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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: River Vale
Category: Sensors
Proximity switches are about detecting movement. Movements, which can be of a
complex nature, and which occur for instance in machine components of automated
production processes.Keeping track of them is necessary in order for the
machines to function smoothly, both independently and in relation to each other.
Huge amounts of information concerning movement and position need to be passed
to and from the main control unit. And in this working environment that
frequently means dirt, oil, vibrations, and high temperatures.Proximity switches
are also about quality control. Operating conditions must be carefully monitored
in order to detect and deal with production problems that could affect product
quality. In these days of product liability, no manufacturer can afford the
luxury of delivering faulty goods.

City: Amherst
Category: Air Pressure Regulators & Compressors
Control Air is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and
electro pneumatic control products essential to automated industrial equipment,
process control systems and instrumentation, laboratory research and analysis,
energy management, fluid power, robotics, and valve automation applications. An
ISO-9001 registered quality system assures tightly controlled specifications and
processes, resulting in high performance, dependable pneumatic controls.The
company has an excellent reputation for high performance, quality products.
These products include current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers,
voltage-to-pressure (E/P) transducers, pneumatic-to-current (P/I) transducers,
precision air pressure regulators, filter regulators, volume boosters, motorized
regulators, rolling diaphragm air cylinders and custom engineered devices.
Control Air distinguishes itself from competitors in the unique ability to adapt
its products to customer-specific applications through joint development
projects and strategic design partnerships.

City: Baltimore
Category: Computer Cables
At Control Cable, we manufacture a wide variety of computer, telephony, and
network cables in addition to all manners of custom cable and wiring harness.
Through the years, we've leveraged our relationships with many of our vendors to
make all sorts of related products available to our customers at great prices.
As a result, we've become experts on premises wiring for every imaginable breed
of network, phone system, and terminal application... ironically, we even do

City: Bradford
Category: Industrial Wireless Remote Controls
Since 1971, Control Chief Corporation has been committed to developing wireless
remote control systems to improve communications and operations in various
industrial environments. The history of our corporation was founded on the
simple realization that, for safety, reliability, efficiency, and productivity,
it is best to control industrial operations and equipment from a safe
distance.Over the last thirty years, Control Chief has continually expanded its
facility and increased its staff to develop technologies and provide new
wireless solutions that can meet the demanding needs of industries around the

City: Friendswood
Category: Scientific Instruments
Control Company designs, manufacturers, and sells equipment and scientific
instruments for plants and laboratories in the industrial, biomedical, hospital,
educational, and governmental market. Our products are timers, stopwatches, time
controllers, clocks, computer timers, computer controllers, temperature
controllers, monitoring/alarm thermometers, bench thermometers, differential
thermometers, printing thermometers, humidity meters, monitoring/alarm humidity
meters, barometers, conductivity meters, conductivity electrodes, conductivity
standards, one-shot conductivity standards, clamps, anemometers, tachometers,
multi meters, digital modules, carts, pumps, pure cotton wipes, alcohol wipes,
electrode arms, solution calculators, magnifiers, microscope slide holders,
mini-microscopes, specialty wash bottles, desiccators, desiccants, and much

City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Category: Valves
Richard Self, who started the company when he saw a need for valves that could
handle very high-pressure liquid hydrogen and oxygen, created CCI, or Control
Components Inc in 1961. It was during his research that the right-angle tortuous
flow path of the CCI DRAG(r) valve trim was conceived. The industry acknowledged
this concept as a "great leap forward" in valve design, and in the 1980s, the
Instrument Society of America recognized Self for his contribution to the
advancement of flow control technology.In 1971, Self sold CCI to the Babcock and
Wilcox Company to finance the rapidly growing company. Later in 1981,
British-based IMI, which also saw the growth potential of DRAG(r) in the
industry, acquired CCI. Due to the company's success in the 1980s and 1990s, CCI
acquired the Sulzer Company's Thermtec division in 1997 and BTG Valves in
2001.As the world's leading supplier of severe service controls, CCI strives to
expand its outstanding portfolio of products and services. CCI Italy (formerly
STI) designs and produces linear pneumatic actuators and accessories for severe
service and develops accessories for actuators.

City: Beaver
Category: Industrial Controls
Since 1976, we have developed a unique integrated approach to manufacturing;
designing, machining, assembling, shipping and supporting all of our products
from our facility in southwestern Pennsylvania. This integrated approach
provides the best quality products at the lowest prices... up to 50% less than
our competitors.C3 Controls is customer focused. Our customer care
representatives are not just there to take your order, they are experts highly
trained and able to anticipate the issues that you face when selecting controls
and pilot devices. And if they can't answer your questions immediately; they can
quickly access the design engineers to answer it for them. No other industrial
control company can make that claim. We have the industry's best guarantee... a
90-day 100% satisfaction... and the best product warranty... two years on any
product defect.

City: Putnam
Category: Zero Speed Switches
Control Concepts Inc manufactures UL approved electro mechanical, electronic and
proximity zero speed switches. These devices are shaft or pulse driven and can
indicate or control the rotary motion of the equipment they are attached to. Our
zero speed switches are widely used as interlocks on conveyor systems of all
types (see below examples). When driven from a critical shaft, a zero speed
switch can be electronically connected.

City: Chanhassen
Category: Power Control Products
Control Concepts Inc founded in 1980, specializes in the design, manufacture and
sales of SCR power controllers intended for the control of electrical power
applied to industrial heating processes.Our single-phase and three-phase,
zero-cross and phase-angle controllers have voltage and current ratings ranging
from 120 volts and 10 amps to 575 volts and 2000 amps. Our goal is "To Achieve
Continuous Customer Satisfaction" and our efforts to achieve our goal are
centered on four key assets.

City: Brandamore
Category: Liquid Flow & Level Controllers
Since 1980, Control Electronics has been a leader in the design and
manufacturing of non-contacting Ultrasonic Flow meters, Level Monitors and Pump
Controllers.Applications for our products range from monitoring flow rates in
sewage works and industrial waste discharges to controlling liquid levels in wet
wells and storage tanks.

City: West Springfield
Category: Electric & Electronic Control Products
Control Engineering was established in 1971 in West Springfield, Massachusetts
as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic control products
serving industrial, commercial, and OEM accounts. The Company is housed in its
own facility with manufacturing and warehousing capacity. We have R&D capability
for the design and manufacture of OEM electronic products as well as our own
custom electronic product lines.Our in-depth warehouse stock consists of state
of the art electronic control products from internationally recognized
Companies. These lines encompass a broad range of electronic controls for
sensing, measuring and motion control applications.Our own product line includes
low-cost, plug-in, liquid level control relays. These controls incorporate the
logic for dual level control using conductivity probes for point level
detection. These controls have been nationally marketed since 1982.We also
produce a low cost sensing and timing relay. Major wire manufacturers for broken
wire detection since 1973 have used these extensively. Typical applications
include braiding, stranding, and spooling operations. These hybrid relays are
also used for resistance sensing and single point liquid level control. Optional
timing functions make this product suitable for many types of sensing

City: Marlton
Category: Industrial Process Controls & Instrumentation
Control Equipment was incorporated in the state of New Jersey, July 31, 1963 as
a Manufacturer's Representative of Industrial Process Controls and

City: Orlando
Category: Integrated Laser & Mechanical Coding
Pioneer and leader, with over 35 years of experience, in supplying fully
integrated laser and mechanical coding, marking, engraving, deep engraving, and
3D engraving systems and solutions for the aerospace, automotive, coining,
jewelry, consumer, commercial, electronic, semiconductor, medical, mold & die,
packaging, tools & tooling and trophy & awards industries.

City: Gorham
Category: Clean Room Products
For over forty years since it's founding in 1960, Controlled Environment
Equipment Corporation has served the needs of customers throughout the United
States and around the world. Our experience in designing, selecting,
manufacturing, and using clean room disposable products began with, and has
grown with, the clean room industry. We are proud to have worked with the
foremost companies in this industry. We believe we can help you find solutions
to many of your contamination control problems. Our success has been due to a
fundamental adherence to customer satisfaction, unsurpassed service, prompt
delivery, competitive prices, and the highest quality of products. Since our
founding, we have had an unqualified guarantee to customers for the paid return
or replacement of any unsatisfactory shipment - although it has rarely been
requested. As we enter our fourth decade of growth, we invite you into our
family of satisfied customers and pledge to give you this same high-level
quality, service and economy.

City: Mansfield
Category: Insulated Panels, Clean Room Wall Systems & Control Systems
CES designs, manufactures and installs for the cold storage, food processing,
clean room, environmental room, and process control industries. We manufacture
insulated panels, clean room wall systems, integrated environmental control
systems, fans and fan filter units, and doors for coolers and freezers.

City: Milpitas
Category: Electromechanical Motion Control
Manufacturers Representatives Specializing InIntelligent Electromechanical
Motion Control.

City: Troy
Category: Uninterruptible Power Supply
The history of Controlled Power Company goes back to 1968 when we developed an
innovative approach to the design and manufacture of modular AC to DC
converters. Since then, Controlled Power Company has built on that success to
establish the broadest line in the power conditioning and UPS industry today.
Our mission for the future is to continue to lead in the markets we sell to by
anticipating and listening to our customer's needs.

City: Walton Hills
Category: Power Factor Correction Equipment
For over 20 years, Controllix has been an engineering-oriented designer and
manufacturer of capacitor banks for power factor control on electrical systems.
We design systems to your specifications and assume complete systems
responsibility. Controllix offers a team of electrical engineers experienced in
the application of capacitors, harmonic filters, switchgear, relay panels,
network analyzers, and other instrumentation.

City: Mesa
Category: Automated Control & Monitoring Systems
Control Logic Inc is a systems integrator that designs, fabricates, programs,
installs and maintains automated control and monitoring systems for
manufacturing, material handling, and OEM applications. Founded in 1974, Control
Logic pioneered the automation of parcel sorting, and we now produce a broad
range of systems based upon the latest computer and programmable logic
controller (PLC) technology. Through our participation in many national and
multinational projects, we have built a solid reputation as an industry
leader.Control Logic systems typically distribute control among multiple
computers and PLCs in order to maximize system utility and reliability. The
distributed control nodes communicate over industry standard high speed networks
to provide for centralized supervisory control and monitoring. Control Logic's
expertise and its ability to draw on a large base of hardware and software
modules ensure that Control Logic systems provide maximum cost-effectiveness -
always a consideration in today's competitive industrial market.

City: Winter Park
Category: Industrial Laser Systems
Established in 1983, CMS is an industry leader in applying a diverse range of
industrial lasers to product identification and manufacturing challenges. Laser
marking technologies can be applied to just about any material.CMS' customers
range from small specialty shops to large multinational manufacturers. Our
systems can be built to mark parts which are stationary or on-the-fly and can be
stand-alone units or fully integrated into a larger assembly line.Any graphic,
text, barcode, matrix or other type of mark is possible. Best of all, making
changes to your mark or to your cutting, drilling or welding pattern is a snap:
NO RETOOLING required. Changes are made quickly and easily using the system's
computer. And parts handing is no problem!

City: Hauppauge
Category: Liquid Measuring & Controlling Instruments
When our founder and president, Joe Baumoel, received Ernst & Young's
"Entrepreneur of the Year" award recently, he chose not to describe our
company's longevity in terms of its many years of operation. "We've lived
through eight recessions," observed Joe instead. "In that time, we've watched
many businesses - competitors and friends alike - come and go. One of the main
reasons we survived is because we began with a clear philosophy, not just a
product."Developing products that can serve more than one industry has been the
driving force for success throughout our history. Today, our company is one of
the world's largest suppliers of instruments, which measure and control the
processing of liquids. Our products can be found in petroleum pipelines from
Alaska to Saudi Arabia ... from Anheuser Busch's beer vats to Proctor & Gamble's
peanut butter processing plants ... from wastewater treatment plants in the
United States to potable water lines in China...and from chilled water pipes in
the World Trade Center to ballast control systems in the US Navy's fleet of
Trident submarines."One of the main reasons I left military electronics to start
my own business was that I saw how economically vulnerable companies became when
they relied on a single industry," said Baumoel. "I decided right from the start
that manufacturing a ubiquitous product - one that could be put to a wide
variety of uses - was the best way to avoid being at the mercy of one industry's
fortunes. Liquid flow control fit that description perfectly, because most
industries need to be able to accurately monitor liquid flow and detect leaks."

City: Vancouver
Category: Mobile Surface Temperature Systems
Control Products Inc manufactures a mobile surface temperature system that has
helped change the way that state and provincial agencies maintain roads during
wintertime conditions. The system is designed to assist professionals in the
determination of icing conditionsControl Products Inc has been manufacturing our
surface temperature sensor since 1991, longer than any other vendor. Our
customers include Airport Operators, Cities, Counties, Municipalities and State
DOT's. Road professionals are using Surface Patrol(tm) sensors to detect
possible icing conditions on runways, taxiways and highways. In doing so, they
are experiencing more efficient and effective use of sand, salt and de-icing
chemicals.First-time users are saving thousands, and sometimes hundreds of
thousands, of budget dollars on their de-icing materials alone. The unnecessary
wasting of de-icing materials combined with the knowledge of when to apply sand,
salt or other de-icing materials can save countless dollars in environmental

City: Littleton
Category: Speed Control & Alarm Products
Founded in 1984, Control Resources is a leading OEM supplier of fan and motor
speed controls and alarms to the electronics, telecommunications and HVAC
industries. No other company has the expertise, wealth of experience and breadth
of products to meet your requirements as efficiently and cost effectively.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Synchro / Resolver Conversion
For more than 30 years, Control Sciences, Inc. (CSI) has been developing and
manufacturing synchro/resolver to digital, digital to synchro/resolver, SSCT,
SSCDX, synchro/resolver to dc, synchro amplifiers, synchro/resolver instruments,
synchro/resolver excitation oscillators and other related conversion products.
It's not surprising that we currently provide a broad and impressive
synchro/resolver conversion product line. Our products find use in a wide
variety of applications; ranging from airborne to shipboard, navigation to
radar, and robotics to oil field exploration. The CSI product line includes a
large number of synchro conversion products that directly replace converter
products manufactured by Analog Devices, Data Device Corporation, Muirhead,
Natel Engineering and others.

City: White Bear Lake
Category: Networked Control Products
Control Solutions Inc has been developing networked control products since 1995,
specializing in building automation, facility management, and commercial
automation. Control Solutions offers a line of off the shelf embedded control
products with LonWorks, Modbus, and SNMP connectivity. Control Solutions also
provides custom programming for standard hardware and customized hardware
solutions. Control Solutions engineers each have over 20 years of experience in
embedded controls technology. All products are proudly designed and made in the
USA, manufactured under ISO-9000: 2000.Control Solutions is located in historic
downtown White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA. The City of White Bear Lake, located
on the shores of White Bear Lake, is a suburb of the state capitol city of St.
Paul. White Bear Lake was a popular resort area dating back to 1900. Our main
office, including sales and engineering, is located in a building known as The
Avalon, which was a theater built in 1927 (shown above). It has been renovated
to house retail on the first floor and commercial offices on the second floor
while maintaining as much of the original character as possible. The upper right
corner of the old stage is just in front of the company founder's desk.

City: Farmington
Category: Industrial Weighing & Control Systems
Since 1989 we have responded rapidly to our customers inquiries, offered a large
selection of quality products, and strived to assure that all orders are shipped
in a timely manner. Our ever-expanding product line consists of products that we
manufacture, products that are manufactured for us, and products that we
purchase and value add. This unique combination enables us to provide our valued
customers with best possible solution for their weigh system application.

City: Glenshaw
Category: Motion Control Electronics & Motors
Controls Service and Repair, Incorporated is a privately owned and operated
company providing motion control electronics and motors to business and
industry. When your production line stops, you lose more than just the cost of
repairs to get back in service. There are additional costs due to wages of idle
workers, interference with related operations, loss of business and customer
goodwill. Controls Service and Repair is dedicated to keep you operational by
providing experienced personnel, quality parts and equipment and, above all,
service. Recognizing that the repair of controls, drives, and motors requires
special knowledge and equipment, teamed with fully trained personnel, we have
invested heavily in high tech repair facilities and training.

City: Eden Prairie
Category: Motors & Motion Controls
We design and manufacture high performance AC Drives

City: Mountain View
Category: Controls
Our line of controllers offer an array of options to meet your unique
application needs. All share the distinctive on-board Basic-in-Rom concept,
which allows for complete ease of development and debugging by integrating the
development and operating environments. Commands have been optimized for each
controller's functionality, providing new levels of speed and efficiency for
BASIC compilers and interpreters.

City: Hopkinton
Category: Electronic Automation Devices
Control Technology Corp designs, manufactures and markets products that enable
electronic automation devices to be monitored, controlled, configured or
reprogrammed over the Internet and/or intranets.Founded in 1975, CTC has a long
history of providing innovative automation solutions to its customer base. CTC's
software and hardware products are divided into three application areas that can
be implemented independently or combined for a complete shop-floor to top-floor
integrated solution.

City: Knoxville
Category: Industrial Controls & Communication Products
For over twenty three years, Control Technology Inc. has provided its customers
with design and manufacturing products and services that connect industrial
computers and programmable logic controllers to equipment designed for process
control and discrete manufacturing applications. CTI designs and manufactures
advanced communications and I/O products for the 505 and other PLCs. Products
include Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, and DeviceNet networking modules,
high-performance analog I/O modules, and high-function discrete I/O modules. CTI
products are installed in the plants of major industrial companies throughout
the world.We offer a wide range of design services including custom
modifications to our existing products, engineering design services, printed
circuit board layout services, custom application software services, and
contract manufacturing services. We also serve as consultants in the development
of project specifications and for installation troubleshooting. Customers
include Ford Motor Company, U.S. Bottlers Machinery Company, Mettler-Toledo
Weigh Scales and Omron.

City: Cortland
Category: Engineered Magnetic
Control Transformer is a global provider of Custom Engineered Magnetic with a
long tradition of excellence. Control has grown in size and stature with a
commitment to meet the diverse needs of the OEM market. We take pride in the
fact that we have introduced many of the industry's original designs and
continue to stress technological innovation through quality, reliability and

City: Somers
Category: Valves
In 1962, Mr Chester Siver completed designs for a revolutionary line of
high-pressure forged steel valves. Hamilton Standard, division of United
Technology, was asked to use their then new Electron Beam Welding technology for
joining of parts into valves for subassemblies. Hamilton Standard became
intrigued with the valve as an ideal application of the Electron Beam Welding
technique and negotiated a contract for rights to manufacture and sell the valve
and for Mr Siver to serve as the manager of the valve project. The date was
August 8, 1962.Hamilton Standard marketed the first Clampseal valves in 1964.
The growing demand for aerospace products forced Hamilton Standard into a
decision to abandon its industrial products projects and CLAMPSEAL(r) valve
production ceased in April of 1965. One year later under the terms of their
contract all rights to the valve reverted to Mr Siver.

City: Sturbridge
Category: Laser Tools
Prima North America Inc is comprised of three vertically

City: Huntington Beach
Category: Medical Power Supplies
Conversion Devices Inc was founded in 1979 and is operated by a dedicated and
experienced management team that is focused on total customer satisfaction. Our
goal is to be the Best US manufacturer of switch mode medical power supplies for
the Medical Device Industry.Conversion Devices is commonly known for it's
medical power supplies which can be found in a wide range of medical devices
from a 200 WATT four output supply for patient eye diagnostics to a 9 output 1KW
ultrasound supply. For over 23 years Conversion Devices has delivered on time,
reliable, cost effective medical power supplies from 60 watts to 5KW. In the
1980's, Conversion Devices was one of the first to offer low leakage, patient
contact switching power supplies utilizing industry standard half-bridge

City: St Charles
Category: Electric Infrared Ovens
Manufacturer of custom designed electric infrared ovens and heating equipment.

City: Fairfield
Category: Continuous Wound Coated Materials
Web Coating Technologies manufactures a wide array of Continuous Wound Coated
Materials. Our primary product is Silicone Coated Release Liners. However, we
also produce other standard and special materials.The capacity of our machinery
ranges from 24" to 65" process width. We offer only Ultraviolet Radiation Curing
and exclusively utilize Fusion UV Systems controls and irradiators.In addition,
Web Coating Technologies offers "Toll Coating" and Lab Services to the
converting trades. We also design and manufacture Coating, Slitting and
Laminating Machinery.

City: Green Bay
Category: Disposable Wipers
At Converting Specialists we are committed to the construction and management of
affordable non-woven wiping cloths. In today's economy, outsource Contract
Converting has allowed industries to keep overhead costs down, bringing a larger
savings to their clients.For years we have been specializing in large 1/4
product, however have recently added smaller sizes as well. Capabilities range
from 13" to 24" cutoff lengths and width.

City: Cleveland
Category: Material Handling Systems
Conveyer & Caster Corporation, the largest Midwest distributor of material
handling products, casters and conveyor systems has been serving industry from
its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio since 1961. The company has grown steadily
since then by adding offices in Buffalo and Syracuse, New York in 1982. We
continued our expansion in material handling equipment with the purchase of the
Rowe Bumper Company in 1979. We needed more space for our growing stock of
casters, dock equipment and material handling equipment and purchased the
building adjacent to us. This expansion in June of 2000 has increased our
warehousing capabilities and improved our customer service. Our latest expansion
was the opening of offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Toledo, OH.

City: Seattle
Category: Conveyor Equipment
Founded in 1978 as a sole proprietorship, Conveyor Engineering has grown from a
single office to a multi-branch organization selling nationally to a list of
clients ranging from small to Fortune 500 organizations.Now a division of
Engineered Products Inc the company's disciplines includes the turnkey supply of
conveyance and packaging equipment as well as a supply of component to end
users, resellers and original equipment manufacturers.Conveyor Engineering
represents the finest manufacturers in the industry, and given the opportunity
we will meet or exceed your expectations. The Company prides itself on providing
superior levels of

City: Sanford
Category: Material Handling Systems
Conveyor Technologies of Sanford NC Inc was established in 1989. We are a global
supplier specializing in the design and build of material handling systems for
electronic assembly and other in-line assembly applications. We offer products
and services ranging from single conveyors to custom designed and manufactured
material handling systems. Conveyor Technologies' specialty is finding
innovative, reasonably priced and superior quality solutions to your
manufacturing and automation problems.

City: Milford
Category: Material Handling Systems
Conveyor Technologies Ltd. modular integrated line of conveyors includes Flat
belt, Cleated, Vacuum, Magnetic, High speed, Synchronous, Precision Indexing,
Round belt, and Stainless Wire mesh, providing the broadest selection available
in Low Profile Conveyors. Conveyor Technologies Ltd greatly surpasses its
competition when cost of ownership, productivity and performance are key
considerations. A new Two-year warranty with unlimited hours (excluding belt)
demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with The Ultimate In
Low-profile Conveyors. This conveyor warranty exceeds most competitive units,
and does not exclude bearings. To see what features and benefits you may be
missing, we suggest reviewing our "Conveyor Evaluation Form". These forms
provide a practical and honest approach to evaluating performance and cost.

City: Villa Park
Category: Connectors & Cable Assemblies
Conxall was founded in 1971 as a manufacturer of custom designed connectors and
cable assemblies for the Marine and Industrial markets. Since that time, our
custom designed products have become the standard for many other markets.
Conxall's family of products has grown to include waterproof, watertight and
submersible connectors and assemblies. In recent years, Conxall has expanded its
all-plastic product lines to include metal shell as well as EMI/RFI shielded
connectors and cable assemblies. These new products are designed to meet or
exceed U.S., Canadian and European shielding standards. On October 18, 1999,
Switchcraft Inc acquired Conxall.

City: Auburn Hills
Category: Photonic Instrumentation
The Cooke Corporation, founded in 1986, is a manufacturing, sales and marketing
organization offering photonic instrumentation and complete systems throughout
the world. The Cooke Corporation specializes in the areas of High Speed Imaging
and Lighting Systems, High Performance CCD and CMOS Imaging Systems, Optical
Non-Contact Measuring and Monitoring Instrumentation, and NIST Traceable Light
Measurement Instrumentation and Services. It was originally created to
bridge-the-gap between manufacturers of state-of-the-art scientific
instrumentation and end-users, and later pursued technological innovations aimed
at offering complete photonic solutions, problem solving and technology
capabilities for the market areas of university and industrial research,
automotive, military and biomedical.

City: South Norwalk
Category: Ultra High Vacuum Systems
Cooke Vacuum designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom high
and ultrahigh vacuum systems intended for research and production. With four
decades of experience, and thousands of units in the field, Cooke Vacuum has
come to symbolize economy and versatility. Cooke Vacuum Products was established
in the late 1950's during an exciting period of experimentation in vacuum
technology, especially thin film coating and materials research. From the
beginning, Cooke had to pioneer new applications and new tools for the emerging
semiconductor and optical industries, and for the related research
laboratories.Over the next decades, Cooke continued to support R&D by developing
pumping systems, resistance evaporation, electron-beam, sputtering, and plasma
sources, often in close collaboration with customers. Vacuum environmental
chambers were developed for the space industry, encapsulation and bake systems
for early flat panel displays. New, and highly specialized equipment was made
for the quartz crystal industry, as well as for production of printing foil,
then holographic foil. One very recent product is a glove box imbedded
deposition system for polymer electronics.

City: Newton
Category: Portable Band Saw Mills
We have many customers who have known us through the years. The Lord has blessed
us and we are able to serve many more customers who may not know who we are and
what our goals are. Some of our customers know us well enough to ask why they
don't see our dad in the pictures. We thought that it would be a good thing to
"re-introduce" ourselves and give a little history of who we are and how we came
to be in the sawmill manufacturing business.Our story begins over 30 years ago.
Our dad, Kenneth Cook, was a preacher at a small country congregation. He had a
wife and three growing boys ages 9, 7 and 5 who wanted to eat 3 big meals a day
and sometimes in between meals. Being a preacher in the 1960's and early 70's
paid more in spiritual benefits than in physical pay. Our dad had been raised
knowing how to work and asked the elders of the church if he could start
sharpening saws to supplement his income and not burden the church any more.The
elders agreed and so he began. He started by getting a Foley grinder. (Many of
you probably have seen their machines or ads to sharpen saws). He mounted it
inside an old green VW van and he was in business. He would travel as much as a
hundred miles radius to construction sites and cabinet shops and ask if they had
any blades that needed sharpening. Pretty soon he was able to make a route where
he would pick up blades and bring them home so they could be sharpened and
carried back the next week.

City: Indianapolis
Category: Portable Coolant Reconditioning Systems
The Coolant Wizard and Wiz Junior are self contained, portable coolant
reconditioning systems. They work at sump side while the machining center
continues in operation. Coolant reconditioned using either of the systems will
be maintained at a consistent quality and the fluid life will be extended far
beyond its usual effectiveness.

City: Fremont
Category: Thermal Solutions
Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best
thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has
remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and
services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be
resolved.In pursuing this mission, Cooler Master is absolutely committed to
delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features,
performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term
partner, which our customers can truly depend on. We aim to be the first and
foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking thermal
solutions, and seeks to build this reputation through outstanding technology,
sophisticated design, and superior service.

City: Winter Garden
Category: Electroluminescent Wire
We specialize in providing "flexible neon" or "el-wire", also known as el-fiber,
which glows in many colors. The leading North American factory direct
distributor & Manufacturer's Rep.

City: Brea
Category: High Pressure Coolant
Established in 1991, Cool Jet Systems is a leader in high-pressure coolant
systems. We enjoy a strong reputation for producing well-engineered and cost
effective systems while providing exemplary service to our distributors and

City: Westborough
Category: Contact Cooling Devices
Cool Laser Optics Inc a privately owned company, was founded in 1994 to
manufacture and sell CLO(r) contact cooling devices, as well as to license its
technology to surgical laser manufactures.Today, Cool Laser Optics is the market
leader in coetaneous cooling, selling its products to dermatologists and plastic
surgeons around the world, and takes pride that its technology has been
recognized by the laser industry through various licensing agreements. As a
pioneer in tissue cooling, the company continues to explore and develop new
cooling applications and products for the medical industry.

City: Warwick
Category: Thermally Conductive Polymers
Cool Polymers' family of thermally conductive plastics, known as Cool Poly(r),
are the most effective on the market today. Cool Poly thermally conductive
polymers are available in a variety of base resins, and range in thermal
conductivity from 2 W/mK (similar to glass) to 100 W/mK (similar to cast
aluminum). Cool Poly offers the heat transfer capability of metals and ceramics
with the flexibility of conventional plastics.

City: Highland
Category: Support Systems & Enclosures
Cooper B-Line is a leading manufacturer of quality support systems and
enclosures for the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications industries.
Cooper B-Line's products are used in a variety of settings for the commercial,
industrial, utility and OEM markets.Headquartered in Highland, Illinois, Cooper
B-Line has manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States with
more than 1.2 million square feet of manufacturing space. In addition, Cooper
B-Line employs approximately 1,500 people nation-wide.The success of our company
depends on the commitment and efforts of every employee to offer an unmatched
level of service to our customers. Cooper B-Line prizes our employees, our
customers, and our shareholders as equal partners in our quest for excellence.
Our values of treating each other with respect and dignity enable us to work
closely as a team to meet our goal of providing the highest quality products and
service in the industry.

City: Boynton Beach
Category: Circuit Protection Devices
Cooper Electronic Technologies, headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida has
operations and employees throughout the world. Cooper Electronic Technologies is
a global manufacturer offering a broad range of products, including magnetic,
over voltage and over current circuit protection devices and super capacitors.
Brand names include Bussmann(r) electronic fuses, Coiltronic magnetic, SurgX(r)
ESD suppression components and PowerStor(r) super capacitor. Through innovative
technology and custom-engineered designs, the Company provides unique solutions
for today's market-driven requirements. Cooper Electronic Technologies stands
out in the industry with an unmatched ability to meet each customer specific
design needs. In addition, as a business unit of Cooper Bussmann, headquartered
in St. Louis, MO., Cooper Electronic Technologies is firmly established through
Cooper Bussmann's 80 years of leadership in electrical circuit protection
products and Cooper Industries' 165 years of market leadership, technical
innovation, quality design and manufacturing excellence.

City: Chicago
Category: Circuit Protection & Power Distribution Products
Bussmann Automotive Products, a division of Cooper Industries, is a leading
manufacturer of innovative circuit protection and power distribution products
for the transportation markets. Our products include automatic, manual, and
switchable reset circuit breakers, blade fuses, rear terminal fuse blocks,
blade-type fuse panels, and power distribution modules. Cooper Bussmann -
Automotive Products is an ISO9001 certified facility and in December 1999,
Cooper Bussmann - Automotive Products achieved QS9000 registration. The QS9000
Standards contain all elements of the ISO Standards plus additional requirements
established by the "Big Three" Automotive companies.

City: Chicago
Category: Circuit Components
In 1987 Cooper Bussmann - Magnum Operations (formerly Bussmann Circuit
Components) located in Chicago, Illinois was acquired by Cooper Bussmann located
in St Louis Missouri. Cooper Industries is a Fortune 100 company with
headquarters in Houston, Texas. Cooper Bussmann - Magnum Operations boasts the
industries' most complete selection of barrier style terminal blocks, which is
anchored by the Magnum brand. For more than two decades, Magnum has been a
leading name in single row terminal blocks. Through the years, Magnum has
continued to enhance their existing product line with the addition of the
Euro-Mag(r) European style terminal blocks. Other products include double row
terminal blocks, junction blocks, power distribution blocks, and the
Connectron(r) brand of 35mm din rail sectional terminal blocks. Cooper Bussmann
continues to introduce versatile and innovative designs in the terminal block
field. In addition to UL recognition and CSA certification, Cooper Bussmann
became the first U.S. manufacturer of barrier style terminal blocks with IEC

City: Syracuse
Category: Electrical Products
The World's leading manufacturer of electrical products for commercial,
industrial and hazardous environments.

City: Houston
Category: Electrical Products
Cooper Industries origins extend back more than 170 years to a small iron
foundry in Mount Vernon, Ohio, started by brothers Charles and Elias Cooper in
1833. Today, Cooper Industries has become a leading worldwide manufacturer of
electrical products and tools and hardware.For the first 125 years of its
history, Cooper was primarily a one-market company, manufacturing power and
compression equipment for the transmission of natural gas. In the 1960s, Cooper
began to diversify, eventually broadening its product lines to include petroleum
and industrial equipment, electrical products, electrical power equipment,
automotive products, tools and hardware.Although diversification served Cooper
well for approximately 30 years, the economic realities of the 1990s made it
clear Cooper's strategy had to change. To thrive in today's increasingly
competitive global marketplace, Cooper began to focus on becoming a larger
player in selected markets, selling and spinning off a number of businesses to
focus on two core business segments: Electrical Products and Tools & Hardware.

City: Warrenton
Category: Digital Indicators
We have a high quality line of single and multi-channel digital indicators
including: hand-held, bench top and panel mounted units. Digital displays range
from 3.5 to 6digits. The Cooper Force Cell and Pressure Transducer system is the
perfect solution for a wide range of force and pressure measurement problems.
These systems offer the precision and versatility of a load cell or pressure
transducer/digital indicator combination without the problems of complicated
assembly and calibration. We do all the work for you! You receive a system that
is pre-calibrated and ready to use, and since many of our items are in stock, we
can usually ship out your order immediately.

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Fine Lighting Fixtures
The mission of Cooper Lighting is to be the leading provider of innovative, high
quality lighting fixtures and related products to worldwide commercial,
industrial, residential and utility markets. Cooper Lighting has a total
commitment to a Customer First attitude and to being consistently superior to
competitors in fulfilling customer needs. Cooper Lighting is also committed to
growing profitably and to the opportunity for all employees to contribute, grow,
have fun, and take pride in their work.

City: Lake Charles
Category: Fishing And Milling Tools
Cooper Manufacturing & Supply Inc specializes in the manufacture of fishing and
milling tools - in both standard and custom sizes. Not only do we have the
capability to offer new tools, but also we can also completely refurbish or
rebuild your used tools. Cooper Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. can supply your
wash pipe and rotary shoe needs as well.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Electrical Equipments
We make medium and high voltage electrical equipment, components and systems
that help bring electric power to homes, industries, businesses and institutions
throughout the world. Used in substations, overhead, underground and in-plant
medium voltage distribution systems, our products include transformers,
capacitors, voltage regulators, reclosers and sectionalizers, distribution
switchgear, transformer fluids, distribution automation equipment, transformer
components, components and protective equipment.

City: Novi
Category: Sealing Systems
It is the mission of Cooper Standard Automotive to be the leading manufacturer
of sealing system products, fluid systems, vibration control applications and
other related products while focusing on innovative, continuously improved
solutions to our customers' problems with world-class quality, leading edge
technologies, service and competitive pricing. Our pledge to ethical, honest
principles driven by the spirit, pride and dedication of our people will drive
us toward our vision of market leadership and success.

City: Raleigh
Category: DC Electric & Pneumatic Tools
Cooper Tools manufactures a wide variety of DC electric and pneumatic tools,
assembly equipment and related software, specialized drills and cutters, servos,
torque, measurement and controls, screwdriver bits and sockets, hoist and
universal joints. Cooper Hand Tools manufactures and markets many different
types of hand tools, chain and specialty items including wrenches, measuring
tools, pliers, screwdrivers, files, hammers, bolt cutters, snips, chains and
fittings, precision electronic hand tools, rework/repair and soldering tools and
carrier products.

City: Springfield
Category: Power Tools
A World Class Manufacturer of Premium Power Tools. With manufacturing and
marketing facilities situated strategically across the U.S., Canada, Central and
South America, Australia, Western Europe, and the U.K Cooper Tools is famous
worldwide for its high-quality name-brand products.

City: Rockaway
Category: Precision Stamping Mylar Components
With Co-planar, you get tooling expertise, innovative material systems and cost
effective manufacturing. Whether you need metal, mylar, or clad materials,
reel-to-reel, loose piece, or strips, our high-volume stamping tools will meet
your most stringent requirements. Our stampings can be used in your automatic
insertion equipment, high-speed assembly operations, or reel-to-reel molding
applications. Co-planar's customers are leaders in the Automotive, Semiconductor
and Connector Industries.Co-planar operates 21 high-speed Bruderer presses,
ranging from 10 to 75 tons. We employ 26 persons and occupy a 25,000 sq. ft.
facility in Northern New Jersey, USA.

City: Canton
Category: Motion Controls & Power Amplifiers
Copley Controls Corporation is a worldwide leader in power amplifiers and high
performance motion control. Copley delivers innovative OEM solutions for a wide
range of industries includingSemi-conductor, life sciences, packaging and
automated assembly/inspection.

City: Pomona
Category: Contract Manufacturing of Precision Sheet Metal
Established in 1964 essentially for engineering and fabrication to customer
requirements, including military and industrial models, Copp has branched out
into contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal, precision machine work and
complicated assemblies.Copp Industrial is unique in that all phases of
fabrication can be accomplished under one roof. The versatility of the shop
allows for performance of all phases of manufacturing, from design to machining,
sheet metal, certified welding and various related areas according to customer
specifications. Further the company is approved to MIL-I-45208 and has
implemented a program of TQM and SPC to control the quality level of our
products for our customers. ISO 9001 requirements are being complied with at
this time.

City: Waldwick
Category: Industrial Process Handling Equipment
The name for industrial process heating and manufacturing equipment since 1951.
As a hands-on service organization, Corbett remains constantly aware of the
importance of serviceability. We manufacture a quality line of ovens and dryers,
furnaces and kilns, process fume incinerators, and heat recuperation systems, as
well as combustion chambers, process air heaters, packaged control systems,
textile calendar roll heating systems, and pre-drying equipment for web

City: Allentown
Category: Access Control Systems
At Corby, we've been opening doors for over 30 years. Beginning with the very
first digital keypad in 1972, our products and capabilities have advanced into
the access control arena. Today, these advanced skills and products are being
used to meet the demands of thousands of companies throughout the world.

City: Libertyville
Category: RFI Filters
Corcom is the world leader in RFI technology. Since 1955, Corcom has been
providing solutions to leading telecommunications, computer, industrial and
medical companies worldwide. Corcom's focus on the design and production of the
highest quality products has made them the world leader in RFI technology. All
Corcom RFI filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or
emissions applications, and have received approval from major safety agencies
throughout the world, including UL, CSA and VDE. Corcom products are
manufactured, stocked and distributed through a worldwide network of
manufacturing locations, warehouses, and test facilities, stocking distributors
and sales offices. All of Corcom's facilities in North America are ISO
certified.As a world leader in RFI technology, Corcom offers a wide range of
power line filters, power entry modules and filtered modular jacks (RJ11-RJ45)
specifically designed to help bring equipment (even those with switching power
supplies) into compliance with strict FCC and International emissions standards.
With hundreds of standard catalog designs, Corcom offers a wide range of
solutions to problems caused by radio frequency interference. Corcom also has
world-class abilities to quickly develop custom filters to solve unique RFI
challenges OEM's encounter.Power Line RFI filter models include standard as well
as low leakage designs for medical specifications: current ratings from 1 to
1200 amps, and a variety of mounting styles. Power Entry Modules include IEC
inlet, with models offering fusing, switching, voltage selection and, of course,
EMI-RFI filtering with a variety of mounting styles. Product performance levels
vary in order to provide filtering with optimal size and price.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Fastening Systems
Formed with the combined strengths of Huck and Fairchild Fasteners, Alcoa
Fastening Systems serves the global aerospace, automotive, and commercial
transportation markets with the most specialized engineering, highest quality,
and the greatest breadth and depth of fastening system solutions in our
industry.These strengths combined with Alcoa's long-standing leadership and
commitment to excellence make Alcoa Fastening Systems the best choice to answer
your Aerospace or Commercial fastening system needs.

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Imaging Systems
For over forty years, Cordin has been the world leader in ultra high speed
imaging technology.We have the broadest and most advanced product line of any
high speed imaging company. Our product line includes electronic imaging, film
and streak cameras, controls, time delays and flash illumination systems.Cordin
frequently works with customers to develop custom solutions to their imaging
research challenges. We have particular skills in exotic optical systems, high
voltage electronics, sub-picosecond triggering and time controls, and
ultra-precision mechanical systems.

City: North Adams
Category: Cord & Assembly Products
Cord Master is an innovative, design-oriented, custom manufacturer of power
supply cords, cord sets, and lead assemblies.Whether you have detailed product
specifications and working prototypes or a cocktail napkin sketch and a dream,
Cord Master will help you turn your designs into cost-effective, quality
controlled end products. On time. On budget. Every time.With 40 years of
industry experience, Cord Master has the resources to design, mold, and
manufacture cords, plugs, and lead assemblies for all OEM industry needs.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Cord Sets
Since 1964 Cord Sets Inc has built a solid reputation with its customers as a
manufacturer of quality power supply cords. Satisfying its customers is the
corner stone for Cord Sets. Through our years of operation we have accomplished
this with product excellence, superb delivery performance, and economical
pricing for our customers.Our highly skilled personal, state-of-art equipment,
rigid quality control procedures, and four decades of experience assure our
customers of Zero-Reject delivery.We at Cord Sets meet the stringent OEM demands
for both high-volume and short-run production with fast turnaround scheduling
for all our customers. We moved into 30,000 square feet of warehouse and
production space in 1997. We maintain a KanBan program with many customers both
in Minnesota and throughout the country.In the fall of 2000 we established a
manufacturing facility on a five-acre campus located in Shenzhen City, China.
The company, A/D Cord-Sets, produces power supply cords and wire harness
assemblies. The overseas facility allows us to produce high volume, low cost
products for customers worldwide, including those in the Asian countries. All
products produced at this facility can be built with the approval markings from
most testing authorities in major countries. A/D Cord-Sets has sales offices and
warehouses in Hong Kong, Seattle, Washington, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

City: Cerritos
Category: Scan Test Products
Corelis offers a complete product line of JTAG (boundary-scan) tools called Scan
Plus for interconnect testing and JTAG in-system programming of flash memories
and CPLDs. An easy-to-use Windows Graphical User Interface is supplied for all
of the tools. Also supplied is a DLL interface for seamless integration with
other test programs such as National Instruments' LabView, LabWindows/CVI,
TestStand, Agilent's VEE, or Visual Basic and C++.Corelis products also include
JTAG development tools for embedded microprocessors such as JTAG in-circuit
emulators and Analysis Probes for use with the Agilent family of logic
analyzers.Corelis offers a wide selection of JTAG (boundary-scan) hardware
controllers, including PCI, PCMCIA, USB 2.0, ISA, parallel port, Ethernet/LAN,
VME, VXI, PXI/cPCI, with price and performance to meet your specific
requirements. For performance critical JTAG applications, Corelis offers
boundary-scan controllers that operate at up to 100MHz sustained TCK frequency,
enabling fast board JTAG interconnect testing and JTAG programming of flash
memories at their theoretical speed.

City: Waterbury
Category: Digital Communication Products
Core Tec Communications LLc was established in early 1998 to bring the latest in
digital video communications technology to the transportation, security,
military, and industrial markets.The founders of Core Tec have over 35 years of
technical, marketing, and management experience in the product areas and markets
addressed by the company.Products designed by Core Tec are highly robust and
deliver superb performance in tough environments. They feature expanded
temperature operating ranges, rugged packaging, and advanced electronic design.
All products feature easy-to-use LCD diagnostic displays, providing system and
environmental status. While Core Tec's video codec products are not PC-based,
they rely on dedicated processors to allow more reliable long-term performance,
particularly in difficult environments. These products are easily programmable
with a simple Windows 2000/Windows XP interface, allowing users to customize the
product's performance to their needs.

City: Cambridge
Category: Business Card Card Scanner
Card Scan is a desktop device that quickly and accurately "reads" cards into the
correct fields of an electronic address book, instantly distinguishing name from
title, street from email addresses, fax from phone numbers, even office from
cell numbers. In seconds, Card Scan reads more cards than you could type in
hours. Then, over 50 software features help you use that contact information
more efficiently. No wonder PC Magazine gave Card Scan their rarely earned
five-star rating. And Corey Greenburg of NBC's Today show calls it a "must-have
organizing miracle."

City: Muncie
Category: Rotary Cutting & Creasing Equipment
For over 25 years, Corfine engineers have been working with customers providing
solutions to a wide array of die cutting challenges and needs. From its
beginnings as a supplier of rotary cutting and creasing attachments, Corfine
expanded its product line to include rotary and flat bed die cutting machines
and rotary die making equipment. Corfine prides itself as the world's largest
supplier of Web Fed Soft Anvil Rotary Die Cutting Machines with well over 140
installations in operation worldwide. In November 2001, Omega International
brought Corfine assets and created Corfine Omega Inc.

City: Oklahoma City
Category: LPG Pumps & Compressors
Corken Inc is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of LPG pumps and
compressors. Corken's exceptional reputation in the LPG industry is built upon
decades of maintaining the highest quality and customer service standards.
Corken has transferred that same dedication to the development of pumps and
compressors for a wide range of industrial markets.

City: Dallas
Category: Gaskets
Corley Gasket Company is a certified woman owned business that has been in the
Dallas area for over 20 years. We specialize in non-metallic aftermarket gasket
manufacturing. Corley manufactures and stocks all sorts of aftermarket gaskets,
custom gaskets, gasket materials, washers, o-rings, etc. Our 12,500 square foot
manufacturing plant houses ten presses with a combined capacity of 455 tons. Raw
goods and finished products are stored in our warehouse, which has an additional
2,000 square feet of storage.

City: Liberty
Category: Capacitors
William Dubilier in Seattle, Washington started The Company just after the turn
of the century. Mr Dubilier received international acclaim when he developed a
method of transmitting voice and music. He then developed the mica capacitor,
which revolutionized radio transmission. In 1933 the Dubilier Company joined
with the Cornell Electric Manufacturing Company to form Cornell Dubilier
Electric. Due to his inventive genius, Mr. Dubilier amassed over 355 patents in
radio and electrical sciences by 1966. Cornell Dubilier also manufactured EMI
filters, power supplies, automobile and television antennas, antenna rotors and
relays. Throughout this time, Cornell Dubilier established many new factories
and made numerous acquisitions to become one of the country's largest
manufacturer's of capacitors. In 1983, a group of Cornell Dubilier Corporate
Managers purchased the company, which was then strengthened by a revitalized
organization and market focus. With its excellent reputation for quality and
wide range of passive components, Cornell Dubilier continues to be a prominent
global supplier in the electronics industry.

City: Orangeburg
Category: Precision Components
For more than five decades, Cornell has built a reputation for supplying quality
products at the lowest possible cost. We have developed the special expertise
required to engineer and produce precision components for America's leading
manufacturers.Our "Machined from the Bar" fasteners are manufactured with
specially developed equipment. Our excellence through precision is reflected in
an extensive line of brass lamp and lighting components, aluminum and brass
nuts, and our self-locking nuts. Cornell parts are produced to standard or
special tolerances as required, burr-free, and thoroughly degreased.

City: Springfield
Category: Communication Products
Cornet Technology Inc is an international company that designs, manufactures,
markets and services a comprehensive range of communication products to provide
businesses with greater control of a highly strategic asset-their network
infrastructure.After more than a decade of solid growth, Cornet Technology is
known worldwide as an innovative manufacturer of state-of-the-art digital matrix
switches that fully automate time-consuming tasks and support a full range of
interfaces and environments.We employ over 125 full-time employees worldwide and
occupy 64,000 square feet of production and office space at our company
headquarters in Springfield, VA.

City: Hickory
Category: Fiber Optic & Copper Products
Corning Cable Systems offers the broadest range of end-to-end fiber optic and
copper product solutions for customers' telecommunications networks. Our
customer-focused solutions include cables, connectors, and related hardware, and
network services that include network design, project management, installation
and maintenance, equipment rental and training programs.

City: Corning
Category: Optical Fiber & Cable Systems
Corning has a proud history of enriching people's lives through research and
technological innovation. For over 150 years, we have developed life-changing
innovations including the glass for Edison's light bulb, ultra-thin glass for
Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCDs), ceramic substrates for diesel
and automotive emissions control, and the first commercially viable, low-loss
fiber for use in telecommunications.Our success comes from an unyielding
commitment to research and development, materials and process expertise, and
excellence. Our strong, visionary leadership has always been guided by an
enduring set of Values that define our relationships with employees, customers
and the communities in which we operate.Our expertise and Values have enabled
Corning to develop leading positions in the telecommunications, information
display and advanced materials industries. We are a leading manufacturer of
optical fiber and cable systems for the telecommunications industry; and
high-performance flat glass for television and information display applications.
We also develop advanced materials for the scientific, semiconductor and
environmental industries. With research centers and manufacturing locations
around the world, the Corning team consists of approximately 25,000 employees

City: Wood Dale
Category: Media Replication/Duplication
Since it's founding in 1984, Corporate Disk Company has been committed to high
quality media manufacturing and distribution.Corporate Disk Company offers
state-of-the-art manufacturing facility providing full service media
replication/duplication, print, packaging, warehousing and distribution. From
individuals to Fortune 500 corporations our clients depend on our outstanding
customer service, technical competence and superior product quality. Our goal is
always to provide our customers with highest quality production, on time and on

City: Akron
Category: Mini-Mills
We have a complete line of parts for all of Servo Products older "Classic
Mini-Mills" and Harding-Servo retrofits including Motors, Tachometers, Axis
Belts, repair boards, Encoders, Switches, and other hard to find parts.

City: Roseville
Category: Specialty Chemicals
Corrosion Consultants Inc manufactures quality specialty chemicals and UV
blacklights, featuring APD fluorescent leak detection dyes for automotive, HVAC
and industrial applications. CCI produces protective coatings designed for
automotive, airline and marine use. We manufacture innovative UV lighting with
the customer in mind. For the ultimate in rust protection we offer
MetalShield(tm) - a revolution in rust protection.

City: Corry
Category: Electronic Components
Corry Micronics has been producing electronic components since 1970. The company
was originally established in response to the needs of the United States
Department of Defense. Today, our products are used in a multitude of

City: Fremont
Category: Memory Modules
Corsair has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed modules
since 1994. Our focus has always been on supporting the special demands of
mission-critical servers and high-end workstations, as well as the performance
demands of extreme gamers. As a pioneer in high-speed module design, Corsair is
a trusted supplier to many computer manufacturers. In high-density memory
solutions, Corsair has always been one of the first suppliers to achieve
advanced qualifications on Intel, Tyan and SuperMicro server platforms. We also
work closely with other major server platform manufacturers to release product
that is 100% compatible with their latest server products.

City: St Paul
Category: Corrosion Protection Products
In today's world, there are many complex problems. But when it comes to solving
them, one simple fact shines through-you must first acknowledge that there is a
problem.The fact is corrosion is an incredibly destructive force facing everyone
who works with metal. In the United States alone, corrosion costs industry and
ultimately, the consumer, over 350 billions dollars. But that's only part of the
story. Many corrosion protection methods employed are less that effective, and
worse, are inherently damaging to the earth's environment. In 1977, as a
fledgling company working out of a garage in St. Paul, Minnesota, we had a
vision to effectively combat the devastating effects of corrosion, while at the
same time creating environmentally friendly alternatives to existing methods of
corrosion protection. Through commitment, hard work, and extensive research and
development we pioneered the application and distribution of VCI (Vapor
Corrosion Inhibitor) technology. First we developed nitrite-free multi metal VCI
products. Then we expanded into environmentally acceptable water-based liquids
to replace polluting oil/solvent-based coatings. And now we're producing a full
line of multifunctional products that promise unparalleled benefits to you, our
customers. Through the years, Cortec Corporation has grown to become the world's
leader in corrosion protection technology. But regardless of how large we
become, the vision and commitment we began with in that little garage will
always remain: to provide corrosion protection to help you increase profits,
improve product quality and reduce waste and pollution.

City: Methuen
Category: Rugged Keyboards
Cortron's Ruggedized, Industrialized and Militarized Keyboards are the answer!
See for yourself, click on one of the link buttons above to see examples of the
latest high demand and rugged keyboards that are being supplied to the Armed
Forces, the Space Shuttle and even the International Space Station.

City: Norwood
Category: Industrial Instrumentation
The Cosa Instrument Corporation of today has its roots in a century-old,
family-owned Swiss company, which had established a worldwide reputation as a
trading company for textile and tool-making machinery. In keeping pace with
technological changes and global economic realities, a division of COSA was
established in the US in 1969 with the focus on process control and analytical
instrumentation.In 1982, Christoph Mueller, President/CEO, spun off the
distribution company which today employs more than 60 people in its headquarters
in Norwood New Jersey; subsidiary in Houston, Texas and a affiliated
manufacturing company in Long Island, NY.In 1996, Xentaur Corporation, a
manufacturing and engineering facility, was established in Medford, NY as a
sister company.Cosa Instrument Corporation's main focus lies today in providing
reliable, affordable solutions to a wide range of analytical and industrial
monitoring and analyzing applications.

City: San Jose
Category: Power Supplies
Cosel has been manufacturing quality AC/DC and DC/DC switching power supplies
since 1969. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service,
backed by a documented field failure rate of under 100 PPM, Cosel has been the
dependable choice for over 35 years. When quality is a must, reliability is
critical and on time delivery is crucial, Cosel stands alone.Cosel's AC/DC and
DC/DC power supplies fall into 5 categories. The first category is the Unit Type
- an AC/DC switching power supply that comes standard with a metal chassis for
mounting. The second category is the Rugged PCB Type - an AC/DC switching power
supply that can be mounted without a chassis. The third category is the AC/DC
On-Board Type - a series that is designed for mounting directly onto a PCB. The
fourth category is the DC/DC Brick - the DC/DC brick comes in the industry
standard full, half, quarter, and eighth brick models. The fifth category is the
DC/DC On-Board Type - an unencapsulated supply, available with or without a
cover, and designed for mounting directly onto a PCB.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Sensor Measurement
Cosense manufactures a broad line of ultrasonic instrumentation with over 30
employees in a modern 10000 ft (930m2) facility in Hauppauge, Long Island, New
York. The company supplies systems for the measurement and control of liquid
level, dry product level, flow, and product identification and robotics
applications. Sales for domestic and worldwide markets are handled by a network
of manufacturer's representatives and distributors with direct involvement and
support by Cosense for specialized applications.With the introduction of VSS
(Very Small Sensor) technology, Cosense can supply non-contact ultrasonic
transmitters for applications where ultrasonic sensors were previously too large
to be used.In addition, the company offers a Sanitary Sense system with a 3/4"
sensor that can be steam serialized, a common requirement in the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology, sanitary, food and beverage industries. Cosense also
manufacturers a variety of ultrasonic point level switches, which have been used
in the industries from cryogenic temperatures to 750 F high temperature. The
company specializes in custom products and has a history of providing innovative
solutions for process measurement applications. Cosense is dedicated to the
development of ultrasonic devices for the biomedical, semiconductor, industrial
process, robotics, wastewater, and environmental markets.

City: Cleveland
Category: Precision Molded Components
Cosmo Corporation is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of
precision-engineered plastic components for the electrical and electronics
industries.Specializing in the design and manufacture of coil forms (bobbins)
and knobs & controls, our products are used by over 3500 OEM manufacturers
serving more than 400 industries worldwide.Why Cosmo? Precision - it defines
everything we do. From customer service to the factory floor to the shipping
dock, we deliver the standard or custom engineered plastic components you need,
exactly when you need them. And we do it at the lowest prices in the
industry.Since 1945, Cosmo has been on the cutting edge of advanced engineering,
design, and manufacture of thermoplastic and thermoset components. Our
experience, technological capabilities and commitment to customer service allow
us to quickly supply the highest quality parts at the lowest cost.

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