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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Katy
Category: Power Protection Equipment
DP Electronics Incorporated (Home of the Sterling Batteries) has been providing
superior service and sales of power protection equipment to large, mission
critical environments for almost two decades. Our commitment is to offer
unparalleled service and support of your new or existing equipment at a fraction
of what it would cost from the original equipment manufacturer. Our technical
staff has extensive factory training and practical experience on most brands of
static and rotary UPS Systems, frequency converters, battery systems, power
conditioners and power distribution units.

City: Round Rock
Category: Photomask Devices
Manufacturers of the combination of Toppan Photomasks with the photomasks
business of Toppan Printing forms the world's premier photomask provider. In
addition to operating the industry's most advanced and largest network of
manufacturing facilities, the company offers a comprehensive range of photomask
technologies, and research and development capabilities, to meet the
increasingly sophisticated and divergent product-and-service requirements of the
global semiconductor industry.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Semiconductors
DpiX is the X-ray Manufacturers Sensor Array of Choice for Medical, Security and
NDT Global Markets. DpiX manufactures semiconductors on large glass substrates.
DpiX technology is used for producing amorphous silicon (a-Si) sensor arrays and
displays. Flat panel X-ray detectors made with dpiX technology are used in
medical, security, explosive detection and non-destructive testing. Our products
make it possible for radiologists to have a digitally processed image with
remarkable contrast ratio and resolution. Since the image is captured digitally,
the system can provide image enhancements and views not available with film.
Also, there is no need to physically store film with the patients' records. The
images are stored on a server, CD, other types of storage and media, and can be
sent via the Internet. This means that an interventional radiologist in Zurich
can be assisting a cardiologist in San Francisco in real time during a medical

City: Carrollton
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
PCB Design And Manufacturers, Design and Documentation, Printed Circuit Board
Layout, Printed Circuit Board Procurement, PCB Assembly and Test, dps has the
latest technology assembly equipments, flexible software, and hardware to
accommodate clients changing needs from high pin count to tighter lead spacing.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Ultra Violet lasers
DPSS Lasers Inc Manufacturers is the world leader in high efficiency, high
repetition rate solid state Ultra Violet lasers. Our model 3500 series laser
delivers the highest quasi-cw 355nm power in the industry. DPSS Lasers, Inc.
manufactures high power, short wavelength, solid-state lasers used in high
performance manufacturing processes such as Micro-Machining or Rapid
Prototyping. DPSS Lasers continues to invest in new manufacturing technologies
and system designs to broaden the range of lasers available to our customers. We
believe that solid-state laser technologies can facilitate the use of lasers in
a wide range of manufacturing and other processes that have been inaccessible to
date because of the relative inefficiency and poor reliability of conventional
short wavelength lasers.

City: Durango
Category: Underwater And Aerospace Equipment
Dräeger is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of the highest
quality medical, safety, and underwater and aerospace equipment. Draeger's
alcohol detection products help to improve existing protective and safety
measures in law enforcement agencies, the work environment and communities. Our
products exceed the current National standards and are custom-designed to meet
our customer's needs.

City: Norwalk
Category: Specialty Valves
Dragon Valves Inc founded in 1945, manufactures instrumentation, manifold and
specialty valves. Dragon manufactures power valves in accordance with ASME
Section III Class 1, 2 and 3 under its "N" stamp quality program. All valves are
designed, machined, assembled, and tested in Norwalk, California. Valve styles
include forged and barstock valves in Carbon, 316 Stainless Steel and other
alloys. Sizes range from 1/8" through 2" in all end connection types.
Industries, which rely on our valves, include: aerospace, chemical, power
generation, commercial diving, ship building, process and petrochemical, to name
but a few.

City: Louisville
Category: Draining And Moving Liquids
Manufacturing and marketing company, which provides unique solutions for
draining and moving liquids, specializing in condensate removal from compressed
air systems.

City: Franklin
Category: Optical Fibres
Manufacturers of package Draka Comteq's premier optical fiber Draka produces a
variety of cable designs to meet every need. Our cables are produced to meet or
exceed industry standards so you can be sure you receive the highest possible
quality product.

City: Edison
Category: Power Monitoring Equipment And Services
Dranetz-BMI has long been recognized as the world's number one source for power
monitoring equipment and services. From versatile handheld power quality
monitors used for portable-troubleshooting applications, to permanently
installed systems for continuous power quality process improvement, trust the
experts at Dranetz-BMI to find a solution that's right for your business.

City: Spiceland
Category: Audio Visual Equipments And Athletic Equipments
Manufacturers of Audio Visual Equipment, Front Projection Screens, Rear
Projection Screens, Home Theatre, Projector Mounts and Lifts, Plasma Mounts and
Lifts and Flat Panel Display Mounts, Athletic Equipment, Basketball Backstops,
Backboards and Football Goals, Gym Equipment, Soccer Goals and Volleyball
Equipment Window Shades FlexShades, FlexShade Panels, School Shades, Light Bloc
Shades and Skylight Shades.

City: Newton
Category: Building Design Information Systems Products
Drawbase Software has been a worldwide supplier of building design and facility
management information systems. Drawbase as the leading supplier of solutions to
the Facility Management industry. We are committed to providing our clients with
state of the art technologies, allowing them to meet any challenge head on.

City: Chicago
Category: Hand Brake
Dreis & Krump manufacturing hand-forming brake made of wood. The hand brake
evolved into a line of forming machinery known as 'Chicago Steel Bending
Brakes'. The company boasted, "The construction is of steel throughout".

City: Stratford
Category: Pressure Gauges And Thermometers
Manufacturers of pressure gauges, thermometers, transducers, transmitters,
pressure and temperature switches, calibration equipment, recorders and other
instruments to suit virtually every application.

City: Franksville
Category: Workholding Devices
Drewco specializes in rapidly designing and producing high quality workholding
devices. Typical projects may include design and creation of collets, chucks or
hydraulic tool holders - products designed to hold objects for machine tool

City: Sterling
Category: Spare Parts And Equipments
Drexel International Inc manufactures an unbeatable combination for spare parts
equipment and support. Drexel believes, is the only true standard by which
success can be judged. Drexel International Inc is a dynamic professional
management logistic organization that is employee owned with distribution,
manufacturing and repair facilities.

City: Ringwood
Category: Ultrasonic Devices
Dr Hielscher GmbH Hielscher USA Inc main work is development and production of
ultrasonic devices for the use in laboratory and industrial applications.
Technological innovations together with the realization of new ultrasound-based
processes substantiated the company's growth and its market acceptance. Today,
ultrasonic devices made by Dr Hielscher GmbH belong to laboratories and
production plants on all continents across the world. Half of the annual
turnover of four million Euros in 2000 was based on exports. Almost every fourth
device is supplied to customers outside Europe.The Hielscher Systems GmbH
integrates the ultrasonic devices into complex ultrasonic systems, such as wire
cleaning systems. The systems are produced to meet the customer's requirements
in terms of power, extended range of accessories and steady state proof

City: Houston
Category: Drilling Equipments
Manufacturers of Boring Rod, Drive Chucks, Saver Subs, Jaw Dies, Rod Wipers,
Starter Rods, Transition Subs, Hex Collars, Crossovers, Adapters, Drill Heads,
Sonde Housings, Directional Blades, Railhead Products, Bits, Rock Reamers, Fly
Cutters, Swivels, Pump Parts, Drilling Fluids, Auto Crane.

City: Greensburg
Category: Heating Solutions
DriQuik's main work is Designing and manufacturing custom finishing systems for
a diverse range of products, applications and industries worldwide, DriQuik set
the standard for electric infrared ovens and automated pre-finishing
systems.Platinum Quartz Tube Heaters, Ceramic-backed T-3 Tube Heaters, Infrared
Oven Curing Systems, Gas & Electric Oven Curing Systems, Flash & Cooling
Tunnels, Infrared Combo Ovens, Ceramic Generators, QuikLITE, Control Panels,
Coating Finishing, Automotive, Plastics, Pulp & Paper Processing, Wood

City: Furlong
Category: Pumps
Manufacturing our DRI-2 oil-free pump packages, and providing a rebuilding
service for selected models of other oil-free pump packages. These heavy-duty
oil-free packages provide fast evacuation to the 10 -5 Torr range. They are
ideal for the following applications: Roughing ion pumped systems, Backing
turbomolecular pumps, roughing cryopumped systems.

City: Harbor Beach
Category: Pulleys And Speed Controllers
Drive-All Manufacturing Company is the designers and manufacturers of
multi-speed reducers, increasers, and custom pulleys for speed control
applications. Haskell Machinery Company was one of the few machine manufacturers
to recognize that instead of the infinite variable speeds produced by the
"old-fashioned" pulley systems, these machines could operate with a series of
fixed speeds.

City: Texas City
Category: Drives And Electric Motors
Drive Systems Inc are the leading manufacturers of AC and DC Motors, and Drives.

City: Livermore
Category: Web Tension Control
Drivex specializes in Web Tension Control for the Pharmaceutical, Converting,
and Vacuum coating industries, From Flexible packaging, magnetic media,
pharmaceutical machinery to vacuum chambers, semiconductors and mass storage
devices - throughout the United States and several foreign countries - we've
been automating production for the consumer packaged goods, electronics and
industrial sectors.

City: Sycamore
Category: Drive Pins
Driv-Lok manufactures products such as grooved pins, knurled pins, or drive
studs, they fall in the general category of press fit fasteners. The grooving
process, applied to cylindrical pins or the cylindrical shanks of headed pins,
involves precisely displacing a predetermined amount of material. This displaced
material creates interference between the pin and the drilled hole, which locks
the pin in place.

City: Parsippany
Category: Leading Edge Products For Defense
DRS Technologies Inc provides leading edge products and services to defense,
government intelligence and commercial customers. Focused on defense technology,
DRS develop and manufacture a broad range of mission critical systems that
uniquely positions the company to support the military's near-term force
modernization and emerging transformation initiatives.

City: New Fairfield
Category: Sensors And Calibrators
Manufacturers of Pressure Sensors, Portable Calibrators, Pressure Standards,
Aviation Support products.

City: Studio City
Category: Atmospheric Packaging Products
Dry Pak Industries are the manufacturers of modified atmospheric packaging
products for the food, electronics, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, diagnostics,
military and aerospace industries.

City: Cookstown
Category: Moisture Control Purification And Protection Devices
Designers and Manufacturers of a wide range of desiccators, cartridge
dehydrators, dryers and humidity indicators.

City: Foxboro
Category: Warehouse Management Software Products
DSA Software has been providing powerful and cost-effective solutions for
warehousing operations. Our Foxware suite of Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
solutions manages 3PL (both public and contract), and private distribution
center environments, offering advanced features that include: RF Scanning,
flexible data exchange and EDI capabilities, and Real-time web-accessibility to
live data.

City: Fontana
Category: Wire Harness And Cord Set
DSM is the leaders in the manufacturers of wire harness and cord set
manufacturing markets. From the simple power cord that connects a table lamp, to
intricate wiring harnesses for domestic automobiles.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Control Chips And Boards
DSP Control Group Inc was founded by a group of scientists specializing in
various areas of control and digital signal processing. The company has been
intensely involved in the development of DSP based control chips and boards
serving the defense, general automation and machine tool markets. The founders
of DSPCG carry many years of academic research and industrial experience in: DSP
and ASIC gate array design, theory of optimum control, and the application of
Kalman filtering in motion systems.

City: Vancouver
Category: Semiconductor Chips
DSP Architectures is a private Northwest company focused on providing the
ultimate in Digital Signal Processing silicon solutions for use in today's high
performance systems.DSP Architectures is an enabling technology company
committed to providing high-end Digital Signal Processing (DSP) packaged chips
and DSP Intellectual Property (IP) Silicon Cores. The DSP24TM family of chips
are the world's first signal processors optimized for solutions in the frequency
domain, enabling users to take advantage of the dramatic efficiencies and
"signal intelligence" that comes from utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
for Signal and Image processing.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductor Chips
DSP Group Inc is a fabless semiconductor company, offering advanced chipset
solutions for a variety of applications. DSP Group is a world leader in the
short-range wireless communication market, enabling home networking convergence
for voice, video & data.DSP Group Inc is a fabless semiconductor company that
develops and sells a wide portfolio of System on chip solutions for portable
multimedia (Speech, Music, Video and Still Image), short-range communication
(EDCT, DECT, Bluetooth), and VoIP applications in Consumer Electronics and
Telecommunication markets. DSP Group is a global leader in Total Telephony
Solutions® for a wide range of Digital Cordless telephony, VoIP, IP Phones, IP
Gateways and IADs, Digital Voice, Audio and Video Recorders, Portable Audio
Players and Hands-Free Car Bluetooth™ Kits etc.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Video Compression Products And Emulators
DSP Research has been providing state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions
for over a decade and is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We specialize
in: H.264 video compression solutions, DSP boards and systems, Development tools
and emulators for TI DSPs, VIDEO - H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Real Time Video Encoders,
MSB - Modular Systems and Boards, HPC - High Performance Computing systems,
TIGER - Development Boards, VIPER - DSP Resource Boards, FleXDS - JTAG Emulators
and Development Systems.

City: Omaha
Category: Environmental Liquid Sampler
D-Tec Corporation is the sole distributor and manufacturer of the Environmental
Liquid Sampler (ELS). ELS is a mechanically operated instrument that collects a
"first flush" volume of liquid without a power source. The patented instrument
can be used in a remote setting with minimal personnel involvement. ELS are
rugged in design, lightweight, and easy-to-use. This instrument provides
environmental consulting engineers; local, state, and federal governmental
agencies; and commercial and agricultural sectors an efficient and reliable tool
to monitoring storm water runoff; waste, and surface water quality.The ELS is a
mechanically automated device that can be used in remote locations without the
use of a power source. This eliminates the requirement to personally respond to
a storm event immediately, allowing retrieval at a convenient time.

City: Springfield
Category: Automation Systems And Solutions
DT Industries Inc is a global leader providing automation systems and solutions
fundamental to the assembly and testing of a wide variety of consumer and
industrial products. Operating a family of complementary technologies and
capabilities under the DT Industries banner, the company harnesses innovation,
technology, expertise, and resources to develop systems and equipment to satisfy
customer and market demands.DTI provides its engineering and manufacturing
expertise to local and global customers involved in components, electronics,
automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, high technology, hardware,
medical devices, plastics, cosmetics, agriculture, chemicals, construction,
appliance and transportation industries.

City: Bethesda
Category: Visual Indicating Devices
DTI Smartbolts Delvin Industries develops, manufactures and sells specialized
visual indicating devices for the industrial and OEM market. Our present
products include load-indicating bolts and studs. In most cases, we convert the
customer's fastener products into DTI load-indicating SmartBolts. We have also
developed a line of visual fluid pressure indicators.

City: Shawnee
Category: Perforated Table And Perforated Wall
Dual Draw downdraft tables and booths are an efficient and economical way to
protect workers from harmful dust and fumes caused by welding, grinding and
polishing. The perforated table and perforated back wall together draw air and
contaminants like grinding dust, welding fumes and smoke away from the operator.

City: Carson
Category: Keyboards Panels And Pushbutton Switches
Ducommun Technologies has served the aerospace, defense, oil and telecom markets
for over 40 years. We design and build illuminated keyboards, panels and
pushbutton switches (Jay-El), RF/microwave coaxial switches and filters (DMT /
DBP), severe environment motors and resolvers (AEI), electro-mechanical
enclosures and cable assemblies (Mechtronics).

City: Chicago
Category: Springs Wireforms Stampings And Assemblies
Dudek & Bock is a leading manufacturer of custom springs, wireforms, light metal
stampings and assemblies. We are committed to the success of our customers.

City: San Jose
Category: PC Cards And Electronic Devices
Manufacturers of PC cards, Compact Flash, CF, & Type II, Miniature Cards,
Datasheets, Connectors and Cables.

City: St Charles
Category: Audio Visual Equipments
Manufacturers of LCD Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Visualizers, Plasma
Display Panels, Ultrasonic Solutions, Hotplate Solutions, Vibration Solutions,
Thermal Solutions, Film & Fabric Solutions, Food Processing Solutions, Spin and
Automated Solutions, Acoustic Locating System, Beacon Test Equipment, Under
Water Receiving Systems.

City: Palo Alto
Category: Intensity Calibrators
Manufacturers of Intensity Calibrators. Our R & D scientist working on the next
generation of particle standards. NEW Single-vial Cyto-Cal™ Multifluor Intensity
Calibrator for Flow Cytometry Chemists at Duke Scientific have created a flow
cytometry intensity calibrator with superior bead size and intensity uniformity,
that requires no singlet gating.Intensity calibrators should be part of your
instrument performance / quality monitoring program. The Cyto-Cal product family
also includes a low intensity calibrator and alignment beads.

City: Mauston
Category: OEM Motors And Industrial Tools
Dumore Corporation has manufactured high-quality custom designed OEM motors and
industrial tools. Dumore Corporation provides UL listed permanent magnet DC
brush type motors, wound field motors, parallel shaft and right angle gear
motors, armatures, fields, brush cards, battery contactor solenoids, drilling
equipment, and grinding equipment.

City: Carbondale
Category: Silk Products
Gentex has its roots in the silk industry, going back to the 19th century when a
forerunner opened as a silk throwster in New York City. Following a fire in
1894, the re-named Klots Throwing Company reopened in Carbondale, Pennsylvania,
eventually to become one of the country's largest silk weaving companies,
operating mills throughout the Northeast. After the start of the Great
Depression and the introduction of rayon, the silk industry ran aground. Marcus
Frieder, president and general manager of Klots, bought the company with his son
Leonard P Frieder and reorganized it in 1932.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Capital Equipment
Genus Inc designs, manufactures and markets capital equipment and processes for
advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The company's products-systems for thin
film deposition-are used worldwide to produce integrated circuits for the data
processing, communications, medical, military, transportation and consumer
electronics industries.

City: Boxborough
Category: Remote Monitoring Systems
Geocomp Products manufactures, sells, and supports remote-monitoring systems
that provide Web-based access to geotechnical and environmental instruments used
for real-time monitoring worldwide. It also manufactures automated soil-testing
systems used at government, industrial, and university research labs.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
In 1986 Geometric Circuits Inc brought upon a Quality Initiative that we
consider the overall competitive vehicle for our company's future. This
initiative will assure our growth in the world marketplace. Quality Improvements
directed at Total Customer Satisfaction will provide the method to accomplish
this task. It consists of an undying focus on the requirements and expectations
of the customer and an overall effort to improve all work areas and capabilities
of Geometric Circuits, Inc including a commitment to 100% On Time Delivery to
our customers.It is important to understand that the term "customer" refers to
both the internal and external customers. An internal customer is any Geometric
employee who receives goods, information, services and/or products from within
our organization. We are all internal customers here, working for a common goal
of excellence. An external customer is someone outside the organization who
purchases our products and/or services. In all management efforts, when
discussing external customers, it is the policy of Geometric Circuits Inc to
have one member of the group act as the "Voice of the Customer."

City: San Jose
Category: Geophysical Instrumentation
Geometrics have been a world leader in the design and manufacture of geophysical
instrumentation since 1968. Using the latest technologies, Geometrics designs
and manufactures highly portable instruments to provide the user with a
subsurface 'picture' of the earth. The products we design, sell and service are
well suited for the harsh environments found on land, sea and airborne
applications.Geometrics are highly customer focused. Our staff of applications
geophysicists is available to help you choose the right instrumentation for your
job and advises how to optimize your surveys. An experienced customer service
staff gets you back up and working fast - if problems ever occur. And a
worldwide network of representative offices to answer your questions and supply
you with earth imaging tools to solve your problems joins Geometrics staff.

City: Tulsa
Category: Pressure Guage
In 1929 GRC designed the first Bottom Hole Pressure Gauge, which has become
known as the "Amerada Bomb". The Amerada recorded precise pressure data, not
previously available, causing an immediate demand by major oil companies. The
demand continued to grow and the instrument was manufactured in ever increasing
quantities.GRC offers a complete line of accurate, rugged and versatile
mechanical and electronic pressure gauges.

City: Manassas
Category: Electrical Frequency Converters
Georator Corporation was founded in 1950, traditionally designing and
manufacturing electrical frequency converters (permanent magnet generators and
motor-generator sets) for industrial and government applications. Applications
for the Company's products range across all requirements to test or run
equipment at a Hertz (Cycles per Second) other than US domestic 60 Hz. The
Company's products are renowned for their reliability and longevity, many having
been in continuous service for over twenty years with only minor maintenance

City: North Salem
Category: Radar Systems
Geophysical Survey Systems Inc (GSSI) is the world leader in the development and
manufacture of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, referred to as Subsurface
Interface Radar (SIR®) Systems and Electromagnetic Induction Instruments (EMI).
These systems are used to non-destructively explore the subsurface of the ground
for a wide variety of industries and to inspect our infrastructure
systems.GSSI's leadership in subsurface radar equipment is a consequence of its
creation of the first commercial GPR system and the innovation and dedication of
its technical staff. GSSI provides the widest range of equipment covering all
applications from borehole data collection to high-speed highway and railroad
data collection. No other GPR manufacturer covers this wide range of

City: Tustin
Category: Automation Products
George Fischer Inc is the sales, marketing and logistics organization for
Engineered Piping Systems, Valves and Actuation, and Signet Instrumentation in
the Americas. In addition, GFI provides our customers with a wide range of value
add capabilities through the Custom Products group. Located minutes from the
scenic Orange County coastline, we offer customer and technical support, a world
class fusion machine service department, valve and actuation assembly, heat
exchanger fabrication and a Class 10,000 clean room for our high purity

City: Pasadena
Category: Ready Mix Concrete
George L Throop Co is a specialty ready mix concrete producer. We pride
ourselves in producing ready-mix concrete and grouts in remote locations from
the desert to the sea to islands and everywhere in between, nationwide. Our
mobile concrete batch plants range in size and produce from 5 to 100 cubic yards
per hour or more. We produce not only standard mix designs; we also specialize
in unusual mix designs such as rapid strength concrete achieving 3000 PSI in 1.5
hours. Our unusual concrete mix designs also include Rapid Set concrete,
non-shrink grouts, gunite, and shotcrete. We were the first Certified Rapid Set
Concrete Producer in the USA. Concrete pumping is also part of our service. Day
or night, weekends or holidays, we are at your service with over 83 years of
material handling experience.

City: Kimball
Category: Security Products
George Risk Industries Manufactures High Quality Security Products, Data Entry
Peripherals, Pushbutton, Proximity, and Burglar Alarm Switches.

City: Niles
Category: Marking Tools And Machines
We are designers and builders of marking tools and marking machines with a broad
range of product - from manual, low volume needs utilizing hand stamps, to
automated systems including hydraulic roll marking and pneumatic roll marking
machines, stylus (pin markers, dot matrix, etc.) marking machines, laser marking
systems and laser markers, Schmidt is able to provide solutions for most any
marking application. Schmidt Marking Systems not only has the engineering
expertise to solve your marking needs but we also have the ability to provide
follow up service as well.

City: Alpharetta
Category: Industrial Vacuum Ovens And Furnaces
Manufacturer of precision industrial vacuum ovens and furnaces, Georgia Oven
Company can solve your most difficult thermal vacuum processing problems. Our
ovens have been used for the manufacturing and production of semiconductors,
medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and electronic components. Our capabilities
include explosion proof, high vacuum, and atmosphere replacement with

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Transformer Winding Machines
Age and experience is on your side. George Stevens Manufacturing Inc has been a
leader in innovative transformer winding machines and coil winding machines and
since 1943.

City: Dallas
Category: Ground Motion Monitoring Instruments
Geotech Instruments LLc has over 50 years experience in the development and
production of ground motion monitoring instruments. Today, Geotech produces most
of the seismic field instruments used by the U.S. Air Force in fulfilling its
mission to monitor nuclear events worldwide.

City: Irvine
Category: Test Equipment And Test Solutions
A subsidiary of Marvin Engineering Co Inc Geotest - Marvin Test Systems Inc is a
global producer of PXI and PC-Based test equipment and test solutions. Located
in Southern California and with a worldwide network of distributors and
representatives, Geotest is an ISO-9001 company producing hundreds of products
for the electronic test industry.

City: Pittsfield
Category: Plastics Resins
GE Plastics is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of plastics resins
and plastics shapes used in a number of key industries including automotive,
computers, telecommunications, appliances, optical media, packaging, and
building and construction. GE Plastics manufactures and compounds polycarbonate,
ABS, SAN, ASA, PPE, PC/ABS, PBT and PEI resins.GE Polymerland is the leading
global distributor of plastic resins from GE Plastics and other manufacturers.
Through, GE Polymerland is speeding up the whole range of
customer services, offering 24-7 access to information on 30,000+ resins, along
with availability, easy ordering and order tracking

City: Portland
Category: Plastic Products
GE Polymershapes, based in Huntersville, N.C., is a leading global distributor
of plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film. In addition to a portfolio of products
from GE Plastics and GE Silicones, it also offers customers many products from
other quality manufacturers. GE Polymershapes has 2,200 employees at 150 branch
locations in 17 countries.

City: Willoughby
Category: Fluorescent Bulbs
Manufacture Of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

City: South Windsor
Category: Scientific Products
The name Gerber Scientific has been synonymous with technological innovation for
more than half a century, helping to transform the way dozens of industries work
through the development of products and systems that automate workflow
procedures. The company's long-standing vision can be traced directly to its
founder, H. Joseph Gerber, and his life-long passion for leveraging technology
to solve problems.Gerber's genius came to light in the 1940s when as an
aeronautical engineering student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; he
discovered a way to reduce the time-consuming nature of plotting points for his
math homework. The result was an "expandable ruler" created from the elastic
waistband of his pajama bottoms. Gerber's creation was not only a sensation on
campus; it gave birth to the renowned Gerber Variable Scale® and later, The
Gerber Scientific Instrument Company.

City: Mission Viejo
Category: Electronic Circuit
Located in Orange Country, California, Em Designs-EE GRoup Offers a Full Range
Of Engineering services. We have the Capabilities of Working Efficiently On
Small Jobs, as well as Large Research And Development Projects.

City: Atlanta
Category: Drive Components
Manufacturing a product range, which includes locking elements, locking
assemblies, and shrink discs, Peter has been providing solutions for shaft/hub
connections for over 30 years.In 1948, Mr. Oskar Peter patented the locking
element. Since that time, our company has continued to develop locking devices
able to withstand tremendous torques - even under extreme loads.

City: Tualatin
Category: Machine Guarding And Industrial Applications
GE Security Industrial, formally Sentrol Industrial, is the market leader in the
development and manufacture of non-contact safety interlock switches for machine
guarding and industrial applications.Whether it's a new machine design or a
retrofit to increase operator safety on an existing machine, GE Security
Industrial provides the best fit for your application. We have the broadest line
of products in the business and our systems are rugged enough to withstand even
the harshest environments.We manufacture a complete line of CE compliant safety
switches and safety relays, as well as industrial interlock switches and
position sensors.

City: Waterford,
Category: Silicon Specialty Materials
The global headquarters of GE Silicones-OSi Specialties is located in Wilton,
CT, USA, and is a division of GE Specialty Materials. General Electric, or GE,
is the world's largest diversified manufacturing, technology and services
company, with USD$1.75 billion in revenues.GE Silicones has technology centers
and an extensive network of sales and service offices on five continents,
supported by R&D and manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada, Switzerland,
Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, the People's
Republic of China, Korea, Thailand and Brazil.

City: Ewing
Category: Blind Riveting System
GESIPA was established in Walldorf, Germany in 1955, as a company committed to
developing better blind riveting technologies. Today, GESIPA has manufacturing
facilities around the world including the United States, Germany, England,
Poland and Brazil. The driving force behind GESIPA's international success has
been the ongoing development of innovative products that enhance productivity
through superior engineering and quality workmanship. In 1975, GESIPA
revolutionized blind riveting with the introduction of the GAV Automatic-Feed
Blind Riveting System. GAV systems have set the standard for blind riveting
efficiency. GESIPA installation tools are known for their high quality,
durability and functional design. From the Flipper, our low effort
manual-riveting tool, to the revolutionary AccuBird, PowerBird and FireBird,
battery powered portable tools, GESIPA's innovation stands clear.

City: Chandler
Category: Motion Controllers
Manufacturers of motion controllers that use the auto-expert algorithm to
automatically tune the controller.

City: Bridgeport
Category: Supplies And Equipment
To our friends and patrons, greetings. Prompted by a universal demand from our
friends, and strongly feeling the need of a book that would be a work of
standard value on tools and supplies… we have, with the characteristic spirit of
our house, spared neither labor nor expense in producing a catalogue that will
be a benefit to every buyer and workman in the line."So began an early Gesswein
catalog offered at a time when all work was painstakingly crafted and finished
entirely by hand. Compared to the present, considering current manufacturing
knowledge and production supplies and equipment, those early days were hazardous
and inefficient. Many techniques were unsafe and exposed the workers to highly
toxic chemicals. The machinery that was available was powered by pulley or, at
best, by gas or steam generators.

City: El Cajon,
Category: Tactical Data Products
GET Engineering Corporation was founded in 1982 as a leading edge, high
technology engineering firm providing Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS)
products to government and industrial clients. GET is a privately held
corporation that has experienced double digit growth over the past several
years. Currently, the company participates in a global market and is the leading
supplier for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) NTDS products. The corporate
headquarters is located in El Cajon, California, with nine indirect worldwide
sales offices.The corporation's key business areas are balanced between
providing superior NTDS related products and R&D services to over 300 customers
in the Department of Defense and commercial contractor.

City: Powell
Category: Specialty Chemicals
The GFS chemical manufacturing program features three core technologies that, at
first glance, might not seem to be very interdependent. However, a closer look
at a novel organic reagent system, Lithium Perchlorate in Diethyl Ether, shows
how specialty chemical development pathways can cross at unusual points.GFS has
been involved with Inorganic perchlorate chemistries since the 1920's. Recently,
the technology to dry bulk lithium perchlorate to moisture levels below 300 ppm
has opened up new opportunities in the use of LiClO4-diethyl ether (and other
solvents) to promote novel synthetic organic chemical syntheses in bulk

City: Naples
Category: Microwave and Oscilloscope probes
Since 1980, GGB Industries, the originator of the Picoprobe line of microwave
and oscilloscope probes, has served the on-wafer probing needs of the worldwide
semiconductor industry, beginning with a line of high impedance troubleshooting
probes for diagnostic studies of the internal workings of complex logic and
memory chips. In 1988, GGB Industries Inc revolutionized on-wafer microwave
probing with a new-patented coaxial microwave probe having 50-ohm coplanar
flexible tips. The introduction of a high performance W-band millimeter wave
probe in 1992 established GGB Industries Inc as the world leader in microwave
probes. Our hallmarks are craftsmanship, precision, customer service, and
problem solving.

City: Valencia
Category: CNC Milling And EDM Machines
Our fully equipped tooling department includes state-of-the-art CNC milling and
EDM machines. This equipment enables us to provide you with the upmost in
precision tooling, resulting in a high quality product.We are capable of
providing mold bases with single or multiple cavity tooling. We can also create
custom molds as well as modify your existing tooling.

City: Omaha
Category: Power Transmission Products
At G&G we've stayed at the forefront of modern manufacturing technology with
state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced staff. Our customer satisfaction
record reflects our commitment to quality products and unwavering service. When
it comes to delivering exact specifications, on time and on budget, we are
second to none.

City: Camarillo
Category: Electromechanical and Mechanical Components
G&H Technology Inc began its sixth decade as a premier supplier of advanced,
high reliability, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components. G&H
Technology's past success is attributable to its broad range of resources,
capabilities, product lines and responsiveness to customer requirements. G&H
Technology enjoys the reputation for quickly qualifying connectors in a matter
of months when other firms may take years. NASA's NATC connector is a case in
point. Because of our fast response time, we are now a qualified source for a
family of connectors on the International Space Station.Our production facility
encompasses more than 120,000 square feet and is integrated vertically. The
plant includes the equipment and personnel necessary for design, development,
test and production of our diverse product lines. Our Mazak multiple spindle
turning centers provide state-of-the-art machining capabilities. We have the
latest design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system which fully supports
all Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering function.

City: Greenwood
Category: Orthodontic Products
G&H Wire Company started as a tool and die shop and found its calling when a
local orthodontist asked if G&H could form looped archwires for himself and his
associates. From that moment on, G&H Wire Company became an orthodontic wire
company. Now G&H manufactures and distributes archwires, reverse curves, looped
retraction archwires, brackets, bands, patient elastics, elastomeric chain,
headgear and numerous other orthodontic products. G&H also has available
informational and educational materials for doctors and patients.As a
manufacturer, we know what it takes to produce excellent quality products
efficiently and market them competitively. Service has always been our
cornerstone of success and it is our goal to ensure your satisfaction with any
product you purchase from G&H Wire Company.

City: Henderson
Category: Die Casting
Founded in 1966, Gibbs has grown into one of the largest castings companies in
the United States with manufacturing facilities on four continents. Gibbs
operates 11 factories in Kentucky, Texas, Hungary, Brazil, and Korea for
aluminum and magnesium casting, machining, assembly and die building, with over
1,200,000 square feet of total floor space. Gibbs offers Uniform Quality on Four
Continents.Gibbs can cast using pressures from 2,000 PSI to 18,000 PSI in
vertical and horizontal presses either with or without vacuum. Gibbs presses
range from 280 ton to 1600 ton offering an alternative to forging, permanent
mold and conventional die casting. The world casting market as equal or superior
to conventional die-casting has accepted our manufacturing process.

City: Southington
Category: Wire and Strip
From one small operation in Connecticut in 1956 to a network of strategically
located metal service centers stretching across the U.S. and Canada, our company
has kept pace with continually changing market conditions, meeting the needs of
the growing North American metalworking community for some four decades. We are
continuously investing in our business: expanding our facilities, upgrading and
replacing slitting, edging, and oscillating equipment, and adding to our already
extensive stocks of wire and strip.

City: Kirkland
Category: Contract Electronic Manufacturing
G.I.C. is a progressive Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)
provider offering "Complete and Total Turnkey" in-house services for: Design for
Manufacturability (from concept through final packaging), Prototyping (Bare PCB,
Assembly), Bare PCB Manufacturing (Single, Double, Multi-Layer), Component
Procurement, Assembly - simple through complex (Electronic, Electromechanical
box build), Testing (Fixture Design, Functional, ICT), Encapsulation (Potting,
Conformal Coating), and Final Packaging.

City: Fond Du Lac
Category: Metal Cutting Products
On October 31, 1991, Giddings & Lewis completed the acquisition of The Cross &
Trecker Corporation. In April 1995, Fadal Engineering -- the largest U.S.
manufacturer of vertical machining centers -- joined the Giddings & Lewis
family. Founded in 1961, the Fadal division has sold over 35,000 vertical
machining centers.

City: City of Industry
Category: Computer Hardware Products
At Gigabyte we have advanced technologies and transform them into value for our
customers through our professional solutions and global service network since
its inception in 1986 ,gigabyte hardware solutions based on our motherboard
business have been introduced into homes ,schools campus, workplaces and
enterprises across the globe.

City: Newburyport
Category: Light Measurement Products
In 1998 we introduced our own line of optometers, radiometers, photometers,
detectors, filters, input devices, integrating spheres and associated
accessories to offer our customers complete light measurement solutions.
Together with over ninety years combined experience in the business, we present
ourselves as an ideal partner for all kinds of light and optical radiation
measurement applications. Whether you are looking for a simple luxmeter, an OEM
supplier or fully customized equipment & services, we can help you with your
application while staying within your budget.In 2001, we opened our U.S.
subsidiary, Gigahertz-Optik Inc., in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in order to
offer our high quality products and services to U.S. and Canadian customers.

City: Carlsbad
Category: Data Storage And Backup Products
GigaTrend designs, develops and markets backup and storage solutions for every
network, from small one-server shops to Fortune 500 multi-platform enterprises.
Their high capacity (up to 600GB on a single cartridge, with data compression)
enables large or networked computer systems to be backed up with little or no
operator intervention. They provide systems integration and consulting services
as well as complete hardware (tape libraries, NAS, SAN, optical juke boxes, tape
duplicators, CD juke boxes, and DVD libraries). GigaTrend offers tape solutions
utilizing 4mm DAT, 8mm Helical Scan, DLT (Digital Linear Tape), Super DLT, and
AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open) as well as RAID storage
systems and Optical Drives for archiving. We cover a wide range of operating
environments including Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, UNIX, PCs, and Macs, as
well as solutions for AS/400.

City: San Ramon
Category: Wireless Telecommunication Products
Giga-tronics produces instruments, sub-systems and sophisticated microwave
components that have broad applications in both commercial and military wireless
telecommunications systems.

City: Central
Category: Rotary Dressing and Truing Equipment
G II Solutions Inc established in 1983, is the manufacturer and supplier of
rotary dressing and truing equipment for grinding wheels. Our primary product is
the DTS line of electric rotary Dressing and Truing Spindles. The DTS spindles
drive diamond-truing rolls and are specifically intended to produce and maintain
precision contours in both super-abrasive and conventional grinding wheels. We
have a variety of models to suit most grinding operations. In most applications,
forms are transferred to grinding wheels by the grinding wheel moving into a DTS
spindle, which is mounted stationary on the grinding machine. In some cases,
however, the grinding wheel is stationary and it is necessary to move the DTS
spindle into the grinding wheel. For these instances, G II Solutions also
manufactures a two-axis system featuring precision ball screw slides. These
units offer the rigidity and repeatability required for profiling and forming
grinding wheels. CNC controls are also provided by G II Solutions for
controlling these systems.

City: Gilchrist
Category: Vibration Monitoring Calibration Instrumentation
GTI is a world leader in innovative and quality vibration monitoring and
calibration instrumentation. GTI is also opening our online store.

City: Schaumburg
Category: Turning and Milling Machines
Gildemeister is one of the major manufacturers of machine tools in the turning
and milling area worldwide. Apart from the "turning" and "milling" technologies,
it also offers modern trend-setting "laser" and "ultrasonic" technologies. The
delivery programme of the companies within the Gildemeister group includes both
low-cost machines that are sold on a large scale in the global markets and
high-tech machines for highly complex production tasks. Gildemeister meets
market requirements with a range of innovative and completely new products,
offering its customers trend-setting solutions.

City: Lewis Center
Category: Constructions Equipments
Founded in 1939, Gilson Company Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of
equipment for construction materials testing, particle sizing and reduction,
sampling and sample preparation. Our products are in use in QC/QA and R&D
laboratories worldwide. Since opening our Columbus, Ohio headquarters and
distribution facility in 1984, annual sales growth has averaged 15%.
Approximately 20% of total sales are overseas exports.

City: Woburn
Category: Lightening Products
Gilway Technical Lamp provides you with light source solutions. it's that
simple. We help with product concept development and specifications to
prototypes and complete assemblies. From spectral characteristics to output
power levels, from lamp or LED size and shape to optical characteristics, from
our vast in-stock inventory to custom made products, we can provide you with a
solution to fit your needs and your cost objectives

City: Linden
Category: Pressure Relief Hoses and Vents
Girard Equipment Inc is a leader in the tank truck industry. We produce pressure
relief vents and magnetic vacuum breakers, vapor recovery equipment for MC307,
MC312, DOT407 and DOT412 specification tank trailers. We also specialize in
accessory equipment for tankers such as cargo unloading pumps and air unloading
compressors. Girard also distributes tanker trailer equipment from manufacturers
such as Betts, Civacon, OPW, Blackmer, Ranger gear pumps, Quincy, Knappco, Dan
Tec Composite Hose, Emco Wheaton, Evertite, PT, Dixon Valve and Coupling, Tough
Tite, Quick Connect Fittings, Cam and Groove Fittings and Dry Break and Dry
Disconnect Fittings.We manufacture and distribute chemical and petroleum hose
assemblies as well as sell hose and fittings in bulk. We cut couple and test to
your requirements. We represent Gates Rubber, Goodyear Tire and Rubber,
Tigerflex, Kuriyama, Kanaflex, Boston, Thermoid and BF Goodrich

City: Creston
Category: Lubricating and Oilcups
Mr Remi Gits established Gits Brothers Manufacturing Co. in Chicago, Illinois in
1910. The original location was 1846 – 1862 South Kilbourn Ave, Chicago.The
first products for Gits were lubricating devices and oil cups, and in early
advertising they claimed to be the "Original Designers of the Practical Spring
Hinge Cup". Early uses for Gits products included "Automobiles and All Kinds of
Industrial Machinery." Automobile chassis oilers were a major contributor to the
success of Gits into the 1930's. In 1930 Gits advertising boasted of two hundred
and seventy-five oilers of every variety, style and size, with a manufacturing
capacity of 100,000 oil cups per day.

City: Grand Rapids
Category: Tool and Die
We are committed to customer service. When you need punch and die supplies,
quality products is a given. Quality customer service should be too! We are
committed to providing to you, our partner in business, the highest standard of
customer service possible.For over 10 years, GK Punch and Die has been serving
the tool & die industry and stamping facilities with quality products and a
service level above the rest. Because of our commitment to customer service and
On Time Delivery, we have been able to expand our services and products to
become a partner in your business. With over 40 combined years of die making
experience and over 70 combined years of sales experience, we are problem
solvers. We have the technical and manufacturing background to help your
business. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

City: Deer Park
Category: Fluid Filtration Products
To offer the most reliable and efficient fluid filtration units and services to
help industry cut costs and save money while ensuring a clean and safe
environment through reclamation and recycling of industrial fluids.

City: Healdsburg
Category: Anti Glare and Privacy Filters
3M optically coated, glass computer anti-glare filters reduce up to 99% of
reflected glare, enhance contrast, improve viewability, and help relieve
computer vision syndrome (CVS) symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, and red,
irritated eyes related to glare and monitor use.Properly grounded 3M filters
block up to 99.9% of the ELF/VLF E-field radiation. Anyone who works at a
computer more than two hours a day may be at risk for CVS. While poor office
ergonomics can contribute to CVS, glare from the computer monitor is a major

City: Terre Haute
Category: Laboratory Equipment
Glas-Col is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment such as heating, mixing and
evaporation technology for both laboratory and industrial applications. It is
our mission to be the best at what we do. We are committed to designing and
manufacturing products, and providing services, that result in customer
satisfaction beyond expectations. We will continue to be a worldwide leader in
science and industry.

City: Dallas
Category: Filtration Products
Welcome to Glasfloss Industries, the world's oldest manufacturer of HVAC air
filters. Owned by the same family since 1936, Glasfloss is committed to
producing the highest quality air filtration products for a variety of
industrial, commercial and residential applications. From disposable panel
filters to HEPA filters, Glasfloss has the right product to handle your air
filtration needs.

City: Canoga Park
Category: Glass Coated Wire
For many years GW Lab., a research facility, has been involved in designing,
development and manufacturing of Glass Coated Fine, Ultra- fine and Micro- Wire
for electrical and electronics industries. We would also like to mention that GW
Lab. offers custom designed wire and components for your particular needs.

City: Lakewood
Category: Electronic Products
Manufacture of wide range of products ranging from microelectronics and
telecommunications packages, to seals, terminals and circular, rectangular and
rack and panel connectors, glass to metal seals.

City: High Bridge
Category: DC Power Suppliers
Since 1977, Glassman High Voltage has been a leading designer and manufacturer
of DC Power Supplies for the High Voltage and Vacuum processing equipment
markets. Power supply output voltages range from 1kV-400kV, output power from
15W-50kW for a broad range of industrial, medical and scientific applications.
Glassman's reputations of providing power supplies that offer long-term
reliability and robust performance have made us the primary choice for OEM and
Laboratory requirements.

City: Austin
Category: Aperture Optical Components
Glass Mountain Optics (GMO) offers a wide variety of optical component
manufacturing services. GMO is the industry leader in manufacturing large
aperture optical components using thin, lightweight substrates. With more than
fifteen years of experience and innovation GMO can fabricate components in
slumped, generated or flat configurations.GMO has extensive experience in
fabricating components for visual simulation, imaging, IR equipment, testing
instrumentation, holography, photographic applications and astronomical
instrumentation. Engineering and design assistance is available for optical
components and mechanical interfaces.

City: Deer Park
Category: Lighting Products
Glass Surface Systems Inc is the manufacturers of "America's Finest Shatterproof
Lighting Products." Glass Surface Systems Inc was established in 1979 to
manufacture lighting products for the food processing and food services
industries. Since then, our company has developed an innovative range of
lighting products for these industries. We seek to constantly improve on older
methods in lighting protection and safety by maintaining high standards of
quality control.We have a polite and helpful sales staff that has an
understanding of customer importance. Our record for shipping and delivery is
unequaled. Most orders are shipped in 24-48 hours. All of our products are made
in America, and we have a growing network of distributors throughout the USA.
Glass Surface Systems has helpful pamphlets on trouble shooting and maintenance
of fluorescent tubes and ballast's.

City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Category: Scientific Glassblowing Materials
Manufactures Custom Quartzware, Quartz Glass & Scientific Glassblowing Materials
For The Semiconductor Industry. Products Include Furnace Tubes,
Horizontal/Vertical Wafer Boats (2-12"), Process Tubes & Chambers, Pedestals,
Transparent & Opaque Bell Jars, Large Quartz Coils, Injection & T/C Sheets, &
Solid Machining In Ceramics & Quartz. Servicing Industrial & Manufacturing
Sectors Including R&D, Air Pollution Control Testing, Medical Glass Instruments,
& Laboratory Glassware. Custom Quartz Parts For Applications Including
Semiconductor, Optical Communication & Lighting Industries. Machinery Processes
CNC Mill, Vertical Annealing Apparatus, Large Kiln & Automated Flame Polishing.
Design & Engineering Assistance Available.Glas Werk Inc offers customers quality
custom quartz parts for application in the semiconductor, optical communication
and lighting industries, just to name a few. We have developed truly innovative
solutions for the unique challenges present in each of these industries and
possess a thorough understanding of the real world needs and expectations our
customers demand. This understanding is a constant motivating force driving Glas
Werk to produce products that exceed customer expectations.

City: Roanoke
Category: Wireless Products
We have a dedicated product line providing GaAs MMICs to the defense, space and
select commercial markets.

City: Scarborough
Category: Antennas
We develops, manufactures and markets point to multipoint, point to point and
spread spectrum antenna systems for the worldwide telecommunications market.

City: Mount Ephraim
Category: Float Valves
Gadren Machine Company manufactures Bronze and Stainless steel float valves in
sizes from 3/8" to 3" NPT and also stock stainless steel, copper and plastic
floats as well as our own pressure reducing valves and vacuum relief valves.

City: Skokie
Category: Optical Measuring Instruments
Gaertner Scientific manufacturers precision optical measuring instruments
covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications

City: Rochester
Category: Gages
For 30 years, Gage Line has been providing unique and creative solutions for
metrology, gaging, optical, and imaging applications.

City: Ventura
Category: Wire Bonding Tools
With over 30 years experience, Gaiser Tool Company maintains a full service job
shop containing multiple wire E.D.M. machines, grinders, CNC, and milling

City: Reading
Category: Telephony and Communication Products
GAI Tronics owned by Hubbell Incorporated, is the world's largest company
focused on the communication needs of the world's industrial markets. Founded in
1946, GAI Tronics' earliest products set the industry standard for durability
and reliability.

City: Walkersville
Category: Control Systems and Security Products
Galaxy Control Systems represents the evolution of Digital Systems Corporation.
Digital, an award winning defense contractor, developed a state of the art,
computer controlled, microprocessor driven system for the covert surveillance
and tracking of enemy submarines for the US Military.

City: Columbia
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Galaxy Electronics Associates Inc was founded in 1988 with the intention of
providing Quality Printed Circuit Boards to the electronics industry. As a
result of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have achieved
a steady and controlled growth.

City: Austin
Category: Electronics
A (CEM) Contract Electronics Manufacturing and Engineering Facility, with
QuickTurn and Prototype Capabilities (small and medium volumes) for SMT, mixed,
or through hole assembly, Test, Pack, and Ship, has ISO9001 Certification; is
ready to be your outsource partner.

City: Valley Forge
Category: Power Management Solutions
Edward Arnold, President & CEO of Galaxy Power Inc founded Integrated Circuit
Systems (ICS) in 1976 and grew the company to nearly 100 million dollars in
annual sales within 18 years. Mr Arnold began to gradually retire from his
positions (president, CEO, chairman, etc.) to develop and participate in other
business enterprises.

City: Atco
Category: Transformer
Southeastern Transformer of Miramar, FL was started in the early 70's by Ed
Edlund and his partner Anna Rossi. Late in the 90's, Ed and Anna decided to
retire when Jim Curry made an offer to purchase the business as an investment.
At that time, Southeastern became a division under Galaxy Transformer &
Magnetics, LLc of West Berlin, NJ.

City: Horsham
Category: Wires and Cables
Galaxy Wire & Cable Inc provides a broad range of wire, cable, tubing and
specializes in custom configurations. Our problem solving team is knowledgeable,
experienced and ready to assist you from the beginning of your project.

City: Rocklin
Category: Motion Controller
Since our introduction of the first microprocessor based motion controller in
1983, Galil has remained the industry's leading innovator. By offering our
customers the most powerful, cost effective and simple to use motion controllers
available today, our commitment is to be your primary source for any motion
control application.

City: Gurnee
Category: Urethane products
Gallagher Corporation has been a custom molding urethane product since 1964. But
we offer more than just custom molding... our customers also gains access to
over 35 years of engineering expertise.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Valves and Cylinders
Galland Henning Nopak is a family owned and operated manufacturing company that
started producing in 1887. That's 1887! Our major product lines include air and
hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic valves, heavy duty Industrial Scrap Metal
Baling Presses and related equipment, and a uniquely versatile hand tool called

City: Lowell
Category: Gas Products
Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc designs, manufactures and markets a full line of
analysis and measurement equipment for the natural gas and process industries.
The product range includes H2S/total sulfur analyzers, sulfur chromatographs, on
line gas chromatographs, infrared CO2, moisture analyzers, volume correctors and
pressure recorders for the gas measurement industry.

City: Harrisburg
Category: Electrical Products
Galvan is your best choice for quality galvanzied and copper bonded ground rods
and a full range of connectors and accessories.

City: Crystal Lake
Category: Electronics products
Their products range from switches and relays to control panels to complete
wireless remote control systems. With U.S. and Asian production facilities, we
can offer competitive pricing and timely delivery.

City: Stevens Point
Category: Vehicle Mounting Systems
Gamber Johnson is known for developing customer driven, innovative products.
This includes our introduction of the Slide Mount in 1976, a product, which
enabled customers to quickly connect/disconnect, their radios for use in
multiple vehicles, and the industry's first universal laptop mount, the Note Pad
in 1994.

City: Rohnert Park
Category: Precision Metal
Since 1962, Gambit Corporation has been manufacturing fourslide parts including
wire and strip metal formings, flat springs, clips, contacts, brackets,
terminals, pins, probes, dot matrix print wires and other stampings and
multisided forming to our customers' specifications.

City: Chicago
Category: Gear and Couplings
The Ultra Low-cost Planetary Series is a planetary gearbox alternative to spur
gear boxes.

City: Chicago
Category: Gears
We can mount our products to your equipment upon request. For example, one of
our customers sends us its servomotors. We mount our gearbox to the motor and
ship the assembly back to the customer for incorporation into their
machinery.Our expertise in gear design also enables us to offer high-performance
spiral bevel gear sets. Our sister company, Quality Control Corp (QCC), supplies
added manufacturing capacity that we can call upon as needed. QCC has more than
120,000 square feet of production capacity in four facilities and 250 employees.

City: Orlando
Category: Laser
Gam Laser Inc manufactures the longest gas lifetime excimer lasers and 157 nm
Fluorine lasers available anywhere.

City: Ormond Beach
Category: High Voltage Products
Gamma High Voltage Research Inc is a world leader in the design and manufacture
of high voltage DC power supplies

City: San Diego
Category: Light Measurement Products
Gamma Scientific offers the world's most comprehensive selection of precision
light measurement instruments, backed by the industry's most knowledgeable
support team

City: Miami
Category: Visual Communication Products
Manufacturers of electronic signs/ visual communication products.

City: Middleton
Category: Quality Assurance Products
Welcome to Gammex Rmi- Quality Assurance Products and Services for Diagnostic
Imaging and Radiation Oncology. Gammex Rmi is a leader in the manufacture and
distribution of quality control devices for medical imaging and radiation
therapy, including laser alignment systems.

City: Madison
Category: Installation Products
We mold, extrude, and assemble our products using state-of-the-art automated
equipment, allowing us to provide you with high quality, competitively priced

City: Milwaukee
Category: Electrical Products
For more than 40 years, Gardner Bender has been designing and manufacturing
high-quality electrical products. From wire connecting to conduit bending, our
broad product offering is developed to reduce labor and increase safety.

City: Racine
Category: Wire Form Guards
GardTec employs an in-house staff of the industry's most experienced team of
design engineers and toolmakers, capable of designing and manufacturing the most
difficult custom wire form products.

City: Cleveland
Category: Floor Coatings
Garland Floor Company is a nationally recognized leader in solving America's
industrial and commercial floor problems. Since 1959, we have manufactured and
installed over 100 million square feet of flooring

City: Saco
Category: Mallets and Hammers
Garland Manufacturing Company manufactures Gar-Dur® UHMW plastic profiles,
custom machined parts, and a product line of mallets and soft faced hammers.

City: Palmyra
Category: Sealing Technologies
The InfoZone provides one-stop access for all of Garlock's product literature
and other electronic marketing materials.

City: Palmyra
Category: Sealing Technologies
The InfoZone provides one-stop access for all of Garlock's product literature
and other electronic marketing materials

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