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Daisy Soap

Welcome to The Daisy Soap Company. We offer premium soaps, hand made from natural, plant based ingredients.

Daniel and Dad's Soap
Daniel & Dad's Homemade Soap - Made with all natural plant oils

Darn Good Soaps
Homemade soaps to suit all of your needs. With a very extensive list of scents, we are certain that our soaps and products will keep you coming back for more!

Dawn's Soap Pot
Luxurious and gentle homemade soap in many scents. A feast for your nose - a treat for your skin! Also lotion, shampoo, lip balms, gift baskets and more! Secure online ordering.

Daydream Delight Soaps
Daydream Delights Soap - Home of 100% goat milk soap. Customers with eczema or rosacea or acne and skin care concerns love our 100% goat milk soap. Daydreams handmade soap is made with fresh goat milk (no water - no powdered milk), food grade olive

Deal Farm Soap Company
Natural ingredient soap products.

DeLuxe Soap
Offering vegetable soaps for bath and body.

Desiree Soap Company
The all-natural ingredients and exciting Montana scents and aromas of our unique, handcrafted, homemade soap will help you look and feel happy and healthy.

DevaLuna Soaps
All vegetable based soap and other natural products for your bath, body and home.

Dionis Inc.
Goats milk bath and body care company.

Dirty Soap
Dirty is a manufacturer of handmade soap and fine bath products. Located in Seattle, Washington.

DK Farms
A selection of soaps and scrubs.

Don't Be A DirtBag
Offering handmade soap with all natural ingredients. Testimonials, ordering information, and a fact sheet.

Dragonfly Blue
Step in and choose your destination in the world of distinct aromas offered in fine products for the art of living.

your on-line source for Reve-de-Provence soaps, shower gels, foam baths, body lotions, and more. With shea butter, organic olive oil, and essential oils of Provence, these French bath products are gentle to your skin, and are gently priced.

Dry Skin Soap
Home of Grandma's Homemade Lye Soap. Grandma's Mountain Medicines, Herbs, Spices, Botanicals, Soaps, Ointments and Creams

Sensible Scents
Offering handmade decorative soaps. Available in a variety of fragrances including a line of aromatherapy scents!

A Land of Milk & Honey
All of our handmade soap is 100% goat milk, cold processed, promoting high standard of quality for each bar of soap. Our handmade soap and lotions are made with fresh goat milk, food grade olive, coconut, and castor oils, cocobutter and sodium hydroxide. Here on the farm we strive to make natural skin care products that are gentle and help moisturize skin. When we formulate our products, we select the best ingredients for your skin care and do not use harmful dies, preservatives or fillers. We make goat milk soap, a natural Lotion in two sizes, Cutical balm, Sugar scrub and moisturizing Bath salts. Our Handmade goat milk soap contains no artificial preservatives or colors. Most people with problem skin, eczema, acne and other sensitive skin care concerns find they can use our scented products with excellent results. For our friends with especially sensitive skin we also offer a line of unscented products. We only use essential and fragrance oils that meet our high standards for quality.

Earth Dance Herbal Soaps
All natural soaps in a variety of scents.

Earth Drops
Herbal soaps with pure essential oils and pet soap. Includes free soap recipes.

Earth in Arts
Soaps and body products made with all-natural and organic ingredients including pure essential oils and vegetable oils.

Earthly Delight
Natural handmade vegetable oil soap, soy candles, bath and body products designed to be kind to your skin and our planet

Earth Scents
Fine goat milk soaps & sundries.

Earth Naturals
Natural soaps, excluding animal products. Also offering gift baskets.

The Foam Box
The Foam Box - Washing should be fun! Handcrafted soaps in jewel colours, wonderful shapes and fabulous scents. These are made by a work at home mum/wahm

East of the Sun Soapworks
Assorted vegan soaps.

Edens Botanicals
A Christian web site that manufactures Christian soap. Our handmade natural soap is based on Bible scripture. We also carry natural lotions, Dead Sea mud, and gift baskets all based on the Bible. Wholesale soap accounts are available for Christian bookstores.

Elayne's Garden
Elayne's Garden bath and body care products use only natural ingredients to create luxurious balms, lotions, soaps and scrubs.

Ely Soap Works
Handmilled soaps from Minnesota ingredients.

Enchanted Bath
Enchanted Bath offers the best of Mother Nature in the vegan organic bath and body products we handcraft. We cater to those who have special needs. Our products are gentle to your skin, non irritating and chemical free, making them safe to use for everyon

Enchanted Soap
Luxurious Natural Soaps with the Finest Essential Oils Coconut and Olive Oils Herbs and Clays. A Variety of Over 30 Blends. Sisters long-time soapmakers and owners Alison and Melissa specialize in exotic blends and great customer service.

erbaviva, a leading provider of Organic baby, pregnancy and personal care products. Featuring all-natural botanical ingredients for skin care, maximum health benefit and minimum hypoallergenic reaction.

Faerie Made Soaps
Faerie Made Soaps: organic, natural, all vegetable based handmade soaps, shea butter, hemp lip balm, and more quality handcrafted products for body and home. Wholesale available.

FairyAngel's Homemade Soaps
FairyAngel's Homemade Soaps, wonderful homemade soaps, vegan soaps, non-vegan soaps, custom soaps

Faith Mountain Farm
Handcrafted soap and bath products from the milk of our Nubian dairy goats in Virginia.

Hidden Valley Farms Soaps
Find natural handmade soaps like homemade lavender soap, sandalwood soap, peppermint soap and many other wholesale soaps.

Fat Little Girl
Made to order in various shapes and colors.

Feather Falls Soap Company
Feather Falls Soap Company - Natural, Handmade Soaps and aromatherapy products, including 16 formulations of soap, massage oils, aroma mists, aromatherapy oils, bath salts, bath oils, perfumes, potpourri, gift crates and gift buckets.

Flying Pig Soapworks
Soaps and bath potions to delight both body and mind.

Foxwood Gardens
Elegant bath products from the world's most ancient botanicals.

Freedom Farm Soap
Luxurious handmade soaps, lotions and skin care products.

Desert Skies Soap
Soaps, lotions, bath salts, and gifts.

Air de Provence
Air de Provence brings to the UK a collection of French soaps, toiletries, and gifts from the beautiful region of Provence. They include the famous Marseille Soap, and a variety of wonderfully fragranced handmade soaps.

French Soaps, Ltd.
French offers the finest natural soaps, linen care products and scented candles, handmade with only the best ingredients and techniques from France.

Funk Bubble
Funk Bubble, an exciting new natural toiletries company for women, dedicated to give you the very best in skin, hair and body care using only totally natural ingredients.

Garden Dreams
Herbal bath and body products.

Kimberly's SoapWorks
Coconut cream or goats milk soaps made with food-grade vegetable oils, also offers powders, lotions and body butters.

Getfresh Australia is a supplier of Aromatherapy specialty soaps

Global Soap
We make soaps and bath products using the finest natural ingredients available using cold process soap making methods, products retain glycerine, making it a moisturising soap, we are based in Nelson New Zealand

Glycerin Pleasures
Luxurious handmade glycerin soap, Crystal Rock deodorant, Nikali skin softener

Goatboy Soap
Wilczek Woodworks designs and builds custom crafted fine wood products for home, sport and fun. Canine carting equipment, wagons, games, Adirondack chairs, birdhouses and custom work.

The Soap Factory
With 21 varieties to choose from, no one soap is inferior to the others. All Carol Ann's Gourmet Soaps offer Antibacterial, Deodorant, Cleansing and moisturizing. You will not need a body moisturizer.

Go Native Soap Company
Handmade pure vegetable oil soaps. Go Native New Zealand. Go Native Soap Company uses saponified oils of olive, coconut and palm.

Natural Bath and Body Essentials.

Go Products, Inc.
Exclusive manufacturers of new Containerized Bar Soap concept. Manufacture high-qualitynatural glycerin soap. Premium bar soaps. Custom and contracted Soap Blends.

Gourmet Soaps
Handmade soaps in themed shapes for special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings or holidays. Customization available.

Grandma's Soaps
Specializing in handmade soaps and other toiletries, jams, jellies, wood crafts and other items.

Grand River Soap Works
handmade goat milk soap made with the finest natural raw material such as fresh goat milk from the farm andfirst quality vegetable oils

Granny Sam's Wild Crafts
Quality handcrafted soap, cream, lotion, salve, toiletries, scents, aromatherapy blends.

Green Girl Basics
Offers soaps and lotions, as well as soap making supplies.

Green Lady Soap
Handmade soaps, bath and body products and gifts.

Green Mountain Soap Company
Offering pure soap for sensitive skin.

Gumnut Cottage Online
pure luxurious soap, a healthier alternative to commercial soap.

Gwenhwyfar's Garden
Handmade soap and bath products that bring nature to your life every day. Experience the World's Garden in Your Bath.

Handmade with Aloha
Bringing you the best from the Big Island in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Handmade With Aloha

Harriet's Little Soap Company, LLC
Pamper your skin from head to toe with all natural handmade soaps and herbal bath products made from the finest aromatherapy oils, scents, and herbs. No animal or artificial colorants used.

Hawaiian Bath and Body
Natural moisturizing handmade hawaiian soap made by Hawaiian Bath and body on Oahus North Shore with Hawaiian kukui nut, vegetable, and essential oils among other natural ingredients.

Heavenly Scents Soap Co.
Handcrafted, all-natural soaps, shampoos and health and beauty products

Heaven's Hands
Natural soaps, bath and stained glass products.

Natural, herbal, aromatherapy bath products - lotion bar, shaving soap, loaf soaps, bath salts, handcrafted soapsalt scrub. Cold process with essential oils and herbs. Private label and wholesale.

Herbal Design
A unique herb shop loaded with handcrafted soaps, toiletries, potpourri, bath products and other herbal crafts. Retail and Wholesale.

Herbal Creations by Wanda
Fresh, garden-grown herbs make the difference in our fine handmade herbal soaps, old-fashion aromatic potpourris, and natural insect repellent.

Heritage Farm Soaps
Handmade Glycerin Soap made from scratch

High Desert Soapworks
Crafters of homemade soap, natural soaps, bath Soaps, body products and more!

Highland Soap Co.
luxury soaps, gift baskets, bath and body works from The Highland Soap Co., handmade soap with natural ingredients including pure essential oils in Scotland, Shop Online -

High Street Soap Works
Offering soap and natural body care.

Hills of Galilee
Features a variety of soaps with essential oils and natural ingredients.

Homespun Naturals
Homespun Naturals offers wholesale bath products for the gift and gift basket industries. Superb Aromatherapy products and handcrafted soaps as seen on QVC TV.

Honey Bee Farms
Soaps, bath products and candles made with herbs, essential oils and luxury butters.

The Honey Oatmeal Soap Shop
We specialize in oatmeal soap, handcraftedhoney oatmeal soap. The best place for buying natural body cleansing soap,for dry skin or sensitive skin.

Humaine Essential Herbal Soap
Homemade Herbal Soap and Lotions.

Natural Soap Shoppe
Scented Candles, Bath & Body Works, Lotions, Scrubs, Natural Soap, Gift Baskets, Home Decor, Wholesale, Fundraisers

Indiana SoapWorks
Quality handmade soaps, bath luxuries, lotion, and lip balm. Free recipes. Indianapolis, Indiana

In Kristine's Shower
The Bathbomb Capital of the Web! We specialize in bathbombs, 100% soaps, soy candles and so much more!

Simply Special
Natural, all-vegetable ingredients, with Irish themed scents. Prices are in Irish pounds.

Jamie's Country Soaps
A variety of soaps, lotions and bath products.

Made with premium vegetable ingredients under a process that retains the natural plant glycerines which together with 25% olive oil content gives excellent moisturising and lather qualities. All are hand made in Western Australia.

JoyFare Eve handmade soap is a quality, handcrafted soap which is great for all skin types. Our home made soap is made with high quality vegetable oils including: coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil. It is a gentle, sudsy, and long lasting soap.

Just Soap
Just Soap makes affordable handcrafted all natural soaps, blended by bicycle!! We also carry handcrafted Bar Shampoos and Hand and Body Salves. Good for you, Good for the Earth.

KARE Handcrafted Soaps
Bathe your skin in our balmy, luxurious soap made from natural, rich ingredients for a warm, healthy glow all over.

Kate's Soap, Inc.
Natural Mystic, Inc. offers fine handmade soap, soy candles with essential oils, and neem products.

Key West Sea Soap
We have the biggest and best range of natural handmade bath and beauty products. We specialize in totally natural products that help heal and protect from environmental stresses. Check us out today.

Kimmie's Kakes & Kandles
handmade highly scented candles and a full line of bath/body items

Knoxville Soap Factory
All-vegetable soaps designed to alleviate dry skin.

Lacy's Latherworks
Selection using an assortment of oils and fragrances. Also offering gift certificates.

Lala Soap
Lala Soap is the best handmade natural soap you will ever use!

Lavenderl Lori
Selection of soap made using essential oils, herbs, and natural sponges.

Lotus Blossom
Offers handmade luxury soaps, body lotions and creams, body powder and spray, shower gels and scrubs, lip balms, and other bath and body products.

Leni's Lathers
Distinctive soap designs, individually created; and toiletries made with the choicest butters and oils.

Leslie's Garden Handmade Soap
handmade soap from Leslie's Garden Handcrafted Soap made from scratch in the cold process tradition.

Jupiter Imports, UK
Red Lifebuoy Soap and Pears Vinolia - Titanic Luxury Bath Soap are available now by mail order from England. Both these popular soaps are back still keeping the world clean and fresh.

Lobelia Soap Company
At Mandrake Apothecary(tm), we specialize in natural artisanal perfumes with your luxury in mind. Our botanical perfumes, soothing emollients, and cleansing ablutions are all crafted in small batches to ensure quality. We take our inspiration from alchemy, from botany, and keep sustainability in mind when sourcing ingredients.

Loova is a unique bath and body store specializing in handmade products bursting with essential oils. Our specialties include glycerin soaps, massage bars, sugar scrubs, bath blasters and many one of a kind bath products. Order online or visit either of o

Low Cost Soap
Low Cost Soap offers pre-packaged, sliced hand crafted glycerin & cold processed soap, all natural, organic & handmade.

Luisa New-York
Luia New York Handmade soaps, natural beauty products, natural products, gift baskets. Handcrafted natural beauty and skincare made with with herbs and pure essential oils. Secure online shopping

Lunenburg Body Care
Luxurious handcrafted all natural soaps, bath and body care products from Lunenburg Body Care - Wholesale and Retail

Stewart's Crafts
Lye soap containing no detergents, dyes or perfumes.

Magnolia Hill Soap
Magnolia Hill Soap - Handcrafted, Natural Soap with Herbs

Maja Soap
MAJA SOAP an online Shopping Store. Maja Soap Maja Perfume maja, soap, maja soap,perfume, health, beauty, health and beauty, fragrances

Maple Valley Soap Works
Soaps, Dead Sea salt, DIY kits, herbs and essential oils.

Marseille Soaps
Offers blocks of olive oil soaps with moisturizing skin care.

Maui Tropical Soap
Natural soaps made with real Hawaiian Island botanicals and fragrances.

Meadow Creek
Soaps, lotions, herbal spa bags, bath products, and gift baskets.

Scicorp Systems Inc
Offering a baby safe, fragrance-free, germ killing, biodegradable, moisturizing and natural cleansing product.

All natural olive oil based soaps, using only pure vegetable oils, herbs and essential oils.

Midnight Oil Soap
Goat milk products enhanced with healing herbs.

Mira Organics
Offers natural soaps and other personal care products made with ingredients like rooibos, yuzu and coix.

Miracle 2 Soap
All-natural liquid soaps, without harsh surfactants.

French soaps, shea butter, body lotions, shower gels handcrafted for Mistral in Provence, France. Buy from the original source,

Mollie's Soap
Offers scented soaps, shampoo bars, bath milks and bath salts.

Moonshine Soap
Pure unrefined Shea Butter comes to us from Africa, harvested, then handcrafted by local women in West Guana villages. This wildcrafted Shea Butter maintains maximum healing potential because it is minimally processed.

Mopoke Hollow
Mopoke Hollow Handmade Soaps are located in Warragul of West Gippsland Victoria Australia

Missouri Soap and Bath
Find handmade lye soaps along with pine tar soaps, black salves and liniments at MoSoap.

Mott's Soap Shoppe
A full selection of handmade buttermilk and all vegetable soaps. Bath salts, bath fizzies, bath bombs, and soaks all made with natural products. Make your bath a spa.

Mountain Sky Soap
Mountain Sky Soaps. Natural soap containing essential oils, natural colours, food based exfoliants and only vegetable oils.

Mount Harmony
Fine Herbal Soaps handcrafted in the tranquil 18th century setting of Mount Harmony Farm in beautiful Middleburg, Virginia.

Mt. Hood Soapworks
Handcrafted soaps, lotion bars, scrubs, and personalized soaps for wedding favors.

Mountain View Naturals Aromatherapy
Mountain View Natural soap and skin care products can regenerate dry and damaged skin naturally. Cruelty free and handcrafted with the finest herbs and essential oils.

Nanny Kid Farm
Specializes in goat milk soaps, and lotions. Also gift baskets.

Soap from olive oil and Cretan herbs.

Natural Goodness
Handmade all natural cold process soap made with vegetable oil, carefully selected essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs and spices

Natural Niche Soap Company -
Natural handmade cold process soaps exfoliate, condition, and moisturize naturally. Soaps are made from all natural ingredients and contain natural herbs, natural tea leaves, etc.

Natural Thymes Herbary
Natural Thymes Herbary - Wedding Favors, Homemade soaps, dried herbs, gift baskets

Nature's Cauldron
Offers lye soaps in a variety of sizes including bars and loafs. Includes charm bags, soap petals and comfort crystals.

Nature's Natural Soap
Offering a variety of soaps that are chemical and dye free for every skin type. Includes lotions, bath additives and gifts.

Natures Soap Dish
Shop our secure server for fine glycerin, herbal and natural soaps, Body Wash, Body Lotions, Shampoo, Conditioner, Spa Crystals, Foot Care Products, Baby Care Products, Bath Oils,Candles, wholesale accounts, franchises, soap of the month club,and much more.

Nature's Whey Farm
Beautifully handmade goat milk soap with pure and natural ingrediants including freshgoats milk.

Nature to Earth
All vegetable based cold processed soaps and a variety of bath products.

Nhoas Eden
Natural handmade soaps making and skin care products.

Old Columbus Soap Company
All natural handmade herbal aromatherapy soaps, bath salts and bath oils made with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon verbena, patchouli, peppermint, and many others for natural skin care and great gifts. Category: Bath and body products

Ol'Factory Soaps & Scents
Ol'Factory Soaps are made using pure olive, coconut and palm oil. The unique scents are created using true essential oil or high grade fragrance oils. Our soaps will leave your skin feeling silky soft and hydrated. Great Wedding/party favors.

Oregon Meadow Herb Company
Oregon Meadow Herb Company manufactures unique, healthful, natural herbal body care products and offers a huge selection of quality bulk herbs, spices, essential oils, incense, books and many other unusual products.

Organic Soaps and Balms
Working to make the world a little bit sweeter, we have recreated simple products with unmatched quality that work unbelievably well and support organic practices.Organic Soaps and Balms strives to be the Internet's premier provider of fine organic soaps.




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