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Topic: anime

AAA Anime - Retailer and wholesaler, primarily wall scrolls. Also CDs, posters, stickers, key chains, stationery, and trading cards.

Angelic Layer MUSH - Set in the world of Angelic Layer anime TV series. Features a series of guides on how to play.

Animanga - Anime and Manga Services - Index des "anime" disponibles en français et en anglais, archive d'images, articles, scripts, forum, email gratuit, hébergement de sites, vente aux enchères.

Animanga: Anime and Manga Services - Huge list of anime cels for sale, as well as a cel gallery.

Anime 8 - Image galleries, anime summaries and specialized link pages.

Anime Animal Preserve - Index highlighting the fauna in anime, complete with pictures and series information.

Anime Backgrounds For Your Desktop - Wallpaper sorted by series.

Anime Castle - Art books, manga, posters, figures and CDs.

Anime Collectibles - Specialized in toys and models, figures and dolls from various Japanese and American Sci-Fi and anime series.

Anime Cubed - Wallpaper, images, contests, reviews, music, lyrics, manga translations, and postcards.

Anime Database - Provides pictures, biographies and music related to several anime series.

Anime Densetsu - Tokimeki Drama Series vol. 2 - Anime Densetsu's review on Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.2, Irodori no Rabusongu.

Anime Densetsu - Tokimeki Memorial - Anime Densetsu's review on Tokimeki Memorial:Forever With You.

Anime Fan Network - News, reviews, forum, images, music, and general information.

Anime Fantasy Extreme - Index of wallpaper from various titles, including Kenshin, Nadesico, Ranma, Lodoss, Cowboy Bebob, and Gundam.

Anime Gambit - Budget cels, a guest for sale page, and a personal gallery.

Anime Goddess - Extensive site highlighting Please Save My Earth, Marmalade Boy, Sailor Moon, Fancy LaLa, and other lesser known anime.

Anime Guru - Forum topics include games, music, fan works, reviews, and suggestions.

Anime House GmbH - Anime-Label, bringt aktuelle Anime-DVDs heraus wie: Onegai Teacher, To Heart, Saber Marionette J, Star Sheriffs.

Anime Hut - Singapore-based online Gundam hobby shop with selections of model kits and action figures.

Anime Ichiban - Dedicado a Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captor, Samurai-X. Can historia y galerías de cada uno.

Anime Images - Dragon Ball, Ranma, and Gundam unsorted images.

Anime Intro Archive - Video clips and commercials.

Anime Lane - UFO catchers, dolls and cels sorted by series.

Anime Lyrics - Searchable database of lyrics. Also submissions and requests accepted.

Anime - Lyrics from over 7000 anime, J-pop, and video game songs.

Anime Matrix - Series specific fora, general discussions, and webmaster help.

Anime Matrix 3000 - Contests, image galleries, chat room, and message board. Yahoo group; requires registration.

Anime One - Crispin Freeman - Photo, profile and vital statistics.

Anime Outlet - Digimon, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Gundam, and Pokemon images as well as fan art.

Anime Skin Art WebRing - Open to people who make anime-based skins for MP3 players.

Anime Spoof Archive - Video recordings of anime spoof skits.

Anime Universe: Ayashi no Ceres - Series overview, character profiles, image gallery and wallpapers.

Anime Video Games - Gaming directory with a message board, newsletter, and chat. Also featuring anime, music, and links.

Anime Winamp Skins - Dedicated to anime Winamp skins.

Anime Winamp skins - Little world of anime, including Winamp skins.

Anime X Publication - Contains music, wallpapers, buddy icons, and Naruto facts.

Anime and Stuff - Small amount of Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors images and information.

Anime angels - Dedicato ai fumetti giapponesi, presenta una galleria di immagini e di fotografie in tema.

Anime on TV - Lists stations and air dates for shows on US and Canadian television. - Designed for the UK's Anime fans and industry. It offers news, events, clubs, and company information, as well as free emails and websites.

AnimeIM Anime AIM Buddy Icons - Anime buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger.

AnimeMuck - The oldest anime MUD. Fuzzball 5.64. Rules, registration information, staff list, and city maps. - Anime, Manga, and Japanese Popular Culture Research Homepage - Bibliographies of online and offline resources and research papers related to manga and anime.

Anything Goes Anime Fanfic and Art - Collection of works from members of the web ring of the same name. Submissions accepted.

Asylum Anime - Cels, art books, shitajiki, dolls and figures.

Blackbird's Anime RPG Page - A collection of links and information on anime-inspired tabletop RPGs.

Candy Apple Ponyshop - A help center for budding My Little Pony web designers. Free buttons to use on websites, banners to promote, and ready-to-use layouts free for download and use. Also houses a weblog, Anime cel gallery, and artwork gallery. All images are linkware.

Canofoo's Anime Conversations - Forums for several titles including Gundam, Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, and Love Hina.

Chris K.'s Anime- und Manga-Projekt - Bildergalerien und Sounds (MP3, Real Audio, MIDI), diverse Informationen zum Thema.

Confessions of an Anime Voice Director - Interview with voice actor and director Taliesen Jaffe.

Crispin Freeman Professional Voiceover - Official site with news, photos, resume and Anime voice credits, FAQs, character pictures, fan art, and related links.

Cybercat Graphics - Furry, X-Men, fantasy, and anime art, the current X-men related MUX, Mu.

Desktop Anime - Wallpaper, music videos, and icon sets.

Didi's Anime and Manga Page - Information on various series and anthologies, ISBN list, and translations including Basara and Ohoshisama ni Onegai.

Dragon Warrior Anime - Glossary and episode summaries on the dubbed episodes.

Dragon's Den - Dragon Warrior game information, walkthroughs, maps, codes, hacks, flash web games, MIDIs, anime, fan fiction, forums, and top website listing.

Dustin's Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Shrine - Background information, message board, fan artwork, and scans to all the games and anime.

Firstdragon's Anime Icons - Over 300 buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger.

Genki Anime Fansubs - Non-SASE distribution; ships only to the US. Tape list, request form, rules, and status information.

Great Website Onizuka - Cover gallery, volume summaries, introduction to anime and live action versions, mailing list, and buying information.

Ground Zero - Features Fuzion plug-ins for 'magical girl' anime characters and Dragon Ball Z.

Hometown Legends - Anime and manga roleplay in a small modern Japanese city on an island. Rules, world guide, and application information.

Lee's Comics - Comics, graphic novels, alternative comics, manga and anime from the 1930s to the present.

Manga and Anime Sites in Japan - Best manga and anime sites in Japan translated. Also explains how to view Japanese sites without a Japanese Computer.

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention - Anime convention April 2-4, 2004 in Nashville, TN. Guests TBA.

Naruto EX - Character biographies, episode list, manga summaries, information, anime and manga downloads, galleries, games, music, and links.

Neko-chan no Anime - Tape trading. Want list, available list, rules.

Ninku: The Anime Series - Fan site about the animated martial art series, Ninku. Features a poll, character information, game facts, and links.

OtakuWorld! Anime and Manga - Resource for anime and manga sites.

PlanetPlastica. - Forums devoted to video games, anime, toys, movies and music.

Prodigious Comics, Cartoons, and Anime - Biographies, images and fan fiction for Sonic, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, the Young Justice team, the Tenchi Muyo.

RTalsorian Anime Style Games - Official, licensed, rules for roleplaying Armored Trooper Votoms, Bubblegum Crisis, Dragon Ball Z, and Teenagers from Outer Space.

Station Tera-Alpha Sci-Fi & Anime - Community for science fiction and anime fans, with message boards, chat, fan fiction, pictures, games, program and film listings, quotes, and links.

Stealth's LotR, Anime, and Video Games - Contains Dragon Ball images and animations, as well as some game reviews.

Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide - CD information site, includes tracklists, tracklist translations, and reviews.

Sugar Sweet Designs - A free anime web graphics site specializing in various layouts.

Sugoi Anime - Anime and video game graphics website for neopets and websites.

Swiss Anime community, SAC - Anime-Reviews, Trailer, Forum

That's Entertainment - New England collectibles store carrying comics, sports autographs, anime and related merchandise.

The Anime Barn Yard - Cels listed by series, Video Girl Ai, Rayearth, Those Who Hunt Elves and others.

The Anime/Manga Web Essays Archive - Scholarly and fan-written essays including histories, reviews of conventions, and particular aspects of Japanese culture.

Thiep Anime & Manga - Free anime and manga e-cards from Candy Candy, Cardcaptor Sakura, Daa! Daa! Daa!, Fullmoon Wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, Marmalade Boy, and other series.

United Publications Ltd. - A mail order company based in the UK for Furry, Anime and Manga.

University of Texas at Austin Anime Club - Largest single University Anime Club in the United States. Includes large FTP archive of images and sounds.

Webs Anime - Series information, multimedia clips, image gallery, fan fiction and links.

Yet Another Anime CD Cyclopedia - Database of information on anime soundtracks, welcomes submissions.


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