham Tool has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high
quality work holding, tool holding and spindle solutions for manufacturing
industries worldwide. In 1959, Russell Dunham, our company's founder, received
the original patent for the Dunham 5c expanding collect. Located in the United
States in the town of New Fairfield, Connecticut, Dunham Tool actively
participated for many years in the Association for Manufacturing Technology
(AMT), the US industry trade group for machine tool builders, as well as the
Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

City: Kalamazoo
Category: Sorting Machinery
Turnkey machine vision systems for high-speed inspection and sorting designed
and manufactured by Dunkley International.Our machine vision system provides
inspection automation for accurate, fast inspection and process control.We have
been fabricating and manufacturing quality machinery since 1885. Technological
advances allow machine vision systems from Dunkley International to solve your
high-speed sorting and on-line vision inspection needs.

City: Wilmington
Category: Plastics
We're building for your success. It is your window to 60
product lines and more than 10,000 individual product variants of DuPont's
uniquely broad and diverse offering of performance plastics. We hope you will
visit us here often for new and evolving DuPont Direct global e-commerce
solutions; for up-to-date product and market information; for interactive
technical services and to collaborate with our experts.Dupont's offers one-stop
shopping for on-line ordering of many more types of plastics, films as well as
plastics additives, modifiers and reinforcements. Putting our knowledge about
solutions in plastics all together… because your success is our success.

City: Chino
Category: Fasteners
Dupree Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of unique and novel special
application color-matched fasteners. Our first products, introduced forty-five
years ago, were designed for specific aircraft/aerospace applications. While we
continue to supply this market with high quality fasteners.Our product
orientation has also branched out into other sectors of the transportation
industry, including mass transit buses, trucks, trains, special purpose vehicles
and agricultural equipment. In addition, Stake Fastener products are widely used
on computers, electronic instruments, medical and telecommunications devices.
Please refer to our product catalog for complete details on our product
offering.Operating from a modern, 60,000 sq. ft facility in Southern California,
we currently employ nearly 50 people, most of whom have been with the Company
for five years or more. Our expertise in cold heading, screw machine work,
threading, injection molding, and coating processes are combined to provide our
customers with products that fulfill the needs of their special fastener
application requirements.

City: Woodstock
Category: Cast Iron Bar
Welcome to Dura-Bar, a division of Wells Manufacturing Company. We are the only
manufacturer of continuous cast iron bar stock in North America. What began
modestly in 1961, when we pulled our first Dura-Bar, has evolved into the
world's largest producer of continuous cast iron bars, headquartered in
Woodstock, Illinois.Dura-Bar is made with the manufacturer in mind. Designed to
machine fast and consistently, it is not only the finest cast iron in the world,
but an ideal alternative to many grades of steel, iron castings and aluminum.

City: Hilliard
Category: Urethane Belting
Dura-Belt manufactures urethane belting and conveyor components. Our products
include round (O-ring), flat, and V-belts with or without fins or cleats,
Twisted Quick-Connect belts, the patented Speedy Belt InstallerTM, Long-Life
High-Tension Belts, and Anti-Vibration belts. We also produce specialty Jacketed
Spring TM belts that work in hostile environments, e.g., acid or 450 deg F. New
products include Anti-Static belts, Metal-Detectable belts for the food
industry, and Jacketed Rope belts for conveyor curves. We feature a two-year
warranty, "same day" shipping, free samples, and technical help. Dura Belt
manufactures high-quality urethane belting for power transmission and conveyor
belts. We offer most types of elastic urethane belts -- round (O-ring), flat,
and V-belts, including reinforced belts, hollow core belts, jacketed spring
belts, plus other urethane belting profiles. Every year we sell millions of live
roller belts (lineshaft belts and diverter belts).

City: Blacksburg
Category: Automation
Today's solutions require interdisciplinary knowledge and a wide array of
technical expertise. Our scientific and engineering personnel now provide
solutions ranging from turnkey design of automated high performance dynamic
materials test systems, to enterprise/laboratory automation solutions.Regardless
of which of the following areas of expertise are needed at your organization,
our company can be an effective extension of your engineering and scientific
team, and an important partner in the pursuit of opportunities.

City: Bethel
Category: Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries can be an economical alternative to primary batteries and
are most appropriate for devices requiring consistent, high power output.
Duracell Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and Lithium Ion (Li Ion) Rechargeable
Batteries are amongst the most advanced rechargeable battery systems
commercially available today. They offer several advantages over ordinary
nickel-cadmium batteries, including up to 40 percent longer service life.
Duracell® Ni-MH Batteries are available in a range of sizes designed to fit the
most popular models of handheld cellular phones and camcorders. For wireless
phone manufacturers, Duracell offers a line of rechargeable batteries that are
interchangeable with either two or three alkaline AA or AAA cells to provide
phone users a choice in portable power.

City: North Kansas City
Category: Power Supplies
DuraComm is the industry's complete source for ultra reliable AC to DC switch
mode power supplies, battery management and charging systems, power distribution
and a host of complimentary accessories.DuraComm markets a complete line of
OEM/Industrial power supplies from 25 watts to 2 kilowatts, DC-to-DC converters,
closed case and open PCB architects, and multiple outputs. Also, special
application supplies for medical equipment, etc. Virtually all have US and
international safety approvals and are manufactured to ISO 9001 manufacturing
and testing standards.

City: Ravenna
Category: Lamination And Coating
Since 1947 Duracote Corp has been a world leader in the manufacturing and
laminating of industry and technical textiles. Our products have thousands of
uses and applications in today's world. We are also able to custom develop
products that meet your specific needs. Duracote Corporation was founded in 1947
on the premise of developing and utilizing the new and emerging polymer
technology, which was just starting to be commercialized after WWII. Supplying
new types of impregnated fabrics from its plant in Ravenna, Ohio, the company's
initial products included coated fabrics, which were used to form ventilation
ducts in mines. Later, the line expanded into PVC laminated and coated clothe,
which is still to this day used as aircraft utility floor coverings and military
aircraft headliners.Consistent with the underlying philosophy of customer
service and quality control at Duracote, several key elements work in harmony to
satisfy a variety of needs. Technical leadership is provided through continuous
product improvement, innovation and technical assistance. Duracote's process and
material traceability assures consistent product quality and performance in the
field. As proof that quality is paramount, Duracote conducts testing and
certification in its in-house laboratory, which has been audited and approved by
Defense Supply Center (Philadelphia), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
and commercial corporations such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

City: Paul
Category: Instrumentation And Environmental Monitoring Equipment
Durag and Verewa environmental monitoring products are the perfect solution for
your installation. We offer a full line of opacity monitors and other
particulate monitors. We also carry flow monitors, extractive beta gauge
monitors, and mercury monitoring systems.

City: Knoxville
Category: HDPE Duct And Accessories
Dura-Line is an industry leading international manufacturer of the newest
innovations in HDPE duct and accessories.>From Telecommunication and Fiber Optic
to CATV and Power markets, our quality is the highest in the industry.To find
out more about Dura-Line and our leading line of products, we invite you to
explore our site by selecting from the navigational options above. Founded in
1971, Dura-Line has become the world's largest supplier of a diversified range
of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, duct and conduit products used by the
Telecommunications, Cable Television, Electric Power, and Water and Natural Gas
Industries.Noted as being the first supplier of fiber optic subduct in the
United States in 1981 and the developers of SILICORE®, the world's first duct
coextruded with a super slick permanent lining, we are a global company serving
our customers from manufacturing and distribution facilities located around the
world.Our products are manufactured using Quality Systems administered by
ISO-9000 guidelines. Dura-Line is committed to providing products and services
that exceed our customer's requirements.

City: Sylvania
Category: Magnets
Dura Magnetic Inc has manufactured magnets and magnetic assemblies for industry
since 1961. Our accumulated knowledge and experience combined with new
innovations and technology allow us to provide the best value in the market
place.Dura has a comprehensive product offering of all magnetic alloys.
Maintaining a diverse inventory allows our design team to expedite samples or
prototype production.Dura can also source your solution globally. Our design
team members visit and inspect the facilities and capabilities of our offshore
vendors. This familiarity with our off shore vendors allow for the best vendor
match, an expedited design and delivery, and the most cost effective product at
the quality level you require.

City: Watertown
Category: Electronic Products
Durant Products is a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial controls,
digital panel meters, production monitors, and process controls. Durant is a
leading engineering and manufacturing operation. We are an effective solution
provider, and a quality developer and manufacturer of electronic products, where
providing quality, precision, and durability is at the heart of our
manufacturing philosophy. Our Watertown, Wisconsin facility is ISO9001 and
ISO4000 certified and committed to leading - edge manufacturing processes such
as just-in-time manufacturing (JIT), statistical process and continuous flow. We
have capabilities ranging from design and engineering to PCB assembly and test,
to final box assembly.We consider each of our customers as one-of-a-kind and we
address their product and service needs in the same manner. This means exceeding
the expectation of our customers by understanding their needs, practicing
continuous improvement, and doing it right the first time.

City: Mesa
Category: Switches
Duraswitch a division of InPlay Technologies (NASDAQ: NPLA), licenses patented
technologies to established manufacturers and OEMs worldwide. Our portfolio of
electronic switch technologies includes: pushbuttons, rotary dials and mouse or
cursor controls.Licensing our innovative product line to high quality switch
manufacturers and OEM's provides what we call our win-win-win formula:
Duraswitch technology gives engineers the flexibility they need to design
products that differentiate them in the global marketplace.Customers get the
reliability and durability they want. Duraswitch receives per switch based
royalty revenue from licensees.

City: Dover
Category: Board Level Computer Products
Dura Sys Corporation is a manufacturer of computer systems, video monitors,
video terminals, data entry devices, and board level computer products for
markets and applications where harsh environmental conditions (dirt, dust,
moisture, temperature, shock, vibration, etc.) are present.Metal cabinetry with
gasket display windows, passive or forced cooling, and shock mounts (when
appropriate) provid the protection and reliability necessary in harsh
environments. DuraSys also offers versions of these products for clean
(office/laboratory) environments.DuraSys currently designs and produces computer
and video terminal equipment for industrial applications, as well as a line of
STD BUS microprocessor and peripheral boards for embedded applications in
machinery and processes of various types.Our line of PC compatible computer
systems and monitors can be used on the factory floor where most needed for
machine/process control, general data entry, or bar code data acquisition.Our
line of DEC compatible video terminals allows the functionality of the office
terminal on the factory floor for general data entry, bar code data acquisition,
machine control, or other factory requirements.We also provide rugged keyboards;
pointing devices, touch -screens, and integrated bar code support for these
products.DuraSys frequently customizes our standard products to meet our
customers' specific needs. We welcome the opportunity to quote on your

City: Cary
Category: Electric Heaters And Temperature Sensors
Durex Industries manufactures a wide selection of electric heaters and
temperature sensors that can be customized for most applications. Durex also
manufactures a complete line of industry standard designs that are available for
quick delivery; many of them are available from stock. If you require electric
heat and temperature sensors for precise control, look no further than Durex
Industries.Durex products are currently a critical component for major
manufacturers operating in industries such as plastics, packaging, medical,
semiconductor processing, foodservice, military technology, and a variety of
other process control applications.

City: Durham
Category: Storage Products
The Durham Manufacturing Company, which started in a farmer's barn in 1922, has
developed into one of the largest producers of metal and plastic packaging in
the United States. Our products are marketed nationally and internationally
through a variety of distributor/dealer networks and can also be found in
leading mail order catalogs. Our Storage Products are used to store and organize
small parts of all kinds. Our Literature Racks and Organizers are used in homes
and offices to display and store all types of literature, magazines, papers, and
our Metal and Plastic First Aid Kits and Cabinets are used to store first aid
supplies and create first aid stations.Located in a historic district on the
beautiful Main Street of Durham, Connecticut, midway between New Haven and
Hartford, our main plant is a brick structure of approximately 125,000 square
feet. There have been many changes and additions over the years. Our
manufacturing capability currently lies in the high-speed fabrication of steel
including spot welding, automatic painting, powder coating and silk screening,
as well as injection plastic molding, and assembly. A TQM (Total Quality
Manufacturing) program is in place assuring the production of extraordinarily
high quality products. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best
products and services available and to be easy to do business with.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Rubber Roller
Duro Roller Incorporated has been a leader in Rubber Roller Manufacturing, as
well as Core Design and Fabrication for over 25 years. Our successful
family-owned business is committed to Quality, Service, and Reliability in the
manufacturing of Printing Press Rollers. Our Products and Services sections of
our web site will easily guide you through the operations of our business. We
are very excited about our brand new revolutionary Sock water Rollers. Visit our
Links page for a list of interesting sites to aide in your business ventures. We
hope they are helpful. Also, you can click on our Promotions page for our
current 2003 offers. Furthermore, please return to our site in the future for
"New" Rubber Priniting R0ller Products currently in the design stage.

City: Birdsboro
Category: Sem Conductor Power Supplies
Dutch Electric is a small company in southeast Pennsylvania, USA that was
founded in 1964 to engage in the purchase and resale of large electrical
machinery. Throughout the years several lines of new equipment were added to the
sales effort. And in 1980, a shop was equipped and dedicated to the building of
Semi-Conductor Power Supplies.Our emphasis is on drives from 200 HP to 10,000
HP. We are small and flexible, therefore, we can offer customizing, early
delivery, and usually lower prices then others working in the high Horse Power

City: Jackson
Category: Remote I/O Controllers
Since 1977, duTec has been developing and manufacturing I/O equipment for the
process control industry. This includes isolated industrial signal
conditioners/adapters (both analog and digital), intelligent I/O chassis and
driver software. Basically, this entails the I/O equipment needed to connect
real process variables such as temperature, pressure, level... etc., as well as
discrete signals to a host computer. duTec has been expanding its current
product line since 1988 to include the widest variety of process signals in the

City: Austin
Category: Cameras
We are manufacturer of Digital Cameras for science and industries.

City: Campbell
Category: Scan products
Anchor Bay Technologies is composed of the former founding team of DVDO Inc. We
are the original creators of the first DVDO® iScan™ Plus Progressive Scan
Display Interface, which revolutionized the home theater video line doubler
market starting in 1999.In July 2000, Silicon Image acquired DVDO and the iScan
product line. Since then, Silicon Image has introduced and marketed new iScan
products, including the iScan Plus v2, the iScan Pro, and most recently the
iScan Ultra. All of these products have met with universal critical acclaim from
reviewers and from customers alike. Also, all of these products were designed by
the original creators of the DVDO iScan.In April 2003, Anchor Bay Technologies,
with the original DVDO founders as the management team of the company,
reacquired the iScan video processor product line and the DVDO® brand name from
Silicon Image. Today, we continue to sell the iScan Video Processor product
line, and we will be introducing revolutionary new DVDO-branded products in the

City: Duluth
Category: Machine Vision Systems
Headquartered in Duluth, GA, with a global network of distributors, DVT
Corporation ignited the machine vision revolution in the early 1990s by
introducing SmartImage Sensors, low-cost machine vision systems used for
assembly line inspection and robotic guidance. DVT Ethernet-ready vision
systems, starting at $1,995, provide 100 percent real-time automated inspections
for virtually any part or product in a wide number of markets including
automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, and plastics. DVT machine
vision camera systems sort by color, perform high-speed inspections, and provide
mega-pixel resolutions (1280 X 1024). DVT's Windows-based software programs,
Framework and Intellect, are easy to use, powerful programs, which are used to
set up DVT camera systems. DVT camera systems feature an on-board computer
processor, which enables them to function fully independent of a PC.DVT offers a
line of 16 machine vision products, the most extensive in the industry. The line
includes the Legend CMOS 510 camera, the Legend 520 and 530 cameras, the
high-speed 540, 542C color, 544 high-resolution and 544C color high-resolution
cameras; the ultra speed 550, 552C color, 554 high-resolution, and 554C color
high-resolution cameras, the Intelligent Scanner, the high-speed Intelligent
Scanner XS, the Spectrocam color camera, the LS Line Scan camera and the Extreme
Elements XE stainless steel camera.DVT consistently wins honors from industry
publications. For three years running, the company has won "Editor's Choice"
honors from Control Design magazine, ranking it as the top machine vision
company in a reader poll.DVT offers free extensive four-day classroom training,
free software, and free online diagnostic support. DVT attributes its success to
the company philosophy of 'Servant Leadership.' This means putting the needs of
our customers ahead of our own needs. Instead of asking 'What's in it for me?'
we ask our customers 'How may I serve you?' Agape is a Greek term meaning
Unconditional Love. DVT's Agape Support is Unconditional.

City: Michigan City
Category: Control And Instrumentation
Since the company was founded in 1931, customers have come to recognize Dwyer
Instruments to stand for quality, reliability, and readily available low cost
products, leading to sales of over $70 million. We are a major player in the
control and instrumentation industry covering the HVAC, chemical, food, oil and
gas, and pollution control markets. New applications of Dwyer products are
discovered daily and our engineering development teams produce record numbers of
new products each year and continue to explore new markets in order to meet the
demands of our customers. Our company tradition is based on total quality,
service, price stability, and responsive availability - yielding total value to
our customers. Our growth rate exceeded 10% per year for over 30 years and we
anticipate continued success in the future. Through a series of acquisitions, we
have expanded both our product base and consequently, career opportunities for
motivated employees. Our acquisition program is ongoing, and we expect even more
opportunities in the future. We're interested in recruiting talented individuals
to do a job for us today who will be ready to take on the broader
responsibilities we see waiting for them on the horizon. Our employees work
together and respond to problems as a team in order to solve them more
effectively and efficiently. If you're interested in learning more about this,
we'd like to hear from you.

City: Sun Valley
Category: Communication Products
DX Radio Systems was founded in November 1988 to serve specific niche markets
and continues to serve those markets while providing an entire line of
communications products. DX is the Only Turnkey Supplier of simulcast paging
systems since the withdrawal of Motorola and Glenayre. DX Radio is one of three
manufacturers of low-band base stations, and produces conventional stations.DX
offers paging products of all types (desktop, high-power, simulcast and
non-simulcast) as well as voted and/or simulcast two-way, voice radio systems.
They also offer both wide and narrow band (and combination) paging systems
approved by NTIA and the Veterans Administration. We also offer several levels
of subscriber unit products (mobile and portable) and a complete line of popular
accessories.DX Radio builds complete systems incorporating their products.
Manufacturing, integration and testing of all systems is accomplished in Sun
Valley California, though components may come from Australia, United Kingdom,
Ireland or Japan. Comprehensive engineering services from a simple 'Propagation
Study' to a 'Multi-Site System Solution' are also available.

City: Warwick
Category: Non Slip Products
Dycem Non-slip products - the solution to a wide range of stabilisation and
gripping needs. The Dycem product range consists of mats, reel material (that
can be easily cut to size), self-adhesive strips and panels and specially
moulded items such as the jar opener and bottle opener all with remarkable non
slip properties. Dycem's High Performance Contamination Control Zones are easy
to use and provide a simple, long lasting and highly effective method of
minimising foot and wheel borne contamination. A recent study by Dr Caroline
Clibbon a senior microbiologist at Glaxo SmithKline showed that Dycem prevented
over 99% of viable and non-viable particulates from entering their critical

City: Lancaster
Category: Precision Measuring Instruments And Systems
Dyer Company is a technical leader in precision bore gages, ID/OD Groove gages,
min-wall / thickness gages and special application gages.We supply customers
with free, fast, experienced problem solving application engineering.Dyer gages
save time, have proven designs, are fast, accurate, repeatable and 24-7 shop
rugged.As a manufacturer and supplier of unique hand and tabletop gages, we
guarantee a =10% gage R & R capability. We offer quick delivery, 1-5 days for
standard, special and custom design gages.

City: Cleveland
Category: Lubrication Technology
Dylon is a pioneer in high temperature metalworking lubrication technology.
Founded in 1967, Dylon focuses solely on the implementation and use of
technology to meet the severe operating conditions found in the metal melting
and metal forming industry today. Dylon pioneered many new and innovative
products now used throughout the world, and is a leading provider of high
temperature lubricants to all sections of commercial and manufacturing fields.
Our forging lubricants for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets provide unequaled
performance with or without graphite. Our specialty greases for gears, bearings,
chains and cables give superior protection while being sensitive to the
environment. The die casting release agents, ceramic adhesives and release
coatings, and graphitic mold release coatings are just some of the other
technologies we provide.Dylon'S highly skilled and experienced research and
development team continually develop new creative lubricants, greases, and
release coatings while improving existing products. Dylon has over 2000
state-of-the-art, cost effective products to serve your needs.

City: Fremont
Category: Automation Equipment
Dymatix was formed January 1, 2000, through the consolidation of Ultracision and
Viking Semiconductor Equipment. The synergy of technologies and operations were
key elements in the decision to form Dymatix.Both Viking and Ultracision were
founded over 15 years ago for the design and development of automation
equipment. Combined, over 1,600 pieces of automation equipment have been
installed in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.Dymatix offers a
diverse mix of automation equipment solutions:Manual die sorting equipment,
Semi-Automatic and Automatic Die Sorting Systems, Automatic Tape & Reel Die
Sorting Systems, Custom Wafer/Disk Handling, Sorting & Inspection Automation
Systems, AutoBoxers (automated wafer shipping container loading/unloading)
Manual Probers, Semi-Automatic Analytical Probers.Dymatix is located in San
Jose, California. The company also has a sales office in Brookfield WI and a
sales and service office in Penang, Malaysia. Sales and service representatives
further augment the team with support worldwide.

City: Chelmsford
Category: Networking Products
Dymec's main corporate themes are "Networks for Industry" and "We Simplify
Network Connectivity".Dymec's market focus is on industrial networks that
require products that are hardened for challenging environments such as power
utility sub-stations, carrier central offices, transportation systems, pipeline
operations and water treatment plants. Dymec is known for providing reliable
solutions where general-purpose products fail.Dymec is also determined to
simplify network implementation and evolution by effectively combining legacy
and industry-specific technologies with major new networking architectures and
by supporting a wide range of network sizes, topologies and connectivity
requirements.Overall, our mission is to design, manufacture and support
innovative products that deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Quality, before
growth, is our overriding goal! We believe that if we achieve quality in
everything we do... in our engineering, manufacturing, marketing efforts and in
our relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues alike... we shall
accomplish our mission.

City: Torrington
Category: Adhesives And Light Curing Equipment
Dymax pioneered the development of UV curing aerobic and surface activated
solvent-free adhesives in the 1980's. We customize adhesives and formulate
solutions to meet our customers' specific application requirements. Our
chemistry lab is a constant source of innovation in adhesive and coating
technology. This dedication has allowed Dymax to provide manufacturers with the
most advanced structural adhesives and durable coatings that increase both
productivity and product quality.With a working knowledge of both resin
chemistry and equipment, our Tech Service Center is well equipped to solve the
most complex assembly problems. Our solutions increase productivity, saving you
time and money. Our team of technical engineers will find the best solution for
your application. We suggest assembly ideas and work with you to achieve the
quality and productivity you demand.If your process requires light curing, Dymax
is your source. We are unique in our ability to provide both UV adhesives and
coatings and the UV/visible curing equipment required to successfully solve most
problems. Because we understand adhesive and equipment technology, we can answer
application-processing issues on the spot. We provide you with the equipment
that will maximize your application and adhesive performance.

City: Garden City
Category: Labeling Solutions
Dymo is fast-becoming the worldwide leader in providing innovative labeling
solutions that help people organize and identify their world: home, office or
worksite.Dymo offers a complete range of products, from simple embossers, manual
label makers and desktop products to industrial portables and computer-connected
products. And Dymo label makers offer diverse functionality, including: bar
coding, address checking, and much more.Dymo is a brand of Esselte Corporation,
one of the world's leading manufacturers of office products. Esselte offers a
wide range of innovative solutions for your work environment through many
well-known brands.

City: Clarence
Category: Accessories & Abrasives
For over two decades, Dynabrade has earned a reputation and position of
leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable
abrasive power tools for grinding, deburring, filing, sanding and polishing to
meet the needs of many industries. For work with metals, wood, plastics, glass,
rubber, stone, fiberglass and composites, we have been supplying high quality
tools to customers through a worldwide network of professional Distributors.Many
industrial applications have unique requirements that cannot be met with our
general line of air tools. We are prepared to meet these needs by utilizing our
engineering technology coupled with the latest innovations and technological
advancements in the abrasive industry.Once a need has been researched for the
possible development of a new tool, the Dynabrade Team goes to work to produce
the most efficient and versatile machine possible. Our constantly growing
product line, together with many years of design engineering, research and
development experience, proves our ability and commitment to build quality
tools.Our worldwide team of sales professionals provides us with a thorough
understanding of the portable and miniature tool needs of industrial consumers
and distributors.

City: South San Francisco
Category: Cabling Products
Dynacom Corporation has supplied the telecom/datacom industry with voice, data,
video and related hardware since 1984. Our Network Cabling Division's wide range
of end-to-end connectivity solutions includes both commercial and residential
networking product lines such as UTP/STP cable, fiber optics, coaxial cable,
connectors, home media centers, and wire management hardware. Dynacom's
commitment to quality and service enhances our customer's performance, value,
and satisfaction.

City: Murrysville
Category: Microelectronic Packaging Systems
One of the largest manufacturers of lead frames, Dynacraft leads the industry in
manufacture and supply of microelectronic packaging systems. Our lead frames are
used in a broad range of electronic products: home computers, automotive
components, telecommunications, toys and electronic games. We supply
semiconductor manufacturers and assembly contractors with the packaging needed
to connect their chips to those products. Dynacraft establishes long term
partnerships with customers, employees, and educational systems, building
strength through synergy, linking technical expertise, design assistance,
engineering capabilities and production facilities to the manufacturing
processes.We aim to understand your objectives, to become an extension of your
manufacturing system, providing you with the resources you need to output your
product in the most efficient, most cost-effective manner possible.Dynacraft has
an aggressive growth strategy to increase capacity and broaden the product
portfolio. We create high quality products at ever greater speed and accuracy.

City: Perth Amboy
Category: Pumps
Dynaflow Engineering Inc was established in 1994. It presents a rare combination
in the pump industry. Dynaflow Engineering is both a manufacturer and
distributor of quality pumps. Accordingly, our customers benefit from our
expertise in manufacturing, engineering, and applications. Additionally, the
extensive line of pumps that we offer assures our customers that they will be
receiving the appropriate pump for their applications. We will not stretch the
capabilities of a pump to fit an application. If it is not right for the job,
Dynaflow Engineering will not propose it.Dynaflow Engineering specializes in
pumps for handling process fluids where leakage is unacceptable. Our mag-drive
seal-less pumps range in type from positive displacement gear and sliding vane
to centrifugal and regenerative turbine. Of course, we also carry sealed pumps
where the applications warrant their use.

City: Canistota
Category: Power And Magnetic Products
A name with 40 years of history! Battery chargers, high voltage power supplies &
transformers, power electronics units for renewable energy systems, dc power
supplies, wall plug-in and desktop adapters, low power transformers, telecom
transformers, ADSL transformers, LAN transformers, flame scanner products,
industrial & process control products.Dynage Electronics & Controls continues to
manufacture and market Flame Scanner products for CE-design types of power
generation boilers to companies and Electricity Boards (equivalent to utility
companies in USA) in India. In addition the division continues to provide spares
support for the Logic & I/O catalog product line to many utility (power
generation) companies in the USA and Puerto Rico where many Burner Control
Systems (also FSSS systems) are in operation and use the Dynage logic and I/O
cards as building blocks in those critical control systems.Also the division
continues to provide spares support for the Dynage SAFE 8000 computer-based
process control systems that were sold over the last 15 years. The division also
performs Contract Manufacturing services, including design services as well as
the manufacturing services. AutoCad software is generally used for design work
along with other specialized design application software such as printed circuit
board layout software.

City: Chaska
Category: Membrane Switch Technology
Dyna-Graphics Corporation has achieved recognition as a world leader in membrane
switch technology by employing dedicated, highly capable people who perform
their duties utilizing the most advanced technologies and equipment in the
industry.>From initial concept and product design, to final inspection,
Dyna-Graphics is committed to providing our customers with World-Class Quality
and technologies in every product. This dedication to our customers is achieved
by combining state-of-the-art equipment in all phases of manufacturing with an
unsurpassed team of people dedicated to staying on the leading edge of
technology, Quality Improvement and Customer Service.At Dyna-Graphics, we seek
to adhere to culture and quality in the manufacturing of our products, not only
as a means for achieving economic success, but because we believe adherence to
these principles is a worthy Goal, in and of itself.

City: Reynoldsburg
Category: NX System
Dynalab is proud to offer the NX System. The NX System builds upon Dynalab's
proven reputation for reliable cost-effective products to offer a higher level
of performance and value. As good as Dynalab products have been in the past, the
NX System is better in every way. With over 17 years of industry-leading
experience and with more than 18,000 testers sold, Dynalab is uniquely qualified
to offer this next step in wire harness testing.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Category: Strategic Asset Management Solutions
Dynalco Controls offers innovative, engineered products, services, and
technology solutions for industrial engines and compressors. We bring our
application expertise to the natural gas pipeline, oil & gas production, oil
refining, petrochemical and marine industries. Our new business processes get us
closer, better, and faster customer solutions. We embrace a Six Sigma,
customer-focused, lean-manufacturing philosophy that delivers you quality
products at the lowest cost. Dynalco's leaders, employees and sales partners
demonstrate unyielding integrity and are passionately focused on you, our
customer. Our commitment to valued service can be found in every product and
service we provide.Reciprocating and rotating machinery mechanics, analysts and
operators face many maintenance and performance challenges. Natural gas pipeline
operators require maximum capacity of their reciprocating compressors, while the
Power Generation industry demands their Diesel engines are available when power
is interrupted. Some need reliable service; others need to know why the
machinery is not performing according to manufacturer's specification.Our
Machinery Contract Analysis group is an expert in reciprocating and rotating
equipment analysis. Dynalco offers an array of services that help you be more
productive. Our Contract Analysis Services provide you with service and
solutions that protect your critical assets, so you can focus on what you do
best - delivering the capacity, availability and reliability that your company

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Dynamic Alloys
Dynalloy Inc is a manufacturer of shape memory alloys specially made to be used
as actuators. In other words made to provide movement much like a solenoid or
motor would for many cycles. The high repeatability of such applications
requires a dependable, reliable and very repeatable material. Dynalloy Inc
manufactures these nickel titanium alloys as small wires under the trade name of
Flexinol® to differentiate them from other shape memory alloys which do not have
these same properties.

City: San Mateo
Category: Pulleys
We are manufacturer of high quality pulleys. The important features of our
conveyor pulleys are Much lower operating cost, Eliminated maintenance downtime,
Greatly increased belt life, Easy change over from plain to tracking pulleys,
Short lead time- 10 working days, Quality Construction, Money saving features
proven over many years of service.

City: Kenosha
Category: Current Drives And Controls
Drive Source International Inc acquired the assets of Dynamatic Corporation on
February 28, 2002, a manufacturing company steeped in over 75 years of
applications knowledge; engineering know-how and the overall world's leader in
Eddy-Current drive technology.DSI/Dynamatic offers the most complete line of
products consisting of Eddy-Current variable speed drives up 4000HP,
Eddy-Current air and liquid cooled brakes, CES Constant Energy Digital press
drives, Eddy-Current controls, custom control systems, high speed A.C. motors,
Inverter packages, dynamometers and full range of standard A.C.
motors.DSI/Dynamatic offers complete factory rebuild on all products, which
carry a 1-year warranty. We can rebuild, test and repair all control circuit
boards back to factory original specifications insuring minimal
downtime.DSI/Dynamatic knows the value of engineering products the right way,
and use our vast knowledge with our team of experienced mechanical and
electrical engineers, to promote the natural advantages of the Eddy-Current
technology. We're so confident, we offer exclusive 3-year
warranties*.DSI/Dynamatic are the North American agents/distributors and factory
repair for TECO Eddy-Current Drives and controls and TASC Eddy-Current Drives
and controls.DSI/Dynamatic also specializes in a complete line of A.C. Variable
Frequency Drive packages complete with an exclusive 3-year inverter/motor
package warranty. Trust Drive Source International for all your A.C. drive
packages. We know how to apply and engineer A.C. drives.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Hardware Chemicals Electronics
Dynamation Research carries a vast and extensive inventory of hardware,
chemicals, electronics, and components specific to aircraft and the aerospace
industry.As a supplier for commercial airlines, U.S. Government agencies, and
private aviation for nearly 20 years, Dynamation Research prides itself on its
commitment to quick response time, competitive pricing, and professional
service.Fulfilling small and large orders, contact Dynamation Research for all
your aerospace chemical, electronics, and hardware requirements.

City: McKinney
Category: Machine Tools And Test Equipment
Dynamco began operations in 1967 with the goal to design, manufacture and market
the highest performance, highest quality, most reliable valves in the pneumatic
industry. None of Dynamco's founders had previously worked in the pneumatic
industry. This turned out to be a major advantage because we were not hindered
by preconceived ideas of "how things had always been done."Today, Dynamco is an
integrated manufacturing company with a large complement of machine tools,
assembly fixtures, and inspection and test equipment. We are financially strong
and independent which means our customers get better service and support. We
sell our products throughout the world through the highest qualified independent
distributors. We have many large O.E.M. projects that get full factory support
regardless where they are throughout the world.Every Dynamco product from the
simplest fitting to the most complex system is individually tested to meet
Dynamco standards. These standards are continually being upgraded and improved
to maintain our leadership in the industry.

City: Kalamazoo
Category: Bulk Materials Handling Equipment And Conveyor Systems
Dynamet is your source for bulk materials handling equipment. We offer a wide
array of conveyor systems including tubular drag conveyors and flexible screw
conveyors, as well as hydraulic dumpers, pneumatic tilt tables, and bulk bag
unloaders. Our equipment is designed to meet the needs of your specific

City: Carson
Category: Wire & Cable
Dynamex is proud to celebrate 30 years of innovation, expertise & know-how,
providing highly reliable equipment & unequalled support to the Wire & Cable
Industry.Dynamex Corporation, an acknowledged innovator for the Wire & Cable
industry, continues celebrating its 25th anniversary by unveiling additional
versions of its latest breakthrough development - a longitudinal taping system
with fully automatic crossover at full line speed. This new proprietary process
(Pat. Pending) enables running the taping process continuously with unattended
crossovers, which, until now has been considered unattainable. And as in our
traditional tape payoffs, the tape always runs at constant tension, which is
easily adjustable. The new versions include units that can cross-over
automatically at speeds well above 1,000 FPM, and can operate with tissue, kraft
paper, mylar or tape aluminized on one or both sides. In addition to units for
the traditional flat pads, a new version is now available that can accommodate
the increasingly popular wide spools with traversed tape. This version utilizes
a novel proprietary method for unwinding the tape without causing the tape edges
to distort and become wavy!These units are most useful for jacketing operations
that use longitudinal taping, but they can also be used with Dynamex high-speed
Single-Twist cablers, or with other cabling equipment.

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