Republic of Korea Air Force "Hankook Kong Goon"

 The first Korean Phantoms comprised 18 former 
 USAF F-4Ds to equip one fighter sqn. Another 
 batch of 17 former USAF F-4Ds, followed by nine 
 more F-4Ds equipped a second sqn. 

 A third sqn was formed with a delivery of 24 
 F-4Ds. A recce component was added to the RoKAF 
 with a dozen ex-USAF RF-4Cs later augmented by 
 an unknown number RF-4Cs. Two sqns were formed with
 delivery of 19 factory-fresh F-4Es and another 
 18 F-4Es.

 10 Tactical Fighter Wing, Suwon
 131 TRS/39 TRG   RF-4C

 11 Tactical Fighter Wing, Taegu
 110 TFS          F-4D
 151 TFS          F-4D

 17 Tactical Fighter Wing, Chongyu
 152 TFS          F-4E
 153 TFS          F-4E

 det.110 TFS      F-4D

 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)