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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: White Marsh
Category: Communication Solutions
Rockwell Collins EW-Sigint designs and manufactures high performance SIGINT
electronic instruments and subsystems using microwave, RF and digital signal
processing technologies. These instruments and subsystems cover the frequency
spectrum of DC to 110 GHz.Rockwell Collins develops innovative solutions to meet
Comint and Elint signal intercept and processing applications for military
users, system designers and integrators, and the intelligence community.
Rockwell Collins has been developing Electronic Warfare technology since the

City: Whippany
Category: Microwave Products
For more than 36 years, Herley has been supplying solid, innovative, and
sophisticated RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems to the
defense and aerospace industries.Growing through internal expertise, strategic
acquisitions, and alliances, Herley today offers a strong portfolio of products
across the entire microwave spectrum. Evolving from a component supplier to a
systems provider, we work closely with prime contractors, the U.S. government,
and governments and militaries worldwide to provide a range of solutions for
radars, flight instrumentation, weapons sensors, electronic warfare systems and
guidance systems.A strong focus on product upgrades, R&D and new product
development enables us to maintain technological leadership to the benefit of
customers worldwide. In both engineering and production, we maintain
state-of-the-art capabilities to ensure continued leadership and the ability to
deliver on the increasingly complex and intelligent capabilities required for
defense and aerospace applications.

City: Chester
Category: Loudspeakers
Community Ibox is a new 16-model range of installation loudspeakers offering a
straightforward approach to implementing arrays, clusters and distributed
systems with just two sizes of discrete enclosures. The premium quality, large
format systems are ideal for sound reinforcement in stadia, multi-purpose sports
facilities, houses of worship, nightclubs, bars and live sound venues.

City: Janesville
Category: Filtration Equipments
Como Industrial Equipment Inc was founded on vision and service. In 1959 Founder
Harvey Schade had the vision to apply axial flow, rolled media, depth bypass
filtration to passenger and light truck engines. The results were dramatic,
extended engine life and oil drain intervals were recognized by individual and
fleet vehicle operators and an industry was born.Following the innovative path,
Harvey recognized the true value of this filtration technology to industry. He
directed Como product development to solve long standing particulate
contamination problems with industrial fluids like hydraulic oil and gear lube.
Even with full flow filters, machines are exposed to fine particles that plague
industry with costly machine failures, and even more expensive production down
time. Again, recognition of value and economic benefit, has created another
successful market.Harvey has carefully conveyed leadership and technology to his
management team, lead by CEO Douglas S. Schade, and is enjoying a richly earned
retirement. Como has grown, over the years, to provide an extensive array of
Industrial fluid recycling, and waste stream mitigation tools.

City: Holbrook
Category: Enclosures
Compac Development Corporation, established 1976, is the only manufacturer that
specializes in meeting your RFI/EMI shielded enclosure requirements.Compac
offers an extremely versatile line of off-the-shelf shielded enclosures plus the
additional capability of customizing our standard product lines, manufacturing
to your specs, from prototype to production.To further support the design
function Compac offers a broad selection of RF accessories, gaskets, coaxial
attenuators, coaxial terminations, filter feed-thrus, connectors, mounting bars,

City: Westminister
Category: Pneumatic Automation Components
Design engineers across the globe are selecting Compact Automation Products LLc,
a member of the International Motion Controls (IMC) family of companies. Through
our proven ability to deliver quality automation components we are leading the
industry in selection, innovation, quality and experience, through a worldwide
distribution network.Located on 7.4 acres in Westminster, South Carolina,
Compact Automation Products LLc New 32,000 square foot, fully automated
manufacturing facility is capable of providing you with custom engineered
products and sub-assembly solutions faster than anyone in the industry.Compact
has been designing and developing products for over 25 years. We have
manufactured over 22,000 custom design configurations. From repositioning port
locations to 100% custom, we engineer solutions to meet your unique design
requirements. Our expertise, coupled with high quality standards, enables us to
provide you with superior automation solutions.

City: Santa Ana
Category: CNC Machines & Tools
We have over 25 years of CNC machine building experience. We were NC pioneers in
the days of "The Bandit" control, retrofitting hundreds of knee mills and engine
lathes. We were one of the first builders to use the "Fagor" family of
controllers. We designed and built cross slides for thousands of Hardinge
lathes. Our GT-27 turning center became a staple among 5C precision machine
users. Introduction of polymer-based machine frames placed CMS in a small group
of precision manufacturers worldwide, with the likes of Studer, Realmeca, and
Hardinge. GT-Xpress, GT-Xcel and the Toolcrafter represent the culmination of a
lifetime of experience building small machines of exceptional precision and

City: Midlothian
Category: Mil-Spec & Commercial Products
Compaero employs a unique and effective method to bring the entire universe of
National Stock Numbers, Mil-Spec and Commercial products to customers throughout
the world. Our purchasing agreements with literally thousands of quality
component manufacturers and their authorized distributors give you immediate
access to the widest cross-section of products available. All products are
supplied with complete Certification of Compliance and full traceability to the
manufacturer is available upon request. Quality control inspection procedures
are carefully monitored and documented under the terms of Mil-I-45208A assuring
you the highest possible quality and accuracy in the processing of your order.
Delivery of these products is expedited on a daily basis so that shipment can be
made within 1 to 7 business days from various shipping points around the
country. Orders are shipped via Fedex Ground Prepaid and allowed within the
continental United States. Fedex Ground tracing information is provided with-in
one hour of pick-up through our Customer Service section.

City: Sidney
Category: Compressed Air & Gas Systems
CompAir is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of compressed air and gas
systems, our range of products and services include the most efficient range of
compressors on the market today. CompAir's compressors, equipment and services
are in use across the globe providing economic, clean, quality and reliable
compressed air and gas for almost every conceivable application.>From general
industry, offshore, oil-free, construction, high pressure marine to gas
compression, CompAir has a product range including rotary screw, oil-free, vane,
piston, and portable compressors, ancillary products and services to satisfy all

City: Alsip
Category: Automatic Welding Equipment
Established in 1963, Compakomatic has long been recognized as a manufacturer of
high quality precision manufactured equipment for use with the fusion welding
processes (MIG, TIG and Plasma). In the early days, Compakomatic built its
reputation around solving high production and extremely demanding applications
by designing and manufacturing compact automatic MIG (GMAW) welding components
for use in the automotive market. In an industry where resistance welding was
king, the Compakomatic automatic wire drive units, welding guns and motion units
allowed tooling designers and engineers to utilize the MIG welding process in
area that previously were not accessible because of the bulky physical size of
the then "State of the Art" equipment available. The name Compakomatic was
originally chosen to represent this new style of "compact automatic" equipment.

City: South San Francisco
Category: Resilent Flooring
Flooring alternatives continue to increase in number and complexity. There are
many flooring decisions to be made and products on the market. Initially you
must consider the type of flooring, the design, the colors, and other factors.
You must also consider the installation schedule, the ongoing maintenance of
your flooring and ultimately whom you will entrust with your flooring
selections.Compass Concepts Inc is a distributor of high quality resilient
flooring. We specialize in offering many of the world's best flooring materials
and related services at an affordable price. From selection through
installation, to after-sales service, Compass assures that your floor will
provide years of reliable use.The purpose of this web site is to leverage the
internet and modern information technology to assist you in researching,
selecting and purchasing resilient flooring acording to your particular

City: Santa Clara
Category: Precision CNC Machining
Our mission is to make things happen when time is your enemy.Tim Miller began
his career as a machinist in Silicon Valley in 1975, and established Compatible
in 1990.Focused on quality and speed his mission was to develop an internal
working environment and external resource relationships that support fast turn
around. From the beginning, he recognized and exploited the advantages to be
gained through new technology. Tim is also a firm believer in giving every
employee the tools, training and support he or she requires to do a first-class
job in as short a time as possible, and to reward them well for a job well done.
As a result, he has surrounded himself with champions. These folks are not here
just for the paycheck. They love their work and it shows, in a consistently
superior product.

City: Melrose
Category: Semiconductor Devices
Microsemi Corporation is a semiconductor manufacturer specializing in
system-engineered integrated circuits and high reliability discrete devices to
support its steady growth and profitability.A long-time supplier of
high-reliability discrete components to military and aerospace customers,
Microsemi has transformed itself into a global supplier of high performance
analog, mixed-signal integrated circuits and high reliability discrete
semiconductors that manage and regulate power, protect against transient voltage
spikes, and transmit, receive and amplify electronic signals.Microsemi serves
premier companies in five broad markets: mobile connectivity,
notebooks/monitors, medical, defense/aerospace and automotive.

City: Medford
Category: Microwave Capacitors
Our continuing philosophy of specializing exclusively in single layer parallel
plate microwave chip capacitors has enabled Compex to attain a position of
leadership in this area. We now offer the broadest variety of chip types, sizes,
values and tolerances available today. This along with individualized attention,
quality and on time delivery has helped create a wonderful bond of loyalty
between Compex and our many customers both domestically and internationally.We
look forward to continuing to provide you, our customer, the product, quality,
service and delivery so vital to your success.

City: Tualatin
Category: Thermal Imaging & Analysis
Compix Incorporated has been in the business of developing and selling Infrared
thermal imaging measurement products since 1981. Over the years we have earned a
reputation as a leader in providing accurate, reliable and cost effective
thermal measurement solutions to our customers. Compix is committed to
continuing to provide our customers with the highest value products and best
pre- and post-sale support in the industry. We look forward to discussing your
thermal measurements and thermal viewing requirements. Please contact us to see
how we can help you.

City: Woodstock
Category: Software Products
Compliance Technologies Inc (CTI) is a Georgia corporation with offices near
Atlanta. Established in 1992, CTI provides high-quality consulting services to
process industries and other companies.CTI was founded on the premise that
experienced and highly qualified consulting services can be provided to
government and industry without the costly overhead of large multi-national
firms. We have many years of combined industry experience and possess the
expertise and ability to provide tailored maintenance implementation services,
process safety management and engineering services to meet your specific
requirements.In addition to our consulting services, we offer proprietary and
custom software products to boost the productivity and effectiveness of your
facility maintenance and your safety management systems.

City: San Diego
Category: Safety Test Equipment
Originally founded as a product safety consulting firm in 1983, Compliance West
has been manufacturing Hipot and ground continuity test equipment and other
manufacturing related products since 1992. This was a direct result of the
customer's satisfaction. Customers satisfied with the level of expertise and
professionalism of Compliance West's consulting service, continually asked if
Compliance West could provide a complete solution for their product safety
requirements. Soon it became evident that Compliance West not only offered
superior service, but it began to develop a superior line of test equipment as
well.In November of 1997 the product safety consulting portion of the business
was sold to Nemko, a Norwegian product safety governing body, and became Nemko
Compliance West. The founding principals retained the trade name Compliance West
USA for the manufacturing portion of the business. Both businesses operated
autonomously under the same roof until June of 1999 when Compliance West USA's
management realized the need for further expansion.

City: Stoneham
Category: Interconnect Products
Harwin is a world class company offering its clients world class quality in the
design and manufacture of electronic interconnect solutions.Whether you require
standard, 'off-the-shelf' connectors and components, bespoke connectors,
insertion machinery or a total interconnect solution from design to delivery,
Harwin's unique mix of specialist interconnect expertise, experience and
capability is unsurpassed.Our 50-plus years' experience, and our global network
of manufacturing, sales and support centers and distributors, make us uniquely
equipped to meet the specialist needs of the world interconnection
market.Working closely with clients large and small - including many global
market leaders such as Celestica, Smiths Aerospace, BAE and Solectron - we offer
a personal, solutions-based service centered around absolute commitment to
quality and customer care.

City: Camarillo
Category: Interconnection Systems
Manufactures interconnection systems.

City: Odessa
Category: Stripline Resistors and Terminations
We at Component General, Inc. take pride in giving our customers more than just
a high quality product at a fair market price. We also provide a service --
specialized attention to individual requirements. >From inception in 1974,
throughout the growth years and today, customer satisfaction is the prime
concern of Component General, Inc.We manufacture a broad line of stripline and
coaxial resistors, terminations and attenuators. We also maintain our own
machine shop for making special request parts. With in-house test equipment, the
following tests are performed per customer requests and also for verification of
the performance of our products.

City: Hadley
Category: Sealing Products
Component InterTechnologies Inc (CIT) began in 1956 as Glass Tite Industries
(GTI) helping solve the critical volume production problems of sealing
glass-to-metal for the then infant semiconductor industry.

City: Electronic Component Kits
Component Kits LLc manufacturers and sells Electronic Component Kits used for
professional OEM engineering design, prototype, university lab, and hobbyist
uses. We specialize only in component kits, offering what we believe to be the
best quality, most complete, comprehensive, and competitively priced engineering
design kits available in today's marketplace.Since our electronic component
offering focuses on component kits, our company is driven only by our customers'
needs, without special regard to the fluctuating market prices of the components
within them. This is an important distinction, simply because there is not
another company around that specializes solely in component kits that can be
used by both professional and amateur designers. Most of our competitors, (ie.
catalog distributors), offer watered-down kits which usually ends up
short-changing the average customer. No matter how high or low the market
conditions are driving component prices, your dollar will go a lot farther when
buying a kit from!

City: Schaumburg
Category: Pedestal Bases
Component Products Inc started in 1988 as a local supplier of Octagonal Cast
Iron Pedestal Bases, serving traffic wholesalers of Illinois.In 1990, we
expanded with the addition of a square pattern for Aluminum and Cast Iron Bases.
This line was complimented with an inventory of Aluminum and Steel Poles. 1992
brought the acquisition of the Tucker Company, which enabled us to increase our
product line and expand our scope of operations throughout the United States and
Canada. At the same time, we acquired all the inventory and patterns from
Traffic Control Technologies out of Pennsylvania. This included all of the
Crouse-Hinds patterns for bases, cabinets, and hardware.

City: Garland
Category: Component Feeding And Handling Equipment
Component Express Corporation builds electronic component feeding and handling
equipment for circuit board assembly and semiconductor back end operations.

City: Erie
Category: Composite Products
Composiflex specializes in the design, development and manufacture of advanced
composite products. In our modern 34,000 square foot facility Composiflex has
the equipment and knowhow for a variety of composite processing technologies;
among them, press and autoclave curing, thermoplastic processing, filament
winding, vacuum bagging and resin transfer molding. Composiflex's processing
technology combined with our design and material selection capabilities enables
us to rapidly fabricate prototype parts for new product development at a
reasonable cost. We fabricate parts to print or work with your engineering staff
to design and develop new products.For ten years Composiflex has been
fabricating a diversity of high performance composite products. Among the many
commercial applications are composite x-ray table tops for medical radiography;
lightweight ballistic armor for military aircraft, ground vehicles and personal
use; carbon and glass/thermoplastic composites materials for thermoformable
products such as knee braces and orthotic inserts; products for the sports
industry; composite springs and filament wound shafting and couplings for
industrial markets. Composiflex takes pride in our ability to manufacture high
volume products economically.

City: Attleboro
Category: Semiconductors & Motion Control Components
Manufactures power semiconductors and motion control components for industrial,
military and medical industries.

City: Lake Forest
Category: Safety Test Equipment
Com-Power Corporation has been a supplier of technical solutions for the
electromagnetic compatibility (EMI / EMC ), telecommunication ( Part68 ) and
product safety (UL /IEC/CSA) testing since 1989.Com-Power line of EMI test
equipment can be used for testing products for radiated emissions, conducted
emissions and immunity from DC to 40 GHz to meet the various national and
International EMC standards. The same products can help design and test
engineers debug their products before taking it to a test lab for final
compliance testing.In addition, Com-Power offers a complete system for testing
products that interface with public telephone network in the United States and
Canada. The test set was designed meet the requirements of Telecommunication
Industry Association (TIA) and Electronic Industry Alliance standard
TIA/EIA/IS-968 (formerly FCC Part68) and Industry Canada CSO3 Standard.

City: South Hackensack
Category: Cable & Connectors
When the A/V and multimedia market was just beginning, Comprehensive was
there-publishing our first small catalog of accessories and supplies. Over the
years, the Comprehensive catalog became a "must have" for every video and audio
professional and our Comprehensive brand cables became legendary.30 years and
millions of satisfied customers later,Comprehensive continues to be the 1 source
for interface and multimedia products and our cables continue to be the industry
standard for premium performance and reliability.

City: Hagerstown
Category: Air Compressors & Pneuamtic Systems
CAS provides Sales, Service, Training, Installation, Repair, and Design
Engineering for all of your Pneumatic applications including Rotary Screw,
Rotary Vane, Reciprocating and Diaphragm type Air Compressors, from fractional
through several hundred horsepower. CAS offers products such as Lubricants, Air
Dryers, Air Filters, Receiver Tanks, Pneumatic Valves and Drain ValvesWe service
all makes and models and provide Consulting and Engineering services for new
Compressed Air and Pneumatic Systems, as well as existing systems.

City: Moosic
Category: Extrusion Products
Growth can be deceptive, transient or both. But successful, stable, planned
growth can only occur in an environment where the mandate to anticipate-and
meet-the needs of customers is continually encouraged.Over the years, the growth
of CPC/Vycom has been guided by a careful integration of state-of-the-art
science, cutting edge thermoplastic sheet manufacturing technology, and decades
of "application experience." Much of this experience is the result of on-site
field work and analysis of customer operations by our engineers and
specialists.Today, our 57-acre Moosic, Pennsylvania complex is the most highly
automated facility of its kind in the world. Virtually every step of our
manufacturing process-from the custom blending of resins to extruding and
compression molding sheets-to finishing and loading operations-is microprocessor
controlled. This assures optimum efficiency, economy and quality in every foot
of sheet produced for our customers.

City: Denver
Category: IT Solutions
Compri Consulting is an award-winning information technology services firm
providing IT solutions to private sector companies and government agencies. Our
primary service offerings include project outsourcing solutions and technical
staffing of IT personnel resources. Compri is Colorado's premier high-tech
staffing solutions provider.Our unique Guarantee and our consultative approach
with both clients and consultants set us apart from the competition. We are
sincerely committed to the success of our clients and the career growth of our
consulting staff.

City: Mt Gilead
Category: Automation of Data Collection Processes
Compsee Inc provides Hardware, Software and Integration Services for the
Automation of Data Collection Processes.As a nationwide provider of turnkey
solutions offering manufactured and distributed hardware, systems integration
and value-added services, Compsee's technical sales personnel and support staff
are dedicated to implementing the right solution to match each customer's needs
and requirements.Call on Compsee's staff to assist in the design and
specification phases of a project, as well as the installation and
implementation phases.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Interface Cables
Formerly CompuCable Manufacturing Group, Addlogix has been in the computer
industry since 1979. The company is the first dedicated manufacturer and
distributor of interface cables. In 1995, we added another member to our family,
Multimedia Accessories Limited, a distributor of professional audio and video
products. In 1997, our newest division, Tools Direct, Inc., arrived. This
division is dedicated to provide high quality tools and tool kits for various
computer, network, and data communication applications.At Addlogix/CompuCable,
we have been servicing our clients with excellent customer service and products
that are researched and designed specifically to the needs of the industry. Our
expertise in designing specific problem-solving products has attributed to
CompuCable Corporation's rapid growth. This growth, in turn, has given us the
opportunity to better serve not just the data communications industry but also
the multimedia and computer tools industry.

City: City of Industry
Category: Computer Cases
For years, Compucase has been manufacturing state of the art computer cases,
Rackmount and mobile server cases, and power supplies. We now manufacture
barebone computers and LCD flat panel displays.

City: Los Gatos
Category: Photomask Products
At Compugraphics, we make photomasks. We make them with maximum cost
effectiveness and to the highest quality. We make them for customers around the
world. We shape customer specific solutions for both leading edge and mature
technologies in the semiconductor, optoelectronics and microelectronics
industries.In fact, we are one of the world's leading and most experienced
merchant mask makers. We have a unique reputation for service and cost
efficiency - and for delivering the accuracy, quality and reliability of product
and service that our customers need.

City: Monroeville
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Compunetics Inc designs, manufactures and markets printed circuit boards through
its Advanced Interconnect Products Division, Printed Circuit Boards Division and
Global Products Division.The Advanced Interconnect Products Division meets the
demands of non-traditional high-density, high speed interconnect products and
serves the markets which require high-end electronic interconnect devices. These
include flexible circuits, first level packaging substrates, multichip modules
and multilayer printed circuit boards.The AIP Division is committed to active
research and development in the fields of advanced interconnection networks and
complex information processing systems.

City: Bartlett
Category: Software & Hardware Products
Compuquest Inc founded in 1983, Compuquest Inc develops and manufactures
software and hardware solutions for wireless, text messaging, VoIP telephony,
SMS, instant messaging, unattended monitoring, email, internet technologies,
security and access control, financial, and other applications.

City: Commack
Category: Organic & Synthetic Chemicals
CBC (America) Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBC Co Ltd and part of a
global network of Import Export, Trading and Distribution companies,
strategically located through out the world. We are the largest organization
among other CBC sister companies and involved in the production of organic and
synthetic chemicals, CCTV security products, multimedia computer peripherals,
commercial floor coverings, plastics and resins. With sales and distributions
centers in New York and California, we are able to meet the needs of the North,
South and Central American markets.

City: Tustin
Category: Rackmount Chassis & Power Supplies
In recent years, we have also acquired manufacturing capabilities. We make
rackmount chassis and rackmount power supplies in our factories in Taiwan and
China. Our automated rackmount chassis production line can produce over 2,000
high quality rackmount chassis in one day. We have offices in US, Australia,
China and Taiwan. All our factories in Taiwan and China are ISO 9001 certified.

City: Sacramento
Category: Computer Products
Since our inception in 1983, we have proudly helped pioneer the desk top
computer industry worldwide. We began by supplying hand assembled cables for
printers and modems to computer stores in California who sold the Altos, Apple,
Atari, Radio Shack, Osborne and other popular computer brands of that era. We
were not aware that the IBM Corp. was about to introduce the first Personal
Computer now commonly known as the PC. We were the first small business in the
Sacramento area capable of designing, assembling and installing RS232 serial
cables and most other cables that allowed the desk top computer to communicate
with peripheral devices and the outside world. We provided cables and products
to many of the government agencies and California Universities who developed the
Arpanet, which became the Internet and thus, the World Wide Web. We have

City: East Northport
Category: Converters
Over 30 years engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of resolver / synchro
/ lvdt converters for Industrial, Military, and commercial concerns. Broadest
line of isolated converters in the marketplace, resolvers, geared resolvers,
rotary Absolute Encoders and readouts, Incremental and Absolute Encoders,
Programmable Limit Switch Controls, and an entire line of VME, ISA, PC104, STD
bus compliant isolated converter modules, and cards. Quality assurance program
conforms to MIL-I-45208. Specialty high reliable position feedback sensors and
interface, absolute position retrofits, environmentally tolerant, heavy duty and
explosion proof position sensors, and Multiturn Absolute Encoders.

City: Greenville
Category: Industrial Flat Panel Monitor
Incorporated in 1981 in upstate South Carolina, Computer Dynamics, Inc. (CDI)
originated as a board-level supplier of STD Bus products for industrial
automation and control. Our extensive electrical engineering capabilities led to
the development of our first PC-compatible 808x- based single board computers
capable of driving flat panel displays. Driven by customer demand, we introduced
the first flat panel display computer and monitor systems in the early 1990s. In
striving to be your chosen industrial flat panel monitor manufacturer and
industrial computer provider, we continue to expand the capabilities of these
platforms to include the widest range of open-frame and enclosed systems for the
industrial environment available.In January 1999 CDI joined the General Electric
Company with our acquisition by GE Fanuc Automation Americas, Inc.,
headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. In January 2004 CDI united forces with GE
Fanuc's Embedded Systems group to create an enhanced solutions offering. GE
Fanuc combined the product lines of VMIC and RAMiX (acquired July 2001 and March
2003 respectively) to form the Embedded Systems group headquartered in
Huntsville, Alabama.

City: Cupertino
Category: Data Protection Products
Computer Engineering & Solutions has started the business since 1995 and
currently is located at 7871 Creekline Drive, Cupertino, California. We
specialize in sales, service and support of small to large scale tape backup
system, pc/network/internet virus protection and security software, CD writer,
CD copier, diskette/hard disk drive duplicator, HSM (Hierarchical Storage
Management) systems for major networks, and other related products. We are ready
to assist computer users and network administrators by providing strong
technical staffs and by stocking award-winning products from Computer Associate,
Veritus, Legato, Novastor, McAfee, Symantec, Dantz, Adic, HP, Exabyte, Quantum,
Tangberg, WangDat, WangTek, Yamaha, Sony, Smart & Friendly, Pinnacle, Phillips,
Plasmon, APC.... etc. Discount available for government/school/ non-profit

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Electronic Locking Systems
Saflok is a global leader in developing and manufacturing superior electronic
locking systems, access management systems and in-room safes for the
hospitality, multifamily, commercial and government markets.Saflok understands
the critical needs of our diverse customer base because we listen and work
together to solve their needs. Using the latest technology, our experienced team
of designers and engineers is able to translate those needs into customized
applications that will add value to your company.>From initial sales to
aftermarket support, Saflok's experience, stability and depth of resources
enable us to provide solutions that will help you achieve greater security,
efficiency and flexibility in your daily operations, thus adding to your bottom

City: Santa Clara
Category: Video Capturing & Processing Systems
Company History We began in the Silicon Valley in 1982. We maintain a low
profile but are one of the 10 largest companies in our field according to the
Silicon Valley Business Journal. We are owned by an EE who is a former Intel
Marketing Manager and have been profitable since day one. In 2001, we moved to
San Diego to find sanity. The valley had created too many hardships for a small
focused reseller.

City: Hudson
Category: Optical Products
Computer Optics Inc (COI, Inc.) is a vertically integrated precision optics
company. We are committed to providing our clients with the optical design
experience they need to establish their application specifications and to design
an optical system that meets their design needs, then to manufacture that system
at the best price without sacrificing performance. We manufacture your custom
optical systems, here, in our 25,000 square foot facility, in Hudson, New
Hampshire.COI has the experience and processes to provide you with the lenses
you need. Contact COI whether you need a stock fixed focal length lens or a
fully customized infrared zoom lens. Contact COI whether you need a
high-resolution telecentric lens or a FLIR system. Contact COI whether you need
to design a new product or inspect one you are currently manufacturing. Contact
COI for target acquisition or cost-reduction.

City: Cambridge
Category: Traffic Surveillance Systems
Computer Recognition Systems (CRS) is an International company with its
headquarters in Wokingham, England. We specialise in traffic surveillance
systems. Many of our traffic surveillance systems incorporate our world leading
licence plate reading technology (lpr, alpr) and is used in our world-leading
NRS product. The NRS processes data from both high-resolution digital cameras
and analog video cameras and has the highest read performance available. NRS
works with visible and infrared illumination during nighttime reads most
countries' plates and can even determine the vehicle's make. The NRS handles all
types of communication including wireless GSM and wireless GPRS and wired LAN,
PSTN, ISDN and ADSL. The NRS is complete with integral SQL database, extensive
self-diagnostics and remote control.

City: Plymouth
Category: Fiber Connectivity Products
Founded in 2003 with the acquisitions of Computer Systems Products (CSP) and
Americable, Inc., APA Cables & Networks combines the passive optic technology
expertise of its founding members and parent company, APA Enterprises, to offer
its customers a personalized approach to their cable and network requirements.
The company has become a documented leader in optical performance, harsh
environment performance stability and port density.By listening closely to the
needs of its customers, APA Cables & Networks designs cable management solutions
to the precise requirements of the application. The APACN Fiber Distribution
System offers panel density from 12 to 288 ports as well as a suite of
complementary products including WDMs, DWDMs and passive optical components. In
addition, APA Cables & Networks provides a complete line of fiber and copper
assemblies for controlled and outside plant environments.

City: Anaheim
Category: Automatic Test Equipment
CSTS' commitment is to offer a full spectrum of quality products and
technologically advanced services for a wide variety of applications and
industries. Since 1983, CSTS has maintained a strong position within the
national and international marketplace, covering both the commercial and
military electronics industries. Our products and services are designed to
support military and commercial applications. Industries applicable are
aerospace, computer, telecommunications, automotive and all related industries
worldwide. CSTS has selected personnel with a great deal of technical experience
and a broad range of disciplines to meet all your electronic engineering and
manufacturing support requirements. Our expertise includes: electronic and
electromechanical design, fabrication, automatic test equipment, contract
services, software development and hardware implementation, CAD/CAM design and
program management.

City: Corona
Category: Storage Solutions
Founded in 1986, CUC is a full service storage integrator. We offer consulting,
integration, and support services enabling companies to be successful in today's
digital network economy. Founded in 1986 CUC's data storage designs, address
Enterprise and Small Medium Business (SMB) while CUC's Broadcast division offers
solutions specifically for Digital Broadcast, Post Production and Editing
markets. CUC's industry savvy, skills and reputation has been honed over 19
years and 1000's of installation in a wide range of industries such as:
Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, Government, Broadcast and
Communications.CUC's data storage designs support Disaster Recovery, Business
Continuity and Data Protection objectives and integrates with emerging
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Regulatory Compliance applications

City: Houston
Category: Automated Welding Equipment
Computer Weld Technology designs and manufactures automated welding equipment
and quality control devices used in industrial welding applications, including
automated welding fixtures and robotics.Computer Weld Technology is located in
the northwest part of Houston, Texas and our primary function is providing
solutions to industry for automating, controlling and monitoring the welding
process. These solutions manifest themselves in the form of products designed
and manufactured by CWT and technological assistance provided to our customers
as a result of extensive research and development.

City: Olathe
Category: Data Collection Equipment
ComputerWise, a privately held U.S. based corporation founded in 1971 as a
provider of off-the-shelf as well as custom software and systems for the
manufacturing marketplace, has since 1981 manufactured factory data collection
systems and equipment. Our product line consists of compact keyboard/display
units, networking hubs (TIM1B) and concentrators (TLD2), plus application
software.Today ComputerWise manufactures a wide-range of data collection
terminals, both stationary and portable, as well as Ethernet based terminals and
our EC205 Ethernet Time Clock and EC205-FP Biometric Time Clock. These products
are sold primarily through value-added re-sellers, vertical market software
houses, and also to large sophisticated end-users.

City: Mount Prospect
Category: Display Monitors
Computron Display Systems Inc is a manufacturer of high-resolution video display
monitors for the medical, industrial, and military markets. The Company was
founded in 1981 and is located in Mt. Prospect, IL, a Chicago northwest
suburb.The Company acquired KG Rear Vision from Kanematsu USA, a Japanese
trading company in June 1999. KG Rear Vision produces and distributes cameras,
monitors and video recorders for surveillance and collision avoidance used in
large vehicles in the waste industry. With growing concern for transportation
safety, market growth opportunity for this division is significant. KG is also
developing systems for the school bus and railroad industry, including the
capacity to record and store images. Recent accidents at crossing gates have
brought nationwide interest in KG video technology.

City: Brooklyn
Category: Professional Test and Measurement Equipment
Manufactures Professional Test and Measurement Equipment.

City: Acton
Category: Broadcast Equipment
Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation
in 1961. Our product line has consistently applied the best in current
technology to the specific needs of broadcasters.>From the time of our founder
John Cheney's first products in the early 1960s, Comrex has had a long tradition
of providing a very down-to-earth answer to a universal broadcast need -
bringing high quality audio into the studio from virtually anywhere,
economically, at a moment's notice.

City: Houston
Category: Data Transmission Products
Comspec DPI provided the communications hub for the National Federation of the
Blind, Mount Everest Expedition Team. In mid April 2001, the team discovered
that straight Internet links from the mountain were unreliable and expensive.
They started using the ffastestsPC-HSD batch mode file transfer system for all
e-mail and large data file transfers of pictures and voice recordings. In
Houston, we pass the Team's e-mail and data to the "" Web Master
for loading on their Web Page. We provide the Team with current news daily. They
receive about a 20-page news, weather, and sports summary each day at a
transmission cost of about $1.00. Didrik Johnck, the Team Communications man
indicates that changing to the "ffastests system" has improved reliability,
increased throughput, and significantly reduced their daily satellite
communication expenses.

City: Melville
Category: RF & Microwave Amplifiers
Comtech PST Corp. (CPST) designs, develops, and manufactures solid-state
high-power amplifiers. We serve a variety of domestic and international high
technology markets including defense, wireless and satellite communications,
cellular and PCS instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility testing, and
medical testing systems. Our design and manufacturing strength rests with
supporting high-quality, high-mix, and high-complexity amplifier requirements
with engineering talent that has over 200 years of combined RF Amplifier design
experience. Located in Melville, NY, Comtech PST's facility is a modern, 46,000
square-foot structure that provides office space for our corporate office as
well as engineering and manufacturing for the Comtech PST Division.

City: Warwick
Category: Wireless Communication Products
Comtek Communications Technology Inc provides the best value and highest quality
in wireless communication products for broadcast and studio applications,
wireless microphone systems, intercom systems, cueing and IFB, tour guide
applications, remote wireless monitoring, language translation systems,
classroom amplification systems, and assertive listening devices (ALD's).

City: Glendale Heights
Category: Antennas
Comtelco Industries is a premier supplier of quality antennas for
telecommunications. We offer a complete line of base station antennas, yagi
antennas, mobile antennas, wireless internet antennas, sector antennas, panel
antennas, GPS antennas, portable antennas, plus antenna accessories including
antenna mounting hardware, cables and connectors.

City: Whitinsville
Category: Wire & Cable
Comtran Corporation was established in 1985 has become a leader in the wire and
cable industry in stocking inventory with over 600 products on the shelf in
Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas and California. Our products are stocked in 1000
foot reels and easypac cartons. Other special putups are available upon request.

City: Maple Grove
Category: Data Communication Products
Comtrol is the product leader in data communications products for office,
industrial, hospitality, and retail automation markets. Comtrol products include
in-server multiport cards and modems, Ethernet-attached hubs, and programmable
device and application servers. These are sold through more than 50 regional,
national, and international distributors and thousands of resellers and
integrators worldwide.

City: Clifton
Category: Glass Mercury Tilt-Switches
Robert P. Romano, our President, to manufacture glass mercury tilt-switches,
founded Comus International in June 1978. Bob was successful and soon the metal
mercury switch and, ultimately, the patented non-mercury switch were
developed.Today, Comus International is a leading manufacturer of tilt and
tip-over switches, motion/vibration sensors and float switches, and has an
excellent reputation for quality and service. Based in Clifton, New Jersey,
U.S.A., Comus has become a world leader in the design, development and
manufacture of a wide variety of sensors and sensor-related products.
Applications are found in such diverse areas as medical equipment, automobiles,
steam irons, alarm systems and even the Arch of St. Louis.

City: Olean
Category: Polyurethane And Epoxy Resin Systems
Cytec - Olean, a division of Cytec Industries Inc., is a specialty formulator of
polyurethane and epoxy resin systems. We have manufactured quality Conap
products since 1958 and proudly hold an ISO Certification to

City: Buffalo
Category: Temperature Sensors
Conax Buffalo is the industry leader in the design and fabrication of standard
and custom temperature sensor assemblies, pressure/vacuum sealing assemblies and
related accessories. From thermocouples and RTDs to thermistors, temperature
transmitters, thermowells,and fiber optic temperature sensors. Conax Buffalo
offers a wide range of standard and customized temperature sensing and sealing
devices for industries ranging from process control to aerospace. A complete
line of pressure/vacuum mechanical sealing glands and assemblies includes
compression fittings for probe and wire sealing and gland technology for optical
fiber sealing.

City: Matthews
Category: Industrial Flow Controls
American Lubricator and Brass Co and Sterling & Skinner Manufacturing Co two
established Detroit-based manufacturers of brass valves and fittings, merged in
1928. They adopted a new name, Consolidated Brass Company, and Conbraco
Industries was born. After 75 years, Conbraco is an American success story
that's still being written.Despite a weak economy in the early years, Conbraco
thrived, driven by a spirit of innovation and a shared commitment to hard work
and teamwork. That energy enabled the new company to succeed. Demand for valves
and flow control products in new materials, designs and sizes were on the
increase and Conbraco responded.Twenty-five years after its founding, Conbraco
began planning a major expansion. The company bought land outside Charlotte,
N.C. in 1955 for a new headquarters, plant and foundry. It took five years to
build, but in 1960 Conbraco moved its entire operation south.

City: Mars
Category: Metal Products
At Concast, we can trace our roots back to 1891, when we began production of
brass and bronze ingot in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1960, Concast has been producing
continuous cast products. Forty five years of history have led to today's high
standard of excellence. Our experienced and knowledgeable team continually
refines the process, always pushing toward even greater improvements.In Mars,
Pennsylvania, Concast has been producing copper alloys in bar and tube form
since 1989. In 1995, the company acquired the Birmingham Ohio facility and
expanded its product line to include Aluminum Bronze and Manganese Bronze.
Concast is an industry leader as a single-source supplier, offering both Leaded
Bronze and Aluminum Bronze products to our customers.

City: Arcadia
Category: Industrial Tools
Concentric introduced the now universally accepted design that offers less
overhang, lower bearing and periphery speeds, plus automatic thrust adjustment
and compensation for workpiece "growth" or shrinkage with protection from
jamming.Concentric has never sacrificed the quality inherent in its original
design, but has achieved continuous improvement. We believe that those who
appreciate the long life and super accuracy of Concentric Live Centers also
appreciate our maintaining this high standard of quality while meeting the
challenge of today's escalating costs for material and labor.

City: Portsmouth
Category: Thermal Processing Systems
Founded in 1987, Conceptronic is the pre-eminent worldwide supplier of thermal
processing systems used in the electronic component and SMT (surface mount
technology) circuit assembly industries. We are a key supplier to such
multi-national giants as Ford/Visteon, Chrysler, Hitachi, Motorola, Olivetti,
GVC and ASE.Conceptronic's reputation for producing dependable, high-performance
products is "second-to-none". This has been a result of "listening" to our
customers, developing advanced technology and providing superior customer
support.Our primary products are conveyorized thermal systems that operate below
400° C. These systems incorporate advanced computer control to apply and remove
thermal energy with great precision. The method used to apply and remove heat is
a specialized form of forced convection. We call it, "conical high velocity gas
impingement". Our technology is uniquely capable of operating at an extremely
high flow level (for maximum thermal efficiency) without inducing component
movement. Our most powerful system can process products with a maximum width of
45-inches / 114cm and a maximum weight of 200-pounds/90.7 kg.

City: Virginia Beach
Category: Pressure & Flow Control Products
Concoa's foundation and history are its products that are engineered for
excellence. Concoa's bridge to continued market exposure and expansion is its
marketing and media web.Augmenting and enhancing the personnel and resources of
this web of support requires seeking the best in personnel and communication
vehicles. Concoa continues to add personnel whose depth of experience span many
years of gas and equipment applications. This depth of industry experience
assures both loyal distributor and their end-users that knowledge and
applications expertise will be used to formulate total solutions for future
opportunities.Communicating Concoa's quality product has been accomplished
through engineering and manufacturing networks.

City: New York
Category: Electronic Components
Manufacturer of Electronic Component Hardware, Interconnects & Test Accessories.

City: McHenry
Category: Tool & Die Automation
Concorde Tool Inc. is your supplier in Illinois for precision tool and die,
automation CNC machining, grinding, metal stampings, wire EDM, progressive dies,
secondary tooling, jigs, fixtures and high quality precision tools and dies.

City: Ann Arbor
Category: Single Board Computer Products
Established in 1985, Concurrent Technologies has become a leader in the design
and development of high performance innovative single board computer products
for VME and CompactPCI® open systems utilizing the established Intel® Pentium®
and Motorola® PowerPC® processor families. Our products are used extensively in
defense, telecomms, industrial, scientific and transportation applications.

City: Newtown
Category: Digital Weight Indicators
Decades of field-proven performance have made Condec a leader in precision
instrumentation for measurement and control of weight, torque and pressure. We
design, manufacture and distribute a rugged and dependable product line that
includes digital weight indicators, pressure indicators, digital pressure
calibration standards, pressure intensifiers, and mechanical and digital
pressure controllers. Our commitment to providing our customers with
industry-leading products is enhanced by 100% guaranteed customer service and

City: Oxnard
Category: Power Supplies
Since its founding more than twenty years ago, Condor D.C. Power Supplies, Inc.
has grown to be a respected worldwide manufacturer of innovative, high-quality
power supplies for medical, communications and industrial electronic OEMs. Our
success is based not only upon quality products, but also upon our people-people
who are dedicated to working with you to solve your engineering, manufacturing
and procurement challenges.We are a part of SL Industries, a AMEX-listed
corporation with more than 2,300 employees. SL Industries' sole focus is on the
$10 billion power and data quality (PDQ) market, and SL products include power
supplies, precision electric motors and controls, UPS systems, power
distribution units, and utility monitoring systems. Condor is the acknowledged
world leader in power supplies for medical applications, in addition to offering
an extensive range of commercial ac-dc switching and linear power supplies with
output ratings from 7 to 6000 watts.

City: Santa Barbara
Category: Avioincs Interface Products
Condor engineering is a leader in the design, manufacture, marketing and support
of high-quality, cost-effective, data communications solutions for avionics. Our
product portfolio includes test, simulation and production interfaces for
Commercial (ARINC, AFDX, CSDB) and Military (MIL-STD-1553, MMSI) avionics
databuses.Founded in 1989, Condor Engineering is headquartered in Santa Barbara,
CA, and is supported by a worldwide network of manufacturer's representatives
and distributors. Condor boasts a proud history of developing quality-engineered
products that meet the rigorous requirements of the commercial and military
avionic sectors. Condor's commitment to high-quality products is reinforced by
our industry-leading three-year warranty.Condor is an innovative leader in the
avionics industry, providing interface hardware, software, tools, and support
for embedded, test and simulation applications. From your very first contact
with our professional and energetic staff, it will be clear that Condor
Engineering is a unique organization. Customer satisfaction is Condor
Engineering's single most important corporate objective. Our commitment to total
customer satisfaction, superior product quality and exceptional service has
earned our reputation as an exceptional design and manufacturing organization.
Condor Engineering's extensive product and service portfolio offers flexible
solutions to avionics interfacing challenges.

City: Longmont
Category: Digital Recording And Playback Systems
Since 1996 Conduant Corp. has become the leader in ultra-fast, long duration
digital recording and playback systems for scientific research, military and
instrumentation applications. Conduant's hard disk-based recording/playback
systems offer a much faster, substantially more cost-effective solution over
older, instrumentation-grade tape media technologies. This affords Conduant a
significant competitive advantage over the status quo recording systems. For the
first time in history, hard disk pricing per gigabyte has dipped below the
equivalent tape media cost per gigabyte, giving customers a compelling,
alternative choice for their recording and long-term storage needs-hard disks.
Conduant is positioned to take advantage of the change from instrument grade
tape to hard disks.

City: Arlington Heights
Category: ESD Packaging
As the only charter member in the ESD Association who deals solely in static
protective packaging, CCI has been involved in the protection of static
sensitive electronic components for more than 20 years. Our sales engineers have
an average of more than 10 years experience in combination with their continuous
training, making CCI one of the most knowledgeable companies in the ESD

City: York
Category: Control Interface Systems
Conductive Technologies Inc. was originally created in 1948. In 1974 the company
expanded in order to serve the demands of a growing electronic industry for
reliable control interface systems. Since 1948, Conductive Technologies Inc. has
grown to over one hundred thirty (130) employees and is widely recognized as a
global leader in the manufacture of innovative interface devices (referred to in
the marketplace as membrane switches). Conductive Technologies has used this
experience in the production of extremely high quality conductive circuitry to
become the largest manufacturer of circuitry based Biosensors in the United
States. These sensing devices are used in the medical diagnostic field, the
environmental field, the agricultural field, and the industrial marketplace.
Conductive Technologies also has several patents for RFI/EMI shielding devices
all based on the printing and forming of flexible materials.

City: Arlington
Category: Wire And Cable Products
Condumex Inc is a highly diversified corporation committed to the design,
manufacture and distribution of high quality wire and cable products. With a
growing network of distributors, Condumex Inc is a viable, valuable alternative
supplier in the U.S. and Canadian, markets.Condumex Inc utilizes the latest
technology to offer a wide variety of wire and cable products required by the
market for voice, data video and low voltage applications.Advancements in the
wire and cable industry are occurring at a rapid pace and Condumex is devoting
significant resources to develop and produce innovate products to meet the
demands of this ever-changing marketplace. In addition, our expanding product
menu, same day stock availability and value added customer service makes
Condumex your best source for wire and cable products.

City: Newport Beach
Category: Semiconductor Products
Conexant Systems Inc is a worldwide leader in semiconductor solutions for
broadband communications, enterprise networks and the digital home. Conexant's
innovative semiconductor system solutions enable global access networks, and are
driving digital home information and entertainment networks worldwide. The
company has leveraged its expertise and leadership position in modem
technologies to enable more Internet connections than all of its competitors
combined, and continues to develop leading integrated silicon solutions for
broadband access and media processing networks.

City: Salem
Category: Optical Products
Confluent Photonics Corporation is a leading provider of Optical Transport
Solutions - products and technologies that enable cable-TV system operators to
expand the capacity, or bandwidth, of their existing fiber-optic cable
infrastructure. This enables the MSOs (multiple system operators) to effectively
compete against satellite and telecom providers in the battle for dominance in
providing broadband media to both residential and business subscribers.Confluent
Photonics was founded in December 2000 as a developer of advanced optical
components. These DWDM components provide numerous

City: Port Washington
Category: Pumping Systems & Accessories
Con Forms is the leading supplier of concrete pumping systems and accessories.
Whether you're looking for an economical, high-strength single wall pipe, a
hardened single wall or one of our maximum performance Twin Wall or CCI-Lined
systems, Con Forms can deliver on time and under budget.Call us for a complete
selection of pipe, elbows, couplings, hose, clamps, reducers and other
specialized concrete pumping products.

City: Grand Rapids
Category: End Mills
Conical Tool Company is one of the worlds largest end mill manufacturing
companies. Conical Tool Company has been in business since 1944, and has
produced millions of end mills in that time, and thousands of satisfied
customers. We have a vast inventory, and can ship in 24 hours.

City: Springfield
Category: Optical Microscopes
Conix Research Inc is a premier manufacturer of motorized stages, filter cube
sliders, filter wheels, microscope accessories and custom electronic and
mechanical devices. We specialize in the design, manufacture and assembly of
high quality computerized automated equipment, which we assemble from precision
parts made in-house. From start to finish, Conix Research Inc.'s microscope
accessories go from great ideas to finished products all under the same roof. We
know our clients are interested in only the highest precision and finest
quality, so we don't trust third party manufacturers to live up to our demanding
standards. Instead, we meet them ourselves. We wire our own electronics, we
program our own controllers, and we machine our own parts, to name only a very
few things. The result is a high quality product you can rely on, with prices
you can afford.

City: Tulsa
Category: Fiberglass Piping Systems
Conley Corporation Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Piping Products have answered
the demanding needs of the fluid processing industry over the past five decades.
We continue at the forefront today, with the firm belief that our position as
industry leaders is the result of superior design, technology, innovation and a
"Commitment to Excellence" in our products, sales, and customer service. Conley
Corporation manufactures corrosion resistant Nexus reinforced filament wound
fiberglass pipe and fittings, valves and strainers, and complete FRP fiber glass
reinforced plastic (GRP glass fibre reinforced plastic) piping systems. Conley
Corporation also manufactures "State of the Art" double containment fiberglass
thermoset epoxy resin piping systems for safely handling your hazardous fluid
transport and conductive pipe for transporting fluids in hazardous locations.
Conley Corporation is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.

City: West Greenwich
Category: Industrial Yarns & Fibers
Conneaut Industries is a recognized technology leader in yarn conversion for
Wire & Cable applications and Ignition Wire core products. Our successful
products provide a significant value-added contribution for our customers. Our
insight into the future inspires, motivates and empowers our people to higher
levels of perfection and security. Our ultimate company goal is to become a
great Lean organization reaching for higher levels of performance and customer

City: Incline Village
Category: Spring Contact Test Probes
Connect2it LLc was founded February 1997 as a distributor of high quality spring
contact test probes. Providing high quality American and European manufactured
products within the printed circuit board test industry. Initially targeted at
loaded board In-Circuit and Functional test fixturing markets.The company
quickly moved from being a distributor to designing it's own custom products.
Providing a solution to many difficult applications, generating a strong
worldwide reputation. Providing customers with cost effective high quality
innovative products, which exceed expectations.

City: Cheshire
Category: RF & Microwave Components
Manufactures Quality RF and Microwave Components for Military and Commercial
Applications Since 1971.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Internet Connectivity Products
Connect One is a fabless semiconductor company that develops Internet
connectivity solutions for the post-PC world. Our patented technologies enable
devices other than computers (non-PC devices) to connect easily and economically
to the Internet. Up until now, the potential of Internet connectivity had
remained untapped by millions of devices, due to complex and costly integration
barriers. Now those devices can benefit from Internet communications, thanks to
Connect One's cost-effective Internet-enabling solutions.

City: Hamilton
Category: Electrical Connectors
CMC® is a full line manufacturer of pole line hardware and aluminum and copper
connectors, offering both mechanical and compression designs. Connector
Manufacturing Company is proud to supply the industry with a line of electrical
connectors fabricated from the very best aluminum alloy, 6061-T6. This choice
was predicated upon many design factors to achieve the best balance between
strength and conductivity. Both factors are of extreme importance in connector
design calculations. The aluminum extrusions have almost a two-to-one advantage
in yield strength to that of a sand cast alloy 356 or die cast alloy AXS679
permitting an extra margin of safety while the conductivity is a most favorable
43% IACS.

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