Royal Air Force and Royal Navy

 The Royal Navy took charge of just 29 Phantom FG.1 
 which is a rebuilt F-4J version for the RN also 
 designated F-4K, instead of the initial order 
 for 143 F-4Ks! 

 These were operated from the sole carrier 
 HMS "Ark Royal", and later transferred to 
 the RAF. The RAF received 116 production Phantom
 FGR.2s operated in the interception, fighter/
 bomber and recce role. The last delivery of 
 Phantoms comprised the F-4J(UK), an ex-US Navy 
 F-4J, of which the RAF purchased 15 machines 
 for interception tasks.

 Royal Navy
 700P Sq Yeovilton           Phantom FG.1          
 767  Sq Yeovilton           Phantom FG.1          
 892 Sq  Yeovilton           Phantom FG.1          
         Leuchars            Phantom FG.1          
 PPOCU   Leuchars            Phantom FG.1          

 Royal Air Force 
 2 Sq  Laarbruch, Germany    Phantom FGR.2(recce) 
 6 Sq  Coningsby             Phantom FGR.2         
 14 Sq Bruggen, Germany      Phantom FGR.2         
 17 Sq Bruggen, Germany      Phantom FGR.2         
 19 Sq Wildenrath, Germany   Phantom FGR.2         
 23 Sq Wattisham             Phantom FGR.2         
 29 Sq Coningsby             Phantom FGR.2         
 31 Sq Bruggen, Germany      Phantom FGR.2(recce) 
 41 Sq Coningsby             Phantom FGR.2(recce) 
 43 Sq Leuchars              Phantom FG.1, 
                             Phantom FGR.2         
 54 Sq Coningsby             Phantom FGR.2         
 56 Sq Wattisham             Phantom FGR.2         
 74 Sq Wattisham             F-4J(UK), 
                             Phantom FGR.2         
 92 Sq Wildenrath            Phantom FGR.2         
 111 Sq Leuchars             Phantom FG.1          
 228 OCU (64 Sq) Coningsby   Phantom FGR.2         
 1435 Flt Mt Pleasant,
      Falklands              Phantom FGR.2         
 AA&EE Boscombe Down         Phantom FG.1, 
                             Phantom FGR.2          

 (more detailed information can be found on the F-4 
 Reference CD-ROM)