USAF / ANG F-15 operators

1st  Fighter Wing, Langley AFB, Virginia
     27th, 71st, 94th Fighter Squadrons
     Converted to F-15A/B in 1975 and to F-15C/D in early 1980s
3rd  Wing, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
     43rd (F-15C/D), 54th (F-15C/D), 90th (F-15E) Fighter Squadrons
     Originally designated the 21st Composite Wing
     Converted to F-15A/B in 1982.
4th  Wing, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
     334th, 335th, 336th Fighter Squadrons
     Converted from F-4E to F-15E in 1989-91
     Participated in Desert Storm
18th Fighter Wing, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
     12th, 44th, 67th Fighter Squadrons
     Converted to F-15C/D from F-4D in 1979
32nd Fighter Squadron, Soesterberg, Netherlands
     directly under Allied NATO control. Received first F-15A/Bs in
     1978, later reequipped with F-15C/D. Participated in Desert Storm
     Deactivated 1994. Aircraft went to 102 FW/101 FS Mass. ANG.
33rd Fighter Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida
     58th, 59th, 60th Fighter Squadrons
     Converted to F-15A/B in 1978
     To F-15C/D in 1979-80, then back to F-15A/B in 1980
     In 1983, reconverted to F-15C/D
     Participated in Desert Storm
36th Fighter Wing, Bitburg AB, Germany
     22nd and 65th Fighter Squadrons, 525th Tactical Fighter Squadron
     Received F-15A/B in 1977
     Later re-equipped with F-15C/D
     Participated in Desert Storm
     525th TFS was deactivated in 1992. The entire wing soon followed.
48th Fighter Wing, RAF Lakenheath
     492nd (F-15E), 493 (F-15C/D) and 494th FS (F-15E)
     Converted from F-111F to F-15E in 1992
49th Fighter Wing, Holloman AFB, New Mexico
     7th, 8th, 9th Fighter Squadrons
     Converted to F-15A/B in 1977
     Last USAF unit to operate the F-15A/B
     9th FS deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm
     Wing deactivated 1991-92, Reactivated with F-117A aircraft
57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Nellis AFB, Nevada
     422nd TES, 433rd FWS
     Test and evaluation unit for fighter weapons and tactics
     Received F-15A/B in 1977, and F-15C/D in early 1980s
58th Tactical Training Wing, Luke AFB, Arizona
     461st TFTS, 550th TFTS, 555th TFTS
     First unit to receive F-15A/B (1974)
     Terminated training in 1979 and transferred its mission
     to 405th TTW. Entire wing is now deactivated.
325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB, Florida
     1st, 2nd, 95th Fighter Squadrons
     Activated in 1981 as Replacement Training Unit for TAC and
     ANG F-15s.
       First F-15A/Bs received in 1983. Wing operates now only C/D Models
405th  Tactical Training Wing, Luke AFB, Arizona
       461st TFTS, 550th TFTS, 555th TFTS
       Activated in 1979 as TAC's RTU for F-15A/B
       Converted to F-15E in 1987. 555
       Wing has been deactivated
5th    Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Minot AFB, North Dakota
       Received first F-15A/B in 1985, replacing the F-106A.
       Deactivated 1985, planes sent to Massachusetts ANG.
48th   Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Langley AFB, Virginia
       Received first F-15A/B in 1981/82, replacing the F-106A.
       Deactivated 1991, planes sent to Missouri ANG.
57th   Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Keflavik NS, Iceland
       Converted to F-15C/D from F-4E in 1985
       Deactivated 1992
318th  FIS, McChord AFB, Washington
       Converted to F-15A/B from F-106A in 1983.
       Deactivated 1989, planes sent to Oregon ANG.
3246th Test Wing, Elgin AFB, Florida
       2347th Test Squadron
       Wing changed name to 46th Test Wing / 40th Flight Test Squadron
412th  Test Wing, Edwards AFB, California
       420th Flight Test Squadron
53rd   Wing, Elgin AFB, Florida,  Nellis AFB, Nevada
       85th Test and Evaluation Squadron / 79th Test and Evaluation Group
       422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron / 79th Test and Evaluation Group

The following Air National Guard organizations use the Eagle:

102nd Fighter Interceptor Group
      101th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Massachusetts ANG
      First F-15A/Bs received in 1987, replacing F-106A
      In 1992 renamed 102nd Fighter Wing / 101st Fighter Squadron
116th Tactical Fighter Wing
      128th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Georgia ANG
      First F-15A/Bs received in 1986, replacing F-4D
      Today the wing operates B-1B Lancers. In 1992 renamed 116th Bomb
      Wing/128 Bomb Squadron
159th Tactical Fighter group
      122nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Louisiana ANG
      First ANG unit to receive F-15's in 1984 for maintenance training
      received their aircraft from the 49th Fighter Wing. renamed in 1992 159 Fighter
      Wing / 122nd Fighter Squadron.
131st Tactical Fighter Wing
      110th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Missouri ANG
      converted to F-15A/B in 1991 from F-4E. In 1992 renamed 131st
      Fighter Wing / 110th Fighter Squadron
142nd Fighter Interceptor Group
      123rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Oregon ANG
      converted to F-15A/B in 1989/90
      Most of the planes came from the 318th FIS at McChord AFB,
      which was being disbanded. Renamed 142nd Fighter Wing / 123th
      Fighter Squadron in 1992.
154th Composite Group
      199th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Hawaii ANG
      Received F-15A/Bs from 21st TFW replaced F-4C Phantoms in 1987
      Renamed 154th Wing / 199th Fighter Squadron in 1992

(C) Ron van der Linden

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