Turkish Air Force "Turk Hava Kuvvetleri"

 The Turk Hava Kuvvetleri (THK) or Turkish 
 Air Force first Phantom batch of 40 factory-
 fresh F-4Es equipped two sqns. With a second 
 batch of 32 F-Es and eight RF-4Es the TuAF 
 reequipped two fighter sqns, a recce sqn and 
 a F-4 training flight.  

 After these deliveries the first batch of a 
 number of former USAF F-4Es was followed by 
 two ex-USAF batch of 15 F-4Es each. More
 Phantoms arrived with a delivery of 40 former 
 USAF and AMARC F-4Es. Later followed by the 
 last transfer of 40 ex-USAF F-4Es. 

 The number of recce Phantoms was boosted with 
 32 former Luftwaffe RF-4Es forming a second 
 recce sqn. The THK is upgrading 54 F-4Es 
 with IAI. Later the RF-4E fleet wil be

 1nci Ana Jet Us (Main Jet Base), Eskisehir
 Simsek Kita -        F-4E     
 Bora Kita   -        RF-4E    
 111 Filo "Panter"    F-4E     
 112 Filo "Seytan"    F-4E     
 113 Filo "Isik"      RF-4E    

 3nci Ana Jet Us (Main Jet Base), Konya
 131 Filo "Edjer"     F-4E     
 132 Filo -           F-4E     

 7nci Ana Jet Us (Main Jet Base), Erhac
 171 Filo "Korsar"    F-4E     
 172 Filo "Sahin"     F-4E    
 173 Filo "Safak"     F-4E, RF-4E          

 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)