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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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instructions to download the complete database.

Previews of data we have available:

City: Olathe
Category: Navigation and Communication
Garmin is a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an
innovator in consumer electronics. We serve both the aviation and consumer

City: Claremont
Category: Machine Cut Glass Parts.
The Garner plant is housed in two buildings totaling over 25,500 square feet.
One building houses production processes and support, the second process/block
draw development, management support functions and 11,500 square feet of
warehouse area.

City: Lincoln
Category: Precision Tooling
One of the main focuses of Garner Industries is plastic injection mold building.
Supporting the electronics, telecommunications, medical and automotive
industries, we specialize in small and medium-sized complex part molds.

City: Roseville
Category: Degaussing
Garner Products is the world's leading degaussing manufacturer. Garner's
degaussers are used to erase (sanitize) data from magnetic media.

City: New York
Category: System Integration, Software and Training
Innovative solutions that fulfill the information technology and business needs
of apparel, accessories, and footwear manufacturers, importers, and retailers

City: Alma
Category: Manufacturing Cutting Tools
For nearly sixty years Garr Tool Company has been committed to manufacturing the
highest quality carbide cutting tools possible at competitive prices with
unequaled customer service.Garr Tool has earned the reputation of having fast,
reliable deliveries. Our standard catalog items are shipped from stock within 24
hours at a 99% fill rate. We also take pride in delivering special tools quoted
to customer specifications within two weeks.Our current manufacturing facility
is over 140,000 square feet of clean, efficient production space, housing
state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment run by conscientious operators. We will
continue investing in new technology to meet the future needs of our customers.

City: St. Louis
Category: Flap Disc
Garryson was formed by Frank McGarry in 1977, and is based in Ibstock,
Leicestershire, UK. Since then, the company has continued to grow year-on-year
and increase its product and service offering.

City: Blue Anchor
Category: Table Top Conveyors and Accumulators
Garryson was formed by Frank McGarry in 1977, and is based in Ibstock,
Leicestershire, UK. Since then, the company has continued to grow year-on-year
and increase its product and service offering.

City: Chicago
Category: Electrical, Datacom and Telecom Hardware
Garvin Industries Inc manufactures an assortment of products ranging from Heavy
Drown or Stamped products to Custom Made parts.

City: Bronx
Category: Stock Rigid Plastic Packaging
The Company has been awarded 15 government contracts for producing the
containers and parts for U.S. Treasury Liberty Coin and Proof Set Packaging.

City: Gardena
Category: Metallic and Non-Metallic Gaskets
Gasket Manufacturing Company offers a variety of machines: from light tonnage to
200-ton presses. We are ready to produce metallic and non-metallic stampings in
any quantity. We have machines capable of producing parts at rates up to 12,000
parts per hour.

City: Houston
Category: Gaskets
Established in 1964, K & W Manufacturing is an industry leader, among a few
selected manufacturers in the world, approved by the American Petroleum
Institute to apply the API monogram to Ring Joint Gaskets.

City: San Jose
Category: Semiconductor Processing Equipments
Gasonics manufactures semiconductor processing equipment with diverse
applications solutions ranging from downstream photoresist removal and trace
resist cleaning to oxidation and LPCVD.

City: Benton Harbor
Category: Air Moving Products
Since 1921, Gast Manufacturing Inc has embraced its position as a leader in the
design and manufacture of air-moving products. We're extremely proud of our
reputation for making quality air motors, vacuum generators, compressors, and
vacuum pumps.

City: Denver
Category: Belts, Hose and Hydraulics
We understand how difficult it can be to quickly and easily find the information
that you need. That is why Gates will be implementing E-Z-Agent technology to
aid you in your quest for information at By registering we can
use this technology to point you in the right direction. Gates is organized into
three product groups -- Worldwide Power Transmission, Worldwide Automotive
Hoses, and Worldwide Hydraulic and Industrial Hose & Connectors. The worldwide
product groups are responsible for product development, manufacturing, product
globalization and manufacturing capacity and utilization.

City: San Diego
Category: Computers and Home Electronics
Founded in 1985 in an Iowa farmhouse, Gateway has grown into one of America's
best-known brands with millions of satisfied customers. Starting with a $10,000
loan guaranteed by his grandmother, a rented computer and a three-page business
plan, Ted Waitt turned Gateway into a revolutionary company whose innovations
helped shape the technology industry.

City: Atascadero
Category: Network Processors and Custom Single Board Computers
Gateworks was founded in 1996 and is a leading provider of OEM computer
solutions. We design, develop and produce quality products for our customers in
the telecommunications, data communications, medical, industrial automation and
other industries.

City: Brookhaven
Category: Pneumatic Components
Gatlin Corporation provides superior technology based products and uncomparable
service that out performs any other company in the hydraulics industry. Our
products division includes hydraulic and pneumatic components, seals and
packing. Services include engineering, hydraulic repair, hydraulic service and
contract services.

City: Willard
Category: Protective Glove Specialists
Guardian manufacturing has been providing military gloves since 1982, for the
most demanding need there is: Chemical Warfare defense, where performance is a
matter of life and death. Now the same gloves manufactured to rigid government
standards are available to you. ISO-9001 Registered, Guardian assures superior
quality day in and day out.

City: Sterling Heights
Category: Cutting Tool Production
Sterling Heights, MI, is a premier manufacturer of solid carbide and
carbide-tipped "Thin Saws", as well as multiple saw gangs and special purpose

City: Thomaston
Category: Custom Engineered Switches
The Gaynor Electric Company, established in 1888, is a leading manufacturer of
electromechanical switches serving the OEM and distribution markets. Throughout
the years, Gaynor has earned the reputation for producing high quality switches
and providing fast, efficient service

City: New Orleans
Category: Gaskets and Dies
GB&G is committed to providing Our Customers a full line of quality products for
sealing and conveying material. We strongly emphasize Superior Service and
Quality in Workmanship in order to fulfill our customer's needs and
requirements.We will continually seek to improve the quality of the products we
sell through utilization of the Most Modern and Efficient Equipnemt and through
the Thorough Training of our Employees. We are convinced that the best way to
improve is with adaptable, well trained people.We are committed to conducting
business in an ethical way so that we may truly deserve the trust of our
customers. We believe this to be the way to obtain the highest rewards and the
greatest personal satisfaction for all involved.

City: Deerfield Beach
Category: Sorting System
GBI's has built an outstanding reputation in small package sortation for the
Material Handling Industry. We design, manufacture, and install custom solutions
that integrate with your existing system to meet both current and anticipated
needs. Our focus is on automation in the area of distribution, loose receipts,
returns processing, and order fulfillment to help reduce labor costs, increase
efficiency and accuracy, while providing reliability and a rapid return on
investment. GBI has also established itself as the largest supplier of sorting
equipment in the Photofinishing Industry in North America.

City: Endicott
Category: Transformers and Inductors
GB International is a world-class supplier of Transformers and Inductors. We
also have plastic molding and ferrite pressing capabilities. Within our web site
you will find company information, product data sheets, and application notes.

City: Chardon
Category: Industrial Fluid Sealing Products
GBSA Inc is your resource for industrial fluid sealing products, including Oil
Seals, V-Seals, and Seal Designs for Rolling Mills.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Computers
At Gigabyte, we take advanced technologies and transform them into value for our
customers through our professional solutions and global service network. Since
its inception in 1986, Gigabyte hardware solutions based on our motherboard
business have been introduced into homes, school campuses, workplaces and
enterprises across the globe. Through increased diversification and greater
product offerings, spanning areas such as graphics accelerator, notebooks,
desktop PC's, wireless communication and networking servers, Gigabyte has truly
become a total IT solution provider - a brand with a truly for innovation, value
and performance.

City: Torrance
Category: Flexible Printed Circuitry
GC Aero specializes in the design and manufacture of Flexible Circuits and
completed Assemblies. Our Specialty is Custom flexible circuit applications with
critical delivery schedules. Founded in 1964, we have consistently pursued the
engineering prototype and unique construction applications of the Aerospace,
Computer and telecommunication related industries. GC Aero has a full range of
design and manufacturing capabilities suitable for the delivery of single sided,
double sided, multilayer and rigid flex flexible circuitry.

City: Valencia
Category: Motors
Designer and manufacturer of Brushless Linear Motors, Brushtype Linear Motors,
Linear Steppers, Voice Coil Actuators, AC induction Linear Motors. Precision
Positioning Stages driven by Linear Motors, Ball Screws and Belts for both
single and multi-axis systems, Limited Angle Torque Motors, rotary Brushless
Servomotors with matching Digital Servo Amplifiers and permanent magnet Linear
Brakes. Industries served include Semiconductor, Medical, Clean room, Material
Handling, Packaging, Automotive, and Aerospace.

City: Mountain View
Category: Drives
Manufacturers of Slim CD, DVD, Pocket Drives, Quick Drives, CD fm, Quick Pad,

City: Oxnard
Category: Automation
Haas Automation manufactures a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal
machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5C indexers. Haas machine tools
and rotary products are built to deliver higher accuracy, repeatability and
durability than any other machine tools on the market.

City: Chamblee
Category: Belts
Habasit is your service partner for power transmission, conveyor and processing
belts. An extensive sales and service network plus qualified support provide
short delivery times, immediate response and high quality standards.

City: Glastonbury
Category: Ground Support Equipments
Habco Inc is a designer and manufacturer of aircraft ground support equipment
test stands and military ground support equipment, and fuel cell test equipment
serving the Aviation, Automotive, Power Generation and Fuel Cell industries.

City: Princeton
Category: Cable
Habia Cable develops, manufactures and markets custom designed cables and cable
systems for demanding industrial applications.

City: Hamilton
Category: Climate Security Systems
Products are specifically designed for the protection of valuable climate
sensitive goods such as wine and cigars. Without this protection, your wine or
cigar storage system may be robbing you: bottle-by-bottle, cigar-by-cigar. For
less than the cost of a moderately priced case of wine or box of cigars, the
Habitat Monitor watches over the wine cellar or cigar humidor and sounds an
alarm whenever temperature or humidity levels fall outside desired ranges.

City: Loveland
Category: Analytical Instruments
Hach Company manufactures and distributes analytical instruments and reagents
used to test the quality of water and other aqueous solutions. Our systems are
designed to simplify analysis.

City: Houston
Category: Machine tools
Haco-Atlantic offers a solution for every metal fabrication need with our
complete line of machine tools. Corner notchers, steelworkers, hydraulic shears,
hydraulic press brakes, turret & single station punching presses, laser cutting
systems, plate rolls and profile rolls, 5-axes CNC machining centers for
Extrusions and stamping presses.

City: Woodbridge
Category: Test and Measurement Systems
We are a single source supplier of Test and Measurement Systems including the
Tettex Product Line with leading edge technology and powerful resources in
design, development, marketing and support. The innovative use of highly
sophisticated equipment, first class Swiss Quality and long time experience in
test applications are the guarantee of accuracy, efficiency and reliability of
the various test methods

City: Norcross
Category: Electrical and Electronics Products
Worldwide supplier of standard and custom electrical and electronic enclosures,
modular cabinets, consoles, 19" racks, PC cabinets, network cabinets,
distribution cabinets, wire ways, climate control products, filter fans, heat
exchangers, air conditioners, punching tools and accessories.

City: St Louis
Category: Locks and hinges
We are Manufacturers for Locks, Closers, Exit Devices, Architectural hinges,
Residential Hardwares, Roton, Continous stainless steel hinges, Sliding door
hardware, Trim and Auxilary, Threshold and whetherstrippings.

City: Mountainside
Category: Nozzles
We are manufacturers for Oil Nozzles, water or humiditification nozzles, pest
control nozzles, adapters, pumps and solenoid valves, accessories and other
industrial Applications products.

City: Endicott
Category: Electronics
Hagstrom Electronics designs and manufactures products which allow customers to
interface with their computer's Keyboard, Mouse, USB and Serial inputs in a
multitude of ways.

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Hinges and Hardwares
To meet all your industrial hardware needs for cabinets and doors, we carry an
enormous supply of continuous hinges, butt hinges and specialty hinges, in a
wide variety of materials and finishes.

City: Villa Park
Category: Tools and Machines
Haimer is a medium-sized family business located in Igenhausen Germany. We
develop and produce innovative ultra-precision tooling and machines, primarily
in the field of machine tools. Our range comprises tool holders, balancing
machines, 3D sensors, centering tools, and inductive shrink machines and

City: Calabasas
Category: Communications
JDS Uniphase Corporation, a worldwide leader in optical technology, acquired E20
communications on May 17, 2004. JDS Uniphase is a worldwide leader in the
development and manufacture of optical products that enable dramatic
improvements in the way we communicate, detect, present, and experience
information. Our products are used in communications, commercial and consumer
applications, including optical networks, entertainment, brand protection, and

City: Highland
Category: Systems
The compact design of the E2 units together with a good service of CAD
drawings/models makes the design of the surrounding machine more convenient.

City: Richmond
Category: Solid State Starters
Manufacturers of soft start, soft starter, solid state starter, motor starter,
motor controller.

City: Dover
Category: Motors
EADmotors is an engineering driven company that, for over 60 years, has solved
challenging problems by designing and producing electric motors to meet
application requirements

City: Chicago
Category: Plastics
Eager Plastics Chicago is your one-stop source for all mold-making and casting
projects. You will find that our Web Site is the most comprehensive in the
industry, filled with hundreds of pages of How-To information, technical data
sheets, and helpful hints.

City: Talbott
Category: Alloys
Eagle Alloys Corp is a full line metal service center with a diversified
inventory and varied production capabilities.

City: Stapleton
Category: Machine Bending
Eagle section benders angle rolls Eagle Bending Machines roll benders cp series
pyramid benders cpd series double pinch rolls.

City: Dallas
Category: Circuits
Eagle Circuits is one of the premier interconnect manufacturers in the world. We
are dedicated to providing connectivity solutions at the circuit board level
(single-sided, double-sided and multi-layered boards) with incredibly fast
turns. Our typical product has 12 to 32 layers with high-speed circuits. We
offer silver-filled vias, back-drilled vias, blind vias, buried vias, lines and
spaces down to .002", mixed dielectrics, and flip chip technologies. We process
all of the currently available high performance laminates including PTFE and

City: Wellsburg
Category: Storage Products
The technology that let Eagle make metal lids for glass jars led the way into
the manufacturing of metal supply cans for the railroad industry in 1907.

City: Green Bay
Category: Storage Products
Eagle Manufacturing Company, an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of innovative
industrial safety, haz-mat, and storage products. Eagle is an industry leader in
supplying the highest quality-best value safety cans, safety storage cabinets,
and hazardous waste management systems.

City: Clayton
Category: Fabrications
America's largest broadline manufacturer, serving the market for over 50 years,
with divisions in the following industries: foodservice, material handling,
electronics, cleanroom/lab, healthcare, storage and transportation systems,
retail display and custom fabrication.The Eagle Advantage begins right here, in
our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility - with 14 acres under one roof -
where the most comprehensive broadline product offering in the industry takes
shape. This all-inclusive design and production capability offers distinct
advantages to our customers. Streamlined ordering and shipping substantially
reduce freight, receiving, installation and administrative costs.

City: St Louis
Category: Nonwovens
Eagle Nonwovens Inc a new venture formed by former needlepunch operating
executives began producing technical needlepunch nonwovens in July of 2000.

City: Bath
Category: Machine tools
Our Mission is to provide the machine tool industry with the highest Quality,
Value and Support in Specialty Tooling and Accessories. For over 40 years we
have succeeded in our commitment to manufacture quality tooling in a brutally
competitive industry.As always, all Wettstein Tool, Wahlstrom and Redmer
products are Made in USA. All Knurlcraft tools are made in USA or Germany. Any
way you look at it, it's all good, quality tooling.Know what you are buying and
whom you are buying from. If you see something that looks like one of our tools
in a distributor catalog, ask them specifically if it is manufactured by Eagle
Rock. Only select distributors will sell Eagle Rock products. They will say so.
We will confirm it.

City: Warminster
Category: Stainless Container
Due to our commitment to high quality, use of modern technology, and creative
concepts in stainless steel manufacturing, our company has expanded to serve the
chemical, biochemical, cosmetic, herbal, and food industries.

City: Mequon
Category: Software
ProTeus IV brings scheduling capabilities like you've never seen! Eliminate
hundreds of work orders with the new Multi-Cycle Scheduling, better plan your
time and resources with the Master Scheduler, and enjoy instant activation of
work orders from popular Building Automation Systems with the unique Alarm
Interface! Plus, Eagle's robust SQL database technology and design is
unsurpassed for speed and integrity.

City: N Chelmsford
Category: Exerter
Exeter Analytical specializes in the manufacture of elemental analyzers for a
wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical, industrial and academic

City: Milford
Category: Switch
EAO provides a full range of expertly designed high-reliability products for
human machine interfaces, from keyboards and industrial switch controls to
custom-built switch panels.

City: Hamden
Category: Headset
Earmark is renowned for its extremely rugged and reliable, yet easy to use

City: Davenport
Category: Machine Products
Earnest maintains large fastener inventories in a wide choice of fastener types
and sizes. Nuts, bolts, and fastener accessories can be shipped from stock for
the manufacture or repair of construction, farm or other heavy equipment.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Ear Specialty Products
E-A-R Speciality composites manufacture high performance materials for noise
control, vibration damping and cushioning, including acoustical foams, sound
armolded grommets and isolators.

City: San Clemente
Category: LCD Products
Earth LCD specializes in LCD products for industrial and OEM applications.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Earthquake Safety Systems
Earthquake Safety Systems Inc a California based corporation, was conceived as
part of a new and important industry branch to provide engineered earthquake
protection solutions for public safety and the mitigation of property damage
from strong motion events.

City: Heraldsburg
Category: Factory Automation
ESA Technology (formerly Eason Technology) was founded in 1990 by Paul Eason,
with the urging and support of a number of High Tech Factory Automation
Distributors. The need for intelligent operator interfaces had been identified
based on inputs from a number of their customers.The Company has achieved
success because of the intelligence and versatility of its operator interfaces,
as well as offering high-end features in a mid-price range product line. This
provides OEMs, System Integrators and End Users a high performance, versatile
alternative to traditional machine control like PLCs and embedded
controllers.ESA also offers customization of software & hardware, and pre and
post sale application support. Because of this customer driven approach, the
Company has gained the respect and loyalty of its customers and distributors.

City: Buffalo Grove
Category: Turnkey Assembly
We are an ISO 9001 certified company. we qualify for our certification through a
top British firm. That means we're committed to doing things right. With a focus
on your success, Eastek provides top-notch local service, engineering, sales and
Q.A. support,as well as JIT delivery for our customers. Eastek has painstakingly
analyzed what it takes to bring you the best of both worlds. Whether from our
Chicago area headquarters, our sister office in Hong Kong, or our
state-of-the-art Dongguan, China manufacturing and warehousing facility, we
consistently deliver quality solutions to client needs.

City: Maybrook
Category: Alloys
Eastern Alloys manufactures world-class zinc alloys using state-of-the-art
processing technologies. Zinc products are marketed under the Eazall trade name
and manufactured in Eastern's modern 100,000-square-foot plant on a 90-acre site
in Maybrook, New York, 60 miles north of New York City; and at Eastern's newer
Henderson, Kentucky plant.Our list of products include zinc die casting alloys,
slush casting alloys, steel coating alloys and custom alloys.By manufacturing
quality alloys, maintaining an A2LA certified lab, and providing unrivaled
technical services, Eastern Alloys has raised the bar for customer satisfaction.

City: Wilmington
Category: Instruments
Eastern Instruments was founded in 1984. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina,
within our facilities we have development, engineering, prototyping, testing,
and production capabilities.

City: Amesbury
Category: Electronic Packaging
Titan PCB East, the newest acquisition of Titan General Holdings, is a 62,000
square foot, two building campus located in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

City: Moorestown
Category: Network Solutions
Eastern Research Launches Powerful Multiservice Cross-Connect Eastern Research
Simplifies Disaster Recovery for Network Operators.

City: Albion
Category: Conduit
Eastern is an established manufacturer of flexible conduit, liquid tight
conduit, specialty MC cables, and armored fiber products. The company
specializes in "Cable Protection and Identification" (CPID), protecting today's
cables from the harsh environments they are exposed to.

City: Independence
Category: Plastics
We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do to achieve our
goal of providing the best overall value to each customer. By doing so, we will
build mutually beneficial, long lasting relationships with our customers,
suppliers, and employees

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Electronics
Today's fast paced electronic marketplace leaves little room for hesitation. To
gain the edge, you must have a reliable resource that gives you the advantage
through a program that delivers quality-built products to your facility on time
and at very competitive prices. Eastland offers reliability, quality and
competitive prices through its Total Advantage Program.

City: Lyon Station
Category: Lead Acid Batteries
East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of
lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire & cable products for
virtually any application.

City: Pembroke
Category: Electrical Test Design Software
GCA's flagship product is the most advanced electrical test design software in
the world. With rock solid reliability, Intellitest™ turns data into perfect
fixtures, netlists and flying probe tests every time. Its easy to use automatic
features really work to save you time. A complete set of tools let you view,
edit, compare, analyze and check your data with complete confidence. Ongoing
improvement to address the industry's latest challenges with the highest quality
software has earned GCA the most respected name in Electrical Test.

City: Bedford
Category: Laser Printers
GCC Technologies manufactures high speed, high quality laser printers, providing
businesses advanced printing capabilities in systems designed for use across all
current operating platforms. Through its direct to the customer sales model,
coupled with direct online access to technical support, GCC provides customers
with the latest printer technologies at superior value, eliminating channel mark
up, offering the price/performance in systems designed for the smallest business
to the largest enterprise. Founded in 1981 by CEO Kevin Curran, COO John Tylko,
and Doug Macrae, GCC Technologies was initially a major player in the consumer
electronics explosion, creating and enhancing such games as "Ms. Pac Man" and
generating over $800 million in revenue for Atari and Bally Manufacturing. By
1984, the company became a pioneer in the development of internal hardware and
peripherals for the new Apple Macintosh environment, including the internal
Macintosh hard disk drive, personal laser printer, portable printer, and sub
$1,000 laser printer. More recently, GCC led the way in developing Internet
addressable printer technology allowing Web browser management for network

City: Wilmington
Category: Process Chillers & Cooling Equipment
Manufacturers of air condensing, process chillers & cooling equipment standard
temperature, plus low and extra low temperature models. High and low ambient
modifications, water-to-water exchanges, tank pump sets, cooling towers, fluid
coolers, cold air handlers.

City: Plano
Category: Power Magnetic
Incorporated in 1982, we have two adjacent, modern buildings totaling 26,500
square feet on 10 acres of land, that serves as the headquarter for GCi
Technologies. This facility contains our executive offices, sales & marketing
teams, administrative offices, engineering and R&D facilities. Our headquarter
can provide new product designs, quality control, trouble shooting, prototype
manufacturing, and inventory management control.

City: Ventura
Category: Optical Thin Film Coatings
Every coating we sell is designed to the highest standards, Yours and ours. We
are dedicated to working with our Customers every step of the way, to ensure the
coatings. We apply meet all of your critical performance specifications.When you
choose GCL, you can be assured that you have Purchased the very best optical
thin film coatings available.

City: Simi Valley
Category: Solenoid Valves
Manufacturers of solenoid valves and solenoid valve manifolds with over 35,000
design variations to meet virtually any valving application.

City: Livermore
Category: Embedded Computer Products & Systems
GD California Inc is a privately owned company, located on the outskirts of
Silicon Valley. Since 1987, we have been providing assistance to both the
manufacturer's end of product life management problems, and to customers with
discontinued material sourcing problems. We understand the frustrations involved
in End of Life Cycle (EOL) products.GD California Inc is the definitive solution
to both the original manufacture and the end user. We are committed to providing
quality End-Of-Life (EOL) products and services. To date, we have sold products
to almost 5,000 customers world wide; serving approximately 1200 customers each
year- One third of which are Fortune 1,000 companies.

City: Fontana
Category: Wire Products
Manufacturers of a wide variety of Wire Products and Services.

City: Amery
Category: Membrane Switches & Flexible Circuits
GDSI designs and manufactures custom fabricated membrane switches to meet the
needs of original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.This core
technology is especially suited for demanding applications requiring superior
reliability and performance. It can be adapted for use in unique and creative
applications, which are reviewed in the remainder of this web site. We
appreciate your interest, and invite you to investigate the ways DSPC can be
applied to your leading edge applications

City: Corinth
Category: Fluid Power Pumps & Motors
The Geartek name has become synonymous with quality, delivery, and service.
Geartek pumps and motors are designed and manufactured to combine the
reliability and economical features of external gear design with modern
engineering and materials to produce true pressure ratings up to 4000 psi.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Motor Drives
We are a new motor drive manufacturers in Southern California. We specialize in
small, inexpensive, high performance microstep drives and DC servomotor drives
having Step and Direction inputs.

City: Georgetown
Category: Mobile Robot Solutions
GeckoSystems Inc (GSI) is a leading developer of mobile robot solutions based in
Conyers, Georgia (metro Atlanta). The company specializes in supplying mobile
service robots (MSRs) that automatically self navigate your home, office, or
business for errand running, patrolling, and other useful tasks without human
assistance or intervention.

City: San Marcos
Category: Electronic Devices
General Electronic Devices, GED, is a high quality, high volume manufacturer of
standard and custom electronic devices such as VCOs, OCXOs, VCXOs, TCXOs,
VCTCXOs, DROs, Frequency Translators, Synthesizers, Microwave Amplifiers, Clock
Oscillators and Crystals. The frequency spectrum of our devices covers the range
from 30Hz to 26GHz.

City: South Kent
Category: Software Products
Geer Mountain Software Corporation, located in South Kent, Conneticut, was
founded in 1993 to promote and support the increased use of computer simulation
and statistical evaluation in the analysis of manufacturing and business
productivity. Geer Mountain provides a statistical software program, Stat::Fit,
to analyze the data for discrete event simulation or other event driven
modeling. The company also provides detailed analysis of manufacturing or
business operations through simulation and advanced statistical techniques.

City: Woodland Hills
Category: Extensions & Switches
Gefen emerged in the computer connectivity arena in the mid 1990s after a
successful stint in sound effects systems for the broadcasting industry. The
extend-it Professional Series launched with the original KVM extenders,
initially designed for post-production studios where computer noise interfered
with editing.Since then, Gefen has consistently been the first to anticipate
definitive audio/video trends and match them with hard-working, high quality
solutions that improve audio/video installations and operations in many
environments throughout the world.

City: Wilmington
Category: Pressure Sensing Instrumentation
GE General Eastern Instruments is a leader in the development, design, and
manufacture of a full line of humidity, temperature and Pressure sensing
instrumentation for Pharmaceutical, Building automation, Metrology, Automotive,
Petrochemical and industrial applications.General Eastern's core product line is
made up of Industrial relative Humidity (RH) dew point measurement devices,
commercial relative humidity/ Temperature transmitters, sensors, and precision
laboratory instrumentation as well as air and gas pressure transmitters and
instruments, which are primarily used in HVAC systems and to monitor critical
differential pressures in clean rooms, paint spray rooms, surgical suites, and
respiratory treatment rooms.

City: Hendersonville
Category: Lighting Fixtures
GE Lighting Systems is a world leader in new product innovation and the
production of energy-efficient, high intensity discharge (HID) lighting fixtures
and applied systems from our plant in Hendersonville, NC, USA.GE Lighting
Systems designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of lighting fixtures
for illuminating: roadways, streets and highways, industrial and
hazardous-location facilities, outdoor areas such as work/storage areas, parks,
walkways, parking lots, and building facades, and sporting facilities.

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Industrial Ovens
Gehnrich has a tradition of over 100 years of precision craftsmanship and design
innovation in creating and building industrial ovens and dryers. Our facilities
form an integral part of your job and Gehnrich can handle your most demanding
process heating problem from research and development, engineering and design,
to manufacturing erection and field service.

City: Pomona
Category: LCD, LED Relays and Transformers
GEI Inc is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of LCD, LED, Relays and
Transformers for North American customers primarily. Our goal is to provide our
customers with quality products, competitive pricing, and superior service from
strategic Joint Ventures and partners around the world.GEI Inc is dedicated to
the premise of providing its customers with the most reliable products to meet
their stringent requirements. We do this at the lowest cost and shortest time
possible.GEI Inc is headquartered in San Dimas, California, USA with satellite
offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, in the Peoples Republic of China. GEI Inc is
a multi-faceted, minority-owned corporation.

City: Lincoln
Category: Power Extensions
Rex Winders and Alex Geist as 'Winders & Geist' founded Our Company in Lincoln,
Nebraska in 1948. Rex and Alex invented a low-profile duct that could be placed
over temporary telephone lines and secured to the floor. Their invention helped
to eliminate trip hazards and launched a business that has endured for over 50
years.Our low-profile 'Flexiduct' was the first on the market with flexible
properties that combined attractiveness with the durability for heavy foot
traffic. Demand for our products continued to increase and soon we added
additional sizes, colors and related electrical items to the line. Our Power
Extensions, Multiple Outlet Strips and Surge Suppressors continue to be staple
products for Geist Manufacturing.

City: Hayward
Category: Material Handling Devices
Gel PaK, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, manufactures a variety of products
that are designed to protect sensitive devices during transport, processing,
inspection and assembly. The products can accommodate your specific requirements
for retention (tack) level, manual or automatic pick up options, and ESD
protection. Prints can be added for company logos or part identification. Gel
Boxes, Gel Trays and our patented Vacuum Release (VR) Trays hold devices
securely in place during shipping and handling. Gel Films are widely used for
lapping of Thin Film Heads, Wafer Thinning and Polishing applications, and
protecting delicate surfaces.

City: Dayton
Category: Universal Intelligent Machines
GCE Technologies, we are boldly leading the way to reinvent manufacturing
systems integration. Through the design and manufacturing of universal
intelligent machines, we are delivering solutions that advance our customers'
products taking them to a new level of production and quality. Designing and
building machines requires more than the right qualifications. It takes precise
technology to interface with the process flow and the code to communicate with
engineers anywhere in the world.

City: Middlesex
Category: Valves
In the 21st century, Gemco Valve remains committed to the same values that have
made us an industry leader. While we continue to work closely with our clients,
we are also now aggressively pursuing the global market with the same dedication
and support we have established domestically.These days, our field technicians
and customer representatives are traveling to the Far East and Europe to work
with our clients. At Dow's Belgian facility, Gemco Valves are continuously
processing HDPE. In China Kodak uses sanitary diverter valve for processing
emulsion. The Australia mining industry use Gemco Valves to control ores. Korean
electronics manufacturers use our valves for processing Silica. We provide
Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme buggy discharge valves for wet cake pharmaceuticals in
their plants in Puerto Rico, Ireland, UK, Italy and Singapore in addition to
their many North American facilities.

City: Carmel
Category: Computers & Peripherals
Aesec was founded in 2001 to develop verifiably secure platforms. We acquired
Gemini Computers and its GEMSOS™ security kernel in 2003. Aesec will build
GEMSOS-based platforms that verifiably prevent machines from being subverted by
malicious software.GEMSOS is the only general-purpose kernel in the world rated
Class A1: Verified Protection by the National Security Agency. That means our
platforms will be verifiably free of flaws and trap doors, and invulnerable to
malicious software. These are the tools that professionals use to attack
systems, and no platform available can stop them.

City: Cannon Falls
Category: Custom Cases
Since 1969, GemStar has been producing custom cases for industry.Tried and
tested means of production are behind every GemStar case. Industries served
include those in the electronic, medical, aircraft, computer, imaging,
photographic fields; as well as the armed forces. Let GemStar build your next
case and become another satisfied customer.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Film & Bags
We still specialize in extruding narrow width tubing including LDPE, HDPE,
Nylon, and Black Conductive. However, we now extrude up to 60 inches of LDPE, 16
inches of HDPE, 32 inches of Nylon, and 48 inches of Black Conductive. We pride
ourselves as being a custom manufacturer of film and bags and tackle problems
that many of the larger companies refuse to address.Whether they are for food,
medical, or the vast electronic/computer industry, we currently produce and
offer different services that can provide for your packaging requirements.

City: Raymond
Category: Valves
Gemini Valve specializes in designing and manufacturing exceptionally reliable
manual and automated ball valves in thru 3" size range. Our product line also
includes a variety of modular optional accessories specifically designed to
conveniently adapt to our industry proven valves and actuators.

City: Redwood City
Category: Smart Card Products
Gemplus was founded in 1988, at the very start of the development of smart card
technology.We are now active around the world, with 50 Sales and Marketing
offices, 4 Research & Development centers, 16 personalization facilities and 10
manufacturing sites.Every day, organizations, businesses and governments rely on
our solutions to limit fraud, verify transactions worth billions of dollars,
safeguard communication, and deal with millions of demands for identification.

City: Plainville
Category: Sensors
Manufacturers of electro optic, and ultrsonic level sensors, magnetic gauges,
and pressure transducers and switches.

City: Phoenix
Category: Safety Products
Gemtek Products has positioned itself as a product development and packaging
resource for companies who want to promote environmentally conscious industrial
or consumer products. Gemtek Products offers leading edge proprietary
technologies that perform as well or better than traditional chemistries with
out hazardous or toxic components. Gemtek laboratory services are able to design
and engineer virtually any safe cleaning solution without compromising health
and safety issues.

City: Matawan
Category: Rescue Equipments
Gemtor Inc is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of fall protection, confined
space retrieval and rescue equipment. All Gemtor products are designed and
manufactured to be the highest quality in the industry, always meeting and
usually exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards. Our Reputation for quality, customer
service and fast shipping has made Gemtor one of the most recognizable names in
the industry. So ". . . when your life is on the line", you'll feel secure
knowing your equipment has the Gemtor name on it.

City: Clearwater
Category: Rubber & Plastic Tubing
The world is constantly being reshaped by forces like globalization and new
technologies. Manufacturers of rubber and plastic tubing and insulated wire and
cable are being forced to change with it.At the new Genca, there is a whole new
commitment to quality, service and cost. Our mission is to combine the latest in
state-of-the-art crosshead and in-line extrusion die technology with the most
highly skilled and knowledgeable people and high-tech manufacturing methods in
order to offer the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective solutions in the

City: San Carlos
Category: Genomic & Proteomic Instrumentation
Genomic Solutions designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells genomic and
proteomic instrumentation, software, consumables and services. We are the only
company supplying tools and expertise for genomics, proteomics and high
throughput screening.Our instruments can be purchased individually or as part of
fully integrated systems tailored to genomic, proteomic and drug discovery
research requirements. Our customers use our integrated, automated systems to
facilitate more rapid and less expensive drug discovery. Genomic Solutions
products provide high quality research data and fast turnaround time.

City: Montreal
Category: Testing & Measuring Instruments
Geneq Inc has been a leading supplier of testing and measuring instruments for
over 30 years. We built our reputation by supplying our customers with high
quality products and services.With five (5) distinct departments, we are well
prepared in assisting you with application and product selection questions.
Offering the finest products available at reasonable prices is only the
beginning of our pledge to serve you better.

City: Waukesha
Category: Power Generation Systems
The Generac brand features fully integrated power generation systems that
include industrial, commercial, and residential generator sets, as well as
automatic transfer switches, controls, fuel tanks, enclosures and remote
monitoring software.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Process Equipment
General Air Corporation is a manufacturer of process equipment, primarily for
the semiconductor and opto electronic industries. The company, founded in
November 1980, designs, manufactures and sells process equipment and supporting
systems. Quality products and workmanship are strongly emphasized, and are the
outcome of decades of experience in design and fabrication possessed by the
company personnel, whose history is traceable to the early days of the
semiconductor industry.

City: San Diego
Category: Advanced Film Capacitors
General Atomics Energy Products, formerly part of Maxwell Energy Products, is
globally recognized as the leading U.S. developer and manufacturer of advanced
film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, high energy capacitors, metallized
capacitors and high current capacitors for pulse power and other demanding
applications. Our primary markets include national laboratories and
universities, energy and defense contractors, and medical and industrial
companies around the world. In addition to capacitors, we develop and
manufacture high voltage power supplies and pulse power systems, and provide
other components such as resistors, fuses, and PFN's.

City: Morenci
Category: Broaching Systems
General Broach specializes in designing and building broaching systems dedicated
to helping industry achieve optimum productivity. These systems include tooling,
fixtures, controls and all accessory equipment.These systems are highly
versatile in meeting all broaching needs and integrated production requirements,
and can be supplied to accommodate a wide variety of internal and external
cutting applications.

City: Highland Heights
Category: Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Products
General Cable is a leader in the development, design, and manufacture, marketing
and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for
the communications, energy, industrial and specialty markets.

City: Paterson
Category: Carbon Products
We are the General Carbon Corporation and we have been in the activated carbon
business for close to 50 years. We carry a large inventory of carbon for the
treatment of both air and water. We have many different types of carbon
available for immediate shipment, including pelletized, granular, powdered and
reactivated, made out of several different materials such as coal, coconut shell
and wood. Orders of all sizes are welcomed.Aside from the carbon we inventory,
we also carry a complete line of carbon adsorption equipment. Vessels, canisters
and panels of all sizes are available for the purification of vapor and liquid
streams. General Carbon Corporation can also design and build custom engineered
systems for unique applications. These include complete Pump and Treat, SVE, and
Odor Control systems. In addition to the selling of equipment, we also have the
capability to service carbon systems on site. This includes the removal and
regeneration of the spent carbon, and its replacement with new carbon.General
Carbon Corporation also specializes in impregnated carbons, and in specialty
medias. We have on site the machinery to impregnate carbon for specific needs.
In addition, we carry special adsorbents for the removal of heavy oils and
metals as well as potassium permanganate impregnated media for odor control.

City: Middlebury
Category: Data Commuication Products
Founded in 1969, GDC has a proven track record for innovation. With 1250 patents
to its credit, the Company is responsible for a number of data communication
industry firsts.GDC offers a broad range of NEBS Level 3 Certified,
carrier-class network access products including integrated access systems for
T1/T3, xDSL, DDS and analog services; modems/CSUs/DSUs, Routers, Ethernet
Switches, LAN extension devices; frame relay probes and monitors; and network
management systems.GDC's InnovX family of products is engineered to meet the
performance, security, and cost requirements of enterprise telecommunications
end-users. The InnovX family includes routing, switching, and access products;
all equipped with network management capabilities that have been designed
specifically to deliver affordable carrier quality reliability, security, and
flexibility to business and government enterprises.

City: Westminster
Category: Robotic Products
Robotics engineering company describes product development, intelligent
automation, autonomous systems, and manufacturing and assembly services.

City: Owatonna
Category: Light Construction Equipment
A second generation of family is charged with the responsibility of preserving
the principles and concepts, which helped form the company over three decades
ago. We've pledged to never lose sight of the ideals that guided Raymond Von
Ruden in his original, dimly lit factory . . . use sound engineering principles
along with good, common sense to find solutions to people's problems.That
home-sawed building has long since been torn down. The original shop has evolved
into a modern factory. The small drill press and bench lathe have been replaced
with ultra precision CNC machines. Simple ledger books have given way to
sophisticated computer systems. As General Equipment grew and prospered, changes
necessary to insure the company's success and position in the light construction
equipment industry were made. We undergo a continual upgrading of facilities and
processes in response to the challenges placed before us by an ever-changing

City: Fort White
Category: Industrial Laser Cutting Machines
Manufacturers of industrial laser cutting, drilling and marking machines.

City: Trevose
Category: Specialty Tools & Equipments
General Machine Products (GMP) manufacturers specialty tools and equipment used
in telecommunications construction & maintenance. Products include lashing
machines, fiber optic capstans, cable cutting equipment and manhole tools.

City: Linden
Category: Surface Enhancement Products
General Magnaplate Corporation is both a pioneer and a world leader in the
science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates. Whether in the
harsh environments of outer space or on factory floors across the globe,
Magnaplate-applied "synergistic" coatings transform low-performance, plentiful
and inexpensive metal parts into corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant,
super-hard, dry-lubricated products that last longer, are more cost-efficient,
and more reliable.With five state-of-the-art facilities, General Magnaplate
offers surface enhancement coatings to meet most metal performance problems.
Each has been developed to protect a specific metal or group of metals to solve
problems under operating conditions. Many are also available in a range of types
to meet a diversity of specifications, including wherever NSF, FDA, USDA and
AgriCanada compliance are required. Additionally, General Magnaplate's Linden
New Jersey facility has been ISO 9001:2000 certified.

City: North Andover
Category: Switches
Since 1980, Eastprint has been a leading producer of custom keyboard assemblies
utilizing membrane switch technology.Our solutions-oriented approach,
engineering expertise and breadth of capabilities allow us to confidently take
on your project challenges. In addition, Eastprint is a value added manufacturer
of front panels incorporating patented and proprietary technologies from
Duraswitch Industries and Rafi GmbH & Company, as well as from rubber keypad
molders and other manufacturers.

City: Delanson
Category: Fingerprint Identification
Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems ( AFIS ) and software for
fingerprint identification search matching / fingerprint recognition are the
primary products of East Shore Technologies.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Desolder Wick
Easy Braid Co is a manufacturer of desolder wick with an emphasis on continuing
advancement in desoldering technology. With an innovative product line and
consistent high quality, Easy Braid Co. is a leader in the rework/repair

City: Carlsbad
Category: Cellular Technology
Easy Life Tech offers a wide variety of products and services help bring success
for you. Check out our selection of cell phones and satellite to systems. We
provide some of the best-discounted plans available.

City: San Marcos
Category: Wire and Cable
Falmat has been a leader in custom cable design and manufacturing for nearly
four decades. Our design analysis, cutting edge materials and state of the art
manufacturing facilities, provide global solutions for a variety of industries
such as, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial Electronics, Transportation, Medical,
Exploration and Marine

City: Lynn
Category: Coating Systems
We provide coating systems, plasma, Rockide, flame spray, Turn wire arc.
Applications such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical
insulation, heat insulation process such as machining, grinding, and milling,
super finishing.

City: Cataumet
Category: Precision Instrumentation
Falmouth Scientific Inc (FSI) is an international leader in the development and
manufacture of high quality precision instrumentation for oceanographic and
industrial applications.

City: Kenosha
Category: Mechanical Shears
Famco is a leading manufacturer of high-speed mechanical shears for cutting
metal, circuit board and other plastic materials. Since 1975, Famco has been the
preferred source for high production mechanical shears, squaring shears, air and
hydraulic shears and a variety of arbor, foot and air presses.

City: West Caldwell
Category: Production Equipment
We are a manufacturer of production equipment including SMT lead forming and
cutting systems and services, bench air presses, racks and fixtures for PCB
Assembly and Handling, and fine pitch lead reconditioning systems

City: Sun Valley
Category: DIN Disc Springs
Founded in 1966, Fan Disc Corporation was the first known U.S. firm to begin
manufacture of a full program of standardized "DIN" disc springs made available
from stock. We manufacture and stock the entire DIN range from 6mm OD through
260mm OD. We also make many special sizes to customer drawings and have made
springs with OD to 40"(1000mm). Materials generally employed are C1075, SAE6150,
Stainless 1717PH(AMRCO), Incone X718, and Monels. We use sophisticated computer
programs for load and stress evaluation and performance prediction. The
manufacture and application of disc springs is widely known and understood in
Europe. Their use in North American engineering and manufacturing industry is
increasing in popularity and acceptance. Originally, the disc spring was first
patented by J. Belleville(France) over 100 years ago. In early 1930's the
engineers(G.M.)Almen and Laszio developed the theory, manufacture and quality
requirements in DIN 2092 and DIN 2093. These specs became accepted world wide as
the first industrial standardization of disc springs. The standard has spread
throughout Europe and is now widely employed by multi-national engineering
companies. The Japanese developed their own version of this standard. No USA
Industry standard has yet been written on disc springs. Many U.S. manufacturers
accept the DIN as a guide to performance and quality standards.

City: Irvine
Category: Communication Systems
Manufacturer of Hand held two ways FM radios, Public Address Systems, Intercom
Systems, Megaphones, and Multipurpose Speakers.

City: Latrobe
Category: Tungsten Carbide Compositions
The Hydro Carbide plants are leading suppliers of pre formed tungsten carbide
compositions for a wide variety of markets. They are also major suppliers of
nozzles, studs and substrates, valve parts, bearings, and other wear parts for
the oil and energy industries.

City: Sarasota
Category: Ventillation Products
Manufacturer of Inline Duct Fans, Dryer Booster Fans, Exterior Fans, Exhaust
Fans, Axial Fans, Radon Fans, Turbo Flo Commercial Fans, Whole House HEPA
Filtration, Heat Recovery Ventilators, Air Curtains, Grillers and Dampers and
other accessories

City: Rochester Hills
Category: Industrial & Factory Automation Systems
Fanuc Robotics and our team of integrators offer a variety of intelligent
robotic solutions for medical device manufacturing. Fanuc Robotics America Inc
introduces the new high speed, intelligent food handling M 420iA robot, equipped
with Fanuc's V 500iA/2DV vision sensor.

City: Tecumseh
Category: Fire Protection System
Manufacturer of Fire Protection Systems, Detection/initiating Devices,
Notification Appliances/Accessories, Voice Evacuation Systems, Clocks, Archives
of Catalog Sheets

City: Eatontown
Category: Industrial Controls
Fargo Controls Inc has provided effective and reliable solutions to the
industrial controls market since 1983. Our success is based on dedication to
quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of solutions
for applications involving proximity sensors, counters, timers and rate meters.

City: Buffalo
Category: Industrial Transformers & Powwer Equipments
Manufacture for Transformers, AC Motors, Circuit Breakers, Disconnects, Motor
Starters, Gear Motors and reducers and phase converters.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Identity Products
Manufacturer of Fargo card identity products set new standards in card
personalization: They feature rock solid reliability, customer friendly features
and cutting edge technology to meet the needs of your most demanding

City: Detroit
Category: Replacement Parts
Fargo Wear is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality replacement parts.
In addition to custom work, we are currently making replacement parts for all
major mixer and muller manufacturers.

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