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Mattel and Fisher-Price Brands Bring Hollywood to New York City at Toy Fair 2004


NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 11, 2004 Key Entertainment Properties Highlighted Include Barbie(R), Harry Potter(TM) and E-L-M-O(TM) -0-

Who/What: Mattel(R) and Fisher-Price(R) to showcase unmatched collection of new toys based on the hottest entertainment properties from both the big screen and TV. Highlights include:


-- Barbie "Princess and the Pauper(TM)": This year, get ready to see Barbie in a whole new way! America's favorite fashion doll is set to sing for the first time as she takes on the dual roles of princess and pauper in her own lyrical twist on the classic in her fourth entertainment property.

-- Halle Berry Inspired by Catwoman: Academy-Award winning actress Halle Berry will be immortalized in the Mattel showroom with her very own Barbie(R) doll dressed in an exquisite gown inspired by her Catwoman character from the July, 2004 Warner Bros. feature film, Catwoman. Barbie(R) doll also pays tribute to this comic-inspired vixen and award-winning actress with a purr-trayal that will have no need to claw for attention.

-- The Winx Club(TM) Dolls: The Winx Club(TM) is the hot new entertainment property from 4Kids Entertainment that tells the story of the magical world of Magix(TM), where five teenage friends attend the Alfea College of Fairies(TM), a school for training aspiring fairies. It debuts in the U.S. this spring on Fox Television's "FoxBox." The Winx toys feature magical teen dolls who are not only bewitching, but also into friendship, fashion and music.

-- Mary-Kate and Ashley Dolls: Just in time for the popular duo's 2004 Warner Bros. feature film New York Minute, Mattel showcases its new line of Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls and their new "New York Minute" board game.

-- Harry Potter(TM) Championship Quidditch(TM): Straight from Warner Bros.' June 4, 2004 feature film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Mattel continues to transform the magic of the silver screen with the new Harry Potter(TM) Championship Quidditch(TM) game that will let kids compete to catch the Golden Snitch.

-- MegaMan(TM) PET Personal Terminal: Straight from the "MegaMan NT Warrior" animated series that debuted in 2003 on the #1 kids network Kids' WB!, kids can now have their very own MegaMan PET Personal Terminal! Kids connect with another player and load battle chips into their PET to aid their NetNavi help them in battle. Kids will also be able to experience the adventures of the animated series with the MegaMan(TM) board game.

-- Shaman King Deluxe Battling Figure Assortment: Kid-controlled with a joystick, kids can act out their favorite battle scenes from Fox Television's hit animated series "Shaman King" as they make the armor explode off of their rival Shaman. If they're lucky enough to do so, they've won the battle and earned the rightful title of Shaman King. Kids can also bring the excitement of the TV series right into their home with the Shaman King board game.

-- Yu-Gi-Oh!(TM) Duel Disk(TM) Accessory: Kids can now bring the Kids' WB! hit animated series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" to life with the Duel Disk Accessory. Fitting on kids' left wrist, and with a simple push of a button, the disk moves into a dueling position. It features an electronic number display to accurately and clearly keep score. Kids can also catch their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters on the big screen this fall as they star in the new "Yu-Gi-Oh!" feature film.


-- E-L-M-O(TM): Elmo sets the dance floor on fire again this year with his very own rendition of a hot '70s classic.

-- ESPN(R) Game Station(TM): This six-in-one game center features the most popular sports with sound effects, ESPN SportsCenter theme music and commentary by Stuart Scott, for the ultimate game experience.

-- InteracTV: This exciting interactive learning system enables children to interact and learn with their favorite characters from popular TV shows, right on their own TVs, using the child-friendly InteracTV controller and DVDs featuring existing episodes that can be played on their own home DVD players.

-- Rescue Heroes(R): 2004 brings a new challenge to the Rescue Heroes team with Rescue Heroes: The Sequel, as a new group of heroes - the Robotz - is introduced. The Robotz line features the latest innovations in transportation and equipment to help the Rescue Heroes save the day, including HyperJet, All-Terrain Cruiser, Quick Response Bi-Pod Jet and the Robotz figures themselves.

-- Sing & Boogie(TM) Blue: Blue finds her voice and speaks for the first time in the February 8, 2004, prime-time special "The Legend of the Blue Puppy." Sing & Boogie Blue can talk and dance and she will have kids singing and dancing too!













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