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USA manufacturer database

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City: Montgomeryville
Category: Cleanroom Laminar Flow Products
Our mission is to provide quality cleanroom facilities andlaminar flow equipment designed to exceed industry standards and toachieve complete customer satisfaction.

Our promise to our customer is that you will always come first. Yourproject requirements, your schedule, your budget drive our team. We want to meet and exceed your expectations for our performance.

Our goal is to build a relationship with our customer through successful projects, not to just "make a sale." That is why the quality and safety of your cleanroom project are always our uppermost priorities.

City: Tucson
Category: Instrument Fan Filters
Air Filtration Products, Inc. is the leading distributor of instrument fan filters and custom aluminum panel filters. Since itsincorporation in 1980, Air Filtration Products has provided qualityplastic fan filter assemblies, plastic fan guards and aluminum fanfilters to customers around the world. Because of the changingtechnology in the electronic industry, the company has expanded its line of filtration products to include wire form guards, custom panel filters for electronic cabinets and RFI/EMI filters that will act as a RFI/EMI shield.

Air Filtration Products is committed to providing the latest technologyand the highest quality fan accessories available today. Largeinventories of fan filters allow for on-time deliveries of both largeand small orders. Quick lead times for custom panel filters allow thecustomer flexibility when designing new equipment.

City: Decatur
Category: Material Handling Equipment
Airfloat Systems manufactures standard & custom innovative material handling equipment and products utilizing advanced load movement methods and airfilm technology. With a growing need andacceptance of air bearing technology, Airfloat Systems has developed afull line of standard and custom engineered air bearing equippedproducts and a complete line of ergonomic material handling equipment.(Find out more about how air bearings work.) All products are designedand manufactured under a registered ISO 9001:2000 and in compliance with QS-9000 TE Supplement:1998 quality systems. Many of the air skids, air bearings, turntables and pneumatic lifts are available The Airfloat philosophy is to work together as ateam to effectively implement the best solution, on the best schedule,at the best price. This philosophy has made Airfloat the proven leaderin supplying innovative material handling solutions to a diverse rangeof industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy construction, heavyelectrical, mobile home, pharmaceutical and food.

City: Duluth
Category: Fan/Filter Modules
We are a premier marketer of Fan/Filter Modules, HEPA/ULPAfilters, Terminal Ducted Modules, Cleanroom Ceiling Systems, CleanroomLighting Fixtures, Softwall Cleanrooms, Air Showers, Pass-Through, HEPAFiltered Vacuums, Shoe Cleaners, Cleanroom Furniture, Laminar FlowEquipment and Cleanroom Construction.

City: Dallas
Category: Cleaning Equipment
Airflow Systems, Inc.(r) manufactures air cleaning equipment for industrial and commercial facilities. Whether removing machine shop coolant and oil mist, welding smoke, grinding and sanding dust, solder smoke, paper dust, odors, or vehicle exhaust gases, we have a solution. Airflow Systems, Inc. produces air cleaning systems that protect workers, production time, and the work environment. Safeguard your manufacturing process by installing an Airflow Systems industrial clean air filtration solution.

City: Netcong
Category: Air Flow Measurement Equipment
Airflow is a world leader in the design and manufacture ofinstruments for air flow measurement, centrifugal fans and blowers forair movement and cooling, extract fans for residential and commercialventilation.

City: Bayonne
Category: Precision Slip Ring Asssemblies
Airflyte is a leading manufacturer of precision slip ringassemblies for a wide variety of applications. Our technical staff ishighly skilled in every facet of slip ring design, test, andperformance. We are ready to help you select the best assembly for yourapplication. We have standard production units available for quickdelivery, as well as a vast library of slip ring designs for you tochoose from.Our many years of accumulated knowledge make it easy to respond tocustomer inquiries quickly and accurately. Flexibility has always been a key to Airflyte's success-whether a standard part requires modification or a stringent delivery is required. Airflyte always meets its customer's expectations and always stands behind the product it builds. Whether you seek a quantity of one or one thousand, our highly skilled and dedicated staff will promptly service your request and meet your exacting requirements.Airflyte is now an ISO 9001:2000 registered company working harder andsmarter to produce the best product in the industry.

City: Louisville
Category: Industrial Air Filters
Founded in 1964, Airguard has grown to be one of theworld's foremost manufacturers of air filtration products for thecommercial, industrial and institutional markets. The basic premise onwhich the company was founded is to provide replacement filters for alltypes of HVAC systems. Whatever type of air filtration equipment isinstalled in your facilities, Airguard can provide a direct replacementor recommend alternatives for improved indoor air quality, lower costand longer service life.

Airguard offers products in every category of air filters fromdisposable panel filters and pleated filters to high efficiency extended surface filters and HEPA filters. A wide variety of filters for specialized applications is also available, including paint over spray collection, lint and ink mist collection, turbo machinery air intake filters, gas phase adsorption and dust collection.

No other air filter manufacturer has a broader line of products to meetthe needs of an ever growing market.

In addition to providing direct replacements for existing products,Airguard is continually developing innovative new products that lead the industry in design and performance.

City: Wyckoff
Category: Air & Hydraulic Products
Air & Hydraulic Power, Inc has been manufacturing air andhydraulic products for OEM, distributors and end users for many years.We provide quality products at competitive prices and serve ourcustomers with prompt service. We strive to be the BEST at what we do.

Our standard product line includes small (up to 2" bore), light duty and heavy duty air and hydraulic cylinders, large (2" to 6" bore) highpressure air and hydraulic cylinders and our line of Mini-Space(r)Telescopic cylinders for air or hydraulic service. We manufacture piston type accumulators and hydraulic swivels. Our specialty is making one or one hundred cylinders to your exact requirements.

City: Jackson
Category: Hydraulic & Air Pressure Tables
Manufacturers of Hydraulics Presses, Air-HydraulicsPresses, Air Presses, Black & Webster Electropunches, Indexing Tables.

City: Menlo Park
Category: Equipment for Electronic Industry
To meet complex manufacturing challenges, OEMs and EMSproviders around the world rely on OK International. Headquartered inSilicon Valley, California, OK International was founded in 1946 and has evolved to become a leading global supplier of solution-basedtechnologies. Today, OK International is a unique family of globalbrands that are leading providers of equipment for the electronics andgeneral manufacturing industries. Products are sold through wholly owned subsidiaries in the Americas, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors.

The brands offer manufacturers the products they need to get the jobdone efficiently and on time.

City: Baldwin Park
Category: Gas Analyzers
Air Instruments & Measurements, LLC is a CaliforniaCorporation founded in Aug 1988. AIM designs, develops and manufacturesproprietary World-Class gas analyzers and complete systems forenvironmental monitoring [ambient air, vehicle exhaust and stack gasemissions]. With installations in over 35 countries.

AIM applies innovative technology for the development and manufacturingof situ, remote and extractive spectroscopic - based gas analyzers; andassembles and support complete systems. This equipment can be applied to a broad range of applications including environmental compliancemonitoring, process control, combustion optimization, open-path ambientair or vehicle exhaust monitoring, toxic gas monitoring and personalhealth analysis. All of AIM's instruments have been refined through 30+years of testing, practical field experience, state-of the-design, andover 4000 installations worldwide.

City: Batesville
Category: Pnematic Air Filters
Manufacturers of pneumatic air filters.

City: Boston
Category: Network Integrator
AIRLINX Communications, Inc. is an international value-added wireless distributor and network integrator of high-capacitymicrowave and spread spectrum radio communications systems. AIRLINXsupplies a complete range of microwave and millimeterwave radios,multipoint broadband wireless local loop (WLL) systems, unlicensedspread spectrum radios (modems, bridges and WLAN hardware) and IR lasercommunications systems. We also offer our own high-frequencyFast/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH/SONET microwave and millimeterwave radiosystems. Providing complete turnkey wireless solutions using customengineered microwave subsystems and RF accessories is our corecompetency. AIRLINX wireless systems fulfill all corporate enterprise,carrier, utility, medical, education, government and military end-usernetwork connectivity applications. Our RF connectivity systems includeprivate microwave, network extension or WLAN bridging,telecommunications carrier backbone and last mile connectivity, radioand television broadcasting and secure next generation battlefield data, voice and video systems for the military.

City: Houston
Category: Industrial & Medical Gases
Air Liquide's U.S. operation is part of an internationalgroup specialized in industrial and medical gases and related services.

In 1902, our French parent company, Air Liquide, was the first todevelop a viable process for liquefaction of gases found in the air.That led to the creation of the industrial gas industry, which today isimproving the productivity and safety of most manufacturing processes,while helping to protect the environment.

We supply oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and servicesto most industries (steel and oil refining, chemistry and glass,electronics and paper, metallurgy and food-processing, healthcare andaerospace). Our innovative solutions improve our customers' industrialperformance while helping to protect the environment.

In a changing world where virtually every industry is in a process ofevolution, standard formulas are becoming increasingly useless. At AirLiquide, we are committed to providing value for our customers byfocusing our resources on their particular needs. By working closelywith customers in their facilities, our experienced professionals helpimprove their efficiency and raise product quality while enhancingsafety and environmental compliance. Our total commitment to providingcreative solutions points the way to our customers' success.

City: Racine
Category: Pneumatic Components & Systems
The Air Logic Division of Fred Knapp Engraving Companydesigns and manufactures a comprehensive line of pneumatic and vacuumcontrol equipment, Air Logic has earned a reputation for productinnovation and development by designing special products to meetcustomer requirements. The Fred Knapp Engraving Company, Inc. was foundby Fred Knapp (See our related story.) in January, 1945 in the basementof his home. This home-based shop specialized in all types of steelmarking stamps, engraved signs and dials.

Fred Knapp's many years of experience and expertise as a craftsmanearned Knapp Engraving a strong reputation of excellence in quality.Today. family owned and operated, Fred Knapp Engraving's reputationcontinues to grow. Since the main structure was completed in 1955, seven additions have been made to meet the expanding needs and diversified growth.

In addition to specializing in machine engraving, the company isrecognized as an outstanding tool and die maker. Knapp Engraving hasbeen innovative in plastic injection molding with complete tool room and plastic injection molding facilities. Knapp engraving has producedthousands of different kinds of plastic precision parts which range from components for aircraft instruments to spray tips for aerosol cans. In 1975, Fred Knapp Engraving Company, Inc. purchased the Fluidic Division of Johnson Controls, which is now known as Air Logic. This innovative company is on the leading edge of quality and excellence in customer service with immediate delivery of its products, and providing its customers with the most flexible and productive systems on the market.

City: Walled Lake
Category: Pneumatic Solution
Airman, Inc. can provide a creative pneumatic solution foryour toughest control requirement. In addition to a comprehensive lineof cataloged specialty products, we can readily produce custom solutions including special components, integrated packages and special assemblies made to your specification.

We currently supply specialty valves, manifolds and integrated modulesto control volume, pressure and flow direction of compressed air andgas. We've provided our creative products for the automotive, medical,petrochemical, photographic, material handling, construction,metalworking and consumer tool industries among many others. If you have a requirement to reduce space, weight, cost, delivery or improvecontrol, performance, productivity and profitability, then call us. Acreative pneumatic solution is our specialty.

City: Milford
Category: Marine Ultrasonic Transducers
Airmar Technology Corporation is recognized worldwide asthe industry leader in marine ultrasonic transducers ans industrialsensors. Founded in 1982, the core business of piezoceramic transducers for depth and fishfinding has evolved into a product line on over 1,000 sensors for industrial and marine market.

City: Chicago
Category: Pneumatic Automation Components
Air-Mite Devices was founded by S. F. Streicker, John J.Oros and John Skidmore in 1950. In those early days the product lineincluded bench top air presses, control valves and a small series of air cylinders.

Today Air-Mite has expanded its line to include a variety of PneumaticAutomation Components. The current product line includes air arborpresses, four (4) separate series of air cylinders, various series ofair and hydraulic valves, several safety circuit components, and manyminiaturized accessories. Air-Mite offers a broad range of componentsfor use in production and assembly. Air-Mite components may be foundservicing industries such as Packaging, Textiles, Chemicals,Construction, Electronics, Woodworking and many others.

Air-Mite has developed a distribution network primarily focused in theUnited States with representation in Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland andseveral Pacific rim countries.

Quality and speed of delivery remain the primary feature of all products manufactured by Air-Mite Devices. A very competitively priced line of products which can normally be shipped directly from stock. Air-Mite stands for Quality and Service.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Air Motor/Hydraulics
In the mid l940's. George A. Smida and Johnny Rodgers built a prototype pump, valve and tools for Rodgers Hydraulics. A few years later, this equipment was incorporated into the standard product line at Rodgers. George and his wife, Louscinda, purchased the pump, valve and tool product lines from Rodgers Hydraulics in 1959, while the remainder of Rodgers was sold to a firm located in California.

The new company, George Smida's Machine Shop, was moved into an 800square foot backyard shop. George's son, George R. Smida, began workingwith his father in the shop from the beginning. Together, they built aprofitable company that has expanded and grown for over 40 years.

City: Santa Rosa
Category: Bulk Airflow Measurement Instrumentation
Air Monitor Corporation is a leader in providing bulkairflow measurement instrumentation and control systems in the Power,Process, and HVAC industries.

If we can be of further assistance in designing an airflow measurementand/or control system, simply fill out our contact request form and wewill provide you with the necessary information to fulfill your projectneeds.

City: Cazenovia
Category: Electronic Timers & Controls
For over 30 years, Airotronics has been designing andbuilding electronic timers and controls and supplying them to OEMs anddistributors. During that time we have earned an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, by consistently meeting or exceeding therequirements of our customers. We started with the 8 and 11 pin magnaland quick connect plug-in style timer. Then we expanded our range toinclude the 2" x 2" solid state cube. In 1986 we introduced ourinnovative CMOS relay output cube, still in a 2" x 2" format but capable of handling loads up to 20 amps or 1.5 HP without heat sinking. These units do all that can be done by a plug-in timer, but in less space and at lower cost. The most recent introduction is our microprocessor-based controllers which provide a high degree of sophistication for those who need to control multiple inputs and outputs.

City: Kansas City
Category: Aviation Construction Supplies
Airparts, Inc. is your best source for aircrafthomebuilding aluminum, chromolly, and other aircraft constructionsupplies. For over 37 years we have had the pleasure of working withthousands of general aviation customers. We are very proud to have beenable to supply the industry with the very finest products featuring oneof the largest supplies of rolled aluminum. Airparts, Inc. specializesin Aluminum Tubing, Sheet Aluminum, Rolled Aluminum and 4130 SteelTubing. As the name implies, continuous rolled aluminum is cut to theexact length you want, no waste. We pride ourselves on giving personalservice.

City: Frederick
Category: Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Airpax Corporation is a privately-held company withheadquarters in Frederick, Maryland and a facility near the ChesapeakeBay in Cambridge, Maryland. There are also facilities in Brownsville,Texas, Matamoros, Mexico and Shanghai, China.

Airpax Corporation consists of two subsidiaries: Power ProtectionProducts (PPP), based in Cambridge, Maryland, which designs,manufactures, markets and sells magnetic circuit breakers and relatedproducts for telecommunications, industrial, power conditioning, HVAC,marine, military, medical and information processing applications; andThermal Sensing Products (TSP), based in Frederick, Maryland, whichdesigns, manufactures, markets and sells thermal sensing products fortelecommunications, information processing and office equipment,electronic power supply, power generation, heavy vehicular, and climatecontrol applications.

City: Norwalk
Category: Pneumatic Piston
Airpot Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer ofultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylindermotion dampers and actuators. Our unique seal-less construction andcombination of materials allow high cycle rates without lubricants,smooth operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument qualityperformance for low to medium force and energy levels. Commonapplications.

City: Lombard
Category: Interchangeable Cylinders
AIRPRO NFPA inter- changeable cylinders are made in the USA of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Airpros cylinders are reliable, lightweight, flexible and economically priced. Two NFPA models 200A-2 (200 PSI) and 250A-1 (250 PSI), are available in 1.5" - 6" bores.

City: Westmont
Category: Material Handling Systems
Air Process Systems & Conveyors Co., Inc.(r) (APSCO(r)) andits fine Principals specialize in creative engineering and maximum costeffectiveness to bring you the finest state-of-the-art bulk materialhandling systems. Whether your requirements are for a single componentor turnkey process, our sales engineers bring hundreds of years ofcombined experience to your project. Our expertise is in the area ofboth pneumatic and mechanical conveying with emphasis on particlereduction, sifting, compaction, mixing, packaging, process controls andpollution control systems.

City: Allentown
Category: Industrial Gases & Specialty Chemicals
Air Products (NYSE:APD) serves customers in technology,energy, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide with a uniqueportfolio of products, services and solutions, providing atmosphericgases, process and specialty gases, performance materials and chemicalintermediates. Founded in 1940, Air Products has built leading positions in key growth markets such as semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogen, home healthcare services, natural gas liquefaction, and advanced coatings and adhesives. The company is recognized for itsinnovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety andthe environment and is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability andFTSE4Good Indices. The company has annual revenues of $7.4 billion,operations in over 30 countries, and nearly 20,000 employees around theglobe.

City: Minneapolis
Category: Air Cleaners, Filtration Systems & Purifiers
Air Quality Engineering was organized as Smokemaster, 1973 emphasizing design, development and sales of air filtrationsystems for removal of tobacco smoke.

In 1974 we marked the beginning of our relationship with Honeywell whenwe agreed to produce commercial air cleaners for this majormanufacturer, an agreement that would last 10 years. Shortly thereafterwe also began offering industrial air filtration system design andproduction services to Honeywell.

In 1984 Honeywell's decision to manufacture their own commercial unitsprovided AQE with the opportunity to develop our own worldwidecommercial marketing organization. Simultaneously, we purchasedHoneywell's industrial air cleaning business and became an importantcompetitor in the air filtration system's market. At this time it wasclear that a new and more comprehensive name would better reflect ourbroader product range and we became Air Quality Engineering in 1984.

Our electronic air cleaners offer all modular solid-state components.All of our equipment is designed for low maintenance, energy efficiencyand optimal collection efficiency.

City: Mayfield
Category: Centrifugal Air Compressors
Air Relief, Inc. is the largest global non-OEM provider ofcentrifugal air compressor parts, repairs, overhauls and service.

In business since 1985, Air Relief maintains a commitment to provideworld-class customer service, superior service support, innovativesolutions, and quality replacement centrifugal parts.

Air Relief services and sells centrifugal compressor parts for CENTAC(r), JOY(r), ELLIOTT(r), GD TURBO(r), CLARK-ISOPAC(r), ATLAS COPCO(r), AND WORTHINGTON(r) centrifugal air compressors.

City: Newark
Category: Low-Pressure Air Film Products
Airsled is the worldwide leader in design, production andsales of portable, low-pressure air film products also known as aircasters, air bearings, air pallets, air lifts, glides, dollies, pads orcushions.

Incorporating innovative air film technology, our heavy load lifting and moving equipment products easily float loads on a micro-thin cushion of air.

Airsled's standard and custom products are designed for lifting, movingand positioning a wide range of heavy or difficult loads includingindustrial machinery, appliances, refrigerators, furniture, vendingmachines, and office, computer, hospital and medical equipment.

City: Rock Springs
Category: Air Compressors
Air Squared, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in aircompressors, specifically scroll compressors, pumps and expanders. AirSquared has developed proprietary technology which enables the scrollcompressor/vacuum pump to be economically manufactured in small tomedium sizes. The scroll is a rotary design and as such can be balancedfor vibration free, low noise operation. In some applications the scroll has resulted in 10-15 dBA lower sound. The scroll does not use inlet or discharge valves which increase durability and improves performance. I have enclosed information on the client page about Air Squared and some of Air Squared's recent consulting projects.

City: Lancaster
Category: Condensate Drains & Oil/Water Separator
Air System Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer ofcondensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gascompressor market. In our 20 years of existence, ASP Industries hasdeveloped a number of unique products. As a manufacturer, we are able to advise, service, and custom engineer many variations of our standardproducts.

City: Chesapeake
Category: Breathing Air & Ventilation Equipment
Air Systems International was founded in 1984 and is an ISO 9001-2000 manufacturer of breathing air and ventilation equipment . We have distribution of our product throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world. We manufacture a complete line of standard stock products, as well as provide a completeengineering and design team to handle your most complex airapplications.

City: Worthington
Category: Compressed Air System Products
We have 25 years experience as a manufacturer of compressed air system products for private label customers and for AIR/TAK distributors.

Air/Tak has continuously strived to prove as a top quality manufacturer. Products are designed with efficiency and durability as the highest priority. Changes in the market demands and specifications by customers are always considered for total satisfaction.

City: Owings Mills
Category: Test Equipment
Since 1961 Air Techniques International (ATI) has been theleading designer and manufacturer of specialized test equipment for high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, ultra low penetration air filter (ULPA), media, filter cartridges and respirators used byvirtually all government, military and commercial organizationsworldwide. ATI is considered a leader in our core technologies ofaerosol generation and photometric detection. In addition, ATI is ISO9001-2000 certified.

ATI manufactures a comprehensive line of test equipment from smallportable units for on-site certification up to the largest systems usedby major producers and testing laboratories for testing filters andrespirators. We also specialize in the design and manufacture ofcustomized equipment for research, testing and quality assurance of airfiltration systems.

ATI test equipment is used by the world's leading corporations andinstitutions where particle free air is essential.

City: Willingboro
Category: Indoor Air Quality Products
Air Technology is client dedicated, offering updated,timely, full service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions. Client airquality concerns are mitigated using a unique combination ofprofessional indoor air quality assessment coupled with solutions. Offthe shelf or customized site specific air cleaning equipment isavailable to resolve IAQ issues. Our technical experts review clientrequirements and budgetary availability. The finest appropriate aircleaning systems are provided.

Building and facility managers, business owners, contractors,architects, and engineers have been working with Air Technology since1986 to resolve IAQ needs. Employee and personnel safety and health are key issues. Breathing safe air in the workplace is of utmostimportance.

We provide client customized solutions to control contaminants,pollutants and odors in your facility. Our market place is global. Welook forward to servicing your requirements.

City: Lancaster
Category: Compressed Air Drying Equipments
Airtek's corporate mission is to manufacture the highestquality, most reliable and best performing compressed air dryingequipment in the industry. Our focus is on complete customersatisfaction including after-sale support. Our award winning andinnovative designs offer quality-engineered solutions for the mostdemanding industrial requirements.

With our state-of-the-art 130,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility,dedicated work force, patented designs, and focus on customer needs,Airtek will deliver Premium Products for Industry

Airtek has been bringing you premium air treatment systems since 1969.Our complete line of cycling and non-cycling refrigerated dryers,regenerative desiccant dryers, filters and drains are all engineered tominimize your installation, operation and maintenance costs. Ourproducts will always provide you with the cleanest and dryest compressed air for all your processes.

City: New Berlin
Category: Precision Miniature Pneumatic Components
Airtrol Components' line of miniature pneumatic componentsare designed for use in light to medium duty applications where smallsize, light weight and precision are a must. Typical applicationsinclude medical and dental equipment, laboratory/analytical instruments, HVAC applications, test equipment, and process control/automation.

The standard products listed in this catalog may be modified to meetyour specific needs. Contact an Airtrol Application Engineer with yourrequirements.

City: San Jose
Category: Steel Metal Fabrication Design Production
Airtronics has been in the electronic metal fabricationbusiness since 1960. We have built a solid reputation for being honest,reliable and on time. Today, we occupy nearly 65,000 square feet, withstate-of-the-art computerized production equipment, JIT programs and aquality control system registered ISO 9001:2000. Your productionprojects are in safe hands at Airtronics!

As a full-service supplier, we can assist you with production projects,from pre-production through end-of-life. And we couldn't be easier towork with. Design engineering and technical skills, along with theability to speak your language allows us to understand your needs. Weknow that each customer's project is unique, so we're set up to beflexible -- we'll work within your requirements.

City: Zelienaple
Category: Propeller Type Fan Blades
Air Turbine Propeller is a leading manufacturer ofpropeller type fan blades for the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industries.

Fans are available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Steel with avariety of finishes. We provide solutions to your HVAC and ventilationneeds. Fan Blades are supplied in sizes from 10 to 120 inches to fit awide variety of air movement problems!

City: Boca Raton
Category: Precision Tools
Air Turbine Tools(r) revolutionary constant high speedprecision tools redefine performance standards for today's high speedHand Tools, Motors, and Spindles. From CNC, robotic and other mountedapplications, to hand finishing operations, the unique technologyemployed in the design and manufacture of these products delivers acleaner cutting action, faster production rates, and eliminates problems associated with traditional tools.

Air Turbine Tools(r) patented governor control system delivers constanthigh speed under variable load for increased accuracy and extendedcutting tool life. The peripheral speed, not power or pressure, does the work faster with an improved finished surface. Light and powerful air turbine tools(r) reduce vibration, fatigue and RSI / MSK injury. The oil free mechanism eliminates workplace pollution. In addition noise levels are greatly reduced to as low as 65dBa. Fewer moving parts and less friction in our governed turbine motor means fewer repairs too. Nomaintenance is required. There are no vanes or gears to wear out orlubricate.

City: Seymour
Category: Soldering & Desoldering Systems
Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest qualityselective soldering and desoldering systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.

The ongoing technical service and process support that we provide to our customers is a major value-added component of our total productoffering.

Our ongoing program of product development and enhancement ensures thatAir-Vac will continue to provide innovative leadership for bothrework/selective soldering technology in the electronics industry andvacuum technology in the markets we serve.

We require the involvement and commitment of all company employeesworking as a team towards these common goals. Everyone is responsible to follow documented policies and procedures, and continually contribute to the improvement of everything we do.

City: Bellaire
Category: Compressed Air, Gas & Liquid Contamination Solution
Manufacturers of Compressed Air, Gas & Liquid Contamination Solution.

City: Grande Prairie
Category: Cieling Fans, Lighting & Accessories
Manufacturer and Distributor of Quality Ceiling Fans,Lighting and Accessories

Air Win Ceiling Fans Save Energy and Provide an Elegant Touch to Homeand Office Décor. Air Win Ceiling fans are an easy way to cut yourenergy costs. In the summer, a ceiling fan can cool a room or area byseveral degrees. You can also reverse the blades in winter and run thefan on slow speed to bring down warm air that collects near the ceiling. With many styles and finishes to choose from, Air Win Ceiling Fans can add a romantic touch, enhance a contemporary look or establish a sophisticated business feel, adding elegance to any room.

City: Santa Clara
Category: Rugged Computer Systems
Established in 1983, Aitech has a long and impressive track record delivering superior cost-performance, reliability, and time-to-market benefits to our customers.

In addition, Aitech specializes in customizing our COTS products to meet the specific requirements of Defense, Space and other customersworldwide.

City: Fremont
Category: PC to TV Scan Conversion
Founded in 1987, AITech International Corporation is theindustry leader in the development and delivery of PC to TV scanconversion technology. The company develops and markets PC to TV videoscan conversion technology in integrated circuits, external systemperipherals, and internal board-level products, for use in portable ordesktop video, multimedia, imaging and other applications. Its patentedVSPro(tm) technology converts the computer's VGA signal to NTSC and PAL TVstandards. AITech's high performance chips, boards and peripherals,including the best selling Pocket Scan Converter, AIGotcha!(tm)2 videocapture device and the AIT1168 single chip scan conversion integratedcircuit, are marketed worldwide. AITech's latest engineeringaccomplishment, the AIT2138, raises the performance standard as afeature rich, high resolution PC/TV single chip solution sure todominate the global OEM TV display markets.

City: Princeton Junction
Category: Electronics Packaging
Since pioneering the use of flexible epoxy paste and filmadhesive technology for electronics packaging in 1985, AI Technology(AIT) has been one of the leaders in the development and production ofinnovative material solutions. With 50,000 square feet of R&D andmanufacturing facilities within our 16 acre campus in PrincetonJunction, New Jersey, AIT has been growing rapidly in product andservice offerings as well as number of world wide customers. AIT sellsand distributes worldwide. More than 30% of AIT's staff are scientists,marketing, development and application engineers who interact closelywith customers to provide the most manufacturable solution with thehighest performance and reliability.

City: Huntingdon Valley
Category: Salt Bath Furnaces
Ajax Electric Company was incorporated in 1931 as one offour divisions of the former Ajax Metal Company for the sole purpose ofmanufacturing electrically resistance heat equipment. The firstelectrode salt bath furnace was developed at Ajax Electric Company in1936 by William Adam Jr.

In 1956, Ajax Electric Company aquired independent ownership from itsparent firm. The company then consolidated from two locations in 1976 to its present single location in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

Today, Ajax Electric Company is privately owned by both active andretired employees.

City: Columbus
Category: Machine Tools
Ajax Industries is commited to serving our customers withthe highest integrity since 1953. We are not only a leading manufacturer of chuck jaws, but also can supply all of your tooling needs, as we are a proud distributor for over 700 manufacturers. You can rely on us for your workholding products, cutting tools, measuring equipment, abrasives, and saftey needs. Please call or e-mail for our 1200 page catalog and your free password to secure online ordering from our web store. Where you can access our inventory of over 190,000 products. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality chuck jaws at the lowest prices.

City: Warren
Category: Induction Equipment
Ajax Tocco's promise is delivering high quality,technically advanced induction equipment to each customer on-time andthat works right the first time. Our worldwide network of sales andservice centers ensures that we are right where you need us to be, inone highly-efficient, customer-focused organization.

Our technical superiority is reflected in our highly skilled personnel,international reputation, modern facilities, technically advancedproducts, and a tradition of product innovation.

Through maintaining a continuing research program along with acommitment to expanding induction technology, Ajax Tocco is dedicated to bringing new ideas to the world's basic metals industries.

Ajax Tocco's advanced technology is dedicated to the specialized needsof our customers. Serving the needs of a changing world, Ajax Tocco has, since its founding, worked to teach the world how to put induction to work.

City: Franklin Park
Category: Hand & Power Tool
Ajax Tool Works is a leading manufacturer of forgedspecialty tools and accessories, equipping America's industrial toolusers since 1946. Because we know that great tools have to last, allAjax products are manufactured with customer satisfaction in mind to bethe highest quality industrial tools on the market.

City: San Jose
Category: Java Technology Based Processors
aJile Systems was formed in July 1999 by a group oftechnologists from Rockwell Collins, Sun Microsystems, and CentaurTechnologies. The principals of aJile Systems share a common belief that the rapid proliferation of Java technology, the Internet, and recent advances in CMOS process technology are extending the Java paradigm beyond the desktop and server. By providing a family of low-power networked single-chip Java microprocessors and IP cores, which includes a real-time kernel, aJile's founders are helping to bring the Java revolution to a wide variety of handheld, mobile and consumerappliances.

While still at Rockwell Collins, aJile's principals led a teamresponsible for the development of the JEM1, the world's first directexecution Java microprocessor, which achieved its first silicon in July, 1997. JEM technology enables low-power embedded applications to be programmed entirely and directly in Java and at the same time to achieve the efficiency and performance of comparable conventional embedded processors programmed in C.

City: San Leandro
Category: Shrink Packaging Systems
SHRINK BAGS & SHRINK WRAP are our specialty: Shrink Bags;CD Shrink Bags, DVD Shrink Bags, Shrink Wrap Packaging Systems, BagSealers, shrink wrap machines and Bar Sealers. CD Bags, VHS Bags, Soap,songwriters, Compact disks bags, candle wrap & candle Bags for candlemakers, poster bags, gift basket bags, shrink bags for gifts, CD bags,impulse sealers, perfume wrapping, DVD packaging, photo protection arejust some of the many industries we have service for over 22-years! Wewant to help you solve your packing needs inexpensively & correctly.

City: Sidney
Category: Contract Manufacturing Solutions
AJS Controls, Inc. offers their customers full ContractManufacturing Solutions on-time and of superior quality. These solutions are delivered by an outstanding team of employees whose core competency is in contract manufacturing.

AJS Controls, Inc. has a philosophy of providing each customer with acomplete outsourcing solution. Whether it is high performancemanufacturing of electromechanical assemblies, or interconnect systems,or a complete machine frame out of aluminum extrusion, we are ready tofill your need. We can turn your build to print or build tospecification, into a custom built assembly or a fully integratedsystem.

From prototype to full production, complimented by our engineeringservices, AJS Controls Inc. is the house for you.

City: Land O'Lakes
Category: Power Supplies
The company was founded in 1987 as an exclusiverespresentative for power supplies in the Southeast. Because individualpower supply companies often fill only niche markets, we visualized andbecame one of the first representatives to specialize in power only -respresenting up to 25 selected power supply companies from around theworld. As time progressed, our customer base began to require more andmore value added services. We began by building rack mounted powerassemblies utilizing the many sources of power supplies that we alreadyhad. We became the first certified ATT and Astec VARs for the new highdensity DC/DC converters. We rapidly became a nationwide company doingbusiness with several Fortune 500 companies. In 1996, we spun off themanufacturers rep business by forming Current Solutions, Inc., thusallowing us to concentrate fully on value added manufacturing at AJ'sPower Source. At this time, we are focusing on hot swap redundantsystems for VME and CPCI products using switching power supplies fromIntegrated Power and Meanwell, and high density DC/DC Converters fromAstec, Lambda, Lucent, Victor, RO Associates, and Power Cube.

City: Brookfield
Category: Ultra Precision Electroforming
For over 75 years, A.J. Tuck has been both a leader and apioneer in the design and manufacture of precision, close tolerancecustom electroformed components. Today, we are the country's oldest andmost established full service electroforming facility. Backed by ourcomplete engineering, machining and electroforming staff, and employingthe latest state-of-the-art applied machining and electroformingtechnologies. A.J. Tuck offers a single source for all yourelectroforming needs.

City: Alcoa
Category: Cummulator & Slip Rings
AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) offers the BIGGESTselection of commutator and slip ring types as well as the BIGGESTproduct size range. ACT is BIGGER because we are the FIRST & ONLYmanufacturer of ALL of the following products: Commutator REPAIRS, V-Ring Type Commutator Refills, Banded Assembly Refills, GlassbandedCommutator Refills, Steel Banded Commutator Refills, etc.

City: San Diego
Category: Environmental & Security Monitoring Devices
AKCP, established in 1981 was the first company to providelow cost SNMP based environmental and security monitoring devices. Withthe largest installed base and the broadest product line, AKCP solutions are used worldwide to prevent disaster and secure infrastructure.

AKCP is the world leader in providing early warning of conditions thatthreaten the integrity of a company's data and assets.

City: Chino
Category: Switching Power Supplies
AK II, founded in 1988, is one of a well-known SwitchingPower Supplies and Adaptor's supplier in Taiwan. It's a team with highcapabilities, well experiences, ISO-9001 and T-mark/PSE approved. Weoffer a wide range of products for many difference applications, such as wireless, telecommunications, computer peripherals, networking andindustry equipments.

We carry high reputation and excellent credit from worldwide customers,such as AOPEN, AGERE, COMPAQ, DELL, DELTA, FUJITSU, IBM, LITEON, LUCENT, NEC, PHILIPS and SONY during the years. With our R&D capability and Q.C/Q.A system in the processing of production, the requests from the customer has been carried out with our satisfactory services. These are the characters of what our customers appreciates the most.

Now, AK II has two major manufacturing facilities that located in Taiwan and China. With a total manpower, direct and indirect, are over 400 people and total factory emplacement of 107850ft2 (10050m2 ).The max production capacity is 600K units per month.

City: San Jose
Category: Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
AKM Semiconductor, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets andsells CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits, combining analog anddigital functions on a single chip or chip-set. These high-quality, low-power consumption products include application specific standardproducts (ASSP), application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) andcustom ICs for the telecommunications, multimedia, data acquisition andmass data storage industries.

City: Natick
Category: Publishers of Science & Technology
A K Peters, Ltd. is a scientific technical publisher with a concentration in Mathematics, Computer Science, History of Science and Robotics, working in partnership with the scientific community. Theprogram includes Textbooks, Professional Reference Works, ResearchMonographs, and Journals as well as Electronic Kits to build autonomous, programmable robots.

City: Akron
Category: Storage & Organization Products
We offer the most complete line of storage products forhome and industry. In addition, we can solve all your material handlingtransport problems. Or if you would rather take it easy, we can help you in the garden. If you need to store, stack, move, or plant it, we have the answer.

City: Barberton
Category: Explosion Proof Electrical Enclosures
AE manufactures a complete line of aluminium explosionproof enclosures.

City: Akron
Category: Rubber Products
Akron Gasket has been supplying the needs of modernindustry since 1974. Through manufacturing and distribution, AkronGasket can supply virtually any rubber product, in any format required.

Akron Gasket has the personnel, the equipment, and the technicalexpertise to supply your needs. From prototype and small quantity tolarge volume production... Akron Gasket.

City: Akron
Category: Custom Molded Techincal Ceramics
Manufacturers of custom molded technical ceramics, custommolded plastics, etc.

City: Akron
Category: Thermoplastic Extrusion Dies
Combining the strength of our in-house engineering staffwith experienced outside consultants, we can offer our customersvalued input and design in all markets of extrusion.

City: Nashua
Category: Imaging & Machine Vision Equipment
The imaging and machine vision community is continuallyseeking improved framegrabbers and high performance acceleratedframegrabber subsystems to meet their demanding real-world applications. They require processing power as well as a balanced architecture of flexible I/O and computational and memory bandwidth. Alacron, Inc. understands these requirements and has developed leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

City: Waukesha
Category: Automation Products
In today's competitive manufacturing marketplace, design,innovation and proven performance are crucial. As a leaderin custom design and engineered products, Aladco(r) offersa family of patented Valves, Grip-Clamps(tm) and Roller-Cam Clamps(tm)designed specifically to assist automation engineers.

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