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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Willoughby
Category: Identification Systems
Identiphoto Company Ltd in Willoughby, Ohio has been specializing in the sale
and service of digital photo ID systems, ID software, custom cards and badges
and all ID supplies for over 30 years. Keeping up with new technologies and

City: Kansas City
Category: Interconnect Products
Founded in 1979, IDI quickly established itself as the spring probe
market-share-leader in the ATE industry in the early 1990s. In fact, engineers
ranked us as the most preferred probe brand for ATE in Test & Measurement
World's most recent brand awareness studies in 1998 and in 2000.Our ATE customer
base has continued to expand as we have introduced technologies to advance
testing performance, knowledge-sharing and supply chain management.In 1994, IDI
launched our sister company, Synergetix, which began utilizing IDI probes in
electrical interconnect assemblies. Synergetix connectors, sockets and
interfaces are now found in a variety of industries: aerospace, military, ATE
test equipment, component test equipment, automotive, telecommunications,
medical and many more. As with IDI products, all Synergetix connectors, sockets
and interfaces are designed to meet high reliability through hundreds of
thousands of cycles with exacting electrical characteristics.

City: Houston
Category: Drives and Drive Systems
Omron IDM Controls has over thirty years' experience in selling, commissioning
and servicing variable frequency drives and drive systems.

City: Tacoma
Category: Tracking Devices
IDMicro manufactures high quality asset tracking devices and control integration
software.We provide a total solution to meet both your hardware and software
needs, so you only need one partner to make your business operate faster,
smarter, and better.Since 1998, IDMICRO has been providing industrial scale
high-value asset tracking solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Our premier,
Remote Intelligent Communication (RIC) technology enables your business to
implement reliable, cost-effective asset tracking with read/write ranges up to
150 feet. We provide a total solution to meet both your hardware and software
needs, so you only need one partner to make your business operate faster,
smarter, and better.

City: Bridgeport
Category: Identification Products
Our Company was founded in 1968 and has adapted consistently to advancing
technologies. While much has changed in the 30 plus years since our beginning,
two things have remained constant: our dedication to our customers and our high
standards for quality products. We have two locations in Bridgeport,
Connecticut. Both of these production facilities have state of the art equipment
that enable us to be your complete source for prepress engineering through
printing and fabrication. Our employees are recognized and rewarded for doing
their job well. We realize that a company's greatest asset is its members and
its greatest success is their advancement. Our customers include small startups
as well as large multinationals. We believe that every customer, large or small,
deserves our best effort. Perhaps that's why our loyal customers come back again
and again.

City: Hackensack
Category: Wireless Products
I D Systems Inc is a leading provider of advanced wireless solutions for
tracking and managing enterprise assets. The company's patented RF (radio
frequency) technology and proprietary software enable automated, intelligent,
cost-effective monitoring and analysis of virtually anything -- including
vehicles, materials, and people -- in real time. I.D. Systems' solutions benefit
users by reducing operating costs, improving safety and security, enhancing
service, and increasing profits.

City: Fullerton
Category: Magnetic Stripe
ID Tech is a leading manufacturer of magnetic stripe, smart card, and bar code
products for OEMs, VARs, distributors, and major end users. With its allied
business partners, national distributors, and experienced sales staff, ID Tech
provides standard and custom solutions for a variety of companies worldwide.

City: Ft. Worth
Category: Identification Products
ID Technology, a Pro Mach Operating Partner, is a fast growing national provider
of labeling, coding and marking equipment, peripherals, supplies and service.
With a wide range of products and services coupled with experienced and
knowledgeable product specialists, ID Technology can satisfy all your product
identification requirements.ID Technology's nationwide sales and service
facilities provide responsive ongoing service tailored to our customer's
individual needs.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Semiconductor Devices
IDT creates preemptive semiconductor solutions that accelerate packet processing
for advanced network services. The company's industry-leading semiconductor
devices are designed into networking equipment that efficiently delivers a
variety of products and services for the core, metro, access, enterprise, small
office/home office (SOHO) data center and wireless segments of the
network.Founded in May 1980, IDT has more than 20 years of expertise in the
design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of integrated circuits (ICs) for the
highest-performance, fastest-growing markets. The increasing complexity of the
network and its expanding range of services require advanced, cost-effective
semiconductor solutions for next-generation systems. To address this need, IDT
drives technology and innovation in packet processing with its industry-leading
switching solutions, network search engines (NSEs), programmable content
inspection engines (CIEs), flow-control management (FCM) ICs, and its
Interprise™ family of integrated communications processors. In addition, IDT
FIFOs, multi-ports, timing solutions and telecommunications ICs are foundational
products the company has optimized for communications applications. Rounding out
the portfolio are high-performance digital logic ICs and high-speed SRAM
products that meet the requirements of leading communications companies.

City: San Diego
Category: Batteries, Chargers & Power Supplies
Established in 1989, IDX has become the premier manufacturer and supplier of
batteries, chargers, and power supplies to the international broadcast and
professional video industry. IDX provides true global power solutions, offering
the highest quality of product, service, and innovation through our centers in
the US, Europe, and Japan. IDX has a support network of over 150 distributors
and hundreds of dealers worldwide.At IDX, we listen to our customer's needs.
This enables us to produce power solutions to suit varied and new applications.
IDX was the first to produce Lithium Ion NP batteries in 1996 to meet the needs
of camera users who needed more power, and less battery weight. IDX wants you to
be confident, that in the constantly changing camera and portable equipment
world, IDX will be meeting industry challenges with your needs foremost.

City: Austin
Category: Electrical Slip Rings
Established in 1955, IEC Corporation has manufactured Electrical Slip Rings for
almost 50 years. The experience and knowledge that comes with a company this
mature allows IEC to focus on the customer's exact needs. With 90% of their
sales coming from modified units, IEC is happy to design a unit that meets your
precise specifications (without charging high engineering fees). In 2003, IEC
introduced a new line of Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) that not only out
perform all others on the market (return loss > 50dB), but also come in the
smallest package (6.8mm dia x 29mm length). Visit IEC's website for further
information, downloadable CAD drawings, and much more. For all your rotating
electrical and optical transfer needs.

City: Van Nuys
Category: Dispaly Products
For over 50 years, IEE has been a pioneer in providing the most comprehensive
offering of information displays and integrated display solutions. IEE's
standard line of vacuum fluorescent and liquid crystal display modules are an
integral part of some of the world's most demanding, state of the art systems.
In our 132,000 square foot facility located in Van Nuys California, our full
service Engineering Department incorporates our vast array of technology to
create an extensive line of standard integrated display products reaching into
several diverse market arenas. IEE's integrated display products are utilized in
applications ranging from the factory floor to the retail store, from the
battlefield to the operating room. Across a wide spectrum of commercial,
industrial and mil/aerospace applications, IEE continuously provides industry
leading technical and manufacturing excellence in standard products and custom

City: Brooklyn
Category: Electronic Connectors
Manufacturer of low force, high reliability electronic connectors. Use unique
Hypertac technology to achieve low contact resistance, high vibration/shock
tolerance, and extended service life of 100,000+ mating cycles.

City: Burbank
Category: Electronic Components and Sensors
CTS Corporation designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of electronic
components and sensors, and a provider of electronics manufacturing services
(EMS), primarily serving the electronic needs of original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs). CTS product lines serve major markets around the world,
which include the automotive, computer, and communications markets, with a wide
range of products, services, technologies and capabilities that include:

City: Westbury
Category: Test & Measurement Products
Since 1976, IET Labs Inc has had a long-standing commitment to conform the
instruments and standards we offer to the customer's needs rather than to have
the customer settle for what is available. We devote our customer service and
applications entirely to the customer's satisfaction in the quality standards,
test instruments and calibration service we provide. In the year 2000, IET Labs
acquired the GenRad standards, decade box, audio and strobe product lines and
now continues to service and support these "In the Genrad Tradition..." Our
experienced engineering and service staff make it possible to offer.

City: Exton
Category: Photoelectric Controls, Fluid Sensors
Manufacturer of position sensors including proximity switches, photoelectric
controls, fluid sensors including temperature switches, flow switch, pressure
switches and networking controls.

City: Wichita
Category: Electronic Test Instruments
IFR is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic test instruments for
wireless communications, avionics, and general test and measurement
applications. IFR offers one of the broadest test and measurement product
portfolios in the industry. With more than 1,200 employees worldwide and
well-established regional sales and distribution channels, IFR is established
among the top ten manufacturers in the $8 billion worldwide test and measurement

City: Newtown
Category: Fiber Optic Technology
International Fiber Systems Inc (IFS), a unit of General Electric Industrial
Systems, specializes in the advancement of fiber optic technology. IFS offers
more than 300 analog and digital fiber optic transmission products for use in
transmitting video, audio, and data signals over optical fiber.

City: St Charles
Category: Magnet DC Motors
Igarashi Motor Sales specializes in the design and manufacture of small,
permanent magnet DC motors. For over half a century, Igarashi Motor Sales has
been dedicated to providing quality product and service to our customers. Since
our establishment in 1952, we have grown to include DC motors; armatures, high
voltage motors, and gear motors to supply a complete range of products to best
meet our customer's needs. Motors are designed for a wide range of commercial
and industrial applications, including power tools, home appliances, and
automotive, and business equipment products.

City: San Rafael
Category: Semiconductor Devices
Polycold's leading edge technologies are found in applications across a broad
range of markets from semiconductors, optical networking, flat panel displays,
detector cooling for aerospace, telescopic, and laboratory requirements, to web
coating, decorative coating, and ophthalmic coating.

City: East Providence
Category: Polymer Energy Chain
Igus Inc manufactures and distributes all polymer Energy Chain(R) cable carrier
systems for guidance and protection of automated cables and hoses,
Chainflex(R)continuous flex cables for use in Energy Chains, and iglide(R)self
lubricating bearing products (including DryLin(R) linear guide systems).

City: Mentor
Category: Connectors
Manufacturer of high current connectors made in high strength tin plated
aluminum, copper and brass.Listed connectors for general use and recognized
connectors for OEM electrical equipment. Wire to buss, Wire to tang,
wire-to-wire, wire to PCB (Printed Circuit Board), splicers, grounding,
distribution, reducers.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Electronic Products
IHI Electronics is a leading company specialized in providing custom solutions
for OEM and CEM electronic design, assembly and manufacturing facilities. We
offer a wide range or products for the electronics industry including our
Continuous wrist strap monitors. these units are used by large electronics
manufacturing companies around the world including: NASA, IBM, Hitachi, Gateway,
& Motorola. We also provide custom manufacturing of electronic devices and

City: Saxonburg
Category: Optical and Electro Optical Components
The Company's products include optical and electro optical components, devices
and materials for precision use in infrared, near infrared, visible light, X ray
and gamma ray instruments, and their applications. The Company's infrared
products are used in high power CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers for industrial
processing worldwide.

City: Fair Lawn
Category: Dispensing Solutions
"I&J Fisnar Inc" is a manufacturer and integrator of dispensing solutions for
all types of industrial users.

City: Maywood
Category: CCTV
We are entering an era in which the electronics industry cannot be described
without referring to these two technologies. The development of these new
technologies, which are independent carries with it unprecedented implications
for people's lifestyles and the business environment. In times of great change,
our first priority is the pursuit of customer satisfaction. In view of the
diversification of consumer demand, first priority must be given to adding value
to our service and to meeting the needs of individual customers, and to
providing the Digital Network technology to meet their needs most appropriately.
By defining the future course to be taken as Professionals of Information
Communications and Imaging, we will strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We
would like you to view our proposal and action plan for implementing the latest

City: Parsippany
Category: Needle Roller Bearing
IKD was the first company in Japan to initiate technical developments on the
Needle Roller Bearing. It is now a leading manufacturer with many remarkable
achievements in this field. The Needle Roller Bearing, which encompasses a thin
needle shaped roller has transformed the conventional image of a bearing
employing round balls. As compared with the ball bearing and other roller
bearings, it is small in size and light, but yet has a great load capacity.
Needle Roller Bearings help to make the overall equipment more compact, thus
saving money and resources. They are used in a wide range of applications such
as motorcycles, industrial machines and office automation.

City: Frederica
Category: Soft Goods Products
Manufacturer of high tech soft goods products, such as Shuttle spacesuit,
aerostats, chemical masks, flexible containment, and chemical suits.

City: Shelbyville
Category: Precision Ball & Roller Bearings
Ilene Industries Inc is a diversified manufacturing company established in 1969
and specializing in precision ball and roller bearing separators, retainers or
cages. We manufacture these units for all the major precision bearing companies
throughout the US. We are also a gasket fabricator or cutter and a major
distributor of industrial rubber and gasket materials to gasket fabricators and
OEM manufacturers in the US, Canada and Mexico. We have developed special
technologies to enhance our services to our customers by providing fast
prototyping capability via our computer controlled Waterjet Machine or
production services via the same technology. We've developed our own in house
die fabrication capability for both steel and steel rule dies. We manage a very
large inventory of Commercial and Mil Spec Rubber such as Buna, Butyl, Nitrile,
Neoprene, Dupont's Viton and Hypalon, EPDM, Silicone,FDA approved, and other
gasket materials like: Cork, Felt, Vegetable fibres (special paper products),
Non Asbestos, Foam, Sponge, Plastics and more. Check out our capabilities under
the Product Section Pages.

City: Lincolnwood
Category: Capacitors
Manufactures aluminum electrolytic, film, ceramic and power capacitors for
electronic applications.

City: INgleside
Category: Packaging Film Permeation
Illinois Instruments Inc is a leading supplier of packaging film permeation, on
line gas analysis, and package headspace analyzers. We offer application
assistance and material testing services to assure complete product

City: Wheeling
Category: Security Devices
Illinois Lock Company was founded in 1930 on Taylor Street on the west side of
Chicago. The company spent 30 years there before its move to our current
location in Wheeling, Illinois in 1960.In 1965 The Eastern Company purchased
Illinois Lock. The Eastern Company is a 140-year-old manufacturer of proprietary
locks and other security devices with seven manufacturing locations in the
U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and the Pacific Rim.

City: Rock Island
Category: Oil Products
Since 1908, IOP has been an independent compo under, blender, and private
packager. IOP blends the finest anti-freezes, motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear
oils, greases and specialized oils available for automotive, agriculture,
construction, fleet and industrial business.

City: East Syracuse
Category: Lighting Products
We are the Preeminent Provider of Lighting Solutions, Worldwide. We solve
difficult illumination problems logically, methodically, cost effectively.

City: Postville
Category: Thermoset Composites
Norplex-Micarta produces the finest thermo set composites in the industry. We
are proud to announce that all of the enhancements in the Postville facility
have been completed. All tube equipment is on line and we are at a two-week
lead-time for most tubes, depending upon the mandrel availability. Two new
molding presses are installed for molded parts, and are manufacturing product.

City: Cincinnati
Category: Mechanical Connectors
Our manufacturing expertise extends to metal extrusion, tube processing and
finishing, cutoff, press forming, punching, and electroplating, to industry
specifications or customized to your own individual specs. Cell manufacturing
techniques furnish unmatched flexibility in providing the right product for your
application, while warehouse inventory assures product availability and prompt
delivery. The ILSCO commitment to R&D ensures innovative designs for products
that conform to UL and CSA certifications or your own quality control

City: Reno
Category: Frequency Control Products
ILSI America was incorporated in 1987 to manufacture high frequency oscillators.
Today we offer SMD and leaded crystals and oscillators including tight
tolerances and miniature packages as well as resonators and filters. We offer
some of the latest technology in advanced products including TCXO, VCXO, TCVCXO
and OCXO. We also produce the smallest SMD packages available. We offer
competitively priced quality products and are ISO 9002 certified. We boast some
of the shortest lead times in the industry and are a recommended supplier for
Chip Sets manufactured by Conexant, Alcatel, ST Micro, Motorola, Hitachi, and
many others.

City: Bozeman
Category: Test & Measurement Products
ILX Lightwave is a market and technology leader in providing high performance
test and measurement solutions for people who work with laser diodes and other
photonic components. Founded in 1986 with the introduction of the industry's
first precision laser diode current source, we have continued to build from our
strengths in precision measurement and control to offer a full line of
innovative instruments and test systems. Today, ILX Lightwave products include
laser diode current sources, temperature controllers, mounting fixtures, optical
power and wavelength meters, precision fiber optic sources, laser diode LIV
testers, and laser diode burn-in and reliability test systems. We maintain our
market leadership through the relentless pursuit of quality, performance,
innovation, and speed. ILX Lightwave products are used throughout the world in
research and development labs and production areas, wherever photonic technology
is advancing.

City: Gilroy
Category: Automation Equipments
Manufacturer and design of automation equipment, precision machine parts, custom
control software.

City: Northbrook
Category: Force Measurement Products
Imada force and torque gauges incorporate stat-of-the-art design and are widely
used as critical strength testers in the field of Quality Control and R&D.Our
history goes back to 1947 when the first mechanical push-pull scale was
developed for the aircraft industry. Over the years, Imada has established its
name and reputation as a world-leading manufacturer of force and torque gauges
of the highest quality and reliability.Today, Imada strengthens its commitment
to high quality manufacturing with ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

City: Worthington
Category: Automatic Inspection Systems
Image Automation Ltd (IAL) and its subsidiary organization, Image Automation Inc
(IAI), are both Sira Group companies. We design, manufacture, sell and support
instrumentation, specifically in the area of automatic inspection.Established in
1986, IAL has become the focus for automatic inspection in the Sira Group.
Sira's heritage stretches back over almost 90 years, and its involvement in
automatic inspection since 1965. Image Automation operates on a global basis
from its offices in London and Ohio, and through a worldwide network of
partners, agents, and distributors.

City: Shelton
Category: Image Processing Systems
Image Graphics Inc (IGI) is a privately owned Connecticut company, founded in
1974, which provides high performance information and image processing systems
and services. Most of our products and services are built around our patented
Electron Beam Recorder (EBR), the world leader in high resolution film
recording. The company is organized around three divisions to provide high
quality scanning and digital to microfilm preservation services, high end
microfilm, cinema, and satellite photography film recorders, and electron beam
testing and electron beam lithography products for the electronics industry.

City: Wood Dale
Category: Stud Welding Equipment
Stephan Hobson founded Image Industries Inc in 1976. Image is a technology
driven leader in the design and manufacture of stud welding equipment and studs.
Image was the first U.S. manufacturer to introduce digital stud welding
equipment for quick, easy stud welding with greater productivity.

City: Columbus
Category: Adhesives, Emulsions and Cleaning Solutions
Image Mate Inc offers a complete line of adhesives, emulsions and cleaning
solutions for the screen graphic and textile industries. Proprietary technology
allows image mate to address the current shortcomings of traditional emulsions.
Image mate improves edge definition and resolution, increases screen durability,
provides longer print runs, accelerates the manufacturing cycle, and offers
consistent, reliable performance for all printing operations.

City: Portland
Category: Machine Vision Systems
Since 1990, Imagenation has been helping its customers reduce the cost and
accelerate delivery of machine vision (MV) systems. Our frame grabbers — built
on a variety of form factors and bus standards — are well known for their
dependability, technical support and price/performance leadership. They support
a large number of traditional and emerging MV applications, including
semiconductor, manufacturing automation equipment, security and surveillance
systems, medical/ophthalmological instrumentation and traffic control
devices.Many companies use Imagenation as an extension of their own vision
system design staff to accelerate the decisions involving product
specifications, integration and design. By outsourcing a vision component,
companies eliminate the problems of "roll-your-own" solutions and meet their
customers' most demanding requirements, on time and on budget.

City: North Reading
Category: Image Processing Solutions
Image Processing Solutions Inc (IPS) is a Systems Integrator and Value Added
Provider of image analysis, microscopy, machine vision and video equipment. We
have been integrating systems for universities, hospitals, and manufacturing
firms since 1986.

City: East Providence
Category: Preprinted Bar Code Labels
ID Label Inc designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of high
quality, technically innovative preprinted bar code labels for a variety of
applications. From asset tracking to warehouse location labels, ID Label
specializes in laminated variable information, sequential bar codes, consecutive
numbers and multicolor process. Since 1994, our mission has been to provide the
finest products available with zero defects. We accomplish this through our
state of the art multicolor digital presses, knowledgeable sales team and
outstanding customer service.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Shock Absorber
Cushioneer shock absorbers are designed to smoothly stop fast moving equipment.
The plunger rod on a Cushioneer moves relatively fast at the beginning of its
stroke and steadily slows as the plunger rod is depressed. Kinechek speed
regulators are designed to control how fast a device moves. The plunger rod on a
Kinechek moves smoothly at a constant rate throughout its entire stroke
length.why the Cushioneer is superior Cushioneer decelerate fast moving
equipment without bang or bounce. When a fast moving load impacts the end of the
plunger rod, fluid ahead of the piston can escape through the mesh work of ports
in the tool steel cylinder. As the piston travels down the cylinder the ports
are shut off decelerating the moving load. Your machinery can run faster than
ever before--trouble free!

City: Chino
Category: Static Control Products
Manufacturer of ESD static control products.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Desiccant Products
Desiccare Inc is a controlled atmospheric packager that provides a full line of
standard and custom desiccant products to meet your needs. Our knowledge and
experience in desiccants and custom chemical blends provides a greater range of
protection than conventional companies.In addition to our innovative ideas
Desiccare Inc is pledged to quality control, customer service and timely
delivery from our locations on the east and west coast.Desiccare Inc offers a
full-line of desiccant and absorbents to the Pharmaceutical, Electronics,
Military, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Food Industries.

City: Wareham
Category: Membrane Switches And Rubber Keypads
Membrane Switches and Rubber Keypads, Working from your initial product concept
or from existing design prints, Design-Mark can meet the most demanding
specifications for both standard and custom applications. From sub-assemblies to
complex integrated switch panels that include graphic overlays, shielding and
back plates, Design-Mark offers a complete keypad solution.We have various
keypad design and manufacturing options available: Tactile and Non-tactile
feedback (click here for specs), Conformance to ASTM Membrane Switch Standards

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Custom Test Instrumentation Systems
Design & Test Technology Inc is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based engineering company
that designs, builds and supports custom test instrumentation systems. We apply
the design and test capabilities of our research lab to the manufacturing floor.
Our precision test and process control systems are constructed so as to provide
a long service life in a production environment. The D&TT staff brings decades
of experience in applying state of the art instrumentation technology for
manufacturing process control. From specification and design to ongoing support
and upgrades, we develop complete test systems - including precision mechanical
test fixtures, electronics, software, documentation, and training. A "necessary
and critical" spare parts program is available, and we can provide "rapid
response" for same day assistance to your support personnel.

City: Conover
Category: Screw Driving Solutions
Design Tool Inc is a North Carolina-based company that provides automatic screw
feeding & screw driving solutions to a wide scope of industries such as
automotive, electronics, metal, plastics, telecommunications, wood and many
others.Automated fastening & assembly systems custom designed to your
specifications. Ergonomic hand tools with systems designed to increase
production while decreasing labor costs and benefits required. DTI 5000
Automatic Feed Screwdriver The DTI 5000 can be designed with hand held, pistol
grip, or straight type air screwdrivers with various rpm's and torque, with
reverse capabilities.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Thermal Processing Products
As today's companies continue to expand their manufacturing capabilities
overseas, Despatch Industries provides world-wide sales and service support
making us today's preferred choice among customers. For over 100 years we have
been committed to pioneering and evolving both thermal processing technology as
well as environmental simulation and testing equipment for many industries. We
have solved critical process requirements and worked with a variety of companies
to meet the toughest parameters. In addition we offer our Innovation Center to
help customers test or design the systems and equipment to meet unique

City: Many
Category: Phase Converters
Either a static converter or rotary phase converter can make it possible to run
a three phase motor on single phase power. The Static Phase Converter does not
actually generate three phases but only starts an electric motor and then allows
the motor to operate on only two of the three windings in the motor. This being
the case, the motor then is running at 2/3 of its rated Hp.A Rotary Phase
Converter does provide full rated three phase power to operate equipment without
this loss of Hp. Rotary Converters are always the best way to go, if you size
them correctly for the application.

City: Madison Heights
Category: Automation Products
De Sta Co offers its Custom Product program, a valued-added service that spans
across all De Sta Co product families from industrial clamping to the automation
products, worldwide. Years of experience and our ongoing investment in
state-of-the art manufacturing equipment, and talented personnel dedicated to
custom product development and technical support, make De Sta Co a true
efficient extension to your facility. De Sta Co continues to help our customers
capture "just right" solutions to increase productivity, decrease cost, and
reduce waste in your manufacturing environment, and bring you success by meeting
your customers' demands.

City: South St Paul
Category: Microchip Technology
Digital Angel Corporation (formerly Destron Fearing) has been involved in the
development and manufacture of livestock identification products since 1948. We
pioneered the development of miniaturized microchip technology for use in
fisheries, companion animals and livestock since the 1980's. This web site
highlights our livestock electronic products. We invite you to visit our other
company web site concerning the full line of Digital Angel products.Digital
Angel can provide a full complement of radio frequency identification products
and software solutions to automate the collection of critical livestock
production and carcass information. Individual and herd information can then be
easily transferred between all parties involved in the production and retail of
meat products. Information sharing allows the food industry to meet the
discriminating demands of the market place.

City: The Woodlands
Category: Sensors and Electronic Control Systems
We are the Manufacturers of Industrial grade gas detection, Sensors and
electronic control systems.

City: Palmer
Category: Customized Multipliers
Manufacturer of Electron Multipliers, Scientific Glass, and Vacuum Components
Detector Technology is the industry leader in manufacturing customized
multipliers. Our engineering knowledge and manufacturing flexibility allows us
to provide and configure a multiplier for your special low/high volume
applications. DeTech engineers and manufactures quality channel electron
multipliers for high performance and maximum reliability. DeTech welcomes your
requests for designing new and innovative detectors. We have worked with many
scientists and engineers on customizing their needs for specific applications.
No project is too small or too large. We offer a variety of geometries and
options to meet your installation and operating needs.

City: South El Monte
Category: Hermetic Seals
Detoronics Corporation is an experienced and highly qualified organization
specializing in the production of high quality, precision glass-to-metal
hermetic seals. Since 1959, Detoronics has maintained our position as an
industry leader by providing the most reliable hermetically sealed products and
delivering on our commitment to our customers. Our qualification stems from a
long history of designing and producing extremely critical components for many
of the world's leading companies. Detoronics offers a full range of hermetically
sealed products with proven reliability in both military and commercial
applications. From Mil-Spec type connectors to thermal battery headers, from
single pin feed-through terminals to multi-pin headers, from D-Subminiatures to
your custom design, Detoronics can help meet your requirement.

City: Auburn Hills
Category: Broach Machine
Detroit Broach Company has continuously built broach machines since 1950. Since
that time, we have become a leader as a full line broach machine manufacturer.
We have manufactured or remanufactured over 2,500 broach machines. We can
provide vertical or horizontal machines powered by hydraulics or driven by a
roller screw or rack and pinion. We also design and build special machines to
suit our customer's requirements. In addition, we rebuild existing machines
originally built by others to "like new condition", with updated controls and
tooling. Normally these machines have a one-year new machine warranty.

City: Ferdale
Category: Solenoids
Over our many years in the industry our staff of solenoid engineering
specialists has been involved with every conceivable aspect of solenoid design,
application and performance. This accumulated know-how is reflected in the fine
quality and performance of our solenoids. Most vertical Decco solenoids are
equipped with a patented rubber cushion between the solenoid frame and the base
plate. This cushion absorbs the impact force of the plunger when the solenoid
closes, reduces hammering of metal parts and greatly extends the life of the
unit. The complete solenoid assembly is securely held together by a flat steel
spring, which also flexes to absorb impact shock. On push type solenoids a
shock-mounted backstop absorbs the impact when the plunger returns to open
position. A tool steel anvil is provided at the bottom of push type solenoid
plungers. This anvil distributes the load evenly across the plunger and resists
wear for longer service life. The plungers and field stacks of Decco solenoids
are built up of laminations made of silicon steel, which will not develop
residual magnetism. Because there is no residual magnetism, breakaway springs
(which are susceptible to failure) are not necessary. A heat-treated beryllium
copper liner guides the plunger and a glass filled nylon sleeve on the top of
the nylon bobbin. Under normal operating conditions these guides will
substantially lengthen service life. Shading coils on Decco solenoids are silver
soldered in position to prevent breakage or dropping out under continuous, heavy

City: Detroit
Category: Machine Knife
Detroit Edge Tool Company is a leading supplier of machine ways, rails, knives,
and other precision machine parts to industries globally. Detco manufactures
machine knives of all types to your specifications for cutting metal, plastic,
wood, textile, and paper. Established in 1885, our state of the art facilities
and innovative solutions make us the oldest machine way/knife manufacturer in
the world.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Gas Deduction Systems
Det-Tronics (Detector Electronics Corporation) has over 25 years of experience
in flame and gas detection plus fire alarm and gas detection systems. Our legacy
is one of protecting high hazard applications ranging from offshore oil
platforms, to the B-2 bomber, to thousands of miles of gas pipelines, to token
booths in New York City's subway system. Our history and experience have
instilled a high level of "safety consciousness" in our company and personnel.

City: Waukegan
Category: Precision Mechanical Devices
A Rotating Union is a precision mechanical device used to convey fluid from a
stationary source into rotating machinery. A typical rotating union features:
Deep groove ball bearings to support the rotating component (attached to the
machinery) against the stationary component (attached to the stationary supply
source), End face balanced mechanical seal to seal the media passing through The
bearing type, design, material and construction vary with application. Likewise,
the seal also varies depending upon fluid properties & operating conditions of
the application. Rotating Unions are used in certain manufacturing processes to
cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power. Rotating Union
applications include Air Clutches, Gear Boxes, Machine Tool Spindles, Textile
Equipment, Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Machinery, Steel Continuous Casting
Machines and Paper Machine Calendar stacks.

City: Hemet
Category: Sealed Electrical/Electronic Connector
Deutsch Defense/Aerospace Operations (DAO) is a medium-sized manufacturing
organization, technically advanced, with environmentally sealed
electrical/electronic connector and wiring terminating devices dedicated to the
military, aircraft, and space marketplace. Our plan is to be increasingly
responsive to our customers and their changing needs--while being a low-cost
producer for the right quality products.

City: Gardena
Category: Stainless Steel and Hydraulic Tubes
All of our equipment and people are in place at Deutsch for one reason: To
support our customers, Teams are assembled, cell manufacturing is implemented
and an international field sales network is developed. These are just a few of
the new movements that have taken place during the past few years. Seeing the
needs of the customer changing causes these changes. Whether our products are
intended for a low pressure stainless steel line on an oil platform in Southeast
Asia, for high pressure hydraulic tubing on an advanced tactical fighter, or for
connecting 4" bus bar at a utility substation under inclement weather
conditions, you can rest assured that the support of Deutsch is backed behind
every fitting.

City: East Northport
Category: Electro-Mechanical Hermetically Sealed Relays
Deutsch Relays Inc (DRI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of
electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices and mating
sockets, for applications that require high reliability and long life in harsh
environments.A number of options are offered for Deutsch Products. Relays from
Deutsch can be configured with either AC or DC operation coils, a variety of
mounting styles and different types of terminal headers for Hard-Wire, Printed
Circuit Board or Socket installation.

City: Bridgeport
Category: Instrumentation Products
A commitment to quality instruments for monitoring, control and data
acquisition. Dever has been known as a manufacturer of quality instrumentation
products for over 40 years. Throughout these years customer service has remained
paramount, positioning Dever as an instrument supplier second to none in design,
quality, reliability and service. Dever units interface with all standard and
nonstandard process variable signals and are available in a variety of
enclosures. Dever instruments have exceeded the highest industry standards for
many years. Our quality assurance program provides compliance to U.S. Regulatory
Commission criteria 10CFR50, 10CFR21 and MIL-I-45208A. Devar instruments are
Made In The USA carry a 5 Year Warranty.

City: Danvers
Category: Adhesives
Devcon is a world leader in technology and products for OEM assembly, and
maintenance/repair applications. Recently acquiring Syon Corporation of Ashland,
MA, a producer and custom packager of adhesive systems for aviation/aerospace,
electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets, Devcon now
consists of Devcon Industrial; Syon; and Engineered Coatings, a specialty
coatings company.

City: Tempe
Category: Aerosoace
Device Engineering has been certified by Perry Johnson Registrars Inc to be
compliant to the AS9100: 2004 aerospace quality standard as well as the ISO9100:
2000 quality standard. AS9100 is the newest version of the aerospace industry
standard. AS9100 incorporates all the elements of ISO 9001, plus additional
elements unique to the aerospace industry. One of the important features of
AS9100 is the resurrection of some critical elements of MIL-Q, the military
specifications that were shelved when ISO 9000 first came on the scene. The
standard was developed by a committee of procurement, purchasing and quality
executives from the major U.S. aerospace manufacturers as a way to reduce
defects in the supplier chain; continually improve quality; boost customer
satisfaction; and considerably reduce the number of hours spent on audits,
requirements and documentation. Instead of having to comply with many differing
quality requirements and standards for each customer, aerospace industry
suppliers and subcontractors now had for the first time a single aerospace
standard that would be accepted across the board. In the next few years, the
standard promises to become increasingly important to the thousands of companies
who supply parts and services to aircraft and aerospace manufacturers. Most of
the major aircraft engine manufacturers, such as General Electric's Aircraft
Engine division (GEAE), Boeing, Rolls-Royce Allison and Pratt & Whitney, are
already requiring registration to AS9100.

City: Marlborough
Category: Grommet Edging Solutions
Device Technologies Inc is Leader in High Performance Grommet Edging Solutions:
The wire edge protection of choice for applications that include telecom,
computers, switching equipment, construction equipment, medical units, and
instrumentation, etc.

City: West Islip
Category: Fasteners
DFCI Solutions Inc the originator of the Quarter Turn Fastener, offers the most
diverse product line of quick-acting fasteners.With years of experience DFCI
Solutions can provide a solution that will meet all your requirements of design,
quality, and target cost.

City: Fremont
Category: Mother Board
DFI, a world leader of motherboards and maker of the award-winning LAN Party
motherboard series, is very proud to announce today that its LAN Party UT
nForce4 Ultra-D board won the roundup review from Anand Tech to receive the Gold
Editor's Choice Award. DFI announced today that its LAN Party nForce4 SLI-DR
motherboard won the Award for Excellence from a round up conducted by PCeXtreme,
a leading hardware review site in the France. DFI, a world leader of
motherboards and maker of the award-winning LAN PARTY motherboard series, DFI's
LAN Party nForce4 SLI-DR Motherboard Receives The High Performance Award from, DFI is proud to announce today that its LAN Party nForce4 SLI-DR
motherboard received the High Performance Award from, adding to
the list of praises the LAN Party nForce4 SLI-DR has already garnered from the

City: San Leandro
Category: Auto Routing Products
In 1993, David Price presented to PCB Design West a discussion of the
SPECCTRACentric universe. Relying on 20 years experience in electronics, he
believed that the future of PCB Design and electronic packaging revolved around
the man-machine combination of the experienced, talented PCB designer with the
intelligent, rules-driven Autorouter SPECCTRA. Our SPECCTRA Autorouting Service
supplies hi-end, fastturn SPECCTRA Autorouting to endusers without SPECCTRA, and
to SPECCTRA users needing additional capacity and specialized routing
capabilities. Because of our unique skills and focus, we can do the world's best
SPECCTRA Autorouting at the lowest prices.

City: Manchester
Category: Data Acquisition Products
DGH Corporation is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based data acquisition
hardware for remote and distributed systems. With over 18 years of experience,
DGH continues to manufacture low-cost, easy to use, reliable, data acquisition
hardware for a wide range of monitoring applications. Our hardware is small,
easy to mount at the sensor and interfaces to any RS-232 or RS-485 serial
communications port.

City: Brea
Category: Automation Products
Manufacturer of Automatic Screwfeeders, Automatic Screwdrivers, Ergonomic Power
Tool Accessories, Ergo-Grip, Bio-Brace, Wristol-Grip, Sidearm, FlexStart,
Smartarm, Torque Stop, Iso-Grip, Screw Servers, Screw Presenters.

City: Phoenix
Category: Pressure & Flow Calibration Products
DH Instruments Inc is a leading manufacturer of high performance pressure and
gas flow standards including calibration process software. We offer a2La
accredited pressure and gas flow calibration services, as well as metrology
training courses. For 25 years, DHI has specialized in pressure and flow
calibration standards. These include PG7000 automated pressure balances, FPG
very low pressure standard, a full range of digital pressure controllers and
pressure monitors, and molbloc/molbox gas flow calibration systems. We have
complete calibration services for all types of pressure and flow measuring and
controlling instruments. Our calibration laboratory has capabilities accredited
to ISO 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 by the American Association for Laboratory
Accreditation (A2LA).

City: Amherst
Category: Diaphragm Products
Dia Com is a leading international provider of innovative, cost-effective molded
diaphragm solutions critical to the operation of essential systems and equipment
in industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation, and food and
water processing applications. The company's reputation for excellence is based
on superior quality in the design, manufacture and application of its
high-performance, state-of-the-art, fabric-reinforced and homogeneous
elastomeric diaphragm seals.The company was founded in 1983 as a supplier of
custom and standard diaphragm seals known for reliability and dependability.
Today, Dia•Com, with worldwide corporate headquarters in Amherst, New Hampshire,
focuses on forming strategic customer partnerships critical to the development
of unique, technologically superior design solutions linked to its customers'
success. As an extension of its customers' design teams, Dia•Com offers a broad
range of custom diaphragm solutions that are "designed for manufacturing," and
as a result, are more comprehensive, robust and cost-effective than competitive

City: Oxford
Category: Medical Diagnostic Products
Since our inception in 1970, Diagnostic Chemicals Limited remains dedicated to
the manufacturing of medical diagnostic products, specialty chemicals and
enzymes used in the Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science markets.

City: Sterling Heights
Category: Imaging Systems
Diagnostic Instruments coupler line is used internationally to support a wide
range of microscope and camera systems.

City: Webster
Category: Vitro Diagnostics
DSL was established in 1981 with a vision of developing and marketing high
quality in vitro diagnostics. This vision, combined with our loyal customers and
exclusive dedication to immunodiagnostics, has made DSL a worldwide leader in
hormone analysis. By continually exploring new technologies and applications,
DSL stays at the forefront of the in vitro diagnostic industry in terms of
innovation and responsiveness to evolving laboratory procedures.

City: Kissimmee
Category: Test & Inspection Equipments
DiagnoSYS is committed to providing solutions to our Customers' test, inspection
and manufacturing challenges through an extensive range of equipment and
outsource services.Established in 1991 DiagnoSYS has an extensive knowledge of
the electronics industry and with a World-wide sales and support network can
provide state-of-the-art test solutions globally.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Optoelectronic Components
Dialight is recognized as a world leader in visual indicator components,
offering an unparalleled selection of off-the-shelf products. These include
right-angle circuit board indicators incorporating the latest LED technology in
both surface mount and through hole designs, sizes from 2 mm to 5 mm, and
multiple LED arrays in a variety of configurations. Also offered is a wide range
of top-view indicators, plus devices employing high-intensity LEDs. We continue
to develop our line of light pipes for channeling light from circuit boards to
front viewing panels of electronic enclosures. In addition, we have the
industry's most extensive line of panel mount indicators; utilizing
incandescent, neon, and LED light sources. We also offer illuminated push-button
switches, as well as based LEDs, which are designed to replace less efficient
incandescent lamps.

City: Clinton
Category: Semiconductor Devices
Dialog Semiconductor is a world-leading developer and supplier of power
management, audio and imaging semiconductor technology. Our chips and system
level solutions enhance the performance and features of wireless, hand-held and
portable electronic products, enabling advanced applications on mobile phones,
such as multimedia messaging, video, gaming and digital audio players. Our mixed
signal technology also enables intelligent solutions in automotive and
industrial systems, for airbag and safety systems, dashboard control and
lighting control.

City: Albion
Category: Automated Equipment & Components
Dial-X Automated Equipment Inc was incorporated in the state of Indiana on March
12, 1972, for the purpose of providing quality automated equipment and
components at a reasonable price. The plant is located just 20 miles northwest
of Fort Wayne, Indiana.The facilities are devoted strictly to producing
automation equipment; this is one of the reasons the equipment is top quality.
From design to final assembly, all the work is done in house. We do all the
engineering, both mechanical and electrical; our engineering staff has a
combined 125 years of experience in designing and building automation equipment.
The machining is also done in house with parts being sent out only for black
oxiding and heat treating. We build the bases, heads, presses, feeder bowls and
index tables. This means single source reliability and quality. The equipment is
assembled and tested in our facility using top-of-the-line components.

City: Lowell
Category: Microwave Rotary Couplers
Diamond Antenna is a well-known leader in the design and manufacture of
microwave rotary couplers. We have over 45 years of experience and hundreds of
proven designs. If a standard item doesn't fit your requirements, then let us
know what you need and we can come up with a customized solution. We are located
in Littleton MA, an area that affords us access to many quality vendors well
versed in supporting the microwave and high technology industries. Our building
offers us the ability to expand our business in order to better suit the needs
of our customers.

City: Flint
Category: Shafts
Our shafting is induction hardened and precision-ground and polished to the
tolerances required by the demanding linear motion industry. For more than 10
years, Diamond Case customers have relied on it's case hardness, roundness,
cylindricity, straightness and consistency of surface finish.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Roller Chains
During Diamond's many years of producing the highest quality roller chain they
have tested, examined and discovered many developments which have significantly
increased the performance of their roller chains. These developments have rarely
become product lines but rather, product improvements, which have been
incorporated into daily production so that all customers can benefit, without
special requests or premium prices.In today's environment, Diamond, while
focusing on the increased use of technology, still operates under the same
inventive, grassroots philosophy it was founded on, providing its customers with
a high-quality product possessing the best balance of performance, reliability,
price and delivery that meet or exceed their requirements.

City: Farmingdale
Category: Fastners & Electronic Hardware
We distribute and manufacture all types of fastners & electronic hardware.

City: Lindon
Category: Mouse Pads
When You Think of Digispec Think of Top Notch People, State of the Art
Equipment, and Quality American Made Materials all focused on one thing - Your
Mouse Pads Our mouse pad-only focus coupled with the experience gained from
producing over 100 million mouse pads enables us to provide quality service and
reliability you can count on with every order.

City: Wilmington
Category: Temperature Profiling And Analysis Systems
Datapaq manufactures temperature profiling and analysis systems for use in
industrial heat-treating processes Datapaq has established a worldwide
reputation for the quality and reliability of its products, providing customers
with systems, which are highly accurate and easy to use. We are committed to
maintaining this leadership through innovation development and customer service
and support

City: Ohio
Category: Data Acquisition Products
We're their first choice for a variety of reasons but the dominant ones are ease
of use no-programming environment and performance. The fact that no programming
is required combined with ease of use allows our customers to set up, record,
playback, and analyze waveform data within minutes. But that is not to say our
customers are averse to programming. Many are programmers who need to make a
measurement as simply and efficiently as possible. They have found that our
hardware and especially our software are capable of real time storage and
graphical performance unlike any product they've ever seen on a personal

City: Bakersfield
Category: Precision Flow Measurements
Datarate, Inc. is a small business with a goal of providing the flow measurement
industry with reliable, easy to use test equipment. We are constantly looking
for ways to improve our product, while maintaining compatibility with existing
equipment. We have been providing equipment to the aerospace industry and to all
branches of the military for use world wide. We continue to be grateful for the
many recommendations received from our customers. Our business has been almost
entirely built on customer referrals and we hope to continue that in the future.

City: Boulder Creek
Category: Laser Beam Characterization Solutions
Data Ray Inc was founded in 1988 to bring high performance beam profiling to the
photonics community. Since then, we have delivered a range of standard and
custom beam-profiling products of increasing sophistication to this discerning
market. If you wonder why we were better known in the 90's, until 1997
exclusively Merchantek under the Merchantek label marketed all Data Ray
products. Since 1997, DataRay and its non-exclusive distributors have marketed
all products.

City: Charlotte
Category: Printers
In October of 2000, AMT Data South Corp was formed resulting in over 40 years of
combined experience in its commitment to manufacturing and delivering printers
that meet the special and sometimes unique requirements of our customers.
Whether it is custom hardware, firmware, or software, AMT Data South Corp stands
ready to adapt our products as necessary to fulfill customer needs. Organized in
1983, Advanced Matrix Technology Inc (AMT) recognized the versatility of
dot-matrix technology and the role it plays in the workplace, and began
designing high performance, dot-matrix printers. In 2000 AMT acquired the
printer operations of Data south Computer Corporation. Data South was formed in
1977 and pioneered a number of printer developments. Between the two entities
some 500,000 printers have been shipped worldwide. Following the acquisition the
Company changed its name to AMT Data South Corp. AMT Data South Corp designs,
manufactures and markets heavy-duty dot matrix and thermal printers for vertical
markets including transportation, distribution, manufacturing and healthcare.
The Corporate Headquarters is located in Camarillo, California. Operations
including product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, service and
support, take place at the company's facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Additionally a sales and distribution center is located in the United Kingdom.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Handheld Acquisition Products
Data Stick Systems Inc designs and develops cost-effective, high performance,
handheld acquisition products for a broad range of commercial, scientific,
governmental, environmental and educational markets. Data Stick Systems was
founded in 1998 and incorporated in 1999. Technology was first demonstrated in
late 1998 at the PDA Expo show in San Francisco, California. The first customer
shipment was in late 1999. A typical system consists of software and simple
hardware attachments for the Palm. Sensors are attached to the Data Stick
hardware, turning the Palm handheld into a state-of-the-art, handheld test and
measurement instrument.

City: Garden Grove
Category: Mass Storage Products And Accessories
Data stor an industry leader for providing quality, cost-effective Mass Storage
solutions to resellers and end-users alike. We've been in the business of
providing superior, dependable Mass Storage products and accessories for more
than ten years, and no matter what your needs are, Data stor has your solution.
Whether you are looking to create an external storage system from the ground up,
or you are merely looking to upgrade your current system, Data Stor makes it
easy by providing step-by-step installation guides for all its products. And
because we use a national distribution network, sourcing is never a problem. We
get you the product you need, when you need it. So take a few moments to check
out our family of products and accessories.

City: Greenville
Category: Asset Performance Management
Founded in 1986, Data Stream provides asset management software, integrated
procurement, and supporting services to organizations worldwide, including more
than 65 percent of the Fortune 500. Customers rely on Data Stream's products and
services to drive down operating costs and improve productivity through
effective Asset Performance Management. Data Stream's commitment to developing
innovative Asset Performance Management solutions has made the company a
worldwide industry leader. Helping customers in 140 countries maximize the
efficiencies of their assets, Data Stream offers world-class asset management
functionality to deliver a powerful platform for optimizing enterprise asset

City: Newton
Category: Interface Adapters And Software Products
Since 1980, Data Sync Engineering has been developing specialized test
equipment, interface adapters and software products. Some of our known products
include the VGA-Plus Monitor Tester, Serial Mini Printer, Jukebox Vinyl to CD
Converters, Wall box to CD Adapters, and the Universal Cross-Assembler and XDASM

City: Wilmington
Category: CAD Driven Plotters
Data Technology has actively developed and installed CAD/CAM automation products
for the package design industry since 1979. This is Data Technology's 20th
anniversary year as a hardware manufacturer serving the converting industry. We
have tailored our products specifically to meet the needs of the industry we
serve. Data Technology pioneered the design of CAD driven Plotters, Sample
makers & Counter Cutters. During the last ten years, we have established
ourselves in the USA as the leading supplier of Laser Die board Cutting Systems.
We are constantly adding automation products to our portfolio. At the 1998 Corr
Expo exhibit in Paris Data Technology demonstrated a unique new product, the
RRP466 Rotary Rule Processor. Our baseline business concept has always been to
deliver reliable long-term performance by applying up to date innovative
technology. All of our machines are PC controlled and use an open architecture
platform that is compatible with all CAD systems used in the industry.

City: Levittown
Category: Emissions Monitors
American Owned and Operated since 1971 Opacity, Oxygen, Combustibles, Continuous
Emissions Monitors. The Experience to Provide Customer Satisfaction, With over
21 years of experience in stationary source monitoring, we provide: Better cost
effectiveness, Better reliability, Better life expectancy and better customer

City: San Jose
Category: Protocol Analyzers And Traffic Generation Software
Founded in 1990, Data Transit designs, manufactures and sells the Bus Doctor
line of protocol analyzers and the new Packet Maker traffic generators. Data
Transit has grown from a niche storage analysis product provider to be a major
player in the test and measurement industry. Our mission is to offer the best
analysis tools for complex development environments such as network servers and
storage area networks, SANs.

City: Marlboro
Category: Analog-to-Digital Products
Data Translation, founded in 1973 and headquartered in Marlboro, Massachusetts,
is a supplier to the data acquisition, imaging and machine vision markets with
expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality and reliable
analog-to-digital products. The company partners with its end user and OEM
customers to help them achieve real-time measurement and image acquisition. With
thirty years experience, customers have come to rely on Data Translation because
of its design proficiency, world-class manufacturing and well-respected customer
service. Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with distribution in more
than 40 countries and subsidiaries in Germany and the UK.

City: Romoland
Category: Wire Wound Magnetic
Datatronic Distribution Inc is the USA operation for Datatronic Ltd of Hong
Kong. Datatronic Ltd was founded in 1971 and has been designing and building
wire wound magnetic since 1978. Datatronic Ltd is a global award-winning
supplier to major companies worldwide. Supplier awards have come from companies
such as Ericsson, IBM, Delco, Polycom, General Electric and many more, At
Datatronic we attribute our success not only to Excellence in Service, Quality
and Performance, but also to an Excellence in Attitude to be the Best Supplier
to our customers in taking care of the needs. Most of our Manufacturer
Representatives rate Datatronic as the Best Principal they represent in
responding to their customers' needs. Datatronic is totally committed to deliver
100% Quality, 100% of the Time.

City: Trumbull
Category: Office Compatibility And Productivity Solutions
Data Viz is an industry leader in developing and marketing Office compatibility
and productivity solutions across a variety of platforms including, Palm OS®,
Pocket PC, Symbian OS, Java, Windows® and Macintosh®. Founded in 1984, Data Viz
began its business developing file conversion software and has since expanded
its expertise to providing solutions that meet the increasing demands of the
handheld and mobile markets. With their award-winning mobile Office suite
Documents To Go and mobile ActiveSync client, Road Sync, Data Viz is committed
to providing premium solutions that mobilize 'Office Life' for today's knowledge
workers and provide instant access to critical files and business data. In
addition, the company has developed strategic partnerships with Microsoft®,
palmOne™, Sony®, Apple® and other industry leaders both domestically and abroad.

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