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PocketMap Navigator USA 2004


Tele Atlas Powers Space Machine's Release 3 of PocketMap Navigator USA 2004

MENLO PARK, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 11, 2004 Space Machine's Next Generation Mobile GPS Navigation Solution for the Pocket PC Leverages Tele Atlas Turn-by-Turn Map Data
Tele Atlas, a worldwide leading provider of digital map data and location content, announced today that it has teamed with Space Machine, Inc., to power Space Machine's latest Release 3 of the PocketMap Navigator USA 2004. The PocketMap Navigator is a powerful yet easy-to-use GPS navigation software for the Pocket PC that conveniently travels with users wherever they go. With this new Release 3, PocketMap Navigator users can now enjoy stunningly brilliant 3D visual maps with advanced text-to-speech voice instructions at every turn for an overall satisfying navigation experience.

Space Machine has included more user-friendly features than ever with the current Release 3 of PocketMap Navigator. For example, users will be able to:

-- View stunning 3D maps in both day and night mode for the best driving experience

-- Hear detailed turn-by-turn voice instructions that pronounce actual street names

-- Mark specific roads to avoid or detour around roadblocks or traffic at any time

-- Select routes that are quickest, shortest, or have most or least use of freeways

-- Choose routes that avoid tolls, reduce turns, or avoid sharp turns

-- Easily search over 40 categories of points of interest by proximity

-- Conveniently locate addresses stored in user's Outlook(R) Contacts database

-- Directly plan long distance routes on the Pocket PC while on the go

Space Machine's PocketMap Navigator incorporates Tele Atlas' most recent, comprehensive turn-by-turn map data for the United States to enable seamless navigation at a detailed street level from coast-to-coast nationwide with superior positional accuracy. In addition, users can choose to overlay their own personalized points-of-interest data on top of Tele Atlas' comprehensive map database to further tailor PocketMap Navigator to their individual needs.

"Space Machine has a long-standing relationship with Tele Atlas, and we have chosen Tele Atlas for its highly-accurate, up-to-date, detailed turn-by-turn map database to meet the evolving GPS navigation needs of our growing PocketMap Navigator user base in North America," said John Cheong, Ph.D., president of Space Machine, Inc. "Furthermore, Space Machine's sophisticated customer base can appreciate the superior positional accuracy of the Tele Atlas map data especially when used with the latest generation of GPS receivers on the market today."

"Navigating with true-to-life, dynamic 3D maps on a PDA is rapidly gaining momentum among users, especially when combined with advanced voice technology that can clearly articulate actual street names at every turn maneuver," said Richard F. Pearlman, vice president of telematics and navigation for Tele Atlas in North America. "Space Machine is setting a new standard of excellence for Pocket PC-based personal GPS navigation and Tele Atlas is excited about powering Space Machine's PocketMap Navigator with the most comprehensive, turn-by-turn map data currently available for the United States."

About Tele Atlas

Founded in 1984, Tele Atlas is a worldwide leading provider of digital maps and dynamic location content for a variety of navigation, location-based services and geospatial products and database solutions. Tele Atlas' database is a highly accurate reproduction of today's street network, enabling turn-by-turn route guidance on a high percentage of European, U.S. and Canadian roads. Tele Atlas' compatibility with all major navigation systems and its open system design have placed the company's technology at the heart of both consumer and business-to-business applications worldwide. From logistics to marketing to traffic and fleet management, in almost every sector of today's business and consumer world, Tele Atlas has built a reputation as an acknowledged pioneer and leader in the digital map industry. Tele Atlas (TA6) is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard segment. For more information, please visit at

About Space Machine, Inc.

Space Machine, Inc. develops and markets the leading mobile GPS navigation solutions for the Pocket PC platform in partnership with world-class GPS and PDA hardware manufacturers. Founded in 1999 with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, Space Machine has provided Pocket PC users in North America with dynamic voice-guided, in-car navigation experience through its award-winning PocketMap(TM) family of mobile GPS products. To learn more about PocketMap(TM), please visit at: For more information about Space Machine, please visit the company web site at:













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