Japan Air Self-Defense Force "Hihon Koku Jietai"

 The Japan Air Self-Defense Force received 154 
 Japanese F-4EJ Phantoms including the final Phantom 
 built worldwide. All Japanese F-4EJs are optimized 
 for the air defense role and used to equip six 
 interceptor squadrons. 

 In total 96 F-4EJs have been upgraded to the F-4EJ 
 "Kai" (new) standard and will serve the JASDF well 
 into the next millenium. For recce 14 RF-4EJs have 
 been received, later boosted with 17 F-4EJs 
 converted to reconnaissance Phantom as RF-4EJ-Kai. 

 Rinji Hikotai/7 Kokudan Hyakuri   F-4EJ     

 301 Hikotai/7 Kokudan   Hyakuri   F-4EJ
            /5 Kokudan   Nyutabaru F-4EJ/-Kai

 302 Hikotai/2 Kokudan   Chitose   F-4EJ
           /83 Kokutai   Naha      F-4EJ/-Kai

 303 Hikotai/6 Kokudan   Komatsu   F-4EJ     

 304 Hikotai/8 Kokudan   Tsuiki    F-4EJ     

 305 Hikotai/7 Kokudan   Hyakuri   F-4EJ     

 306 Hikotai/6 Kokudan   Komatsu   F-4EJ/-Kai 

 501 Hikotai             Iruma     RF-4E     
     /Teisatsu Kokutai   Hyakuri   RF-4E, RF4EJ, 

 Kenkyu Gijutsu Shudan   Gifu      F4EJ/-Kai

 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)