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Mission's TecSonic portable PA system gathers awards; features NXT-based flat panel speakers


New portable audio system takes advantage of acoustic, design benefits from innovative NXT flat-panel speaker configuration that covers full frequency range from 130 Hz to 20 kHz

London (PRWEB) February 11, 2004--Developed by leading loudspeaker manufacturer and NXT licensee, Mission, the TecSonic portable PA system is already proving to be a winner, receiving a number of awards since its launch, including the Positive Image News' award for Best Peripheral Audio Solution and more recently a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

The new portable PA system takes advantage of the unique acoustic and design benefits afforded by NXT technology to offer a quality audio solution in an innovative, lightweight and compact design. Briefcase sized, the system comes in an easily packed away, portable, reinforced carry-case, making it ideal for use in PA and background music applications, as well as in multi-media demonstrations with laptop computers and portable projector systems.

Thanks to the unique acoustic qualities of NXT's technology, the TecSonic system can be positioned almost anywhere in a room and yet can still produce hi-fi quality music and intelligible speech for listeners. Unlike conventional speakers, which concentrate sound in a narrow beam making speaker and listening positions critical, NXT technology enables sound to radiate quite differently, creating a far more uniform sound field, allowing greater flexibility between speaker placement and listener.

The speaker covers the full frequency range from 130Hz to 20kHz without the need for a crossover or enclosure, avoiding the subjective distortions that negatively impact the audio output of conventional PA speakers.

Noted Steve Adams of Mission Pro: "Mission is dedicated to utilizing today's most advanced audio technologies to provide innovative, real-world solutions for our customers. The
TecSonic system, for example, literally changes everything when it comes to high-quality (more)

Mission’s TecSonic gathers awards portable sound. Until now, travelling executives and presenters often had to rely either on existing PA systems or expensive rental units - which could often prove unreliable or less than ideal. By providing an all-in-one solution that can be carried easily and even stored in an overhead bin, we're giving people all the PA power they need for effective, high-impact presentations anywhere."

About NXT

NXT's business is the invention, patenting, licensing and marketing of enabling technologies in sound and speech. NXT is setting a new world-standard in loudspeakers. It offers a superior alternative to existing technologies across most product sectors while creating new opportunities where conventional technology has been unable to deliver. NXT has developed industry-specific expertise and is focused on helping its licensees advance product to market efficiently and cost effectively.

NXT has more than 250 licensees for its patented SurfaceSoundŽ flat panel loudspeaker technology. Licensees include 3M, Acer Computers, Armstrong, Authentic (mainly owned by NEC), DaimlerChrysler, Fujitsu Ten, General Motors, Intier, LG Electronics, Matsushita MEI, Philips, Pioneer, Siemens, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, TDK and Visteon. The company, which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol NTX), has Technology Centres in Cambridge and Malvern and operations in London, Yokohama, Hong Kong, California and Detroit.














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