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USA manufacturer database

Are you looking for information on USA manufacturers. Then check out the previews of data we have available in our database. Price is only 250 euros
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Previews of data we have available:

City: East Longmeadow
Category: Optical Equipments
CeramOptec was founded in 1986 in Bonn, Germany by Dr. Wolfgang Neuberger and
today is a world leader in the production of specialty optical fiber and fiber
optic-based products for industrial, scientific, medical, and dental
applications. CeramOptec manufactures the highest quality and widest variety of
specialty optical fiber, bundles, and spectroscopic accessories available on the
market today with unmatched delivery times for standard and custom orders.With
several facilities worldwide, we are able to provide customers with local,
prompt, and reliable service and products. By maintaining complete control over
the entire manufacturing process - from preform manufacturing to finished fiber
product - we are able to provide the highest quality control, custom solutions,
and competitive pricing to our customers.CeramOptec is a global leader in the
production of stock and customsilica / silica, plastic-clad silica, hard
polymer-clad silica optical fibers; fused capillary tubing; DPSS lasers; diode
modules; and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission,
medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion, and spectroscopy. Our
comprehensive line of optical fibers, fiber assemblies, bundles, and fused-end
bundles exhibit exceptional temperature capabilities, power handling, and
transmission values.

City: Franklin
Category: Ceramic Components
Founded in 1992, CeraNova is a privately held company dedicated to enabling and
improving smart materials systems that utilize advanced ceramics. Our technical
staff has extensive experience and expertise in ceramics and materials
processing. CeraNova's personnel are currently working on research, design,
development, and production of ceramics and composites in such areas as
piezoceramics, superconductors, and ferrites. Our processing capabilities
include extrusion, pressing, slip casting, and tape casting.The technological
advances made by CeraNova have attracted the attention of a number of different
companies involved in smart materials systems development. Applications for our
products include twist actuation for aeroservoelastic control of helicopter
rotor blades, satellite launce payload fairing vibration control, and
acoustical-structural vibration control. As a member of the AFOSR-DARPA funded
Active Fiber Composites Consortium (AFCC) and the Single Crystal Fiber
Consortium (SCF) programs, CeraNova is the leading provider of fine diameter
piezoceramics for active fiber composites.

City: Sunnyvale
Category: Internet Appliance Modems
Cermetek Microelectronics Inc manufactures a broad line of Internet appliance
modems, modem components and telephone line interfaces for the data
communications industry. The company principally sells to the industrial OEM,
through a comprehensive Rep and Distributor based sales force.Cermetek's
Internet products consist of a broad line of embeddable and freestanding
industrial grade Internet appliance modems. Offered with these products is
development software called iNetWizard, which facilitates design in. To support
connectivity to the Internet, the company hosts a low cost Internet Service
Provider (ISP).

City: Gilbert
Category: Probe Cards
Manufacturer of probe cards, interface systems, and ATE test boards for
semiconductor testing.

City: Hartselle
Category: Wire & Cable Products
Cerro Wire & Cable Co Inc is a leading manufacturer of wire and cable products
sold in residential, commercial and industrial markets. Cerro Wire & Cable Co
Inc sells its products to wholesale electrical distributors and the retail
hardware market. The company operates manufacturing and distribution facilities
in Hartselle, Alabama; Ogden, Utah and Crothersville, Indiana with a total
square footage of 810,000 employing over 550 team members.Cerro Wire & Cable Co
Inc products are marketed and sold through the Cerrowire, and Circle Wire sales
divisions. Cerrowire/Circle Wire have available copper and aluminum building
wire, aluminum URD and overhead conductor and submersible pump cable. They also
have available under the Cerrocord product line thermostat cable, sprinkler
cable, landscape wire, lamp cord, coaxial cable and telephone cable.

City: Raleigh
Category: Air Filtration Systems
Actively involved in air filtraton systems design, including design and
construction of clean rooms, and containment facilities and the testing of those
facilities for 25 years. Served on the Subgroup to write the ANSI/ASME N510-1980
Standard tor "Testing of Nuclear Air-Cleaning Devices". Acted as a committee
member in the Contamination Control Standards and Practices Program for the IEST
contributing to the Standards for HEPA Filters, Adsorber Cells and Clean Room
Construction. Participated on the design team in the design of the Cancer Center
Isolation Facility at Duke University (P2* and P4). Charter member of the
American Biological Safety Association, and recognized as a Registered Biosafety
Professional. Has authored two chapters in the "Anthology of Biosafety" series
on BL3+ Laboratories published by the American Biological Safety Association.

City: Burbank
Category: High Performance Thermoplastic
We solve design problems. Extruded Plastics are a cost effective, smart solution
for many applications that cannot be molded or extruded in metal. We'll take
your basic design and work with you to improve and increase its value. We
re-invent ourselves with every new custom project. Design skills, tooling,
material selection, secondary operations-- from the initial design concept to
the finished product shipped directly to you or your customer, we can provide
the solution. Certified Thermoplastics Co Inc is a precision profile extruder of
engineering thermoplastic resins. Our niche business is the extrusion of high
precision profiles using materials designed for other processes such as molding
and generally not considered extrudable. We build parts for our customers
utilizing resins, compounds and alloys engineered to embrace your design's most
stringent requirements. We routinely extrude compounds of every thermoplastic
resin from ABS to Peek to Zytel ? Nylon. We extrude neat, glass, steel and
carbon fiber reinforced materials. Our ability to use these materials often
delivers significant benefits in price, size flexibility and tooling costs. Your
part can be designed to possess attributes such as strength, light weight,
severe undercuts, no draft, self-lubrication, conductivity or the ability to
dissipate static, and then, be built to incredibly tight tolerances. Our latest
development efforts have been in the extrusion of long fiber-reinforced resins
which deliver the ultimate in strength to the part.

City: El Paso
Category: Cable & Wire Assemblies
Cesar-Scott manufactures cable and wire assemblies for segments such as
appliance and automotive.

City: Winter Park
Category: Wireless Products
Founded in 1974, CES Wireless Technologies has become a global leader in the
design, manufacture and implementation of GPS vehicle location, vehicle and
asset tracking, intelligent fleet management and wireless fleet signaling
products.Products are designed to offer real time vehicle data transfer without
monthly service fees (airtime charges may apply), many are Motorola certified,
and compatible with most of the popular radio and wireless systems, including
2-way radio, radio trunking and cellular systems. CES Wireless offers pre sale
consultative services for larger projects, on site implementation services and
project management (if required), onsite or online product training and optional
24/7 support.

City: Omaha
Category: Chemical Analysis Products
CETAC Technologies is a world wide leader in sample handling and sample
introduction technologies for chemical analysis. CETAC provides a comprehensive
range of product based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging
from drinking water and high purity acids to radioactive waste. We develop,
manufacture and market a family of products and services that provide essential
solutions to customers around the globe.

City: Windham
Category: Transformers, Inductors, Coils
CET Technology was established in 1987, to provide the OEM marketplace with a
high quality, competitively priced source of standard and custom magnetics. We
are a manufacturer of transformers, inductors, coils, chokes, DC/DC converters
as well as linear and switching power supplies. Most of our transformers have
UL, CUL, and TUV approvals.You will see that our professionally trained sales,
marketing, and technical support staff will answer your questions and work with
you to help design the right part for your specific application.Send us your
specifications and we will provide you with the ideal, high quality part for
your application at a cost that is sure to impress you.

City: Bellevue
Category: Software Applications
CFS Inc develops and markets software applications. We deliver a feature-rich
integrated package that includes Manufacturing, Accounting, Project Cost and
Distribution. We provide personalized service to each client, because the
customer's needs are foremost. CFS provides a total solution to business and
manufacturing needs, backed by 20 years of experience.

City: West Chester
Category: Semiconductor & Industrial Sensing Devices
The Thermodynamic Sensors proprietary technology allows process teams to obtain
real-time, extremely accurate temperature profiles of product and equipment,
from stable state through ramp up, process and cool down phases. Designed
specifically to improve the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process,
temperature-monitoring thermocouple wafers from Thermodynamic Sensors are
economical and easy to use.Accurate to +/- 0.5% of actual temperature, these
wafers are durable and tolerant to thermal shock and extreme handling demands.
Wafers may be calibrated using a Hewlett Packard computerized precision system
which is traceable to NIST. Calibration temperature points range from -80 to
1100 degrees Celsius.

City: Cleveland
Category: Cutting Tools
An American company with over 25 years in the Carbide cutting tool industry, is
dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality end mills and solid carbide
cutting tools for use in companies around the world.We will continually develop
the best and most efficient methods of producing our Carbide Tool products while
maintaining the high standard of quality we have become known for.Our Mission is
to maintain industry leading leadership in the CNC design and manufacturing of
solid carbide cutting tools. C.G.S. is dedicated to solving your Carbide tool
problems while increasing your productivity.

City: Fremont
Category: Vacuum Deposition Systems
Founded in 1954, under the name Carl Herrmann and Associates Cha Industries, is
a privately held company. CHA Industries is dedicated to the design, production
and distribution of a full line of high vacuum deposition systems and associated
equipment for precision coating.CHA Industries is headquartered in Fremont, CA,
with sales through Domestic and International representatives.As a vertically
integrated company, CHA Industries designs and manufactures approximately 70% to
85% of all items and assemblies sold as components, and currently being used in
various systems.CHA Industries products are generically classified as Low Vacuum
(which includes our family of Sputtering Systems) and High Vacuum (which
includes our Electron and Ion Beam Evaporation Systems).

City: Cleveland
Category: Cable Tray
Chalfant's success over the past 50 years can be traced to providing quality
cable tray that matches your needs . . . on time and within budget. Field sales
and factory personnel have the technical and engineering experience to help you
select and design a cable tray system to meet your special application
requirements. This personal attention to your order continues every step of the
way . . . right through follow-up after delivery. Chalfant has the answers . . .
indoors or out, from the most popular aluminum or steel ladder-style tray, to a
labor-saving, single-support-trough design, to a unique modular design for use
under raised floors and a totally enclosed EMI-shielded tray.

City: Deer Park
Category: Electronc Components
Challenge Electronics is a dynamic independent distributor of active and passive
components. During the 1999-2001 tantalum shortages Challenge was instrumental
in supplying distributors and OEM's products, which kept production lines
running. We now boast one of the Largest tantalum inventories in the world. We
look forward to partnering with your company in the very near future. Challenge
Electronics website includes the convenience of our new global "Part Search."
You can use this feature to scan our local inventory as well as inventory
available to us from all over the world. Our state of the art software instantly
networks us to over 2000 international suppliers who specialize in obsolete and
hard to find electronic components. If you are unable to locate a particular
part, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to serve
your needs and encourage the unlimited use of this free feature. All RFQ's will
be submitted to our sales department and responded to immediately.

City: Grand Haven
Category: Printing Equipment
Pride is a word we use a lot at Challenge. More than any other word, it
expresses our corporate identity. For over 125 years, through the great Chicago
fire, financial panics, the Great Depression, world wars, shifting marketplace
demands, and fierce competition, Challenge has met every challenge it has faced.
The driving force behind that long history is the resourcefulness and dedication
of our employees, which has created a strong sense of pride in everything we do.
Pride in our customer service that conveys an attitude of "we can do that".
Pride that makes our products perform as promised ? longer and with greater
reliability and productivity. Pride in our technical support that is best in our
industry. Pride in the way we conduct business, with integrity, taking personal
responsibility for the success of Challenge and in building lasting
relationships with our dealers and customers. All of this adds up to your best
total value by investing in Challenge equipment.Although we are proud of our
past, we are even more dedicated to continually improving and creating value for
our customers in the future. Our Mission and Statement of Principles, which is
included below, is a testament of our dedication to this task. We hope you see a
reflection of that dedication in your normal day-to-day relations with us.

City: Sheldonville
Category: Vibration Engineering Products
Chamberland Engineering Associates, is a full service vibration engineering
firm. We provide the largest line in the world of "Guaranteed Lowest Price"
vibrators with a full line for all industries.The most important tool of our
company is our commitment and service to our customers. We give customers ideas
on mounting vibrators... we give customers solution drawings on application
problems...and we have the vibrators when you need them and... we can cross
reference any vibrator model.Every vibco vibrator is engineered and manufactured
to highest quality standards.

City: Rockville Center
Category: Cutting Tools
In-depth inventory includes a broad line of twist drills, end mills, taps, dies,
cutters, power tools, hammer bit and chisels as wells as a broad range of many
"hard to find" tools. Producing precision cutting tools is essential, but couple
it with same day shipping & superior technical support and you've got the
"Champion Edge".Now over 100 years old, our family of products has grown into
five quality brands including Brute Platinum heavy duty cutting tools, RotoBrute
magnetic drills and cutters, ProLine masonry products, Contractor Series economy
cutting tools, as well as our original Champion line. There remains one common
thread through each; from material selection to product packaging, our emphasis
is always on consistency.

City: Spring
Category: Fiberglass Conduit
Welcome to Champion Fiberglass Inc the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit,
cable tray and strut for the electrical and mechanical markets. Our headquarters
and manufacturing are located in Spring, TX (filament winding, compression
molding and hand lay-up) with additional manufacturing in Georgetown, Ontario,
Canada (pultrusion).Champion Fiberglass Inc started production of epoxy
fiberglass conduit and fittings in 1988. Champion Fiberglass, Inc. has one of
the most advanced production facilities for the manufacture of fiberglass
conduit. High-speed winding equipment, high temperature curing ovens and a
well-trained and highly efficient work force ensure the consistent production of
the highest quality fiberglass conduit on the market. In addition, the company
operates the entire manufacturing in accordance to the ISO 9001 standard,
thereby ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction. In 1989,
Champion Fiberglass Inc developed a complete new type of fiberglass conduit
called Flame Shield?. This was the first conduit ever developed from epoxy
resins that had flame resistance and low smoke characteristics that met the most
stringent codes and specifications. Today, the Flame Shield? conduit system has
been integrated into the Champion Duct? system and is UL and CSA listed for
below and above ground use.In 1998, Champion Fiberglass Inc took another
milestone when it was able to produce pultruded curved fittings in our factory
in Canada. This was the first time ever that any manufacturer achieved this on a
commercial basis, and the program is now being developed into manufacturing
pultruded curved fittings for our fiberglass cable tray.

City: Colchester
Category: Wire & Cable
Champlain Cable Corporation was founded in 1955 with primary focus in the
Aerospace industry. Growth continued expansion to the Industrial,
Telecommunication and Automotive market segments.Our unique combination of
market expertise, custom compounding, design and irradiation cross linking can
provide you with solutions you may not have thought were possible. Our 180,000
ft2 manufacturing facility in Vermont is optimized for the highest production
quality and efficiency. Capabilities include multiple layer extrusion, tape
wrapping, braiding, twinning, multi-conductor cabling, jacketing and special
coatings. We design products to meet your power, signal and data needs. From
tight spaces, temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, flexibility, vibration or
problem connectors, we have the solution for you.

City: Tulsa
Category: Testing Instruments
Chandler Engineering is the world's largest supplier of instruments for testing
oil, gas, and geothermal well cements. From our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
USA we design, manufacture, service and support the instruments used for testing
per American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification 10 and ISO CD10426. We also
provide instruments for API Specification 13 for drilling mud, and API
Specification 39 for fracturing fluids.Chandler Engineering is best known in the
oilfield Industry as the pioneer in developing and manufacturing oilfield cement
test equipment. Virtually every oil well cement testing laboratory has a
Chandler Engineering consistometer. Additionally, many other laboratory
instruments are manufactured at Chandler's manufacturing facility. Other types
of oilfield laboratory instrumentation designed and manufactured at Chandler
include mixers, rheometers, fluid loss cells, corrosion testers and compressive
strength testers. Chandler Engineering is also the sole licensed manufacturer of
the Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (UCA). Chandler has taken the technology one step
further with the recently developed Static Gel Strength Analyzer (SGSA), an
instrument that determines the gel strength building of a cement slurry which is
ideally suited for determining potential gas migration problems.Chandler
Engineering is also a supplier of pipeline instrumentation including
gravitometers, dead weight testers and gauges, gas chromatography units, BTU
analyzers and liquid densitometers. Recently, Chandler developed the Moisture
Chek 2000, which provides an accurate method of measuring the moisture content
of pipeline gases.

City: Santa Barbara
Category: Piezoelectric Ceramic
Manufacturers of piezoelectric ceramic.

City: Camarillo
Category: Signal Control Components
Channel Microwave is a California Corporation specializing in the design,
engineering and manufacturing of high-precision, passive microwave components.
With over 90 years of combined technical experience among the principals, we can
offer the most cost effective, yet electrically superior products available
today. We believe that our job is to make your job easier.This web site lists a
complete line of standard designs and capabilities. However, we are aware that
defense and high-quality cellular applications can require product
customization. Channel Microwave Corporation specializes in custom components.
Through this approach, we encourage our customers to talk to us about their
application and special mechanical and/or electrical requirements. Many times a
standard design can be optimized for best performance over a certain parameter
at little or no increase in price. We also encourage you to examine our product
options in the web site. We can save you space and expense.

City: Brea
Category: Audio/Video Distributution Systems
Since 1983, the Channel Plus product line has been acknowledged as the premiere
brand in multi-room audio, video distribution systems. Innovative design and
dependable performance has made Channel Plus the number one choice of
professional installers. Channel Plus products are used in residential homes and
small business such as, restaurants, sports bars, training facilities, and
schools. Homeowners can enjoy an advanced integrated home network that provides
outstanding picture quality to every TV, clear telephone connections, easy
satellite access, a residential gateway for data networking, and the ability to
watch their front door camera, DVD or VCR from every TV in the house. Why limit
home theater to one room? With the addition of a Channel Plus stereo modulator,
homeowners can distribute their home theater to every room in the house. Channel
Plus products include a complete line of modulators, cameras, enclosures, RF
amplifiers, distribution panels and telephony products.

City: Fairfield
Category: Power Transmission Products
We provide high quality power transmission products at the best prices
available. The enthusiasm of our people, the long-term relationship with our
customers and vendors, and the continuous improvement of our technologies will
be the symbols of our company.

City: Costa Mesa
Category: RF Video Distribution Products
Channel Vision has been a leading manufacturer of RF video distribution
products, structured wiring enclosures and modules, security cameras, high
performance audio/video distribution systems since 1993. Channel Vision
manufactures a growing list of products designed to make today's homes more
convenient, safe, and innovative. Channel Vision Central - structured wire
systems, Aria - multi-room audio distribution, and Channel Vision Technology ?
home-theater and security products, combine to make Channel Vision a total
packaged solution. Channel Vision also offers free design and technical support
24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

City: New Britain
Category: Testing Machines
Chant Engineering Co Inc is a small family owned business that specializes in
designing and manufacturing machinery, systems and products for industrial and
Government applications.Founded as a consulting company in 1970, Chant
Engineering has grown into a full service manufacturing company. Our services
include designing and manufacturing machinery to meet our client's specialized
manufacturing and testing requirements. We provide installation and on-site
training as well as complete operational and maintenance manuals for all of our

City: Humboldt
Category: Material Handling Solutions
Founded in 1943, Chantland-MHS has established itself as a premier manufacturer
of Material Handling Systems. We provide reliable, efficient and safe equipment,
specializing in the manufacture of Bulk and Package Conveyors, Automatic Bag
Palletizers, Semi-Automatic Bulk Bag Fillers and Bag Filling Equipment.
Chantland-MHS has a proud reputation of providing personal service, innovative
designs, quality machinery and guaranteed solutions to industry worldwide.

City: Durham
Category: Precision Hand Tools
Chapman Manufacturing makes precision hand tools for working with specialty
fasteners. We've been doing this for quite a while and believe you will be
interested in what we have to offer. Constructed of the finest materials and
packaged into convenient, economy priced sets, Chapman Tools are a must for
anyone who deals with small to medium size screws, bolts and nuts and specialty
fasteners. For assembly and disassembly, these miniature ratchet sets pay for
themselves in the hours saved and offer unsurpassed versatility and speed.

City: Portland
Category: Static Control Systems
SIMCO, the world's largest manufacturer of static control products, has been
providing solutions to electrostatic problems in a wide range of industries
since 1936. Our ISO 9001 certification signifies our commitment to quality
products and service excellence. Our goal is to help you reduce costs, improve
operations, and increase quality. We approach each situation with a sincere
attempt to understand unique customer needs and develop innovative solutions.
This approach has been extremely successful in the past and has earned us the
business of customers worldwide in the plastics, packaging, converting,
printing, textile, medical, automotive, and other industries.For over 60 years,
we've built our reputation on being able to service the needs of our customers.
As the worldwide leader in static control, we welcome the opportunity to serve

City: Boca Raton
Category: Global Positioning Satellite
Chapman's unique and innovative products utilize the Global Positioning
Satellite (GPS) and cellular communication infrastructure providing two-way
voice communications and an array of location-specific services.

City: Chardon
Category: Rubber & Plastic Components & Systems
As a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered rubber and plastic
components and systems, Chardon Rubber Company's business is all about ideas.
Our intuitive approach to problem-solving enables us to effectively serve a wide
variety of industries with our custom molded solutions. In fact, with Chardon's
wide range of processes and capabilities, we produce nearly 5,000 different
rubber and plastic components.

City: Oxnard
Category: Marine & Industrial Battery Chargers
Chargetek was incorporated in 1996 and is privately held. Chargetek is an OEM
manufacturer specializing in standard and custom battery chargers. Manufacturing
is done mainly in the USA with some product sub-assemlies manufactured in
Taiwan. Chargetek has a broad range of power supply and battery charger
engineering experience allowing quick turn customs from specification to
production units. Chargetek can produce both plastic and metal custom enclosures
to fit virtually any application in a very short time at reasonable cost.

City: Rio Rico
Category: Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies
Mr Charles E Gillman gave us our start in 1955, on $10,000 of borrowed money!!
We quickly developed a niche manufacturing Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies
for Military Ground Combat Vehicles, and have been the industry leader ever
since. Additionally, we manufacture RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies which serve
the Telecommunications and Aerospace Industries as well as diverse Military
applications.Our stability derives from our uninterrupted ownership and
leadership by the Gillman Family and the motivated team of professionals that we
have assembled. Our small business status allows us to offer competitive pricing
and unparalleled customer service.We were one of the pioneers of the
Maquiladora, or Twin Plant programs. Two state-of-the-art manufacturing
facilities operate in Rio Rico, Arizona (map) and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
Therein lies our competitive edge.

City: Rolling Meadows
Category: Telecommuication Products
Founded in the family basement in 1968 on the basic philosophy... to be the
best-cost solution provider in the industries we serve.Today Charles Industries,
Ltd. is a privately held, diversified manufacturing and high-technology company
with corporate headquarters in Rolling Meadows, Illinois and five U.S.
manufacturing centers. Charles sells quality products, services and innovative
solutions to telecommunication, utility, marine, and industrial industries
worldwide.Over the years, Charles has successfully balanced growth through
innovative engineering and manufacturing, as well as strategic acquisitions. A
significant addition to Charles' Telecommunications Group was the acquisition of
Rockwell International's Wescom division in 1991. In 1998, Charles acquired
Alcatel's T1 and channel bank product lines to complement its existing
Access/Transmission and Outside Plant products. One year later, Charles acquired
Lucent's Flexterm? terminal housing equipment line. Most recently, Charles
acquired Oasys Telecom and its line of broadband electrical and optical

City: Hauppauge
Category: Industrial Mixing Equipment
Ross Company Over view Manufacturer of Static Mixers, Ribbon Blenders, Double
Planetary Mixers, High Shear Mixers, High Viscosity Mixers, Storage Tanks and
other industrial mixing equipment used for adhesives, chemicals, cosmetics,
food, pharmaceuticals, plastics and other process industry applications.

City: Natick
Category: Crystallographic Instruments
Charles Supper Company has been offering quality instruments and accessories for
x-ray crystallography for over sixty years. Founded in 1941 by Charles Supper,
the company has remained a specialized, family-owned concern. Much has changed
in the fifty plus years since the early years yet we have remained a constant
and stable vendor for the global crystallographic community.The Charles Supper
Company has been active in developing several important avenues in
crystallographic research from the commercial arena. Many were commercially
pioneered by Charles Supper Company. The Buerger Precession Camera, Goniometer
Heads, Double Mirror Focusing Optics, and various accessories for
Cryo-Crystallography we first introduced commercially by Supper. You will find
product descriptions for these products and others here in this web site. In
recent years we have also developed a successful line of micro-positioners.

City: Baton Rouge
Category: Electric Motors
Charlie Steele's Custom Built Electric Motors Inc was established in 1992 by
Charles F. Steele Jr. Charlie Jr has been in the electric motor industry since
1967.In 2001 Trey Steele was a welcomed addition to the corporation.They both
bring a wealth of experience and know-how to satisfyyour most demanding

City: Lincolnshire
Category: EDM Machines
Charmilles' North American operations are headquartered in Lincolnshire IL.
Charmilles has sold over 10,000 EDM machines in North America since 1954. These
models are supported by an $8 million spare parts inventory and a service
department located at the 50,000 square-foot Lincolnshire facility. Charmilles
has application and demonstration centers in Pinebrook, New Jersey and Yorba
Linda, California.Charmilles is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has two
production sites worldwide: Geneva and Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

City: Milpitas
Category: Semiconductor Components
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Nasdaq: CHRT, SGX-

City: San Fernando
Category: Industrial and Laboratory Charts & Marking Systems
Charts Inc supplies a full line of both standard & custom chart paper and
marking systems for strip chart, circular, thermal array and oscillographic
recorders. Whether you're using your recorders in process control, research and
development, laboratory or any other applications, we can supply your need.

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