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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Irvine
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
For over 35 years Cosmotronic has provided printedCircuit boards and backplane
assemblies with complexInterconnection circuitry for military, aerospace
andIndustrial applications. Cosmotronic offers the flexibility needed in today's
marketplace -Flexibility in product offerings, processing, materials,
finishesAnd specifications. We are staffed to support all phases of yourProgram
needs from engineering concept (prototype), to preproductionand production

City: Brush Prairie
Category: Solar Power Devices
Costich Company is an approved reseller of all renewable and solar power
devices. With twenty-five years in design, diagnosis, consultation, procurement,
and infrastructure of appropriate renewable energy systems, we are your
renewable and solar power experts.

City: Warwick
Category: Automation Products
Cotherm offers tailored solutions with short delivery times and competitive
pricing. The ongoing training of personnel and teamwork provide the flexibility
to adapt to both large and small production requests.Automated production
methods have been developed to insure consistency and meet the competitive needs
of each customer. People and technology work together to guarantee a quick
response to markets in over 40 countries worldwide.Cotherm North America,
located in Warwick, Rhode Island, was established to support our North American
customers. Besides offering sales and engineering support, this location is
equipped to stock product for those customers requiring 'JIT' deliveries.

City: Providence
Category: Relays & Switches
Coto Technology, a division of Kearney National, Incorporated, is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation of New York, New York. Coto
Technology's reed relay manufacturing facilities are located in Rhode Island,
USA (above center) and Mexicali, Mexico (above right). Coto's switch factory is
located in Heerlen, The Netherlands (above left). Coto Corporation, dba Coto
Technology, originated in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1917 as Coto Coil
Incorporated - a company specializing in the design and manufacture of coil
windings. During the mid-1960's, Coto expanded its product line by introducing
the reed relay - the result of integrating reed switches into coil windings. By
1970, Coto emerged as a leading manufacturer of reed relays with the development
of the first patented Low-Thermal EMF reed relay.Coto went on to produce the
first ever surface mounted reed relays in 1983, the world's smallest SMD reed
relay in 1994, and the first patented reed relay with >8 GHz performance in
2001. In 1998 Coto acquired the Philips Dry Reed Switch Division in The
Netherlands, a world leader in reed switches, to form Coto Technology, B.V. For
Coto's reed relay division, owning a switch factory provides two critical
benefits for its customers: 1) it minimizes potentially disruptive supply
fluctuations that affect relay delivery and lead times and 2) it allows for
control of the core technology of the reed relay. Coto's continued investment in
technology development supports new product advancements that service the needs
of Coto's relay division, as well as that of its reed switch and sensor
customers. An example of this is the 2002 release of the RI-80, the world's
smallest commercially available reed switch with 5mm glass length.

City: Brooklyn
Category: High Temperature Adhesives
Manufacturer of High Temperature Ceramics, Epoxies and Specialty Materials for
Electrical, Structural or Industrial ApplicationsMaterials include adhesives,
encapsulants, potting, protective coatings, machinable ceramics, castable
ceramics, etc.

City: Rockford
Category: Power Transmission Products
Cotta's early years were devoted to supplying the emerging automobile and truck
industries with main transmissions. In the forties, Cotta began a shift to the
industrial products market, and off-highway and construction vehicle markets. In
the mid sixties, Cotta added a line of high-speed gearboxes, which is the now
well-known "SN" product line. Over the years, Cotta has diversified into various
products including hydraulic pumps and coal augers.Today the emphasis is on top
quality, highly engineered power transmission products. Cotta is one of very few
companies capable of concept to delivery of virtually any mechanical
transmission in sixteen weeks or less. Cotta production facilities located in
Beloit, Wisconsin are complete with all manufacturing done in-house.

City: Rock City Falls
Category: Electrical Insulation
Cottrell Paper has manufactured electrical insulation and specialty papers since
1926. Cottrell Paper Company is proud of its long history of providing high
quality products and services to the electrical insulation market.Cottrell Paper
Company is ISO 9002 registered to meet the exacting needs of our valued
customers. The company is continuously improving its operations to remain the
leader in the "Rag" electrical insulation paper industry.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: RF & Microwave Cascadable Amplifiers
Cougar Components Corp designs and manufactures RF and microwave cascadable
amplifiers and subsystems for signal processing equipment operating in the 100
kHz to 20 GHz ranges. Cougar's newest products include VCOs and mixers. Cougar
also manufactures detectors, limiters, limiting amplifiers, attenuators, and
automatic gain control amplifiers. All products are available in TO-8, TO-8B,
surface mount, flatpack, or SMA connectorized packages.Our devices are used in
sophisticated airborne and satellite communications equipment; navigation and
guidance systems; radar and sonar equipment; telemetry electronics,
surveillance, and reconnaissance systems; and in high performance commercial
test equipment. Cougar devices are designed, built, and tested in accordance
with MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-STD-883 for use in space, military, and high-end
commercial applications. See About Cougar for more information on quality
conformance, design construction, and manufacturing processes. Cougar is
certified to ISO 9001 and MIL-PRF-38534, Classes H and K, TRB Option.

City: Peru
Category: Industrial Vibrators
Cougar Industries Inc patented the world's first 12-volt truck vibrator in 1964.
Since that time, vibrators have been our only focus and have made the Cougar
name synonymous with exceptional products, workmanship and service support. All
products are designed and manufactured in Peru, Illinois. Our heavy-duty
vibrator lines reflect our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the
most rugged, reliable vibrators on the market today.In 2001 Cougar Industries
acquired the Branford Vibrator Company formerly of New Britain, CT. Cougar
Industries now manufactures the complete Branford line in Illinois.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Thin Film Deposition & Etch Tools
Cougar Labs Inc is a Silicon Valley manufacturer and integrator of thin film
deposition and etch tools with a strong focus on processing science and
technology. Our mission is to provide tools to bridge the gap between the
advanced research and process development laboratory and the needs and
constraints of high volume production.

City: Daytona Beach
Category: Mobile Surveillance System
We have developed first generation vision augmentation for vehicle operation.
The design specifically employs the ThuleTM roof-rack system as the mounting
foundation. Thule'sTM engineering reputation, worldwide distribution, and
pursuit of most commercial automobile makes and models enabled our staff to
apply our new technology to cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's with confidence and a
high degree of safety.Mobile Vision is an avionics grade instrument for enhanced
vehicle vision and can be used for various applications, but perhaps the best is
safety and security. From looking far ahead of the car in front of you by its
roof and outboard mounting position to watching the gear on your ThuleTM rack or
identifying a license plate at 250 feet. The product incorporates only the best
components and materials are used to achieve un-surpassed image quality and
pointing control.

City: Tempe
Category: Audio Visual Products
Covid Inc has been in the business of designing and manufacturing A/V
integration products for over 23 years. Since the inception of the first
universal interface, Covid has actively responded to the industry it began with
this revolutionary video product. The product line has grown extensively over
the years and now includes Distribution Amplifiers, Switching Products, Signal
Processors, Fiber Optic Transmission Products, Video Conferencing Products, and
of course, the trademarked EZ-Pix Family of Interfaces.Twenty years of
development have led to dozens of cable lines within our industry leading Cactus
Cable and Roadrunner Coax families. Cactus Cable and Roadrunner Coax are
available in bulk, reeled to any length, as well as terminated to suit your
video or audio needs. Hundreds of cable assemblies are stocked for same day
shipment. Covid also provides quick turn around times on any type of custom
terminated cable. Covid has earned its worldwide reputation for performance and
reliability in the Audio Visual industry by delivering high quality, easy to use
products at affordable prices. This reputation has led us to become the leading
quality source for all your integration solution requirements. Private Labeling,
Design and Manufacturing are available to qualified organizations and include
both cable and printed circuit board products offered by Covid.

City: Denton
Category: Digital Signal Processing
Cow Boy Industries Inc is a supplier of technical information for high
performance signal processing hardware based on leading edge ASIC, DSP, and FPGA
technologies. We are located in Denton Texas, just outside of Dallas.

City: Bensalem
Category: Electronic Instruments
Cox Instrument products include state-of-the-art electronic instruments for
automated and computer controlled flow measurement systems, turbine flow meters,
weigh-time flow meter calibrators, preamplifiers, rate totalizers, and batch
controllers. Cox's reputation for its high-quality line of products and services
for flow measurement and control applications within the pharmaceutical,
aerospace, aviation, automotive, manufacturing, processing, and metrology
industries is unsurpassed.

City: Tempe
Category: Hose Reels
Cox Reels manufacturers professional grade industrial hose reels, cord reels and
cable reels of the highest quality. Our extensive selection of products include
spring retractable hose reels and extension cord reels, hand crank hose reels,
motor driven hose reels and EZ-Coil safety series reels.Family Owned & Operated
Cox Reels has experienced significant growth in serving and supplying reels to
the Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural and Petroleum markets for over 8
decades. Years of expertise and enthusiasm in helping customers with custom reel
designs has naturally set us apart from the competition as we have evolved to
the technological forefront where we remain to this day.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Neon Power Supplies
CPI Advanced Inc (CPI) has been providing quality products and Customer Service
in a variety of fields for over twenty-five years. Founded in Southern
California in 1975, CPI began providing highly precision mechanical parts for
the U.S Army, Air Force and Navy, later becoming more involved in providing
parts for companies like Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell and General Dynamics and
others in the Aerospace industry.It was shortly thereafter that CPI ventured
into electronics and development of Power Supplies. In 1989 CPI began
distribution of its initial line of Neon Power Supplies throughout the
International market. Since then we have worked continuously to improve
production, add the features the industry has asked for and provide a quality
product you can depend on. Our factory has the capability of handling just about
any Special or Custom Order parts you may need.

City: San Carlos
Category: Vacuum Electron Devices
The Eimac Division is headquartered in San Carlos, California, the manufacturing
facility they have occupied since 1958. Under the direction of division
president Mike Cheng, the Eimac Division continues the tradition of
technological advancement and unequaled quality. Today at their ISO 9001
certified facility, Eimac designs and produces power VEDs for broadcast,
communications, radar, industrial heating, science and medical applications.
Eimac power VEDs are used in FM, shortwave, and television broadcast
transmitters, defense communications and radar systems, industrial dielectric
heating equipment, MRI scanners, and plasma research, with customers located in
virtually every country in the free world. In 1990, as a result of energy
efficient performance of the Klystrode(r) IOT, Eimac was awarded an Emmy by the
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for technological achievement. The
Klystrode IOT is today the most technologically advanced high power output
device available for use in HDTV and UHF television transmitters, and is being
installed in digital television stations across the U.S. and around the world.

City: Santa Rosa
Category: Analytical Science & Technological Products
CPI International not only has instrument supplies, but also provides quality
products and responsive service. We make the extra effort to truly understand
our customers' needs so we can fulfill today's demands - and anticipate
tomorrow's - with innovative solutions. CPI International (CPI), headquartered
in Santa Rosa, California, is a direct marketer, designer and manufacturer of
innovative OEM and end-user solutions in analytical science and technology. The
company manufactures a range of technical analytical instrument components,
high-purity standard solutions and reagents and other analytical testing
products for the environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
semiconductor industries. CPI's worldwide customers include IBM, Intel, Pfizer,
Merck, Bayer, US Filter, Safety Kleen, Chevron, Ashland Chemical, Dupont and
BASF as well as numerous federal, state, academic and private laboratories.
Direct sales and marketing are conducted worldwide, from offices in the United
States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

City: Plymouth
Category: Robotics & Automation Tooling
CPI designs, provides, and supports a full line of component-based robotics and
automation end-of-arm tooling. We serve industrial customers in aerospace,
automotive, appliance, glass and plastics and others who depend on having
exactly the right tooling to meet their critical needs -- faster, better and
more economically. In the last five years, we have grown to be recognized as the
premier source of innovative customer-oriented solutions to stamping and
assembly operations on five continents.

City: Columbus
Category: Activated Carbon
CPL Carbon Link is pleased to introduce its range of activated carbons,
adsorption equipment and ancillary services.This site illustrates the practical
application of activated carbon products in a broad range of vapor and liquid
phase adsorption systems.

City: El Monte
Category: Machine Tools
C P Tools Inc( Cheap Price Tools ) specializes in supplying & importing a world
class high quality machine tools strictly built with ISO 9002 certified. Our
45,000 sq. ft.central distribution warehouse is located in El Monte, CA (Los
Angeles area), and we have 20 years product reliability you can trust, offering
Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese machines such as Knee-type and Bed-type Milling
Machines, Precision Lathes with swing 12" - 40" and centers up to 240", CNC
Milling Machines, Machining Centers, CNC Lathes, Horizontal and Vertical Band
Saws, Mill/Drill Machines, Surface Grinders, Fabrication and Sheet Metal
Equipment and Woodworking Machinery.We are specialist in machine tools, parts,
service and repair. Over 400 dealers/distributors and repair stations are
serving you with lowest prices, high quality machines and fast service.We use
"Birmingham" and "ACCU" Brand on Metalworking Machinery, and use "Transpower"
Brand for Woodworking Machinery. We sell approximately 3,000 sets of machines
every year in USA market.When you think of imported machine tools, C P Tools Inc
is one-stop source. Our goal is to make your purchasing simple, efficient and
pleasant. In return, most of our customers return to us - over 90% of our
customers are repeat customers. We look forward to working with your company and
servicing your needs.

City: Portland
Category: Power Supplies
CPS specializes in high-precision, high voltage power supplies used for focused
electron beam, scanning electron microscopes, electrophoresis, focused ion beam,
and numerous other applications. Our high voltage power supplies feature
exceptionally low drift,ripple, and temperature coefficients.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Cores, Pins & Sleeves
Custom precision core pins, sleeves, bushings and ejector components for plastic
and die cast molds.

City: Irvine
Category: Networking Products
CP Technologies was established in 1984, with the vision of creating a company
that delivers technology products to the world focused on quality, reliability,
and value. Over the past 20 years, CP Technologies has evolved into one of the
fastest growing manufacturers of products that help consumers connect to
technology throughout the world. Our products are designed to appeal to the
diverse needs of the consumer. Consumers of our "Platinum Series" products,
require the ultimate in technology and performance, therefore all "Platinum"
products carry high speed electronics, encased in solid aluminum bodies that
look and feel substantial. Consumers of our i-Series products, require not only
performance and technology, but demand style. All "i-Series" products carry the
same high-speed electronics, encased in a sleek, white, modern art styled body.
Additionally, CP Technologies is proud to manufacture, the award winning and
currently "worlds smallest and lightest" web cam.CP Technologies is a global
leader in manufacturing of network connectivity, broadband/CATV, and OEM
products. Our headquarters is strategically located in Irvine, California, in
the heart of Southern California's technology center. The corporate office
houses the distribution warehouse and domestic manufacturing, allowing us to
rapidly stage and ship product to any part of North America. In the United
States, CP Technologies products can be purchased through mostmajor distributors
and resellers. Our vast presence and unique product offerings make us second to
none! With over 1200 employees worldwide and 20 plus years experience in the
industry, CP Technologies is committed to providing products with the ultimate
in quality, value, and performance.

City: Pleasanton
Category: High-end Computers
CPU Technology Inc develops and manufactures compatible, next-generation
solutions for the high-end computing market. The company's automated
system-level design and verification technologies radically reduce cost and
time-to-market for high-end systems. CPU TECH's innovative embedded
multiprocessor architectures and System-on-Chip technology yield highly reliable
solutions, which are smaller, lighter, faster and more power-efficient. The
company uniquely solves industry-wide problems such as electronic system
obsolescence through software-compatible modernization. CPU TECH is a privately
held company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California with
business development offices in Reston, Virginia.

City: Philadelphia
Category: Valves & Fittings
It was an era when two bicycle mechanics from Ohio figured out how to get a
plane into the air, change direction in flight, and most important, bring the
plane back down safely. Just a few years after the Wright Brothers famous
flight, the same kind of imagination and mechanical skill was to be found on a
small farm in rural Pennsylvania. It was here that a farmer named Isaiah Engle
noticed his neighbors had to frequently replace failed or leaky valves on their
steam driven reciprocating pumps. Isaiah had an idea for a new valve design that
might provide better service and last longer. He began experiments in his
machine shop. The replacement valve he developed had a revolutionary soft seat
that functioned better than any competitive model available. Better still, the
Engle valve lasted a lot longer.Superior performance and long term service have
continued to define every CPV product since 1915 when Isaiah first went into
business. Of course, the need to develop products that exactly match application
requirements is equally important. Our effort to maintain regular contact with
our customers has often been instrumental in the development or improvement of
CPV valves and fittings.

City: Riverside
Category: Laser Products
Crafford - Laser Star Technologies designs and manufacturers a complete range of
Nd:YAG pulse laser systems for micro-welding and marking applications.Our team
of highly trained sales and engineering staff is always available to review new
applications, share technical expertise, and provide service and technical
support from any one of our national Laser Star Centers in RI, FL, TX, and CA.

City: Hudson
Category: Plastic Fasteners & Components
We manufacturers precision molded and machined advanced plastic hardware, and
ship those products nationwide and to worldwide markets.Craftech works in
general purpose and high performance engineered plastics specializing in
injection molding, mold making, screw machining and CNC machining of standard
and custom fasteners and components.

City: Buffalo
Category: Filling Machines
Filling machines for liquid and semi-liquid products, closing machines for cans
and pails, labelers, and capping machines and induction sealers are available to
make your workers more productive and your packaging more accurate.Years of
experience providing machines for the food, chemical and petroleum industries
around the world permit us to provide you with machines that will meet your
special requirements.

City: Stamford
Category: Industrial Products
Crane Co is a manufacturer of highly engineered products focussed on the niche
markets. Our business yield high returns and high levels of cash flow. Above
all, we conduct business with integrity and hinet dealings.

City: Cincinnati
Category: PCB Connectors
Crane Connectors is a designer and manufacturer of PCB connectors for the
electronics industry. We offer a wide selection of headers, sockets and jumpers
in both surface mount and thru-hole versions. Tailored ("Non-Standard/No
Penalty") and custom products are a specialty.

City: Encinitas
Category: Abrasive Products
Cratex is a manufacturer of specialized abrasives products used primarily for
metal, glass and lapidary conditioning and finishing. Cratex has been in the
business of manufacturing rubberized abrasives for approximately seventy years.
These products have abrasive grain mixed homogeneously throughout the rubber so
that as the product wears down, sharp, new grains are constantly being exposed.
This allows the products to perform the same from start to finish.

City: Elgin
Category: Seals
In 1965, the company responded to the demand for a better oil bath seal for
heavy-duty truck service by introducing the CR Scotseal. Until this time, heavy
duty, over-the-road trucks had traditionally used axle grease to lubricate wheel
ends. But with higher speed and a growing demand for better lubricants,
companies began switching to oil-bath lubrication. This system required a higher
level of sealing and the Self-Contained Oil Type seal (or Scotseal) supplied the
answer. It not only offered improved performance, but also simplified
installation over the traditional two-part seal of the day.As part of the
worldwide SKF organization since 1990, CR is backed by substantial financial
resources plus a comprehensive range of engineering, R&D and business support
services. In every sense, the organization's reach is global. Chicago Rawhide's
greatest strength, however, has always been its people, and the technical
expertise, application know-how, problem-solving experience and customer
responsiveness they bring to the table. In OEM design, manufacturing,
distribution logistics and marketing, count on CR's dedicated professionals to
keep pace with your efforts every step of the way.CR is the world's leading
supplier of fluid sealing devices for the truck, automotive, farm equipment,
aircraft, heavy machinery and machine tool industries. CR also supplies seals
for aerospace applications, earth moving equipment, appliances and a wide
variety of pumps, hydraulic systems, motors and subassemblies.

City: Sun Valley
Category: Automated Fluid Dispensing
Creative Automation Company products provide dispensing solutions for
applications across the globe including the Electronics, Medical and Opto
electronics industries. Every system is tailored to handle as specific or varied
an application as needed. You purchase exactly what you need to handle the
applications at hand.

City: Ripon
Category: Plastic Thermoforming
Creative Forming Inc is about thermoforming solutions - innovative, creative,
custom plastic thermoforming solutions. Whether for the food, electrical
component, or consumer goods industry, we respond to customers' needs by
creating efficient, cost-effective plastic thermoformed packaging solutions. For
specific thermoformed packaging problems.

City: Tyngsboro
Category: Conductive Adhesives
Creative Materials develops and markets highly conductive adhesives and inks
that can be applied to a variety of substrates with exceptional print
definition. We also produce a wide range of thermally conductive adhesives,
encapsulants, dee potting compounds and dielectric coatings. Our formulation
expertise encompasses acrylic, polyimide, silicone, epoxy, urethane and
proprietary polymer chemistries.We built our reputation for excellence by
providing custom formulations to meet exacting production requirements and
customers' specifications at every stage of development. These products have
facilitated innovative new product designs in leading global markets of
electronics, medical, automotive, microelectronics, assembly and
aerospace/defense. Our responsive technical service helps our customer reduce
their time to market.

City: Redmond
Category: Precision Positioning Equipments & Electro-Optics
Creative Stars was established in 1994 to market our high quality, low priced
positioning equipment and optics.We offer a full line of manually operated and
motorized positioning equipment for motion control and precision applications.
We also supply optical components such as mirrors, beam splitters, prisms and
lenses, and precision custom-made optics. Our highly trained master optical
technician can produce aspherical lenses up to 16" diameter. We can also custom
design parts to meet your specifications.We provide high quality products, quick
delivery and excellent pricing. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If for any
reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will receive
timely replacement or a full refund.

City: Concord
Category: Laser Products
Welcome to Creative Technology Lasers. We are ready to assist you with your
selection of laser products. Our customers appreciate the time we spend with
them and the services we provide. We stock a complete selection of OEM laser
modules and can provide custom designs to suit your application.Our staff can
assist in the selection of Visible and IR Laser Modules, application and
manufacturing solutions, electronics, as well as FDA submissions for your laser

City: Bellevue
Category: Internet Products
Northwest Nexus is a privately held, locally owned and operated company. Early
this year, Northwest Nexus purchased the assets of Network O.S Inc. Combining
Network OS's IT Professional Services outsourcing and Internet Services with
Northwest Nexus's seasoned professionals and superior Internet Services allows
us to emerge as one of the few companies to have on staff IT Professional
Services and superior Internet Service. You will continue to benefit from our
current line of products and services and take advantage of our many new
innovations.It is the continuing business and confidence in our customers and
our service offerings that allows us to maintain our competitive position, while
offering quality products and services.

City: Fremont
Category: Design-to-Test Solutions
Credence Systems Corporation is the industry's leading provider of
design-to-test solutions for the global semiconductor industry. By applying
leading-edge technology to lower the overall cost-of-test, Credence delivers
competitive cost and performance advantages to integrated device manufacturers
(IDMs), wafer foundries, outsource assembly and test (OSAT) suppliers and
fabless chip companies worldwide.With today's challenging business conditions,
critical profit opportunities for integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers are
dependent on being first-to-market and lowering the cost-of-test. Credence
isCommitted to delivering the most cost-effective products and services that
move customers' devices from concept through production. Credence's product
portfolio bridges design to production test, providing customers with the
economic and throughput advantages needed to maximize their profit
margins.Credence was founded in 1978 and is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock
market under the symbol CMOS. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Credence
maintains a worldwide presence in twenty countries.

City: Soquel
Category: Diagnostics & Measurement Tools
Welcome to Credence Technologies -- the home of practical tools for diagnostics
and measurement of electromagnetic emission, ESD and RF signals for the
electronics industry! We provide innovative and pragmatic solutions for EMC, ESD
and RF markets. Please scroll down to find your area of interest.

City: Durham
Category: Semiconductor Materials
Cree develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices based on
silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon (Si) and related
compounds. The company's products include blue, green and ultraviolet (UV) light
emitting diodes (LEDs), near UV lasers, radio frequency (RF) and microwave
devices, power switching devices and SiC wafers sold for production and for use
in research and development. Targeted applications for these products include
solid-state illumination, optical storage, wireless infrastructure and power

City: New Freedom
Category: Molding Products
Since 1946, Crescent Industries has been on the cutting edge of technology and
innovation. We have built our business on the principles of integrity, quality
workmanship and customer value. Today, we still provide our customers with
innovative single-source solutions for their mold building and plastic injection
molding needs. We offer unparalleled mold design consultation, comprehensive
manufacturing support and exceptional value. Crescent's operation includes more
than 72,000 square feet of state-of-the-science equipment and manufacturing
capability. Our ISO 9001:2000 registered molding division is just one more
demonstration of our leadership through innovation.

City: Fremont
Category: Precision Disposable Blades
Crescent Manufacturing has been making precision disposable blades for
applications ranging from surgical blades, microkaratome blades, laparoscopic
blades to sophisticated machine blades since 1898. Our extensive experience
combined with unparalleled technical expertise insures that our customers get
the finest stainless blades available anywhere in the world..Crescent is a world
leader in the manufacture of precision blades like the Duraedge microtome blade,
which is capable of sectioning tissue for biopsies at a thickness as low as 2
microns. Histology blades are a favorite of histotechs and pathologists around
the world. Crescent also manufactures Duraedge skin-grafting blades, an
application where perfection is required as part of the product. These demanding
markets call for flawless precision. Our ISO Certified quality system insures
that every step of our process is documented and traceable.

City: Greensboro
Category: CCTV
Crest Electronics Inc was created in 1974 when the Closed Circuit Television
(CCTV) industry was in its infancy. Irv Rossman, founder of Crest Electronics,
saw the need for CCTV and quickly moved to make it an industry filled with
quality products and ethical values. He co-founded the Security Industry
Association (SIA) as a means to maintain the integrity of the industry.For
almost 30 years now, Crest has continuously strived to maintain those values
that are essential in today's competitive marketplace. Building quality products
and backing them with incredible customer service are the daily goals of
everyone at Crest Electronics.Crest's unique way of offering quality products is
what sets us apart. We realized that in order to sell all the best products
available on the market, Crest would have to team up with other quality- minded
manufacturers in the CCTV industry. The joining of these manufacturers enables
us to offer our customers the best products for each and every installation.

City: Moonachie
Category: Polyurethane Foam Materials
Crest Foam Industries is a pioneer developer of reticulated polyurethane foam
materials. Our Company manufactures a full line of reticulated polyester,
polyether and graft types of foams with a wide range of pore sizes. We also
offer conventional and specialty non-reticulated foam materials, as well as
compressed, "felted" foam.Crest reticulated polyurethane foam is a unique,
environmentally friendly, versatile material that can be fabricated into
virtually any configuration for use in different products and applications. Most
of these foams have void volumes in excess of 95%, large surface areas,
excellent elastic properties and are compatible with a broad range of solvents.
All foams are produced based on strict, well-documented specifications that
insure consistent performance. Crest foams are available worldwide, directly or
through a network of leading fabricators serving many industries.Products
manufactured with these foams serve all sectors of the population - consumers,
business, industry, health care, research and armed forces. We are expanding
technology in applications such as air filtration, ink jet printers, ceramic
filters for the foundry industry, sound insulation/transmission, fuel tanks of
aircraft and racing cars, fish tank filters and many others.

City: Rockleigh
Category: Control & Automation Systems
For more than 30 years, Crestron has been the world's leading manufacturer of
advanced control and automation systems. We offer total solutions for
integration and control of audio, video, computer, the Internet and more.Our
leadership comes from a total focus and commitment to providing the best
products, programs and services in the industry - all backed by Crestron's
dedicated team of people. Products Plus People - that's what Crestron is all

City: Trenton
Category: Ultrasonic Products
Crest Ultrasonics is the largest privately held company in the Ultrasonic
Industry. The organization is comprised of several sovereign entities in various
industry sectors. Crest's involvement in such a broad array of ultrasonic
sectors provides substantial benefits for our worldwide customers. There is
broad sharing of technology and materials throughout all organizations.
Additionally, the global service network is amongst the best in the world due to
the strategic placement of these entities throughout the globe.

City: Memphis
Category: Personal Safety Equipment
We are very excited to announce the consolidation of Memphis Glove Company,
Crews, Inc. and River City Protective Wear. The consolidation brings together
industry leaders in each of our respective markets. Our goal is to drive costs
out of the distribution channel by providing greater operational efficiency,
value and expertise to our customers. Our new identity is MCR Safety.While each
of our companies has successful histories, the synergies achieved through
merging the individual companies into MCR Safety will provide many benefits to
our distribution base.

City: Chesterfield
Category: Centerless Grinders
The concept of centerless grinding hasn't really changed since its meager
origins many decades ago. What has changed is the technology that supports
centerless grinding. Centerless grinding has become an extremely accurate and
fast method of grinding many different materials in complex geometry.
Technological advances have occurred in electrical controls, part handling
automation, and abrasives.Once, the centerless grinder was primarily mechanical,
using hydraulic technology and simple motors. Today the centerless grinder is
computerized, using sophisticated programming, running a myriad of advanced
electrical components. Operators simply choose the correct program for the part.
The computerized machine practically runs itself.Centerless grinding is really
about possibility. It is possible for one operator to run two or more grinders.
It is possible to practically eliminate bad parts with preprogrammed part cycles
and process gaging tied to machine compensation. In short, people are doing more
with less hassle, amplifying human capability while simplifying technological

City: Woburn
Category: Imaging & Optical Processing Products
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation Inc(CRI) is the leading provider of liquid
crystal-based imaging and optical processing solutions to the life science,
industrial metrology, and communications markets. While the liquid crystal
display industry is mature, the use of application-specific tunable liquid
crystal (LC) devices for the precise manipulation of light is a field growing in
size and opportunity. CRI is at the forefront of this market. We develop and
manufacture high-performance instruments and systems that employ multispectral
and polarized-light imaging and detection techniques for a wide variety of

City: Anahiem
Category: Military & Biomedical Connectors
Cristek Interconnects Inc is an award-winning company established in 1985. The
Company manufacturers leading-edge electronic connectors for the military,
aerospace and biomedical markets. Throughout its history, Cristek has focused on
niche connector products and harness assemblies used in radar systems,
spacecraft, missiles, soldier-based equipment and medical devices - any
demanding application requiring small packaging and high reliability. Cristi
Cristich whose vision was to become the "best value supplier" of products and
services in the electronic connector industry founded Cristek.Nearly two decades
of application-proven in-house design and manufacturing ability makes Cristek
unique in the industry. In addition to its extensive R & D and custom product
capabilities, the company manufactures a complete line of military standard and
MOTS products. The extensive prototyping abilities and superior technical talent
of Cristek Pro Shop allows the production of custom products virtually in real
time. Understanding the requirements and priorities of each customer and meeting
and exceeding their expectations regardless of circumstances is the foundation
upon which CRISTEK is built.

City: Valley View
Category: Tube Bending & Fabricating Machines
Criterion offers many Standard Tube Bending and Tube Fabricating Machines. In
addition, Criterion also offers Custom, cost effective Machines, Work Cells, and
Systems for specific tubular parts applications. In general, Standard Criterion
Flexible Tube Fabrication Modules are utilized in creating these equipment
solutions.Criterion often integrates several tube forming processes into a
single Machine, Work Cell, or Automated System, thus improving efficiency and
accuracy, and at the same time providing for future flexibility.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Machine Tool Accessories
Criterion Machine Works manufactures one of the most complete lines of boring
heads, tools, shanks and adapters available. As a manufacturer of machine tool
accessories for over 60 years, Criterion products are the standard by which
others should be measured. Criterion products are readily adaptable to many
machines. An important feature of our boring head is the threaded back, which
can be fitted with interchangeable shanks. All Criterion heads have a clearly
graduated micrometer adjusting screw of heat-treated steel with threads ground
from solid, after hardening.Since space is usually an important factor, the
overall length of Criterion heads is held to a minimum. This feature has the
further advantage of contributing to greater tool rigidity, which in turn
assures a smoother, more accurately bored hole. The generous bearing surface of
our heads makes heavy roughing cuts and more accurate finishing cuts possible.
Another important feature is the large adjustment range that often eliminates
offset bars and special set-ups. Since the graduations are widely spaced and
easy to read, adjustments of 0.0005 or less are easily made.

City: Fenton
Category: Electric Current & Power Monitoring Products
CR Magnetic is a manufacturer of electrical current and power monitoring
products including current transformers, relays, sensor and transducers.
Products include Hall effect sensors for monitoring Direct Current.

City: Middlebury
Category: Specialty Chemicals
Crompton Corporation is a global producer and marketer of polymer products and
specialty chemicals and was formed with the September 1, 1999 merger of Crompton
& Knowles Corporation and Witco Corporation. The company has approximately 4,000
employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in
every major market around the world committed to finding better
solutions.Available in more than 100 countries, our products and services solve
customer problems and add value to customers' products. Our 115 million shares
of common stock are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CK.
The company has manufacturing facilities worldwide and receives 53% of its
revenues from customers outside of the United States.

City: San Jose
Category: Inertial & Gyro Systems
Crossbow Technology is a leading supplier of inertial sensor systems for
aviation, land, and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors as
well as the leading full solutions supplier in the wireless sensor networking
arena and the only manufacturer of smart dust wireless sensors. Crossbow has for
years been at the forefront of creating and deploying smaller, smarter, wireless
sensing devices and mesh networking platforms for large scale defense,
environmental, agricultural, industrial monitoring and control, building
automation, security and asset tracking applications. Crossbow's open
architecture, Tiny OS-based platform, enables highly intelligent multi-sensing
devices to dynamically and reliably self-organize to efficiently capture and
send detailed physical data anywhere, anytime. This transformation in how and
where we are able to gather ever more specific physical information has
profoundly affected how sensors are used and the types of data that are possible
to gather.

City: Greensboro
Category: Industrial Automation Products
Cross Company is the leading industrial automation solution provider in the
southeastern U.S. The Company is comprised of five operating divisions that
specialize in application and sales of specific automation technologies. Each
division has developed highly technical engineering, sales and operational
organizations, which focus on providing solutions for our customer-partners.Our
broad spectrum of technologies address manufacturing requirements for hydraulic
and pneumatic, motion control, factory automation, instrumentation and process
control applications. No other automation distributor can provide such a
comprehensive range of products and support them with dedicated sales, design
and engineering capability.Our customers benefit from the specialization of
divisions focused on fluid power, motion control, industrial controls, fluid
connectors and fluid instrumentation and can benefit further from Cross
Company's ability to integrate these automation technologies.

City: Warrendale
Category: Control Panels & Systems
For over 30 years, Cross Electronics Inc has been manufacturing and engineering
Industrial and Commercial Control Panels and Control Systems. CEI specializes in
Control Systems utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC'S),
Microprocessors, and Personal Computers along with the traditional
Instrumentation. A convenient location in the Thorn Hill Industrial Park in
Pittsburgh's North Hills has allowed CEI access to the latest equipment and
other high-tech resources for which the Pittsburgh Area is renown.CEI offers a
variety of light electrical manufacturing and fabricating services (PC Boards,
Cables, Wire Harnesses, etc.). Standard and Custom Built Control Panels, Control
Consoles, Operators Stations, and Power Distribution Panels are manufactured for
many different industries including Steel, Coal, Waste-Treatment, Utilities,
Food, Petro-Chemical, Glass, and Manufacturing (OEM'S), just to name a few.

City: Lewis
Category: Hydraulic Components
Cross produces one of the most extensive hydraulic component lines on the market
today. Our products include: welded and tie rod cylinders, directional flow and
pressure control valves, gear pumps and motors, filters, accumulators, gear
boxes, adapters and manifolds. Quality, efficiency and responsiveness to our
customers' needs are the primary goals of all the Cross production plants.
Automated machinery, combined with rigid quality control and personal pride in
workmanship, create the right conditions for the best product at the lowest
price. Over 55 years experience in product testing and design assure top
performance and a long and reliable service life for all Cross products.

City: Palm Beach Gardens
Category: Fingerprinting Imaging Components
Cross Match Technologies is a leading global provider of state-of-the-art,
forensic-quality fingerprint and palm print capture devices. Founded in 1996,
the company is recognized for setting new standards in fingerprinting imaging
components through its patents, its intellectual properties and its commitment
to quality.Cross Match's products are used in the US and over 40 countries to
protect people, buildings, equipment and assets against crime and terrorism.
Cross Match is quickly becoming the biometrics provider of choice due to the
quality, precision and durability of our products. Our customers include
organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of
Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Naturalization
Service, US Bureau of Prisons, US Marshals, Merrill Lynch, Federal Express, 73
nuclear power plants, 80 airports and 14 seaports.Cross Match's commitment to
excellence is exemplified in product construction and in our customer
relationships. Whether its individual customer needs assessment, system
installation, product/system training or extended product care and support,
Cross Match is committed to customer satisfaction.

City: Boca Raton
Category: Remote Access Software Products
Cross Tec Corporation, founded in 1996, is the resource in North America for the
award-winning NetOp family of remote access, support and training software
products. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Cross Tec Corporation provides sales,
support and training through a network of authorized reseller partners and
directly to larger corporations, organizations and educational institutions.
Cross Tec is proud to be a member of Comp TIA, The Help Desk Institute and is a
CMP Channel Advocate. The South Florida Business Journal recently identified
Cross Tec Corporation as a leading networking company in the state of Florida.
The South Florida Business Journal is currently published in three regional
editions covering Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties. Its content is
focused on aiding business executives of South Florida in better planning and
developing their enterprises and examines finance, real estate, manufacturing,
tourism, international trade and government actions affecting the business
community. In the past, the South Florida Business Journal has nominated Cross
Tec twice as South Florida's Top Software Company.

City: Flagstaff
Category: Molding Inserts & Base Frames
Manufacturers of interchangeable molding inserts and mold base frames.

City: Coppell
Category: Safety Components
Crouzet (pronounced cruise-A) started operations in the US in 1978. A global
company of about $180 M, Crouzet, headquarter in France, counts now about 2000
workers in more than 14 countries. Once composed of sub-fractional HP motors,
switches (miniature snap-action, digital, and limit), timers and pneumatic
control components the product offering was enlarged thanks to two major
acquisitions that helped Crouzet to become a major player in the US market for
automation and industrial controls. Today, our product line has grown to include
safety components for machinery and Programmable micro-controllers. The Syrelec
and Gordos brand names have now been phased out, as our customer base has grown
accustomed to the Crouzet identity. Crouzet is now known as a specialist brand,
and is focused on added value and customization for integrators and equipment
manufacturers and serves markets such as Medical, Aerospace, Elevators & Lifts,
Food Processing, Lighting, Water treatment, Entertainment, Plastic
Injection/Extrusion, and Office Equipment. Major customers such as Wel Bilt,
Milacron, Kodak, Dover - Thyssen/Krupp Elevator, and XEROX have come to rely on
Crouzet for exceptional value and reliability in products, service, and
technical support.Crouzet products are sold through a nationwide network of 350+
distributor locations and are supported by a staff of thirty district sales
managers & rep firms, two national sales managers, five distributor sales
managers, and one national distribution manager. Our sales office in Coppell,
Texas provides sales support with applications engineering, product management,
and customer service.

City: Fort Lee
Category: Access Control Products
Manufacturers of access control products.

City: San Fernando
Category: Connectors & Accessories
Crown Connector is still family owned after its inception 27 years ago and
continues to offer superior service and quality over the "big boys". We
manufacture various MIL-C-5015 connectors; accessories and can supply you with
most everything you need in connector modifications. Our prices are very
competitive on both product and modifications when compared to our competitors.
Crown Connector has an ongoing commitment to the expansion of our line. Our
connectors are currently used for a variety of industrial lines, military ground
support equipment and heavy equipment. We stock or manufacture most accompanying
accessories including back shells, adapters, grommets, bushings, caps, clamps,
gaskets and nuts, as well as insertion and/or extraction tools.

City: Elkhart
Category: Audio/Video Products
Manufacturers of audio & video products.

City: Tulsa
Category: Industrial Heaters
Crown Products has what you need, when you need it. We have it all for aviation,
power generation, hydraulics, petrochemical and industrial heating. Waste no
more time searching for quality parts suppliers. With three locations to serve
you, Crown Products is your comprehensive source of superior supplies and
services. Try us first to satisfy a variety of your industrial and aviation
needs. Crown Products carries nearly every industrial heater under the sun. Our
complete selection includes the finest band, strip, cartridge, and immersion
heaters. Our inventory of heating controllers, heat tracing cable, blankets, and
other accessories makes us your total source for industrial heating supplies.

City: Bluffton
Category: Tube Fabrication Equipment
Crown Unlimited Machine was originally established in 1978 as a worldwide
supplier to the Air Conditioning, Heating and Tube Fabricating Industries. We
are continuing that tradition into the 21st century with an intensified
commitment to Innovation and Reliability.Crown manufactures equipment used for
the general fabrication of tubing and tubular assemblies, which includes
decoiling, straightening, cutting, endforming and bending. New to Crown is the
complete range of Patriot(tm) CNC rotary draw benders. We also build equipment
for specific applications in the production of micro-multivoid and round-tube
heat exchangers, including micro-multivoid decoiling, straightening and cutting,
automatic micro-multivoid core assembly, serpentine bending systems and
ancillary equipment.

City: Rochester Hills
Category: Hydraulic Components
Manufacturers of hydraulic products.

City: Oak Ridge
Category: Scanners & Accessories
Manufacturers of high-resolution scanner, digitla reprographic imaging systems
and accesories.

City: Kenilworth
Category: Cryogenic Equipment
Cryofab Inc is a manufacturer and services of cryogenic equipment and
accessories. Custom as well as standard fabrications depicts the product mix.
Customizing ability allows Cryofab to offer ASME, DOT, ANSI, IATA, and ADR
products.Our in house engineering can assist in product development for OEM or
private label fabrication, whether it be prototype or productions runs.

City: Manchester
Category: Cryogenic Systems
CIA is a leading supplier of cryogenic systems. We manufacture the very best in
cryogenic equipment - standard or custom, open or closed cycle, continuous flow
or reservoir type, miniature, hand held, large aerospace and super conducting
magnet systems. We are dedicated to manufacturing cryogenic systems designed
with your specifications and performance needs in mind.

City: Oak Ridge
Category: Cryogenic Instrumentation and Accessories
Cryo Magnetic is a complete engineering and manufacturing facility founded in
1983. We specialize in super conducting magnets, cryostats, cryogenic
accessories, and related electronic instrumentation.Our innovative engineering
staff combined with our skilled production personnel quickly established Cryo
Magnetics as a world-leading manufacturer of super conducting magnets. New
techniques in magnet construction were discovered allowing more efficient
manufacturing. Also new techniques in engineering allowed magnets to be built
that other manufacturers said could not be done.An in-house engineered line of
Electronic Instrumentation was also introduced. These items were designed to be
as easy to operate as possible without sacrificing performance. A continuous
improvement program insures all electronic instrumentation is of the highest
quality. Some examples are our Model LM-500 Liquid Cryogen Monitor and Model CS4
Bipolar Power Supply. CE-Marked versions of most electronics including the
CS4-10V/100 (+/-100A, +/-10V) power supply are available. All instruments
CE-Marked have fully met all requirements for importation into the European

City: Reno
Category: Diode Pumped Crystal Laser
Crysta Laser designs and manufactures cost effective ultra-compact diode-pumped
crystal lasers. Our lasers feature with high reliability, high stability, high
efficiency, low noise and excellent laser beam quality. These lasers are
specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.Crysta Laser
manufactures compact diode-pumped solid-state DPSS crystal laser products
including diode-pumped green laser, blue laser, red laser, infrared laser and
ultraviolet UV Laser systems. The Nd:YAG,

City: Grover Beach
Category: Digital Pressure Gauges & Calibrators
Crystal Engineering manufactures Digital Pressure Calibrators, Digital Pressure
Gauges, multi meter pressure modules (Multi Cals) and other pressure measuring
equipment in an 11,400 sq. ft. facility, located between San Francisco and Los
Angeles, in San Luis Obispo, adjacent to the airport.This modern facility is
fully air-conditioned, and humidity controlled, with static controlled floors
and surfaces throughout.Crystal Engineering specializes in pressure calibration
and measurement equipment intended for field use, not just well controlled
laboratory environments. Our Pressure Calibrators and Digital Pressure Gauges
have very accurate "of reading" specifications, and they are not derated for
temperature effects over their specified operating temperature range.

City: Valley Ford
Category: Liquid Crystal Displays
Crystalfontz designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality LCD modules. Our
technical expertise, innovative designs, and direct distribution allow us to
offer the highest quality LCDs at the lowest cost.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Software Products
Crystal Graphics is a leading provider of compelling and easy-to-use 3D graphics
software that helps individuals and businesses to communicate more successfully
- through presentations, email, the Web and video. Its primary focus is on
bringing TV-style effects to PowerPoint presentations in the form of its Power
Plugs product line. Presentations magazine awarded Power Plugs with its Standing
Ovation Award for "Best PowerPoint Plug-ins" in 1999, 2001 and 2003. Other
recognition for Power Plugs products includes a five-star rating from PC
Magazine, as well as Cool Tools Award.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Diamond Engineered Tools
Founded in 1984, Crystallume pioneered the development and application of
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond technology. Since then, Crystallume's
coating experts have become specialists at solving customer problems with
diamond technology.Diamond technology isn't new. In the late 1950s, Russian
scientists first suggested the idea that diamond could be synthesized by CVD
techniques under low pressure. Product designers were interested but, initially,
it was viewed as an exotic and expensive solution. Today, with advancements in
technology, customers consider CVD diamond to be a viable and important solution
for many cutting tool and hard coating applications. In defense, manufacturing,
medicine, computing, and many other areas - from components to systems - diamond
helps improve product performance.

City: Glendale
Category: Micro Abrasive Processing
Crystal Mark Inc has specialized in the field of micro abrasion technology for
decades. We are involved in all aspects of micro abrasive processing. We are
auto maters, manufacturers and end users. We offer manual, automated and custom
systems as well as Job Shop Services to accommodate a number of diverse
applications.Working together with our customers as both manufacturers and end
users, we have developed a full product line that enhances micro abrasion
technology in more than one industry. As a result, we are the recognized leader
and innovator in micro abrasive processing.

City: Burlington
Category: Transistors & Diodes
Crystalonics is a 42 year old manufacturer of a broad line of Small Signal
Transistors, JFETs (Junction Field Effect Transistors), Dual and Quad
Transistors, Power Transistors, Current Regulator Diodes, Varactor diodes
(Tuning and Hyper-Abrupt), and thick and thin film Hybrids in traditional and
surface mount packaging for Industrial, Military, and Space applications.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Gallium Arsenide Products
Crystal Specialties International has been a key contributor to the Gallium
Arsenide (GaAs) industry since its beginning. We are proud to be I.S.O. 9001
certified and with over thirty years manufacturing experience, CSI has a proven
track record of supplying GaAs products to meet the needs of our customers. This
strong background coupled with our philosophy of continuous improvement has
enabled us to develop and optimize high quality, cost effective processes and
led us to a market leadership position in the industry.Located in our Colorado
Springs facility since 1987, we have greatly expanded our capacity in every
operation of the GaAs substrate manufacturing process. New processes have been
introduced and existing ones optimized. As a result, CSI has taken an
increasingly large share of the substrate market, not only the US, but also
Japan and Europe.

City: Sales
Category: Optical Products
Crystal Systems is an independent company recognized by its customers as a
leader in the manufacture and marketing of high-quality materials for optical,
laser and solar applications for worldwide markets. We strive to make continuous
improvements in HEM, FAST and other technologies for profitable manufacture of
our products through customer focus, total employee involvement and vendor

City: Palo Alto
Category: Oxide Crystals & Optical Components
Since 1967, Crystal Technology Inc has been a manufacturer of single oxide
crystals and selected optical components based on these crystals. From our
facilities in Palo Alto, California, CTI products are shipped to satisfied
customers around the world for a wide variety of applications in electronics,
optics, and acoustics. Our focus is on quality and cost leadership in the
products we manufacture. Our goal is to support our customers' efficient and
cost-effective component and systems production.We have a staff of 120 people,
working in modern facilities with the latest equipment. Volume manufacturing is
our specialty. Notable is our annual production of 60 tons of single-crystalline
lithium niobate. We pursue active research and development efforts, targeting
both product and process improvements.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: LCD Monitors
Manufacturers of Rugged and compact computer hardware including LCD monitors,
LCD touch screens, thin LCD touch screen workstations, medical workstations,
industrial computers and small keyboards for point of care, point of sale,
kiosk, manufacturing, industrial, military and vehicle applications.

City: Fairfax
Category: Laboratory Equipment
CSC Scientific has been manufacturing and distributing laboratory equipment for
over 100 years! We specialize in four critical

City: Lake Villa
Category: Coated Tapes, Fabrics & Belting
CS Hyde Company supplies High Performance, high-end materials (Teflon, Kapton,
Peek, Kynar, Silicone, UHMW, Rubber & Acrylic). We custom-convert PSA Tapes,
Films, Fabrics, Belts, Tubing. Materials supplied by CS Hyde are used in most
major industries. CS Hyde Company can fabricate our materials into custom parts.
We pride ourselves on product knowledge and an understanding of applications.
Our goal is to find the right product for you and provide an outstanding service

City: Scotts
Category: Metal Chip Processing Equipment
Chip Systems International's revolutionary chip processing equipment renders
other metal chip processing equipment obsolete. The development of CSI's
equipment was conducted in a plant setting that operates twenty-four hours,
seven days a week.Previously, chip-processing equipment lacked the reliability
required for such demanding applications. It was found that prior studies of
metal chip processing, which concentrated on a chip systems wringer design, were
flawed because the key piece of chip processing equipment was the shredding
device. Obsolete design shredders suffer from the inability to deal with large
wads of matted chips and chunks of tramp material that is combined with this

City: Fort Collins
Category: Super Conductors
Formed in August 1987, Colorado Superconductor Inc is the world leader in
supplying high TC based superconductors for educational demonstrations and basic
laboratory experiments. Our sophisticated manufacturing technology is the source
of superconductors supplied to scores of Universities and High Schools. We have
focused our technical skills to making quality superconductor demonstration and
investigation kits specially designed for teaching labs.In 2004 Colorado
Superconductor Inc became simply Colorado Superconductor, when we merged with a
local company, Force Field. Both companies are now subsidiaries of DRB Inc. The
president of DRB Inc also has a personal site that centers with
his or her own personal experiences with alternative energies.

City: Hauppauge
Category: Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
Communications Specialties Inc is an award-winning Long Island based company
recognized worldwide for its development of innovative products in the areas of
computer-video technology and fiber optic transmission. Veterans of the
broadcast industry founded the company in 1983. Since then, CSI has managed to
consistently design innovative products that are used worldwide by Fortune 500
Companies in a variety of markets such as Broadcast/Professional A/V,
Videoconferencing, Education, Home Theater, Security, ITS, Industrial
Monitoring, and more!Communications Specialties offers a full line of
point-to-point fiber optic transmission systems for video, audio and data that
provide customers with a reliable, affordable alternative to transmission over
coax or copper wire. The new, Pure Digital Fiber Link line employs all-digital
processing and signaling techniques to provide affordable, state-of-the-art
performance. The original Fiber Link line usesTraditional analog signaling
techniques.The award winning, Deuce(r) video scalers convert NTSC and PAL to
high-resolution, non-interlaced video and offer a far superior and affordable
alternative to line doubling and quadrupling. The new generation of Deuce
products offer a wide range of non-interlaced resolutions and refresh rates for
every application, from professional A/V installations to home theater,
including a model designed especially for use with HDTV displays.

City: Amityville
Category: CCTV
For over forty-five years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest
quality residential and commercial sound, security, CCTV closed circuit video
and electronic accessories. Contractors, installers, builders, engineers and
architects specify Speco products to satisfy both their commercial and
residential needs. As a result of our commitment to quality, reliability,
affordability and service, Speco's products are utilized in many thousands of
residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and municipal facilities all
across the United States and worldwide. Throughout its history, Speco
Technologies has been an innovator, providing solutions to meet our customers'
varied needs. When in-wall and in-ceiling speakers were first evolving, Speco
was at the forefront. Speco also pioneered the compact, sleek Bullet Series
camera design. In order to improve the functionality of CCTV surveillance in the
home, Speco created the Resi-Cam Observation System, a finalist in CEDIA's
Lifestyles Award series.

City: San Marcos
Category: Capacitors
CSI Capacitors makes the high voltage capacitors that help medical, industrial
and communications equipment perform miracles everyday. Our capacitors provide
the power that defibrillators and medical lasers use to save lives and improve
life. Our high-tech film capacitors drive many of the high-energy industrial and
communications devices used in today and tomorrow's networks. Our pulse and
energy storage capacitors are part of the next generation equipment that is
being developed today in our country's national laboratories.As new capacitor
technology becomes available more and more companies are looking to CSI for HV,
AC and DC Capacitors to meet their strigent capacitor applications. CSI
capacitors have established a reputation in a number of Industrial and
Commercial markets. Today our capacitors are found in many products that touch
daily human activities such as: Defibrillators, Lithotriptors and Medical
Lasers. Our products are also utilized in systems that operate each day around
us like, Ignition, Lightning Testing, Magnetizing, Marx Generators, Radar and
other systems that improve and secure the environment we live in.

City: Bensenville
Category: Fasteners
CSM is small enough to be responsive to your special requirements and large
enough to handle all your high volume requirements. We package in any
carton/weight to meet your handling needs.Located in Bensenville, IL near O'Hare
International Airport makes shipping by any means economical and prompt.

City: Harrison
Category: Industrial, Hand & Leather Tools
Since 1826, the Osborne family has dedicated itself to providing the very finest
of industrial hand tools, leather working tools and upholstery tools. Ably
assisted by employees who average over ten years of service to the company, the
seventh generation of the Osborne family still manages the firm and continues
the tradition requiring strict adherence to the highest standards of quality and
service. This dedication continues to put the best possible industrial tools in
the hands of the professional.

City: Dayton
Category: Wireless Products
C-Spec Corporation, manufactures, and markets high-speed point-to-point and
multi-point wireless networking solutions.Established in 1984 as a mainframe
communications software design firm, C-Spec Corporation has grown into a
full-service provider of hardware, software, installation, and training for
domestic and international clients. In 1990, C-Spec realized the need to provide
a complete product offering of both hardware and software.In 1994 C-Spec
Corporation began developing and marketing wireless bridges and routers. Contact
one of our staff for more information about C-Spec Corporation and Over LAN(r)

City: Auburn
Category: Polymeric Materials
CSP Technologies is commercializing new-patented materials derived from an
entirely new class of polymers. CSP engineers the polymers to control small
molecule transport through the materials. The underlying proprietary enabling
technology allows for the creation of microscopic co-continuous interconnecting
channel morphology throughout a solid polymer structure. These channels provide
pathways that facilitate migration of substances through the polymer, thus
enabling a host of exciting new applications.

City: Irvine
Category: Computer Products
CSS Laboratories Inc was founded in 1984 by a management team sharing
uncompromising quality standards, years of experience in the computer
manufacturing industry, and a wealth of innovative ideas.We are an ISO9001
global manufacturer and supplier of desktop and server solutions, rack mount
computers, custom design and development services, and network integration
services. We offer businesses and government agencies the convenience of
innovative customization and flexible configurations. Using our research and
development capabilities, CSS Laboratories provides tailored solutions to the
Federal Government, New York State, local and city governments, the US Navy,
NASA, the telecommunications and broadcast industries.

City: Norwalk
Category: Power Tools
CS Unitec specializes in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for
construction and industry. Innovation and high quality are synonymous with CS
Unitec's power tools. In 1991 the company invented the first pneumatic portable
band saw. In subsequent years the company has added to its list of industry
firsts with the widest range of portable magnetic drills, hand-held hydraulic,
pneumatic and electric concrete core drills, core bits, air concrete saws,
hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws, air chain saws, air hack saws, pipe
saws, reciprocating saws, saw blades, concrete grinders, sanders, polishers,
surface finishing tools, corner drills, nut runners, portable nibblers, drills
and drive units, air torque wrenches, rolling motors, rotary hammers, drill
motors, dust extraction tools, vacuum systems, wall slotters, tuck point
grinder, 9" cut off saw, concrete grinders, angle grinders, mixers, mixing
machines, mixing paddles and metal finishing tools.

City: Victor
Category: Vibration Analysis Products
Our mission is to offer the widest variety of vibration analysis hardware
products, which are compatible with data collectors and online monitoring
systems, as well as the tools for installation. Our products reflect the inputs
of our customers and distributors around the country and around the world. Every
CTC product is designed and tested to meet the "real world" demands of the plant
environment. We pride ourselves on designing industrial products, which reflect
the inputs and needs of our customers. We believe that this philosophy has been
the foundation of our success and will continue to be the source of our future
growth. We hope that as you look though our website you will find products,
tools and services that you have been seeking, which fill the gap in your
vibration monitoring program. We welcome your input and suggestions for any
product that is not documented in our website or catalog. We always appreciate
the opportunity to work with dynamic customers who are striving to achieve
better and more efficient vibration measurements.

City: New Hartford
Category: Specialty Coatings & Adhesives
Tech LLc produces specialty coatings and adhesives that are instantly hardened
or "cured" with the application of light or heat. CtechCH technology provides
unique chemistry and equipment that enables rapid assembly and coating.

City: Deerfield Beach
Category: Flow Monitors, Meters & Switches
Leading manufacturers of Flow Monitors, Flow Meters, Flow Switches, and Excess
Flow Valves for 35 years.Flow Switches (also known as Flow Monitors and Flow
Sensors) give switch contact at a predetermined flow rate. Flow Meters provide
varying electrical output with fluid flow. Excess Flow Valves are normally open
valves that close automatically at a predetermined flow rate.We specialize in
the lower flow ranges (i.e., 120 SCFM air, 20 GPM water, or less). Flow Switches
have fixed and adjustable models. All categories have a variety of flow ranges
and pipe sizes.

City: Loveland
Category: Material Handling Integrators
In addition to servicing our growing base of customers, one of C Tek's key
activities is partnering with System and Material Handling Integrators to
maximize the flow and functionality in those operator interface areas of major
projects.C Tek, using the American Pro-PipeTM System, specializes in the design
and creations of lean, customized areas for manual assembly, work cells,
material transport, kitting, packing and shipping operations.

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