German Air Force "Luftwaffe"
 The German Air Force took charge of 273 Phantoms 
 and will operate the F-4 well into the second millenium.

 88 RF-4Es were delivered to equip two recce sqns. The 
 Luftwaffe purchased 175 F-4Fs and another ten USAF 
 F-4Es for US based training. A total of 40 fighter/
 bomber and 107 interceptor F-4Fs underwent the ICE 
 (Improved Combat Efficiency) program and are expected 
 to be operated until 2015.

 AG 51 "Immelman", Bremgarten      RF-4E       
 AG 52, Leck                       RF-4E 
 JBG 35, Pferdsfeld                F-4F        
 JBG 36, Rheine-Hopsten            F-4F        
 JG 71 "Richthoven", Wittmundhafen F-4F        
 JG 72 "Westfalen", Rheine-Hopsten F-4F        
 JG 73, Laage                      F-4F        
 WDT 61, Manching-Ingolstadt       RF-4E, F-4F
 JG 74 "Molders", Neuburg          F-4F
 1 GAFTS/49FW, Holloman, NM (USA)  F-4E, F-4F


 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)