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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: Milpitas
Category: Portable Storage Enclosures
CRU-Data Port, the leading supplier of removable and portable storage enclosures
for computer systems, offers a full line of disk drive security, back-up and
transport solutions.Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Washington, CRU-Data
Port develops and markets computer data security and storage devices. The
company's Data Port brand of removable hard drive enclosures has become the de
facto standard for physical data security and drive removal in government,
education and corporate information technology departments. CRU-Data Port
products are available through major distributors, OEMs, VARs and a host of
resellers and systems integrators throughout the United States and abroad.

City: Edinburgh
Category: Coaxial Connectors
At Connectronics, we specialize in manufacturing coaxial connectors and cable
assemblies for the electronics industry. Included are complete lines of standard
and special connectors for use on coaxial, twinaxial and triaxial cables. This
Quick Reference Guide will give you pertinent data about some of the standard
products we manufacture. In addition, Connectronics manufactures non-standard
connectors in large and small quantities. When needed you have our commitment to
solve your interconnection problems? We will help from product design to
customization and production of connectors and cable assemblies that meet your
specifications.Our goal is to be your source for these products. Our way of
achieving this is to build a quality product, reasonably priced and delivered on
schedule. Call us for prompt, cost effective solutions to your RF
interconnection needs.

City: Carson City
Category: Connectors
Connect-Tech Products specializes in the distribution of connectors and
enclosures for electronics manufacturers. Its customers rely on Connect-Tech not
only for next-day delivery of first-quality items, but also for its ability to
provide design modification. With more than 25 years of experience importing and
distributing connectors and enclosures for the electronics industry,
Connect-Tech has established many long-term relationships with large and small
companies alike. Whether you need to purchase a continuous supply of parts, a
single order, or a custom-designed part, call Connect-Tech for fast, friendly
service and quality you can depend on.

City: La Grange
Category: Electrical Connectors
Connomac Corp of La Grange, Illinois, is dedicated to manufacturing the highest
quality electrical connectors and providing them in a timely manner. Extensive
electrical testing and visual checks are performed on 100% of our product to
ensure its high quality and durability. If you have a special problem, Connomac
Corp. can work with you to design a solution for your particular needs.

City: Aurora
Category: Frequency Control Products
The Connor-Winfield Corporation has manufactured electronic frequency timing
devices for nearly 40 years since its incorporation in May 1963. Within this
timeframe, Connor-Winfield has grown to be a leading U.S. manufacturer of quartz
crystal-based hybrid circuits, commonly referred to as crystal oscillators.

City: Putnam
Category: Foot Switch Controls
Conntrol International designing and manufacturing foot switch controls.

City: Danbury
Category: Laser Accessories
Founded in 1981, Conoptics Inc offers a line of laser accessories that include
laser modulators, beam deflectors, associated drive electronics, optical
isolators and polarizers.Applications include laser noise eaters, pulse
selection for mode locked lasers, regen switches, disc mastering, laser
texturing of hard disks, phase shifters, frequency modulation spectroscopy,
general shuttering and isolation.

City: Salem
Category: Adhesive Dispensing Systems
ConProTec Inc is the North American distributor of Mixpac Systems Ag, a leading
manufacturer of 2-component adhesive dispensing systems. Our state-of-the-art
facility is located in Salem, New Hampshire, where product is inventoried,
maintained and shipped. ConProTec is an engineering based company focused on
developing the innovative line of Statomix® motionless mixers and the Mixpac®
System for hand held adhesive dispensing.The Statomix® line of static mixers is
the most complete line of high quality, low cost, static mixers in the world. It
includes a wide variety of plastic disposable mixers that are used with meter,
mix and dispense equipment as well as in-line steel mixers with elements made
from stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic.

City: Santa Fe Springs
Category: Metal & Woodworking Products
For over 20 years Conquest Industries Inc has manufactured equipment and
supplies for both the entrepreneurial as well as the established manufacturing
concern. With more than 50 employees and annual sales in excess of $9,000,000 we
market our products all over the world. Our mission is to provide you with the
right solution for all of your metal and woodworking needs.With our extensive
product line, you will be able to find the right solution for your problem.

City: Oviedo
Category: Electronic Products
Conquest Technology Inc provides engineering, design layout, fabrication and
assembly solutions to companies that develop, manufacture or market electronic
products for communications, computer hardware, avionics and military,
automotive, consumer electronics and medical applications.Companies choose
Conquest because we understand the challenges and constraints placed on
real-world businesses, and know how to fully support your priorities; new
products that require cutting-edge technology to be viable, established products
that need technological enhancements, cost reductions, obsolete component
replacement, upgrades from through-hole to surface mount, modification for
controlled impedance, high density surface mount, BGA and micro BGA packaging.

City: Rancocas
Category: Vacuum Furnaces
Four decades ago, the first Consarc specialty furnace was introduced. Today,
over half the vacuum melting furnaces around the globe bear our name. This
incredible installed base is a testament to the confidence placed in us by the
world's leading materials producers. They know they can depend on the quality of
our furnaces to achieve the highest material quality levels. They know they will
receive unmatched technical support that increases the value of their products

City: Littleton
Category: Liquid Level Gaugung Products
Headquartered in Littleton, Massachusetts, Jowa Consilium US, Inc. (formerly
Metritape, Inc.) has provided reliable liquid level gauging products to
customers worldwide since 1965. Metritape, Inc. was acquired by Sweden-based
Consilium AB in 1997 and in 2004 Jowa AB acquired 50 percent of Consilium US.
JOWA Consilium offers a wide range of level gauging products and experience to
industrial, municipal and marine customers.

City: Spokane
Category: Testing & Monitoring Equipment
CEI has been developing and manufacturing testing and monitoring equipment for
heavy industry and utilities since 1991. Our goal is to provide dependable,
quality products that dramatically reduce our customers' maintenance and repair
costs. From the PST-5000 Power Semiconductor Tester to the SM6 series High
Voltage Breaker Monitors, our equipment is used by the U.S. Government as well
as major corporations and utilities throughout North America and around the

City: Franklin Park
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is a full-line source for standard and
custom wire, cable, cordset and interconnection products. A pioneer in the
field, Consolidated has been serving the need of industry for more than 80
years. All of Consolidated's products are designed and fabricated to the
exacting physical and electrical standards of today's original equipment
manufacturers.While Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable has always been known
as a "quality" cable manufacturer, the drive for perfection has accelerated in
recent years. An ISO 9000 certification program is currently underway. This is
in addition to the aggressive quality control programs already in place.
Continuous in-process inspections, full laboratory verifications of product
specifications and rigid life testing of finished products are all routine.
Consolidated's products also meet all applicable UL, NEC, OSHA and CSA

City: Blaine
Category: Communication Products
The Company began operations by responding to the need for proper voice
communication in confined spaces. Prior to it's inception no other product
existed to provide the type of communication that Con-Space now designs and
manufactures. Con-Space started out marketing Hardline Communication systems to
provide reliable two-way voice communication within concrete or metal
surroundings, typically the nature of most confined space areas where radio
signals cannot penetrate or escape. Con-Space has grown to serve the portable
two-way radio market as well with its SR65i Radio Accessory products, which
improve the functionality of portable two-way radios making them virtually
hands-free & usable while wearing facemasks, protective clothing and/or working
in high-noise environments.

City: Charleroi
Category: Control & Instrumentation Products
Conspec Controls develop, manufacture and market a complete range of gas
detection, monitoring, control and instrumentation products that economically
protect people, facilities and the environment. For over 35 years, we have
provided sensor based gas detectors and other atmospheric monitoring equipment
to a full spectrum of industries including mining, power utilities, water/waste
water treatment, semiconductor, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper, and
hundreds more. We offer a wide selection of proven gas sensors to monitor gases
such as methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia,
chlorine, NOx, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and many other
combustible and toxic gases.

City: Kansas City
Category: Chemical & Cement Products
Conspec markets chemical and cement products used in the concrete construction
business throughout North America. Strategically located in Kansas City, Conspec
manufactures and supplies products to stocking distributors in the U.S., Mexico,
Canada, and overseas, allowing you to get the products you need quickly and
efficiently.Components of the Conspec System can be combined to create
cost-effective solutions to unique problems in specialty markets. Conspec
provided a complete systems approach to tilt-up construction in the 1.6 million
sq. ft. Eddie Bauer Speigel Distribution Facility in Columbus, Ohio, by
combining the industry's leading bondbreaker, Conspec Tilt-EezTM, with a
compatible Conspec cure, floor hardener, sealer and control joint filler.

City: Augusta
Category: Educational Training Systems
Since our inception in 1969, our company has been specialized in manufacturing
and distributing high quality training materials for professional and technical
training. We have developed an expertise in the fields of Transportation
technology, and all programs dealing with Electricity. Through the years we have
also developed a number of industrial products for the electrical industry.Our
educational line of products is built to assist students in meeting the
requirements of their program and preparing them for their future in the
workplace. The main philosophy of our training equipment is "Lets use OEM
components and systems found in industry today and adapt them for educational
purposes making them safer, more visible, and adding fault insertion whenever

City: Stone Mountain
Category: Test & Monitoring Equipment
Consultronics is a privately held corporation, which specializes in the design
and manufacture of sophisticated telecommunications test equipment.The Canadian
owned company was founded in 1973. Since this time, the company has grown to 170
employees in two manufacturing plants and one facility dedicated to software
development. One of the manufacturing plants resides in Toronto, Canada and the
other is located in Southampton, U.K. Consultronics' software development center
is located in Budapest, Hungary. In addition, Consultronics has a Sales division
located in Atlanta, USA.The company also boasts sales offices and
representatives in over 70 countries worldwide, including Europe, The Middle
East, Africa, Pacific Rim, Asia, and North and South America.

City: Belle Mead
Category: Terminal Block & Connection Systems
Since 1977, Conta-Clip has gained recognition as a leading manufacturer of
innovative products, which provide solutions for electrical and electronic
connection applications. Today, as your global partner, Conta-Clip serves
international markets offering a diverse Product Program of Control Components,
which is supplied and supported through our worldwide network of subsidiaries
and agencies.

City: Bristol
Category: Contact Wheels, Expanders
Contact Rubber Corporation is a manufacturer of rubber contact wheels and rubber
rollers used on abrasive belt grinding equipment.Custom urethane & rubber molded
products - Rubber prototyping & design - rubber roller & wheel recovery service.

City: Danbury
Category: Electronic Assembly Equipment
Founded in 1970 Contact Systems Inc has produced a variety of machines for the
electronic industry. The company is best known for its model CS-400 cut & clinch
machine, of which more than 3,000 have been sold. The CS-400 is renowned for its
durability and reliable operation. And in fact, factories around the world
assemble PCB's on these machines every day. The CS-400 is truly a workhorse for
the electronic industry.In 1993, Contact entered the SMT market with the Contact
3 Series SMT placement machine, and over 600 of these machines have been
delivered to date. The 3 series is the machine of choice for many small to
medium size contract assemblers and OEM's. Recently, the company introduced the
C5 Series; two state of the art placement machines, which will serve not only
our traditional customers, but also larger, high volume manufacturers.Contact is
one of the few American companies that design and produce PCB assembly machines
in the USA. Indeed, this is our only business. Since our beginning, we have
established a track record for developing innovative products that provide good
value for the money. When you order from Contact Systems, you can be assured
that you are getting a technically advanced machine, and one you can count on
for years.

City: Emerson
Category: Gas Detection Instruments
CEA Instruments has been a leading supplier of hazardous gas detection
instrumentation since 1972. Numerous units are available for monitoring over 200
different toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen levels as pocket-size,
portable, or wall mounted systems in single and multichannel configurations for
almost every application.Our 'Complete Family of Gas Monitors' include portable
and wall mounted Infrared analyzers, leak detectors, landfill monitors, Flue gas
analyzers, Flame Ionization detectors, IAQ monitors, Katharometer Thermal
Conductivity analyzers and much more!CEA Instruments provides complete customer
care with full service, calibration, and repair facilities on site. We offer a
wide variety of calibration kits and disposable gas cylinders.

City: Colorado Springs
Category: Product Assembly & Packaging Services
CEA Technologies Inc and CEA Global Inc have been providing product development
and complete product assembly and packaging services to the medical industry for
over 15 years. We have a proven track record with the Fortune 20 Medical Device
companies in designing and manufacturing disposable and reusable
electromechanical devices used in critical care applications. Our Colorado
headquarters provides convenient access for customer visits and manufacturing in
the United States. CEA's Dominican Republic manufacturing capabilities provide
our customers with a cost effective option.

City: Kennesaw
Category: Heat Processing Products
For 41 years CEC has been building its reputation as a world leader in quality
heat processing technology. Over the years CEC has experienced phenomenal growth
with over 3,200 installations worldwide, of which 60% are from repeat customers.
With a comprehensive background in innovative heat processing technologies, and
54 U.S. and foreign patents, CEC can help turn any heat processing challenge
around by lowering labor costs through increased automation, efficient process
control and reduced energy consumption, while maintaining consistent product
quality.CEC equipment encompasses the very latest in heat processing technology
to help our customers compete more effectively and efficiently. CEC ovens,
furnaces, washers, dryers and systems can be configured for batch or continuous
turnkey operation-as standalone systems or add-on modules to existing processing
lines. Each project is built per the customer's specification with a complete
and thorough understanding of the process needs. CEC's worldwide experience is
turning problem processes into profitable ones with both standard and innovative
custom solutions to improve the bottom line of our customers.

City: Conshohocken
Category: Air Products
For more than three decades, CECO Environmental through its six subsidiaries, -
Kirk & Blum, CECO Filters Inc Busch Co., kbd Technic CECO Abatement Systems, and
CECOaire - has provided innovative, custom-engineered solutions for improving
air quality in a wide range of process and industrial applications. We are a
full service air pollution control company with capabilities to tackle OHSA,
EPA, and process driven air handling and air pollution issues.The latest
addition to the CECO Environmental family, CECO Abatement Systems produces
thermal oxidation control systems that eliminate fumes from large-scale
industrial processes. Working closely with the Kirk & Blum division, CECO
Abatement adds another dimension to pollution control for the automotive,
printing, metal converting, wood products and bio-solids industries. "The
expansion into the abatement sector completes the circle for us," says Mr.
DeZwirek, "no other company in America can come close to CECO Environmental's
ability to offer industries a fully integrated, cost effective turnkey solution
to air quality issues."

City: Vernon Hills
Category: Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation
Cecomp Electronics, division of Absolute Process Instruments Inc manufactures
digital pressure gauges, digital vacuum gauges, pressure switches, custom
instrumentation as well as OEM electronic products.

City: Covina
Category: Vibration Products
Our reputation for innovation started in 1937 when CEC was first founded by
Herbert Hoover, Jr. Even as a small operation in Pasadena, California we were
continually pushing the limits of possibility. Our experimental models of a Mass
Spectrometer became the industry benchmark for the petroleum industry. Other
industry "firsts" included the first oscillograph that could simultaneously
record 50 separate data channels and a primary and secondary pressure standard
that made the 300-year-old mercury manometer obsolete. CEC also developed the
sputtered thin film strain gage sensor that eventually became the industry
standard for measurements in tough environments and critical applications. With
more than 60 years of field-proven experience, CEC's reputation is unmatched in
the industry. We lead the industry in developing and manufacturing precision
instruments that measure vibration, acceleration and temperature. Aggressive
product research and a reputation for design excellence allows us to supply some
of the world's largest military, aerospace, marine, scientific and industrial
customers. The expertise of our staff coupled with the vast resources we
maintain at our 25,000 sq. ft. facility sets us fully apart from our

City: Eagan
Category: Specialty Contract Manufacturers
Cedarberg Companies manufactures a wide variety of quality products for the
industrial, promotional and consumer worldwide markets. With over 30 years of
manufcturing experience in the US and a very broad amount of in-house capacity,
Cedarberg also engages in specialty contract manufacturing.

City: Hamilton Square
Category: Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
CEIA has been making ultrasonic washers for more than 30 years - that is the
length of time that has passed since its founder produced the first,
revolutionary ultrasonic washers using soap and water instead of the earlier
models which used organic solvents.After all this time, CEIA continues to
design, develop and improve its products without ever ignoring the quality of
the materials or the reliability of its design and technical solutions. This is
a fundamental position in the company's manufacturing philosophy. In a market
where there is so much on offer in terms of washing systems of various types,
CEIA continues to use only top-quality materials, in the conviction that,
because of its importance, ultrasonic cleaning should always be an efficient,
safe and quick phase.With the increasing need for safety and efficiency, it's
not enough just to have ultrasonic cleaners which are silent or which satisfy
everybody's aesthetic tastes - they really have to guarantee maximum efficiency
and have a long working life. Maximum simplicity for maximum results.

City: Chandler
Category: Semiconductor & Disk Media
Many of the industry's leading semiconductor and disk media manufacturers rely
on Ceiba Technologies products for their most crucial and stringent processes.In
both research and development facility's & fabrication plants throughout the
world, Ceiba Technologies has been working with process engineers to develop
guidelines and product specifications for their unique applications.Ceiba
Technologies has a wide variety of products to meet the individual needs of each
unique application.

City: Florissant
Category: Development Tools
Ceibo offers a broad line of development tools for embedded microcontroller and
microprocessor systems.These systems include all the necessary elements to
design and test any project.The company provides microprocessor development
tools such as: in-circuit emulators, Java and C/C++ compilers, programmers,
adapters, TCP/IP solutions and other software. The supported companies are: ARM,
Atmel, Dallas, Infineon, Intel, Motorola, NEC, Philips, ST, TI, Ubicom, Winbond
and others.Ceibo was established in 1988 and since then more than 65,000 Ceibo
development systems have been shipped worldwide. Ceibo products are available
directly from the company or through our international distributors.

City: Gurnee
Category: Quick Connect Couplings
CEJN has, since the start in 1955 become one of the worlds leading manufacturers
of quick connect couplings.The CEJN-Group consists of more then 15 subsidiaries
around the world. The products are also sold and marketed by independent
distributors. Product development, manufacturing and marketing are concentrated
in Sk?vde, Sweden.As with any success, copy makers have made many attempts to
copy the CEJN design. However, our modern production facilities, continuing
research and development will assure the highest quality standards from the
original manufacturer.CEJN employs more then 400 people worldwide. The turnover
is app. 440 million SEK. More then 75% of the manufactured products are sold
outside Sweden.

City: San Rafael
Category: Infrared Remote Control Systems
Celadon Incorporated manufactures infrared remote control devices of the highest
quality and technical sophistication. Our goal is to provide products which meet
the demands of the individuals who use them. We have been manufacturing and
selling infrared remote control systems since 1990. We sell directly to the end This allows us to maintain close contact with you and helps us
provide you with quality products designed to fit your needs.

City: Apple Valley
Category: High Performance Probe Card
A Celadon high performance probe card consists of a solid ceramic block (the
Tile) into which the probe needles are mounted, and a rigid aluminum or
stainless steel frame (the Platform). Celadon's Probe Tiles? and Probe
Platforms? provide the capability to access a large number of bond pads over the
entire surface of the wafer. Used in conjunction with a manual or automatic
probe station and test equipment, the Tiles provide the means to test in
parallel manydevices or test structures. Celadon's Platforms and Tiles are the
first products available to probe most of a wafer at wide temperature ranges,
from -65?C to 300?C while using typical bond pad patterns. It is no longer
necessary to make do with small sample sizes, long evaluation periods, or suffer
the delay in packaging your parts.

City: Rancho Cucamonga
Category: Digital Film Imaging Solutions
Celco develops, manufactures and deploys high-resolution digital film imaging
solutions. Since the company's earliest work in the motion picture industry with
its groundbreaking work on Disney's TRON in the early 1980's, Celco has
continued to offer leading imaging technology and in 2002, the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences presented four awards for "scientific and technical
achievement" to the developers of the Celco Digital Film Recorder.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Wireless Products
Founded in 1985 Celeritek ( Nasdaq: CLTK) manufactures radio frequency
integrated circuits (RFIC's), low noise amplifiers, gain blocks and power
amplifier modules using GaAs based device technology. At Celeritek, many new and
exciting products are in development on a continuing basis. Fueled by our
steadfast commitment to research and development our latest efforts have
resulted in a variety of infrastructure, defense and satellite products.

City: Lubbock
Category: Sensor Systems
Celeritous has experience in a wide range of sensor technologies viz.,
electro-optical, moisture, pressure, ultrasonic, ultrasonic,
shock/vibration/motion, etc.

City: Canoga Park
Category: Transducers
Celesco Transducer Products Inc designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of
transducers that set the standard for easy and reliable position measurements.
Founded in 1968, the company has a history of engineering and manufacturing
transducers of the highest quality.As the world's largest volume supplier of
cable-extension position transducers, Celesco has a wide range of standard
product lines which have established lead times. the company also produces
specialized high-volume OEM transducers, a standard line of shaft-driven
rotational position transducers, and a line of magnetically-damped
inclinometers.Used in exacting applications ranging from medical equipment,
factory machinery, robotic assembly lines to massive flood control projects,
Celesco transducers are proven to be reliable, cost effective, and easy to
install and maintain. OEMs and end users choose Celesco transducers because of
their confirmed high accuracy, resolution and repeatability.

City: Torrance
Category: Optical Products
Based in Torrance, California, Celestron has been a global leader in the design,
engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of high quality optical products
including a wide variety of computerized and non-computerized telescopes,
spotting scopes, binoculars, and microscopes for over 40 years. Celestron is a
leader in the sale of performance telescopes worldwide and has very strong
brand-name recognition among serious amateur astronomers for superior optics,
outstanding design, and innovative technology. Celestron sells its products
worldwide through a variety of specialty retail outlets. In June 2002, Celestron
became management owned when the company was purchased by three long-time senior

City: Colorado Springs
Category: IC Products
Celis Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops
and markets innovative integrated circuit products. Our core business is mixed
signal IC technology, with an emphasis on ultra low cost RFID tags, and
proprietary nonvolatile memory-both conventional and ferroelectric. We focus on
emerging global markets, targeting industry leaders in the RFID tag, smart card,
consumer products, wireless telecommunications and computer/peripheral
industries. We also provide contract design and layout services for a wide
variety of custom products. Celis is actively seeking new corporate partners;
click on "Technology and Fabrication Partners" above. Celis is a privately held
company with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.

City: Coatesville
Category: Power Systems
Cell-Con Incorporated, is a U.S. manufacturer of standard and custom power
systems consisting of smart, fast battery chargers, multi position battery
chargers, battery packs, AC and DC power supplies (both regulated and
unregulated), and battery analyzers.Battery chargers are designed to charge
battery packs comprising of lithium ion (Li-Ion), nickel metal hydride (NiMH),
nickel cadmium (NiCD), and sealed lead acid (SLA) cell chemistries. Battery
packs are typically assembled with these same cell chemistries, but can also
include alkaline and silver oxide chemistries.Many years of design and
development have resulted in the unique ability to function as a single source
for reliable, high quality electronic products to the OEM market.

City: Fremont
Category: Custom Label Printing
A business partner to technology companies for over 50 years, Cellotape's focus
has been laser sharp since the beginning: to be the best, most trusted source of
innovative labels, overlay panels, nameplates, and components to customers in
the Electronics and Medical industries, as well as other companies throughout
California's dynamic economy and beyond. We continually develop innovative
solutions to our customers' product and supply chain challenges. Cellotape's
dedication to being a valued business resource has resulted in strong customer
alliances with many of the most respected leaders in the Medical,
Networking/Telecom, Storage, Semiconductor Equipment, Electronics, Peripherals
and Automotive Parts industries. That dedication is based on award-winning
quality, the latest developments in applied technology and processes,
unparalleled service, and the same mutual respect and trust that we've enjoyed
with our valued customers since 1949.

City: Galena
Category: Cable Assemblies And Wiring Harnesses
Celltron is a leading manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for
defense and commercial customers. Our high performance cables have performed
critical functions on a wide variety of military and commercial programs since
1983.For nearly twenty years, Celltron's clients and partners have relied on us
for unparalleled support from prototyping through aggressive production phases.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Load Cells
In the West, technology is deeply rooted. Engineers and scientists
enthusiastically expent unimagined energies to simultaneously shrink our world
while expending man's horizons to distant galaxies, and in the course of doing
so, provide a myriad of innovation from which to launch newer technologies. For
centuries skilled craftsmen of the East have excelled in the creation of
intricate works of art. They have devoted countless years, sometimes even their
lives, to the mastery of every minute detail, leaving for futrue generations a
mountain of culture, heritage, and, most of all, an inherent spirit of pursuing
excellence.Hence, it is with such a combination of highly refined materials and
finely skilled craftsmanship that we combine the essence of two worlds into our
products. You can rely on Vishay Transducers personnel and products.

City: Andover
Category: Fasteners
Celus ? Fasteners Mfg founded in 1965, is a manufacturer of blind rivets and
rivet setting tools. Housed in our facility in Andover Massachusetts, Celus, a
relatively small company, takes pride in its ability to react quickly and
personally to meet our customer needs. Our inside sales department has been
thoroughly trained to answer your questions, whether they relate to engineering,
application or simply expediting an order. The company is distributor oriented
and we back up this claim with over eight stocking warehouses which are ready to
supply you with the rivets you need. Our outside sales force is made up of a
network of Manufactures' Representatives throughout the US and Canada, who are
"on the scene" to offer their assistance, when necessary. Celus Fasteners is
constantly striving to serve our customers with speed and reliability.

City: Champlain
Category: Laser Products
Cemar Electro has been in the laser business for twenty years, and produces
extremely reliable, low-power, cost-efficient lasers. There are many advantages
to buying your lasers from Cemar Electro.Our product lines include industrial
alignment lasers, medical patient positioning systems, and thread-break
detection systems for the textile industry.Typical alignment laser applications
include cutting wood, stone, textile, steel, plastic, glass, and other
materials. Our patient alignment systems produce a sharp cross-hair to ensure
proper patient positioning with medical equipment. Our Loom Laser, thread-break
detection systems are used to monitor and stop industrial-sized looms when
threads break.

City: Audubon
Category: Mechanical Motion Control Products
CEMA Technologies is a leading supplier of friction hinges, bistable mechanisms,
dampeners and custom-engineered hinging systems to a wide variety of industries.
CEMA's positional control mechanisms are used by customers seeking smooth,
reliable performance. We are constantly creating new product technologies
targeted to solve tomorrow's mechanical motion control problems. In pursuit of
this endeavor, we welcome challenging applications that require innovative

City: Edison
Category: Electrical Connectors & Installation Equipment
The offices, factory, workshops and services of Cembre are housed within a
single complex and cover approximately 15.400 sqmt of floor space. The buildings
are situated in pleasant grounds amounting to 40.000 sqmt. The rational
organisation of available space has achieved a comfortable, safe and efficent
working atmosphere.In February 1999 Cembre has acquired the company OELMA based
in Milan, active in the field of electrical materials since 60 years.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Tooling Equipments
Circuit Engineering Marketing Company (CEMCO) was formed in 1971 as a
manufacturing company specializing in tooling and other equipment for the PCB
industry, together with purpose-built machinery for non-associated
industries.Situated in the attractive countryside near Havant in Hampshire
England, CEMCO has concentrated its efforts into the design of equipment that is
straight-forward to operate and easy to maintain and service. Over the years
CEMCO has continually expanded its range of products, either with equipment of
its own manufacture or acting as an agent for other suppliers, resulting in a
broad product range to suit many aspects of printed circuit board manufacturing,
including cleaning, process handling, soldering and test systems.We all know how
quickly changes arrive in the world of electronics, and the PCB itself has
undergone considerable evolution in its comparatively brief existence. Most of
these changes rapidly became accepted throughout the PCB manufacturing world but
one process, Hot Air Solder Leveling (HAL) and its associated technique of
Solder Mask Over Bare Copper (SMOBC) was a little "lazy" in this respect

City: Burlington
Category: Insulated Safety Hand Tools
You have at your disposal close to 50 years of Product Design and Manufacturing
experience. Since 1950, Cementex has defined its core competence in insulated
safety hand tools. During the last decade the company has experienced
significant changes in expanding its product offering through a combination of
individual technologies and production skills. This growth is a result of being
a customer driven company.By expanding its core competence and strengthening its
technology, Cementex has demonstrated an ability to meet an ever increasing
customer demand (sales up 31%) during a period where the basic tool
manufacturers have struggled to maintain their sales levels and profitability.

City: Longmont
Category: Electronic Equipments
Cencorp is the company that has developed a fully integrated range of equipment
that completely automates these traditional manual tasks.The result is improved
quality, greater throughput, reduced scrap, and improved profitability.The range
includes routing/depaneling, odd-form placement, selective soldering, board
handling, test handling, label placement and final assembly. Cencorp has
maintained this comprehensive vision - delivering award winning machines for
complete automation and full integration with front-end systems.

City: Austin
Category: Microprocessor Products
Centaur Technology was founded in 1995 with the then-revolutionary idea that a
small team of microprocessor engineers could design an affordable x86 processor
for the neglected sub-$1000 PC market. In six and a half years, Centaur has
succeeded by designing the world's smallest x86 processors, shipping six
different parts, and consistently having the fastest design cycle in the
industry.Centaur's success has been achieved by a talented group of engineers
and microprocessor designers who thrive in an ideal work environment. There are
no managers at Centaur. Instead, employees report to Centaur founder and
President Glenn Henry, also an engineer, who was an IBM fellow for 21 years and
a Senior VP at Dell. In addition to eliminating bureaucracy, Centaur empowers
its employees by giving them home computers and fast cable or ISDN lines,
providing free breakfasts and lunches, letting them set their work hours, and
helping them stay fit by providing an onsite workout facility.

City: Santa Ana
Category: Electronic Motion Control Products
Centent Company designs and manufactures a broad range of high performance
electronic motion control products designed to meet the needs of the world's
high technology and OEM communities. Emphasizing versatility and unsurpassed
performance and reliability in the harshest environments; Centent products have
become synonymous with quality throughout industry.

City: Shrewsbury
Category: Re-Manufacturing Specialists
Since 1995 CenterLine has been providing repair, upgrade and re-manufacturing
services for molders who need better performance from their robots. CenterLine's
Service Menu starts with basic repairing of broken robots, to upgrading of
controllers, pneumatics, and electrical systems, and up to complete conversions
into fully teachable servo robots from 1 to 6 axis.

City: Baltimore
Category: Circuit Board Products
As the 21st century approaches, it is difficult to keep track of the players and
their roles in the circuit board industry. As arising new startups have
disappeared and smaller companies have been swallowed by the competition, the
industry has undergone significant changes.One company that has remained
independent for more than 60 years by being responsive to its customers when a
rapidly changing environment prevailed is Centerline Circuit Board Products and
its parent company Standard Supply & Equipment Company, Inc. With a reputation
for customer service, dependability, reliability and innovative production
development, Centerline has earned a reputation as a leader in the circuit board

City: Needham
Category: Software Development Tools
Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) provides advanced software development tools
and delivers consulting and training to improve the productivity of developers
writing business critical applications in C/C++ and JavaTM. This full-service
commitment to professional developers uniquely characterizes ICS in the
marketplace.Founded in 1987, ICS was chartered to create software development
tools for developers working with the then emerging X Window SystemTM. The
company?s first product offerings included X training and tools, plus the
current market leader in Motif user interface development tools, Builder
Xcessory (BX). In its fifth major release and representing over 100 person years
of effort, BX defines a level of sophistication, functionality and ease of use
that is unmatched in the industry.

City: Pomona City
Category: Precision Spindle Systems
Centerline Inc is a spindle service company with an expert staff and years of
combined experience in spindle design, modification and reconditioning/repair
while Centerline Spindle Systems (CSS), Inc's professional sales staff handles
all new spindle system requirements. If you need someone to rebuild/refurbish
spindles or need a complete new spindle system, Centerline and CSS, Inc. are
your one-stop home for all spindle needs.Centerline's skilled technicians use
state-of-the-art equipment in the rebuilding and balancing of spindles. With an
extensive inventory of spindle parts, Centerline is able to reduce downtime and
cut repair costs. Spindle modifications are easily created and implemented by
our well trained and experienced engineering staff.

City: McHenry
Category: Precision Toolholding
CTL Centreline Ltd, is a fellow subsidiary of Coventry Toolholders Ltd,
suppliers of British designed and built, precision Toolholding and Workholding
solutions for over 20 years.

City: Detroit
Category: Welding & Metal Working Equipment
CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is a recognized industry leader in manufacturing
standard and custom designed resistance welding, spot welding, arc welding and
metal working equipment. It applies state of the art technology to design and
manufacture resistance welding products.

City: Fremont
Category: Broadband Solutions
Centillium is a leading provider of broadband access solutions with innovative
systems-level products for the consumer, enterprise and service provider
markets. The company's high-performance and cost effective infrastructure and
service enabler products give its customers the winning edge in broadband
access. Centillium Communications' products include mixed-signal integrated
circuits and related hardware and software applications for Digital Subscriber
Line (DSL) and Optical Networking equipment deployed in central offices and
customer premises, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products for carrier-
and enterprise-class gateways and consumer telephony.

City: Irvine
Category: Electronic Components
CEO and President Gene Miscione established Centon in 1978 as a distributor of
electronics components. Over the next twelve years the company grew to become
the fourteenth largest distributor in the nation. In 1990, the decision was made
to redirect the company from the distribution of electronic components and
systems into the manufacturing of memory solutions.Centon's mission is to
provide its customers with quality products, services and solutions. Centon's
business policy is to deliver the customer what they need and deliver it on
time. By offering flexibility, the lowest price solutions, customized products
and supply chain management, Centon turns customers into partners.

City: Nashua
Category: Industrial High-Temp Vacuum & Controller furnacess
Centorr/Vacuum Industries' manufacturing facilities have been repeatedly
expanded and now include a group of integrated shops staffed and equipped for
machining, metal forming, fabricating, electro-mechanical assembling, and
operational testing of complete furnace and related processing systems.
Centorr/Vacuum Industries' Applied Technology Center is staffed with a graduate
ceramic engineer and technician. The lab is equipped with five high-temperature
furnaces, and various metallographic support equipment to permit analysis and
evaluation of a client's process requirements.Centorr/Vacuum Industries' leading
position has been achieved through high quality engineering and manufacturing to
reinforce experienced product management for the application fields served.
Centorr/Vacuum Industries has introduced many furnace solutions over the years.

City: East Brunswick
Category: Electronic & Telecommunication Components
Estabilished as a quality component manufacturer serving the electronic
manufacturing & telecommunications industry, Central Comonents Manufacturing is
a technologically and vertically integrated manufacturing company constituting a
broad range of capabilities and expertise. With over a decade of experience in
connectors and interconnection systems we provide quality and innovative
products on time to a variety of markets worldwide.

City: Howes Cave
Category: Lightining Protection Equipment
Our systems are designed for Do-It-Yourself installation, with our custom
designed kits we provide a complete package for your home or commercial
building. Our system IS NOT one size fits all. We use the photos and sketches
you provide, to design a system that is just right for your building. Our
Engineering department, after reviewing your needs, will prepare a customized
installation drawing just for you.We have no hidden costs, when you receive our
Free Estimate, it will include all of the materials that you will need for your
custom installation. We use "Guaranteed UL Listed Materials" in designing your
custom Lightning protection kit.With over 40 years of experience in the
Lightning protection field, we are there to help you achieve the protection you
need, at a price that you can afford.

City: Bement
Category: Filtratio Products
Central Illinois Manufacturing Company (CIMCO) caters to the filtration needs of
the petroleum, agricultural, and hydraulic industries with a complete line of
filters for diesel, gasoline, and hydraulic fluid. From a single spin-on filter
for 500-gallon bulk tanks to banks of filters at service station pumps, CIMCO
can meet your filtration demands. Complete bulk tank cleaning and sampling
systems feature heavy-duty motors and housings with interchangeable filters to
keep your fuel and hydraulic lines running smoothly without sludge build-up. For
particulate and water removal, Cim-Tek Filtration offers your best choice of

City: Hauppauge
Category: Semiconductor Products
At Central Semiconductor, we're serious about discrete semiconductors. Our
business is the pursuit of perfection in the devices we manufacture; the
delivery of our products; and the service we provide; all the time, every time.
To suit varying applications, our products are available in three formats:
leaded, surface mount, and chip form. We produce a wide range of standard
devices, but we excel in custom, special, and other niche products. As we
monitor industry trends and listen to customers, our engineers constantly
respond by developing new products for ever-smaller and more sophisticated
electronic devices.

City: Vancouver
Category: Flow Meters
For almost a century Central Station Steam Company has manufactured condensate
flow meters to account for the energy supplied in the form of steam.As a
company, we are committed to offer high quality, innovative and reliable flow
technologies to measure condensate, steam, and hot and chilled water. Our goal
is to be a valuable resource in finding solutions to your energy monitoring

City: Chicago
Category: Steel & Wire
Central Steel & Wire Company is a full-line ferrous and nonferrous metal
distribution service center founded in 1909, with plants located in Chicago,
Detroit, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Greensboro.We have an inventory of 15,000
items (Over 200,000 tons) in facilities covering two million square feet.On
staff are approximately 1,500 employees, including an experienced team of
product specialists and professionals in metallurgy, engineering, and trucking.

City: Irvine
Category: Inductive Components
Founded in 1994, Central Technologies is a leading provider of quality inductive
components and industry standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide.While
continuing to adhere to industry standard specifications, Central Technologies
has aggressively expanded its product line to over 100 different series' of
parts. This breadth of product has allowed Central Technologies to successfully
compete with other major component manufacturers.Central Technologies components
are found in a wide array of products, ranging from garage door openers and
satellite communications equipment to sophisticated medical test and optical
laser equipment.

City: Girard
Category: Rotary Table
For the first time ever, automation designers will not be limited by rotary
tables. Now there's the AccuRing? rotary table, with an extensive range of
speeds and positions, all programmable to your needs. Its open center
architecture allows clearance on both sides of the rotating tool ring. This
unique design, with beneath the ring bearing support, provides the stiffness
required to handle heavy loads with minimal deflection. It frees the way
automation designers think about rotary tables, and how flexible they can be.
Free your mind, join the revolution, and attack automation challenges with the
accuracy and flexibility that only AccuRing? rotary tables can provide. Made in
the USA.

City: West Lebanon
Category: Cutting Equipments
Centricut was established in 1986 with the purpose of providing plasma cutting
consumables and torches to the end user saving our customers both time and
money. Our speedy pre-paid, same day shipment of quality parts and exceptional
service standards are key to the success of Centricut. We manufacture the
majority of our plasma consumables with state-of-the-art equipment in our own
manufacturing facility here in New Hampshire. Our full product offerings
includeplasma, laser, MIG and oxyfuel with a 100% guarantee for customer
satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best
product, services and training in the industry. Centricut? is a subsidiary of
Hypertherm?, the world leader in plasma technology and in 2001 we became an
employee owned company.

City: Tulsa
Category: Casting And Permanent Mold Technology
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Centrifugal Casting Machine Co Inc (CCMCO) is an
established world leader in centrifugal casting and permanent mold technology.
Having supplied equipment in over 65 countries worldwide, CCMCO is dedicated to
providing the foundry and allied industries with practical solutions to casting
problems through development of superior service, machinery and technology.The
Centrifugal Casting Machine Company is committed to continue to improve the
effectiveness of both the Quality Management System and the processes of
providing customer satisfaction through the design and manufacture of quality
products delivered on time, in compliance with the ISO 9001 Standard and
applicable statutory regulations.

City: Howard
Category: Controls & Accessories
Cut parts the first day you use them! Centroid offers 3 and 4 axis CNC controls
for mills and lathes. These controls are perfect for machine shops, mold, die,
and electrode work. Everything from the motors to the console is included.
Purchase either a new mill or retrofit your existing mill.PC-based servo
controls designed for machine shops, uses high-speed, DSP motion control CPUs,
powerful and cost-effective servo drives, and customizable PLC I/O boards.CNC
hardware & software for Machine Shop machines such as mills & lathes.

City: Atlanta
Category: Backend Equipment
Backend equipment for areas in Backend Processing, and General Industrial
Applications with power, high reliability applications. Specializing in manual
batch and in-line semi-automated void-less, flux / flux-free vacuum soldering
systems as well as conveyor systems for applications involving: Soldering,
Direct Copper Bonding DCB, Thick film firing, Brazing, Glass to metal junction,
Tempering, Annealing, Curing and Drying.

City: Newbury Park
Category: Electro-optic Components
Based in Newbury Park, California, Centrovision is a leading manufacturer of
silicon-based electro-optic components. These semiconductor devices can sense
ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths of light and are used for
various medical applications, such as blood oxygen and glaucoma monitoring, as
well as for industrial controls, aerospace applications, telecommunications
devices, and instrumentation. The company also manufacturers detectors capable
of sensing X-ray radiation for use in medical CAT scanners. Centrovision
distributes a wide variety of standard detectors through its technical catalog
and custom manufactures detectors for the OEM market.Centrovision, is wholly
owned subsidiary of OSI Systems Inc is a diversified global developer,
manufacturer and seller of optoelectronic-based components and systems. The
Company has over 30 years of optoelectronics experience, and through its family
of subsidiaries, competes in four specific growth areas: OEM Manufacturing,
Security, Medical, and Fiber Optics.

City: Burlington
Category: Protective Covers & Guards
Headquartered in Burlington, NJ with a strategic global reach, Centryco offers
over 50 years of design, product and customer satisfaction experience. Centryco
defines its core competence in industrial safety products. In the last decade
the company has experienced significant expansion through a combination of
individual technologies and production skills.As a customer-driven company,
Centryco is expanding its core competence and strengthening its technology.
Centryco has demonstrated an ability to meet an ever-increasing customer demand
for global rod, shaft, screw, and way protection of all types.To meet your
requirements, our team mind-set offers a strategic alliance for the development
of company partnerships based upon "company fit," involving the active
participation of key personnel. This outstanding support is provided, in part,
by Centryco's proprietary computer-aided design, quoting, and manufacturing

City: Schaumburg
Category: Ultrasonic Products
In July 1992, Centurion NDT was established to continue the eddy current and
ultrasonic product lines from Magnaflux. By August of the same year, Centurion
NDT was relocated to Schaumburg, Illinois, a north-west suburb of Chicago.
Moving to Streamwood, Illinois in September 2002, Centurion NDT continues to
develop, manufacture and service top quality, innovative and dependable eddy
current and ultrasonic instrumentation as well as service and support the
instruments manufactured under the Magnaflux label. Centurion NDT's business
philosophy is to provide easy-to-use, affordable instrumentation of the highest
quality standards -- second to none. We believe these essential products will
become more commonly used only if they are easy to operate and affordable.

City: Hillside
Category: Protective Packaging Solutions
Century Container Corporation was established in 1980 and provides protective
packaging solutions to safeguard your valuable products. Our Centurian trade
mark signifies the protective quality of our products for preventing damage
from: mechanical shock and vibration, water and chemical penetration, ESD
(electrostatic discharge), corrosion, and flammability.

City: Livonia
Category: Automatic Valves
Century Instrument Company is committed to manufacturing quality process control
valves and instrumentation for all sectors of industry requiring control of
fluids or vapors be it water, steam, corrosive chemicals or sanitary fluids.

City: Stratford
Category: Interconnect Products
Century Interconnect Products was formed and incorporated in the state of
Connecticut in 1984 as Millennium Electronic Sales. Under the Millennium
corporate identity the various cable assemblies and connector products that
became Century Interconnect Products was developed and marketed. As the Century
line of products broadened and became established, the company completed the
transformation from the Millennium corporate identity into Century Interconnect
Products.Our facility in New England now supports an EOEM base of customers that
extends throughout North America, Mexico, the U.K., and Europe. In support of
engineering design activities in the United States, we ship directly from
Century production facilities located in China and Taiwan to customer OEM
production facilities as well as to contract manufacturers located in China,
Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.

City: Santa Clara
Category: DRAM Modules
Century Microelectronics is a large volume manufacturer of high quality (Made in
Japan) Dram modules. By focusing only on Dram memory, Century has built a solid
foundation thereby earning a premier "Name Brand" reputation. With over 20 years
experience in the semiconductor industry and offices strategically located in
Japan, Hong Kong and the United States, Century is positioned in the forefront
of the worldwide memory market.Century offers over 1000 different industry
standard and custom modules utilizing FPM, EDO, PC100/133 SDRAM and DDR in
Simms, Dimms and Sodimms. To accomplish such a diversified product line, we have
established many valuable alliances with the industry leading DRAM
manufacturers. These supplier relationships allow us to maintain product
inventory regardless of volatile market conditions. Our memory products have
been approved by many of the major OEM computer manufacturers due to our
excellent system compatibility. Century manufacturing facilities maintain the
philosophy of *Quality In, Quality Out*. A *Zero Defect* policy as well as
Century's Lifetime Warranty ensures our customer's complete satisfaction.

City: Los Angeles
Category: Precision Springs
Century Spring Corp (CSC) was founded in 1927 as a full-service manufacturer of
high-quality custom springs. From the beginning, CSC has been committed to
providing our customers with the finest quality products and service in the
industry. In 1997, Century Spring Corp joined with MW Industries Inc to become
one of the top spring and specialty fastener manufacturers in the nation.CSC is
dedicated to maintaining its leadership in the spring industry. By listening to
our valuable customers and providing them with what they need to be successful,
we are able to reach our goals and help our customers achieve theirs. Because we
make customer satisfaction our Number one priority, we have received numerous
customer service awards for on time delivery, shipping accuracy, and quality
control.With over 75 years of experience, our customers rely on us to meet all
of their spring needs as their one and only source for springs. You have our
assurance that your business will receive our complete attention and our
commitment to the highest level of customer support possible.

City: Rogers
Category: Machining Facilities
Century Tool Inc was established in 1968 with the belief that service to our
customers is our main priority. Since then, we have worked hard to meet the
demands of our customers, and have succeeded in becoming one of the top
machining facilities in the upper-Midwest. Our Full Service shop provides
"dock-to-stock" capabilities for prototype to long production work, serving a
variety of industries including Defense, Medical, Food, and Robotics. Century
Tool offers not only CNC machining and turning capabilities, but sheet metal,
welding, assemblies, and more.

City: Chatwsorth
Category: Security & Safety Systems
Manufacturers of security, safety and antitheft monitoring systems.

City: Chandler
Category: Cable Assemblies
Manufacturer of High performance Microwave,Coaxial cable Assemblies, Flexible
and Semi-rigid,Low Loss and Standard RG per Mill-C-17.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: Advanced Technical Ceramics
Ceradyne Inc based in Costa Mesa, California, is a fully integrated ceramics
manufacturing company who develops, manufactures and markets advanced technical
ceramic products and components.Advanced Technical Ceramics offer considerable
advantages over standard, but less durable materials, such as metals and
plastics because of their light weight, temperature resistance, hardness, and
electrical insulating qualities.Founded in 1967, the Company has grown by
diversifying its product lines to capture evolving opportunities outside its
traditional emphasis on defense and aerospace, and through increased awareness
of the benefits of advanced ceramics for high-technology industry applications.

City: New Lebanon
Category: Ceramics Components
CeramTec North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of CeramTec AG, one of the
world's largest technical ceramics engineering companies. CeramTec combines the
capabilities of 10 state-of-the-art production facilities and nearly 2,500
ceramics specialists worldwide.CeramTec bases your solutions on over a century
of applications and materials technology experience. Ceramic and hermetic
solutions from our Laurens, South Carolina facility carry with them the security
of ISO 9001:2000 and TS 16949:2002 certification.Contact CeramTec North America
for the highest quality, best performing ceramic components for your

City: Salt Lake City
Category: Ceramic Components
Ceramatec is focused on the development of innovative products and new
businesses in the fields of advanced materials and electrochemistry. The company
is engaged in several Major Areas of Research and Development and is recognized
internationally with an Extensive Patent Portfolio covering its achievements in
solid-state and aqueous ionic-conducting ceramic materials.Ceramatec's
distinguished Technology Development Capabilities have been proven with a wide
range of projects ranging from concept development to pilot line production.

City: Wenatchee
Category: Ceramic Components
CDI is a High Tech Electronics Distributor providing world-class service, which
creates increased efficiencies, product demand, and the ability to capture new
opportunities for our customers and partners.Our flexible credit terms, product
and market knowledge, coupled with our ability to share information make us
unique in the industry. We consider our customers, manufacturers
representatives, vendors, and team members to be partners.

City: Fairfield
Category: Ferrite Cores
Ceramic Magnetics Inc (CMI) is committed to achieving the highest level of
customer satisfaction by providing superior quality and service.This commitment
will be achieved through the creation of an empowered workforce, guided by the
responsibility and authority vested in the CMI Leadership Council.The
philosophies of continuous improvement and teamwork will be the foundation upon
which CMI will exceed the expectations of our customers.

City: Chartley
Category: Electronic Thermal Management & Packaging
CPS is the world leader in AlSiC product manufacturing capability, processing
tens of thousands of pieces each week for our customers in microelectronics,
optoelectronics, and power electronics industries.CPS is a fully qualified
supplier to most major OEMs. Our manufacturing and quality systems and
capabilities have been audited and approved by many of the most exacting
customers in the world. We ship to Asia, Europe, North America and throughout
the world.

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