Israel Defence Force/Air Force IDF/AF

 "La Tsvah Haganah le Israel/Heyl Ha'Avir". About 240 
 F-4Es were delivered to the IDF/AF making Israel the 
 second largest Phantom user after the USA. 

 The first Phantoms for the IDF/AF were two USAF loaned 
 RF-4Cs soon switched for six RF-4Es. In the IDF/AF the 
 F-4E is known as "Kurnass" (Sledgehammer) and the 
 RF-4E as "Oref" (Raven).Three IDF/AF F-4Es were modified 
 to a special recce version RF-4S "Oref" (Raven) later 
 followed by 12 standard RF-4Es. 

 The IDF/AF Phantoms were upgraded to the Kurnass-2000 
 standard of which currently about 100 are operated 
 beside 15 recce Phantoms.

  69 Sq  "Ha'patishim"     Hatzerim     F-4E/-2000
 105 Sq "Akrav"           Hatzor       F-4E
 107 Sq "Hazanav Hakatom" Hatzerim     F-4E/-2000
 115 Sq                   Tel Nov      RF-4C/E/S
 119 Sq "Atalev"          Tel Nov      F-4E/-2000
 142 Res. Sq              Hatzerim     F-4E/-2000
 201 Sq "Ha'Ahat!"        Tel Nov      F-4E/-2000
 Flight Test Sq           Hatzor       F-4E/-2000

 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)