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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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instructions to download the complete database.

Previews of data we have available:

City: Houston
Category: Gaskets, Molded Elastomer & Machined Plastics
For over 20 years we have been serving industries such as Chemical Processing,
Oil and gas, Semiconductor, Pulp & Paper, and many others for their entire
gasket, molded elastomer, and machined plastics needs.At CTG we strive to
continually foster and enhance our partnerships with our customers through a
combination of exemplary service and efficient production, providing a superior
experience that will improve your operations. We look forward to the privilege
of serving you for all of your gasket, machined plastics and metal, molded
elastomer needs, and PTFE processing needs.

City: Dayton
Category: Cables
Cables To Go delivers the highest quality connectivity products to resellers via
direct sales and through key distributors such as Tech Data and Ingram Micro.
Our innovative and timely solutions are the result of more than 20 years of
industry experience. Whether it's a standard product or a custom cable, we are
your expert source for all of your connectivity needs. We use the finest
components and the latest construction technologies to maximize cable
performance and ensure compliance to industry specifications for each cable and
its designated application.>From PC Cables and Adapters to Networking and Data
Sharing products, we deliver the best products at an always-competitive price.
In addition, we keep packaging simple to let you customize the final sale to
your customers to ensure a superior connection every time.

City: Great Neck
Category: Digital Content Creation
Established as a privately held company in 1995, Compu Tech International (CTI)
is a Solution Provider for a wide variety of corporate, government, educational,
health and public service sectors. Initially, the Company focused on providing
storage systems to the digital content creation (DCC) industry - systems that
were designed and built for very demanding users in 24/7 environments.
Leveraging on the experience gained from successfully serving this market, CTI
expanded its operation to offer full turnkey audio and video editing stations
for sale through A/V dealers in the US. Furthermore, we began cultivating solid
relationships with IBM and a host of other major multimedia hardware and
software vendors. These relationships, along with our ever-growing expertise,
allowed us to offer a full gamut of services - from design through
implementation and installation to support and training. Ultimately, what we
deliver to the customer is only as much (or as little) as they actually require.

City: Stratford
Category: Human Machine Interface Products
CTI Electronics, a Connecticut Corporation, was founded in February 1986, with
the goal of becoming the premier resource for high reliability, operator input
devices. In addition, CTI could be counted on as a reliable partner in
developing new products and providing long-term support and availability. Our
products are based on our extensive experience that includes, among other
resources, access to patented technology.

City: Tracy
Category: Microscopes
Headquartered in Tracy, CA. USA, The Microscope Depot is a leading distributor
and manufacturer of microscopes, lenses, microscopy cameras, video inspection
workstations and video micrometer software.Since 1995 we have specialized in
microscopy and video inspection, particularly digital and video based systems.
If you have a unique application, be sure and give us a call as only a fraction
of our available products are listed on this web site. If you're looking for
microscopes, magnifiers, digital or video camera systems, or lab supplies, we've
got it all!

City: Elk Grove Village
Category: Low Vision Products
Coil is recognized as a world leader in precision low vision products. As part
of the Carclo group of companies we have over sixty-five years experience
serving the opthalmic and industrial optics markets. Throughout this period COIL
has researched, developed and manufactured low vision aid magnifiers and created
one of the most comprehensive product ranges available.At Coil we believe that
good design is founded on total understanding of function.

City: Westminster
Category: Predictive Maintenance Products
CTRL Systems is a leading inventor, developer and manufacturer of
non-destructive, predictive maintenance products including ultrasonic sensors
and software. The company provides cost-saving "turnkey" solutions to
engineering, operations, safety, quality control, and maintenance departments in
several industries including aerospace, health, petrochemical, manufacturing,
and the military.Since the company's inception in 1989, the CTRL R&D Team has
developed a series of unsurpassed ultrasonic sensors and systems that diagnose
the condition of vehicles, industrial machinery, and mechanical components. The
performance and quality of CTRL's products are affirmed by such events as NASA's
selection of the UL101 ultrasonic sensor for maintenance and leak detection on
the International Space Station and all of the Space Shuttles, and use of the
UL101 by the US Military and several large and small-sized industrial companies
throughout the world.

City: Elkhart
Category: Electronic Components & Sensors
CTS Corporation designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of electronic
components and sensors, and a provider of electronics manufacturing services
(EMS), primarily serving the electronic needs of original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs).CTS product lines serve major markets around the world,
which include the automotive, computer, and communications markets, with a wide
range of products, services, technologies and capabilities.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Microwave & RF Amplifiers
CTT provides a wide variety of microwave and RF amplifiers and subassemblies.
The company specializes in power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers for
military, industrial, and commercial applications. CTT also supplies many
subassemblies for cellular and PCS base stations, LNA, SSPA, up/down converters
and transceivers for LMDS and digital radios. Our high standards in quality and
service have delivered award-winning products to gratified customers.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Digital And Home Entertainment Projectors
Optoma Technology Inc a subsidiary of Coretronic Corporation is a global
manufacturer of high-resolution digital and home entertainment projectors for
consumers, businesses, education, professional audio video (Pro AV), and CEDIA
(Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) channels. Headquartered
in the heart of Silicon Valley, Optoma Technology, Inc. was founded in 1991 and
has quickly become an industry leader in high-resolution projection and digital
display products.Thanks to our cutting-edge optical engineering expertise and
dedication to superb product quality, Optoma's innovative products are carefully
crafted to incorporate the latest refinements in video display technology, and
have gained the loyalty, respect, and trust of our extensive network of OEM's,
dealers, distributors, VARs, major consumer electronics retailers, and Internet

City: Chino
Category: CNC Machines
Cubic Machinery Inc was started in 1991. In the beginning, the tight knit crew
specialized in retrofitting and building custom CNC machines for customers in
plastic/rubber, automotive, aerospace and glass industries. Along the way, we
build up the experience and expertise to engineer the kinds of CNC machines that
can satisfy many different customers at once. We do that by always striving to
reach the right balance of quality, reliability and affordability. Our current
product line of gang tool turning centers and Swiss-type automatics is the
culmination of this effort. We hope you'll let us prove it to you.

City: Carson City
Category: Blade Servers & Systems
Founded in 1975, Cubix Corporation LLc has been manufacturing blade servers and
blade systems for corporate data centers since the inception of
microcomputers.Blade systems featuring Pentium 4 blade servers and dual Xeon
blade servers are Cubix's latest offerings.Cubix is a vertically integrated
manufacturer with electronics production, mechanical fabrication, system
assembly and facilities for testing and configuring blade server systems in its
factories in Carson City, Nevada. Cubix has a D&B 5A1 rating.

City: Beaverton
Category: Electro-Mechanical Components
We are more than just a collection of people running a business. We are people
with a simple vision - that of helping our customers. As an importer and
distributor of electronics components, we are here to help the Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the design engineer. They can benefit from
knowledge we have gained through more than 30 years experience in international
electronics parts procurement. We hope to "raise the bar" for service, integrity
and forthrightness, when dealing not only with customers, but also with
suppliers and employees. This is, in effect, an attempt to run the business with
the aim of glorifying God in all that we do.

City: Cleveland
Category: Metal Products
Cumberland Industries Inc founded in 1952. Cumberland specializes in supplying
your metal product needs. Cumberland supplies steel, stainless, aluminum,
copper, brass, grating and expanded metal, titanium, aerospace materials, and
plastics. Cumberland prides itself on being a specialist in hard to find items.

City: Vineland
Category: Vacuum Pumps
Mechanical, Diffusion and Blower vacuum pump fluids.Exhaust, Oil and Inlet
filters for all makes and models of vacuum pumps. Cumberland Vacuum Products
manufacturers the highest quality vacuum fluids available today. Molecular
distillation of premium base stocks has produced vacuum grade lubricants and
fluids that are recognized world wide for their performance and consistent

City: Avon
Category: Suntactic Foam Flotation & Insulation Equipment
Founded in 1980 by noted materials scientist Dr. William R. Cuming, Cuming
Corporation provides innovative materials including syntactic foam flotation and
insulation equipment for the offshore oil and gas industries and microwave
equipment for the electronics, telecommunications, defense and aerospace
industries. Our three Avon, Massachusetts plants and New Iberia, Louisiana plant
feature state-of-the-art manufacturing process equipment. We engage in extensive
research and development activities and testing to provide customers with
cost-effective, creative materials solutions. We offer a full-service approach,
from engineering to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of our
products. Our experience and investment in quality allow us to guarantee
customers that Cuming Corporation materials will perform as designed. And our
success is borne out by these results - average compound sales growth rates of
nearly 50 percent every year since our founding!

City: Meriden
Category: Filtration Products
CUNO is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a
comprehensive line of filtration products for the separation, clarification, and
purification of fluids and gasses. Its proprietary products include uses in the
healthcare, industrial, and drinking water markets. The Company operates a total
of eight manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil,
and Australia, and has sales offices throughout the world. The need for
filtration is estimated at nearly $3 billion worldwide, and filtration markets
are currently growing at a rate of 7 to 8 percent annually.

City: San Jose
Category: Internet Telephony Products
The Cu Phone USB Internet Phone is light and compact and is the perfect solution
for placing Internet phone calls.Optimized design created specifically for
Internet phone calls. Compatible to Skype, Net2phone, Delta3, Dial Pad, Xlite,
MSN...USB Video Phone that works together with your regular phone and handset.
When you use your regular phone for a call, you can add video at any time. Cu
Phone also enables your regular phone to be used as an Internet phone.

City: East Haven
Category: Pressure Laminates
Current Inc is a leading manufacturer of laminated sheet, laminated rods,
laminated tubing, spacers, and standoffs in various grades and sizes. Phenolic,
epoxy, silicone and melamine are some of our resin systems. Current Inc. also
manufactures carbon fiber sheet, tubing, rod, molded parts as well as ESD
G10/FR4 materials.In addition to our main product line, we can perform Custom
fabrication and secondary machining and fabrication to better qualify these
products to your specific needs. We also offer competitive pricing on screw
machine parts made from nylon, Delrin, Teflon, and phenolic.

City: Irving
Category: Surge Suppression Filter System Products
For more than a quarter century, engineers and power users have confidently
relied on Current Technology surge suppression filter system products to
safeguard their facilities' systems from the damaging effects of electrical
power surges.Current Technology products are designed, manufactured and marketed
by Danaher Power Solutions, a subsidiary of Danaher Corp. (NYSE: "DHR"), which
has 18,000 associates in more than 20 countries around the world.

City: Provo
Category: Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses
Our Company is a world-class manufacturer of custom and standard cable
assemblies and wire harnesses for OEM and reseller customers in the computer,
industrial, and communications equipment industries worldwide. We offer the
highest quality copper, coax and fiber optics assemblies, all manufactured in
the U.S.A. We have now expanded our services to all industries utilizing copper,
coax and fiber.We specialize in superb customer service, prompt turnaround times
and the best competitive pricing in the market. We can build cable assemblies
and wire harnesses to your specifications or accurately reproduces your samples.
We can also help provide engineering with documentation in electronic or paper

City: Milwaukee
Category: Terminal Blocks, EMI/RFI Filters
Curtis Industries has been manufacturing current carrying devices for over
seventy years. Our design experience combined with dual manufacturing
capabilities in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Nogalas, Sonora, Mexico, creates a
product that is of the highest quality in a timely and affordable package. Our
value-added capability combines our engineering expertise with unmatched
workmanship to meet the demands of your customer.Curtis Industries offers design
and engineering services in the production of custom devices whether it is
terminal blocks or Emi/RFI Filters to meet the many agency requirements on a
global basis required for that end product.

City: Dodge City
Category: Gearboxes & Gear Cases
Curtis Machine manufactures right angle straight bevel and spiral bevel
gearboxes and gear cases, parallel shaft speed reducers as well as off angle
bevel gear drives.

City: E Farmingdale
Category: Control Systems
Curtiss-Wright Corporation has a long history with its roots dating back to the
Wright brothers' first flight in 1903. We have continued on the path that they
began as a company, which was centered upon engineering, and have applied that
expertise to a number of markets. Our engineering capabilities, in addition to
our ability to provide metal treatment services and manufacture products within
high tolerances, has resulted in our ability to position ourselves successfully
within niche markets where we can earn what we consider to be attractive profit
margins. We have taken these strengths to several markets in which we have
established three business segments: Motion Control, Flow Control and Metal

City: Springfield
Category: Pin & Block Universal Joints
Curtis is a leader in the manufacture of pin and block universal joints for
industrial, commercial and military application markets in the U.S. and abroad.
Curtis Universal has been a power transmission components specialist since 1935
designing precision Take Apart universal joints to allow for disassemble and
reassemble universal joints without the usual abuse of the joint. Used on
everything from Trident submarine periscopes to hospital beds, steel mill
machinery and robotic arms, Curtis precision Take Apart universal joints are
engineered for easy installation and a longer working life. Our experienced
power transmission components specialists will design and manufacture these
power transmission components to meet your performance objectives and individual
gear requirements.

City: Manchester
Category: Antennas
Cush Craft Corporation, a Manchester, NH based supplier of application specific
enhanced performance antenna products and solutions, is proud to announce the
acquisition of Optimal RF, a San Diego based designer and developer of high
performance wireless communications and networking antenna products and
solutions. Cush Craft Corporation acquires all assets of Optimal RF in the
transaction including existing products, designs, IP and equipment.

City: Laurel
Category: Cable Assembly & Wire Harnesses
Custom Cables is proud of its reputation as a premium supplier of electrical and
electronic cable assemblies meeting the needs of a variety of clients over a
wide spectrum of industry. Meeting your custom layout requirements and in-house
scheduling is our specialty.Custom Cables provides for both the government and
commercial sectors. >From digital electronics, electrical control and sensing
systems, to telecommunications components, we deliver the highest quality
products and components available anywhere.

City: Huntsville
Category: Bonding Wire Products
Custom Chip Connections Inc Founded in 1990 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA is one
of the largest suppliers of fine Al Bonding wires in the world. This facility
manufactures the complete range of bonding wire products.

City: Alcester
Category: Magnetic Components
Custom Coils is a custom magnetic design and manufacturing facility that
specializes in building transformers, inductors and coils. All of our products
are custom designed & built to satisfy each of our customer's requirements. Our
website is a sampling of the products we have experience and knowledge of;
simultaneously promoting and demonstrating our design and manufacturing
capabilities. We have extensive knowledge in designing and manufacturing
numerous types of transformers such as high voltage transformers, power
transformers, isolation transformers, current sense & pulse transformers. We
pride ourselves in producing designs that are not "off the shelf", yet are
designed so they can be produced in very large quantities with the highest level
of quality. Another key area of expertise is in the design and manufacturing of
inductors. Custom Coils has the ability to manufacture power inductors, high
current inductors and air core inductors. These types of inductors are often
used for common mode chokes, antenna coils, and switch mode power
supplies.Custom Coil's manufacturing has the ability to build many different
classes of magnetic components. We have the manufacturing capabilities to build
lamination, toroidal, and ferrite core magnetic products. We offer many
different attachment options such as flying lead; screw terminals, PCB pin
mount, and surface mount attachments. The large investment in manufacturing
capital equipment gives Custom Coils the ability to do specialized products such
as air coils and antenna coils up to 16 inches long. We still offer rare winding
methods such as universal and pi winding. Our total manufacturing winding
capabilities and design experience add up to a quality supplier that can deliver
custom built magnetic components reliably and on time.

City: Riverview
Category: Cable Assemblies
Cables Unlimited is a high quality manufacturer of standard and custom cable
assemblies, adapters and electromechanical wiring harnesses for computer, LAN,
communications, automotive and medical equipment.Our diversified production of
cable assemblies and connectivity products covers not only computers and
networking, but also a full range of other High Technology industries. Our goal
is to become Your One Stop Oem Source for all your Copper, Fiber and wire
harness requirements.Our specialty is Cable Manufacturing to Customers Spec. We
know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we are ready to work hard
to win and maintain your loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to

City: Cleveland
Category: Electro-Mechanical Devices
Custom Connector is a privately held corporation established in 1969 with
headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Its manufacturing and distribution
functions are conducted out of two facilities also located in Cleveland.All
products are available for sale through our network of factory-authorized
distributors. A complete list of the distributors in each market area may be
obtained from the factory.

City: Chatsworth
Category: Switches
Custom Control Sensors manufactures standard and custom switches for the
industrial and aerospace markets. CCS's leadership in skilled design, testing,
manufacturing, and service for high performing reliable pressure switches has
set the standard for the entire industry for over 50 years. CCS's capabilities,
coupled with the snap-action spring principle, allow us to provide high-quality
switches that satisfy market preferences around the world. The products and
technologies we have developed are the result of years of experience in working
with our customers and designing switches that meet their specific packaging,
functional, performance, and vibration requirements. With over 200 worldwide
sales representatives, customer service, and manufacturing facilities in three
countries, Custom Control Sensors is positioned to support customers with
complete global design and manufacturing services.Custom Control Sensors'
switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a snap-action disc spring
principle. Unlike most pressure sensing devices, the snap-action negative rate
disc spring is at rest until the actuation pressure point is reached, and then
snaps into action. It snaps back when the de-actuation pressure point is
reached. The stability of this design eliminates the common causes of contact
chatter, bounce, flutter and momentary transfer resulting from severe vibration,
shock, pump ripple and temperature extremes found in many aerospace

City: Salem
Category: Aluminium Products
Custom Cut Aluminum was established in 1994 as a full service aluminum source
for the sign industry, racecar builders, roofing, truck trailer, and
architectural needs. Over the years we have, of course, grown in volume, but
have continued our original philosophy that every customer is important, large
or small. This is why we have no minimum order. We have added new products over
the years, and continue to listen to our customers needs. When it seems that
there is demand for a product we do not carry, we add it to our product line.In
2003 we purchased a building 3 times the size of our former location. It has
enabled us to diversify into other types of products, increase our volume
without extending lead times, and just plain work smarter and more efficient. We
thank you for taking time to review our products, and hope that you will choose
Custom Cut Aluminum for your preferred supplier.

City: Cary
Category: Cylinders & Valves
Custom Cylinders Inc began in 1983. Since the year 2000, Andrew A Durik,
co-founder and chief engineer, has managed Custom Cylinders Inc.We specialize in
designing and manufacturing Customized Cylinders and Valves. Industries
currently serviced by Custom Cylinders Inc include food packaging, food
processing, medical, printing, automotive, material handling systems, and
automation.Our standard "in-stock" product line consists of the Mighty-Tike low
profile round cylinder and the Mighty-Tike Gold low profile square cylinder.
These are interchangeable with many competitors' low-profile cylinders. Over 90%
of our manufacturing involves our special product designs. Because of this, we
can offer many of our special cylinders and valves at cost competitive pricing.

City: Oneonta
Category: Capacitors
Custom Electronics is the top manufacturer of high voltage mica paper capacitors
and electronic modules. Providing high reliability, specialty capacitors and
"black boxes" for commercial and military applications since 1964.

City: Hayesville
Category: Hydraulic Cylinders
Custom Hoists Inc was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders.
They include single and double-acting telescopic cylinders and single and double
acting stage piston rod cylinders. Our cylinders have been proven and are being
used in a wide range of

City: Burlingame
Category: Electro-Mechanical Products
Custom Industrial Mfg Inc (CIMI) is a manufacturer of high quality
electro-mechanical products. Under the Surecon trade name, CIMI carries a
complete line of electro-mechanical relays. In addition, we also have the
capabilities to produce custom electrical (solenoids, PCB assemblies,
transformers, etc), rubber (Silicone and Molded) and plastic products. CIMI
based in Burlingame (within the San Francisco Bay Area) and with an extensive
manufacturing experience, has established efficient techniques and processes
covering everything from the initial production to final delivery. All our
manufacturing facilities in China use total quality control (TQC) management.
Thus guaranteeing that all of our products will meet your quality standards and
specifications. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO and QS9000 certified.

City: North Manchester
Category: Magnetic
Founded in 1974 by Kirti P Shah, Custom Magnetic manufactures custom-designed
transformers and coils for the electrical/electronics industries. Custom
Magnetic produces products for a wide range of applications including audio
amplifiers, intercoms, voice and music reproduction equipment, power supplies,
test and measurement instruments, telephone communication networks, transducers
for power measurements, medical analyzers, industrial controls, etc. Many types
of transformers are produced including laminated, toroidal, ferrite cores of all
shapes and sizes, and R-Core.Custom Magnetic enjoys approximately 40,000 square
feet of air-conditioned production and office space at its main facility in
North Manchester, Indiana. Manufacturing equipment used in the various processes
includes multiple layer winders, high speed bobbin and toroidal winders, R-Core
winders, automatic lamination stacking machines, vacuum impregnation tanks,
baking ovens, and computerized test equipment. The North Manchester facility is
capable of producing transformers up to 1,000 VA and frequencies up to 250,000

City: St Petersburg
Category: Power & Sensor Products
CME is a developer of innovative product and technology solutions for federal
defense and commercial organizations. We provide hardware and software
development, fabrication, assembly, and system integration in support of our
technology.Since our inception in 1997, CME has developed a reputation as an
industry leader in Power and Sensor product areas. We work hard to meet the
needs of our customers.

City: Chagrin Falls
Category: Electrical Insulation & Components
Custom Materials Inc is the leading producer of electrical insulation and
components for all major manufacturers of electrical power generation,
distribution equipment and controls. Our components range from insulation used
in transformers, motors and motor controls to insulation for rubber preses or
even gaskets for bushings. While insulation is a core business, through our
diverse manufacturing capabilities, we also provide plastic and metal
fabrication, as well as complete sub-assemblies.

City: Longmont
Category: Wave Guide Components
Custom Microwave Inc CMI, a privately held company, located in Longmont,
Colorado, was founded in 1965 for the sole purpose of manufacturing precision
microwave, millimeter wave, and sub-millimeter wave communication hardware for
space, military, and research applications.Our 14,000 sq. ft facility houses all
personnel and equipment necessary to manufacture high precision hardware from 3
GHz to 850 GHz. In-house capabilities include RF Design, Manufacturing
Engineering, CAD Design, CNC mills, CNC lathes, WIRE EDMs, CNC CMM,
Electroforming, Plating, Painting, and Soldering.CMI complies with MIL-I-45208
and is committed to Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement. Since
1997, CMI has been a certified supplier to Boeing Satellite Systems. CMI is also
an approved vendor for most aerospace companies including Lockheed Martin,
Raytheon, Harris, NASA/JPL, and Ball Aerospace.

City: Clinton
Category: Blow Molded Parts
Custom-Pak is one of the world's largest blow-molded parts manufacturers and a
leading provider of advanced blow-molding technology. Blow molding produces
plastic structures that are stronger, lighter and less costly than competing
processes. Blow-molded parts offer a tremendous competitive advantage.Custom-Pak
designs and builds the machines and the molds that produce blow-molded products.
We remove typical limitations to give you faster results and better quality than
any other molder. Click on the links above to discover the advantages that
Custom-Pak can offer.

City: North Haven
Category: Miniature Brakes & Clutches
Poly Clutch for over half a century one of the leading innovators within the
power transmission industry, has been primarily known for its quality
manufacture of precision miniature brakes and clutches. Throughout the years we
have successfully developed motion control systems that team our unique clutch
products with appropriate small motors.So, introducing our own line of quality
electric motors seemed to be just common sense. Since our domain is in miniature
clutch and brake products, sub-fractional H.P. motors afford perfect synergy. We
now offer, "one stop shopping" for your power transmission and motion control
needs. Our engineers will work with you to find the best design for your
specific application.Polyvolt motor products feature quality and flexibility. We
offer a standard line of PM sub-fractional H.P. synchronous or reversing
gearmotors, stepping motors and D.C. gear motors supported by numerous options
including alternate voltages, speeds, shaft styles and housing configurations.

City: Westbury
Category: Infrared Remote Control
Infrared Remote Solutions Inc was founded in 1989.The company is located in
Syosset New York, where it designs and manufactures infrared remotes for many
applications. Infrared Remote Solutions supplies various types of infrared
remote controls, and receiver Decoder products. We have a wide variety of case
styles to choose from. We also offer a variety of standard, semi-custom, and
custom models. Infrared Remote Solutions is well equipped to serve all infrared
remote control needs. We utilize off the shelf enclosures with in house design
and modeling. Infrared Remote Solutions can have prototypes developed in ten
days to three weeks. We can help you to meet the tightest deadlines.Our OEM
service will supply you with any quantity of remote controls with your company
name and logo screened on the case or overlay. Custom overlays (name plates) are
available for all models. With off shore manufacturing done in Korea, Infrared
Remote Solutions offer the best quality for infrared remote controls. The latest
products include PC infrared learning systems and control software for windows.
We also offer computer remote evaluation systems and several PC based units.

City: Henderson
Category: Nylon Resins
Manufacturers of nylon resins.

City: San Jose
Category: Rotary Die Cutting
Custom Rotary Converting Inc is a contract manufacturer whose core competence is
finding cost effective converting solutions in order to produce parts for our
customers and thereby building long term, mutually beneficial relationships. CRC
will create a positive atmosphere in its customer relations and among its
employees so that the benefits will be counted in more meaningful terms than
money alone.

City: Phoenix
Category: Optics & Filters
We are world-renowned for our custom and off-the-shelf optics and interference
filters. Scientists and engineers on six continents rely on our expertise in
optical system instrumentation for their astronomy, microscopy, high-performance
imaging and spectroscopy. Optical filters for imaging are one of our
specialties.Our interference filters range from the vacuum UV, include the
visible and encompass the far IR. Bandwidths can be as narrow as one Angstrom.
Sizes range from four millimeters in diameter to 12 inches square. The
transmission spectrum for each filter is shipped with the filter as a graphical
printout and sent by e-mail as an ascii file for no additional charge.

City: St Louis
Category: Sensors
Custom Sensors & Technology is your best choice of a company that takes a
practical approach to process applications. Our instruments are standard, rugged
products suited to the industrial environment. We offer proven solutions for
your routine laboratory and process photometric & oxygen measurements.Customer
satisfaction is our mission. We do this by providing and supporting reliable,
versatile, accurate and high-quality systems, instruments and accessories.We
form strategic alliances with manufacturers of complementary products to offer
the best total solutions to our clients.

City: North Bergen
Category: Medical & Industrial Rubber Products
Manufacturers of custom made medical and industrial products in rubber and RF
sealed urethane, vinyl or coated fabrics.

City: New Ulm
Category: Electromechanical Automation
We offer a wide range of motion products to meet any application need. We bring
together leading brands in industrial and high-tech automation, including
Acroloop, Bayside, Compumotor, CTC, Custom Servo Motors, Daedal, Parker
Actuator, Parker EME (Digiplan, Hauser & SBC) and Trilogy. Designed for easy
configuration to make a complete motion system -- from miniature precision for
life sciences to overhead gantries for the factory floor -- these best-of-breed
individual components are available separately, so you can build a motion system
from the ground up, or as a complete motion system to make integration simple,
fast, and easy. High-quality products delivered when you want them!

City: Fort Worth
Category: Fabrication
We are an UL Recognized Fabricator (File No. E138585-R) that can assist you in
the definition of your requirements and offer design ideas that will maximize
your part's performance, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.Through our
extensive fabrication capabilities and material selection know-how, we have
successfully helped solve a wide range of engineering requirements for our
customers; including insulators, gaskets, EMI/RFI shielding, display lenses,
rubber feet, and many other custom applications.

City: Milwaukee
Category: Frequency Drives
Manufacturer of general-purpose industrial and commercial adjustable frequency

City: La mesa
Category: Network Storage Products
Cutting Edge is a leading provider of data storage, archiving and networking
solutions. For over 10 years many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies,
small businesses and educational institutions have counted on our solutions to
store their critical data. We are proud to be part of the GSA Federal Supply
Service with a comprehensive GSA schedule. We are also pleased to be part of
theNorthrop NASA SEWP III contract.Our list of solutions include Network
Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), Disk-to-Disk Backup, tape
libraries, RAID Subsystems, and various optical storage devices. Although most
customers' needs are matched perfectly with our pre-configured products, there
are many that require custom tailored solutions. We have a long history of
creating custom, hardware, packaging and software to meet our clients' specific
needs. A competent and diverse sales and technical team provides the strong
foundation for our sales, service, and support. Our sales and support staffs
train continuously to stay abreast of the latest technology and it's application
to customers' environments.

City: St Charles
Category: Diode Laser Components
Cutting Edge Optronics is a leading provider of high-power diode laser
components, DPSS pump modules and lasers. We are a vertically integrated
manufacturer with EPI wafer processing, packaging and laser design capabilities.
Our diode laser based products are used in a wide variety of commercial and
military applications.

City: Austin
Category: Cutting Tools
Whether your needs include a small run for prototypes, or large quantities for
production, Cutting Edge Water jet can turn your project quickly and
accurately.We can cut parts with thicknesses from .010 to 6", which is easily
accommodated, on our 6x12 foot table. Multiple cutting heads permit us to nest
parts for efficient material use. Traditional cutting methods can produce
mechanical stress, excessive heat or surface damage. Water jet cutting is
particularly effective for these applications because the process uses no heat,
provides pinpoint accuracy and cuts quickly and accurately.

City: Ronkonkoma
Category: Semiconductor Processing Equipment
CVD Equipment Corporation is in its twenty-third year of designing, developing
and manufacturing semiconductor processing equipment and quartz ware. CVD
Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of critical LPCVD, UHVCVD,
MOCVD, LPE, VPE, HVPE and RTP products and services for the Semiconductor,
Opto-electronic, Wireless Telecommunications and MEMS markets.

City: Columbus
Category: Vacuum Insulated Pipe
Chart Industries leads all other manufacturers in the number of cryogenic piping
systems engineered, fabricated, and installed in the U.S. We combine real world
experience with computer analysis to develop a system with the desired flow
rate, pressure drop, phase quality, and the best balance between performance and
economy.Chart has over 75 years of combined MVE and CVI experience in Vacuum
Jacketed Pipe applications.Chart Industries' vacuum insulated pipe systems are
designed for the transfer of cryogenic liquids at extremely cold temperatures
needed for flash freezing, aerospace applications, super conducting research,
liquid nitrogen fogging for special effects, and many more applications.

City: Albuquerque
Category: Optical Components and Assemblies
CVI was founded in 19 72, in Albuquerque, New Mexico to support High Energy
Laser Development work at Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories. CVI
entered the Research optics market and the Industrial optics market in this
decade. Notable products included components for bar code scanners. CVI
published one of the first optical component catalogs, setting an industry
standard for quality, specifications, and even a part numbering scheme which has
been imitated ever since.

City: Southampton
Category: Switches
CW Industries is a vertical manufacturer of a comprehensive line of high quality
rocker switches, slide switches, pushbuttons, IDC connectors, disk-drive
connectors, and related custom products. Complete control of all phases of
manufacturing including design engineering, tooling, plastic molding, metal
stamping, metal plating, and highly automated assembly, ensure the best products
-- quickly, reliably, and inexpensively.

City: Cicero
Category: Extruded Brass Shapes and Precision Components
Founded in 1923, Chicago Extruded Metals Company is a leading manufacturer of
extruded brass shapes, rod, bar and precision components for a variety of
industries and applications.

City: Batavia
Category: Industrial Adhesive Products
Manufacturer of high quality, industrial adhesive products and glues for a broad
range of applications and industries.

City: Cold Spring
Category: Electronic Components
Cyberchron Corporation is a privately owned and operated qualified small
business. Incorporated in 1974, the initial focus of the company was the design
and manufacture of board level electronic components for major computer
manufacturers.In the early 1980s, Cyberchron began to transition to rugged
computer systems for the military. Superior technical approaches and design
philosophies made Cyberchron responsible for many of the innovations now
utilized throughout the rugged industry.These include Intelligent System Control
(ISC), enhanced built-in-test and built-in-test equipment (BIT/BITE), dual mode
power supplies accepting concurrent AC/DC input, and monocoque chassis
construction for long-term physical stability and overall EMI protection.

City: Mentor
Category: UPS
For a quarter of a century, the people of Cyberex have been providing
innovative, imaginative, power solutions in response to customer needs.The
Cyberex commitment to excellence has been demonstrated thousands of times on
every continent - by providing the security that only comes from having truly
uninterruptible power.Our mission is to utilize the best talent and the best
technologies in the power conditioning industry to provide our customers with
optimal, cost effective solutions for their power requirements.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Category: Hardware & Software for Real-time Computer
Incorporated in 1994 in conjunction with a spin-off from the Harris Corporation,
Cyber Guard's roots extend as far back as 1967 with the founding of Data craft,
a manufacturer of hardware and software for real-time computers.In 1974, Harris
Corporation purchased Data craft and renamed it Harris Computer Systems
Division. In 1994, Harris Corporation spun off Harris Computer Systems
Corporation as an independent public company providing real-time computing
solutions and Cyber Guard firewalls.In June 1996, following the sale of the
real-time computer business, the company changed its name to Cyber Guard
Corporation, signaling its dedicated focus on firewalls and network security
solutions.In 2000, Cyber Guard introduced its first premium firewall appliance,
which became the first to achieve the prestigious and internationally recognized
Common Criteria EAL4 certification. In 2001, Cyber Guard enrolled in the Common
Criteria Assurance Maintenance scheme, ensuring that all subsequent releases of
Cyber Guard firewall product will retain their EAL4 rating. An EAL4+ rating was
achieved in 2002.

City: Sterling Heights
Category: Calibration Software
Founded in 1988, Cyber Metrics Corporation is a leading developer and worldwide
supplier of management software products and services. Cyber Metrics delivers
complete solutions that thousands of managers, engineers and technicians rely on
every day to improve quality, save time, and reduce costs. Cyber Metrics is
dedicated to providing superior open-standards software solutions that are
affordable, easy to deploy and manage, and can scale from departmental to
enterprise levels.Our diverse customer base includes hundreds of well-known
Fortune 1000 clients from every industry. Automotive customers include GM, Ford,
and Toyota; aerospace customers include Boeing, Lockheed, and Cessna; and
electronics customers include Rockwell, Motorola, Siemen Toshiba, and Panasonic.
Government and defense users include NASA, USDA, US Air Force, US Navy and US
Coast Guard. Due to the competitive pricing, ease of use, and scalability of our
software solutions, thousands of Tier-1 and 2 supplier locations also use them.

City: San Gregorio
Category: Computer Peripherals
Since 1977, Cybernetic Micro Systems has been producing a line of Application
Specific ICs to interface to a variety of peripherals that would be difficult to
control from a general-purpose computer. These award-winning chips provide a
high-level interface to the low-level functions of the peripheral, thus allowing
designers to more effectively apply themselves to the overall engineering of the

City: Minneapolis
Category: Process Control Sensors
Since 1984, Cyber Optics Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE) has been a recognized
technology leader in non-contact process control sensors and inspection
systems.>From the beginning, the company has focused on non-contact laser
sensors and three-dimensional image analysis software, quickly achieving global
recognition for pioneering optical technology. Cyber Optics Corporation has
introduced many SMT innovations including the world's first laser-based
non-contact solder paste inspection systems, on-head method of component
alignment and non-contact method for determining co planarity of leaded
components in placement machines.Today, Cyber Optics Corporation is the
recognized leader in SMT - hundreds of SMT lines employ our embedded or
engineered systems technologies. While other companies try to impress customers
with size and hype, Cyber Optics Corporation concentrates on delivering results.
Our mission is clear - provide innovative process improvement solutions that
eliminate defects.

City: Shakopee
Category: Power Protection Systems
Established in 1997, Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc. provides affordable
uninterruptible power protection products for desktop, workstation and network
applications. Cyber Power bridges the gap between simple surge strips and more
costly power protection systems.Available through authorized distributors, VARs,
retail, mail order and e-commerce resellers, Cyber Power state-of-the-art UPS
systems include advanced features in a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use
system.Since Cyber Power first opened its office in the United States, the
worldwide distribution of Cyber Power products has grown significantly. Today,
Cyber Power boasts a complete line of emergency battery backup systems for all
computer systems.Cyber Power produces the most affordable line of dependable
uninterruptible power systems and offers the most feature-rich intelligent
battery backup power protection units on the market today. Cyber Power
continuously makes feature improvements to our UPS's to bring maximum value to
the customer.

City: Branford
Category: Data Acquisition & Industrial Computing Systems
Since 1983, Cyber Research has been the leading supplier of PC-based Data
Acquisition Systems, Rack-Mount PCs, Personal Instrumentation, and Motion
Control Systems in the United States. Now, thanks to the Internet, the many
benefits of buying direct from Cyber Research are available to scientists and
engineers worldwide.Offering hundreds of products for PC-based data acquisition,
data acquisition software, industrial PC systems, instrumentation and motion
control, Cyber Research is the one-stop shopping source for scientists and

City: Forest City
Category: Production Equipment
Cyber Smith engineering has successfully designed and built production equipment
for a wide variety of industries. Our machines are producing product "around the
clock" in locations across the United States and in several other countries. So,
even if you have never heard of Cyber Smith Engineering, you are probably
familiar with the products made by our equipment.Since 1984 we have been solving
problems for our customers by designing and building innovative equipment that
is easy to changeover, easy to maintain, operator friendly, and capable of
producing millions of high quality parts, year after year. Get us involved in
the solution to one of your manufacturing problems? We will work closely with
you to engineer the best solution and provide the highest value for your
investment capital.

City: Anaheim
Category: Instrumentation Products
Preston Scientific has a long history as one of America's leading specialty
instrumentation companies. Preston Scientific has provided continuous service
and a range of excellent instrumentation products to Aerospace and many other
industries over the past 4 decades. During this time the Company has delivered a
variety of electronic products and systems for test & measurement applications
in the R & D, Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Military marketplace.
The Company was originally formed in 1958, and was reorganized in 1983.

City: Portland
Category: Industrial Joysticks & Control Grips
Cyber-Tech Inc manufactures heavy duty industrial joysticks and control grips
for the construction, agricultural, off-highway, forestry, marine and automation
systems. Our control grips are recognized worldwide for our innovative long life
'soft touch' switches and ergonomic grip design. The majority of our products
can be custom designed for your specific needs. Cyber-Tech Inc industrial
controls grips can be easily mounted to electronic joysticks, hydraulics
joysticks and electro-hydraulic joysticks, or used independently as a control

City: Daytona Beach
Category: Brazing & Soldering Equipment
Cyber Tech International builds turnkey equipment for metal joining and assembly
automation. Our 50,000-sqft facilities and well-staffed engineering department
allow us to build large automated systems and test them for true turnkey
installations.Cyber Tech is dedicated to all forms of metal joining including
brazing, soldering, welding, fasteners, and adhesives. To accomplish this we
offer complete work cell automation including automated assembly (thermal,
mechanical, chemical, etc.), robotics (Cartesian, SCARA,6-axis.etc.), material
handling (rotary, linear, overhead, vibratory, etc.), and automatic testing
(leak, torque, burst, tensile, etc.).

City: Newbury Park
Category: Touch Screens
We design and manufacture Custom and Standard Touch Screens, 4 and 8 wire Analog
Touch Screens, Digital Touch Screens, Touch Screen LCD and Touch Screen CRT
monitors, Touch Screen Systems and Touch Screen Interface electronics as well as
Touch Screen driver software for the Medical, Aerospace, Military and other
harsh-environment industries.

City: Monterey
Category: 3D Scanning Instruments
Cyber Ware manufactures a variety of instruments for 3-dimensional scanning.
Pioneered by Cyber Ware, the laser- and video-based technology can scan complex
objects in only seconds. Cyber Ware makes standard and custom design laser
scanners for many different applications. Some of these applications include
industrial design, animation, anthropology, and medicine.Cyber Ware's leading
product quickly scans a person's head. The scan produces a detailed
three-dimensional dataset of the facial features and a detailed texture map of
the surface color. The Cyber Ware Head & Face Color 3D Scanner Bundle is famous
for its invaluable use in animation and special effects. This scanner has played
a role in the movies Star Trek IV, The Abyss, Robocop II, Nightmare on Elm
Street, Terminator II, The Doors, Neuromancer, Batman II, Jurassic Park, and
many others.

City: Huntsville
Category: Computer Peripherals
Avocent was formed in 2000 from the merger of the world's two largest KVM
(keyboard, video and mouse) switch manufacturers: Apex and Cybex Computer
Products Corporation. Today, with more than two decades of experience, Avocent
is the leading global provider of KVM switching and network connectivity
solutions for data centers of all sizes. Avocent has grown through product
innovations, global expansion and strategic acquisitions. In 2001, Avocent
acquired Equinox Systems; 2C Computing was acquired in 2002: and Soronti, Inc.
in 2003. Crystal Link Technologies, OSA Technologies, Inc., and Sonic Mobility,
Inc. were acquired in 2004.

City: San Jose
Category: Petrochemical Dispense Equipments
IDI-Cybor is the world leader in supplying precision photochemical dispense and
management technology to the semiconductor fabrication industry. The company
designs and manufactures a full line of dispenses systems used in semiconductor
photolithographic processing including resist, develop, EBR, low-k, SOG and
solvent. For broader chemical management needs, we also manufacture a full line
of highly sophisticated chemical management systems ranging from custom cabinets
to bulk chemical management. Our broad line can meet the specific needs of any
customer application.The parent company of Integrated Designs, Roper Industries,
acquired Cybor Corporation in February 2000. Both IDI and Cybor are now under
common management.The acquisition of Cybor represents the fulfillment of our
strategy to supply and integrate virtually all of the components necessary for
effective and efficient chemical delivery within the fab. In these days of more
expensive and delicate chemistries, it is not enough to work with only one
technology or method. Different production requirements dictate flexibility to
respond to changing situations with an integrated approach. This is the essence
of our company.

City: Sterling
Category: Injection Molded Plastic
two experienced industry leaders who envisioned new systems to improve quality,
foster innovation and reduce costs founded Cycles Incorporated in 1984. Today,
20-years later, we enjoy a solid reputation for producing superior injection
molded plastic parts on time and on budget. We operate two state of the art
facilities with over 114,000 square feet of space, three class 100,000 clean
rooms and 33 modern machines from 5-ton to 300-ton. In the early years the
Cycles strategy was to use technology and talents to improve quality and
productivity for our diverse medical/diagnostics, consumer/industrial,
telecommunications, automotive and electronic customers. The focus was on
understanding their needs and installing the best equipment and systems to meet
or exceed those needs.

City: New Haven
Category: I/O Controllers
Cyclone Microsystems is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance
Intelligent I/O Controllers for embedded and real-time systems. Cyclone's
products effectively manage high-speed real-time data flows and I/O protocol
processing, allowing the system's host processor to focus on primary application
tasks.With many types of embedded systems experiencing the impact of escalating
LAN and WAN data flows, Cyclone's products are used in many industrial sectors,
including telecommunications, video-on-demand, medical imaging, broadband
networking, security, and industrial process control.

City: Strongsville
Category: Bore Cylinders & Accompanying Valves
Since 1958, the Gardner-family-owned Cylinders and Valves, Inc. has been
meticulously building and supplying high quality small bore cylinders and
accompanying valves. The production of a dependable, hard-working product is a
family tradition never more important than today.

City: Westlake Village
Category: Surge Protection Devices
The Cylix Corporation is the industry's leading innovator, designer, and
manufacturer of data line surge protection devices, including power over
Ethernet (PoE).Founded in 1987, Cylix Corporation's invention of the 3-D
Balanced Array Protector earned industry recognition and set the "gold standard"
in communication line surge protection. Our state-of-the-art avalanche diode
technology provides high-speed, high-energy handling capability in a compact,
in-line design for easy installation providing an effective solution for
stand-alone or structured environments.Our surge protection systems safeguard
against harmful and potentially disastrous surges and spikes frequently caused
by lightning strikes, brownouts, electrical load switching, faulty wiring and
downed power lines.

City: San Jose
Category: Display Graphics Systems
OcÚ Display Graphics Systems brings together leaders in wide-format
technologies, including ANA graph, Cymbolic Sciences, Onyx Graphics and Raster
Graphics, to offer a range of solutions specifically designed for the
print-for-pay, wide-format service provider. OcÚ Display Graphics Systems is a
business group of the Strategic Business Unit Wide-Format Systems, of OcÚ N.V.

City: San Diego
Category: Excimer Light Sources
Cymer, the world's leading supplier of excimer light sources, delivers the deep
ultraviolet (DUV) photolithography sources that are essential to today's
semiconductor marketplace. Known for its highly narrowed bandwidths, higher
processing speeds, and reliability, Cymer light sources are key in enabling
technology which has allowed the semiconductor industry to meet the exact
specifications and manufacturing requirements for volume production of today's
most advanced semiconductor chips.Designed to be highly reliable and compatible
with existing semiconductor manufacturing processes, Cymer light sources enable
the required resolution, depth of focus, and critical dimension control required
to image semiconductor circuits.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Optical Engines
CyOptics designs, develops and manufactures optical engines for broadband metro
and access communications solutions. The Company's primary focus is to maximize
component module functional density/price$ by providing modules that are 5 times
smaller than the current industry standard modules and require less electrical
operating power. High volume production is enabled by using a highly flexible,
"nano-tech" capable robotic manufacturing that delivers high uniformity and low

City: Austin
Category: Cables & Connectors
Cypress Industries was founded in Austin, Texas by individuals with a shared
vision of creating a different ... better ... kind of manufacturing business. We
envisioned a company in which exceptional customer and employee treatment are
the norm, and one in which our smaller clients receive as much attention and
service as our larger clients. Our aim is to deliver the best products, the best
service and the best value in the industry.

City: Rancho Cucamonga
Category: Magnetic Amplifiers & Assemblies
An Engineer, to serve the special needs of the aerospace industry, formed
Cypress Magnetic in 1974.We have since grown and now have multiple locations
around the world to serve you.Make Cypress Magnetic your One-Stop shop for:
Rapid Design, Development and Production of Inductors, Transformers, Micro
Coils, Magnetic Amplifiers, and Assemblies and most of all Quality Service and
customer support.

City: San Jose
Category: Wired & Wireless USB Devices
Cypress solutions are at the heart of any system that is

City: Oakland
Category: 3D Laser Scanning Systems
The HDS Division of Leica Geo systems AG is the world's leading vendor of 3D
laser scanning solutions for as-built, detail, engineering and topographic
surveys. The division's advanced High-Definition Surveying(tm) scanners,
software and turnkey systems are optimized for accuracy, versatility,
return-on-investment and ease-of-use. In addition to these products, Leica also
provides the industry's most comprehensive customer support as well as referrals
to the industry's largest and most experienced network of service providers. The
division was originally founded in 1993 as Cyra Technologies. Leica Geo systems
acquired Cyra in 2001.

City: Rockaway
Category: Acrylic Polymer Products
The leader in innovative specialty acrylics, CYRO Industries manufactures and
markets Acrylite acrylic sheet and acrylic polymer products to existing and
emerging markets in the Americas. CYRO was originally formed in 1976 as a joint
partnership between Cytec Industries and R÷hm GmbH & Co., KG. CYRO became a 100%
subsidiary of Degussa Corp. in June 2005. Headquartered in Rockaway, NJ, CYRO
has four manufacturing facilities located in Maine, Connecticut, Arkansas, and
Louisiana. Degussa manufactures and markets PLEXIGLAS(r) sheet and polymer
products throughout Europe and Asia.

City: Penfield
Category: Automated Switching Systems
Cytec Corporation is a privately held business incorporated since 1980 and
located in upstate New York. We design and build more than 25 different
Switching Systems as well as many Custom Switching Systems to meet our client's
requirements. Engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution are all located
here to ensure that our customers receive a top quality product that is
delivered in a timely manner. A staff of talented sales engineers work closely
with clients to make certain that each switching system requirement is
completely satisfied. We engineer our products on a case-to-case basis to meet
your specifications, provide for future expansion and maintain a competitive
price. All products are thoroughly tested before shipping and come with a
standard 5-year warranty. We are justifiably proud of our history in the
switching system industry, which dates back to the mid 1960's and includes many
innovative ideas and designs.

City: Congers
Category: Cable Assemblies & Connectors
Welcome to the new CZ Labs Website - We offer the finest in solutions for Cable
Assemblies, Connectors, Category 5E & 6, CATV and much much more!!!Today CZ Labs
is selling, developing and marketing the latest data comm products for Cat 5, 6,
7 and beyond. CZ Labs markets it's products through wholesale distributors in
the security/CCTV, computer/data comm, audio/video and cable/satellite TV
markets. Marketing is also done with general line electrical and electronic

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Air Filtration Systems
Clean Zone Technology LLc is a Colorado company that provides a full range of
contamination control strategies and technologies to a worldwide customer base.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Photo Plotting Products
D03 Inc was founded in April of 1997 by several well respected, seasoned
veterans of the Photo plotting, Reprographics, Solder paste-stencil & PCB
industry in Silicon Valley.Our main product is the production of film tools for
the PCB industry, but we also excel in Data Conversion and front-end CAM setup
for manufacturers.

City: Santa Barbara
Category: VoIP Products
D2's mission is to accelerate the adoption of Voice over IP technology by
providing the highest quality and most cost effective software and system
solutions to the industry. We accomplish this by innovating and advancing our
VoIP solutions and making them widely available to semiconductor and system
manufacturers worldwide.

City: Carpinteria
Category: CNC Lens Production Equipment
DAC International's mission is to supply the best machines, backed by the best
service, to laboratories making lenses that solve vision problems worldwide. DAC
International's mission is to supply the best machines, backed by the best
service, to laboratories making lenses that solve vision problems worldwide.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Wire & Cable
Manufacturers of wire and cable products.

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