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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: San Jose
Category: Digital Cameras And Equipment
You'll find all the latest in digital photography and imaging news, reviews of
the latest digital cameras and accessories, the most active discussions, a big
selection of images, a digital camera buyers guide, side-by-side comparisons and
the most comprehensive database of digital camera features and specifications.

City: Mansfield
Category: Data Acquisition Devices
A global power - C&D Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer of power
electronics products, digital panel meters and data acquisition devices. All
your power needs in one place - Our range is the widest available from a single
manufacturer with more than 3,500 standard products available. If your
application requires a modified standard or custom design, we have the
engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to meet your needs.
Manufacturing excellence - C&D products are manufactured to the highest
standards in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities on three continents, and undergo
the strictest design verification testing, so you can be sure that they perform
to (and often beyond) their specification.

City: Fremont
Category: New Product Test Technologies Solutions
Datest Corporation acquires the latest in New Product test technology - The SPEA
4040 Flying Probe Test System. Combining the latest in expert technology with
expert engineering, Datest now offers a method to decrease the time to market
for New Product Introduction (NPI), at a reasonable cost.Datest, a major third
party supplier of Teradyne, Agilent and GenRad In-Circuit programs and fixtures
for 22 years, is now supplying a source for expert engineering coupled with the
latest technology, enabling OEM and Contract Manufacturers a method of
implementing test for NPI and low volume assemblies, in a quick, cost effective

City: Milford
Category: CNC Routers And Machining Systems
When machining with 1/4" tools or smaller, Datron CNC routers and high speed
machining systems deliver unparalleled performance up to 60,000 RPM. Designed
for the industrial environment, Smart CNC Machines™ from Datron provide
manufacturers with dramatically improved speed, quality and flexibility.

City: Portsmouth
Category: PCB Assembly
Datum Dynamics was formed in 1994 to meet the needs of the Scottish PCB assembly
industry. Its founders are Chris Chapman and Finlay Buchan, both experts in
Computer Integrated Manufacturing; Chris as a production engineer and designer,
Finlay in design, manufacturing and software development. The company employs a
blend of people, some from the Contract Electronics Industry, and some with a
mechanical tooling background. Since inception, the company has used the latest
available technology, both design and manufacturing, to provide solutions to
customers' problems. After humble beginnings in Scotland, Datum Dynamics has
become the largest supplier of assembly tooling in the UK and is expanding
rapidly into Europe. In the USA, Datum is the fastest growing company in its

City: Irvine
Category: Time Server Solutions
Business transactions, security controls, and system performance can be trusted
only if they have time that is accurate, secure and protected. Symmetricom's
comprehensive network time synchronization products provide automated time
distribution solutions to accurately and consistently set time on enterprise
servers and desktops - critical support to the integrity of any business. To
assure accuracy, reliability, security and management, find out which Network
Time Protocol (NTP) Server best fits your corporate needs.

City: Boonton
Category: Furniture's
Manufacturers of office furniture, executive office furniture, office reception
furniture, ergonomic office furniture, contemporary office furniture, modular
office furniture and discount office furniture.

City: Mishawaka
Category: Optical Viewing And Gaging Instruments
Dave Jones Machinists, Manufacturers of Sight-Pipe® style bore scopes and
Sight-Pipe Systems Home Page. Dave Jones Machinists was founded in 1969 and
introduced the Sight-Pipe® style bore scope product line in 1970. Sight-Pipes
are essentially one-piece bore scopes fabricated from optical grade materials.
They provide a practical, economical solution to viewing and/or gaging
"difficult to inspect" internal characteristics. Insert the Sight-Pipe into a
machined bore or cavity, and look into the top of the head. You will see a
well-lighted image of the interior of the bore, which you can inspect, for weld
condition, burrs, porosity and any other visual characteristic or defect

City: Rochester
Category: High Precision Head
Davenport 5-spindle automatic screw machines specialize in producing high
volumes of small turned parts. The emphasis and benefit of a Davenport Machine
is the speed, or cycle-time, in producing parts and the versatility of
attachments that allow a variety of operations to be performed on a single part.
With a new improved PLC controller the Davenport machine is capable of meeting
digital-age, global production level demands of small turned parts at a fraction
of the cost of a CNC machine.

City: Battle Creek
Category: Mechanical Power Transmission
Textron Power Transmission is the new force in mechanical power transmission, a
highly focused business created from the collective strengths and expertise of
some of the most highly respected gear-manufacturing specialists in the world.
Serving an entire spectrum of mechanical drive applications from food, energy,
mining and metal; to automotive, aerospace and marine propulsion, Textron Power
Transmission is here to make a positive difference to the supply of drive

City: Worcester
Category: Communication Solutions For Aerospace
Aviation Headsets and Intercoms, Military, Aviation Accessories, Airline /
Airports Products, Customer Service, Sales Contacts, Request Information,
Two-Way radio Headsets, Vehicle Intercom Systems, Marine Intercom systems,
Pro-Audio, Motor sports,

City: Carel Stream
Category: Plastic Knobs Handles And Cases
As manufacturers and designers of plastic knobs, handles, and cases, Davies
Molding provides more than 60 years of molding experience in insert-equipped
thermoplastic and thermoset plastic parts. We manufacture, molding, knobs,
handles, cases, for many industries and applications, including, control knobs,
instrument knobs, electronic knobs, appliance knobs, two arm knobs, three arm
knobs, four arm knobs, ball knobs, pointer knobs, plastic handles, phenolic
handles, custom handles, plastic cases, phenolic cases, push knobs, pull knobs,
fluted clamping knobs, fluted knobs, clamping knobs, and many more.

City: Pittsburgh
Category: Engineering And Graphic Design Capabilities
Dawar's vision is to be the leading provider of user interface products through
superior customer service and maximum support in technical and graphic design,
process control, and continuous quality improvement. Because of their dedication
to excellence and integrity, our employees will provide value to our customers
and help grow their businesses through our tradition of innovative solutions.

City: Carson City
Category: Thermal Management Solutions
Therm Optics Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets specialized
components that are incorporated in various thermal management solutions for
optical component, sub-system, and communication system manufacturers. Optical
products from tunable lasers, amplifiers, and attenuators, to optical
cross-connect switches, are experiencing the thermal effects of high frequency
transmissions imposed upon their products, and are seeking solutions to mitigate
such effects and/or stabilize the performance and reliability of their
components' thermal surroundings. Therm Optics' three lines of products
(proportionally controlled heaters, thermoelectric cooler controllers, and
optical power monitors) are implemented together or separately in such solutions
designed to shape or move light in a highly reliable and controlled manner,
allowing the suppliers' optical products to meet their performance and
reliability specifications.

City: Fremont
Category: Powered Enclosures And Accessory Products
Dawn VME Products is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of VME,
VME64x, cPCI, cPCI 2.16 and VXI back planes, card cages, chassis, powered
enclosures, and accessory products. Founded in 1985, Dawn offers over 20 years
of success in delivering a diverse and proven product line. Dawn's engineering
and manufacturing capabilities allow the company to offer both standard and
custom products into the commercial, military, high-tech, medical, telecom, and
research markets. From prototype to production, turn to Dawn for your real-time
and embedded system requirements.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Controlled Environmental Solutions
Daw Tech is the leading global supplier of controlled environmental (Clean room)
solutions. We offer an integrated approach by providing all of the services and
products necessary to deliver leading edge controlled environments to our
customers. Our services include design and engineering; specialty contracting
and UHP process systems for the microelectronic and life sciences industries.
Our product portfolio includes architectural components for contamination
control and containment, as well as systems for commercial applications. We have
experience in providing more than three million square feet of clean space for
over 200 high technology companies, universities and research institutions in
more than 40 countries around the world.

City: Tupelo
Category: Lighting has a rich history in the lighting industry as well as
decades of experience within each of its commercial and industrial brands. These
well known product lines include Day-Brite Fluorescent, Day-Brite HID.,
NiteBrites Outdoor HID, mcPhilben Emergency and Electro-Connect wiring systems.
Our commitment is to provide technologically advanced solutions to meet the
specialized requirements of our customers. We offer those solutions through a
highly skilled sales force that understands our customers and their lighting

City: Dayton
Category: Automotive Components
Mark IV Automotive's core business is to produce and distribute automotive
components worldwide to car manufacturers and to the aftermarket.

City: Livonia
Category: Control Systems Manufacturer
Daykin Electric Corporation was started in 1968 as a control systems
manufacturer involved in the design, build and installation of machine tool and
process controls. Daykin Electric Corporation developed its first product, a
transformer disconnect assembly, to power fluorescent lamps inside a control
enclosure. The transformer disconnect line has been expanded to include products
that provide power to programmable controllers and other electronic devices.
Transformer manufacturing became part of the company's growth in the early
1980's. In 1993, 24 Volt DC Power Supplies were added to the product line. In
1995, the company expanded capabilities to include in-house sheet metal
fabrication. In 1997, in-house powder coating was added. In June of 2002, Warner
Power Company of Warner, NH, acquired Daykin Electric Corporation. Additional
Day kin products include liquid level detectors, program ports, fluorescent
light fixtures and AC/DC Power Units

City: Farmington
Category: Miniature Springs
Since 1957 Dayon Mfg Inc has produced quality custom miniature springs,
sub-miniature compression, extension, as well as standard sizes with wire
diameters of .0028 to .125 inches. Since our inception we have developed unique
proprietary manufacturing methods that enable us to enjoy a reputation known the
world over. Our new CNC wire form department uses state of the art Itaya wire
forming and spring coilers to produce intricate wire forms for a variety of
applications!Our honesty and willingness to help other spring manufacturers
produce problem springs gives us a unique position in the spring industry. Since
we make springs custom to our customers needs, we do not have a catalog, but if
you have a drawing with specifications you can Fax it to us, or if you have a
sample, send it to us and we can reverse engineer it then make a drawing for you
and produce the spring! We can supply prototype springs at our minimum lot
charge of $200.(quantity of springs will vary depending on design), and this
includes spring design assistance!

City: Dayton
Category: Metal Stamping Tools
Dayton Progress is the worldwide industry leader in the production of catalog
and special punches, punch blanks and metal stamping tools. Our full line of
precision metal fabricating and stamping tooling includes: head type Versatile
punches, ball lock punches, retainers, die buttons (matrixes) and die springs.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Precision Metal Formed Products
Dayton Rogers, a privately held company, began as a supplier of precision sheet
metal stampings in 1929. Today we are a Full Service supplier of precision
metal-formed products. Dayton Rogers has developed within its six locations, a
customer-driven relationship between you, our customer, and the people handling
every step of your order. Our relationship helps you from concept to market.
Throughout the life of your product(s) we continuously look for ways to reduce
cost to help you stay competitive.

City: Dayton
Category: Measurement And Control Problems Solutions
Daytronic Corporation has been in the business of solving unique, challenging
measurement and control problems. A recognized leader in sensor-based signal
conditioning, Daytronic is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of today's
fast-changing digital world using the proven capabilities of analog measurement

City: Milwaukie
Category: RF Communication Integrator
From San Diego to Bellingham, we provide experienced RF communication skills in
California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho..Day Wireless is the leading
wireless integrator in the West!

City: St Louis
Category: Lighting Technology
The name Dazor has been synonymous with quality task lighting and magnifiers for
over 60 years. Founded in 1938, the Dazor precision-balanced "Floating-Arm"
revolutionized the task lighting industry in the 1940's. Its ease of movement
and durability helped establish Dazor as one of the premier lighting
manufacturers in the United States and its reputation for quality is still
unsurpassed. Aside from the World-Lite line of economy lights and magnifiers,
all of the Dazor product line is designed and manufactured in St. Louis,
Missouri. All Dazor products use quality components and the latest lighting
technology in functional, contemporary designs. Our products are designed to
perform as "work" lights for the person who requires a dependable light source
that can be adjusted frequently, day after day, for years. Our lighting and
magnifying lamps are found today in commercial, professional, industrial,
educational, medical, and residential settings throughout the world.

City: Milpitas
Category: Semiconductor
DB Design Group is a leading global provider of test interface solutions for the
semiconductor industry. Our products include IC device handler change kits, hard
docking systems, socket-saving receptacles and custom-designed equipment that
all serve to improve our customers' IC test productivity and reduce their
cost-of-test.DB Design's customers include all the major semiconductor
manufacturers and test houses worldwide, including IBM, Lucent, National
Semiconductor, Agilent, Conexant, PMC-Sierra, Xilinx, Altera, Maxim, Cirrus
Logic, Cypress and many others. DB Design has forged strategic partnerships with
other top semiconductor test equipment companies to offer end-users the best
possible quality, price and service. These partners include Kanematsu USA, Seiko
Epson, Hyac Corporation and Yamaichi Electronics. Our continued emphasis is to
deliver the highest quality product in a timely manner, allowing our customers
to decrease their time-to-market

City: El Dorado Hills
Category: Microwave Products
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City: Miami
Category: Battery Supplier
DC Battery Specialists (a division of DC Marine Systems, Inc.) is an established
Miami, Florida, USA, based battery supplier. DC Battery celebrates more than
twenty (20) years of service as a battery supplier to North America, the
Caribbean, South and Central America, and now the world!

City: Pennsauken
Category: Time, Save Money and Improve Results by making your own Thermocouples!
DCC's HotSpot allows thermocouple wires to be welded as free standing beads or
directly attached to any metal surface for all your temperature sensing
needs!For Accuracy, Versatility, and Simplicity.. Capture and Display Sensor
Data at Low Cost with your PC! DCC's HotMux captures the readings from the
sensors and displays and records them on your computer!

City: Sterling
Category: Cabling And Network Devices
We are a wholesale distributor of Cabling Supplies and Network Devices used to
install and maintain Communications Systems. With large stocking facilities
strategically located in the Dulles "High-Tech Corridor" near Washington DC, We
are Poised to offer on-time delivery of products for any wiring project.

City: Spring Hill
Category: Distributor Of Tubes
Distributor for Svetlana, Eimac, Triton, RCA, CPI, Pro-Tek, and EEV Microwave
Oven Parts, MRI Tubes, Commercial, Microwave, Broadcast, Scientific, Antique,

City: Tyrone
Category: Wireless Product Technology
Proven Experience Donovan Technologies' experience is applicable in many
different and diverse markets. Since our company's focus is solely in the WIFI
industry, we can offer a broad range of solutions that fit almost any market.
Donovan Technologies has extensive experience with indoor, and outdoor
applications. Projects ranging from large distribution centers, airport car
rental centers to school districts, colleges, and numerous professional office
applications. Markets A majority of our business has been acquired through the
Medical, Educational, Transportation, and Government sectors.

City: Valencia
Category: Power Generation
Producing Electricity by capturing the Chemical Energy produced in the process
of converting Hydrogen and Oxygen into Water.

City: Lenexa
Category: Liquid Crystal Display
DCI now has over 1000 custom LCD designs to our credit. Those designs range from
simple TN and STN displays to advanced First Minima and Heilmeier aerospace
displays. We supply some customers with only displays, while for others we
provide their complete electronic system, tested and shipped dock-to-stock with
their manuals, in their packing materials. We have designed and produce a large
variety of user interface solutions for every industry incorporating some or all
of the following components:Custom Character / Icon LCD, Custom Graphic LCD,
Aerospace LCD, Standard Character LCD, Standard Graphic LCD, Custom LED array,
Custom LED display, LED backlight, EL backlight, CCFL backlight, Night vision
compatible backlight, Glass heater, Adhesive heater, Touch panel overlay,
Keypad, Graphic overlay, Membrane switch overlay, Engineering Services for
Interface Solutions including PCB layout, hardware design, software design

City: Merrill
Category: Electric Motor
Manufacturers of custom and standard direct current electric motors. Fractional
to 75 hp, 350 to 10,000 rpm, 12 to 240 volts. Field wound winding types include
series, split series, compound and shunt. Brush less and permanent magnet motors
also manufactured to your specifications

City: Gardner
Category: Software And Hardware Products
A leader in providing solutions to assist manufacturers and distributors
Increase Productivity, Improve Quality, and Enhance Safety. Proven Results,
Sterling References, and Solutions to fit strict budget requirements. Dropping
hardware costs and Reliable Technologies enable new low-cost wireless
solutions.We at DC Systems are proud of our solutions portfolio and customer
base. Our references read like a veritable "Who's Who" of American manufacturing
and distribution. High profile industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, jewelry, and
plastic house wares, to name a few, have implemented our solutions and leveraged
our consulting services.

City: Jacksboro
Category: Cabinet
We would like to take this time to introduce to you our company and also give
you a little background on the reasons we went into the Cabinet Business. We
have been in the radio business for over 30 years and have seen the need for
user friendly cabinets, knowing they needed to be made with three things in

City: Vestal
Category: Center Less Grinders
Dean Manufacturing Turnkey Center less Grinders are complete in every way. We
successfully compete with brand new grinders. Bells and whistles are always
available to meet your exact production requirements

City: Longwood
Category: Film And Paper Capacitors
Dearborn Electronics Inc manufactures film and paper capacitors, ceramic EMI
filters and other allied components for the aerospace, defense, power
electronics and other electronics industries. Dearborn's product offering
focuses in the power generation, energy storage, AC application, industrial and
military areas. Dearborn is QPL to all of the popular military film capacitor
specifications. Dearborn also offers Aluminum Electrolytic alternatives and low
ESR tantalum surface mount devices. Besides standard product, Dearborn has an
extensive custom design capability and provides these designs to various market
segments including aerospace, military and other industrial areas.

City: Farmington Hills
Category: Protocol Interface Devices
Dearborn Group Inc (DG) specializes in the design and development of intelligent
software and hardware protocol interface devices for the in-vehicle and
controller area network markets. Mark Zachos, becoming a Michigan corporation in
1987, originally established DG in 1984 as a part-time consulting business. It
became a full-time entity in 1990 developing in-vehicle networking tools for
Chrysler. Shortly after, the company's primary business included consulting
services to the big 3 OEMs. Throughout its history, Dearborn Group (DG) has
played a significant role in the growth of in-vehicle and controller area (CAN)
networking. DG was the first company to introduce vehicle networking in the
automotive industry with a variety of sought-out tools and expertise. Since
then, it has brought its technology into many industries worldwide. DG has
developed an excellent reputation among automotive manufacturers delivering
quality products, training, and services worldwide.

City: Wheeling
Category: Wire And Cable
For over 35 years Dearborn Wire and Cable has been respected for its high
standards of quality, excellent service levels, competitive pricing and a unique
and innovative spirit. Now, with our becoming part of the Cable Design
Technologies team, our division is both inspired and well positioned to meet the
changing needs of our customers. We have the resources to diversify and enhance
our product lines and services. We understand the need for change and with our
accurate planning we are ready for the future and the promise of new marketing
opportunities. Our tradition of growth through excellence is assured! Cable
Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of technologically
advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, communications,
computer interconnect, transportation, automation, sound and safety applications
and fiber optic solutions; and complete voice and data wiring solutions, the
DynaTraxTM automated electronic cross-connect switch, and other components
required to build high performance telecommunications infrastructures.

City: Turner
Category: On Screen Display
We manufacture low-cost OSD (On-Screen Display) modules and other video function
blocks for use by system designers. OSDs often serve as character overlay
generators for data display in remote video inspection systems and remotely
piloted vehicles (UAV, ROV, RPV) or robots. They can also be used as industrial
video titlers and TV-based information displays or electronic signs. Click on
the image below to see our most popular product, or use the navigation bar on
the left to explore the rest of our site.

City: Bridgeview
Category: Vibrator
Deca has been providing quality industrial vibration solutions to a variety of
industries, applications and materials since 1980. Deca Vibrator is recognized
throughout the industry for our expertise and superior practical knowledge in
industrial vibration. We offer electric, pneumatic and hydralic vibrators as
well as vibration tables, conveyors and feeders for your specific needs. Also,
you can find dust collection devices, valves, air cannons, air slides and
shooting shells as well.

City: Denver
Category: Analysis Software And Solutions
Since 1986, Decisioneering Inc has been providing decision analysis software and
solutions that empower individuals and organizations to make better decisions.
Trust the leader in risk-analysis software to deliver better outcomes by
defining risk and uncertainty.In October 2004, Decisioneering Inc was ranked on
the Deloitte & Touche Colorado Technology Fast 50 list of fastest-growing
technology companies in Colorado. This is the seventh year in a row that
Decisioneering has made the list, which is based on five-year percentage revenue

City: San Francisco
Category: Publishing And Distributing Decision Modeling AddIns
Decision Support Services is a sole proprietorship for publishing and
distributing decision modeling add-ins for Excel. TreePlan's author, Michael R.
Middleton, is a Professor in the School of Business and Management, University
of San Francisco (USF), where he has been teaching since 1977. He received his
Ph.D. from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, and he also holds
an M.S. in operations research from Stanford, an M.B.A. from the University of
Iowa, and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. Professor
Middleton teaches undergraduate, M.B.A., and Executive M.B.A. courses in
decision modeling and data analysis.

City: Lawndale
Category: Air Logic Controls
Decker Engineering's Moving Part Logic system allows circuit designers to use
the minimum resources necessary to solve pneumatic control problems. Our
elements are miniature-sized and feature 10-32 UNF threaded ports, allowing for
a wide variety of fittings and tubing types. They are easy to install, with
above-the-panel tubing connections and descriptive labeling. And they are
reliable; featuring a one-year limited warranty. Decker Engineering offers a
variety of custom-designed, innovative products and services for the O.E.M.
These include: Low-pressure logic (10 - 20 psi range), High-pressure logic (50 -
200 psi range) , Circuit fabrication ,Custom integrated circuit modules

City: Bryn Mawr
Category: Contamination Control
For more than 25 years, a Decon lab Inc has been the leader in the supply of the
high - performance disinfectants, specialties, and microbiological and
histological supplies. We are one of the largest manufacturers of sterile
alcohol and sterile disinfectants for use in clean rooms. Our products are used
in laboratories, clean rooms and process areas in pharmaceutical, biotechnology,
and health care, academic and industrial facilities throughout North America,
Latin America and Europe.

City: Sadorus
Category: CNC Lathe
Deedrick Machine Inc is a full-service machine shop specializing in CNC lathe
and millwork. Whether a single part or a small run that requires quick
turnaround, or a long-term supply that needs to be scheduled, we have the staff
and facilities to serve your precision machining needs. If your company needs
test fixtures or specialty equipment built for the production of your product,
we can help. At Deedrick Machine Inc we work with our customers in the design
and development of new products custom parts and the modification or improvement
of existing parts. In addition to our existing machine capabilities, we can
offer services that include heat treatment, surface coatings, and precision
grinding for specialized needs.

City: Ogdensburg
Category: Gages And Inspection Instruments
DeFelsko Corporation, a leading U.S. Manufacturer of coating thickness gages and
inspection instruments, has been delivering Simple, Durable and Accurate gages
since 1966. Family owned and operated in Northern New York, their state of the
art facility houses research, development, manufacturing, quality, sales and
service departments.Over the years, DeFelsko has pioneered many technologies
including the first combination ferrous/non-ferrous gage to automatically
recognize the substrate and take a measurement and the first hand-held
ultrasonic coating thickness gage for non-metal substrates including plastic,
wood and concrete.Starting with the mechanical PosiTest FM and GM and continuing
with the recent introduction of the NEW PosiTest DFT electronic coating
thickness gage, DeFelsko has shown commitment to excellence in manufacturing and
after sales support. DeFelsko actively participates in several key organizations
(SSPC, NACE, ASTM, ISO) to improve and promote the science of coating
inspection.DeFelsko is recognized as a premier American manufacturer of quality
inspection instruments

City: Denver
Category: Automation Software
Decisive Tools LLc was founded in 1999 with the objective of developing a new
generation of business process automation software. The company offers an
award-winning family of business analysis products called iDecide and iProcess
for business managers seeking better decisions. Decisive Tools also offers a web
site building and hosting service called Decisive Web Sites for small businesses
that need an inexpensive way to create and maintain a professional-looking
presence on the Internet.Word processing software, spreadsheets, and databases
have become widespread and are accepted as standard business applications. Now a
new set of business applications is forming the next tier of general-purpose
software tools. Business analysis software will be a core component of this tier
and Decisive Tools is at the forefront of this category, offering products that
address the needs of a wide audience of users. The vision of the Decisive Tools
business analysis products is to create software that can be used by business
managers across a wide range of organizations. Its first project was to take the
existing Scenario software program and adjust it to meet the needs of the
general business manager. The product's technical depth was retained but a new
look was incorporated. The result is iDecide, a powerful decision analysis tool
that does not require its users to have extensive backgrounds in statistical
analysis. Complex decisions are analyzed quickly, which enables users to
confidently determine the optimal outcome for any situation. The program is
quickly finding its way into companies around the world. Training services and
custom model-building programs are offered to assist users in incorporating the
software into their organizations.

City: Milford
Category: Thermal And Airflow Solutions
We are officially Degree Controls Inc. . . . but most people know us as Degree
C. Our business is providing thermal and airflow solutions. Our people,
facilities, equipment, and every waking thought are dedicated to this specialist
niche. Degree C was founded in 1997 and has grown to about 70 employees. Our
main facilities are in Milford, New Hampshire, USA, with branch offices in Japan
and India.Our largest business is providing intelligent cooling solutions for
the heat generated by the densely packed electronics used in telecom, computer,
and medical applications. We use sophisticated thermal analysis and computer
simulation to design and manufacture proprietary fan trays and intelligent
controllers critical to chassis thermal management and system reliability. We do
design validation and reliability testing in-house along with compliance testing
to all relevant standards, including UL/CSA, NEBS, and the CE requirements.

City: Richardson
Category: Swiss Screw Machine
Dejay was founded in 1980 to serve the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in
obtaining "made to print" component parts, complete, ready for assembly, and
ready for immediate delivery. As industry demanded more of this type service,
Dejay found its' niche market in producing Swiss screw machined parts in
accordance with the above requirements. Dejay Industries now consists of a group
of American, Swiss, and French producers of Swiss screw machine parts, working
together to offer cost effective components to the OEM, regardless of material,
volume, configuration or tolerance requirements. Dejay Industries meets the
multiple needs of its' customers through a group of specialists while
maintaining single source identity.Dejay initially stocked a short supply of
customer product to assure delivery within 24 hours. In time, it became prudent
to offer SPC (Statistical Process Control) data on stocked components. Dejay
also offers inspection reports of these stocked parts to assure delivery of
parts to customer specification. Dejay works out the details and irons out the

City: Flemington
Category: Mass Imaging Electronic Materials
DEK is the world's leading provider of equipment and processes for the high
accuracy mass imaging of electronic materials. Through the combined strength of
machines, stencils and screens, consumables and process support products, we
deliver total support for our customers' materials deposition processes.

City: St Charles
Category: Cabling Solutions
Dek offers a complete range of fastening and raceway systems for electrical /
electronic, telco, data and CATV cabling applications Tyco's merger with AMP,
the world's largest maker of electrical connectors and the acquisition of
Raychem, a leading manufacturer of high-performance electrical components,
created the nucleus for the formation of Tyco Electronics Corporation, the
world's largest supplier of passive electronic components. Telecom Outside Plant
is one of Tyco Electronics' several business units. Telecom Outside Plant is
headquartered in Kessel-Lo, Belgium, just outside the city of Leuven. It is a
fully integrated site, including research and development, manufacturing, sales
and marketing. Other major operating units are in the USA (Harrisburg, North
Carolina and Pennsylvania), China (Shanghai) and Spain (Valencia). In addition,
there is a local sales and technical support presence in more than 50 countries.

City: Dr Monroe
Category: Spray Nozzles And Fluid Handling Systems
Delavan Spray Technologies, part of the Goodrich Corporation, is a world leader
in the design and manufacture of high quality spray nozzles and fluid handling
systems. Since 1935 Delavan has grown to be one of the leading spray nozzle
Manufacturers. Operating from dedicated manufacturing facilities, Delavan
supplies more than 30,000 different components to thousands of customers in
virtually every imaginable manufacturing and processing industry.With
distributors in more than 60 countries around the world, Delavan products,
expertise and quality are all available globally.

City: Pomona
Category: Mounting Hardware
Delbert Blinn is a manufacturer and distributor of quality mounting hardware,
made to both commercial and military specifications, and provided with personal,
helpful, and efficient customer service since 1962.

City: Valhalla
Category: High Voltage Power Supply Technology
Del High Voltage, a division of the Del Power Conversion Group of Del Global
Technologies Corp., is a recognized global leader in design and manufacturing of
leading edge high voltage power supply technology, with well over 40 years
experience.The Power Conversion Group consists of four companies that
collectively offer the most comprehensive and complete selection of high voltage
components and subsystems available today. The two organizations which comprise
the Power Conversion Group is Del High Voltage. Del has developed strong
relationships with leading OEMs in the medical, industrial, and defense sectors
worldwide. We attribute this to our understanding of our customers' needs and
requirements, to a policy of direct level engineering contact and to supplying
the highest quality best performing high voltage products to meet the most
demanding specifications.

City: Buffalo
Category: Hydraulics
DEL hydraulics offers a range of pneumatic valves, air cylinders, dump body
hoists, dump body vibrator, central hydraulics, fluid power manufacturer
distributor, tipping gears, front mount hoists, underbody hoists, feathering
controls, green hoists, job boss, lift gate safety systems.

City: San Diego
Category: Digital Cameras
Delkin's eFilm product line for digital cameras is the "camera store brand" made
exclusively for sale in independent photo stores for the passionate digital
photographer. Since 1986, Delkin Devices Inc has been one of America's top
manufacturers of digital memory products for digital devices. Our success is the
result of providing a broad range of products with the highest quality,
innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service.
Whether you're an amateur or professional, eFilm makes it easy to get the most
out of digital photography All Delkin products are designed to be of the finest
quality. Each product is thoroughly tested and inspected before it is sent to
you. Delkin will repair any product that fails within its warranty period due to
defects in materials or workmanship at no charge. Delkin's product warranties
provide industry leading assurance of the finest quality.

City: Addison
Category: Detection And Analysis H2S Gas
Established in 1973, Del Mar Scientific was one of the first companies to use
lead acetate impregnated tape for the detection and analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide
(H2S) in natural gas. Pursuing a dynamic program of continual product
development, Del Mar Scientific refined and expanded the technology to include
the analysis of the Total Sulfur content in natural gas. The H2S and Total
Sulfur analysis market was then expanded to include fuel gas monitoring at
refineries for EPA requirements, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for the beverage industry
and specialty chemicals. In 1999 employees purchased Del Mar Scientific and an
aggressive program was initiated to expand the product offerings. Today Del Mar
Scientific manufactures sulfur analyzers for industries worldwide.

City: San Marcos
Category: OEM And Focus Lenses
We stock replacement laser parts for Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Mazak,
Mitsubishi, Trumpf and more. We are located in San Marcos, CA and offer fast and
efficient overnight and 2nd day delivery on most parts. These laser parts are
manufactured to the highest quality standards, and at great savings to you.

City: Towaco
Category: Moisture Meters
Delmhorst Instrument Co. has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and
marketing the highest quality moisture meters available today. Founded in 1946,
our commitment to product excellence and superior service began as a mission.
Now it is our trademark. Initially, Delmhorst sold one model to building
superintendents in New York City to help them identify leaks in roofs and
plaster walls. Today, we serve more industries than all of our competitors
combined, and are recognized as the market leader in each of those industries.
Since the beginning, Delmhorst has specialized in pin-type moisture meters that
utilize the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance of
the product being tested. This technology provides consistent, accurate readings
to provide you with useful information about the moisture level of your
particular product. We now offer a non-destructive, pin-less meter, which uses
capacitance technology to measure the moisture content. We provide our customers
the ability to choose between pin-type and pin-less meters to best suit their

City: Troy
Category: 3D Product Design Software Products
Delmia, a Dassault Systemes S.A. (NASDAQ:DASTY) company is experiencing
tremendous growth. A leader in the development of 3D product design software
products, we have customers and offices worldwide. As a result of growth and
future plans, the company is looking for exceptional individuals to join our
family of talented staff. Our employees are highly valued and we offer an
environment where career development and growth are encouraged. The technology
is important, but it's the people behind the technology that drive our success.
We hire excellent people and recognize their contributions and performance.
Delmia is an equal opportunity employer that provides our full-time employees
with a competitive wage and comprehensive benefits

City: Euless
Category: Precise Positioning Equipment
Del Norte Technology Inc a market leader in precise positioning equipment was
founded in 1969, by a group of five engineers. The company's principal products
are integrated systems for collecting, analyzing and displaying position data
suitable for specific end-user application. Del Norte products are used
primarily in precise aerial and terrestrial application of chemicals, as well as
in offshore and land survey, environmental monitoring, energy exploration,
dredging, various military applications, and other uses. Del Norte pioneered and
implemented the first electronic airborne precise positioning for the
agricultural market with the introduction of its microwave Flying Flagman®
system in 1979. This first system provided the guidance to allow a pilot to fly
straight, parallel flight paths without the assistance of ground flagmen or
inaccurate markers.

City: Yarmouth
Category: Mapping Software And GPS Solutions
DeLorme is a leading provider of mapping products and technical solutions for
the consumer and professional markets. Located in Yarmouth, Maine, DeLorme
headquarters is home to corporate offices, a state-of-the-art research and
development facility, the DeLorme Map Store, and Eartha, the world's largest
rotating globe. Since its incorporation in 1976, DeLorme has developed an
unprecedented reputation as a leader in the mapping industry. From humble
beginnings as a paper atlas publisher, the company quickly emerged as a
pioneering technological innovator. DeLorme not only embraced emerging
technologies, it developed them.

City: Northvale
Category: Gas Monitoring Systems
From a mud hole to the ocean floor, to pipelines, processing plants and
alternative fuel vehicles- these are just a few of the many places where unseen
hazardous gases pose a threat to people and property. Delphian gas monitoring
systems are installed worldwide, wherever there exists potential danger from
toxic and explosive gases. Onshore or offshore, inside or outside, Delphian
provides safe solutions to meet the rigors of hazardous gas detection

City: Troy
Category: Mobile Electronics
Delphi is a world leader in mobile electronics and transportation components and
systems technology. Multi-national Delphi conducts its business operations
through various subsidiaries and has headquarters in Troy, Mich., USA, Paris,
Tokyo and São Paulo, Brazil. Delphi's two business sectors - Dynamics,
Propulsion, Thermal & Interior Sector and Electrical, Electronics, & Safety
Sector - provide comprehensive product solutions to complex customer needs.
Delphi has approximately 184,000 employees and operates 167 wholly owned
manufacturing sites, 42 joint ventures, 53 customer centers and sales offices
and 33 technical centers in 40 countries.*By leveraging our rich heritage and
extensive technical knowledge, we offer a broad range of innovative solutions
from components to systems and modules.

City: Morristown
Category: Forecasting Engine
Delphus is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Morristown, New
Jersey. Since it was established in 1987, the company has been dedicated to
providing forecasting tools and solutions for sales and marketing managers,
inventory and production planners in manufacturing, distribution and retail
firms. Delphus Inc provides the application technology and software development
expertise to help companies deal with complex demand forecasting and planning
issues. Led by Hans Levenbach, Ph.D., Delphus works with you to ensure you
achieve the most accurate and reliable forecasts possible. These forecasts pave
the way to slashed costs, increased inventory turns, reduced cycle times, and
superior customer service.

City: Valhalla
Category: High Voltage Power Supply Technology
Del High Voltage, a division of the Del Power Conversion Group of Del Global
Technologies Corp., is a recognized global leader in design and manufacturing of
leading edge high voltage power supply technology, with well over 40 years
experience. The Power Conversion Group consists of four companies that
collectively offer the most comprehensive and complete selection of high voltage
components and subsystems available today. The two organizations which comprise
the Power Conversion Group is Del High Voltage. Del has developed strong
relationships with leading OEMs in the medical, industrial, and defense sectors
worldwide. We attribute this to our understanding of our customers' needs and
requirements, to a policy of direct level engineering contact and to supplying
the highest quality best performing high voltage products to meet the most
demanding specifications.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Circuit Boards
Delta Circuits Inc offers the finest in printed circuit boards for the
automotive, telecommunications, commercial, and computer industries.At our
state-of-the-art facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA, our highly
experienced engineers and technicians design and manufacture a wide range of
products, from basic single and double-sided boards to high-tech, fine-line,
multi-layer printed circuit boards.

City: Vancouver
Category: Motion Controllers
In 1977, Delta Computer Systems began developing products for the forest
products processing equipment industry. Using hydraulics servo control, we were
leaders in solving the problem of precisely positioning logs, cants, and lumber
products for the best and most efficient cut. Recognizing the value of this
technology to other applications, we developed a full line of products that
provide accurate position and pressure control for hydraulic, pneumatic, and
electrical motion systems. We also developed high-performance color sensing
systems based on our patented pulsed LED technology that supports faster color
sensing and longer machine life. Today, we support machine builders in a broad
range of industries, but our mission remains the same: We help designers build
better machines.

City: Shreveport
Category: Process Equipment And Instrumentation
Delta Controls is unique among manufacturers of process equipment and
instrumentation. Founded over 30 years ago, Delta Controls, an engineering
technology based manufacturer, specializes in providing heavy-duty industrial
grade instruments, sensors, and controls to meet the exacting needs of
manufacturers and processors throughout the world. Delta Controls' wide range of
measurement technologies provides the unique ability to furnish the best type of
equipment for each application. Delta Controls does not rely on a single
technology, which must be "force fitted" into an application for the purpose of
securing an order. There are pitfalls with every technology; successful
application depends upon the careful review of all the details of each
application and the careful selection of the proper instrument. Without bias,
Delta Controls can assist customers in solving their measurement and control

City: Addison
Category: Rectifiers
Manufacturer of top quality Thyristor (SCR) Rectifiers.

City: San Diego
Category: Semiconductor Test Handling Equipment
Delta Design, a Cohu company (NASDAQ: COHU) in San Diego, California, is a
recognized leader in the design, development, manufacture and sale of
semiconductor test handling equipment. We provide process automation solutions
to the back end, are the world's largest supplier of IC test handlers for logic
devices, and are a major supplier of memory handlers. Delta Design's engineering
and manufacturing plant is located in San Diego, CA with sales and service
locations throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Our rapid growth over the
past decade has made us the largest manufacturer of semiconductor test-handling
equipment. IC manufacturers around the world use our equipment, with a
significant installation base in the Asia Pacific region.

City: Beverly
Category: RF Coaxial Connector
Nick Nikitas, founded Delta in 1955, he envisioned the company not only as an
outlet for his creative and inventive energy, but also as an organization that
would reflect his own work ethic and dedication. My staff and I have worked hard
to continue this commitment to on-time delivery, high quality, and new-product
development--all the elements that combine to produce total customer
satisfaction. As a Delta customer, you can be assured that we will keep our
focus on process control, innovation, and competitive excellence in order to
produce RF connectors that will provide the best complement to your system
design and production."

City: Research Triangle Park
Category: Power Management Solutions
Delta is the world's leading switching power supply manufacturer and a major
supplier of video displays and electronic components for the computer,
telecommunications, networking, and other industries. The company has
manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Europe, and Mexico, as
well as R&D centers and sales and service offices throughout the world.
Continuing our vigorous growth of the past decade, Delta Group expects to
achieve worldwide sales of US$3.012 billion in 2004. In addition, revenues have
increased more than six times since 1994, with a 10-year compound annual growth
rate (CAGR) of 18 percent.

City: Woburn
Category: Unique Oxygen Sensor
Delta F strives for complete customer satisfaction. While Delta F analyzers have
established the industry benchmark for analytical performance, it is our
customer-oriented business practices that keep customers coming back. Since
1969, Delta F has been implementing world-class business practices. Delta F was
the first oxygen analyzer company to receive ISO 9001 certification, passing its
first audit by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd in June 1992.Delta F
analyzers have achieved the industry's lowest levels of oxygen detection and
incorporate innovative designs that offer sophisticated performance with a
simple interface.Delta F customer services are second to none and include
factory calibration, extended warranties, applications consulting and
round-the-clock support lines.As a result of this track record of continuous
improvement, companies that require reliable, cost-effective analyzers to
measure critical applications keep returning to Delta F years after their first

City: Terra Bella
Category: Epoxy Resin Systems
Welcome to DELTA PLASTICS CO., your one-stop place for seismic retrofitting and
restoration of historic buildings. We offer associations which provide services
from the engineering of your project, through product manufacturing and
placement. Our BISFOAM-3 A&B is on the cutting edge for stabilizing earthquake
prone buildings against catastrophic failure. Our system can greatly increase
survivability in major seismic actions. DELTA PLASTICS CO. is devoted to
improving the structural integrity of masonry structures so as to minimize loss
of life during seismic events. We also offer a wide variety of epoxy systems for
many different applications.

City: Neptune City
Category: Clean Room & Critical Environment Equipment
CCP started in 1988, to meet the growing needs for critical environment
equipment and supplies. We have developed our business by becoming an
intellectual resource for our customers, as well as a vendor of products. As a
corporate affiliate of Supply King Inc New Jersey's largest source of
specialized cleaning equipment for industry, we maintain a 26,000 square foot
facility in Neptune City, on the shore. We deliver regionally on our own trucks
to some of the most prestigious organizations in research, electronics, biotech,
and pharmaceuticals, and ship worldwide via air and sea as well.

City: Spartanburg
Category: Clean Room & Critical Environment Equipment
Our Clean room Wiper Division manufactures and distributes fabric wipers for the
Clean room industry-serving microelectronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical,
medical device, biotech, and the optics industries. This specialty product line
consists of woven and non-woven fabrics, polyester knits, and laser cut sealed
edge wipers, pre-saturated wipers, mopping systems, and swabs. These products
are distributed through a network of more than 70 distributors throughout North
America, South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

City: Goddard
Category: Converting Systems Automation
We began in the early sixties, not as an equipment manufacturer, but as a
producer of vinyl decals and graphic markings for what was then an emerging
industry. Our early developments of thermal die-cutting techniques helped
stimulate the growth of a market that never existed before.As customer products
became more complex, we developed methods and technology that required
specialized equipment not available at the time.Today, our industrial sheeter
systems are state-of-the-art in design and technology, as they must be to handle
the ever-growing number of new materials and products. Accuracy, speed, and
dependability... these are goals we share with our customers

City: San Leandro
Category: Test & Burn-in Interface Products
Contech Solutions Incorporated delivers a wide variety of test and reliability
products. Located in San Leandro, California, CSI is positioned as a leader in
devising diverse solutions for any interconnect problems, which might arise in
the semiconductor testing processes. CSI's customer loyalty is based on
satisfying special custom design requirements with leading-edge engineering and
a proven manufacturing process. CSI's philosophy is quality custom products,
competitive pricing, topped with fast and reliable service.Through rapid
response to customer needs and exceptional product engineering, Contech has
earned a growing reputation as a superior supplier of adapters, BGA and µBGA
sockets, and test probes and much other custom interconnect devices. Contech is
unique in today's market in that all products are designed and manufactured in
house and can be custom manufactured to fit the customer's needs. Today, Contech
serves its market with an increasing range of standard and cutting edge test

City: Milpitas
Category: Automation Control Systems
For more than two decades, Contec has led the way in the development and
manufacture of automation control systems for the demanding environments of
today's factories and laboratories.Established in 1975 by Daifuku to create
board-level products for its materials handling systems, Contec today offers an
integrated product range with more than 200 types of industrially hardened PCs
and data acquisition hardware and software.

City: Downers Grove
Category: Industrial Networking Products
Contemporary Controls(r) (CC) is recognized for our industrial networking
products in these technologies: Industrial Ethernet, Controller Area Network
(CAN) including Device Net and Arcnet(r). Our repeating hubs, switching hubs,
media converters and interface modules are designed for industrial applications
at affordable prices. We are only a phone call away to providing skilled
technical assistance regardless of the level of complexity of your questions.

City: Bloomfield
Category: Electrical Connectors
Our connectors are found in commercial and military systems. Applications
include: electronic communications, radar, missiles, space instrumentation,
commercial telecommunications, computer application, medical, and aircraft
equipment.Continentals' Connectors are manufactured with highest quality
materials. Our contacts are machined to close tolerances as opposed to stamped
and formed styles. All molding compounds are glass reinforced, flame retardant
and able to withstand severe environmental and mechanical requirements. Military
connector families conform to the highest Defense Supply center (DSCC)
standards, which require qualification testing and continued periodic
requalification under the surveillance of government representatives to maintain
our Company Qualified Product Listing (QPL).Our condensed Catalog references
many, but not all in Continentals' family of connectors such as: rectangular
rack and panel, miniature, sub-miniature, and micro-miniature, one-piece printed

City: Boulder
Category: AC Power & Energy Meters
Continental Control Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing AC power
and energy meters. Available products include standard pulse-output watt-hour
transducers and LonWorks(r) interoperable power, energy, and demand meters.
Applications include utility sub-metering, end-use metering, equipment
performance monitoring, verification, evaluation, and diagnostics.

City: Liberty
Category: Rupture Discs & Safety Relief Products
Continental Disc Corporation (C.D.C.) was incorporated in 1965 and began its
manufacturing operations in 1966 at 7235 Central in Kansas City, Missouri. At
the time of its incorporation, C.D.C. was comprised of only a handful of people,
many of whom had several job responsibilities within the organization.By January
of 1974, the Company had outgrown its original facility and moved to a larger
building in Riverside, Missouri. C.D.C. continued to grow and expand until, by
1992, it was apparent that a larger facility was again needed.In early 1993,
construction of our present building in Liberty, Missouri was underway. Before
the building was completed, severe flooding engulfed our Riverside building.
Through the hard work, loyalty, and dedication of our team members, we were able
to accomplish an emergency relocation to temporary quarters in Olathe, Kansas
and Grandview, Missouri. Our manufacturing operations were functional in less
than ten days and we were able to continue to provide top quality products and
services to our customers around the world. Those who were members of this
organization during that trying time can and should take pride in their

City: Long Beach
Category: Electric & Electronic Wire & Cable
The goal of Continental Electric Wire is to manufacture electric and electronic
wire and cable that will exceed the customer needs through the efficient and
reasonable Continental quality guaranty system, and provide the products with
competitive prices.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Parts Cleaning Washers & Equipment
Continental Equipment Permit Us To Review Your System Requirements such as Parts
Washers, Aqueous Washers, Belt Washers, Drum Washers, Monorail Washers,
Industrial Washers, Industrial Cleaning Machinery, Industrial Ovens, Paint
Systems And Paint Finishing Systems Are Heavy Duty Systems Specific For Your
Application. Our Equipment offers features that provide improved product results
with minimum maintenance downtime. For your Company, this adds up to a
significant production cost savings.

City: Buffalo
Category: Ventilation Equipment
Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc was established in 1986 as a manufacturer and
distributor of quality ventilation equipment. Our objectives then were provide superior equipment, dependable service, competitive pricing,
and a knowledgeable staff to satisfy our customers. They remain unchanged today.
In the intervening years, Continental Fan has become a major supplier of air
moving equipment to a wide range of customers across North America. As you
consult this web site, you will find products that are distinguished by an
excellent reputation earned through years of reliable operation. We offer the
largest quick ship program available today and fast deliveries for those
products not in stock.

City: Savage
Category: Precision Hydraulic Components
Continental Hydraulics has been designing and manufacturing high quality
precision hydraulic components and power supplies since 1962. They're used in
some of the most hostile environments imaginable. >From manufacturing plants to
off-road applications, when performance and reliability are really tested, you
can depend on Continental Hydraulics products to meet your toughest
requirements.All Continental Hydraulics products are 100% tested for quality
control. Designs are tested in the lab and in the field, in normal and severe
service conditions. This is how we assure that all Continental Hydraulics
products meet or exceed the performance and service life standards we've become
known for.Our engineers are continually developing new fluid power technology to
meet your needs. We originated and patented many important developments in
modern hydraulics like the "walking ring" indexing cam ring that provides up to
10 times longer pump life than fixed ring pumps. We developed pressure balanced
thrust plates that approach 90% overall pump efficiency and simplify
maintenance. You can be assured that Continental Hydraulics engineers will be at
the forefront of emerging hydraulics technology.

City: Mesa
Category: Automation Components
Continental Industries International is a worldwide supplier of cost effective
automation components for industrial and laboratory applications.Solid-state
relays, Mini Input Modules, Mini Output Modules, I/O Jumper Strips,
Sensors/Thermocouples and other industrial automation products are available
from CII Continental Industries International.

City: Exeter
Category: Microwave Components
Continental Microwave & Tool Co Inc provides custom microwave components and
integrated subsystems for radar, electronic warfare and communications systems
serving aerospace and defense communities as well as the commercial satellite
and medical diagnostics industries.

City: York
Category: Electrical Wire & Cable Products
The "New" Continental Wire and Cable Inc was organized in 1997 as a Pennsylvania
corporation, with Robert E Delp, as President and Daniel S Delp, Vice President
& COO.The corporate offices are at 160 S Hartman Street, and the 92,000 square
foot manufacturing facility is located at 931 Elm Street, York, Pennsylvania.The
company was established to manufacture and sell insulated electrical wire and
cable products for use in appliances, industrial control and instrumentation
applications. The company also specializes in the design and manufacture of
custom cables of all lengths.The goals are to provide high quality wire and
cables at fair market price, with a focus on delivery performance. They are able
to do this with over sixty years of combined experience in the industry and
their unique and innovative approach to the business.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Industrial Laser Products
Since it's founding by Georges Bret in 1975, Continuum has developed a full line
of pulsed solid-state laser products unmatched by any competitor. Our laser
systems are in use in scientific, industrial and commercial applications. These
applications range from spectroscopy, materials analysis and Particle Imaging
Velocimetry to X-ray generation and high power plasma physics.Headquartered in
Santa Clara California, Continuum manufactures and markets its complete family
of laser products worldwide through a combination of direct sales offices in the
USA, Europe, Japan, Asia, and South Asia plus a talented team of distributors.
Together, we support our products with local knowledge and a team-based service
approach.In 2002, Continuum was acquired by Excel Technology Inc (NASDAQ: XLTC).
As part of the Excel family, Continuum remains committed to serving its core
customer base with new products and capabilities.

City: Billerica
Category: Optical Network Automation
Continuum Photonics was founded in 1998 by alumni of the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, who had a vision of bringing technology products to market, which
would have a very positive and lasting impact on the markets they served. Based
on a core set of technologies, Continuum has a history of developing unique
products: emergency power supplies for expeditions across the South pole, active
vibration damping devices embedded in tens of thousands of consumer goods, and
tire pressure sensors for truck tires, powered by the rotation of the tire
itself - to name a few.

City: Troy
Category: Precision Machinery
Contour Metrological & Manufacturing (CMM), a technical environment, was started
in August 1989. When a project comes through the doors of CMM, a method of
getting the job done is the overriding concern. The CMM team will employ the
most sophisticated and technologically advanced systems available.When a client
calls or e-mails CMM, they can be assured they will immediately have the entire
company involved. CMM is proud of its "all-hands-on" management style and
dedicates the resources of the company to finding the best approach to solving
any design or manufacturing challenge.

City: Orrville
Category: Wire Products
Established in 1970, Contours is one of the largest and most diversified
producers of flat and special-shaped wire in the world. Contours has fully
integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with over 235,000 square
feet of manufacturing space and plans for additional products and processing

City: Maple Grove
Category: Precision Motion Controllers
Contrex offers a full line of precision motion controllers for factory
automation. Pre-programmed for popular applications, they provide enhanced
control features to any AC or DC motor drive. Contrex controllers have embedded
intelligence to handle motion applications with ease. No programming is
required. Select configurations, scaling, and setup options via simple parameter
entries.Applications include mixing, blending, conveyors, extruder processes,
packaging machines, and web handling. Control speed, speed ratio, registration,
synchronization or position.

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